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  1. benedmonds

    2 chainsaws to fell a tree

    Have you seen the other video at the same job site.. They have a bloody great MEWP onsite... Annoyingly this company have just taken over a contract for a housing corporation who we work for and if what I am told is correct they charge 3-4 times what I would... But the housing corporation have to use their approved landscape contractors for tree works..?
  2. benedmonds

    Prices for Council Tender...?

    It's not that unfeasible, some councils use a mini competition for a block of works but you need to be one of their approved contractors.. Still has issues as I have discussed on here previously. Talking to more experienced bid writers some actually underprice the jobs that they think won't come up often like the large take-downs, so when the tender is being examined their overall rates look lower.. I am not sure I am up to the scheming required.. I am happy doing a good job for a fair price.. Why does it have to be so complicated....
  3. benedmonds

    Prices for Council Tender...?

    The table was how many trees can a team of 3 do in a day. So each cell is the number of trees a team can do.. In reality on the ground it would probably be 2 teams but then the number of trees they would do would double... It is the way I try to work it out: 1 team could do x number of x size trees in a day.. I can then assign my day rates.. I just thought more guesstimates would result in a figure less likely to be wildly out..
  4. benedmonds

    Prices for Council Tender...?

    Small 0-30cm DBH Med 30-60cm dbh Large 60cm +dbh Crown lift to 6m 20 15 10 Crown clean 12 6 4 Crown thin 10 5 3 Crown reduction 5 2.5 1 Fell to GL 5 2 0.75 Basal & Epicormic removal 60 40 20 Anyone willing to try... Assume you are doing TM..
  5. benedmonds

    Prices for Council Tender...?

    That is what you get with tenders... No point complaining if you want in...
  6. benedmonds

    Prices for Council Tender...?

    I think that would be a stretch. No £ figures are mentioned.. Just trying to get a range of people's views on how many trees a day a team of 3 can do.. Maybe didn't make that clear in op.. was called for dinner..
  7. I hate pricing for tenders and historically have not done well: I figure using numerous people estimating we could get an average which is better than an individual guesstimate.. So estimate from the following the average be done in a day. This could then be used by individual companies to work out their rate. No point discussing the spec or complaining that it is impossible due to variation.. That is what you get... Small 0-30cm DBH Med 0-60cm dbh Large 60cm +dbh Crown lift to 6m Crown clean Crown thin Crown reduction Fell to GL Basal & Epicormic removal
  8. benedmonds


    Talking to VOSA is not going to necessarily help, as depending on who you talk to you will get a different answer... As to carrying waste.. we have not had the waste discussion on here for ages..
  9. benedmonds


    A guy local to me uses this old DAF apparently Ag registered. No O licence, tacho and can drive on a normal drivers licence apparently? Not sure if that is legal but if what bob says is true then it could be.. My quick research looks like if its a 4x4 you might be OK..
  10. benedmonds


    I don't think there are grey areas.. You can't use a personal use exemption if you are running a business so will need O licence and therefore regular checks But there are tacho and driver cpc exemptions if (like most tree surgeons) you are less than 100km from base and: used to carry materials, equipment or machinery for the driver’s use in the course of his work and when driving the vehicle is not the driver’s main activity
  11. benedmonds


    Not sure they are that helpful if that is the advice you have been given.. Pretty sure unless rules have changed. You WILL need an operators licence You WILL need 12 weekly checks You WILL NOT need tacho if less than 100km from base and to carrying materials, equipment or machinery for the driver’s use in the course of his work and when driving the vehicle is not the driver’s main activity https://www.gov.uk/drivers-hours/exemptions-from-eu-law So if delivering logs for example you WOULD need tacho. Driver CPC also NOT needed- as https://www.gov.uk/guidance/driver-cpc-exemptions-examples#carrying-material-or-equipment-for-use-in-your-work
  12. benedmonds

    Clocking in

    One of our team leaders has suggested it as he doesn't like being the one constantly bollocking the guys.. I didn't want to go down that route but that unit is pretty inexpensive.. Let us know how you get on with it.
  13. benedmonds

    Laser measures

    I use a Leicia D8. You might need a tripod to get an accurate reading, but where accuracy is not that important you can do it without.
  14. benedmonds

    Planting in rubble....

    I have a client who wants to plant 7 heavy standard sycamore trees in this..... What would you specify...?
  15. The Arb association working group came up with some about 5 years ago. We discussed what was important and ripped off the crane ones.. Tommy Plummer did some nice diagrams. You used to be able to download them in the "help for arborists section" but not any more... I had a quick look on my PC but could not find them, I am sure someone has them somewhere.. Fairly sure I posted them on here


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