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  1. We got some Panther Mini bars for the Husky pole saws if anyone fancies trying them [I think they already run a 1/4 chain so no need to change the drive sprocket]. I see Husky now have the 120iTK4-P and 120iTK4-PH - anyone got one of these and does it come with a 1/4 drive sprocket? [seems to say either 1/4 or 3/8 lo pro on the Husky site]. You searched for 530ipt5 - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK
  2. 2 weeks off from answering e-mails and whatsapp - the only time of year that an internet company gets time off. Lovely stuff
  3. Skip tooth as said or lo pro for milling both helps get the most out the power. We get asked this question all the time ref bars - ie. how long a bar will my saw take? But really there is no straight forward answer - because it depends on the user not the saw. All the combo of chainsaw maintenace/sharpening/handling/general chainsaw knowledge/chain knowledge = what size bar you can run with low risk of damaging the powerhead. If someone is top notch on all the above - they could run a 42" lo pro bar on a 572XP nae bother. Someone bad at all the above would likely break their saw running 36" on a 592XP. I know this from the several chainsaws I have broke through ignorance in the early days... not broke one for a good few years now though.
  4. We're shutting down on Friday Midday this week [17th December] and then closed until Tuesday 4th Jan. Website will be closed to orders from Friday Midday 17th December - until Sunday 26th December after which by all means get your orders in for dispatch on Tues 4th/Weds 5th Jan. Have a good Christmas and hopefully a bit of a break!
  5. Thanks for the heads up htb - the ones we have are the DR2 mount here You searched for dr2 - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK But we only have these bars [mainly longer ones]
  6. Yep - the parts system for each manufacturer is different - and mainly not intuitive: Stihl large mount is D025 [at end of part number] in Oregon speak and 3003 [at beginning of part number] in Stihl speak and S1 in Cannon [which makes the most sense S = Stihl], GB is SN [still has an S in it]. So all these mounts are the same - but called different things by each manufacturer. Not many know the bar mount - but they do mainly know their chainsaw model and the chainsaw type. Really it is only the large saws 62cc and above in Stihl and Husky that you can use the same bar on. Smaller bars it is harder to cross ref as there are differences in oiling and what have you but at least if they shared chains it would be better. Over 62cc you can fairly easily use the same bar on both saws.
  7. It won't make a difference because 1) we'll call the bar length as to what works ie. 12" for a Stihl MS201T and 12" for a Husky 12" T540XP will be called 12" - and both will take 44 drive links of 3/8 lo pro BUT the bars will likely be different lengths. They will still be called 12" and they will still take 44 drive links. It doesn't really matter if the cutting lengths are slightly different the main thing is it makes sense numerically.
  8. Yep correct - and I was like that when on the tools - so I've sort of given up on the education route as people just aren't interested in it [and I don't blame it is exceedingly dull stuff]. So the new range will make it as simple as possible to where you will only need to know what saw it is you have and the length bar you want - and that's it.
  9. Glad you like it Yep there is def something coming, a few new developments really - that will aim to simplify things and also synchronise across the whole bars eco system eg. a 12" lo pro bar that you would put on a Stihl 201T, Husky 540XP, Echo 361 - will all be set to 44 drive links of 3/8 lo pro .050 Also to note we'll be looking at tidying up other areas ie. bars will all have a number of drive links that give an equal number of cutters on both left and right - so 44 drive links = 22 cutters = 11 on each side. No breaks or a left cutter followed by another left cutter [which is only a minor thing but if you can avoid it why not]. As well as that we also have some chains I'll likely get people to have a go with on a basis of - buy this chain - write up a post on here - get 50% refunded [50% refunded irrespective of if feedback is positive or negative].
  10. Yep but what ever they do - if the drive link count is the same - why not for ease just call it the same length.
  11. 'Why is this bar labelled as a 24" bar when I wanted a 25" bar - but then I noticed that the drive link count is the same so it doesn't make sense?' Or 'I got a 36" Stihl bar here but the Husky 36" bar doesn't take quite the same chain - why is that if they are the same length? It's annoying as now I need two lengths of chain' Or 'On your website it has a 16" bar that has 56 drive links, and another 16" bar that has 58 drive links - must be a typo!?' It doesn't make sense and the reason is there is no good reason for it. Often those good old manufacturers seem to take pleasure in their product standing out from the crowd - not through being innovative, ground breaking or better - but by being different enough so that it doesn't look like they are copying anyone else. Or maybe it's good old fashioned ignorance - or maybe they simply aren't bothered... whatever - there is no good reason for it that I can work out. Both the Stihl 25" bar and the Husky 24" bar take 3/8 chain at 84 drive links. Now would it not have been easier if they were both labelled 24" or both 25"? Either one would work. Lesson - the length as stated by the manufacturer will always be a GUIDE - not an exact. 24" is 24" - an exact measurement - but not when it comes to a chainsaw guide bar. in some ways it works better as 24" is better than 24.35" but it would be better if everyone agreed to a set amount of measurements. So in the above example - the bar length is nominated as 25" and 24" however the drive link is the same. But it gets worse - in this example the bar length is the same but the drive link count is different! And this is for the same saw... So conclusion is - don't worry too much about it - if the bar you bought is an inch or two within what you wanted good enough... or if you want a more exact way to measure compare the drive link counts. One benefit of this mis matched motley of measuring is the time is ripe for a brand new range of guidebars that looks to synchronize everything. But I've no idea who would be thinking of bringing out a range like this in the near future say around April/May 2022 🙄
  12. Sorry to hear about the injury - one door closes - another opens... Truck looks fantastic - I'm not even on the tools and I want it 😅 may keep an eye on the auction. Love the tool storage as well - bob on!
  13. It's a Sugi bar so it's a harder bar - the Oregon bars you'd get away with as it would wear a channel out like it seems to on the other bar he had..
  14. Same thread but different issue - I have a customer who is getting a heat build up at the mount - to me it seems like the mount of the processor is pinching the bar. It had also done it on his other bar - anything that looks odd about it? The chain is coming out the bar and a hot spot formed right at that point.
  15. Some big old boards there - glad the job went well 😀


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