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  1. I'd say you'd find it hard to scale a business like this given what you have said and gut reaction is I'd either look to stay where you're at or find another business you can scale up easier. Always hard to find good reliable workers and if you do find them it increases admin time and organising work for them. And in itself can cause large headaches ie. if particularly bad weather or low volume of work available now you have workers standing around costing money but with no work to do. On top of this it's hard to do several different tasks well ie. equipment wise to scale up a tree business you need expensive equipment and that means you then need to have it working more hours or it's not efficient to have it. A catch 22. If it were me I'd look to see which are of the business is the most profitable first, which do you enjoy doing the most and try and become a master of this area with best equipment and most efficient service.
  2. There is so little material in them I'd guess that no way would they stop a chain going at any sort of speed. It is an odd one why they are still made..
  3. I never figured what made a chainsaw glove ie. if both hands are always on the saw what point is there having any protection in the top of them? I think it's to do with snedding where on one cut you'd work the saw one handed... but the reason it's hard to even work out says something. Wear gloves that give good grip, are easy to take on and off, and you like wearing. As said in the thread the whole concept of a 'chainsaw glove' is misleading. Use what works for you.
  4. Possibly in some cases - but not in the stuff we sell. This is not a generated shortage - it's already happening. It will get worse as the year rolls on, and as a prediction you'll see price rises as much or more than at any time in recent history [some of our freight charges are 200%-300% more than at the same time last year...]. I've not seen anything like this before in all the times we have been importing. Cardboard for packing materials has a silly waiting list and we've been told to forget ordering any boxes on the lead up to Christmas. So whether people buy 1 bar or 10 bars - we will run out of some part numbers a long time before the next shipment comes in.
  5. Just banging the same drum and playing the same record again - got this from Cannon the other day. Commodity prices are rocketing - it could be simply a temporary thing - or it could be the start of major inflation that will get worse not better. Either way prices will be rising soon and this will include our product ranges. So large price increase and increased production times. Don't get caught out and this is one of the more prudent times to ensure you keep a good stock of spares to hand. If you think this is a way for us and others to increase our business and sales - I guess you can think that and that is your choice and judgement to make. Yes it could all blow over - but we are getting e-mails like below from across our suppliers. eg. Cannon have just told us prices are going up between 8% and 16% - lead times from 120 days to 180 days.. Please try to plan ahead - Without going into the economics of everything I can see this situation extending for the next couple of years.
  6. Another boring vid on this boring topic but going to keep playing the record!
  7. At my old yard chainsaw noise wasn't an issue for the neighbours when they moved in. I took down a couple of trees for them, milled them a mantle piece and table top - all good. A year later after their house was completed [as in done up completed] it became a problem.
  8. I fell for this in the early days 'the publicity will be really good for you' - yeh right!... But never was asked to pay to be there - that's really pushing it!
  9. They prob do if you go to their website - if not then we can ship to the US from our website https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/manpa-tools/ Manpatools Corporation - HOME WWW.MANPATOOLS.COM Power carving tools, Carving class, Power gouge, Multi Grinder, woodcraft, Woodcarving, Woodcarver,Powercarving...
  10. You can't mill bigger stuff with too small a bar - but yep you can do smaller stuff with a bigger bar.
  11. It is for most - not for some. If you read the info here https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product/snhs42-50wr-42107cm-gb-lo-pro-milling-bar-3-8-lo-pro-050-137-drive-links-cuts-a-thinner-kerf-when-milling-timber-than-standard-chain/
  12. Haha! well you are more used to withstanding my moodiness than most 😅
  13. Note - arbtalk is handy to post stuff like this so I can copy and paste it later! I think it helps to understand the thinking behind the way things are the way they are..
  14. This comes up all the time - so if I write the reasons on here then at least it'll help folks understand the whys and wherefores... It stems from this - we do free delivery on our website. While we do value our customers - this is not why there is free delivery. There is free delivery because [and bear in mind this is Rule of Thumb stuff - there are always exceptions.. and bear in mind when I am a customer I fit the below criteria as well!] Since Ebay and Amazon people hate it when they have to pay delivery on top of their order. In fact they hate it so much we have been told that 'paying £5.95+vat for delivery of a £7.70+vat rim is a rip-off mate' If a customer buys a small item of small value they expect to pay very little post and packing if any... If a customer buys a large order of large value they expect to pay little post and packing if any... If a customer makes an order - then thinks 'oh I missed something' there is anxiety in order to place another order and make sure that x2 lots of postage are not paid. If postage is free this removes this. Free postage removes the drama of trying to sort out the nitty gritty So that seems clear - why bother having a minimum order of £30-00? When we had no minimum order value we were getting orders of x1 wedge, x1 bar scabbard, x1 box of files which the cost of sending was almost the cost of the item... people were making x3 orders a week. These would often go Royal mail, sometimes go missing, and they would add to our work load in terms of packing and order fulfillment. So by putting £30-00+vat a customer has to order a few things at a time which is a better way for us to work Ok so why don't you add on a postage cost for smaller items so you are covered? I'm happy to pay for that... Answer - you may be happy to pay but most people really aren't and see it as you ripping them off with postage. And it raises the 'mate you could have sent this Royal Mail for £1.20 yet you charged £5.95? And you can never really get the charges right to meet different customer expectations To send by courier on a tracked service we need a customer to spend £30.00+vat minimum. If we think more efficient to send Royal Mail [large envelope goes through the door] we do so but we do so at our own risk not the customers... A few items are bulky but not expensive ie. 12" KH wedge, 36" Bar Scabbard - so that if these are ordered they often end up going by courier anyway and we lose money Understood, understood - so can I not pop in and pick up the couple of bits I need? Hmm another seemingly innocent request fraught with peril! This one is a somewhat sad reflection on how an internet business does not translate well into a bricks and mortar business... We don't really have a shop - we have an office and a warehouse. Most days right now we are absolutely flat out as in the team may take 15 minutes off for lunch but most days more like 5-10 minutes. There is nothing to look at at our place, no showroom, no products laid out, only boxes, and shelves of boxes, and staff running around with a manic glint in their eye... Our place is small, crowded and hectic with couriers driving in and out all day, the odd 12 tonner trying to turn around, the odd 18 tonner that can't turn around or driving over the landlord's daffodils... a full time wood working workshop creating dust and noise. The car park is small and it's not a pleasant environment to drive into most of the time Gathering an order for people takes concentration - and generally people are chatting away as you do it and mistakes are made. Then an hour later 'Hi, it took me an hour to drive down to you because I needed some chains urgently, just got back to fit them and they are too short!' All our orders are processed on the website - we have no card machine. Everything is in one place which works well but it is clumsy - if people come down to order we have to input it into the website as them, then let them sit down and put all their card details in. Our office is pretty small and crammed full of stuff... Myself [Rob] lives in Cornwall - and I tend to have the technical knowledge - I'm only there once a fortnight so Laurence will often be able to answer most questions but not all... [This is the sad part really...] Most people who want to pop in generally do so for the experience of talking and enjoying the process of their purchase as well as sharing knowledge with like minded people. And we are not able to do this well... so that is one of the downsides of what we do or one of the things that has been lost in what we do. The best we can offer as a substitute is whatsapp - which is a pretty poor substitute.


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