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  1. This is one of the stupid unintended consequences of the 20 percent legislation. In an attempt to reduce pollution we end up with people burning tyres to dry wood..🤯
  2. Anyone done or recommend a decent course, I want to put one of our team through something useful.
  3. Nearly anyone who has worked rail side. I think they were the standard utility cutters chipper for a decade. We have an old one and it's a decent machine.
  4. So far, so good. It certainly makes planning teams easier having another sub 750 machine.
  5. Why though.. what is you advice if there is a moisture defficit?
  6. Just remove the tree, it will outgrow it's location, it has reverted to type, it's too close to the house and I doubt it has anything to do the damsge. Spending £1000's getting all those reports would be a complete waste if time.. It's a crappy 25 year old Acer. Next to a shoddy falling down conservatory. What are you going to do if the tree is causing subsidence? Fell it and fix the problem. What are you going to do if the report say it might cause heave? Fell it and fix the problem or keep the tree and hope it never dies?
  7. They supplied us this a few weeks back..
  8. Should not really be a surprise as the gm1928 is a bigger chipper then the forst 6. The forst 8 models would be comparable to the gm1928..
  9. If towing is not an issue don't get a sub 750 machine. The bigger chippers are more productive and not built to be under an arbitrary weight. We have an older tw230 and it has been a great chipper. We trialed the new tw230 diesel and the guys thought it was ok but definitely slower. We have just purchaced a very tidy low hours GM arborist 150 from Ashley at GA ground care. I have yet to actually see it but the reports back have been good. We have gm1928 and it's been as reliable our tw and Vermeer chippers.
  10. I have considered similar and came to the conclusion that quality would drop, its also difficult to administer as our teams don't remain the same all the time. In a similar vain I have thought about bonuses for not breaking things but came to the conclusion stuff less likely to get reported. Often unintended consequences.. I think the best way would be to offer employees a profit share or something similar, but I have yet to come across a simple method that could be easily applied. Doing it annually is not likely to incentivise staff, monthly would be better but then there would be a lot of work to figure out the numbers and then how do you differentiate between the grafters and the slackers.
  11. Off they go to Devon. We had one machine over 10 years.
  12. Canopy Tree Services is a progressive ARB approved tree company offering high quality works to domestic and commercial clients throughout the East Midlands. We also carry out specialist works involving Cranes, Hiabs, and MEWPS. We have a real emphasis on training and educating our employees and are constantly looking to improve our skills and knowledge. We are currently looking for arborists to join our growing team. Working hours 08.00 - 16:30. Overtime and weekend work available. 28 days paid holiday. Government pension scheme. Full PPE, relevant equipment, and company uniform provided. Ongoing training as required. Good Rates of pay depending on your level of experience. Potential for a team leader role for the right candidate Especially keen to hear from drivers with C+E licence and MEWP operators. Positions alo available for keen people who are just starting out and we can help you progress your career in arboriculture.
  13. Appreciate the advice re those with knowledge/experience on the block paving. Those of you who could get it down in a day, I am looking for staff and happy to take you on as you are better than me at my best or any of the probably 50-60 climbers I have hired over the last 20 years.... Pictures can be deceptive but it ain't coming down safety in a day.. Even with a crane, tractor trailer, Avant and 12 inch chipper it would be a challenge to get it out in the day..
  14. It is bigger then it looks in the photo.


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