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  1. Rather slow growing. I'd definitely go and find some to dig up. [emoji106]
  2. This dead oak might be getting removed too. Mmmmmm[emoji7] [emoji106]
  3. You're probably right. (As per usual[emoji6]) But with the wonders of two mix epoxy resin table makers...[emoji7][emoji848] If it can be milled in one piece, it's probably worth it. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  4. Green slabs are hard to sell and are cheap compared with dried. Stick it and store it away in a barn. By the time it's dry it'll be sold. Especially if you photograph each board when fresh cut and washed with water to bring out the grain. Then send the photos to every table maker in a 50 mile radius, Offering discount for wholesale. [emoji106]
  5. Get a big wire. 150m is not a big distance. If you can do some of the installation work it would bring the price down a lot. Is it on your land? Single phase will run most bandsaws. 11kw is a lot of power. And if you've got mains, then it'll work out soooo much cheaper than diesel for running costs. [emoji106]
  6. Give me their phone numbers!!! You're getting a bargain!!! Get an 8 ton log to your yard for 瞿300 odd quid 不不不不不 Do you know what price slabs would sell for!!!!!! 不不不不不 You've got my number mate. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  7. Looked at a job today in a small woodland. Anyone ever milled burred ash? Or is it cankered? [emoji106]
  8. Hang on where's @spuddog.... 不不不[emoji106]
  9. One day tree surgeons and foresters might actually know the economic value of the tree they are cutting down. [emoji13][emoji13][emoji13]不[emoji23]不 Maybe not....
  10. Our yard has two large growly alsatians. When we got turned over last year, they kicked the shit out of both dogs. Cut through all the hardened lock surrounds on containers and through strong boxes inside. The only thing which can stop thieves is yourself with weapons. Sadly. As the police ARE NO HELP!!!!!!!!! First thief I caught, I handed to police. 瞿200 fine. That's it. Second thieves we caught,handed to French police 1000 fine. That's it. Next thieves I catch won't be going to the police.
  11. Get them stickered or they will get surface mold and staining. [emoji106]
  12. Bring em in the house every night. Use alkylate/motomix/aspen and they don't smell. [emoji106]
  13. I'm hoping that UC is a fallback. Going to try and keep working at milling in the yard. Got a tree job Saturday in a woodland to look at. If I can do 2-4 days a week I'll survive. Otherwise yes its minimum wage whatever.


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