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  1. I didn't know you could do that.. Is cheaper that way or can you just get rid when you have had enough... As to the OP. I am with Matty leave the UK.. I regularly regret setting up and settling down in the UK.
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for places to hire from? We got one from Nottingham a while back but theirs is on long term hire. Doesn't have to be very big. We have a massive hedge to reduce
  3. Consider the Flat Rate Scheme too.
  4. We had 2 a crewcab and a standard tipper, they always felt underpowered and overweight. It is maybe because I was used to the 6.5 tonner which was a great arbtruck. We do have big chippers but they would struggle when compared to the 6.5 ton Iveco or the 3.5 ton Isuzus.
  5. I am a fan of the bigger Ivecos 6.5 ton and 7.5 ton. But we had two 3.5 toners and I don't rate them..
  6. When you sit in it after breakfast your getting very close to the limit.
  7. Doesn't mean they shouldn't have been... I have lost count of the times I have ended up underpricing big trees, especially with limited access.. You end up working your nuts off for peanuts.. But it does sound expensive...
  8. Bronto Skylift 32 Metre MDT Truck Mounted Cherry Picker Access Platform (2003) WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 4200 boom hours. Boom fully serviced until April 2020 by Bronto... This could make a useful addition for a tree firm. Use as a MEWP or with a 2000kg hook..
  9. Especially when they use wet wood to dry it and cut down native forests in eastern Europe and transport it hundreds of miles..
  10. It is quite normal.. Often get business owners asking to do a job at their home and wanting to put it through the business. I refuse to actively be part of their fraud. I will omit an address and invoice a business, but I would not put works at an address where I had not worked..
  11. How long do the batteries hold their charge? Thinking of getting one to keep in the car for when quoting. I don't often work on the tools any more but occasionally I have a 5 min job or call out that I could easily do if I had a saw with me and it works out expensive for me to send a team.. I carry a silky already..
  12. Thanks for the advice, turns out there is a small inline fuel filter that needed a quick clean..
  13. This is how we deal with arb waste, but it is not really worth doing, especially now as the price of the wood for biomass keeps going up.. What with the 20% moisture content requirement I can't see small scale firewood production being commercial viable in the coming years. s
  14. I think he edited his post..😀


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