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  1. Is it only the gold joining strap it doesn't fit over? Or the whole chain?
  2. Cracking load of timber - does he come and collect for free if he can have the wood?
  3. Yep - it won't do it - you really need to try square ground chain filing - most think instead of a round file you use a square file but pretty much same sort of action. It isn't at all - not only do you have to hold the file at an odd angle - the corner of the file has to line up exactly with the corner of the tooth. A round file it all sits in there for you. Watch at 8.39 to see. I spent 3 hours one day trying to get it right... and failed!
  4. Square ground chain is really tough to do - yo don't hold the file flat it is held up at an angle and you sharpen outside in - basically a very tough thing to get right!
  5. Quality plane table James - can't be many around like that at all - esp with the legs and base out of plane.
  6. I thought around £600-00 would work - and thinking mainly about chainsaw milling [as it'll do any length chain]... But I think the price was around £3,600-00+vat [don't quote me but I think that's what it was]...
  7. I found out the price of this and luckily was sitting down... not even going to bother saying what the price is!!
  8. Yep I may have removed these now as I think these have pretty much cleared out...
  9. Evening - we have some good deals on overstocked chains right now - buy 1 get 1 free on loops and big discounts on reels. Once we are back down to normal stock levels the deal will end.. all in special offers area here Special Offers - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK You can use the selector as normal to find the correct chain for your bar www.chainsawbars.co.uk Or type your bar into the product finder to get to it faster. Click on the bar and the chains will be in the lower part of the description.
  10. No prob Ben and don't worry I often don't see posts for a while!
  11. Thanks for the replies. Hmmm... May not have worded this thread that well as people seem to have interpreted this as me knocking the drivers - far from it. It is the company policies and the back up when things go wrong I was knocking... Ref the incident with Royal Mail - their policy is that if the parcel is not lost then there is nothing you can do for 30 days. But you can't tell a customer to 'wait 30 days and then if you don't have it we'll send another'. We would send another - wait - if the customer ends up getting both parcels - ask them to send the 2nd back [and refund them for doing so]. And then go through the 'purposefully' time consuming process of trying to claim costs back.
  12. Officially complaining and be met with a barrage of - 'we are so sorry this happened, rest assured we will do everything in our power to rectify this situation'. ...But actually that is not true is it?!
  13. Just come off the phone to Royal Mail [after being on hold 10 minutes of course]. Parcel to Denmark - sent on the 7th December - seems like it went to the USA - then got re routed to Jordan! I get that things go wrong when we send things - but I don't understand how the courier companies can get away with the lack of follow up. In this instance the advice was 'wait until the 9th January and then if it still has not arrived send another and claim compensation'. It seems that it is an industry where as a customer you bear the time and cost of the other party making the mistake... and if you complain you get 'any idea how many millions of parcels we deal with this time of year?'
  14. Could it be this nonsense was started on purpose to weaken our society?


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