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  1. Yes it's sort of possible - but I think I'd be defeated on trying to do the timings and getting a timetable set up. Prob would have to work with NPTC trainers and someone there who is a) into chainsaw milling b) keen to help write a course on it. Basically chainsawbars website has become something of a monster - and there seems no time to do anything like this. And from experience you can only rely on yourself to push a project like this through. I just not got the energy or time at the moment! But in the future it may be something I could look at
  2. Cheers Mick and it does help getting comments like this! Trouble is I only hear from all the folk who don't watch the vids/read the info - all the people that do make the effort are the ones who inform themselves and then can make their orders accordingly..
  3. Yep thanks Steve - the hard thing is getting people to go through it all - they wanna get to work! And in my 30s I was the same - always looking for short cuts so I don't blame people...
  4. Yep it's a good point - and sadly health and safety blocks this - ie. to get it set up with all the red tape sorted, insurances etc is a hard one to do. I went into details with my insurance [NFU] and basically it's a whole other level getting insurance if you are being paid to hand over knowledge. So to do this properly and legit it's too big a project.. yes it's possible but you would only be doing that ie. there would be no time left for doing all the other stuff that needs doing.
  5. May be able to put something together for you - no one will part with their Panther mill! And they won't wear out. But it will be in a couple of weeks.
  6. The rim does not have to be past the witness marks from what I am seeing [to cause damage] If you are running the same chains on the same bar and rim is almost to witness marks - all good and keep going no need to replace it [even if through the witness marks don't replace it] If you buy a new bar and chains and rim is halfway to witness marks and looks worn - change it for a new one when moving over to the new bar and chains Would be my advice.
  7. Granberg have never supplied diamond stones - only their standard grinding stones - yes these grinding stones have their weak points but I suppose they are cheap. The 'diamond' stones we sell here [are made by Dinasaw see below] They last a very long time before needing to be replaced They don't heat the tooth anywhere near as much as other mechanical sharpeners They come in fine and coarse depending on if you need a quick tune up or you have a damaged tooth They keep the same shape unlike the standard grinding stones which are fine to start with but quickly lose their shape as they wear We call them diamond stones as it's easier for people to understand as otherwise it generated the question 'so what is ABN then' and really there is no need to know about the coating - the main thing is they do the job. Grinding stones - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK Click here to go back to the chain sharpening tools menu Dinasaw are based in Australia [you can see their website in the link below - they make some pretty high tech auto chainsaw sharpeners]. A quote from Gregg who owns the company: 'Basically the difference is this. You would use Borazon (ABN) on steel as it cuts better Diamond is almost exclusively used on Tungsten carbide as it will clog up and not cut efficiently when used on steel. All our grinding wheels for normal steel chain and bandsaw blades are coated with ABN. We only use Diamond on Tungsten carbide chain.' Home - DinaSaw WWW.DINASAW.COM.AU
  8. I reckon it doesn't matter how you get that chain sharp and with what - as long as you get it sharp. When people say 'this method is the best this is method is crap' they are saying 'this method works for me, this other method did not'. Most methods work but you pick the one that suits you and gives good results.
  9. The Granberg use ABN coated stones [we call them diamond because it's easier to understand] and they work very well indeed IMO [seems that you have given an opinion before trying them?] Also the standard stones work pretty well as well and both are faster than a file - my opinion only - but just saying I disagree with you on these points [but I will naturally be biased as we sell both!].
  10. I don't know where this line is exactly or how to draw it but this question comes up all the time. From our point of view we have time to sell what we sell and provide some pointers - we don't have time to educate. How do you point this out to customers [politely]? 'I have a large oak tree come down in next doors garden, they said I can mill it, can I pop in and have a chat with someone about what I want to buy? I've never done milling before but am really keen to try it' I try to answer by 'we can sell you what you want to buy and give some pointers but we can't educate from scratch as it would take minimum a full morning and we don't have time to do this.' But it's an interesting discussion - for me it leads back to the opinion that everyone who uses a chainsaw should be required to do some sort of basic course [1 day?]. Not only because it's a dangerous tool but so at least it starts you on a road of building knowledge and taking the time, energy and some £ invested.
  11. Also ref the Panther Mills and other mill kits we will be doing x2 chains rather than x1. You really need a spare chain with milling but I know cost wise people are looking to save money not getting another one. However it can cost you so much more in time energy and stress to hit something then have to frantically order another chain so you can continue the job we are going to include an extra one.
  12. I'll get that added to this page here if it is not clear https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/loyalty-discount/
  13. Yep they will - however the 42" and 48" lo pro bars are here today so you have a couple of weeks to buy at the current pricing.
  14. I've just had a letter from the school saying if anyone in the class tests positive - the rest of the class have to self isolate for 2 weeks - but what if both parents work?! Lots of nice words [below] that say nothing - everyone uses political talk now to sound good - I'm surprised the word 'robust' has not been used - that has got to be the word of the year! 'This is an eventuality that we have been planning for, for several weeks and has become a routine feature of the lives of many schools nationally. We are committed to supporting the well being and anonymity of children and families concerned, and the welfare and education of all. We are also mindful of the extra burdens and challenges this situation places on you as families, and on our staff. I am grateful for your patience and support in these circumstances.'


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