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  1. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Yeah, since I had my accident I have spoke to 2 people who had family members fall from a ladder and die so yeah could have been a lot worse could be paralysed , I just had a surprise phone call from the hospital they are going to take the pins out of my ankle tomorrow hurray I will be able to get out of my tucking house . Cheers Mark
  2. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Thanks AB recovering ok slowly but getting there pins come out of my ankle next Friday for a cast but I will be able to get out and about and got a removable split on my wrist so mending ok lots of greens milk and supplements oh and beer , on meds called Fragmin to stop me getting a blood clot got to inject it into my stomach and its F####ng horrible on the plus side our housing association has installed a nice shower for me and the landlady of my workshop was so cool and understanding so fingers crossed I will not loose my workshop and that was such a relief , and just going nuts with boredom will keep you all updated on my recovery Thanks to everyone for your messages we do have a cool community on hear Cheers Mark
  3. HELP - Oak slab advice needed

    Hi there are a few things you could do , leave it for a few wks then take it in your house for another month or more if you can let it move then fill the cracks with resin, metal powder,glow in the dark powder , or incase the whole thing in resin or just live with it I bought that it would crack kin half what ever you decide it should look cool do post some pics when it's done. Cheers Mark
  4. Tree Of Life. BBC1. 11/02/18. 5:00pm

    Hi Timon, that's cool as will defo watch and it will definitely be the first time I will have watched Songs of Praise , did you read on hear about my accident fell off a ladder broke my wrist and ankle , the forest charter sounds very interesting Take Care Cheers Mark
  5. 're building a bow top wagon

    Hi guys , when I fell off that ladder I was putting a roof on a lean to in order for a friend to rebuild a horse drawn bow top wagon , so never doing this before and so I can give the best help and advice possible I have some questions and hopefully you guy's can help first what sort of wood would you use needing to make it as light ,strong and long lasting as possible ,one thing is the frame and the outer cladding looking forward to your thoughts Many thanks Mark
  6. Who remembers the film ?

    Hi thats cool as the look on his face is just right dark and angry how long did he take , you should do a whole one with the body a sword and shield ace work is it for someone Cheers Mark
  7. Grizzly bear

    Hi I have plans to make some spheres with cogs for some steampunk lighting but need a big round former and can't go digging around in the scrap yard but I will get there Cheers Mark
  8. Grizzly bear

    You must have gone at it 2 days is good going ,I can't wait to get back at it its so doing my head in stuck with pins in my foot , Cheers Mark
  9. Grizzly bear

    Hi cool bear how long did he take
  10. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Oh yeah as soon as I can make even small things I will be , what I need is a extra large metal ball to use as a former got a load of small cogs on order and I am going to have a go at some cog spheres for some steampunk lights etc so if any of you have a big ball bearing you don't want I would give it a good home I just can't go to the scrap yard and look myself oh and to put the icing on the cake I have a chopper being built for me so got to mend as soon as Thanks again for all your kind words Cheers Mark
  11. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Don't worry as soon as the cast is gone off my wrist I will be out and doing as much as I can I got no accident insurance no savings so got to do whatever I can so I don't loose my workshop
  12. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Hi guys home from the hospital and with no accident insurance in place things are looking grim might end up having to go e up my workshop and yard there is just no help at all, what is going on when you work hard then have an accident and its just hey tough why do I pay my tax I tell you it ain't right ok rant over back to fracture clinic on Monday hope they take the pins out of my ankle for a cast at least then I could get around better Cheers Mark
  13. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Hi Guys going home from the hospital tomorrow 2 effing weeks can't wait, yeah defoe lots of thinking what if but that road leads some place shit so planning, designing things to make, also got to mend well I have an old school chopper being built for me Thanks Guys will post gory pictures soon
  14. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Hi guys thanks so much for the positive comments it means a lot to me I will try to post some pictures of the metal frame work around my ankle the occupational therapy people have been ace ordered me a bed that goes up and down to have at home power wheel chair but the consultant what a posh nob Thanks Guys will keep you posted Gobby Punk.
  15. Gobby punk had an accident p

    Hi everyone just thought I would let you know that I have really done one number on myself I Fell off a ladder in my yard from 3mtrs plus and landed on a pallet truck with a yew butt on it snapped my ankle and broke my wrist 6wks plaster for the wrist and 6wks pins then 6wks plaster for the ankle and probably 6 months before being able to get back to work will keep you posted


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