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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.

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  1. gobbypunk

    New 880

    F##k , I think I will put the saw in the shed and have a beer
  2. gobbypunk

    Respiratory masks

    Hi I have an Airshield Pro and the best £200 ever spent but yes the ear defenders are crap not worth buying I just use some small ballistic ones on a string , I use mine for workshop and milling .
  3. gobbypunk

    Idigbo v. Spruce cladding

    Hi they make windows out of it a lot it’s very durable outside , nice colour for a roof when polished , nice diamond pattern would be cool , show us some pics when done Cheers Mark
  4. gobbypunk


    Nice like Mr peg said are you up for selling any
  5. gobbypunk

    New 880

    Thanks guys , so I will just run it normal and do some small jobs first , but I do have an Oak milling job for next week , to soon do you think or just f###ing get on with it
  6. gobbypunk

    New 880

    Hi should have said Fuel up not foul , but cool as new saw
  7. gobbypunk

    New 880

    Hi Con fuck I totaly remember that as from my 2 stroke days , so anyway fouled it up this afternoon when the bloody rain stopped, and free handed a small walnut chog I had kicking around in the yard , totaly chuffed ace new saw , after the year I had last year good way to start this one , now I need 4 ft bar and chain , as I got a call today to go and Mill 2 , oak butts 3 ft wide and 10 ft long , it will be tough on my ankle but hey got to get on Thanks for all your comments Mark
  8. gobbypunk

    New 880

    No worries, but do I run it in
  9. gobbypunk

    New 880

    Hi guys , as you all know I had a break in at my workshop and had my 880 stolen , well I have had a massive bit of luck a charity that helped me when I had my accident a year ago have helped me again and only gone a paid for a new 880 for me so chuffed , so my question is should I run it in with some cross cutting on like half Rev like it says in the book or just run it like a smaller saw and just rev it up from the start
  10. gobbypunk

    Arblease how it works

    Hi that was over 5 yrs I think
  11. gobbypunk

    Arblease how it works

    Hi guys the arblease guys are totaly helpfull I have been talking to them about a woodland mill , Iave no credit rating as I have never had a bank loan , mortgage store card or any credit at all and they seemed to think that wouldn’t be a problem , it will cost a bit in interest though £800 on 3 grand but if you ain’t got 3grand then hey . Good luck Cheers Mark
  12. gobbypunk

    Work for wood

    Just going to say I loved the song and old photos
  13. gobbypunk

    Work for wood

    Hi guys we are so far from what I started saying it’s bonkers but hey , I was going to comment on the way the rich ruling class has set up our society from the very beginning but I wouldn’t Cheers Mark
  14. gobbypunk

    Night security at yards/lock-ups

    Hi get yourself a bus or horse box and convert it , me and my girlfriend and her daughter lived in a converted coach for yrs , had a Rayburn for heat and the best apple crumble ever , lived in a converted lorry and was night watchman for an industrial est in Cambridge, as long as you have tax and mot you can park anywhere , talk to farmers one might let you park on their land in exchange for some tree work , but if you do get lucky like that keep it quiet , best of luck , we have been thinking about getting a removals lorry to convert , check out Tiny House Movement Cheers Mark
  15. gobbypunk

    Work for wood

    Hi I was of the same thinking as Khriss and it was just his attitude oh come and clear my road like a s a p and just keep the wood but I want the small stuff , he did contact me later yesterday afternoon saying he had got the tree dealt with and the butt was in his yard did I want to buy it I offered to mill it for him and share the planks but he just wanted to sell it , oh well on to the next one Have a good day Guys Cheers Mark


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