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  1. mitchel

    Arblease how it works

    Hello, Just wondered how it all works as ive never had finance while self employed i have the deposit ready just wondered what they will want from me im self employed and rent a house, i have an arb chipper and ranger as assets thats it just wondered how easy it was to get. Any advice would be great thanks Thanks Mitch
  2. Just wondered if anyone had any diagrams or videos looking to use a 4 to 1 system where you have a prussik that tends the slack as you pull it tensions up
  3. mitchel

    How much kindling for a cubic bag of wood

    only asking as wanting to do a bundle based on how much you would need to burn a cube of wood on average? like 40 litre sack enough?
  4. just a rough guesstimate on how much kindling would be needed to burn a cube of seasoned wood?
  5. mitchel

    Who run mud or all terrain tyres on a tipper

    see my issue is our cabstar is single axle thats why im struggling with load rating
  6. mitchel

    Who run mud or all terrain tyres on a tipper

    single or twin axle ?
  7. mitchel

    Berry field

  8. Who run mud or all terrain tyres on a tipper with weight in back Been told they will pop as most aren't commercially rated?
  9. Hi, looking for the above small amounts of cordwood and arbwaste will be collecting with a large trailer and tipper based in sheffield willing to travel dependant on quantity and species. thanks mitch
  10. mitchel

    Loads of mogs for sale.

    i know this is an old post. But lets be honest here they aint going for mogs because of the off road ability or any of that stuff there meant for its because none of them can be arsed to do stuff legally operators license c1 or c test everyones flaunting it letting any lad in yard jump in a mog someones gonna get hurt eventually.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know if you can still do one and then get a discount on the other?. Also any advice on what they are going to want to see and ask for risk assessments and method statments? Thanks mitch
  12. surely be faster than an electric one hydraulic is usually faster
  13. Hello, Just trying to find out if it would be hard to mount a hydraulic winch on a chipper versus a 12v type Thanks Mitchel
  14. mitchel

    greenmech st150 6 inch safetrak

    Where is the no stress solenoid valve? How would I test the magnetism? It defineatly goes green on full revs
  15. mitchel

    greenmech st150 6 inch safetrak

    So the engineer has ordered a new stress control unit not really told us how he's come to it being that like I thought there might be solenoids or sensors that might be worth checking first?


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