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  1. Mesterh

    Making the news today....

    This idiot did the same with the MMR jab a good few years ago, the effect was an increase in measels. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Wakefield I think that with some vaccines the effectiveness relies on a certain percentage of the population being immunized, if that isn't reached then it's nearly worthless.
  2. Mesterh

    Queen to cut down Windsor trees

    At least she is putting them to some good use, probably why they were planted there in the first place.
  3. Mesterh

    Climate change anyone?

    Im sure Tolkein said something similar in his fictional books. But can you please explain what on earth that means? Also what guilt have you let go of?
  4. Mesterh

    Climate change anyone?

    Battery powered planes, there you go Ive sorted it. Lets move on, next global conundrum please.
  5. Mesterh

    Climate change anyone?

    16 tonnes, travel was nearly 50%. Looks like they need to improve aeroplanes, a lot.
  6. Mesterh

    Climate change anyone?

    Come on, he maybe God but he isnt that clever
  7. Mesterh

    Climate change anyone?

    Grim reading indeed. As I do love a good ribeye steak, drive a car, own a house and have done a lot of globe trotting and plan to do more I think my only option to help in the fight against global warming is to campaign to bring in battery cow farming. Sorry Mrs cow but wheatbix taste crap without milk and a pork chop just doesnt cut it.
  8. Mesterh

    Am I to fat and old?

    Are you looking to be a tree climber? If so I think you should give that a miss.
  9. Mesterh

    Making the news today....

    Im sure I saw a a cave troll around the 3:30 mark. That looked like the crapiest game of footy i have ever seen.
  10. Mesterh

    Making the news today....

    Airwolf! Loved that tv series. RIP String
  11. Mesterh

    661 or 500i??

    He has used one, surely he should know? Did you run a tach on the saw?
  12. Mesterh

    To Coronet or Not to Coronet, now that is a question

    Have we gone back in time then or what!? I cant believe cameras where so good back in the noughties..
  13. Mesterh

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Although I can see your point, Tbh I've never really thought about it as in those situations (aerial rather than ground work) the bar being trapped isn't a bad thing imo, means you've gone in too far, stops you cutting more of the hinge and stops the limb moving in the wrong direction.
  14. Mesterh

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Constructive criticism is stop the sawing of the saw! It does not make the saw cut faster and it will increase the chance of kickback/follow through dramatically. Plus its painful to watch Looks like you did a good job, rigging into the back of the truck is bliss.
  15. Mesterh


    A man goes to the circus. It's his first time, and he's pretty nervous about it. During an intermission, one of the clowns approaches the microphone and says "We are giving a special prize to the person sitting in section A, Row 12, seat D." It's the man! He stands up, very nervous, and the clown says "You're a big stupid BOZO! This is a circus! No one wins prizes at the circus!" The man doesn't know what to do, what to say. He's so flustered his face turns beet red and the audience starts laughing and laughing, and it's all he can do just to run out of the big top, ashamed that he fell for it, and that he couldn't think of anything clever to say in retort. That's when he gets the idea to study exactly that. He signs up for a public communications class at the community college. He takes debate, extemporaneous speech, everything on public speaking and wit he can find. The need compels him to study more and more and eventually the man gets a degree in communications, completes a PhD in quick-witted retorts. He starts speaking publicly, becoming a much-sought-after lecturer. Years pass, and his fame grows. Finally, he's ready for his revenge. The man studies the circus. Sure enough, they're still doing that gag. And it's always the rube in the same seat who gets the grilling. He buys a ticket for that seat, and waits. The moment comes. The clown approaches the microphone and says "We are giving a special prize to the person sitting in section A, Row 12, seat D." The man stands up, ready. The clown insults him, the man stands up and says, "FUCK YOU, YOU RED NOSED CUNT!"


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