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  1. Mesterh


    Brilliant! I'm using that every single time I take the kids to the zoo for at least the next 9 years. After that I guess it just wont be as funny.
  2. Mesterh

    Some Tree Surgeons Suck.........

    Good God, is this a fishing thread or what. There are plenty of reasons why those trees didnt get cut, if you cant comprehend one of them then you are a shit business man. The most probable reason is that someone priced to reduce a conifer hedge, maybe asked if the trees wanted cutting too, got told to fck off and only price what was asked for end of saga. Ive worked for a few different landlords over the years, the vast majority have stipulated that we only carry out the work that we quoted for and not to do any other works that the tenant may ask for. Looks like you have been well and truly bummed, doing a job for a cup of tea and a sad story, you must feel dirty and abused.
  3. Mesterh

    National companies putting us a step back.

    I agree there. There isn't much grass to cut in the winter so they can put the grass lads on the tree work to cover the wages.
  4. Mesterh

    And they wonder why the get ripped off

    Had this plenty of times with the old dears. We never take a penny until the job is completed. I always insist on credit card and pin number upfront mind, you never know how much the job is going to be until the end. Its sad to know that unfortunately these people will get turned over sooner or later when they invite the wrong contractor in. I hope that over the years I have managed to educate a few of them into not parting with their hard earned until they are happy with the job, I hope.
  5. Mesterh

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    Seriously! Why would someone without employee's party for EL? So you think a self employed gardener should have PL, EL and PI? Do you sell insurance?
  6. Mesterh

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    Good grief! It's like pulling teeth! Looks like I will have to make my simple question more simple, maybe a drawing will help?😀
  7. Mesterh

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    The subby is asked to look at and price a job. He does the job when he can schedule it in. He gets paid on whatever terms they have discussed. I'm not talking about a 'subby' who just comes in on a daily basis and gets paid on a day rate, ie they should be an employee.
  8. Mesterh

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    Let's assume they are a bona fide subby where does everyone stand?
  9. Mesterh

    Sub contractor but also team leader

    This should be easy to answer. If I use a bona fide subby and send one of my employee's to work under his instructions who is then injured due to the actions/instructions of said subby will my emoyers liability pay out? If NO then that is a major problem. Also is there a possibility that my EL insurance might pay out depending on the level of cover etc. If the answer is YES then that should be something which is clear in the EL document so the subby can easily check. It should not be a grey area as the important thing is the injured employee should be covered no matter what happens to them. Will any of the insurance companies confirm the above please?
  10. Mesterh

    CIS tax questions

    As chunkybigbro said make sure you get that cis statement. Cis, nice and easy way for hmrc to get tax as they are forcing someone else responsible for tax collecting. Chasing amazon and google, phaa sounds like hard work.
  11. Mesterh

    Ingenious Mountaineering Gadget

    No you didn't dream it, you've just been watching Lord of the rings. Samwise Gamgee wants his eleven rope back.
  12. Mesterh

    Making the news today....

    This idiot did the same with the MMR jab a good few years ago, the effect was an increase in measels. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield I think that with some vaccines the effectiveness relies on a certain percentage of the population being immunized, if that isn't reached then it's nearly worthless.
  13. Mesterh

    Queen to cut down Windsor trees

    At least she is putting them to some good use, probably why they were planted there in the first place.
  14. Mesterh

    Climate change anyone?

    Im sure Tolkein said something similar in his fictional books. But can you please explain what on earth that means? Also what guilt have you let go of?
  15. Mesterh

    Climate change anyone?

    Battery powered planes, there you go Ive sorted it. Lets move on, next global conundrum please.


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