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  1. topchippyles

    Saw milling directory

    And me to 😀
  2. topchippyles

    Saw milling directory

    excellent idea and save the headache for people looking
  3. topchippyles

    house renovation forum

    Is that a grand in cash then for spending money
  4. topchippyles

    Agency for tree workers ?

    Put an avert on here or gumtree which will help
  5. topchippyles

    house renovation forum

    I am a builder/carpenter and this will end up like Auf Wiedersehen pet so as a chippy i will go wayne as he always gets the girls.😎🤣
  6. topchippyles

    What to do

    Will do one over the weekend 🍺
  7. topchippyles

    What to do

    I have a 1.5 ton yanmar fitted with a fixed grapple and i have a second grapple/log splitter attachment which i am thinking on selling and i have used it in my saw mill for the last year and what a tool .
  8. topchippyles


    Not required as you stated you only do private work
  9. topchippyles

    1 Tonne Trailers

    ifor williams or indespension are the 2 best and built like tanks.
  10. topchippyles

    Selling a firewood business

    First thing is to say what area you are in and put out some feelers as there a lot of lads on here with good connections and you may get some interest.
  11. topchippyles

    Ifor williams sides

    Save the hassle of making them
  12. topchippyles

    Ifor williams sides

    Had a couple of trailers and sure its 30mm x 30mm box for the side panels.
  13. topchippyles

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Sounds a version of me in a dog form with all that humping
  14. topchippyles

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    Depends on the firms cover you contract to.
  15. topchippyles

    New Mill suggestions?

    Yes use the 360 with grapple,Will cut for what ever comes in really but a mobile mill is so handy and with hydraulic option no need for a a 360


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