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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.

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  1. gobbypunk

    Large Yew Tree

    Same as above where is it and what do you want for it Cheers Mark
  2. gobbypunk

    Milling western red cedar

    I was thinking coast redwood , I was in a garden the other day delivering a bench and they had one bigger than the one in the photos a real gem it’s not often I wish I was a climber but that one the view would have been amazing . What’s the plan for the boards what are you going to make Cheers Mark
  3. gobbypunk


    Sorry Kevin just Eggs and me having a laugh not sure I cold explain just call an in joke
  4. gobbypunk


    Sorry Sir just on my way. Ha Ha Ha ha the best reply so far
  5. gobbypunk


    Some are the same hear , I had A very safe park up in a car park of a closed cold storage unit I was living in a convenient 7and half tonne box lorry , I kept an eye on the garage at night and the garage kept an eye on my truck in the day when I was at work , then one day an Irish couple pulled their caravan on and their kids were all over my rig a couple of hours later more arrived trying to block me in I had to threaten to drive through a caravan to get out of there , so no not all travelers are nice folk just like people who live in just please don’t judge first not every traveller is a thieving scum bag just like not every black person who lives on an estate sells crack . I Do think we should just close this topic enough saiid I think
  6. gobbypunk


    Well said Eggs , but I haven’t had been called Gobby for the last 30yrs for no reason, Time for a cold one I thinks , waiting for my mate to come and give me a lift to look at a new van coming back from the first show I have done since my accident in January got some orders on the books and my van blows up must be due some good luck soon Cheers All
  7. gobbypunk

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    That’s cool it’s a nightmare hollowing out like that I do it quite often Cheers Mark
  8. gobbypunk


    I Tell you what guys I am getting totaly fed up with all this F###ing Shite , I still class myself as a traveler even though I live in bricks It really really saddens me to hear all this narrow minded bullshit Nobody F###ing ever bought anything from me and had a complaint can’t you all just wake up and smell the coffee , it’s the government, the bankers who are having us all over every day . Take a look in the sky at all those long lines that look like noughts and crosses the sky never looked like that when I was in my 20,s they are spraying heavy metals, chem trails , slowly insidiously killing us our kids our planet , we should all be sticking together to try and live together work together play together give it a try who knows you might learn something, This will probably be one of my last posts I thought we had a community on hear how F###ing wrong was I
  9. gobbypunk


    I wasn’t going to comment any more but , we all wish that wrong uns didn’t exist but they do in all walks of life but if we start saying he’s a traveller or Buddhist they must be hounded given no work where does this kind of thinking get us bloody Natzi Germany , if you is a good egg old chap what the F##K does it matter if you have a blue mo hawk or short hair and a beer belly , Live and let Live , the American settlers decimated the Indians just because they didn’t or wouldn’t understand them , Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee is one of the Best and sadist books I have ever read , why can’t we all just help each other to get on Life is just too F###ing short
  10. gobbypunk

    Cedar of Lebanon Timber

    Loaves the house does the door open
  11. gobbypunk


    That’s a real shame Mr west as if you had just looked past my silly hair cut you would have found out that me and my colleagues are extremely qualified have the right kit insurance etc and are actually very kind nice helpful people who prob would have given you a very good quote and come with references from people like The Lord Lieutenant of Dorset ,nd Sir William Hanham to name drop a few who actually liked my hair do , I like to be judged on the quality of the work I do rather than how I look , Punk Rock started in the 1970,s mo hawks are old news , sorry but I think it’s sad to judge a book by its cover . I will not say any more on this subject we should all stick together it’s the bloody government that screws us all over if we have a mo hawk and live in a bus , or have a side partin and live in a semi detached, we all work hard and do the best job we can , don’t judge others or one day someone might judge you . Cheers Mark
  12. gobbypunk


    I thought I had something more to say
  13. gobbypunk


    Nice one eggs for sticking up for the likes of us I have had quite a few dealings with the guys on hear one being an ex police man and non of them has had anything bad to say about me I too have lived in bricks for yrs grew up in bricks but wanted to see our fine country drink beer in Cornwall and look for the monster in Loch Ness , I worked in Alternative Circus all over Eroupe and yes a lot of traveling folk are wrong uns but I tell you what we don’t get no bloody pedos or nonces no sir no F###ing way , just look at all the crime from inner city estates but it’s just like bully breed dogs the press only pick up on what sells you get good and bad in all walks of life at the mo I have a blue mo hawk hair cut and at the show we did on the weekend a bunch on elderly ladies wanted an owl so I limped with it on a trolley to their bus , no judging me coz of my hair , it’s what you have in your Heart that counts treat everyone like you would be treated , and don’t even get me started on the bankers or the government, Enjoy the sun spread the love chill and have a beer
  14. gobbypunk

    Gobby punk had an accident p

    Hi Guys I thought it was time for an up date I am now back wearing a pair of boots with an ankle brace , limping and it hurts like F##K by 4:30 I have had enough and loads of swelling did my first show on the weekend , went ok got a couple of orders on the books coming back from Wells on Sunday got as far as Shaftesbury and my van broke down and it looks like it’s totaly F###ed , just getting back on my feet and now this , what did I do was I Attila the Hun in another life , if anyone knows of a big panel van for sale I have £1500 to spend Thanks Guys
  15. gobbypunk


    The ms 661c-m


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