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  1. mitchel

    greenmech st150 6 inch safetrak

    Where is the no stress solenoid valve? How would I test the magnetism? It defineatly goes green on full revs
  2. mitchel

    greenmech st150 6 inch safetrak

    So the engineer has ordered a new stress control unit not really told us how he's come to it being that like I thought there might be solenoids or sensors that might be worth checking first?
  3. Hi, Wondered if anyone has experience with this type of machine having a few teething issues. The rollers are stopping on very little resistance or jamming and even though the green light is on the stress doesnt feel like its kicking in managed to nearly stall it twice. Thanks mitch
  4. mitchel

    Compact tractor choice

    Do you know if it would take a front loader and move log bags round?
  5. mitchel

    Compact tractor choice

    Hi Does anyone on here run one for field topping, flail clearance brambles and post installations also considering log splitter Been looking at 30hp to 40hp would this be enough? Thanks
  6. Hi, looking for decent hard wood arb waste split able, round south yorkshire and east midlands can collect will pay dependant on quality. Thanks Mitch
  7. Looking for work anywhere in the UK don't mind travelling and digging away can sort my own accommodation. Looking for short term work minimum of 2 days within a certain distance. Just looking to gain a varied experience of work. Qualifications: cs30 cs31 cs38 chipper rolo cscs pts Past experience; railway, domestic, motorway, commercial, street trees Mitchel.ingham@me.com 07455012326
  8. Hello Looking for a couple weeks work in the above places in the next few weeks for a working holiday. Groundie with aerial rescue all my own lollered kit own saws ppe.
  9. mitchel

    Does no one want to sell anything?

    Can I ask what your looking to buy and spend? I have found people only want to sell you stuff that's over priced or get you on a finance plan for something out of your budget. Think everyone is scrabbling round for every penny and there's hardly any decent second hand kit around.
  10. mitchel

    Hit and run uninsured driver.

    surely it's a hit and run criminal offence? I would invest in a large arb or off-road bumper for next time when people see that they slow down quickly
  11. mitchel

    Tipper tool boxes

  12. I currently have two vehicles a Nissan cabstar and a Suzuki Jimny however looking to get another vehicle on top a single cab pick up of some sort is it worth getting a fleet policy or just carrying on insuring separate? who's everyone using?
  13. mitchel

    Groundie truck and chipper feasible

    was hoping that I also could work with gardeners and landscapers to. I'm not sure I want to get into full time tree work and hire a climber in I would rather branch out into nicher categories.
  14. mitchel

    Groundie truck and chipper feasible

    I've got 2 acres of scrub land I can spread it over and horsey people for gate areas. I also have alot more equipment to that I don't mind including to give me that niche. I rent a storage container in a secure yard with cctv and its only open till 8pm at night after that the gate is locked.
  15. mitchel

    Groundie truck and chipper feasible

    anyone else got any advice


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