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  1. Hi I was doing my milling with an Alaskan a d an 880 but broke my ankle and was struggling with it so I naught myself a woodlands mill hm130 and is miles better now I want a bigger one hydrolics etc ,so go for it but why not get the new hm130 max
  2. So thinking about getting a Merka sander with the Hoover that comes with it but then I spotted a Hoover that works the same but for £60 So the Merka set up is £700 or I could just get the cheaper Hoover and a Makita or Dewalt sander saving as good few quid ,what Sanders does everyone use and how do you rate them. Thanks Mark
  3. Hi I would be interested in some greenheart polishes up amazing ,but it's the only timber my 880 bounced off on my first go at milling it I made a mallet from some and even put the head on the wrong way round and it's still in one piece it's my go to big mallet ,Greenheart comes up dark brown with like a gold flecks it's cool please keep me in mind d for some Thanks Mark
  4. So I have a big table top in Sequoia and it has a long narrow crack and It's wanted for Thursday if possible so I have put resin in some bark inclusions on the legs and to save time I was thinking of just putting resin in the crack not a couple of butterflys as they take a while as usual looking forward to your response Cheers Mark
  5. Yep I totally agree but when I finish the 2 jobs I am working on at the moment them my order books are empty but a month to 're arrange my workshop and yard and get some milling done will be good but so would some orders
  6. People will sill want nice timber and the people with money will just buy nice furniture we will just have to make even stuff
  7. Nice looking mill what make is it ,nice elm boards also,I love Elm but just don't see any of it big enough to mill
  8. Hi Lea,cool thanks ,I did speak to Chris and he told me he doesn't get asked for second hand mills hardly ever might use gum tree rather than eBay Thanks Mark
  9. Um sorry don't know it don't have an hour meter like the new ones but like I said it's now cutting really nice and I would take £3500 for it considering it comes with 10 bands 5 brand new and 5 that will need sharpening I have replaced bushes,bearings and every nut and bolt that has been undone has been replaced with new just getting it ready to repaint I am only selling it as my broken ankle will not let me go tramping round woods and fields doing mobile milling and with making stuff don't really have the time for mobile milling either ,just thought I would give everyone on hear a shout about it before it goes on eBay Cheers Mark
  10. Hi sorry to the guys who wanted me to WhatsApp them some photos but got the mobile numbers F**, Ed up and didn't know whos number was who's give me a another call and I'll sort it out hopefully these pictures will be OK
  11. Hi so if I can get it to work here are some photos of the mill if you want any more just let me know Cheers Mark
  12. Hi guys thinking of selling my Woodlands hm130 on a trailer originally I was going to offer mobile milling but with making stuff and milling at my yard there just isn't enough time so going to just get a static mill I have changed the bushes bearings and all the bolts that I have undone I have replaced with new ,so I want offers around £3800 , my numbers are 01258 863705 and 07449736569 if anyone is interested I will take some photos today Thanks Mark
  13. Hi yep Vista print or over night prints have used both
  14. Ha it's not me that turns the bloody photos I haven't a clue why it happens
  15. Hi yep it's a 1963 Bedford 3 and a half tonne flatbed


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