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  1. Had a couple of l200 s, Now running a Suzuki sx4 with insa turbo 50/50 tyres. Dog in the back with toolboxes, seats folded up. Roofbox on top to carry the 362 ,500i and fuel . Forestry work only plant, oak pruning and felling. This is the way.
  2. 35p cane and spiral last year. 3 miles long did ok on that. Steak and tube planting a wood £150 +. Again ground and access will change a lot
  3. nemcc

    6 lt compressor

    Thanks, its 1.5 hp and 5.7cfm
  4. nemcc

    6 lt compressor

    Thanks guys, 25lt ok?
  5. Hi all, Is a 6lt air compressor enough to clean a saw? Would only be used for that and truck tyres etc. Not power tools. Cheers.
  6. nemcc

    500i 16 inc bar

    Thanks stihl123 may go for the 18 I ch then as that is what I have used and I like a small bar Got a 562 good saw with 15 or 18 inch. Used 500i game changer. Just orderd one and was wondering if the nose would blow under all that power
  7. nemcc

    500i 16 inc bar

    Speed, agility, weight, quicker to sharpen
  8. Wondering if a ms 500i would blow the nose of a 16 inch bar or should I stick with an 18 inch. Cheers
  9. Does anyone know if my msa earmuffs and visor would go straight onto a ct x arbpro helmet? Or does it have different fittings? Cheers
  10. Howdy, My vertex vent although has 5 yrs of life left never really fit (with both thick and thin sweat bands taped together and a John McEnroe head band on to boot), the side adjusters just dont stay in place. I also fancy the vizir as stuff gets in my eyes with an ultra vision visor. Originally chose the vertex for lightweight and ventilation ( I cut the chin strap off as Forestry only) Any recomendations? Cheers
  11. Thanks. I'm assuming that's how a lot of weight goes missing. Being a hand cutter and waiting an age for weights😔. Shame I cant get a stack measure.
  12. Hi guys, do all timber hauling lorries have scales to check the weight? Cheers
  13. Sweet , thanks cut4fun👍


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