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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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  1. gobbypunk

    Mobile milling wanted in Devon

    Hi I think the only mobile milling that wide would be chainsaw mill probably a double ended set up , I have one 880 Sthill and would be happy to team up with someone, how much milling do you want doing
  2. gobbypunk

    Do I need a bigger saw?

    Hi I have a 076av for sale if that’s any good to you it’s 110cc engine PM me if you are interested Cheers Mark
  3. gobbypunk

    Free False Acacia

    Same as Steve but too far away.
  4. gobbypunk

    5ton Cedar stem... whats it worth ?

    Hi yep totally agree not worth much but cedar of Leb is nice timber have a look at the massive cedar bench I posted on the milling page , what part of the country is it , I would be up for having a shares deal with someone and would be up for chainsaw milling it , so guys let’s get together and Mill some nice boards who is up for it Cheers Mark
  5. gobbypunk

    Felling technique

    Hi guys I sometimes watch like Building Alaska , swamp loggers etc and watching how most tree workers fell trees , I have noticed that they do the felling cut quite different than we do a lot of their felling cuts seem to come in at a slight downward angle ,and we tend to come straight in flat , we’ll most of the time , so I was just wondering why it seems so different. Cheers Mark
  6. gobbypunk

    Big Cedar Bench

    Hi guys it sold at the Bath and West Show for a grand but it didn’t look that good as it had picked up some marks and scratches so we sanded and re oiled before we delivered it
  7. gobbypunk

    Teak oil

    Hi Steve , I find with Danish Oil after a few coats it kinda builds up a surface layer that can rub/chip off where as Teak Oil seems to penetrate and not leave a surface layer ,one time Rustins Danish Oil took like 2 weeks to dry so not good experience with Danish Oil
  8. gobbypunk

    Big Cedar Bench

    Hi I used Teak Oil to finish it with we share the big workshop with a couple of others , and we are more than happy to share if anybody needs a big space for a project just ask
  9. gobbypunk

    Big Cedar Bench

    Hi the back is sort of half lapped into the ends so there are no screws just pegs in the seat I will take some pics from the back tomorrow before I deliver it , so guys put a price on it Thanks Mark
  10. gobbypunk

    Teak oil

    Hi guys the thing I was getting at is one company recommends their teak oil for oak and one doesn’t ,it’s bonkers , sorry Steve I just don’t like danish oil
  11. gobbypunk

    Big Cedar Bench

    Hi no not WRC ends but Cedar of Lebanon ,Looking for more if anyone has any .
  12. gobbypunk

    Big Cedar Bench

    Hi guys hear is a massive bench made from Cedar of Lebanon it's 3 and a bit mtrs long hope you all like it Cheers Mark
  13. gobbypunk

    Teak oil

    So just getting ready to oil a big bench that I will post some pictures of soon, I had a bottle of teak oil with a little bit left so baught some more this morning and just mixing them together and my girlfriend notices that one one label it says ideal for Oak products and on the other label it says not suitable for Oak products so I have never had an issue when using teak oil on Oak, init bonkers one make says good for Oak and another says not good, just thought I would share my observations Cheers Mark
  14. gobbypunk

    False acaccia

    That’s cool I like that a lot but no good for my blue mohawk


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