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  1. I have a client wanting to construct some overflow carparking near to some ash trees. The carpark is outside of the RPA's, however the TO is concerned about the increased runoff and possible pollution.. "As highlighted within the Design and Access Statement, this site is subject to impeded drainage which can be attributed to the soil type and the slowly permeable nature of clayey soils. Risks associated with this soil type include overland flow with pollutants moving in suspension or solution into the wider landscape. An influx of parked vehicles and associated spillages from these vehicles may have an impact in the wider landscape. I have concern of the effect of extensive impermeable surfacing being placed at this site and how this change in soil hydrology and increased run-off will affect the roadside trees (GP1 in the Arb Report). The majority of trees which make up the species composition of GP1 are ash which is already a vulnerable species due to spread of Chalara. Any additional stress would further increase their vulnerability. I would currently consider the site at the upper limit of the soil moisture regime for this species and additional increases in water would push the site into the unsuitable range for ash species adding further stress and increased likelihood of loss. I would like to see solutions for mitigating impeded drainage to protect these and the surrounding trees. Solutions could include more permeable surfaces, a dedicated SUDS to increase water capacity through a retention system and pre-treatment through filter trenches. Dedicated space to allow for SUDS would probably result in a reduced number of parking spaces, although the compromise should be considered necessary to safeguard the wider landscape. In addition to this, more planting should be considered to increase canopy cover and enhancing the green corridor. This can possibly be combined with the SUDS through wet-woodland creation." Has anyone had any experience with SuDS?
  2. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    If the motor is more powerful than 250W, or if it assists you when you’re riding more than 15.5 mph – it will need to be registered, insured and taxed as a motor vehicle. In this case, you will also need a driving licence, and you must wear a motorcycle helmet. The maximum penalty for cycling whilst under the influence of drink or drugs is a £1,000 fine
  3. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    The current trend for middle aged men (and now women) to take up cycling and the benefits to their health is thought to be saving the NHS a significant amount in the reduction of weight related diseases.. Even after you take into account the accidents.. Although my 3 broken collar bones won't have helped those statistics...
  4. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    Assuming this is this stretch of road. There will be more gravel in that cycle lane and there are definitely drains and other road furniture, you don't want to hit them on your 25mm tyres. The cyclist might have to weave and dodge... It goes back to the defensive riding, if you are in the blue section the cars, trucks busses are going to pass you no matter what, if something big is coming the other way that means they will squeeze though the gap, there is a cycle lane, they certainly won't leave the safe distance required in the highway code.... Also it looks flat the "pro lycra" riders will be doing about 35mph down that section, even us Mamils will be in the 20's... It's a 30mph zone, sat behind them it only adds seconds to your journey..
  5. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    But it probably still has lose gravel and crap.. and you might have to enter and leave traffic.. You would understand if you donned some Lycra and cycled on it on a road bike....
  6. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    I seem to be the only cyclist here.. I don't know the section of cycle track, but many are completely unsuitable for cycling on.. They are covered in road debris and gravel and might have bumps for pedestrian access. Your never going to get a strava segment on there...
  7. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

  8. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    Most individual car drivers take the position "this is our road" every day..... Surely if there is a big group of road users (on bikes) wanting to do something then democratically they should have the right to do that, even if it inconveniences a few car drivers..?
  9. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

  10. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    How many car drivers overtake as set down by the highway code and demonstrated previously posted video? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/bike-blog/2015/aug/11/how-to-overtake-cyclists-the-video-all-drivers-should-watch As a cyclist you are going to come out worse in and incident so you have to be defensive. Obviously they're are "SOME" cyclists who are unreasonable, but they're are loads and loads of twats driving cars and trucks...
  11. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    As a cyclist, especially when on the road with children, I will often make things awkward. If a car thinks they can squeeze through a gap they will try and get too close. If you make it impossible for them to pass they will have to wait until it is safe. Defensive riding position as taught when riding motor bikes.. Yes it can slow you down for 1 min...
  12. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    Maybe I was wrong about the highway code recommending... But cycling safety organisations do.. Rule 66 states never ride more then two abreast.. Indicating that it is legal to ride two abreast and as that is safer it makes sense to do so..
  13. benedmonds

    Hit and run .

    Riding 2 abreast is recommended in the highway code.... Riding in such away and being in a dominant position reduces the chance of twats who think they own the road driving to close, to fast and endangering the cyclist.... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/bike-blog/2015/aug/11/how-to-overtake-cyclists-the-video-all-drivers-should-watch
  14. benedmonds

    MOT changes May 2018

    That got me thinking.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1971-Toyota-Hilux-RN13/153009736148?hash=item23a01749d4:g:lDAAAOSwTKha9Hip
  15. benedmonds

    Tool register

    That's kind of positive.. As I recall it still took a long time to enter details and the owners of any reclaimed kit is likely to be the insurance companies.. If they insisted all tools were listed and lobbied the police to use the database that might help..?


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