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  1. What's the link to the facebook post you did?
  2. What I always found with selling wood is not many will buy to use for later - people buy when they need it to go straight into a project. Also need some pics!
  3. Yep but if I may - where are the close up pics of the drive sprocket/bar/chain from both saws/bar+chain combos? Getting those and checking them is the first point of call before you do anything else. Make sure everything is as it should be and is compatible. I still think you are looking for an exotic problem that is really a simple problem. It'll likely be linked also to why his bar is getting hot. It's the bar/chain/sprocket that is the things that do the cutting - nothing else - only these x3 items.
  4. Really can't see this being the spikes - I would check out the more obvious issues such as 1) his drive sprocket 2) if his oiler system is checked and working then why is the bar running hot? That is not a good sign... 3) Are you 110% sure that you are both running the same bars and chains ie. exactly the same spec? 3/8 .063? 4) It's not clear how long he ran your bar and chain for.... not long if it got hot by the sounds of things. It's not a definitive test I don't think... From what I notice from customers having cutting issues - they tend to worry about things they don't need to worry about - they tend not to worry about things they really really should be worrying about! Not to say you're wrong in this - just putting my pennys worth in!
  5. Agree with the first bit of this statement. Like any war it's a mess - not sure how you pick it apart... or simplify it so neatly. Is it ok to do terrible things in the name of God/your country/your relegion/money/your regiment/your family? [Am not looking for an answer to that - but it's a good question to think about].
  6. Yep but I always wonder who would fund any proper independent inquiry. All the people who have the money/decision making authority - it's usually against them so where is the incentive? Petition: Hold a public inquiry into Government contracts granted during Covid-19 PETITION.PARLIAMENT.UK There should be a public inquiry into Government contracts granted during Covid-19. Many contracts have been granted... Something here but the response looks like usual political nonsense... 'vital we have robust processes in place' 'x number of covid tests achieved' 'working under very difficult conditions' blah blah no detailed info blah 'gov - I'm not quoting here but summing up.. 'The Government is committed to adopting and encouraging greater transparency in its commercial activity. There are existing rigorous central controls in place to challenge spend robustly and to ensure that the actions of Government contracting authorities are open, fair and transparent.' Above is a quote and you get the drift.... They are prob on commission for adding the words 'Robust' and 'Transparent' as many times as possible - utter dribble!
  7. It oils through the opposite side of the tension hole - you'll see a small slot going up into the bar groove.
  8. It's not only schools - businesses as well. We have x2 off work due to a linked member of the household with a positive lateral flow test [no symptoms]. So x10 days self isolation for both. Your business can be switched off as easily as that.
  9. I dunno - I think it is very relevant to point out the bad guys from the past. The 'game' as I see it is the past gets forgotten and downgraded as we roll on into the next real time crisis. And this system then gets repeated.
  10. Nice info there - I may pinch that for some of the descriptions on the Echos we are selling with your permission? It does make you wonder why this sort of info is not more readily available!
  11. I think it's down to how many products are sold weighed up with knowledge of using them - in an ideal world you'd have someone who has used the products doing the listings for these same products to at least give a 'human' description... but on the whole people who like using tools don't like typing on computers!
  12. Yep but there seems some conflicting articles and pictures... I think they are both below is a re branded Sugi bar. Husqvarna partners with Sugihara/Diatop Co to develop next-gen chainsaw bars - Wood Business WWW.WOODBUSINESS.CA Husqvarna, one of the world’s leading producers of innovative forest, park and outdoor power equipment products, is taking...
  13. Also Husky are now bringing out X Tough Lite Bars - they look awful familiar to me! Husqvarna unveils new X-Tough Light chainsaw bars WWW.FORESTRYJOURNAL.CO.UK CHAINSAW manufacturer Husqvarna has announced the launch of its new X-Tough Light bars, developed in... Strangely can't figure out if it is either Sugihara and Tsumura that are working with Husky - or both as the noses on some bars look Sugi like and some Tsumura like 🤷‍♂️
  14. Was on one of their pages... the chainsaw one - Chainsaws | Husqvarna WWW.HUSQVARNA.COM Husqvarna offer a full range of chainsaws, including petrol powered, battery powered and top handle chainsaws for... It's more a moan as I have to spend a fair amount of time going through their website to match bars/chains that then slot into the selector. Generally it's pretty miserable work! But it feels like salt in the wound when you see all the different massive banners telling you how easy everything is and how wonderful the world is with a Husky in your hands.... There seems to be a path of 'maximum guff - minimum facts'. Not saying get rid of all the flashy banners but shouldn't it be more the customer saying how great the brand is not the brand itself 😅😅
  15. Ref Echo - their new models seem to be very solid performers ie. 2511s, DCS2500T [Battery], 281s and 362s pretty good but don't seem to be as 'modernised' as the 2511, 390ESX is great as is the 501SX, and the 621SX and 7310SX are both new saws and likely to be very good.
  16. We are Echo dealers - and we find the marketing confusing! So unless you are a real Echo aficionado I have no idea how the customer figures out what's what! But then looking at manufacturers and the way things are advertised these days is so chock a block full of spam and guff I'm surprised anyone can work out the facts. Trying to dig details out of the big names is like pulling teeth. Went to Husky website and there is so much of this sort of stuff which takes up a lot of space and tells you... nothing! Oh no - it does tell you something - it tells you repeatedly how wonderful the company is!! 'A HUSQVARNA CHAINSAW FOR EVERY CHALLENGE Professional forestry work requires reliable, durable equipment. Whereas easier gardening chainsaw tasks, might require less muscle but the same needs for easy handling. And in the middle, a landowner or farmer benefits most from a flexible all-round tool. Husqvarna's range of chainsaws offer the ideal combination of maneuverability, durability and cutting capacity – tailor-made for the just about any requirements, making easy work of any challenge, no matter how hard.' WE ARE THE VERY BEST WORKDAY No matter if you're a full-time professional or cutting away at home. Husqvarna is committed to your success. In addition to our products, we offer generous warranties and expert service. WE ARE A JOB WELL DONE We know that every task is a challenge. Up in the treetops, out on a limb, in the midst of a dense forest or in your very own backyard or garden. So, we've decided to share our expertise by collecting tips and tricks, inspirational articles, do's and don'ts. What to use, when to use it. And how. All things forestry and gardening, in one single space. MAKING YOUR HUSQVARNA EVEN BETTER Designed by Husqvarna – for your Husqvarna, Husqvarna X-CUT™ chains and X-Force™ bars are two ways to get even more cutting efficiency out of your chainsaw. Additionally, we offer a wide range of purpose-developed fuel, lubricants and battery accessories – all designed to make your work smarter and easier. Chainsaw Parts & Accessories A Husqvarna chainsaw is the result of rigorous testing, and over 300 years of engineering expertise. Our chainsaws are among the best in the world, and with original Husqvarna chainsaw parts and accessories you’ll ensure they last longer, perform better and save you money in the long run. Chainsaw Bars The right bar ensures high performance and a longer service life. With an original Husqvarna chainsaw bar you'll get the most out of your machine, and there's always a bar from among our assortment to match your needs. FIND THE RIGHT CHAIN SAW FOR HOME- AND LANDOWNERS From small, quick cuts and repetitive firewood cutting to felling trees and limbing. We know what it takes to handle this wide range of tasks, no matter the size of your land or project. We have reliable all-round chainsaws suitable for your everyday and occasional use.
  17. Looks good - what's the advantages of going over to petrol on a chipper?
  18. We now have 8"/10"/12" for the new Husky battery polesaws. Not sure why Husky don't fit their new .325 .043 chains to these but expect they will change to these at some point... either way this will give you the smooth cutting option of the Panther Mini bars but bear in mind these are more fragile than the 1/4 .050 - but I would expect to get a few more cuts per battery. These saws have a smaller 6mm mounting stud hence the other Panther Mini bars would not fit. You searched for d6-42k - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK
  19. I'd say you'd find it hard to scale a business like this given what you have said and gut reaction is I'd either look to stay where you're at or find another business you can scale up easier. Always hard to find good reliable workers and if you do find them it increases admin time and organising work for them. And in itself can cause large headaches ie. if particularly bad weather or low volume of work available now you have workers standing around costing money but with no work to do. On top of this it's hard to do several different tasks well ie. equipment wise to scale up a tree business you need expensive equipment and that means you then need to have it working more hours or it's not efficient to have it. A catch 22. If it were me I'd look to see which are of the business is the most profitable first, which do you enjoy doing the most and try and become a master of this area with best equipment and most efficient service.
  20. There is so little material in them I'd guess that no way would they stop a chain going at any sort of speed. It is an odd one why they are still made..
  21. I never figured what made a chainsaw glove ie. if both hands are always on the saw what point is there having any protection in the top of them? I think it's to do with snedding where on one cut you'd work the saw one handed... but the reason it's hard to even work out says something. Wear gloves that give good grip, are easy to take on and off, and you like wearing. As said in the thread the whole concept of a 'chainsaw glove' is misleading. Use what works for you.
  22. Possibly in some cases - but not in the stuff we sell. This is not a generated shortage - it's already happening. It will get worse as the year rolls on, and as a prediction you'll see price rises as much or more than at any time in recent history [some of our freight charges are 200%-300% more than at the same time last year...]. I've not seen anything like this before in all the times we have been importing. Cardboard for packing materials has a silly waiting list and we've been told to forget ordering any boxes on the lead up to Christmas. So whether people buy 1 bar or 10 bars - we will run out of some part numbers a long time before the next shipment comes in.
  23. Just banging the same drum and playing the same record again - got this from Cannon the other day. Commodity prices are rocketing - it could be simply a temporary thing - or it could be the start of major inflation that will get worse not better. Either way prices will be rising soon and this will include our product ranges. So large price increase and increased production times. Don't get caught out and this is one of the more prudent times to ensure you keep a good stock of spares to hand. If you think this is a way for us and others to increase our business and sales - I guess you can think that and that is your choice and judgement to make. Yes it could all blow over - but we are getting e-mails like below from across our suppliers. eg. Cannon have just told us prices are going up between 8% and 16% - lead times from 120 days to 180 days.. Please try to plan ahead - Without going into the economics of everything I can see this situation extending for the next couple of years.
  24. Another boring vid on this boring topic but going to keep playing the record!


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