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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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  1. Hi Spuddog ,Santapod aint been there in yrs and yrs used to love the run what you brung weekends some real interesting contraptions used to turn up ,sorry for the derail.
  2. Hi mate no not sold any yet I have a big shed on the Est I look after so tempted to air dry then kiln dry the unusual timbers ,worth more cash that way but we do have a big Wood Fair in Agust so I will take a load there and if anyone wants some,just working on a flyer and website we have a nice professional photocopier so flyers will be cheap.
  3. I will use some of it for the big garden benches we make and not sure about the rest very similar looking to cedar of lebanon
  4. Finally got some pics of the Blue Cedar finished yesterday
  5. Hi mate do they have a hole in them to fit over the pole
  6. Nice job I bet you are chuffed you should be how long did they take
  7. A totally good idea I saw a low tech thing like that on ebay once using scafhold poles but could not find it again ,I would totally be into getting one or why dont we all get together and make and sell something I have a big workshop with welding cutting milling etc could make us a heap of cash
  8. Nice framing how long did it take
  9. So yeah skip chain worked a real treat got to admit I was surprised at how well it went through the Cedar until I caught the very edge of the coach screws holding my ladder to the 2nd log but not many cutters to sharpen ,the Atlas Cedar is so heavy compared to western red Bloody caught my bad ankle with one of the boards that slipped thought I was heading to the hospital when it first happened but was lucky it just hurts like F##c ,will try and get some pics of the boards up . Cheers. Mark
  10. Chainsaw Milling some Blue Cedar today it will be my first time chainsaw milling in ages and first time using a skip chain will report on how I find it later should be good fun
  11. You could always drop the Elm off at mine and I will mill it no probs ,just dont see any Elm at all its crap .
  12. Hi that would be my air shield you can see bloody good bit of kit
  13. Not having much luck with the photos but hear you go next boards off the mill
  14. Hi guys sorry the photos are crap I will take some better ones tomorrow
  15. Cool colours totally worth the massive ball ache getting it


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