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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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  1. Those tops look ace and what a place to get away cool as
  2. Hi Les sort of got the big thicknesser sorted still need to get the rise and fall sorted properly and the poolewood people are having that toy one back so now back to looking for a bargin of a planner thicknesser
  3. Hi I have had one of those grinders for yrs and yrs my mate gave it to me and even though I dont use it that often if I hit a nail or the ground cutting fire wood its ace for bringing all the cutters back the same as they all need to be the same length but I do find the granberg 12v sharpener the best as it will do both cutters and rakers and you can run it from your truck battery ,do do like the Lidl one though. Cheers Mark
  4. So got my big thicknesser working the rise and fall still aint sorted but I can do up to almost 3 inch thick ,the Poolewood people were sound and are taking that crappy little one back so still looking for a bargin of a planner thicknesser if anyone spots one Cheers Mark
  5. If it was a bit better made and those legs were on some sort of ratchet system it would be an ok bit of kit but as is would more than likely break ,Panther Mill for a chainsaw mill thats what I would get if I needed to replace my Alaskan .
  6. Cool as me and some mates drove one from Exeter to Cardiff and back again to get a sound system ace fun to drive
  7. Yeah will be on the phone first thing it did my head in as I rang and spoke to someone who told me yeah good bit of kit but hey I spose I should have known better if anyone spots a bargain do let me know Thanks Mark
  8. Hi so having no luck in finding a good old 10/12 inch planner thicknesser I rang round and got a Fox 10 inch from Poolewood who said it was a good machine but as soon as I got it out of the box I thought F##k so the parallel fence is bent and moves when you slide like a 2x1 along it I will be giving Poolewood a call in the morning ,I just wanted to warn you all not to buy one it looks like a toy . Cheers. Mark
  9. Hi guys so been looking for a bargin of a 10/12 inch planner thicknesser but couldnt find a sturdy old one so rang around and ordered a fox 10 inch from Poolewood so I ask the question whats it like and they say yeah good machine so it arrives and stright away I think what the F##k so puts it together and the parallel fence is bent and moves when you are planning a small plank I will be giving Poolewood a call in the morning just wanted to let you all know not to buy a Fox planner Cheers Mark
  10. Dont sound like Blandford fly you get a big blister from them my girlfrieds whole arm was twice the size and the blister was massive
  11. Hi Rob hows you ,yeah there is no way I would pay to do a Demo ,the saw ,carving wood ,insurance etc etc all cost money so I would have needed to clear a grand before I made any money ha no effing way
  12. Hi Steve it was a Chainsaw Carving Demo so yeah should have been paid or at the least a free stand never paid for a stand to do a Demo not even at the Bath and West Show
  13. Hi Les I dont think it liked being moved to be honest its been one thing after another I think it may have metal fatigue
  14. Yeah trade show this year at Bieulie
  15. Hi Squaredy I am having trouble with my big thicknesser as well every handle seems to want to snap feed rollers stopped working an effing nightmare bought a small 10 inch and fedx are having some issue delivering it why cant things just work


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