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  1. That's a pretty good climb - how about offer a price to get it down so folks know where they stand? If it were me I'd want £80 notes - by the time you drive there, get your gear out and get up and down and packed away, back home looking at 2 hours I would estimate. Just my take on it...
  2. I've seen one of these before - pretty heavy but did like the screw type height adjust! Thanks for posting the instructions... what age are they dated?
  3. Ah ok are you sure the GB 28" bar is 404 as I am not sure we sell any on 404 only in 3/8... what's the part number on that bar?
  4. I would not get too hung up on the Granberg chains - go for the Oregon or Stihl option as they are easy enough to source, are cheaper and easier to sharpen. The only point that I would question in your post is 'Both had only moderate use and were professionally reground after the last batch of milling'. You need to put yourself in a position to do this sharpening - otherwise you are reliant on other people and it will always cost more. Or use other people but you're going to have to pay more to do so [hence trying to salvage one chain out of 2 is contradicting yourself in my opinion - if you want to save money you need to sharpen professionally and break and mend chains yourself]. Breaking and mending info and kit here - and it has the info to do it yourself. 24548B/24549B Oregon Breaker and Mender Package Deal WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK 24548B/24549B Oregon Breaker and Mender Package Deal. Break, mend and repair your own chains using this kit.
  5. If you have spare cash/grant money then I would advise to invest in your business and yourself and get prepped. Have spares to hand - don't rely on the courier and next day delivery. Spare drive rims/sprocket for each saw/chains and if you can bars. I am now spending an hour to 2 hours a day replying to 'when will it be here' questions - and sadly I can't give an answer [or if I do it's often 'approximate' answer which then changes. We are investing more into stock - but when the time of order to time of delivery is now up to 8 months there is no way lines will last until the next order.
  6. It's rare I'm both helpful and right in the same day so appreciated 😀
  7. Yep - the idea of doing an offer on the set it so that if folks then have a reel of chain it: Increases your skill set You are not hitting nails then needing chains asap with all the stress it entails It's a LOT cheaper - around 40% off chains [yes larger outlay initially] We make mistakes making chains - but with the reels we'd have to send the wrong reel [unlikely] You can take a link out of chains that have stretched It's much more efficient in terms of time/packing/posting and general mucking about Did do a thread here on .325 .050 but it's not as exciting talking about this over COVID it seems 😅
  8. We have plenty of these but price will be going up to £98-00 for the set shortly. 24548B/24549B Oregon Breaker and Mender Package Deal WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK 24548B/24549B Oregon Breaker and Mender Package Deal. Break, mend and repair your own chains using this kit.
  9. Just nudging this thread - supply will be getting tighter this year. Or at least that is the probability. Everything we are ordering is longer production times - and they don't stick to these times anyway! We are really having to work hard chasing suppliers [every day occurrence]. Supply starts drying up and folks like me start upping their orders - so supply dries up further. Buy what you need well in advance. Echo 2511 TES are hen's teeth right now [ the orders that are coming in are sold long before they ever reach the importer... and are getting rationed to dealers]. Maybe it won't work out the way it is looking but am giving a heads up.
  10. Been wanting to try this for ages - if you can leave the log where you are milling it makes a lot of sense to mill it and sticker it as you go [without moving the planks]. This is only a small tree - but even then the system seemed to work well. It also means the log is really well stickered which should mean straighter boards. You would not need a second person to move boards. When you do come to move them they would be ready for use/sale and lighter. Still go some more tweaking to do on this ie. I want to square each end vertically + debark the out side of the log + seal the ends + spray the outside after the debarking with Borax and seal the sides as well. Imagine if this worked on a 3ft log?
  11. Thanks will have a look later at this.
  12. In theory this was what was supposed to happen - but have you investigated what did happen? Not only was dodgy money they didn't do the job they were supposed to do. With inaccurate information fed back to people, lies about how many had been tested... a right mess which has not really been properly looked into yet. And all for several king's ransoms!
  13. I've had a quick Google - I'm not questioning the number but is there a graph or table that gives a breakdown of excess deaths each year going back? I thought someone had posted one before.
  14. Just because the government are saying we all need the vaccine to go back to normal doesn't mean I have to agree. And oddly even if that were true who would trust the government? Who would trust politicians? If you can give me an account of where the £37 billion on test and trace went - and that most of the money went on the testing then that would again be open to a different discussion [there seems a lot of debate as to how accurate the testing is]. There is a Covid testing center around 10 miles from me near a supermarket. It looks the most uninviting place - portacabins and plenty of florescent jacketed folk standing around doing nothing. If they had German Sheppards patrolling the ground that would complete the look! I watched for 15 minutes from the supermarket car park and did not see a car drive in. I think I saw one car drive in last week. I can't see that this is money well spent - when that money could have gone to the NHS.


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