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  1. There is debate, some say the opposite is true and that the right to cut back to boundary over rules the TPO.
  2. A client is asking if we are ISO 14001 accredited. Who has done it? Is it worthwhile? Is there a lot involved?
  3. I could do with a couple of planks of wrc 220cm long to make some greenland paddles..
  4. I helped a friend of mine make a canoe a few years back. It took a lot of time, was heavy and was not even very cheap. I brought a plastic sit on top for not much more than he spent. 12 years later my plastic sit on top has been thoroughly abused (including having up to 12 children climbing on it), has been stored uncovered outside and leant to anyone who wants to borrow it. It is still 100% useable and I could probably sell it for £200-£300. The hand made boat went on a few trips and is now a pile of rotten plywood. Plastic has some fantastic applications..
  5. I replied: To to confirm that "yes they are covered"..? And they confirmed in English: Yes, covered on the Employer’s Liability section of the policy.
  6. From my reading hard woods are not ideal. Western red cedar the preferred wood of choice.
  7. Has anyone made a greenland paddle.. or does anyone want to make me one..
  8. It was also my position at the start, but Paddy made some arguments that made me think and after looking at my insurance documents I was not convinced either way. We can carry on as before..
  9. I probably should have just done this before posting.. I asked Trust: Please can you confirm if self employed freelance contractors working as part of our team are covered by our insurance? They are NOT bona fide sub-contractors as they would be working under our instruction But I am not sure they can be classed a Labour only sub contractors as they provide some equipment, chainsaw, climbing kit, PPE etc.. They replied: As they will be working under your direction and control, they would be classed as labour-only sub-contractors. That’s the key element regardless of whether they use their own equipment. Thanks. Administration Manager Trust Insurance Services Ltd
  10. Full time does not mean permanent.... You can work 5 days a week for one employer and still be classed as self employed.. This quota/number of days is often mentioned but I have NEVER read it in any official document. I filled in the the HMRC honestly - Check Employment Status for Tax and they say they are Self-employed for tax purposes..
  11. Canopy Tree Services is a progressive tree company offering high quality works to domestic and commercial clients throughout the East Midlands. We also carry out specialist works involving Cranes, Hiabs, and MEWPS. We have a real emphasis on training and educating our employees and are constantly looking to improve our skills and knowledge. We are currently looking for an experienced arborist to join our growing team in the position of a team leader, job details below: Working hours 07:45 - 16:30. Overtime and weekend work available. 20 days paid holiday plus public holidays. Government pension scheme. Full PPE, relevant equipment, and company uniform provided. Ongoing training as required. Key Accountabilities • Conduct daily briefs with your team, delegating tasks and responsibilities, outlining performance outcomes and safety expectations. • Ensure all equipment required for the day's tasks are loaded on to the truck and are in good working order. Any defective equipment must be taken out of service and reported to your supervisor. • Deliver work instructions and carry out risk assessments. • Ensure H&S compliance is adhered to at all times and undertake Hazard Identification at each site reporting any unsafe working environments and issues to your supervisor. • Provide progress reports and updates of the work schedules, detailing any shortfalls or challenges that have arisen. • Have high performance standards and actively promote these to your team to ensure they are achieved consistently. Person Specification • Previous Team Leader experience in a similar capacity. • Relevant experience of the Arboriculture industry and practices. • Ability to lead a team to succeed and achieve high standards. • Strong people management skills with the ability to delegate effectively within a team. • The ability to problem solve and implement resolutions swiftly. • Effective communication skills adapting communication styles to different audiences. Functional / Technical Skills • Full UK Driving Licence (essential) • NPTC units CS30, CS31, CS38, CS39, (required) CS32 & CS41 (Desirable) • B&E, C1&E: Trailer (Desirable)
  12. freelancer.pdf Did you look at the PDF.. The HMRC Check for employment Status say he is Self-employed for tax purposes...
  13. What can't he do? Be self employed? He can according the .gov web site. See pdf in op.
  14. That is the question. According to the .gov calculator my freelancer is self employed.. see the pdf I posted in the op. But he is not a bona fide sub contractor or a labour only contractor.
  15. My insurance states I have to check that sub contractors have insurance from a different company. So if my insurance believes '"subbies" are subcontractors I have to check they are insured with someone else... Changing insurers will have financial implications. I will contact my insurance but doubt I will get a simple answer. I probably should have done so before starting this thread but it came to mind as we offered paye employment to a freelancer who is working full time for us, but he would rather stay self employed..


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