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  1. arbtalk change

    When it first changed I didn't like it. I have got used to it now it doesn't take long..
  2. what mini loader

    Anyone seen these? http://jsbmini.com/en/
  3. 7.5 ton iveco

    I don't think there is an easy way.. Just do the C1+ E training... then you can drive a 7.5 tonner with the 3.5 ton trailer.. Assuming you have your Operators licence.. Or go down the agri route.. with a mog?
  4. 7.5 ton iveco

    They are only 10 inches, too small to make that worthwhile. We did it with a whole tree chipper with really big butts once. Although top be honest since moving to 10 inch chippers we have not bothered with the whole tree chippers. Anything over 10 inches can be transported pretty well in log form and little point processing it further on site.. The log in the foreground was split with a digger so it could be chipped.. Made a right mess..
  5. 7.5 ton iveco

    I am not sure. In the early days we rammed it full of chip and took it over a weight bridge and it was just over the 6.5. I did post it on here but it was many years ago.. I have never weighed it empty..
  6. 7.5 ton iveco

    On a pre 97 licence you are restricted to the 8.25 GTW as previously stated.. The smaller iveco comes in a 6.5, 6 and 5ton variant. Ours has been a good truck.. way better then the 3.5 ton version.. The 7.5 tonner is considerably bigger but on your pre97 licence you can only tow 750kgs... Unfortunately I don't believe you can just add the trailer bit, you have to do the whole HGV training.. We have not had the 7.5 tonner long but it is a different beast to the 6 tonner..
  7. Check a Trade

    My "web consultants" used to post things on my facebook, that I would see and immediately take off as it was utter rubbish and used to make me cringe... My web site is still full of bits that I don't like to look at as it's naff. But I don't trust anyone to sort it out and am too busy (and a luddite) to try and do it myself..
  8. Check a Trade

    I have ignored 2 calls from our nice lady at yell last week, I just can't face the hard sell. They sit you down and talk at you and show graphs, fiddle with calculators tell you about the number of hits on their web site etc etc... . Being on the boarder of 3 books it always cost us a fortune but it is coming down each year.. We still have a presence, no idea if its worth it ... Its the internet guys now who are the real sharks. Twice I have been duped... I was promised the world from this one firm and we were paying £500 a month so expected a fair bit.. To be fair I think they did a lot at the start, building the web site and creating some links but after a year or so all we were getting was a sheet showing us how we ranked in google. I asked them to explain what they were doing each month for us and they couldn't/wouldn't. When I said we no longer wanted there services they threatened to shut down our web site, and would post me the files on a DVD... Luckily I owned the domain so they couldn't in the end but I found NO difference in calls after we dropped them.. I need to find a web guru who I can trust... Any recommendations..?
  9. Check a Trade

  10. Check a Trade

    Ditch the checkatrade and find another local mag.. You should have an extra £3-£4k in work and £600 in your pocket.. Checkatrade sound like poor value.. It really annoys me when folk selling advertising tell me "£500 is only one job.". or "you only need a few jobs for it to pay for itself..." I really hate advertising. Run by crooks, I have been at the end of more then a few scams... Even the legitimate companies have no real idea if it's good value or a waste of time. Its an endless black hole, especially the internet stuff where folk take your money, promise to do amazing things and then often do nothing... IME..
  11. Paramo/Buffalo system for climbing

    My buffalo jacket is 25 years old. Way to warm for climbing... To be honest I never got on with the get wet, but stay warm business.. I tried it a few times but unless running I am always going to reach for a goretex shell in more then a light shower..
  12. Stumps: to treat or not to treat

    Why no extra charge? Eco plugs are 70p each. a big tree could cost you £15 in plugs alone..
  13. Does no one want to sell anything?

    I have a clogged up EGR valve on my Hyundai, it is a pointless part. That is going to cost £1000 to fix.. My old school mechanic has locked it open and tricked the ECU into thinking limp mode is full power and it drives fine.. But the engine light is now always on so have to go to a main dealer to replace it. They require a diagnostics check £100 to tell me it is the EGR valve...
  14. £7.50 an hour?

    People always seem to inflate wages on here.. It might well be twice that of an arb but not an easy £60-80K https://www.totaljobs.com/salary-checker/average-bricklayer-salary
  15. Full Staff Required East Midlands

    Still looking, permanent position available.. Holiday, pension, great team..


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