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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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  1. Hi no it’s not mine it belongs to the matey that shares our workshop with us
  2. Sorry for putting this on here but could not find the for sale forum, so this saw has no compression not been taken apart so not sure what is wrong for sale as spares or repair if its of any use to anyone here's the link for it on eBay. Cheers guys Husqvarna Chainsaw 266XP For Spares/Repairs. Nearly new bar & chain. No compresn ROVER.EBAY.COM Husqvarna Chainsaw 266XP For Spares/Repairs. <br><br>Nearly new bar & chain - only been sharpened the once before the saw lost compression.<br><br>Condition is For parts or not working as there is no compression in the motor. <br><br>New parts recently fitted:<br>Bar and chain<br>Inlet manifold<br>Pull cord case plastics
  3. Hi guys the glow in the dark is so bloody hard to photograph so I don’t have any pictures unfortunately hopefully Jon can take some tomorrow Cheers Mark
  4. Hi guys ,it was me that made the table for Jon , shame about the shrinkage Jon sorry that happened,how is the glow in the dark , just making another yew resin table but not using glow in the dark
  5. A CNC planing jig for big slabs now that would be cool set it to go and come back later and your slab is done ! I have a big workshop with mig ,tig ,plasma cutter not very good with the welders but let’s a few of us get together and make some for ourselves
  6. Hi it may be obvious but have you checked the air filter ,on my old 880 the one that got stolen the air filter was always getting full of sawdust making it hard to start and under powered as with most things look for the most obvious first a good clean fresh fuel and then see what happens,good luck hope you get it sorted
  7. Bloody hell English Elm in that size has got to be rare theses days,wish I had some.
  8. Hi yep ,it came from the woodland on the small est I help to look after,had a deal to get it milled but unfortunately the matey F###ed me over and I only ended up with one slab from 3 trees ,but hey what a slab, the Mayer in question had a terrible accident so Carma got him so I didn’t need to , ended up settling our differences and he passed me a couple of jobs funny old life
  9. Hi Ali I started making a n oak table and was pleasantly surprised when I took the grinder to it
  10. Hi I have a very plain slab of monkey puzzle without the eyes in it very white and plain
  11. gobbypunk


    Yep we always get toads in our yard under some old logs in the sawdust I have a nice damp compost heap full of bark old bits of log and I relocate the toads to it ,and seen a good few wood wasps fuck they are scary looking .
  12. Hi yep about £1500, and you have the fiddly glazing bars to make then the glass cutting the glass to size and putty ,knifing putty in is a bit of an art in itself. I have Doug Fir but not dry .Good luck and do post some pics Cheers Mark
  13. Coool as that Fu##ing bar is massive I would love a go milling with that monster I bet it’s ace fun . Cheers Mark
  14. Hi Steve,Thanks nice one ,cool as to see it with pictures in it


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