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  1. If all it takes is 10 minutes to pass a cs39 then it's not what the paper is written on,imo.
  2. Fck me! How big are you 'pint' glasses!
  3. My condolences to you and the family Mr Stubby.
  4. What would you do then if you were in charge? I see a lot of people whinging, never ending fcking whinging but let's see some constructive effective solutions then as you must have the answers.(Not aimed souly at you MC Moose) It's just like watching a game of football on the tv, so easy to score, unless you're on the pitch with defenders around your ankles. Tier 5 in less than two weeks I guess.
  5. That's the reason why it's caused the news. You need to read the 'olds' if you need answers to those questions :). I've never seen a news story on the physics of how a plane flys but plenty about 'new' plane crashes. Anyway it's Christmas soon, tis the season to be jolly....
  6. That's a cracker. Definitely one for halloween!
  7. Now they are some cracking photos. ?
  8. That's a different story altogether though. In the past the young and fit stepped up to the plate to protect the old and vulnerable, nowadays they couldn't give a fck. Anyone using some weak ass conspiracy theory to justify their selfishness needs to take a long hard look at themselves. I've had to work harder and earn less this year like a lot of others but so what it won't kill me.
  9. Grandad died during the war to save lives so man the fck up and stop whinging would be the response from my granny. She ain't prepared to be locked away inside her house because some snowflakes dont want to wear a mask, give a bit of social distancing and want to have a pint down the pub. It's a very sad state of affairs when people don't give two fcks about the old and vulnerable.
  10. Im guessing that if it isn't great news i.e. vaccine out in the spring all back to reality the following week then people will get really pissed and say fook it, im not doing another year of this. No news is good news, I hope!
  11. You've been watching Innerspace again havent you! Innerspace (1987) - IMDb WWW.IMDB.COM Directed by Joe Dante. With Dennis Quaid, Martin Short, Meg Ryan, Kevin McCarthy. A test pilot is miniaturized in a secret... Ive heard they are still this big and the vaccine is given as a suppository ?
  12. Good, I hope I did read it incorrectly.
  13. Yes I agree. Hopefully once the vaccine is rolled out to the general public they will start giving us some info on the exit plan. It would be nice to know what the plan or plans are ASAP as it might help people make a decision on whether they will take it or not. It would also be nice to see some proper light at the end of the tunnel! I'm guessing that they think it will still be a year or so before enough people are vaccinated to make a real difference and they just dont want to tell us.
  14. Yeah, I can see Russia and China signing up to that, plus there are a lot of vaccines out there that Bill has no control over. ? Who on earth would sign up to take a vaccine that has a tracking microchip in it! Besides, how small do you think they can make tracking microchips that are OK to roam about in your blood?
  15. I would have thought that as soon as the rates go down the restrictions will ease. Therefore the quicker the vaccine reaches people (who are willing to take it) the quicker we will be allowed to go back to our normal day to day lives. Although I have read there is going to be limits on how the vaccine is distributed, just because we will have 20 million doses paid for we wont get them until something like 3% of every country has had there share, well, something along those lines anyway. The first doses to go to care workers medical staff and the vulnerable etc. The info is provided by COVAX. It is to stop the wealthy countries hogging all the goodies.


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