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  1. So Mymill is on a trailer, and I have a spare set of axels so I was thinking of extending my trailer to take a track extension and a hydraulic power pack for a log lifter as soon as I get some rams so not only do I want to make my own track extension but log lifter as well ,have any of you made your own hydraulics,as it’s a total new thing to me could I use the mill engine to run them some how or would I need a donkey engine,woodmizers only have the one engine or yet again would I be better off just buying some hydraulic log lifter ,it just totally does my head in how much these big companies charge for things that most of us with a little help could make ,so Mr Forest if you want to get together and have a go at making some extensions come on down we have mig and tig welders a small bender ,all the kit to make them but unfortunately my welding is crap,can you weld. As always keen to hear your thoughts. Happy Christmas. Mark
  2. Yep I think I totally agree
  3. Ah thanks Agri I haven’t yet put the callipers on the rails but now I know the rails are bloody Chinese imperial that I have never even heard of ,I will probably just buy the woodland one ,and there was me thinking a few days with my mate doing some welding and I would have a mill extension. Thanks guys Happy Christmas
  4. Hi doobin , I was just looking on woodland mills web site and for my hm130 the extension is £360 plus vat ,and for some angle ,box sections and a few other bits seems expensive to me ,that’s why I was wondering if anybody else had made their own .
  5. Hi guys so thinking about an extension to my mill bed to mill longer butts so my question to anybody who has done this did you just buy an extension from Woodland Mills or did you just buy some angle iron and make your own ,making my own is kinda the way I am thinking about going,but as always keen to hear your thoughts. Thanks Mark
  6. Hi ,oak and sweet chestnut,but not beech ,we have a bandmill and an Alaskan Mill but we are in Dorset but if you can’t find someone local it would be a cool busmans holiday,we could do the boardwalk as well as the milling P M if you get stuck Happy Christmas. Mark
  7. Oh yeah I know all about spindle moulders I have one I have used once in 6 yrs I would like to get a 4 sided planner hopefully when we get 3 phase one might come along cheap.
  8. Hi what did you use to do the tongue and groove was it a spindle moulder?
  9. Hi guys reading this thread with interest and I noticed that someone said any fruit wood is good for bows I have a quite straight bit of plum if that’s any use ,I will take some pictures of it tomorrow! I would like to have a go at a bow myself but I have so many things that I already want to do so if it’s any use it would be cool to see someone do something with it Cheers Mark
  10. Yep nice flooring I bet it looks stunning when done ,how long did you dry the boards for,before you machined them ,hopefully I will be posting loads of milling pics now I have my mill set up just need the band guide bearings,Nice floorboards , I could do with some,we live in what they call Social Housing and just threw the bathroom fitters out ,the flooring they did is 1mm thick ,a F###ing joke ,sorry for derailing your thread .
  11. Hi plus I would need £1250 spare to buy it with but unfortunately I don’t
  12. Hi we have a big oak that we are going to do just that with I will post some pics when we do it .
  13. Hi Thanks well spotted but I really don’t want to pay that kind of money it’s more that the machine cost me ,hopefully something will come up .
  14. Hi just down the road from me is a small yew forest that apparently was planted for bow making ,obviously nobody’s managed it for that for yrs and yrs,if I get a chance I will take the dog for a run there and have a look,I know it’s miles but if you want to come and have a look then no worries
  15. Hi no it’s not a factor trailer but now having seen those photos I might be able to do the same I will have to have a look at the trailer. Thanks Mark


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