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  1. China may be making some news later on today. Nancy Pelosi: US House Speaker set to arrive in Taiwan amid escalating tensions NEWS.SKY.COM The US airforce jet that Ms Pelosi flew on to Malaysia has taken off from Kuala Lumpur. It... The world's top two polluting counties feel the need to have a bun fight. It doesn't look like global environmental problems are high on their list of things to sort out.
  2. That was the issue a guy I used to sub to had when he went down the route of trailing this type of thing. He thought people would look after the kit better if it was classed as theirs and received a bit of extra pay. They didn't and just ran substandard machines. I guess from a HS view its not a good idea.
  3. This is where a written quote can help. I know a lot of people prefer to give verbale quotes but if the job doesn't seem to be straight forward at the quoting stage ie the customer doesn't seem to understand any limitations or they seem a bit too fussy changing their mind etc then you could always give a written quote once they have accepted the job. I suppose in the grand scheme of things non paying customers make up practically 0% of all works so it's probably not worth worrying about really, except on principal.
  4. What does the bank do with the extra £100? Who gets it? Or is that a metaphor? I have no clue as to how any of it works. I just thought the price of stuff goes up because of things like shipping cost increase (which I hear has been ruthless lately) energy costs which effect more or less everything and tax increases.
  5. I do like a can or two of 'do as you're told' but I've never tried the unfiltered version. Beer of choice atm for me is old crafty hen.
  6. I don't mind a nice bottle of ice cold Peroni, enjoy.
  7. Maybe just pick your jobs for the next couple of days, wear some suntan lotion, take breaks more often and drink plenty of water. By Wednesday we will all be complaining about the rain.
  8. I do like a bit of trout. How long did you smoke it for?
  9. Too true. You Frencies are always looking on the bright side of life. My half a tupence of thoughts on this subject is that in this scenario the company pays for a new rope, the employee gets a bit of a rollicking and we all crack on. It's not worth worrying about the little things imo. Unless the freelancer was taking a selfie for instagram at the time and the employee was on his phone replying to said selfie. On another note. I've just seen a big fook off spider in the living room, I was going to catch it and throw it out the window but I think its best for the Mrs to find it when she gets back from drying her hair.
  10. You just lost 48 metres off a 50 metre rope. I'd be pissed.
  11. It depends on the thickness of your rope but you may have to spit on it first and then guide it in with your thumb.
  12. Yeah, that looks like a bit of an awkward one to say the least! I think you're going to need a fairly decent winch to pull that over. Other options imo are to climb the syc and cut the ash out, a bit dodgy or fell the syc, also a bit dodgy. Or barrier it off and hope for some gale force wind. Good luck, be sure to post how you tackle it please.
  13. Well I wouldn't say that but imo it's better reading than a thread about which is the best foot spa.
  14. Why would you hand dig for foundations? It's not like you are threading a pipe or cable between the roots. Any roots would be encased in concrete. Maybe it's an accepted practice but it sounds like a waste of time and a lot of money to me. I hope you get it sorted and please update the thread as others have said it is an interesting one.


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