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  1. For those of you after business advice during this nightmare. I recommend the Corona Business Advice group on facebook and linkedin. LinkedIn WWW.LINKEDIN.COM Some very useful information including a template for a furlough agreement. Discussions on the grants etc. Really useful especially the linkedin, which seems to only have information from people who know what they are talking about (unlike your average thread on here) This is a few days old but worth a watch if you are not up to speed with furlouging (who is)..
  2. We are trying to figure this out... I am leaning towards the stay at home..
  3. Do people pay different rates or overtime to freelancers depending on how long they work or excpect a day rate to be a day if that is 8.00 to 4.30 or 8.00 till 5.30?
  4. If anyone has actual useful ways of making savings please share.. We have massively reduced our spend with yell over the years, but still spend about £2,000 a year, I called them today and they reduced our bill by 50% for the next 2 months.
  5. Anyone got one I could see? Canopytrees@gmail.com if you want to keep it off forum Thanks
  6. I don't know but it is possible that wood air dried and kiln dried wood will burn at different rates. Personally I think a lot of people, many on here included are obsessed with moisture content. We season our wood (leave it outside for years) it will get dry and wet MANY times.. Re-wetted wood drys in a fraction of the time the fresh wood. In my experience sopping wet seasoned wood burns great after a very short period in the dry. Especially if they are left next to the fire.. keeping under cover for 2 years NOT required IMO..
  7. Think long term and suitability for hammock placement.
  8. This makes you look suspicious as hell. The police are not the enemy. If you are being a law abiding citizen why would you not just be helpful and not waste their time by pretending your some drug dealer who knows his rights..
  9. You can also fit man basket and use as a MEWP up to 43m.... Shame it can only do 35Kph.. If that could do 50Kph and tow a trailer...
  10. You could try a shakati mat. The Shakti Acupressure Mat - Your Personal Masseuse WWW.GOOGLEADSERVICES.COM The Shakti Mat is used as a wellness tool for overall health... I don't have bad back but they make amazing claims.. I do find it relaxing and often fall asleep on it.. You can get cheaper ones made by children with not a care for the environment from China on Amazon. Or pay the premium for an organic cotton one crafted by happy Indians.
  11. Whats not cheap? For team of 2 ... £50 a night? But only for high risk days.. Or £10 a week but 52 days a year?
  12. One of my clients has asked if we would do it and I recently had to do make up a number for tender. Currently I just ask guys who are available and call round hoping they will come in.. It would be nice formalize it, and be able to pay them something to ensure they are sober and ready to work if required.
  13. Does anyone charge companies standby rates to ensure they have a team ready for call outs? How does it work? Do you charge a nightly fee for a team to be sober and on call ready to respond? Do you just have a daily/nightly rate for when the forecast is bad? Or a lower rate all year? How much are employees paid to be on standby, like the 5th emergency service..
  14. Back when I climbed spearcuts were my standard cut when removing lombardy poplars in small spaces..
  15. Don't know how it is done. Will find out when we butcher a Spinney of trees..


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