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  1. More than one tom in somerset i know/
  2. Nicely put eggs,Any developments on the lady friend
  3. As you say he is a good worker and easy to get on with so just have a good chat as your are the boss he must be respectful of that,If his attitude is still wrong then at least you have talked it over and can say on yer bike.
  4. Simple fact as i have bought various things from the usa .The eu safety regs and usa vary a huge amount which is the reason you cannot get a lot of tools in the uk/eu
  5. Must be bum sex involved here some where but who is the man and the (woman to enjoy) BLOODY KINKY LOT ON HERE WITH EGGS LOT TO
  6. artificial insemination maybe
  7. Can he bring it to me in south wales in the morning
  8. Mileage, vehicle costs & travel. You should keep a log of both personal and business mileage. When you first introduce a vehicle to the business, you may account for your vehicle expenses using HMRC’s mileage rates. The first 10,000 business miles can be claimed at a rate of 45p per mile; 25p per mile thereafter. The mileage rate covers the cost of fuel, servicing, insurance, tax, MOT, depreciation of the vehicle etc. However, you may claim for specific business journey costs such as tolls, congestion charges and parking fees and the finance element of a hire purchase or finance lease in addition to mileage. If you don't use the set mileage rate, you can claim a proportion of the actual vehicle running costs. The amount you can claim is in proportion to the vehicle’s business use, which can be established using the vehicle’s mileage log. Travel and accommodation on business trips and between different places of work can be claimed as well; but you cannot claim for “commuting” i.e. travel from home to work. Meals and subsistence are not generally allowable, unless they are in respect of a trip that qualified as business travel. The cost to purchase a vehicle cannot be claimed as an expense if you are using the mileage rates, as the rates are deemed to cover the depreciation of the vehicle. If you are accounting for vehicle expenses using the actual costs incurred, the cost of the vehicle, may qualify for relief via capital allowances.
  9. As a carpenter joiner i would need it as 10% for joinery use otherwise would have problems shrinking.
  10. You can claim the van depreciation or go down the mileage route which might be easier You would need to put the depreciation as capital allowances
  11. Should have asked for a free consultation as most will provide that on first visit.
  12. Not on the saws i have set up but not one to argue if it helps.
  13. May be worth posting on a different forum perhaps https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj6mIb_l4_kAhUsSxUIHfjaBaIQFjAAegQIARAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.arboristsite.com%2Fcommunity%2F&usg=AOvVaw3rTYz4XxGxmLNYVzAYcXiH
  14. Nothing what so ever if there is a good blade fitted,You do as the blades get blunt but thats hrs of cutting from new.Sounds like its a tension problem to me.
  15. Andy have you torqued the blade to the required settings as cant be a lot causing this.
  16. Get a moisture meter and when around 10% you will be good (2 years)
  17. There was a big post on this a few weeks back
  18. Never seemed to have that issue with my saw as when you do the first cut seems to clean off the blades.
  19. Got a short there somewhere so may need to get at it to fix the problem.
  20. Thought it was a new saw mark so when you reset it all you should be fine.


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