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  1. life's far too short for that. I know plenty of climbers that have been well and truly done over by travellers, steam of piss comes to mind.
  2. Its certainly not wrong to have your time wasted again, and again, and again..... The amount of times I have had an Asian GP fckin whinge about money is not worth counting, they are unbelievable.
  3. I don't think it's been mentioned but have you informed the police that your gear has been stolen? Sounds like the issue is with the courier since you instructed them to leave it somewhere.
  4. Mesterh


    Can you define what you consider a grass? If I saw someone nicking your gear and blew them up would you call me a cunt?
  5. I bet the dinosaurs wish they had invented the rocket! Lots of species become extinct due to climate change, it would be silly of us if we are speeding it up though. If we are then without a doubt it is part of intelligent life existence and maybe there isn't much we can do about it unfortunately.
  6. Nope, they toddle off to the doctors for their daily chat about their bunions, the new mole that they have found and can they have some paracetamol for their cold. All of which takes at least an hour hence why you can never get a doctor's appointment for at least a month. It's their bleedin fault that we now have to fund walk in centres which thankfully are usually placed at the top of a hill to keep the old ones out. After that it's the post office, then the bank, then back to the supermarket to see what's been put on special offer. Bring back Logan's run.
  7. So it's you holding the bloody queue up!
  8. I'll agree with this. It's when I'm I lazy fecker and take no pride in my appearance that I look like a scruffy git with a part beard. The younger generation all have beards, we all know how utterly useless and lazy they all are.. Besides if you sport a beard you can add 20 years to your appearance, just a moustache adds an entire century.
  9. Shirly you can't complain about supermarket profits and still shop there? Maybe it's best to start your own super market and improve on the current ones?
  10. Simple, don't use them and stand in the longer queue you pair of Muppets. How someone can get upset about a service they don't have to use is quite incredible.
  11. Does he/she have to jog back from said chipper?
  12. Its like when you run a red light and think "That was a bit of a naughty one", only to look in your rear view and see another 5 cars trooping through behind you. If you can charge a good price then I dont see why you shouldnt, makes good business sense to me.


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