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  1. Workers restaurants at midday offer 3-4 courses for around 12 euros NO FROGS LEGS FOR ME YUK
  2. That motor is like my mates todger 12 inches on the slack 🤣 A BEAST
  3. Yes it is as that is what i pay locally,Douglas/larch £50/60 amd ash/oak £90 cash
  4. I have a woodlands and about the best price for price on the market and chris pierce my mate is one of the uk dealers and ordered and shipped to the door within 3/5 days direct from sweden,Easy to setup to and full videos on youtube
  5. Can i ask where do you sell or ship of that oak and lovely stuff i must say
  6. This thread is from 10 years ago so why not start a new one
  7. Rip them down into 8 /10 mm strips and tremble them up is the way its done
  8. I have posted some pictures
  9. New sex toy for the wife then andy when your away working 🤣
  10. Worked well for you kind sir ??
  11. No even quicker on oak
  12. These mills really do take getting used to but hope you found it a far better way to operate
  13. Did it make sense andy home i tried to explain ??
  14. Andy is quite simple ,Cut a square beam out of a log as big as possible and this is my own system,All the outer half round cuts should be easy to man handle,Wind up the saw to 28 mm above the beam still placed on the sawmill,Then put one of the outer half round cuts on top of the beam and just rip trough so you end up with say a 1 inch board 10 inches wide ,Remove that and just put the half round back on and rip again and again until you get down to say a 4/6 inch x 1 inch board
  15. Some older laptops cannot operate windows 10 which is why i used 8.1
  16. Anyway back to why i posted on things we do with our milled timber My own house and just wondered if anyone else has seen these eyebrow roofs in the uk,I have done 3 and all turned out nice,Please take a look ,Not mine but similar as trying to get link to work About
  17. Guys its a great place to spend some time on is arbtalk, Really is some top blokes on here apart from eggs only joking buddy
  18. Do not talk silly,I have a Hewlett-Packard which i gave my brother 5 years old running windows 8.1 which is an excellent operating system,Just re installed windows 8.1 from a disc which wiped every thing and good as new


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