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  1. Thanks Bob and I'm not far away from being a silly old fart myself these days - in fact maybe I'm already there 😅
  2. Yep I get this time to time - if you refresh the page again it lines it all up correctly. Lot of info on the page to display so sometimes it doesn't load in properly.
  3. It is a bit like that but I know Chinese factories that have stopped producing a product after being contacted by Stihl.
  4. Ah now I watched a couple of times I don't think it will be the same - as this area of the tooth needs to be right from the start or the flat part of the file will not sit correctly. I lost my little bit of money I put on this I think! 😄
  5. Yep you may be right - but I would expect a company like Stihl to be able to make the product so that it is patentable. Only because they prob have a lot of experience with the patent process and the resources to get them and enforce them. As in they can 'build in' something that makes the system patentable. And in many ways IMO it's fair to do it as otherwise where is the incentive to come up with these sorts of new tools..
  6. Ah I thought they were only trianglar/double bevel and goody - but I may be wrong.
  7. Stihl are well capable of enforcing their patents if they feel like doing so. And as said - I can't find any hex shaped files on the net - so it would be unique.
  8. One thing that could be clever about this system is that the file will sit at the right height - so you need not worry about causing the cutter to slope backwards - or to be 'beaked' and be too aggressive. Actually just had a 'light bulb' moment about chain sharpening! Too good to share will see if it is possible first
  9. Quick google and I can't see any hex shaped chainsaw files out there - so I expect a large patent on this one!
  10. Wow looks really good IMO. Part gimmick but part actually works I expect - I'll put money [but not much] that it's the file that does this and the chain is the same as standard chisel [or rapid super as Stihl says]. But out the box it will look different. Files will likely be £20 each and fully patented 😆 Not as ground breaking as their 1/4 .043 chain - but at least Stihl continues to innovate.
  11. Just to say again we are closing lunchtime today for a week. If you have urgent requirements or need shipping in a hurry if you go to one of our dealers in the meantime [FR Jones is the main dealer for our stuff in the UK].
  12. Or can you work it so you owe the bank more than it owes you!
  13. Yep stable coins in a private wallet where only you have the keys - as if this happened your Bitcoin would be safe - but worth a lot less $$ value for a while! But on a third party app like Crypto.com - could they class those as savings and take a slice of them as well? Same as stocks and shares... I can't understand all the small print in the above 😅
  14. Don't think this is anything in immediate future - but something to keep on your radar for the future maybe. Bank bail ins are where the banks in effect take your cash and then issue shares [to keep themselves solvent] does seem to be a considered tool. You're supposed to be protected up to £85k in the UK - although I read the below and wonder.. [link to gov website below]. Bail-in powers implementation - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK It says a 'higher priority ranking in insolvency' - which seems to me to have room for interpretation! Why bring it up now? A YouTuber I follow was talking about this - and on 22nd July 2021 Bank of England published this below [which is almost impossible for a layman to understand]. Makes me wonder why they are 'prepping the paperwork now'? Executing bail-in: an operational guide from the Bank of England WWW.BANKOFENGLAND.CO.UK Today, the Bank of England published Executing bail-in: an operational guide from the Bank of England. This did happen in Cyprus in 2015 [plenty vids on youtube] What can you do about it? Not sure really - and if you don't have much in the bank then I guess it doesn't matter... It may never happen but thought I'd post it on here to see what folks reckon or as a heads up. We use paypal for all our payment processes - I checked their terms and conditions pretty well and in effect you are lending them the money with all liability on you ie. if they lose it - tough! It's on you the customer not them! If you owe the bank more than you have then again - not sure they can do much.
  15. As per title - we are closing for annual stock take at the end of August [which coincides with our end of year accounts]. Midday Thurs 26th August - 6pm Fri 3rd September. So for this week the website itself will not allow orders to be placed. You can still go online and load baskets with what you want but it won't allow orders.


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