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  1. benedmonds

    4x4 pick ups

    If he's sending the invoice, he doesn't have to muck up his trousers...
  2. benedmonds

    Versatile equipment for beginner

    That's the issue.. Chances are they won't be..
  3. benedmonds

    Highways barrier/VRS

    https://www.lantra.co.uk/course/nhss10b-foundation-course-training I bet it will be as interesting as the signing and lighting course we did...
  4. benedmonds

    Versatile equipment for beginner

    Could they pass their NPTC assessments using SRT...?
  5. benedmonds

    Mini loader rake/broom recommendations?

    We don't have one but there was discussion on the facebook group Avant Loaders Owners, Operators & Anyone Interested
  6. benedmonds

    Climbing under supervision

    I found it ambiguous when I read it, I was not sure if you meant: 2 climbers and 1 trainee, one of the climbers is experienced or as you seem to have intended: 1 experienced climber and 1 trainee climber. I only mentioned it as it makes a difference to the OP. A trainee is allowed to climb with supervision of the experienced climber, but if you send out a two man team to a job them the experienced climber is going to be restricted to ground work as the trainee does not have the ability to rescue.
  7. benedmonds

    Climbing under supervision

    is ambiguous. It could have been read 2 climbers + 1 trainee.. 2+1=3
  8. benedmonds

    Climbing under supervision

    Is that 2 climbers, 1 experienced and 1 trainee. Or 2 climbers and the trainee. If it is 1 climber and trainee and both are climbing you will need someone capable of aerial rescue to rescue the experienced climber if required.... But I guess it is OK if the experienced climber is just supervising and not actually climbing..
  9. benedmonds

    Remote control for pto chipper

    The remote on our stump grinder is playing up and we have not had any luck in finding anyone to repair it. We have been quoted £2-3K for a new one.
  10. benedmonds

    trees and buildings

    I may be wrong, I asked a similar question many years ago... My understanding was originally they used to use the drip line or height but that could be even more temperamental.. Someone or group of someones came up with a formula that seemed to work. Pretty sure there has been no actual studies or research. I have never seen any. It is arbitrary and rarely any relation to the real world position of the rooting area. But... it is all we have and does give a starting point. The biggest downside is that many take it as law.. When plainly it is often utter nonsense..
  11. benedmonds

    What can I tow on a cat B licence?

    It took months for our guys to get their license's back after doing the C1 so they could do the E bit. Some of it may have been their fault with forms sent to the wrong address or something.. but it it took ages..... It ended up taking over 18 months to get it sorted.. More for the one driver who failed the trailer bit.. I think we paid: £1,775 Cat C1 7.5 Tonne Lorry package consisting of:- Drivers medical and D2 & D4 forms for the provisional licence Online theory training and theory tests 4 days driver training with the C1 test on the 4th day 3 days driving with E test of 3rd day
  12. benedmonds

    Free Pfanner Neck Tube

    Your seriously underselling it calling it a neck tube... It is a seriously versatile garment... I love a buff..
  13. benedmonds

    New Business Minimum Requirements

    If I were young and starting out I would just freelance climb. All you need is a climbing kit and a top handle saw. Many of the benifits of being self employed but far fewer of the negatives. If your foolish enough to want to start your own business you can slowly biuld kit over a few years..
  14. benedmonds

    Do these trees need to come down?

    DO NOT do this.. The reduction on the smaller one would tolerate it, but the bigger one like that is WAY to hard.. Personally I don't think reducing is worthwhile. Plant another 2 in front and fell in 10 years time when the new ones are established..
  15. benedmonds

    Dying Redwoods

    Its in Kegworth, just South of Nottingham


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