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  1. You might not be able to see from the photos but the stump has grown over the stones. It's basically an old coppice about 2ft across. The stone mason wanted it ground out. I am looking for a solution. We don't know what they will find when they pull off the stones. Hopefully it will dig out but if there is a big old stump behind the wall it may make sense to grind it back.
  2. Does anyone in the east midlands have a digger mounted grinder. I have a few stumps on an historic wall that needs to be repaired.
  3. I disagree, it's not an issue now and won't be for years. It can be a positive feature for 15 years and then removed. Trees don't have to be left to grow until they reach there full size. You can remove them before then.
  4. Are you willing to move to the next stage in your career in Arboriculture? Do you want to be more than just a climber? Can you lead a team and assist the management in continuing to grow and develop an established successful company? If so Canopy Tree Services wants to hear from you. We are looking for an experienced arborist to join our growing team in the position of a team leader/assistant manager. If you want to join a company where you can make a difference drop me an email or phone me for a chat. [email protected] - 07979325361 Canopy Tree Services is an ARB approved, progressive tree company offering high quality works to domestic and commercial clients throughout the East Midlands. We carry out specialist works involving Cranes, Hiabs, and MEWPS, we do NOT do motorway, railway or HS2 works. We have a great reputation in the area for doing high quality works and have a real emphasis on training and educating our employees, we are constantly looking to improve our skills and knowledge. Job details: Competitive salary based on skills and qualifications. Working hours 07:45 - 16:30. Overtime and weekend work available. 20 days paid holiday plus public holidays. Government pension scheme. Full PPE, relevant equipment, and company uniform provided. Ongoing training as required. Key Accountabilities • Conduct daily briefs with your team, delegating tasks and responsibilities, outlining performance outcomes and safety expectations. • Ensure all equipment required for the day's tasks are loaded on to the truck and are in good working order. Any defective equipment must be taken out of service and reported to your supervisor. • Deliver work instructions and carry out risk assessments. • Ensure H&S compliance is adhered to at all times and undertake Hazard Identification at each site reporting any unsafe working environments and issues to your supervisor. • Provide progress reports and updates of the work schedules, detailing any shortfalls or challenges that have arisen. • Have high performance standards and actively promote these to your team to ensure they are achieved consistently. Person Specification • Previous Team Leader experience in a similar capacity. • Relevant experience of the Arboriculture industry and practices. • Ability to lead a team to succeed and achieve high standards. • Strong people management skills with the ability to delegate effectively within a team. • The ability to problem solve and implement resolutions swiftly. • Effective communication skills adapting communication styles to different audiences. Functional / Technical Skills Preferred Skills • Full UK Driving Licence (essential) • NPTC units CS30, CS31, CS38, CS39, (required) CS32 & CS41 (Desirable) • B&E, C1&E: (Desirable)
  5. I don't know for sure this is what retired climber meant but an advert stating "young" would be classed as age discrimination. I doubt many on here are specialists in employment law, I am not and generally only like to comment when I am confident I know what I am talking about. However as I understand it potential employees have rights and you could get in grief if an older person applied for the job and they could prove they did not get the job due to their age.
  6. You definitely can't exclude old people.
  7. They also crap everywhere and are quite social so like to come in the house.. We used to let ours roam free but regularly stepping in chicken shit is no fun. I have posted pics of my chicken run/trampoline enclosure on here before and thoroughly recommend it.
  8. We have had a few chickens for years, picked up for free and built coops but still pretty sure it is a very expensive way to get eggs. You will never get a return on eggs if you have to payout £600 on an eggloo.. You would need 3000 before feed.
  9. I was having issues this morning but managed to submit an hour ago.
  10. In reality it is very unlikely that your tree surgeon will be able to climb a tree in a neighbours garden without crossing the boundary line. You could get a MEWP or do it when they are out. Trespass to land is not a criminal act and as long as the cuts are not over the boundary and you offer the arrisings to your neighbour, I don't see what they could sue you for? Pretty sure you could not be sued for trespass as your neighbour has not suffered a loss.. If you left the waste you could be done for fly tipping.
  11. The high prices that landrovers were being advertised for appear to have been overly optimistic... We don't need to sell it, we know it's history and know that we can keep it operational for another 20 years.. If someone offered good money we would sell it, but it is worth quite alot to us as as spare/backup/rarely used tipper.
  12. The 130 steers like a boat when everything is connected..
  13. It will look awful if you cut the top out IMO. Leave it until it is too big then remove it. There is NO reason to then only plant something small, plant what you like. Trees do NOT have to be left to reach maturity. Grow it for 25 years, enjoy it and then remove it. You can do this in a cycle rather than just plant a crappy sorbus.. Removing a tree every 25 years will arguably not cost much more than the maintenance of a smaller species.
  14. Get a copy of tg 1. Watch the videos that the as have posted on YouTube and you will see that is not the case.


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