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  1. Mid winter when the sap is down. Leave a leafy twig/buds at the top though. In France pollarding oaks is very common on field boundaries. It will probably explode with epicormic growth over the next few years if pollarded. Nice tree though. [emoji106]
  2. Very nice [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  3. Several tonnes of log won’t just lift into a trailer,most likely get stuck on a ramp. And that’s a lot of force if it goes wrong. Log arches are quite good but much better with hydraulics like a skip loader. [emoji106]
  4. Very nice[emoji108]
  5. Not me. From Instagram, Scary sh.t
  6. If you ever find yourself in the north, Pop by Halifax, I’ve got loads of different mills and saw set ups you can have a try with. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  7. It can be used. But it’s incredibly delicate. I choose reliability over kerf size. No, I haven’t spoken to Rob. Don’t need to. Verdict... Chainsaw milling can be very complicated and difficult, as well as screamingly frustrating! So keep your toys in the pram and we can all help each other out. Be nice to rob, he’s a very busy decent guy. If you fancy a chat about different set ups give me a bell one evening. 07376803384 Saul [emoji106]
  8. Alisdair, You clearly do a lot of really cool stuff. Really like your Instagram. I’d recommend you go .404 with your 881. There’s only a couple of mm difference in kerf between .404 and standard 3/8. Mistakes happen. Read the today’s milling thread if you’d like to see some of mine. (And I’ve made a lot). Apart from castings breaking on chilaskan mills. Everything I’ve broken or bent in milling has been user error.
  9. I like it[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  10. Dude. You ****************ed up. You’re inexperienced and didn’t know what you were doing. You’ve buggered up a load of robs expensive kit, Got an angry refund, And now you’re on arbtalk trying to garner support against lo pro. Because of your inability to use it! Seriously pal, get over yourself.
  11. Poplar Poplar Willow Willow Alder Alder [emoji106]
  12. There’s a “stress honey zone”... Just enough to get you out of bed, but not enough to keep you awake. It’s different for everybody at different times in your life. [emoji106]


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