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  1. Had a guy come try to enter a club with an axe when i was a door man a few years back,The one bouncer fainted but he never got in the place as i gave him the old hong kong fuey
  2. Good luck and someone will be along 🙂
  3. You have both made a fair comment but why have calculation charts if no purpose,When i fit a new central heating system the correct radiators have to be the right sizes (quite simple)
  4. Its all to do with the output of the heater steve,You cube the size of the room then work out how many btu/or kw per cubic metre the device gives off. Guide below for an example BTUs are ‘British Thermal Units’, the unit in which radiator efficiency is measured. Factors such as room dimensions, window size and wall material are used to calculate the required outputs of radiators, in order to adequately heat a room. Use our BTU Calculator to determine the heat requirements of your room. Simply enter the details in the corresponding fields and we’ll show you how many BTUs you need to ensure your space is always warm, cosy and inviting. Free Online UK BTU Calculator | Find Required Radiator Size »‎Free Online UK BTU Calculator | Find Required Radiator Size »‎Free Online UK BTU Calculator | Find Required Radiator Size »‎
  5. 6 dumpy bags is a bit tight and old farming boys like cash
  6. Must be for robin hood and crew
  7. Bit brief for the lad if benedmonds has work for him
  8. Someone will give you a chance as some great lads on here i am sure,Good luck
  9. Surly you have run this by your existing customers as its your good name that has built up the client list
  10. I have just come from my physio for a full work over and without tim i could not even work most of the time so fully agree to look after ones self,Know a good few lads in 50 ish who can no longer do construction sites
  11. Guys please beware.. i just had a phone call from 'Thomas cook' to refund my holiday .. ive not booked a holiday! I played along with the call until he asked for my long card number, expiry date and security code! When i called him out and told him he was a scamming prick and there was no holiday ever booked with thomas cook he ended the call. Private number! 🧐 please warn your friends and family! That could of easily been fallen for if i was one of the many people waiting to hear about a refund 😔
  12. Its on channel 4 now until 9 pm so tune in my old son 😂
  13. Program on channels 4 stubby showing 2015 world cup best bits so a little reminder for you as it starts next week and i know you engish lads will really enjoy watching link below 🔨
  14. Email the manufacturer direct and explain what has been going on


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