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  1. Mesterh

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Yes but then I surround myself with like minded people butI have seen plenty of the opposite. That isn't the issue though is it. The issue is if people have to put their hand in their pocket to pay for services a lot won't. Imagine the state of the place when some wont or can't pay for bin collections, think of the increasing amount of uneducated people there would be due to not going to school etc etc. I just don't see how it could work.
  2. Mesterh

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Is that a serious question? If so of course I wouldn't! But, you know what ,there are people in the UK who do do that because they are either slobs or flat broke. Make people pay directly or should I say give them the option to not pay for the services mentioned and the problem would drastically increase, it's not rocket science.
  3. Mesterh

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Well I for one am glad we are forced to pay taxes for many services, health service, roads, schooling, waste removal etc etc. It is far better than the alternative, stopping ever 100 yards to pay road tolls while watching sick kids wandering about during school time fly tipping rubbish. Straight into third world poverty. Mps claiming for duck houses and gardening and multi billion pound companies moving money about to show low profits are what need addressing imo.
  4. Mesterh

    Google has just freaked me out!

    God help whoever is listening into my conversations! Must dash as Abi Titmuss is knocking on the door trying to deliver my George Foreman grill
  5. London plane, horrible in the summer as has already been said, horrible and slippy in the wet, smash to smithereens or tangle like a twat when they hit the floor making them a PITA to climb, clean up or chip. Whoever wrote that program needs shooting.
  6. Mesterh

    Songs I Am Listening To

    Its my all time favourite of all time favourites atm mate.
  7. Mesterh


    I've never had finance on purchasing equipment but I'm fairly sure in some circumstances your better off than buying it outright.
  8. Mesterh

    Crap in your eye ....

    HA, I asked if I could have some (last time I scratched my eye) no chance was the answer They are indeed amazing! Had a few badly scratched eyes and arc eye more than once (you would think once would be enough of a warning!) , both horrible and have no doubt had a negative effect on my eyesight. You can understand why HSE are fairly hot on eye protection.
  9. Speak for yourself there mate! Dont worry, there will be plenty of trees around long after we are gone, no matter what happens to the planet. Well, until it is gobbled up by the Sun. Interesting thread, would be nice to see a few photos if you have them? DED had made its mark long before I was interested in treework.
  10. Mesterh

    Making the news today....

    Well then, are you a non smoker teetotaler?
  11. Mesterh

    Making the news today....

    I guess you have never smoked or drank alcohol then otherwise how much of a hypocrite are you? Sad and unfortunately more too common tales from Timon indeed. Great news for the tight arses who can use plenty of excuses not to give to charity, charity's are ran by billionaires and peadofiles and all street beggars are smack heads. Again it makes me realise how extremely lucky I am. Where the blame lies is difficult to say as it can stretch right back to the Afghanistan poppy farmer.
  12. Mesterh

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    Have a good one all.
  13. Mesterh

    Pikeys and professionals.

    That's like asking, how did Jack manage to beat the giant down the bean stalk. I know where you are coming from but the majority of the public have no clue whatsoever on which questions they should be asking and who they should be employing. It does annoy me too but it is the con mens fault at the end of the day. I've finished quite a few but not for cheap, I'm not getting done over as well!
  14. Mesterh

    Pikeys and professionals.

    Ahh right, we are talking about totally different aspects of life. My Mrs is booked up for the next 25 years then. I thought you were taking about professional arb.
  15. Mesterh

    Asthma, coughing and breathing

    A mate in his 40's had the same and found out it was asthma. An inhaler sorted him out within a day. I had a cough that lasted for months a few years ago, obviously had asthma, every type of cancer and COPD at the same time. Dunno what it was a fckn luckily it went on its own accord as I did the idiot manly thing and didnt go to the docs.


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