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  1. Nah, can't be, there's no shiny foil lid on it...
  2. Two things. Robin? Found in a big sideways stack of plant pots in the potting shed. How long until they fledge? It'll be a busy shed soon enough. Might have to compartmentalise it a little to give them some privacy. Also, this chap has been trying to break into the house in any available high window from north west to south west. Very persistent. My guess is he had a nest here last year behind the cladding but before the window flashing went on, and now he's confused. Might put a bird box on the window and see what happens.
  3. Looks identical to a dozen of what I assumed to be native black poplar in my back garden (bark, leaf, suckers, the lot), but I've never formally identified them. So I'd be interested in a definitive answer too. Easiest propagation... fell it, wait for panic suckers, dig them up and pot them on... thousands of the bastards!
  4. Are there edible ferns in the UK or Ireland? Anyone ever foraged fiddleheads? I know they all turn wildly carcinogenic when they crisp up and start throwing spores, but are there any edible varieties at this time of year?
  5. Daughter comes up to me this morning after her breakfast, "Dad, do you want to see the app I just made on my tablet? It tells you if a tree is alive or dead, and if it's safe to walk under or climb on." What's the closest thing available at the moment in the app store? Could she make a million off this idea?
  6. Just if it's got dieback. No problem jumping around on the tips if it's healthy, but you'll not want to put your anchor as high, and definitely won't get as far out, even if it's only in the early stages. I was up a wee ash with early die back before Christmas, you wouldn't know it had it from a distance, but as soon as you start kicking around in it it's obvious. And the mess! Matchsticks everywhere.
  7. peds


    I'm as angry as I've ever been!!
  8. Some of those laterals towards the shed definitely wouldn't take you out as far as you'd like them to before snapping. If you can stay closer to the middle and snip off big chunks it'd be fine, but it doesn't look like that shed and fence could take much punishment. I'd probably pass.
  9. Is it legal to electrify a pyracantha hedge?
  10. peds


  11. They shrink as they dry anyway, just needs a bit of peeling apart and turning occasionally. As long as they aren't mashed in six deep.
  12. Looks great, I'd eat it. Crust of bread to mop up the juice at the end, or a handful of salad leaves and a squeeze of lemon juice. Easy to accidentally add too much cooking water, what I like to do sometimes is add a ladle of pasta water to the sauce and boil hard to reduce. The starch in the cooking water helps to bind the sauce to the pasta itself. I spent a few years working in a pizza and pasta joint, the starchy water technique works best with water used from dozens of portions of pasta, but it's handy at home too.
  13. peds


    Ahh I dunno, that sounds a bit too exciting to be honest. Loss of eyebrows, fine, but an actual hospital visit? Needs a different thread.


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