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  1. Sometimes a year flyes by faster than one could guess. I encounterd some problems with my chinees chipper/pencil sharpener witch made me reevaluate the urgency of buying a new chipper. I also had a moment to think about what I really was looking for in a chipper and the pros and cons with different makes and modells. Finaly I had a look at Greenmech as a brand and their models leading me to the QuadTrack 160. Its quiet far from my original question but it does have some advantages in the turntable, it’s tiltable and so on. So, today it arrived! Andy at Global Sales ltd had a fully refurbished, repainted 2014 model with a little over 800 hours on it. If I would put in words how satisfied I am with the service from Andy and hi’s crew you would think he is paying me to write it.
  2. I agree with the guys telling you to get a reverse camera. I have one thats identical to this one Backkamera, digital - Biltema.se WWW.BILTEMA.SE Backkamera, digital Attach the camera with a clip behind the license plate and wire it from the reverse light. My trailer is about 950 kg empty and I have’nt moved it by hand once yet
  3. Thanks! I´ve talked to them and will get back when it´s time to buy a chipper. There is just one small problem, Sweden is a small market so pre-owned tracked chippers is really rare.
  4. You have a really good point there. My problem is, there is no dealers within at least 2-3 hours drive so whatever spares I need, they will have to be shipped in some way.
  5. Thats defenitly interresting! I will keep it in mind
  6. About the 190, I forgot to ask when it went End Of Sales. Or ”How new will I find?” Thanks for the offer on having a look at your chipper. I’ll be in touch if I drive in your direction.
  7. So, I plan on buing a tracked chipper in about a year but I like to plan ahead so here comes some questions that I did´nt find the answers to on the forum. I´m currently looking at Timberwolf 190/230 or Jensen 540 and fairly new, maybe 2-3 years old but since I never owned a chipper of that kind before it would be nice to know for example, where do you draw the line between low hours and "problems starts here"-hours? Are there modells of the above who is prefered over other models of the same chipper? Are there any specific years that should be avoided?
  8. I got an update from the Brian James dealer yesterday and was told that a new hydraulic engine/pump was shipped from England the same day so it should appear here within a few days. This is fast enough in my book, after all Brian James England should have recieved the pictures the day before that.
  9. Sheit! I was convinced that the swedish pricing on alcohol was hard to beat 🙀
  10. 500ml of a normal swedish lager is 1,19 pounds in store. Pub price would likely be multiplied by four or five
  11. You might think thats pricy but listen to this one. A 440ml can of Guiness cost almost 2 pounds...
  12. Well, if one is looking for a robust tipper trailer with split side hatches I don’t think there are any local options. But Sweden is a small market for that kind of trailers witch have some disadvantages, one is the number of dealers who have trailers above consumer grade in stock. At least if one does’nt live in the bigger citys. Also the prices is affected by a small market and since a few years ago also a weak currency. For example an Ifor TT3017, no options added has a price tag here saying 5082GBP VAT not included.
  13. They definitly do. A question thats gone thru my mind today and I really want to know) is: Do Brian James and Ifor Williams use the same manufacturer of hydraulics? My choise of brand was fairly easy. Two manufacturers who makes similar products in what appears to be the same quality and a reseller had a brand new 2019 trailer at a price about 2000 GBP lower than an Ifor w with similar equipment.
  14. Yes, On a brand new trailer. I´m not surprised, not because of the brand but because shit happens. Especially to man made stuff. The dealer (Who is the Swedish BJ agent) does´nt have a new engine on shelf but has promissed to put heat on Brian James to get one as fast as possible. Even if they would have had one on shelf, there would still be som down time since Brian James is a fairly rare brand in Sweden, there is only about four dealers in a country thats 2000 kilometers long country. My closest dealer is 3,5 hours away from me so parts will be shipped and replaced by someone local. I guess this also replys the question about a trailer to be used in the meantime. I´ve always said that no brand is better then how they handle warranty issues. We will know in a week or two 😃


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