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  1. I've heard that hog weed can cause this but I didn't realise nettles and cow parsley did it too! An antidote to nettle sting is to crush the nettle and use the juice on the sting, it has worked for me. Dunno if crushing a hog or cow has the same affect though.
  2. That is something worth celebrating.
  3. He did indeed. I bet he would still have got his ladders and hammer out though. I can't remember the details but I remember he took his family on holiday only because he had a job booked in the area. 🤣
  4. On the flip side access to your medical data has great potential benefits for health care but I'm looking at opting out as I don't trust that it won't be abused like you say. If the nhs doesn't get sold out and it can't be sold to mortgage/insurance companies then I can't really see any downsides but that's a big if.
  5. I was just watching some videos of Fred Dibnah. I can guess what his reaction would be to using a mewp.
  6. Quite simple Imo, he should just pay for the two days. It's not his fault at all that you didn't manage to do any work on the third day. It seems like he gives you plenty of work, if you still want that then suck it up like we all do when we fook up and don't burn your bridges. If he didn't want to pay the initial price then he sure isn't going to want to pay for a day of no work.
  7. The thing is the person in question says what he means in a very underhanded way but then denies it and tries to make people look stupid. I think most of us have seen though him and as already mentioned the ignore option is the best option.
  8. I think it's more likely to be russia, China or just another usa department rather than little green men. I believe that there is alien life out there but I think Arthur C Clarke said it right when he said "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" Although I don't discount that they could just be pissing about and having a laugh. If they have the tech to travel to earth then they Shirley have the tech to do it without being seen. Imagine the issues that would arise when/if we are contacted by alien life, I can understand why it would be kept a secret, if that's possible. Who knows.
  9. Maybe making the news tomorrow. UFO report: Pentagon documents may 'give us answers' on alien life, says MOD insider | Weird | News | Express.co.uk WWW.GOOGLE.COM A FORMER Ministry of Defence (MoD) insider believes a highly... Although I think there are going to be a lot of disappointed people.
  10. It is called a cock pit for a reason.
  11. It's basically grass, just get rid of it as best you can imo.
  12. Usually the outside but the tungsten is fairly thick so you can grind the flat side a bit. There was a thread about this awhile ago in regards to not grinding the surface. I used to braze on new tips but more often than not too much steel had been removed from previous sharpens so it wasn't worth it. If the teeth have taken a real battering then just bin them. As someone else mentioned use a decent mask even when using a diamond grinding wheel, it's just that the green wheels produce a hell of a lot of dust that hangs in the air which can cause silicosis iirc.
  13. Some type of macrocarpa maybe. You need to take a decent pic of the leaves.
  14. I use a diamond wheel on a bench grinder. Before that I had the green silicone I think type of wheel that worked well but created some very nasty dust, you really need to use a good filtered face mask with that. I have seen a wheel that you fit to a handheld angle grinder although I have never tried it.


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