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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.

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  1. Good luck following this with interest .
  2. Hi sorry if this is in the wrong place but i have a steel wheel from a unimog I think its 20inch can take a photo tomorrow if anyone is interested Thanks. Mark
  3. Its the "very valuable Black Walnut sketch "again I still laugh when I watch that cartoon,back to the green oak furniture if there is enough just make it out of 6x6 peg it all together as long as they dont want to move it it should be ok and look stunning could even put casters on it to move it around hope you get the job and photos of what you make if you do . Cheers. Mark
  4. Yeah its looking thin on the ground for WRC after talking to 2 mates down hear who run big ish mills might have to go with Doug Fir
  5. Um not sure what that is ment to mean (by way of a bump)
  6. So nobody has any WRC saw logs
  7. Hi does anyone have like 2/3 nice Western Red Cedar saw logs near me in North Dorset I need to be able to get them in my van or delivered as I had a massive nightmare with my tow bar electrics and now dont have any till its fixed . Thanks Happy New Year everyone Cheers. Mark
  8. F####G W#####S I hope you find them and break a few bits its such a shit thing to do ,you need a big dog in your yard maybe .
  9. Hi Everyone just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  10. Cool nice saw nice story behind it as well
  11. Those hairpin legs are everywhere and will scratch any wood floor ,I am sure you can find better than that
  12. Please dont get those nasty hairpin legs
  13. Hi mate I feel for you I have f###ed lungs as well I got a nebuliser from ebay and that helps when I am struggling ,I do hope you havent got what you fear ,giving up sugar can help and a veg/vegan diet ,I am on pills and puffers and yeah like you said coughing up yellow/green means infection ,hope you have a good Christmas Take Care. Mark
  14. Nice and totally different legs /base how long did it take


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