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  1. And the moral of that story is don't have any friends, life will be happier....
  2. Mesterh

    Felix RIP

    Sad news indeed. I had never met him but he always came across on the forum as I good guy. RIP.
  3. I was thinking today, I wonder if grandad stuck his bottom lip out at wearing a face covering during the war, apparently not, and great grandad didn't either during the Spanish flu and that was well before 1984. Wearing a face mask is not new - but the backlash against them is, say historians WWW.GOOGLE.COM Attempts to invoke the Blitz spirit may not be wide of the mark as research shows... Bloody snowflake generation.
  4. Youre only recommended to wear them while out shoping you know, not while watching the tv with the wife and kids.
  5. You can feed a family of four for fairly cheap with a pizza, crisps and fizzy drink from asda. I agree with the laziness though. Good food usually requires a bit of planning and some effort, I'm more than guilty of a fast food night instead of cooking.
  6. Hopefully it will be cheaper in the long run, less fat people less cost to the nhs. It's just far too easy and cheap to eat unhealthy.
  7. That's the most sensible thing you've said for a long time. You rebel you.
  8. Post that one if you can as I dont think I have seen it.
  9. Just be certain that it is a hornbeam and not a beech!
  10. OK. It doesnt sound nice for that person but do you think it is then OK for them to put others at risk due to their condition? I think not, maybe they should be on sick leave or something along those lines for the sake of others, otherwise it makes a farce of the whole thing. I'm sure there are plenty of people that will have genuine problems with wearing a face covering, maybe they can wear one of those plastic face shields or they may have to adapt to the current situation by not putting themselves in situations they cant physically deal with. I dont know but there are usually some remedies if you look into it hard enough. Look at self preservation and how you can adapt to it. Ive heard a lot of people complaining that they cant breathe properly through a face covering (these are people that dont have lung conditions) , yes you dont breathe as normal but you can breathe its just a bit weird. Have you seen how many fat nurses there are out there that wear a mask? 😛
  11. Apparently its not for some bizarre reason!
  12. Cant you just order online then and have it delivered to your home? Its not about catching the virus its about spreading it. If you are a super spreader and dont were a mask you can spread it to a lot of others, thats a fact. Im not going to put a link up as there is enough info out there to those who want to read the current facts.
  13. Just put it on and dont mess with it. Transmission through touching things then yourself is extremely low, so I would worry less about fiddling with your mask than actually wearing it. The whole point of a face covering is to stop the wearing transmitting the virus to others, if we all wore them when in close proximity to others then the R rate would drop which would help us all in resuming business as usual quicker, which I guess most of us on here would like to see. I think wearing a face mask is a self conscious thing more than anything else as it doesnt feel natural thats for sure! I'm hoping that if we all do our bit then the economy can get moving quicker rather than see a lot of local lockdowns which will happen if there are spikes. I was speaking to a local neighbour today whos Mrs had it back in late Jan (late 30's), he didnt get it or his son but she now has high blood pressure as a result so its not all about catching it and surviving it is also about the long term affects. She was only ill for a couple of days with no cough but flu like symptoms.
  14. That's a video that I won't tire of watching.
  15. Stop crying over nothing ffs. I've been out shopping today, I wore a face covering along with everyone else and didn't see anyone having a strop, I then went home. It couldn't be much simpler. Have a quick think of why you don't need to wear a mask while eating or drinking, then think is it better to move the economy along or not. If you want the economy to kick start then you need to accept the current guidelines. It's not rocket science.


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