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  1. Go on then last one is it the 28" version? Not upsetting me at all so don't worry on that score https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324260850689
  2. Haha! Where's Mark Bolam when you need him - he would have a field day on this.. prob on Facebook, or Instagram, or Tick Tock [I don't even know what Tick Tock is!]
  3. Thanks. I am the same as everyone else really - get the best price on the best product and as they say no harm in trying. But there is no way of giving the best service for the best price. The two cannot co exist [IMHO]
  4. Thanks Will we do our best - we try our best and we are not going to go down this route of pile it high, sell it cheap and sod the customer. We value our customer and we value ourselves and we will always aim to make a profit on what we sell in order to keep it that way. I will always use myself whatever we sell and will always try and give service to match - but there is only one of me and it won't happen each and every time... but hopefully it happens most of the time.
  5. The answer is a firm and heart felt no - in fact I am taking these listings off ebay.
  6. Is it just me but a lot of manufacturers seem to promote themselves with homo erotic type pictures? I'm not homosexual myself [chance would be a fine thing it seems a hell of a lot simpler] but I'd like to hear other opinions? The pics above seem to be.. well.. let's keep it simple.. homo erotic. [my opinion only] so I'm not sure why Stihl would use pics when most of the men in this industry will not be homo sexual? Is this a case of emperors new clothes ie. no one wants to state the obvious or is this down to my repressed desires that have been held in check all these 47 years....
  7. I can't comment on the saws but I think they are good - they are also everything that is wrong in the world ie. cheap price reliable machine but zero knowledge. I can advise you buying them practically but not spiritually
  8. As a side note - we will pretty much be off ebay soon I hope - I can't cope with ebay anymore. And I mean that genuinely it has a negative impact on my life even though we used to make £ off ebay it's not worth the cost. We want to provide as close as we can to proper service - I interpret that as - we care about people, we care about our customers, we care about our suppliers and the products they work hard to produce. We try to deliver quickly and we try to put our mistakes right [and your mistakes right] quickly. But hell everything is so about 'quickly' now that it has [to be frank] made my life a misery.
  9. Apologies late reply - ok so: 1) The 62cc saws the Parker 62cc seems good and it seems a great price for what you get. BUT these 62cc saws seem to be re badged and re marketed under all sorts of brands [NB we would do this ourselves but other companies seem to work on a more Amazon type basis - nowt wrong with that - we just don't work like that]. 2) If you can ID the bar mount usually always K095 [Group3 Husky mount] hence easy to fit different bars and chains 3) All the knock of Alaskan mills are ok - but let's talk size - folks often ask what size should I go for and reply is 'what size do you need?' and these sort of replies are Zen type and annoying but it's true! If you are buying a larger saw later - get a larger mill. If you are sticking to this size - stick to this size mill. If unsure - then go for the larger mill! 4) Prices are so cheap here - don't quibble £20 - if in any doubt spend more to go longer. 5) Milling FAQs are boring - but why do what I did and spend hours upon hours the hard way when 30 minutes reading does it from the comfort of your armchair FAQS - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require further information on any our products. Videos of all... 6) Only you know what you need - the trick is to educate yourself so that you can then tell who you are going to buy from I need x, y and z. I get so many people who call and ask 'I'd like your advice...' and then I give them my advice and they don't agree with it!
  10. WD40 sprayer and proud! Lube it up before you use it to avoid unnecessary friction
  11. Ohhh another day another guide bar completely wrecked 'been using a saw 20 years mate never seen this before' - I can't swear on here but let's say a knackered rim, worn chain and guess what - look at the result! What do you say to someone - [maybe some sensible suggestions on here] ie. how do you tell someone they have not known how to maintain their gear for 20 years?? I was like this - but how do I tell someone else without bruising a 20 year ego?
  12. It's pretty much always the chain in every case - I would file the teeth a smidge flatter aiming for 5 degrees, go up a size file or grinding stone size as you want a shallower gullet/side plate angle to the tooth so it is not cutting so aggressively. Also always take the rakers down retro respectively - should sort it.
  13. Just bought one - had an option to checkout with Amazon which worked well... ie you stayed on their website but it pulled in details and card info from Amazon..
  14. watch from 2.20 I like the way after he lets go it sort of becomes an auto lowering jack!
  15. Ah - ok that's more like it thanks for the link.


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