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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.
  1. Hey didnt think I would be called the public more like a fellow carver but whatever
  2. a log for carving hh

    Hi to be fair I did say I was in the St Albans area but I now know better for the future bloody bring a log with me , I carved a small castle tower , doing some jobs for the mother in law them home to Dorset , I tell you the air pollution up hear is bad ,going to leave it till 9pm ish to avoid the M25 traffic
  3. Hi Kim so do you have a yard , I would like to pop in and say hi maybe we can all help each other , I have an alaskan milll if you need any milling I can also point you in the direction of some sawmills why not pop in to my yard do you need a place to work my numbers are 01258 863705 and 07449736569 cheers Mark
  4. Hi Rob and kim where are you based hopefully not to near me in Shaftesbury there is only so much work to go round
  5. a log for carving hh

    So, yes I was pissed off I always help people when and if I can I even stop if I see someone broken down , so thinking we had a comunity worth having I thought Hey I know I will ask the guys on arbtalk having been let down by A1 tree services watford aand was just massively disapointed when my Please help didnt even get a sorry dont live near until I said what I thought my girlfriend said I shouldnt post what I did but hey do you all want to know what I did after setting up my stand demo area at the show I wws driving round looking for scrub land that had a butt on it knocking doors asking do you mind if I take that log got one in the end but still finding it hard t belive that no one on hear knew where I could have got a log so yeah I stand by what I said if you can help and just cant be bothered then I defo think you are a W##ker if the cap fits , Hot grumpy knackerd Gobby Punk
  6. a log for carving hh

    Hi guys so none of you live near St albans or know anyone who does that I could get a log from Shame on you all I thought wew were a comunity , to not even get a reply I have a few words for people who cant be bothered to help each other but I would get in trouble if I posted them you all know what I mean one of them begins with W and ends in ERS enough said
  7. log for carvinghihi

    Hi Bill , yes it seems so much quieter in this new format I dodnt like it as much , Soz I dont know
  8. log for carvinghihi

    Well thanks guys for your help F##king nice one
  9. a log for carving hh

    Hi guys can anyone help I am realey stuck I need a log for doing a chainsaw carving demo this weekend Sun and Mon and have been let down for the one I was going to get , I am in the St Albans area and my mobile is 07449736569 if anyone can help please
  10. log for carvinghihi

    Hi guys does anyone know where I can get a log for carving at a show for this weekend in the st albans area I am in a real mess as I am demoing at a show and have been let down getting one hopefully one of you guys can help my mobile is 07449736569
  11. what level of detail?

    Hi ,just find your own way some things will be mostly saw work but others will be alot of power tool work it depends what you are carving ,owls,bears its mostly the saw but say a castle , with ivy growing up it there will be alot of power tool work, whatever gets you where you want to be when the piece is done , I use all sorts from saws, to dremils and chisels the one I would be lost without is my filling sandet , just work with what makes it a happy thing to do , have a go with other peoples power tools if you like what they do then go get one of your own I may not use my dremal for 3/4 months but still glad I have it you would be welcome to come and have a go with whatever powertools I have if you want to check out some diffrent kit just P M me Cheers Mark
  12. Viking longboat bench

    Hi Tony , I wsa thinking a carved long boat with a bench carved into the side and a mast and sail to use as a sun shade will need a big butt , and moving it would be a challange Cheers Mark
  13. Viking longboat bench

    Nice, big benches are cool, Ilove making big benches but moving them is a pain , what timber is it made from , its given me an idea for a bench will post some pics if I get it together , how long did it take Cheers Mark
  14. Saying hello, me and my turbosawmill

    Hi my mate sells those turbo saws if anyone is interested let me know and I will give you his number , they are ok for 6x2 etc but no good for slabbing they leave loads of sww marks quite deep but theydo have their place also bloody expensive Cheers Mark
  15. what to treat oak with

    Hi love your sink Adamelder, as for the oak shower I am with everyone else , either resin coat all over but if even a small amount of water gets in it will stain and look crap , I would go for elm , good luck and do keep us up to date and some pics Cheers Mark


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