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  1. Rob D

    Chain snaps

    Yep I'm not sure why this is - also it seems the depth gauges need a tweak as well to get best use out of it. Post up a thread on how the two compare if you can.
  2. Rob D

    Biggest bar on a ms231

    18" max really - go for the thinner bars running 95TXL.
  3. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Yep if it could be done these people are on the whole hard working and inteligent - they must have some staying power to do the jobs they do! They could re train - what as would be another topic..
  4. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    I do get where you're coming from but to clarify a few of the points you make: We are not looking at whether we pay tax or not. It's clear we need to pay tax, we need schools, we need hospitals, we need a welfare system - we are looking at how that tax is calculated and collected. I go to the library regularly with my daughter - they often run groups from a library and I'd say these are valuable resources. I worked 4 years in the NHS and I can tell you point blank the waste and the way things are carried out is shocking. The NHS has become like politics - management look to kiss upwards ie. as long as their boss is happy they are happy. Plugging more money into a badly managed system will not give better care. I left the NHS because of this - it is so silly you are unable to actually do your job. It is more important covering your backside against potential litigation than looking after patients!! Accountants save you more than they cost - true - but only because the system is set up in that way. You sya you don't understand it - it's because it's too complicated. My arguement is the system needs to be simplified so ok you still have an accountant, they still save you money - but maybe they only cost 10-15% of what they cost now. The rich do not pay tax. The big corporations do not pay tax. If you are rich you set up trusts in places like the Channel Islands and other offshore havens. Big multi national corporations do not pay nearly as much tax as they should and there is no way of making them. You can Google this - it is known but gov seems powerless to make them pay. So if you are rich enough to bank offshore or your business is large enough to be a full multi national then you don't pay tax or if you do it's a fraction of the tax you should pay. That needs to change and be more easily enforceable.
  5. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    I reckon these are great ideas - simplifies things. Things have to be simplified - the staffing cost to back up and manage all the different rules and regs create a tax burden by themselves! 40,000 appeals !? Think of the time and money that goes into them - completely non productive... it is madness.
  6. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    There's a lot of extreme arguements going on here that are best seen a bit more shade of grey... I think we all know that we need to give a portion of our income as tax. We all need schools and healthcare. But are there any facts and figures to show how large the gov has become year on year in terms of manpower etc? I can't find any by Google... Would it not be best to have simple plain rules that everyone understood and required less paperwork? Someone said a tax on producers at source - that seems a much simpler way of calculating and gathering a VAT type tax? Then pretty much no one else has to deal with it but the producers? They already add VAT to imports - why not just leave it at that and collect that? Is it just because the end price the consumer pays + vat nets more money than the import price/producer price + vat? Because that would not be worth the paperwork....... ah......... but it is if gov does not have to pay for that. Got to be a simpler way of doing things. Got to be.
  7. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Yep I thought that - but then I thought instead of paying £8-£10k in accountancy and book keeping fees - I'll keep £2k to a year of that to then investigate their dodgy calculations. They wouldn't try it again - exactly what they do to us.
  8. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Nope! Just not going to take it entirely in the all fours position from now on. At least they could flip me on my back for a change of position would be something at least 😂
  9. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    That's Rage Against the Machine going on for a bit this morning at any rate.... 😀
  10. Rob D

    The beauty of the Tax System

    The whole system is a complete and utter farce and the joke is - we all put up with it! What is the alternative? I dunno but maybe that's a start to begin talking about an alternative.
  11. I often find myself when paying the book keeper and accountant and trying to squeeze in all the mundane paperwork [completely pointless and unnecessary] side of things - just what is it all for? For tax of course! Why do you do it? Because you would go to prison if you didn't! I mean when you think on it it's a beautiful system - ref VAT not only do we have to pay back the gov the surplus tax - we have to collect this for them and also calculate it for them ie. it costs us time and money to do what is in effect their job. And then send them the money! What if a customer called you to tell them they were taking a tree down - we told them 'make sure you have the right gear and safety equipment or we'll pay a visit'. The customer takes the tree down, gets rid of the waste and then sends you a cheque in the post. If the customer moans that this is unfair we reply 'please don't complain, this is a legal requirement and anyway we need your money for the benefit of the country and it will be well spent'. It is getting to the point where you do feel like strapping on a yellow vest and standing outside Westminster! Lots of folk say 'you got to do it why moan about it, you can't change anything' - my reply would be at least by moaning about it you are doing something about it. It's about all you are allowed to do.
  12. Italian?! Or have you pressed the translate into Italian button at the top of the website? No we don't do harvester chain I'm afraid.
  13. Nice Josh - besides saving cash it is a handy skill to have.
  14. I put together the new Woodchuck TimberPro the other day. Same quality as the other tools - this has a slightly smaller throat than the TimberJack and an extra saw dog to help hold the log in place. https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product/wct03-woodchuck-timber-jack/
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