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  1. Well as far as I can work out you can still go to work if it cannot be done from home so for me and my girlfriend it’s almost carrying on as normal,we are just as isolated in our workshop on our own as at home and as we make stuff to sell then there is always something that I want to make we are going to have a lot of stock when this is all over so if any of you are in a similar situation then I would just crack on ,the government help for self employed is a piss take and got to wait till fucking June just spent my small savings on a mill and a few other bits and bobs ,sign on for universal credit that’s a joke
  2. gobbypunk


    Hi I have a drying shed in the corner of my yard open on 2 sides but with a big over hang to keep the rain off and I always sticker my milled boards , I also have an old rabbit breeding shed on the small estate I look after so yeah plenty of air flow I could do with some pallet racking to go in it but I have only just started using it as I am quickly running out of room at my yard . Thanks everyone stay safe
  3. gobbypunk


    Hi everyone, is Borax the stuff to use to stop mould growing on boards and detour wood boaring bugs, my monkey puzzle has got white mouldy fur and green stuff, if it's Borax I need where can I get it from, Sorry if this is repeating something I think it might be but as you all know I'm not that good with computers, phones etc Cheers guys stay safe
  4. Hi yep cracking on as usual,it’s normally just me and my girlfriend who I live with ,so just as isolated in my workshop as at home and as we can’t get any help until June for us self employed got to work as bloody benefits wouldn’t pay the rent on my workshop.
  5. Hi all sawdust is bad for the lungs , I wear my Airshield Pro even when I am milling best £200 I ever spent
  6. Hi oh I didn't think to take a picture of the damage
  7. Hopefully this is the photo of the WRC
  8. Ok ok ,so I feel stupid bloody got the box’s round the wrong way and don’t know what happened to the photo, I will upload the photo when I get some signal on my mobile , I just can’t seem to get it right with the mobile phone it’s mad ,but hey glad I could make you all laugh . Cheers Mark
  9. Hi mate how are you doing your winch cables I can’t quite see it all I am just winching from the middle and getting some issues with it but from both ends would be better I just can’t think how I would set it up ,maybe it’s just late and I have drank too many beers but a photo from the other side would be good Thanks Mark
  10. Hi I am using the ramps and a hand winch it works ok ish , I could do with a 12v winch to be honest as if the log is nice and round no worries but otherwise it’s hard work,and I broke one of the feet off one of my ramps as my welding isn’t that good,to be honest I could do with making some better ones, that’s if we are going to be allowed to go to my workshop, I really don’t see what difference it would make being at our workshop with my girlfriend or being at home with her .
  11. Furniture restoration is tricky basic stuff is ok but when you start with older stuff colour matching is an art of its own ,french polishing is also an art it took yrs before my dad would let me do more then watch ,I haven’t seen anybody doing it properly on any of those resto programs ,that bloke on that Drew Pritchard program really annoys the fuck out of ,specialist more like a cowboy
  12. Hi everyone I have finally got my head round tracking the band on my hm130 , I think I got it sussed ,tracked in and milled some WRC cladding and it turned out ace ,so it’s totaly a new learning curve but I think I am getting there with the bandmill now I need a forklift. Cheers Mark
  13. Sorry guys I have been busy with other things I will get a vid up soon
  14. I tell you if I don’t get any government cash I don’t know how we will get by we relay on country fairs ,craft fairs for a big part of our income just invested all my small savings in a sawmill so yeah we need some help ,just spoke to our housing provider and guess what pay your rent as normal .


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