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  1. Hi Lazarus ,what kind of results are you getting how long can you get 1/2mtrs or less
  2. gobbypunk


    Hi I think we should get in touch with the minister for trade and say hey we want the same tools available hear ,I remember it was the same with crash helmets, the Simpson Starwars was tested to drag racing standards in the US and at the time were stricter than the road safety standards hear but they were banned now they are everywhere even that bloody guy the Stig has one .
  3. Hi Roy’s yep I used a microwave transformer,but I am on the lookout for a transformer from oil burning central heating as I have been told they are safer the neon transformers there are 2 types and only the one type is any good but can’t remember what one sorry. Cheers Mark
  4. gobbypunk


    So like quite a lot of you I expect I watch Building Alaska and shows like it ,on a few of them I see them using power tools that are just not available in this country I just seen a chainsaw attachment for a circular saw for cross cutting big beams ,why is it that we can’t buy things like that hear .
  5. gobbypunk


    Hi yep defo worth milling ,do you want it all as I am always up for some pear wood . Cheers Mark
  6. Hi yep just a quick box I knocked up it’s going to have rope handles quite chuffed with it ,we are at a wood fair this weekend so hopefully it will sell but as with most things I make putting a price on it is difficult ant thoughts on what’s it worth Cheers Mark
  7. Coast Redwood takes the burn really well
  8. Hi guys, a table top from the monkey puzzle I milled with my Alaskan a few months back hope you like it Cheers Mark
  9. Hi the first thing I would do is remove the bark there is an ugly wood boaring beetle that loves oak bark and sapwood ,and the general rule of thumb is an inch a year plus a year so 3 yrs for a 2 inch board but depending on what you want to make a shorter drying time may work
  10. Hi Mr Slabber ,no the joinery can be a simple as you want or are able to do !you could just use coach bolts and screws ,you can get black coach screws from eBay and make a feature of them easy peasy
  11. Yep sticky as and heavy but amazing boards , I have a load of monkey puzzle that I got a few months back can’t wait to Mill the rest of it ,the sections with the branches are worth it but the rest will probably be quite plain,there should be some photos of some shelves I did for my daughter in the woodcraft forum, so I would say get it and mill it .
  12. So guys now I have my band Mill where is the best place to buy the bands and do they vary in teeth per inch if so is there a guide of some sort or is it best just to use like an all purpose band .its going to be a learning curve but hopefully well worth it Thanks Mark
  13. Hi guys always have a head full of interesting projects it’s getting time to round to them all
  14. Hi guys right I had not done anything no adjusting I was cutting some yew the first cut and it started ok then got a bit tight but I think the log may have knocked into the guide rollers and just knocked the band off but then on opening the doors ai think the tracking may also have been out so watched the vid on blade changing and tracking the band was a used one as the mill is a used one I have another band so I will set it all up and have another go but will have to wait until Monday now . Thanks everyone


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