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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.

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  1. gobbypunk

    Monkey Puzzle

    Hi I think that’s a good idea , one idea a fellow Arab talker mentioned to me when I had my accident was like an insurance type thing hear on arbtalk say we all put in a tenner and then buy some saws and invest the rest when one of us gets burgled or has an accident then there would be some help , like a saw to borrow until you can get a new one etc you get the picture what do you think , back to the monkey puzzle my mate who runs a sawmill is probably going to help me with it if I am lucky I might even get it milled on a woodmizer in with the deal
  2. gobbypunk

    Monkey Puzzle

    Hi Jon already asked a mate who has a hi ab lorry if he will move it for me just waiting for him to get back to me , I just thought it would be nice to share .
  3. gobbypunk

    Monkey Puzzle

    Oh god yeah the other side of the country almost , shame , hopefully someone will be up for it.
  4. gobbypunk

    Monkey Puzzle

    Hi guys so nobody wants to go shares on this monkey puzzle, bloody hell I really thought somebody would pitch in so it doesn’t get ringed up for firewood
  5. gobbypunk

    Monkey Puzzle

    Oh yeah will be totally looking after myself, last week after I got over the sawdust in my eyes , I then had some bug sitting on the bog throwing up in the bath , but better now thank F##k
  6. gobbypunk

    Monkey Puzzle

    Hi guys I have been offered a monkey puzzle it's about 4ft at the base and 40 tall haven't seen it yet I am not in a position to deal with it all so do any of you want to share it with me 8/10ft would do me, its near Wincanton Dorset /Somerset border, I am going to have a look at it next Wednesday so will take some photos then Cheers Mark
  7. gobbypunk

    3/8 lp chain on a Husky 543xp

    Hi the best person to speak with is Rob D from Chainsaw Bars he is a font of knowledge on bars and chains . Cheers Mark
  8. gobbypunk

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    Hi look out for chain tension issues with the solid nosed bar I had loads of probs until Rob D recommended a sprocket nosed bar then way to go no more chain tension issues , but good luck and have fun , milling is ace when you first turn over that slab and see what the grain is like F###ing Cool as , do post some pics Cheers Mark
  9. gobbypunk

    Sawdust in the eyes

    Hi yeah I am thinking , I must have been Attila the Hun or Ghengis Khan ,in a former life all the bloody accidents , Ha ha bloody ha ha
  10. gobbypunk

    Sawdust in the eyes

    Ha so it seems I am not alone , hope you get back on your feet soon Nepia glad to hear you don’t need surgery , eyes are much better tonight, but defo the worst thing that’s happened to them when I left the house yesterday morning to head to A and E I just couldn’t see F ###ing scary Stay Safe Guys Mark
  11. gobbypunk

    Sawdust in the eyes

    What are those goggles from Sthil like I will have a look for them , one thing Optrex is sort of expensive and don’t last that long , it’s mostly whitch hazel and sterile water , it would be cool to make my own but how much whitch hazel to mix in anybody know a herbalist
  12. gobbypunk

    Sawdust in the eyes

    My Airshield pro is the dogs bolox for keeping shit out of my eyes and lungs , it was just a quick helping hand didn’t even think , but on the mend , I was just wondering if I am accident prone my girlfriend is saying I have more mishaps than anybody she has ever known, so I got to wondering what mishaps everyone else suffers , Thanks guys
  13. gobbypunk

    Sawdust in the eyes

    I do normally wear my air shield even when using the table saw , only just turned around to help my mate , and don’t worry I will look out for tank transporters
  14. gobbypunk

    Sawdust in the eyes

    Hi guys , I must be one of the most accident prone people in the whole country , in the workshop on Friday wax polishing benches all day , helped a mate run some ply through the table saw 2 small strips woke up on Saturday itchy eyes , and a little bit light sensitivity, went and moved some rubbish for a friend by the time I get back from walking my dog at 4:30 ish my eyes were bloody killing me hardly slept over 2hrs waiting in A and E Sunday morning , bloody scratches on my eyeballs , gloopy cream to put in my eyes , a bit better this morning , but ordered to stay off work, Is it just me or do any of you lot have things like this happen , my ankle, stuff in my eyes a few times or am I cursed was I Atilla the Hun or somebody like him in another life and paying in this one ,A very fed up Gobby
  15. gobbypunk

    Coffee table

    Hi everyone sorry was trying to take some better photos but my phone went flat , one day I will get it together with technology but obviously not today


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