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    Second that. I know a few lads that didn't know how it worked, got stiffed and had to pay the tax man. In other words their employer took 20% but didn't give it to the tax man. It is for labour only so if you can word your invoice that labor is a small part of your costs then you can keep more of the money in your bank for longer.
  2. There is that too 😅 With a name like Isambard Kingdom Brunel you have no option but to achieve great things.
  3. I can't agree more. David has always been a great asset to arbtalk. Well done and well deserved David.
  4. As most of the above 1.5x for Saturday and 2x for an Sunday, although I don't think I have ever worked on a Sunday! It really depends on who you work for and why you're working the weekend IMO. If I was freelancing and wanted to work the weekend for a bit of extra money I wouldnt expect the boss to pay me more than a normal day rate but if I was pricing a job that had to be done on the weekend I would charge more and pay myself and the lads the extra. I also wouldnt ask anyone to work the weekend without offering them more pay. Time and a half or double time isnt an excessive amount to ask for IMO.
  5. Soft, strong and very absorbent.
  6. Instead of worrying about running out of bog roll I just bought a load of rabbits. They keep the grass down and are self cleaning.
  7. That's not something I can agree with. If I did then I should be putting myself forward to take one for the team. No chance, life is a gift from the gods (not literally like), although I do think some don't deserve it but that's for another thread.
  8. I don't know but is it only Sweden who have gone down the herd immunity route?
  9. Yes, we are all heading towards herd immunity and it does sound like Sweden my be getting there quicker which is good news for them. They do have a high death rate though. I had already read that article, the experts who claim Sweden has herd immunity have been criticised by quite a few others. The headline is false as they don't have herd immunity. So yes it comes down to which facts we want to believe. Just because I don't agree with your views doesn't mean I only read what I believe to be true. I'm more than happy to change my views. But since I'm not a virologist I will listen to the advice from people like WHO, PHE,DOH, CDC, ECDC. Suppose it makes me a sheep.
  10. Rehashed nonsense. 😀 that's only because you don't agree with it. Its science, they run with the facts they have until something differnet is proven. France will be suffering in many ways, a huge increase in cases means more restrictions, more mask wearing, less tourism etc. At least the deaths are staying low which is good news. Herd immunity in Sweden? they are a long way away from the 70% they need for herd immunity, apparently they think it's at 30% which a lot of experts think is exaggerated. I couldn't read the article as I don't subscribe.
  11. There are also other experts who dismiss those opinions. Some expert said viruses don't exist, should we believe him? I'll run with the majority for now as it doesn't negatively affect my life too much of a degree wearing a mask and social distancing. France didn't continue do it and now they are suffering. I don't understand how they can say social distancing doesn't help in slowing the spread of the virus? From what I've read it's passed on from respiratory droplets and it isn't properly airborne yet.
  12. It's usually the grafting that brings the luck.
  13. Maybe the reason is that if we just did nothing and went back to how we lived in January the outcome would be far, far worse than it is now. I don't believe everything the gov tells us I just believe the majority of experts who say that this is a big issue.
  14. Not to mention Amazon, I bet Jeff has done quite well out of it. I remember reading awhile ago that the UK tax avoidance specialists stiff the UK of around £400 billion a year in corporation tax, that would help rejuvenate the magic money tree. Some of them get a rebate which is in the 100s of millions. Nothing wrong with people making billions, someone has to but those £50 million squid yachts, but they don't need to have the funds to buy 10 of them because they don't pay tax.
  15. If the person isolating develops symptoms then the rest of the household needs to isolate. They are trying to control the virus rather than stop it. The guidelines should be a lot clearer though.


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