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  1. Does he/she have to jog back from said chipper?
  2. Its like when you run a red light and think "That was a bit of a naughty one", only to look in your rear view and see another 5 cars trooping through behind you. If you can charge a good price then I dont see why you shouldnt, makes good business sense to me.
  3. The futures bleak.........
  4. its 20p for a bag now, is a turtle really worth 20p?
  5. Sorry, did I hear you whinging about something?
  6. Maybe I should of said whining instead of whinging.
  7. Just delete every whinging git. Problem solved. If you don't agree you are part of the problem.
  8. I disagree. We should all have an opinion. Someone with intelligence will listen to other opinions, take them on board and then shape their own opinion for the good. Vesp seems to lack the latter part.
  9. He would be wearing some kind of Primark sports t shirt for a start. From there on in, only YouTube has the answer.
  10. Because. Saw the Cure coming on, tbh I thought it was Jo Brand at first.
  11. Pointless watching a concert on the TV as it always looks shite. Although some artists look a lot shiter than others, I dont thinkj I will ever DL a Stormz song.
  12. Definitely hit a bit of stone of some kind, better to hit a bit of steel ime.
  13. Why? Surely it's in the interest of the tree to still be there, probably the owner too and also the environment. Besides it will fluff up nicely. Sometimes it's either fell or hack it, at least it will still add a bit of greenery and wildlife to the area.
  14. Why don't you just get a price to repair the saw and see if he will pay, that imo is the fair thing to do. Trying to get £700 out of him for a 10 year old saw is a bit much plus I would say you have no chance. It is his fault for damaging the machine but you should NEVER lend the tools of your trade out unless you have an agreement before hand.
  15. Its a pity he didnt stay up there and finish it off and get his groundy to do the writing.


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