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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.

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  1. I have my chainsaw tickets and nobody has ever asked to look at them even when I got my 880 and that could do some damage in the wrong hands but as I dont have a climbing ticket I cant buy a top handle saw ,now thats mad
  2. Yep if its Ash and fresh cut the pinkyness will fade away with time
  3. Hi Mutley how did you get the wire through the middle of that long stick
  4. Hi I will have a look on the tin for the name of the Spanish stuff on Monday
  5. Hi yep also takes me back yrs and yrs made canoes as kids ply and fibreglass
  6. Hi I always use Teak Oil as I find it soaks in better than danish oil or theres Osmo but thats expensive ,at the mo I have this Spanish 2 stage stuff first coat is an anti fungicide and then a top coat it works really well comes from Wood Finishes in Yeovil ,but my go to finish is always Teak Oil
  7. Ha I did it again hear is the photo
  8. First day back milling, had a bit of an issue with the mill vibrating but sused that out some of the feet had come loose I might swap the nuts for nylock, used the torque wrench set to the same as the old mill and that sorted the tension so a good day, half a butt of monkey puzzle to go and then its Walnut then Mullberry what a cool start to the year. Happy New Year everyone
  9. I used to have a Norton Commando interstate mk3 850 I loved that bike wish I never sold it but hopefully I will have my chop ready for this summer z550 hardtail old skool bobber
  10. Yep I also like it loads of work went into making that.
  11. Hi guys no there are no fairs ,shows anywhere near us havent been for months and months
  12. Hi we used to do lots of shows, fairs etc and now there aint any its killing us, our order book is empty, need a website a s a p
  13. gobbypunk


    I have seen nice big slab tables made from it but on an tv program from the US dont know if it would be a diffrent type ,if it was me I would be tempted to mill a few 4/6 inch slabs strap them up and see what happens even if it cracks badly it could be used for resin tables


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