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  1. You could just switch your phone off when doing something or going somewhere that you don't want anyone to know about. Might have to dust off the good old A-Z though.
  2. I used to sub to a bloke who's kit degraded over time and started to become really dangerous. He would just bodge it up (he didn't use it so it wasn't his concern, I guess) and have a go at people when that bit of kit wasnt used. I tried to explain the problems and I did take on the role of fixing the issue's as best I could and making sure everyone knew which bits of kit not to use. As things got worse and he cared even less I decided that it was best to get out of dodge and stopped working for him. He did go through a lot of employee's and thankfully there were no fatalities but plenty of minorish accidents. If anyone finds themselves in the same situation, don't waste your time trying to help them out, fook em off and don't look back.
  3. Mesterh


    Ive never wanted to own a pair of mustard coloured trousers as much as I do now. I was hoping to own a rouge colored pair but mustard now tops my list!
  4. Don't get upset about it. Pete knows his stuff, just accept that others are far more qualified and experienced than you are and that we should listen to what they say. He isn't trying to pull the wool over your eyes. If you don't like the product then don't buy it or use it but it's not worth bad mouthing it and trying to stop others from using it just because you don't understand how it works. Stick to what you know and understand and let the experts get on with giving professional advice. Tbh I wish I had listened to pro advice long ago as I probably wouldn't have had wrist and elbow damage from using shitty old techniques.
  5. I think it's best to listen to Pete on this one, he has more than enough experience to know what he is taking about. It's a very simple and effective bit of kit. If the little wire thing is looking worn then replace it before use, if it fails while in use (in reality it won't cause any safety issues) then you didn't do your pre work checks. Mountains out of mole hills for a device that is in daily use by many arbs.
  6. I thought that was going to be a nice chrismasy song for the kids to listen to. Regretting Alexa playing that throughout the house now.
  7. That ain't no woman, it's a man man.
  8. I know of two mewp fatalities, one I knew the other I heard about from a work mate who knew them. Both of them due to poor/non existent maintenance. Used mewps and gienes plenty of times, they do have their limitations thats for sure but I presume that on the whole they are very safe. There are probably more platforms in use daily than there are arbs climbing trees tone hundred fold. Nothing wrong with the machine but maybe it's not the greatest thing to use in arb due to how we use them.
  9. Show me on this doll Where the social worker touched you. Jesssh, not everyone is a thick useless, power hungry cnt ya know. It must be hard work keeping up the level of hate you seem to have for everyone so why not take a break, it's almost Christmas. 🎅
  10. Mesterh

    Snap cut...

    Nearer to the trunk is a jump cut, there is also less chance of the saw getting pinched/trapped.
  11. The thing is it's being going on for decades, its nothing new. It's fck all to do with 'state control' it's just down to bad parenting. Monkey see monkey do. Btw, not all social workers are Hitler's or hippies, I don't know the company that you keep but I know a few social workers and they are the nicest, hard-working people that you will ever meet. I would never want to do their job.
  12. Hopefully they will regret their actions and pay for them but tbh I would prefer them not to be part of society anymore. There will be plenty of times that they will enjoy being alive but the same cannot be said for that poor kid.
  13. I dunno about the exact temperature but warmer than the Mrs prefers. Baths are a completely different story though, just above the boiling point of lava is her preference
  14. I don't drink a lot of red wine but the Mrs does! Faustino VII Rioja is amongst her favorites atm, only £6 from asda. I can sink a decent amount of ale but red wine gives me acid within a coupe of glasses.
  15. Im going to give it a miss too. I can't be dealing with stuff like that. I see no reason whatsoever why we don't have a lethal injection for those crimes. There is no way that those people should be allowed to carry on enjoying the rest of their lives after committing a crime like that.


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