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  1. Not sure if the link will work. It was posted on UK's Tree Surgeons Facebook https://www.facebook.com/brady.viger/videos/2593500190705363/UzpfSTYyNjkxMjg0MzpWSzoxMjQ5MDk0MjU1MzAwNDc2/
  2. When trekking in new zealand I used to carry a rescue kit a few slings and some 6mm rope (I still use some to hold up the clothes dryer). I can't remember what it was but was strong enough to abseil off. You would need a suitable friction device.. if you tied it off you could use it like srt so would only need half the length then if used ddrt. Someone who still climbs try it and see if it could work..
  3. I admit I have not climbed in years and I think the whole 2 line thing sucks.. but trying to come up with a workable solution.. I get in some trees it's fine and often used to climb big trees with 2 ends or 2 ropes.. But can't see it working 90 percent of the time. Could the second line be used a bit like another side strop. You could keep the tail in a rope bag clipped to your harness and just use it to ensure your always tied in at least twice. This emergency line could potentially be much smaller diameter.. It sounds like a ball ache but might be less if a tangle fest..
  4. Since when has that been the "official line." Maybe in the 90's..
  5. A little bit over the top for most domestic work..
  6. Do these big specialist machines normally go out on a day rate? Or do owner operators get their own work. If you work out your numbers and can reliably fill your books on a day rate it sounds like a relatively low stress way if working. Probaby less stress than running a large crew with multiple machines to maintain and multiple customers to keep happy. What are the running/maintenance costs like?
  7. I am now here! What can I tell you? Pics and videos of it in action..
  8. 2015 TEREX FUCHS MHL250 Mobile Material Handler Lot #314 | Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers WWW.RBAUCTION.COM 2015 TEREX FUCHS MHL250 Mobile Material Handler Lot #314 Could make a handy unit?
  9. Be perfect for all the roadside ash that will be dead around hear in a few years..
  10. Anyone tried the TS Tunnisen WS/23-75 DT 23cm Wood Chipper | PSD Groundscare WWW.PSDGROUNDSCARE.CO.UK Includes cutting disc technology, eco chips, bio degradable lubricant, pilot system swing, silent blocs, electric control, 270° adjustable chimney, 270° turntable, and folding hopper.
  11. I would find that very confusing.. It's bad enough having the indicator and wiper stalks on the wrong side, like I do in our Hyundai. I nearly always pick the wrong side.... whatever I am driving...
  12. Rebranded tunnissen/TS Industrie. A kwikchip is going to be getting on in years. The 222 was pretty comparable to a TW190 back in the day.
  13. Anyone know any thing about this setup? Is anyone at Blue Sky Tree Care on here?
  14. Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ79RV Pick Up - truck for life workhorse RARE opportunity WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Hdj79rv top of the range model front coil springs rear leaf springs 24 valve turbo Diesel engine and all the above trim. Toyota filter service on arrival. Toyota landcruiser. Signed... Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79R Pick Up - workhorse RARE opportunity WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ79R for Sale. New wheels and tyres all round. 5 speed manual. Vehicle is now good to go to work. New front discs and pads. Full MOT with no advisories. Toyota Land cruiser pick up WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Toyota Landcruiser 4.2 diesel. Nice motor for work or play. Located Huddersfield HD8. I hope people have started importing these in numbers....


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