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  1. It not relevant how many companies you work for... an employee could work for 3 different firms each day and a sub contractor could work for one company for 6 months or longer.. i don't understand why people find it difficult to understand. Eggs explained it.
  2. I found this oak last week with strange marks. Any ideas? The marks circled the stem in a rough line at several different points up the stem. The tree is otherwise in good condition.
  3. And perhaps give him a bottle of something for sorting it out..
  4. I have been told you also get added to a list so are more likely to get pulled in the future..
  5. Looking at purchasing a MEWP. What do folk like/dislike. It will be used.. Thinking a budget £20-£30k. It needs to be reliable.. I think we need 20m min. I don't think we can afford or need tracked. In the past we have used the 3.5 toners with the folding lifts, but feel the straight lifts look stronger? No real reason to think that.. Also considering 7.5 tonners. While it might make drivers and access more complicated I feel they are less likely to have been abused as normally hired with operator.. I feel they are better put together then 3.5 ton trucks and subjected to 6 weekly checks. Also looks like a good selection in the Netherlands. Is it easy to import or is bringing over a non local machine likely to cause more maintenance issues if no local dealer?
  6. Milo – Coming Soon WWW.OKMILO.COM This start-up popped up on my Facebook. If it works and could be adapted could be useful..
  7. I only mentioned it was legitimate as I didn't want the contractor undertaking the works or anyone else viewing the post to feel I was suggesting the contractor had done anything wrong. The tree owner obviously can do whatever they want to unprotected trees. Interesting you would charge your full fee. I am not comfortable with that so will charge a reduced fee for my time spent preparing and visiting the site. I am not going to spend time creating an AIA and TCP when by tomorrow there will be no trees!
  8. Turned up to do a 5837 that needed doing yesterday.. Only to find two diggers happily removing everything.. All perfectly legitimate as they are the neighbours trees and not protected.. Do I complete my survey with no trees and bill them as quoted? Bill them for a wasted trip? Forget about it?
  9. No one has mentioned any examples of actual methods that could be used to reduce the risk of heave if removing a tree was deemed to be a high risk.. Are there any? You could just retain vegetation and hope it doesn't die? Most seem to think staged removal is a waste of time as the soil will still rise the same amount. Has a house ever been underpinned because there is a risk of heave? Can you install a barrier, to ensure a soil remains in a dedicated state?
  10. Did you recruit from Poland, or did they find you in the UK?
  11. But in this case there is no structal damage to the property. The client wants to protect against the event of damage due to heave. As I understand it, there is a small chance of it happening, and even if there was a high chance there is no economic solution.. You are not going to underpin a house because there "might" be a chance of heave. Therefore a survey is pointless. You remove the tree in one go then fix any damage. Or are there other techniques that I should be aware of..?
  12. I am not trying to be argumentative, genuinly interested. Let's assume we get a report. Costing hundreds if not thousands , as presumably we need soil samples for an engineer to make any conclusions. What will it say? Will it say more than high, medium or low risk? And if it does say high risk what are the actions we can take to lower the risk..
  13. Stop scaring the op. An expensive report would tell you nothing... It might give you a likelihood or risk level of heave damage occurring. But even if high risk (which it isn't. See daltontrees posts) the solution is to remove the tree and repair the problem.


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