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  1. Don't cut ash or seasoned hardwoods. (I run 404 and I won't cut ash) If Rob D says it's fine for milling, I'd not worry. [emoji106]
  2. Stihl motomix. No mixing required. [emoji106]
  3. It's down to marketing and public perception. Instead of selling mixed softwoods. How about "premium larch" Etc? Gives an opportunity to educate consumers when they ask. Especially if it's 10% cheaper. [emoji106]
  4. Don't know how to link this, but it's on the BBC news website. [emoji106]
  5. I can highly recommend Wonky. Worked with him on many milling projects. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  6. 10% mc air dried!!! You lucky **** I'm having to build a kiln. [emoji51]
  7. As Gobby says about the bark. However the 1" a year is commonly mistaken to mean the thickness of the piece. It's from the centre of the piece. So a 4" piece would take minimum 2 years in perfect conditions. [emoji106]
  8. I've got ten pages of spec for motomix. Don't know how to post from iBooks.
  9. As Rob D and Agrimog have said. It's all about the sharpening. And don't think a £30 Chinese plastic one will do either. A decent chain grinder should have NO PLAY AT ALL!!! As I'm someone who's made nearly every mistake with chainsaw milling. [emoji106]
  10. Can't stand the stuff personally, sticky, easily molds, sticky, sticky, [emoji51]
  11. I've upgraded to panther mills from chillaskans. 84" GB bar, 404 hyperskip chain, 80" panther. Mainly use the 60" mill though with 56" GB bar, Granberg ripping chain and stihl full chisel full compliment at 0 degrees. Normally get a couple of millimetre dip but nothing to stress about. I have had all kinds of problems when the chillaskan mill wasn't perfectly set up, and when the aluminium wore, it went off. Is your bar bent? I had a 2-3mm bend on a 48" stihl duromatic made the cut really nasty. Granberg mills are very well made but still flexible. Especially long ones, The panther is rock solid in comparison. [emoji106]
  12. One way if find useful, When putting the bar on the mill, put a plank under the bar to keep it flat whilst you tension the mill. Are you using a reliable grinder to sharpen the chain? Is that a granberg? [emoji106]


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