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    No time due to children and business- Hang gling and paragling when time allowed
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  1. Unfortunately it is apartments - 6 clients .....
  2. I have to admit I was surprised permission was granted for the removal.. I am not sure the lpa have a TO in post at the moment. I am pretty sure the old one would have insisted on retaining the tree. It is structurally sound and was there before the wall.. Piles and beams would be my solution but interested if anyone had others views. In the end it will probably come down to £.. and removal likely to be cheaper in long run..
  3. The Barrell Tree Consultancy Guidance Notes are a great resource. But this is a big wall and significant movement..
  4. Any engineering solutions so we can save the tree. Big beech tree with TPO. It is in a conservation area and the wall needs to be rebuilt looking the same.. Cannot move the wall. The tree trunk is not in direct contact with wall. But the cracks are affecting 4-5m in the walls length. The brick part is only 19 years old built on sandstone that was probably put down in the 1850's. Consent has been given to remove the tree but one of the residents is keen to retain it if we can come up with an engineering solution that will last. A structural engineer is having a look but in my experience they tend to look at the simplest method, which is obviously to remove the tree and rebuild the wall. My idea is to use piles and beams and to leave a good gap around the trunk. Can you build flexible walls..
  5. benedmonds

    Painting Aluminium panels before signwriting

    Cheers thanks for info..
  6. benedmonds

    Painting Aluminium panels before signwriting

    Cheers, it looks like you have had sign writing printed onto boards still. I was hoping to sign write directly onto the sides...
  7. Anyone any experience painting aluminium panels before signwriting? Can you cheaply apply and get an OK finish, that the signwriting will stick too. We have in the past attached boards or direct wrapping..
  8. benedmonds

    Do i need ELP

    Probably true if both sole traders but if partnership...?
  9. benedmonds

    Do i need ELP

    I am not sure that is true.. It was 15 years ago but pretty sure when just me and business partner we did not need EL.
  10. benedmonds

    Beech logs in Hucknal Nottingham

    That is over 25 arctics a day....
  11. benedmonds

    Beech logs in Hucknal Nottingham

    Thanks for the offers to collect the logs, Sylvagen sent a wagon today and took the load for biomass 😟.. Going to: https://www.kentrenewableltd.com/
  12. benedmonds


    I have already sent that..
  13. benedmonds


    I have told him to be realistic.. But it would be nice if it went for more than just biomass..
  14. benedmonds


    Are these the ones at Kingston hall. In the 2 dead redwoods thread I gave steve your number...
  15. benedmonds

    First Aid + F course, Ross on Wye, 11 June

    I think http://foxmedics.co.uk/ will travel. If there is not enough of you I think it is worth trying to get local firms together to make a group. Or inviting others if you have space..


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