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    No time due to children and business- Hang gling and paragling when time allowed
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    Self employed since 2004 - Tree climbing since 1999
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  1. benedmonds

    What Tracked Chipper???

    We managed to source the original maker and it was over £1000 and 28 days to build..
  2. benedmonds

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Yes but at a cost and down time.. We came to the conclusion the repairs needed were not economically viable. One machine needed a hydraulic motor which tw no longer stocked and could not give us a supplier.. The other needed a lot of work to the chassis. We decided to make one good machine and keep the other for spares.
  3. benedmonds

    What Tracked Chipper???

    I don't know anything about the old tw230 but we have a couple of big old tws. One of which we have had to retire because we could not get a pretty simple part..
  4. benedmonds

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Or the 20m Exclusion zone sticker..
  5. benedmonds

    Google has just freaked me out!

    I have found this on Google.. I think phone listens...
  6. benedmonds

    What makes stoves so efficient?

    If space is an issue get an inset stove. https://goo.gl/images/NsGBpj We have a narrow lounge and found this took up the least space.
  7. benedmonds

    Increasing unseasoned timber sales discussion

    But it is just wrong.... Using energy to dry wood that will dry with no additional inputs just doesn't make sense for the environment.. It is surely only happening because of RHI payments.. Or cheap imports operating in an unsustainable short term manner..
  8. benedmonds

    Increasing unseasoned timber sales discussion

    I understand there is a difference between some of you guys who do it for a living and those of us who do it to get rid of a byproduct but I really think some people take seasoning far to seriously... I will admit we have far more wood then we can process (we sent 300 tons of log wood for biomass this summer). We only sell 50-60 bulk bags a year at £80-£90 delivered and a few sacks. For us leaving it seasoning for a few years is no problem and very little extra handling.. It is an extra that guys can do on the weekend or to fill in gaps in the tree work.. When we come back with a decent load of timber and there is space it gets tipped onto a pile for firewood. If that pile is full or it is conifer, willow, poplar and big stuff, it goes on another pile that goes for biomass.. The firewood sits outside exposed for in the rain and shine for a 2-3 years.. We generally don't process much till the end of summer or autumn then split it and load into bulk bags these are kept under cover for maybe a month or 2.. I find the seasoned wood drys super fast and is dry (although I have never checked with moisture meter). I had logs falling out of my log store at home this winter and they were left in the rain and soaked, but I left them inside for a couple of days they dried really fast and burned really well. I might be doing it wrong but I had the chimney swept for the first time in 5 years last year (we have a fire most nights in winter) and there was less than half a bucket of soot and sweep said I must be burning good firewood. I also agree with what big J said about it being an expensive way to heat a house.. It would make far more sense for me to sell the logs I use and buy gas, but there is something special about a wood burner...
  9. benedmonds

    Chip sale values

    £12 is good, I think we are getting £9 or £10..
  10. benedmonds

    House heating that isn't wood fueled?

    I have done 4 different aia' s for renewables first. Who are planning to install small scale hydro. I also quoted at a bunch of other sites.. They must be economically viable..
  11. benedmonds

    House heating that isn't wood fueled?

    My business partner has a pellet fed boiler and buys in pellets even though he has access to hundreds of tons of arb arisings.. He is pretty happy with it and I think the rhi make it well worth while.. It is a pain if something goes wrong.. You do need to have a wood burner for the atmosphere and great as a backup when your other system breaks down.. If I were self biulding and had space would go for a well insulated house with gshp and a woodburner for atmosphere and back up. My wife is always opening windows for fresh air and kids don't know how to shut doors so a passive house is never going to work..
  12. benedmonds

    My mate was arrested to day .

    According to google: Generally speaking, trespass to land is not a criminal offence unless some special statutory provision makes it so. Any damage done by a trespasser whiletrespassing may amount to the offence of criminal damage. ... Civil trespass is actionable in the court
  13. benedmonds

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    That is the worst advice yet.. Assuming there was a quote and they did the job to spec pay up. If your disappointed in the number of logs most tree firms would dump you a load to leave a happy customer..
  14. benedmonds


    No I really couldn't.. The updaft meant I could not get down. It was really turbulent air. Staying in the lift was relatively safe but I had to leave the lift band to land and landing in turbulent air was scary.. plus I was on a hill in west Wales on my own and know one new where I was. Pretty foolish really.
  15. benedmonds


    Hang gliding in wales and being unable to get out of the sky.. Being rolled over and over in big waves in mexico..


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