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  1. Ideal will look through that.
  2. Cheers John - am goingto give NE a call next week and see what they say.
  3. Is there anyone knowledable on areas that are deemed SSSI and how that impacts what you do on them? Say for instance if there was a lake - do you need permission to put in a pontoon or have a boat? Are there further requirements in terms of things that need doing when it comes to woodland management. Thanks in advance for replies.
  4. From Chainsawbars Ltd <[email protected]> Subject TSUMURA more bars in any day. Hi , Happy New Year - so much for regular weekly newsletters! NOTE - from here on in you need to have clicked a link in at least one newsletter to keep getting these - so we will only send to people who engage with them and want to get them. In brief: 3. TSUMURA bars have landed - lots of new options, sexy Black Edition Super Light Bars - see list below and these should feature in the selector. No need to add a code. Valid until Sunday 11th Midnight. If you already have one on back order you will qualify. Order any TSUMURA bar and get a free drive rim worth £7-00+vat Order x2 TSUMURA bars and get x2 free drive rims worth £14-00+vat, a free sharpening kit worth £29.95 found here Order x3 TSUMURA bars and get x4 free drive rims worth £14-00+vat, a free sharpening kit worth £29.95 found here and a FREE TSUMURA BAR OF YOUR CHOICE!! YES ANY BAR AS THE FREE ONE! 2. Panther first cut owners - new hinge kit here which should make setting up the Panther first cut rails even easier. 3. There's been some price rises from Stihl and Oregon (not as high as originally thought) that will start to feed through to the website after this week. 4. The long standing Cannon Bar offer will end soon - Cannon have put their prices up again at the beginning of this year so final few days of Cannon being cheaper after that will not be doing any more sales for a looonnngg time! Ok that's all folks list of Tsumura as below, Rob 1 50 pcs 371SR2 13" .058 .325 56E K095(S) 2 80 pcs 373SR2 15" .058 .325 64E K095(S) 3 50 pcs 368SR2 16" .058 .325 66E K095(S) 4 80 pcs 375SR2 18" .058 .325 72E K095(S) 5 50 pcs 377SR2 20" .058 .325 BOE K095(S) 6 50 pcs 371SK2 13" .058 .325 56E K095(S) 7 50 pcs 373SK2 15" .058 .325 64E K095(S) 8 50 pcs 368SK2 16" .058 .325 66E K095(S) 9 80 PCS 375SK2 18" .058 .325 72E K095(S) 10 50 pcs 377SK2 20" .058 .325 BOE K095(S) 11 50 pcs 206SR2 16" .063 .325 67E D025(S) 12 50 pcs 207SR2 18" .063 .325 74E D025(S) 13 50 pcs 208SR2 20" .063 .325 81E D025(S) 14 50 pcs 206FV4 16" .063 3/8 60E D025(S) 15 50 pcs 207FV4 18" .063 3/8 66E D025(S) 16 80 pcs 208FV4 20" .063 3/8 72E D025(S) 17 80 pcs 210FV4 24" .063 3/8 84E D025(S) 18 50 pcs 238FV4 36" .063 3/8 114E D025(S) 19 50 pcs 206PK2 16" .063 .325 67E D025(S) 20 50 pcs 207PK2 18" .063 .325 74E D025(S) 21 50 pcs 206FK4 16" .063 3/8 60E D025(S) 22 80 pcs 207FK4 18" .063 3/8 66E D025(S) 23 80 pcs 208FK4 20" .063 3/8 72E D025(S) 24 80 pcs 210FK4 24" .063 3/8 84E D025(S) 25 60 pcs 234FK4 28" .063 3/8 91E D025(S) 26 60 pcs 238FK4 36" .063 3/8 114E D025(S) 27 50 pcs 434FV4 36" .063 3/8 119E D009(S) 28 50 pcs 434FK4 36" .063 3/8 119E D009(S) 29 50 pcs 443FK4 30" .058 3/8 102E D009(S) 30 80 pcs 406FV4 18" .058 3/8 68E D009(S) 31 80 pcs 407FV4 20" .058 3/8 72E D009(S) 32 80 pcs 439FV4 24" .058 3/8 84E D009(S) 33 60 pcs 410FV4 28" .058 3/8 92E D009(S) 34 50 pcs 404FK4 15" .058 3/8 56E D009(S) 35 50 pcs 405FK4 16" .058 3/8 60E D009(S) 36 80 pcs 406FK4 18" .058 3/8 68E D009(S) 37 80 pcs 407FK4 20" .058 3/8 72E D009(S) 38 120 pcs 439FK4 24" .058 3/8 84E D009(S) 39 80 pcs 410FK4 28" .058 3/8 92E D009(S) 40 60 pcs 234FB4 28" .063 3/8 91E D025(S) 41 40 pcs 238FB4 36" .063 3/8 114E D025(S) 42 60 pcs 410FB4 28" .058 3/8 92E D009(S) 43 30 pcs 434FB4 36" .063 3/8 119E D009(S) 44 60 pcs 48SR82 Sprocket Nose .325 .058 45 60 pcs 48SR32 Sprocket Nose .325 .063 46 80 pcs 48FV34 Sprocket Nose 3/8 .063 47 80 pcs 48FV84 Sprocket Nose 3/8 .058 48 120 pcs 407FB4 20" .058 3/8 72E D009(S) 49 120 pcs 208FB4 20" .063 3/8 72E D025(S)
  5. A few people have said this - I'm with the NFU which seems to work well and not heard anything yet... it's hard to keep track of it all!
  6. Oregon prices have not jumped as much as I thought as they got all their webshop prices wrong.. they have still gone up but really hard to work out how much as varies across the range and they may still have it wrong! Red Sea issues have caused delays of 10-14 days and there is some sort of surcharge but again - hard to work out what it is they will tell me when they bill me!
  7. Yep and saying that they have improved manufacturing efficiency does sound a good way of saying it.. i'll remember that one!
  8. Never heard of that before - although a more cynical person could interpret this as 'we have lots of stock we can't sell so we are reducing prices by 6%'!
  9. Ref Stihl chain - I would say the best quality chain that is currently available in the world but if you are going to build such great chain - why not build some better reels?? The worst made cardboard chain reels in the world I ask you... any malhandling and you have to re spool it to then make chains. I don't get it - put the prices up if you must but at least improve the existing product sir!
  10. From what I can see from our own imports I think it makes a relatively small difference... but as yet not 100% on that one. That said the shipping costs got silly during the peak of COVID but they have more than halved since then - prices do come down.. just never back to where they were before! Next Tsumura order is effected by the Red Sea situation.. adds another 10 days. 'Good afternoon, Rob, Due to the red sea situation, the vessel contained the subject shipment will now call Southampton ETA 25/01. We will keep an eye on this and keep you update.' Regards and best wishes
  11. After a series of price rises over the last couple of years Oregon have greeted the New Year with.... an even high price rise! End of an era in some ways. If you see some bargains snap them up now IMO most of our prices on Oregon stuff will go up around 15% in the coming weeks. From what I can see it is across the board and on all products though it's painful cross referencing spreadsheets and trying to work it all out... However it is fact as in we are Oregon dealers direct so verified. Seems they are not alone there are some rumoured (insane?) price rises on some of Stihl stuff - carvers be aware the price for 3661 1/4 .050 went up around 50% from what I can find out ie. the new RRP of a reel of 3661 1/4 .050 is now £900+vat (may be higher than that even..). That may be the extreme end of it (or may have it wrong as we are not allowed to be direct Stihl dealers due to their strict criteria which no way we will pass..) Still love Stihl products though in case any at Stihl are reading this x
  12. Looks great - I love sour dough though not got round to making myself yet..
  13. Tsumura are doing a 100th anniversary collectable set. Each bar will have a serial number on it. Black edition. 'No.1,No.11,No.22,No.33,No.44, No.55, No.66,No.77,No.88,No99 and No.100 will be special bars' I don't know what will be special about the above bars - but they will be allocated at random. I'm going to do an NFT that goes with each bar - don't worry if you are not into that it's a bonus will make a video later. I will set up a pre order offer of £100+vat per set - only one set allowed per person [only x100 sets in total on this worldwide - we have x75 sets ear marked for Chainsawbars cause I got in early!]. Note the bars themselves are usually £98+vat. Make an order with only this item on it if you'd like to get. These are not for using but for collecting. Find them below link : No cut off point you can order whenever once all 75 are sold then it will be removed as available to purchase. 407FB4-A Tsumura Black Label Light Type 20"[50cm] 3/8.058 72 dl WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK New extra light [10% lighter than existing light bars] Tsumura Black Label bar. ONLY available 20" large Husky mount-limited... 100th anniversary celebration set.pdf
  14. There was a bar Oregon used to do 213RNFE031 but they no longer sell this you may have to scour the web.


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