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  1. I was just thinking about my earlier post. If that extra £50 million is spent in the UK on UK contractors then I suppose it is all good (thumps up smilie)
  2. They will indeed. Built in 12 days, ok not exactly to spec but at least a1000 times better than anything we could ever achieve. Still can't believe they are spending 100 billion on the hs2, well, will be double that at least, anyone noticed that the big ben project has gone from 29 to 80 million! And it's not finished yet.
  3. Mesterh

    Topping at 230 ft

    Quality work and vid as always, do hope it isn't your last.
  4. How/why is the saw catching on the bottom of your trousers? Never had this issue either just using just a strop or high clipping a saw onto a caritool on a strop ring or the 540 loop. Just seems a weird issue tbh.
  5. Easily sorted, vet all of the single mums claiming housing benefit. Most of them will have two houses on the go. Use the derelict house to home someone who needs a house.
  6. Mesterh


    Brilliant! Many an IT bloke has bought his second Ferrari on that little trick. My capacity for joke telling is zero which is not surprisingly on par with memory capacity!
  7. How should I know, I don't even remember typing it! I'm afraid I was vewy, vewy drunk.
  8. If you follow all the rules you may as well be in the box.
  9. Battery powered!? IM sure its not but there must be some scope for a battery chipper. Just think of all he times the customer has asked if we need a power supply for our tools 😍 One day the customer will be paying for our fuel!!
  10. Dont forget Christmas, loads of people hate it and just to think of all that wasted burning of fairy lights!! While on the subject of environmental catastrophes , I wonder if Greta has taken Rosie Jones advice as a new years resolution... and tried a glass of Lambrini?
  11. You may be able to pass some of the blame but ultimately you will have to pay the price. I think the saying ignorance is not an excuse will be bandied about.
  12. That's why you should marry identical twins.
  13. Fill them up with warm water, put them on and go for a five mile run. When you come back take them off and set them aside to dry. Don't stuff them full of newspaper. When they have dried out naturally they will have moulded themselves to the shape of your feet. That's straight out of a Roald Dahl. Although I think you're supposed to fill them with sheep shit by a silver spoon at midnight for it to work properly.


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