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  1. gobbypunk


    Was half way through milling some western red for some pick nick tables for a school , so looking for a good deal on a saw for milling and a 15/18 one if anybody has any
  2. gobbypunk


    Hi guys , as the title says my workshop got done over my 880 sthil and Alaskan Mill , 5 other saws all my power tools , and when I phoned the fucking old bill they wouldn’t even send anybody to do fingerprints apparently from central government only dwellings get fingerprints done , why do I pay my tax
  3. gobbypunk


    Thanks guys ,fucking police wouldn’t even come and fingerprint , and the woman said look on eBay etc I thought that was there job catching burglers , but don’t have many photos of my kit but got serial numbers from my 880 , if anybody on hear has a spare milling saw , please give me a shout
  4. gobbypunk


    Hi guys , that old saying it never rains but pours is so right , just getting over my accident and get a phone call this morning from one of our colleagues our workshop has been done over , my 880 and Alaskan 2 sthil 024 , the list is long all my f##king kit , rang the fucking old bill and hear have a crime number would not even send anybody to fingerprint apparently they only attend if it is a dwelling , gutted my insurance has lasted as I just didn’t have the cash after not working for 6 months don’t know what else to say at the mo still hasn’t sunk in properly
  5. gobbypunk

    Interesting first cut system

    Yeah I like those rails some adjustable spikes in the middle would be good , one thing I noticed was he had both hands on the mill so what was holding the throttle on .
  6. Hi looks similar to the grandberg ones that Rob D sells but they bolt onto the bar , I have one and it’s ace for my longer chains , good bit of kit .
  7. gobbypunk

    Sauno kiln

    Hi is that just a celotex box outside to the elements
  8. Hi or this one Rupert Furneaux Land Logic Timber 07974 719292
  9. Hi mate give this guy a ring Will Miller 07711 710378 01935 813 861 , I know aptly named he’s an ok guy tell him Mark , Chainsaw Carver gave you his number Cheers Mark
  10. gobbypunk


    Hi I always do the stem first working upside down , then turn it upright and shape the top bit start quite big as it will give you more wood to work with getting it to a shape you are happy with , take small cuts off so you don’t make a catastrophic mistake, good luck Cheers Mark
  11. gobbypunk

    Starting out

    Hi same as Bill , do you have a grinder with a backing pad and like 24grit discs if not I would defo get one , good luck Cheers Mark
  12. gobbypunk


    Are they getting the bear done ?
  13. gobbypunk


    Hi , I have total freedom to do whatever sat down , standing up , with cubs all up to me and the butt will get delivered to my yard , I was thinking if I do a laying down or on all 4 legs it would be a lot easier to move , standing on hind legs a crane or slew to move it but all fours just a tractor . Thanks Mark
  14. gobbypunk

    Moving to Wales

    Hi Brecon is a beautiful part of Wales the Beacons are awesome, I lived up there in a horse drawn wagon when I was in my 20s , plenty of trees , but sorry no idea about work prospects Good luck with your move Mark
  15. gobbypunk


    Hi guys I have been asked to quote for carving a bear out of some redwood it’s about 17/20ft tall I haven’t done anything that big before I was thinking £2500/3000 would you say that is about right , as always I appreciate your answers Cheers Mark


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