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  1. London plane is a good laugh in the wet. At least you don't end up coughing up a lung.
  2. If it makes any difference I would be interested to hear your opinions, advice and experience/expertise in marketing. I think that after awhile most of us get stuck in our ways and think that our way is best as it works for us.
  3. That's a good call. Say you can drop the price if we don't do x y or z, don't book it in but drop onto the job when it's convenient, book it in when you are slack for work etc. I would only do that though if it was a straight forward job, the customer didn't want to know the ins and outs of a ducks arse and they didn't come across as a potential pita that initially want to save £50 but want the job doing for sweet fa.
  4. A long time ago i worked with a bloke who loved working in the rain, sleet or snow. He really, really hated working in the heat though.
  5. Nice info. I always thought a hazel in our local park was a cob nut, appears it is a Turkish hazel. 👍
  6. I have had a lot of calls asking if we are still going to do the work due to the weather so I guess most people realise it could be an issue. Yep, destroyed a lot of lawns in the past but they were warned and didn't care. I've done a lot of power line clearing in the past, crying off because of rain wasn't an option when a village had been shut off. Being soaked to the skin and freezing cold before 1000 was never a good feeling.
  7. A big old knarly pop or oak at the base maybe. Deffinatley a sequoia though Or any tree as long as you spike the back of it.
  8. Good advice from Mick and Pete. Slower, harder and therefore swap a job with a take down or some easy fells. Clearing up in the rain can be tedious and I've cancelled many a job because you know the customers prize lawn is going to look like a building site by the end of the day.
  9. Apparently your living on borrowed time anyway, you coffin dodger you. So any time in the future is just a bonus. 😉 The choice, free will thing is a bit of a mind feck.
  10. Mesterh


    I was in work when the Mrs called to say what happened. Phones and coverage weren't great back then so all I heard was a plane had crashed into a building. Nasty but not nothing to write home about. Until we started to hear the radio stations going into panic mode. I think it's still a bit surreal when you watch the video footage.
  11. Are you using the correct 2 in 1? Take a pic of the chain.
  12. I doubt it. You could just buy a saw off ebay and no one is going to check to see if you have a license for it.
  13. I like those rules. Stubbys Jack Reacher one is a good fight.
  14. Are gun fights allowed too? If so this is one of my favorites. Although there are also a few good ones in the John Wick series.
  15. Now that does look nasty! All I can say is do what the doctors tell you to do. I've had a few nasty chainsaw cuts but rest and exercise when told to means I have nothing more than a bit of numbness. I know it doesn't always work out like that but you can fook things up a bit if you get back to work sooner than youre supposed to, especially if you have nerve damage, that does require no movement to heal properly.


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