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  1. topchippyles

    What's the going rate for block paving

    A lot of the firms where i live only pay £10 an hr for trades men.
  2. topchippyles

    how to deal with an employee

    Its a bit of weed and as long as it does not affect his work and he does not do it in work then what is the problem.You state he is a good worker with a good attitude,I work with my mates roofing firm for a few days a month and his lads will have the odd puff late on in the day and have for years and it has never been a problem for me to work with the guys and i never touch the stuff and employ a couple of my own lads who never use it either,I would never allow it in work but away from work is not my concern.just my own opinion.
  3. topchippyles

    woodland mills for sale

    Look on woodlands site as will give you all the specs
  4. topchippyles

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Sorry for the delay but here is the attachment on my machine
  5. topchippyles

    Straight oak wanted mid Wales

    Where in mid wales are you as i have some oak here and know for quite a fair bit more down around abergavenny way
  6. topchippyles

    woodland mills for sale

    Its a bit to short or i could have been interested and not that far away.
  7. topchippyles

    Why I started Arbtalk

    And me as the wife supports the undercarriage
  8. topchippyles

    Why I started Arbtalk

    Entertaining your self so is that 1 or a 2 handed job. 🤩
  9. topchippyles

    Magi Deutz V10

    £50 to view it,You are joking for sure.
  10. topchippyles

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Same as my yanmar b-15 ,I will take some photos as it on my machine at the moment and will upload them tomorrow
  11. topchippyles

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    what size pins are they as i may have a grapple here for it.
  12. topchippyles

    Logosol or Norwood band mill

    I have been up there and run their saws so know for sure its a 3 month wait on a saw
  13. topchippyles

    Logosol or Norwood band mill

    Only trouble you have to wait 3 months for one minimum
  14. topchippyles

    A.J. Bad day at the office ?

    To me he was not the same guy who fought klitchco,He looked burned out even in round 1 so either over trained or a couple of the commentators said he had a heavy cold for the last 10 days and that can drain you as we all know.
  15. topchippyles

    Waney edged what?

    sedor tends to be the most popular for cladding so just message the amount required and give your local supplier a call on price.


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