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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.
  1. Lathe problem

    Sorry guys not ignoring any advise but was reluctant to drill holes in the bench , and yes I totally need a bandsaw but I have not been able to work since January F###ing skint now so a bandsaw will have to wait unless anyone has one they don’t want any more . Cheers Mark
  2. Yew price hi

    Hi guys I have 2 yew butts outside my house they are about 9ft long and a foot diameter what would you say they are worth , the bloke that drives the icecream van that comes to our street knocked my door and wants to buy them to use as uprights for a garden structure he spoke to my girlfriend so before I ring him I was wondering on like a fair price looking forward to your thoughts Thanks Mark
  3. First few carvings of the year

    Nice work , I can’t wait to be able to get back to work so frustrating, I think the hedgehog is my favourite Cheers Mark
  4. Lathe problem

    Thanks guys will have a look tomorrow
  5. Lathe problem

    Hi guys why would this chunk shake the lathe around like mad your thoughts as always are appreciated Thanks Mark
  6. Pics of your milled products

    Thanks mate Iwill have a look
  7. Pics of your milled products

    Yeah I like that table and bench love the metalwork , where do you get it from ? I would like to get some when I am back on my feet
  8. Unwanted nocturnal visitors again

    Hi those mine things are ace if you don’t want to actually hit someone then aim it into a piece of steel pipe with an end welded on it a 12 bore cartridge goes off with a hell of a bang shit me the first time I set one off and I was expecting it £8 from a farm supplies shop I have a few , makes you wonder what the plod actually do bother with these days
  9. Lichenburg fractals

    Thanks Lazarus I defo wouldn’t have known that but there are quite a few people using microwave transformers and it hasn’t killed them but I am defo looking for a neon one with an open circuit Thanks Mark
  10. Lichenburg fractals

    Hi thanks ,my set up is a microwave transformer but having watched that vid I will be on the lookout for a neon one , but knowing how bloody dangerous it is I always stand well back and wait a few min after I have switched off the power before I touch anything just to let any residual charge drop away and bicarb mixed with water not salt , I watched and watched vids read loads before having a go the first time was quite scary but good fun as Isaid if anyone wants to come and have a day doing it just give mea call Thanks Mark
  11. Lichenburg fractals

    Thanks guys I am quite surprised that my mirror didn’t get more comments but hey , Thanks Guys I love watching it happen and as long as you don’t F##k about it’s ok I have seen people in America holding on to the electrodes and I would think doing something like that would be total F###ing asking for trouble, I stand well away and use a stick to turn the plug on and off , If you want I could do a fractles day with a few of us let me know , I want to do big tables and benches . Thanks Guys
  12. Uprating a Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 towing capacity

    Slightly off topic but do watch out for the small copper washer that seats the injectors with sprinters even new ones so I have been told these washers snap and then black sticky stuff glues itself to the engine and it’s a f###ing nightmare to remove I sold mine for export when it happened to mine
  13. Rats in the roofspace

    Hi I help to look after a large converted farm and out buildings and we had rats I n the loft we used Roban poison it’s what they call a coagulant which means as they die they get thirsty and bugger off looking for a drink but obviously it don’t work every time , also it’s absolutely imperative that you find where they are getting in or more than likely even if you deal with the ones you have now more will arrive as rodents follow scent trails Good luck with dealing with them , even though I think even rats need to have somewhere to live , Not in peoples homes Cheers Mark
  14. Lichenburg fractals

    Thanks , it’s not the best photo but taking pics of mirrors isn’t easy especially when I am on crutches, I would like to do a big table like it with glow in the dark resin but that will have to wait until I can afford the resin . Thanks Mark
  15. Lichenburg fractals

    Hi guys this may be my second attempt not sure but anyway here's my favourite mirror that I have made hope you like it and if anyone wants to buy it then please P M me watching these fractals appear is so cool but scary especially the first one if anyone wants to come and have a go give me a call Cheers Mark


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