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  1. New First Cut system

    The LIGHT system is really an economical system for whatever chainsaw mill you have. It'd more to go with the EcoMills and those on a budget. The HEAVY system can be widened as well as extended and further down the line the new Panther mills will need to use the HEAVY system to do some clever stuff! Also the leveling brackets and fixings are much better on the HEAVY system.
  2. Yep should hopefully save a lot of the fiddling about with a range of different rail sizes etc!
  3. Double head milling

    Yep sounds good Bill - it may be just a peculiarity with the 076 that causes this as not found it to happen on more modern saws - see how you get on with the 660
  4. Double head milling

    Had a collegue the other day using an MS880 and MS660 on some big beech - first time out on a double ended set up and he was loving it!
  5. Double head milling

    I'm guessing the 076 has a centrifugal clutch and you release the throttle on the 076 then the clutch dis engages from the drive sprocket. In that case the 084 cannot drive the piston on the 076 as the sprocket on the 076 would be free spinning (once you've released it's throttle). But I'm not familiar with the 076 but would imagine the clutch works the same way as most saws.
  6. We now have a line of GB ProTop chainsawbars. CSB has stocked GB bars for years but mainly for chainsaw mills and for big saws. We have now extended the range and have a good selection of ProTop bars for Stihl and Husky saws. Reduced prices for this week only - after that back to RRP for ever so if you want a deal get one soon! Find the range here https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/?s=ProTop&submit=Search&post_type=product Click the bar to confirm what it fits. These bars have also been loaded onto the selector.
  7. We are changing the way in which we sell the Granberg mills. Usually they come in a host of different sizes 24",30",36",42",48",60". The longer mills are awkward and expensive to ship - also it means keeping a large stock of rails in to meet different lengths. We'll still do the Alaskan 36" mills (which adjust down to 30" and 24") but for the longer mills we are now switching to the Granberg Ultimate mills - these will have 36"/24" and 12" extensions as well as x2 round handles. You can then make you mill to 24"/36"/48"/60"... for longer just buy another joining kit. If you have a Granberg mill you want to extend you can now do so without having to buy a whole new handle and rail set https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product-category/mills-kits/alaskan-mill-mk-4/ The mill in the pics is set up as a 48" Alaskan.
  8. Have you tried our Rotatech chainsaw chains?

    I thankyou sir
  9. Hi Steve - I was wondering if the sponsored forums area could be organised in order of number of posts? That way the more someone contributed to the forum they would feature closer the top?

  10. Goaty

    He was a valued customer so sorry to hear the news RIP Goaty
  11. Yep can''t remember the number but we are there
  12. Are you going to the CONFOR show at Longleat 7th/8th Sept?
  13. It'll certainly be a tad more than the Chilaskan Steve! But it will perform far better
  14. No prob - they may have made the bar thinner to run that chain. But the Sugi bar should be stiffer I reckon


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