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  1. Does anyone know if my msa earmuffs and visor would go straight onto a ct x arbpro helmet? Or does it have different fittings? Cheers
  2. Howdy, My vertex vent although has 5 yrs of life left never really fit (with both thick and thin sweat bands taped together and a John McEnroe head band on to boot), the side adjusters just dont stay in place. I also fancy the vizir as stuff gets in my eyes with an ultra vision visor. Originally chose the vertex for lightweight and ventilation ( I cut the chin strap off as Forestry only) Any recomendations? Cheers
  3. Thanks. I'm assuming that's how a lot of weight goes missing. Being a hand cutter and waiting an age for weights😔. Shame I cant get a stack measure.
  4. Hi guys, do all timber hauling lorries have scales to check the weight? Cheers
  5. Sweet , thanks cut4fun👍
  6. Will a clutch removal tool for a 560 work on a 562? Cheers
  7. Hi guys, Any ideas where I can find a clutch removal tool for a 562? I found some for other saws but not the 562, i breack the clutch with the hammer method. Cheers
  8. 70p to a £1 I suppose I would be looking for depends on spacings. I planted around 1100 trees this week and have been since November. Boring but easy.
  9. nemcc

    Clutch replacement

    Any idea where I can get a spanner from to remove the clutch it very tight (562)?
  10. nemcc

    Clutch replacement

    Thanks spudulike. I best get shopping fr Jones I suppose. Thanks again
  11. How often do you guys change your clutch, sprocket, needle bearings etc? And is there an easy way to change them on a husky 562? Cheers.
  12. Thanks my search was less successful
  13. As above guys. I have broken the hook and lost the clamp on my felling lever/ breaking bar. Does anyone know if, and if so spares are available?
  14. I do feel for the ants slugs and snails when removing tubes, but then the tubes will end up in the oceans eventually .... we're all doomed ☹ That is until we make road surfaces, fence posts / panels, road signs , park benches etched out of them. But then again still in the stomach of sheep cattle and fish... We're all doomed. As Prince Charles said decades ago we are the first generation to realise that the are destroying the planet and we are the last generation to able to anything about it .


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