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  1. Yes i have a formula tried and tested. One of the colleges i helped out in a few years back include it in the advanced 3 rd year coarse now
  2. Cheers mathew and that is the only one i have seen except the other 2 i have done.Where the secret is the distance between the ridge and the eaves coarse. Mine is well over a metre shorter between the top of the eyebrow bottom eaves coarse and the top ridge line.The distance from the fascia to the top ridge line on the main roof is 1.1 meters longer. How can one get the tiles to run in a straight line when you factor that in Example if to have 10 rows of tiles and and they are spaced at 300 mm gauges which would give you a 3 metre rafter length give or take, Try and get those 10 rows of tines to work at 2.5 metre rafter length in the middle of the roof then coming back to 3 metres the other end ??? in a straight line
  3. Nope look at the tile lines and see if you can spot the difference ??
  4. Ask away and yes looking or a big upgrade when things settle down
  5. Yes keep adding until it gets as long as BIG J equipment 😂 (lunch box) His words not mine, Quote they do not call me BIG J for nothing 😷
  6. Just sold ours 18 months old and they keep their prices believe me
  7. You can mill 20 metres long will any woodlands sawmill if you so choose 🔨 Give your self a wack on the head for posting false information 🤣
  8. How did you work it out les, did you make a ply template of the 'eye' first and work backwards from that ? Harvey i will reveal my secrets later today but look at kevinjohnsonmbe post of one and then look at mine, Can you spot the flaws in the one kev posted and every other one i have ever seen ??
  9. Nicely done but there is flaws in it which is something i was not prepared to compromise on. Look up close at the attention to detail and see if you can spot it. ?? I will reveal all later
  10. There is and i have hand carved out a few which hit the £300 mark. Cannot put a time on those so its £20 an hour job
  11. From amsterdam them tulip boards ?? 😂 When it's Spring again I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam With a heart thats true I'll give to you Tulips from Amsterdam I can't wait until the day you fill These eager arms of mine Like the windmill keeps on turning That's how my heart keeps on yearning For the day I know we canshare these Tulips from Amsterdam When it's Spring again I'll bring again Tulips from Amsterdam With a heart thats true I'll give to you Tulips from Amsterdam I can't wait until the day…
  12. I built it and 2 others and can confirm i know its called an eyebrow window 🤣 Not much of a chippy if i build something and do not know whats its called 😫
  13. Something got my lad into doing at the moment as have to start somewhere. Oak sign we knocked up this morning for a good mate. Notice whats propping it up 😁
  14. No stick to the cladding with the larch. Beams will be the oaks and douglas fir (£)
  15. I am in south wales,Seen one down in west wales back in 1988 and always wanted to do one. Went down 20 years later and took a second look and what a pile of crap. Anyway its there to stay and something i am very proud of hence topchippyles is what they call me (nickname) and it stuck 😷


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