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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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  1. Wow Andy that sounds painful! Hope you mend quickly,I am waiting to have my septum straightened,not looking forward to it.
  2. Hi I have just got myself a used woodland mill hm130 after replacing some nylon bushes it’s cutting nice with a ripper 37 ,the paint is peeling but hey it don’t affect it’s cutting,Chris Pierce who imports them is a sound bloke ,so yeah I am super chuffed with my woodland mill,where are you if you are anywhere near Dorset you are totally welcome to come to my yard and have a look at my mill no worries,good luck with whatever you get but be warned milling is just like crack it’s addictive, I already want a bigger mill . Cheers Mark
  3. Hi guys I might have this wrong but I have been chainsaw milling for a good few yrs now and surely fast chainsaw milling at 63 inches isn’t a thing ,don’t you just let the saw cut as fast as it’s happy to do nice and easy no over stressing the saw get a good finish is surely better than getting it done as fast as possible Cheers Mark
  4. Hi I would just get the part from the breakers yard ,I have tap and dye sets and wouldn’t even think about doing a calliper carrier, we used to helicoil bits on our motorcycles
  5. Hi why not use the chain Mortimer for the tennons as well ,seems like a no brainier to me Cheers Mark
  6. Nice Brown Oak ,I have just made a big dining table and 2 benches out of brown oak , but I can’t post any pictures of it yet as it’s for a fellow arbtalker that hasn’t seen it yet and I don’t want to spoil the surprise ,brown oak is bloody expensive as I just found out but is nice to work and looks ace.
  7. Hi most wood burners have Mica not glass as it’s flexible readily available and in my experience not that expensive and you can still see the flames through it. Cheers Mark
  8. Hi the stuff you want is called Mica any ,wood burner shop should be able to get you some,you could replace with some steel no worries,but I would get the Mica . Good luck with it Cheers Mark
  9. Hi Mark ,yep resin river tables are ace ,I have a stunning pair of book matched spalted beech that is going to be a river table , but resin is so bloody expensive.
  10. Hi Mark I am in Shaftesbury Dorset and I have a woodland mill and an Alaskan so I can Mill the boards for you no worries I will PM you
  11. Hi Mark , I have some monkey puzzle if you want some,I am just not going to have time to mill it all ,I can take some pics tomorrow if you want. Cheers and I am also Mark
  12. Hi no it’s not copper just the iron pipe I need Thanks
  13. Hi guys, I have been asked to quote to make some pipe work tables and benches,so have any of you made any or know a good place to get the pipe and fittings as I am having trouble finding a good price on it all Many Thanks. Mark
  14. Hi Marc! I will cut it tomorrow,those pictures are of a different butt ,and Andy it’s not rotten
  15. Sorry I will get the hang of it eventually


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