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  1. I don't think target fixation is the problem with trees, it's more excess speed and drivers losing control. Interestingly the wiki description mentions paragliding and I have a vivid memory from 25 years ago crashing a hang glider in a classic target fixation moment. Loads of space to land and I went straight into this boat. Quite embaracing as we were promoting tandem flights infront of a packed restaurant at the time..
  2. Apparently 3000 people a year killed in the US driving into trees.. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.irf.global/wp-content/uploads/Bradley-Winkelbauer-The_Killer_Tree_Problem.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi10OTckIvzAhVRglwKHZbuCqQQFnoECEUQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0UMM2QuZMn6SUdgK8zWZyB There are 2 trees both within a mile of where I live which young men/boys have killed themselves by driving too fast into them the last few years. Both now shrines with attached football kits and photos.. I guess felling all roadside trees could save quite as few lives, but I would suggest that would be a disproportionate response..
  3. I see that now... 😃 We had strimmed and sprayed it a few years back, then the rhus wasn't the problem, the backgarden was 6ft of brambles. I didn't even look at the site last year, he called and I just sent the guys to strim and spray the regrowth. Was a shock to see the re growth..
  4. The back garden is the same but bigger.. It looks like we fertilised it rather than herbcided it..
  5. We strimmed a chaps garden in May, left it for a couple of weeks then sprayed with roundup. He called us back and asked us to do it again 4 month later.. I think we need a better solution as it is way worse that it was in May. Anyone a better method of control..
  6. It seems logical that young drivers with little training are going to be considerably higher risk and that training would reduce the risk. There are relatively few tractors so will be relatively few incidents but that also means relatively little training would be involved to upskill the young farmers. However the farming community is a pretty strong lobbying force that resists change especially when it concerns the health and safety and factors that make running small family farms more expensive. Most teenage boys do stupid things. A quick search (as I am not that interested) and I found this research that states: .. young tractor drivers (aged 15 to 24) account for an above-average proportion of accidents compared with this age group‘s share of the population as a whole.. https://circabc.europa.eu/sd/a/9ee83ee8-5013-4910-8c14-7080f0166745/09_2_DE report_UDV-kompakt_RisikoTraktor.pdf
  7. Just because they have stupid rules for farmers doesn't mean it makes sense to get rid of sensible rules for towing. The sensible thing to do would have been to have a training for tractor driving. Kids driving tractors and trailers is frankly scary..
  8. I bet the chipper manufacturers who have spent a fortune getting sub 750kg chippers are going to be pissed and I imagine the sub 750 market will probably take a dive. It's going to make my life much simpler..
  9. Alot can happen or not in 6 to10 years and 100,000 miles.. We have have had 2 Iveco 3.5 tonners, one crew cab tipper and one standard. I did not rate them as ARB vehicles. The 6.5 ton however was great. Personally prefer the Japanese trucks for 3.5 tonners. We have an izusu, mitsubishi and Nissan now all good.
  10. I don't want a battle, I want a practical engineering solution so the wall can be repaired without damaging the tree.
  11. I have come across this a few times but never really been happy with any solutions. What advice would you give to a client with a retaining wall being damaged by a tree. Builders normally want to remove the trees so they can excavate rebuild. Others are will just remove the wall and cut any roots in the way. In this case the tree is protected as is the wall... I am nervous that if the wall is removed stability could be compromised but not sure of any tried methods that others might have used.
  12. I am sure I heard someone on the radio recently possibly gqt who recommended replacing box with plastic plants as box is so difficult to keep alive these days..
  13. I have a client, with some root issues. It is a private estate and they care about the trees. But is is open access and trip hazards obviously a major concern. They are planning on resurfacing the roads. The trees are very important, TPO'd and have to be retained. I have told them not to cut any roots over 25mm without arb advice, but they have a road planer going in and I am pretty sure they will just want to make if all level. Any one any experience/solutions? Is there flexible tarmac that is suitable for road surfaces? My solution would be to lift the road levels, possibly creating a speed bump like road structure. Bit even that is likely to be a temporary fix. Are there any good solutions for the footpaths as they spend £1000's each year trying in vain to keep them in order.
  14. Hmm, or you could just get a petrol saw..😉
  15. I imagine you would have to jump through all sorts of hoops for the council to give permission. But if you looked the part and were sensible about it I doubt you would get any bother. Stick on a high Viz. That gives you permission to do what you like..🙂 Especially an orange one.


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