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  1. Yep but £22 billion we're talking here - the £35k per annum for nurses was a rough estimate [got online!]. But £22 frigging billion!! It's a staggering amount of money and for what? I mean how many people can you feed and home for that cash! And this is only only the track and trace - what about the rest of 'it'! I'm going to stay stuck on it for a while - I don't get why this is not all over the news every day - no way that money has gone to legitimate contractors...
  2. Someone told me this the other day 'Track and Trace system cost £22 billion. 'Yeh right' I said no way they could have done that... but it seems true. Please tell me it isn't! From a brief look there are 300,000 registered nurses in the UK - so take that number and multiply by let's say £35k for the year = £10.5 billion. So this is TWICE as much as the entire registered UK nurse payroll for the entire year?! That's insane isn't it! Feel free to dispute the above figures as would like to be proved wrong. Spending watchdog urges government to ‘stop throwing money’ at NHS Test and Trace - CityAM : CityAM WWW.CITYAM.COM The UK’s spending watchdog has urged ministers to “stop throwing money” at NHS Test and Trace, after the...
  3. Have looked up the info on the BBL we got and it says 2.5% which seems pretty good to me. Pretty hard to say or judge who should have had this £ or not. Should we [as in chainsawbars!] have got it? I dunno - we are busier than ever but the supply shortages/longer production times/difficulty shipping have meant we've had to make larger orders/pay more up front/wait longer for them to arrive... is that good enough a reason 🤷‍♂️ If that money has been plugged directly into businesses I can't see it as a bad thing even it some of it does get spent on non essentials or luxuries. For the most part if you own a small business you'll be like myself and it will have gone into improving that business. That in turn will have gone into other peoples businesses.
  4. Cheers Mike - yep it's a balancing act - too thick a skin brings on a sense of self righteousness which is a path to arrogance. Too thin a skin and you feel hurt and upset and it effects your life more than it should. Trick is to try and walk a line between them which is harder to do than it seems 😏
  5. Thanks all and appreciate the support - I think that for some folks out there it doesn't seem to work out well ordering online for whatever reasons and it is best to stick with the local dealer. Or alternate between the two as there are pros and cons with both.. We put in a new stock system 6 months ago - it's still not perfect but getting better so most of the time if it says it's there - it is there and if it's not we'll always try and offer an alternative. I'll do a separate thread on how this works as unless you are into e-commerce it's very very boring. Arbtalk has been one of the largest and best ingredients in helping put us where we are today and that's down to Steve Bullman and you lot and I probably don't say it much but a heartfelt thanks for choosing us to spend your [I know from experience] hard earned ££ with us.
  6. We can usually work things out with customers most of the time - but sometimes it doesn't work out. It's rare we block people from ordering but now and again we do and usually the reason is that the customer has been rude.
  7. 30" and full skip is prob the safer bet.
  8. Have had a quick look through this thread - to me it seems like the bar is not being clamped correctly. This would explain all the symptoms ie. saw is oiling but no oil getting through, bar nuts coming off [but seeming tight to start with], no oiling so bar getting very hot. Vid above is great but hold the saw so you can see if the tip is flinging any oil onto the ground [and given issues you've had the oiler should be turned up full anyways..].
  9. Transferwise is a great product - but I'm not sure they do a product for woo commerce... even if they did it can be a major under taking getting it all working in time and developer fees... What we have now works but is expensive - I'm really hoping crypto can bring something in that has less friction ie. % skimmed off the top by whoever does the payment processing. May have another look at integrating a crypto plug-in - or wait until crypto is more mainstream and say a digital $ is launched.
  10. So why would people bother to pay us in say Dash? We'd pass on some of the savings ie 3% to the customer - their prices would be 3% less than what everyone else is paying. With crypto you have complete control of your money - there is no matching of card details or other security - there is no middle man so no issue of getting card blocked or the faff of getting all details correct or if you want to send to a different address - all this is possible without triggering fraud controls. Payments on some cryptos are instant. Requesting money from our side ie. when a customer wants to add something to their order - would be easier. Paypal works quite well like this - card payments are a real PITA. Cons Difficulty from a customer perspective is I'm not sure they would have protection ie. if we didn't send the goods they would not have the convenience of a card company or similar to call... but if you are buying from a trusted established company then this should not be a worry. If you send the funds to an incorrect address you could lose them Volatility of the asset needs to be sorted so we get the money we want and customer pays the money they want. Adoption rates are still so very low and still early days - not many people would know how to do it [but maybe for cheaper prices they would find out!] So not easy to set up but we will likely look into this again 2021.
  11. We may look to integrate payments in crypto in 2021 as the tech has improved. At the moment I think we pay around 2% to get all payments processed by Paypal but one major issue we have with paypal is - export orders we take in that countries currency - say French customer and they pay in Euros. To withdraw these Euros Paypal charges a silly currency conversion rate ie. 2.5-3% below spot prices. So for a customer in France to buy from us and pay us - we lose 5% to turn their Euros in £ and get it into our bank account. And the real real choker - we then often have to turn it back into Euros to pay a supplier! So another 1-1.5%! If someone from France paid us in say Dash or a similar fast cheap crypto - you're looking at $0.01 - I think there are products that can now turn that straight into a stablecoin so if you are worried about volatility you can remove this. Then the only conversion rate is to turn that crypto into £ which can be done for around 1%.
  12. Yep watched loads of Max Keiser... and plenty others. I am still invested into crypto and still reckon it will be bigger than the internet was in terms of how we transact payments [but we're still years away from it day to day use]. I understand how people see Bitcoin as a pyramid type ponzi scheme - but my research says it is the opposite of this. One things for sure I gave up trying to explain how Bitcoin 'works' a long time ago - it's all there on the internet for those that want to put the time in. If you don't then pretty pointless investing in it.
  13. I think Oregon own Carlton but Carlton chains are still made separately by 'Carlton' machines... [just what I heard]. So basically Carlton is not re branded Oregon chains [though some of Husky chains are!]
  14. One of the best chain comparison vids I've seen - huge amount of effort must have gone into this. Fairly long so if you don't have time Oregon and Stihl win over all others [apart from the carbide in the grit test]. Would have been even better [if longer] doing the variations of the Oregon and Stihl ie, Stihl chisel/micro chisel and Oregon chisel/micro chisel but still a great video IMO.
  15. We have these custom built for us by GB [I think there are others but harder to come by]... GB-3/8LPRIM GB Lo Pro Drive Rim St Internal But Driving 3/8 Lo Pro Chain WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK Exclusive Lo Pro Drive Rim to it saws running rim sprocket setups - standard internal fitting. Rim fits onto drive sprocket...


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