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  1. I had only seen one "possible" case locally last year and also believed people were getting "over zealous" in the identifications... but this year I have been to places with numerous dead trees. On a bike ride a few weeks back it felt like I was at a front line. The ash close to home are still ok but as I got into Leicestershire there were many mature trees with symptoms..
  2. I don't justify the insurance fraud.. And if that is true then he may well be the dodgy character you are suggesting.. but the engine seized after 3 days. My guess is the buyer thought he was sold a nail and was ripped off, this may be why he isn't keen on settling any outstanding account with you. While torching a classic mog may offend many, to him it may have been the only way to get out of a financial hole.. Still wrong mind..
  3. Does anyone have any links to upto date information or papers. I have a client who wants to plant enough trees to offset 1 ton carbon per year. Cannell 1999 estimates averaged out over 100 years you would need 42 widely spaced oak trees or 0.37ha of conifers over 55 years..
  4. Had a ride on this "train" at Plitvic lakes in Croatia. They had at least 5 just like it.
  5. Timberwolf were doing 12 months free last year.
  6. We are interested in the grafter. Have you more details. can we come and look?
  7. They (We) don't want your pity, just consideration.. Cyclists are healthier, happier, fitter, less of a burden on the NHS who enjoy spending time with their friends. They are also predominantly white middle class and therefore more likely to be higher rate tax payers (especially the ones on £3000 bikes) and therefore I would guess contribute considerably more in TAX and therefore road upkeep than your average tree surgeon.. I cannot believe on a day to day anyone is held up for more than a minute. It may feel worse but I bet if you timed it you would in reality see what a fuss you are making over bugger all. Big sportives may be a huge inconvenience but so are may sporting events. I have been stuck in traffic for hours due to football and horse racing events clogging up the roads... How cycling makes you healthier and happier | ECF ECF.COM It is no secret that cycling provides health benefits, but it is amazing how just riding a bike to work offers extraordinary advantages. The Velo-city 2018 program will broadly focus...
  8. 99% of Mamils will own cars so all pay road tax, unless they have exempt vehicles obviously..
  9. There is a credible argument that encouraging bike use to Dutch or Danish levels could do more than perhaps any other single intervention to save the NHS from collapse. It could even greatly mitigate the crisis in adult social care. The 'miracle pill': how cycling could save the NHS | Environment | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Cycling can make people healthy and live longer, and cut public health costs, so why can’t it be prescribed to the nation?
  10. You would be surprised at how often lads wonder around with their laces undone.. The twist system is great on cycling shoes easy to tighten or loosen without having to stop.
  11. Pretty sure the Boa system was been developed for lycra clad cyclists.. (Sorry cross thread discussion..)
  12. Whatever you do has some impact and while I applaud the sentiment to try to reduce your footprint there are so many unforseen consequences that make it is nearly impossible to make properly informed decisions.
  13. The Impact of a Cotton T-Shirt | Stories | WWF The Impact of a Cotton T-Shirt | Stories | WWF WWW.WORLDWILDLIFE.ORG Whether it’s reducing waste, saving energy, or being a conscious... I am sure some one has worked out the comparative environmental cost of polypropylene vs cotton. But I would not be surprised if in the life cycle when you include washing and drying cotton will be worse than man made.. I have helly hanson lifa shirts that our 15 years old that I used extensively. No way cotton can take the same abuse..
  14. One of the issues with being a rural based arb... Farmers can do it.. I saw this on a bike ride and thought I would share.. How many Health and Safety failings can you list..
  15. You did touch a nerve as cyclists regularly get a bashing by the Jeremy Clarkson fan cub.. Your post did not come across as live and let live.. It came across as someone who knows little about something and makes a stupid generalisation and the hate shown seemed hugely disproportionate indicating other issues with cyclists,, Cyclists wear lycra as it is the most suitable clothing for cycling in.. Same as surfers wear wetsuits, runners wear shorts and every sporting activity wears whatever is most comfy and practical.. You are presumably not offended by sunday league footballers wearing football kits? Anyone not wearing lycra on a bike is the fool.


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