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  1. It's pretty much always the chain in every case - I would file the teeth a smidge flatter aiming for 5 degrees, go up a size file or grinding stone size as you want a shallower gullet/side plate angle to the tooth so it is not cutting so aggressively. Also always take the rakers down retro respectively - should sort it.
  2. Just bought one - had an option to checkout with Amazon which worked well... ie you stayed on their website but it pulled in details and card info from Amazon..
  3. watch from 2.20 I like the way after he lets go it sort of becomes an auto lowering jack!
  4. Ah - ok that's more like it thanks for the link.
  5. As above I'll get one in my hands and post on here whether it's worth the price difference. I have x4 already - but now I know I have a good use for it am happy to pay for the best.
  6. Yep but you gets what you pays for! So far I have only found 'so so' ones at around the £60 level. I'll buy one of these and post my findings.
  7. ahhh maybe this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hi-lift-First-Responder-Jack-48-122-cm-Fire-Brigade-Thl-Jack-FR-485/223024679270?hash=item33ed4e8966:g:aIoAAOSwh1paI7e2
  8. Have been lifting logs with this sort of jack - but the ones I have had are poor quality... who makes the best version of this tool? Would rather pay x4 the price for x2 the quality..
  9. Yep we have up to 28" at the moment - then the heavy duty bars 54" and upwards. No plans at getting 36" right now though..
  10. We have lots of Echo Carving bars in 10" - so to shift a few: Buy one of the 10" 1/4 .043 bars and chain - get the 10" 1/4 .050 version carving bar and chain FREE Dime tip bars made for Echo by Sugihara [ie. not the super small nose R7 tip bars] You need to have a 1/4 drive sprocket fitted to your saw Fits Echo saws in the description Limited stock on this one Find in our special offers area below Special Offers - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK
  11. We now have a good stock of Cannon Duralite bars - available in 25"/28"/30"/32"/36" and that's it for the moment [as in that is all the range available from Cannon right now]. Look stunning Fairly pricey [check video out to help with this ;)] We have them in various gauges but they are all 3/8 [you could change the nose to make them .404] Mount on large Husky saws with an adapter plate found here GB912 Bar Adapter 9mm 12mm Large Husky D009 Medium Stihl D025 WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK GB912 Chainsaw Bar Adapter 9mm 12mm Large Husky D009 to Medium Stihl D025. This adapter allows you to put a Stihl... They are in the selectors and also found here in this menu Cannon duralite bars - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK
  12. Both of these mills are designed for milling these size logs! Go for the Panther Cub - we're not biased or nothing Bolts more securely to chainsaw rather than pinching the bar Faster height adjustment Better fittings Lo pro bar gives you max cut at width [17"] at best speed Cons - it's more expensive. But either way we don't have small log mills for weeks.. we have the Panther Cubs in stock.
  13. Will try and include this in our next newsletter.
  14. We have Cannon Carpenter Bars now on the website - pricey bars but unique shape and application. 20" version here CCM-C1-20-50-3LM Cannon Carpenter 20"[50cm] WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK CCM-C1-20-50-3LM Cannon Carpenter 20"[50cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 72 drive links. Unique to Cannon carpenter bars have... 24" version here CCM-C1-24-50-3LM Cannon Carpenter 24"[60cm] WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK CCM-C1-24-50-3LM Cannon Carpenter 24"[60cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 80 drive links. Unique to Cannon carpenter bars have... They have the small universal mount [similar to carving bars] Added to selectors here [selectors have been upgraded to show different categories and will soon show carving bars] - so should show up for all relevant saws -
  15. Not sure if I mentioned this - but on www.chainsawbars.co.uk we now offer free postage across the board to all customers. How is this possible? I'm not saying but it extends worldwide. This takes away a lot of work and sweat for us and also simplifies things for customers. For more details see here: VAT & Shipping Costs - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK myaccount mybasket shippinginfo whatsapp all productreviews specialoffers productvideos...
  16. If you are not going wider or getting a larger saw in the future then stick with the PM48. 5/32"[4mm stone] for 3/8 Lo Pro chain. I like the larger mills weight as it keeps it flatter on the log - but this is personal preference - no once the middle bracket is set up it's not a faff to change - but it is a faff to get it set up and working well first time round.
  17. sorry we have poor phone cover at moment buy here for the bars SNHL36-50WRx2 36"[91cm] GB Lo Pro Milling Bar+Chains Kit 3/8 Lo Pro WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK SNHL36-50WRx2 36"[91cm] GB Lo Pro Milling Bar+Chains Kit 3/8 Lo Pro .050 114 drive links. Read and check the... down and you'll see the PMX options SNHL25-50WR-x2 25"[63cm] GB Lo Pro Milling Bar+Chains Kit 3/8 Lo Pro WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK SNHL25-50WR-x2 25"[63cm] GB Lo Pro Milling Bar+Chains Kit 3/8 Lo Pro .050 84 drive links. Read and check the... Stick to all lo pro - it's the best set up in my opinion and what I use. Scroll
  18. We have a new winch for the Panther mills [yes it will fit to other mills - this would be done by grinding the head of the bolt and sliding the head into the rail if it were a Granberg or Eco style mill]. Find it here - PWMKIII Panther Mk III Winch - Attaches to most chainsaw mills WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK PWMKIII Panther Mk III Winch - Attaches to most chainsaw mills and it's the lightest winch out there. Comes with 12m of...
  19. Am going to post each new vid we do as an individual thread from now on - I think it then makes it easier to find what you are looking for and also adds more benefit to the arbtalk platform. Simple concept this yet what a game changer! It's almost [but not quite] as much so as the winch - use your large mill to mill a smaller tree - there is a limit ie. would not advise a 64" bar on an 18" tree. Set up: PM-60 60" Mill NEW Panther Winch set up [see other arbtalk thread in Panther sub forum] 42" GB Lo Pro Bar 20" Cherry Not only can you fit the larger Panther to the small 42" lo pro bar - find assembly to do this here P-ACA Panther Additional Central Bracket Assembly WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK P-ACA Panther Additional Central Bracket Assembly. This allows you to fit a smaller chainsaw bar in a longer Pantehr... Add an additional internal skid assembly to the bar to enable you to do smaller logs find it here P-ISA Panther Internal Skid Assembly [Mill Smaller Logs With Larger Mill] WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK P-ISA Panther Internal Skid Assembly [Mill Smaller Logs with a Larger Chainsaw Mill]. Positioning on inside of bar allows...
  20. Cheers for the support it's appreciated.
  21. It's the way ebay is set up that allows this to happen - luckily it seems it's a minority who abuse it - probably I should not let it get to me so much - being a seller it is bound to happen. I suppose the take away is to not be happy about the situation but be grateful it is few and far between.
  22. Thanks for the support - but it's one of those things... and I expect Karma will catch up with him at some point or another.
  23. As an add on to this - we sold a 28" GB bar and x2 ripping chains to someone on ebay - he used them then e-mailed to say he didn't feel the 560XP should be driving a 28" bar and he wanted me to print a return postage label so he could return the bar and chains for a full refund. I said no - he should not have used them if he felt too large for the saw. [If he had returned them unused we would have refunded]. He contacted ebay who upheld his case he had been sold defective goods even though there was positive feedback for the same item from other buyers who had bought for the same saw same purposes. Ebay auto refunded... So he kept the bar and chains, got refunded and left negative feedback [I am not allowed to leave negative feedback for him]... and to add insult to injury I got this message today. Smug git!
  24. I believe it's more fashionable these days to say 'you do the math...! Sorry wee joke there!
  25. Can't do the maths as there are no accurate figures to go on - the figures look neat and tidy but there are so many variables and unknowns they may not be close to accurate. Stating 216 arbtalkers dead is using an extreme statement to add weight to your argument. It's likely that after this is over there will have been deaths amoungst arbtalkers. And it's trying to balance that with how much do we limit our freedoms and still live with the knowledge that some of us will likely die from this.


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