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  1. RIP Prince Philip Definitely a bit of a character.
  2. Yes I presume, I didn't make the decision so I can't say for definite. Surely it makes sense to keep testing, why wouldn't they? It's not going to magically go away because ucl said herd immunity is nearly here. I haven't read much about what bc I said, did they give any advice on what they recommend we should do if they are correct?
  3. "Not wanting to sound like 42 but the mass lateral flow testing rollout rational." I assume so as it's to help stop the spread of the virus and any other variants I presume. Why else would they do it?
  4. "The more I look at the MSM headlines the more I see the arguments for any of this making sense literally falling apart." Dont look at the headlines and read the data maybe. Did I really need to tell you that Its all coulds and maybes and only from one source. Hopefully yes we are heading that way, but do you really think everyone is going to say right then, lets stop all vaccines and move back to 2019 right now or are they going to follow through with the plan set out. The sooner we can back to normality the better, hence why I think it important to follow the science (the vast majority of science) so it happens quicker. I hate the current situation we are in but whinging about it will do SFA. If it does turn out to be a big conspiracy then dont worry about it, the people who have been doing the right thing will be more than pissed to sort it out. Anyway, so in other news Experts dismiss UCL model claiming herd immunity is imminent for UK WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Health secretary Matt Hancock resists calls to accelerate reopening of society following research published by...
  5. He, he. A doctor doing an information video with a stethoscope around his neck is like listening to a climber giving advice in the pub, while he's still wearing his harness. btw I am have a joke before someone has a dig. His advice does go against other info I have read so who knows.
  6. That only takes deaths into account, what about the cost of long covid? I know a few people that are now suffering from this and from what I have heard the NHS is putting funds aside to deal with the long term affects. God knows what those costs are going to be!
  7. Hang on a minute. So your saying that my opinion on the best way to perform a triple heart bypass means absolutely nothing!! I better go an amend my post on surgerytalk.co.uk. Bugger.
  8. Common sense is overrated. I prefer not to make decisions on things I have no knowledge about whatsoever and prefer to listen to those that do. I will happily change my mind, but I wont on the whim of someone that doesnt know better than me. Crack on with common sense.👍
  9. Of course it doesnt matter if he has a nobel prize just like it doesnt matter that he is a doctor, my Mrs is a doctor but im not going to go to her for medical advice (although she does have a good idea on how stats and public health work). What im saying is that his opinion and yes we are all entitled to them doesnt carry any weight if it isnt backed up by facts. I trust the people that decided to use the 28 days, you know the experts in that field, did so because of a reason which is probably so they can trace covid deaths rather than fudge the figures for some other unknown reason. Thats all im saying. I guess that most people who died within 28 days of testing positive died due to covid. OK a small percentage may have been ran over by a car but it will be a small percentage, just like a small percentage will die outside of the 28 days but covid will have been the main reason why they died. Swings and roundabouts but not to mislead anyone.
  10. I would definitely prefer those to a standard fence or wall.
  11. I guess removing it and planting something more suitable is out of the question? It does look like a bit of a mess to say the least! I presume it would cost a hell of a lot less than piling?
  12. "was an utterly misleading in his view" If he thinks its misleading then obviously he thinks people will be mislead! get the impression if it tallied with yours then the Dr is an expert if it doesn’t it’s worthless No I wouldnt see him as an expert at all hence my earlier post, just because someone is a Dr doesnt mean they know best especially when its a matter that they probably dont have a clue about. Come on, you wouldn't take advice from your GP if you had leukaemia, you would seek the advice of a haematologist. This 28 day thing has been used to time and time again to try and convince people that 'they' are lying to us and that the situation we are in isnt as serious as its made out to be.
  13. Just because he is a dr his opinion doesnt carry any more weight than yours or mine though does it? He isn't an expert in the field that needs the data from covid deaths. Did he say who was being mislead by these stats and why?
  14. I reckon there will be two types of pub. Vaccine passport, back to the good old days of 2019, no passport 2020 table service only. Otherwise yeah, there is no way a landlord is going to stop a punter with a pocket full of cash when they have been shut for the best part of a year. I wouldn't blame them either. Vaccines are like seat belts, they don't make you bullet proof but if you are in a crash they will dramatically lower you chances of being killed but their effectiveness falls if fat Bob sitting behind you isn't wearing his.


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