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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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  1. gobbypunk

    Planking with Alaskan mill

    Get some ratchet straps and some nice flat planks and clamp it all as tight as the ratchet it up tight
  2. gobbypunk

    Wanted-Bandsaw Mill

    Hi have a look at Woodland Mills heard nothing but good things about them , if I had £3500 I would get myself one Good luck Cheers Mark
  3. gobbypunk

    Chipper stolen at knifepoint dartford kent

    Funny thing is though my dog is only on guard dog mode when he is in our van anywhere else and he is just a big soppy
  4. gobbypunk

    Chipper stolen at knifepoint dartford kent

    Big scary dogs that’s what we all need I could leave £500 in my van with my dog and nobody would be getting it shame you can’t have an unattended guard dog at your workshop , yard anymore
  5. gobbypunk

    Which Welder

    Hi we have a SIP mig with an argon mix from our auto spares shop everyone who has used it says it’s one of the best welders they have used , I am not good at welding sculpture I can do , and I find it an easy machine to use , my mate has a warrior inverter mig and that’s a lot harder to get on with , if you are near Shaftesbury Dorset come and have a go see what you think Cheers Mark
  6. gobbypunk

    chain oil

    Hi I use that sexys chain oil and as Bill says by the time you have sanded the piece there shouldn’t be any chain oil fling on it , it can be a pain sometimes but hey
  7. gobbypunk

    Planks looking for a new home

    Hi would you want it all gone , PM already sent
  8. gobbypunk

    Angle grinder blade

    And ladders look what a ladder did to me back in January, yeah those grinder things can be lethal King Arthur’s wheel I think they are called mine is , make sure you have the guard and handle on the grinder there have been some horrific accidents with those things I have a solid one with chainsaw cutters sort of shaped into it as well they both mostly sit on rack getting dusty
  9. Hi I spoke you could paint it with black bitimous paint it will defo weather proof it but you Would be better off getting something better suited I recon
  10. gobbypunk

    Dead elm removal

    What a shame we just don’t get any Elm down hear in Dorset and it’s one of my favs
  11. If you have the cash defo buy it you can always buy in saw logs for cladding , and if you keep it in good nic you can always sell it on when done but I bet you don’t milling is addictive , I have been trying to get the money together for a mill but not had a good year , go for it good luck
  12. gobbypunk

    Chainsaw mill bow

    Do you think it may be the weight of the power head as I have noticed a very slight bow and taking the weight off the power head solved it , just a thought Cheers Mark
  13. gobbypunk

    Big Oak stick

    Funny all these negative comments I am sure I have read posts on hear with people saying it’s ok for furniture and has cool grain pattern I am sure I have seen some photos of some stunning looking boards of turkey oak , be cool to slab a few boards to see what it’s like then carve the rest into a bench .
  14. gobbypunk

    Chainsaws stolen last night

    I feel for you it’s only 3/4 weeks since I had my saws stolen , still struggling to replace them I didn’t have insurance either , and the bloody old bill were as much help as a chocolate tea pot
  15. gobbypunk


    Hi , like Rick said box out the heart wood , or you could try ratchet strapping the log together after you’ve milled and snickered it grounch them up as tight as you can and let it dry , good luck do let us know how you get on Cheers Mark


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