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  1. Chipper, tipper and groundy around Derby?

    No problem. 01332 875 869
  2. Chipper, tipper and groundy around Derby?

    I am away until the 27th but might be able to help. Ben
  3. New Forum feedback

    I can't say I am a fan, I have tried for a while, but I don't like change.... I liked the old unread posts page, I check arbtalk daily but like to see everything on one page and decide if I wanted to read it or not. I now have to scroll down as you can only get 5 threads on the screen at a time.. Can we just have an unread posts with the title?
  4. Fungi on Lime?

    stereum rameale?
  5. Fungi on Lime?

  6. Fungi on Lime?

    Any ideas? About 5m up a healthy looking lime tree, on a stem showing no signs of dysfunction. My initial thought was Bjerkandera adusta, but now in office not so sure? fungi on lime.bmp
  7. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    We currently have 2 guys in the process: 7 days total: cost £1,775 (including VAT) including the medicals etc.. But. the wait to get licences back has meant we have been waiting a couple of months now with very little actually happening... So if you are planning a truck start the training in good time..
  8. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    We came to the conclusion the 6-7.5 tonners were very good value when compared to the 3.5 ton trucks.. And much more suitable for tree work. Our 6.5 ton Iveco has been a really good truck and is difficult to overload... The plan was to get another of those, but saw a low mileage 7.5 tonner built, local and ready to go so thought we would try that. The biggest issue is driver licencing as the guys need to have C1+E. Which assuming they pass first time is costing us about £1700 a driver..
  9. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    There is a sticker on the side that says 4200kgs, I am assuming that is the empty weight so we should have about 3000kgs for chip which is 10 times as much as a transit crewcab..
  10. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    Have you weighed it full? We are getting ours in the next week or two and after seeing yours are considering adding some height to the chip box..
  11. CIS deductions

    I never said it was the right way to do it...
  12. Best legal vehicle combination

    If you turn up on site with big kit, folk rarely question the time spent. You just point at the kit on the drive and say that cost £x.... Most want you gone as soon as possible, a small chipper running all day is way more annoying then a big chipper only running for a few hours IMO.
  13. CIS deductions

    I take a different view... that may or may not be true. The firm the OP is working for might think he is sailing close to the wind and not paying his taxes. The employer could (should) realise that he should be classed as an employee and therefore if HMRC inspected them, the HMRC would chase the employer for any unpaid tax..
  14. A thought

    They morph in year 7 to be come horrible by year 8...
  15. Best legal vehicle combination

    That job may have been completed in one trip, it still would have been quicker with a towable chipper and tipper.. The micro chipper has a place but not when you can get decent chipper to it..


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