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  1. Wanker Liar Frontier gibberish Bullshitter Fundamental snowflake. There’s your reasons. And mine for giving up on arbtalk.
  2. But I can see why most arborists and companies don’t post on here.
  3. It’s an Internet forum with many different opinions.
  4. What’s my business called?… How do you know my name?… Ok you think you’re calling me out. You think I’m intentionally lying and have done before. Well Mike this may come as a shock to you, It’s my opinion. I don’t write gospel.
  5. Mike I never took you for a troll before, What’s all this animosity about? Chain shrinkage? Bent crankshafts? Never knew you felt so strongly about them. Or me ?
  6. Been knocked back for worse jobs. What’s your issue Mike?
  7. To be honest I think shandy may be too much these days. Tea is by far my favourite drink. Shit. I got old. 🤣[emoji22][emoji106]
  8. You’re right mate I know FA. I’m going to have to send these prototype chainsaws back to the multinationals. Tell them I won’t be testing them anymore. Because a guy off the internet who’s never met me has got a chip on his shoulder about something? I haven’t posted hundreds of pictures of my work, dozens of videos. It’s all imaginary…… [emoji6][emoji106]
  9. Just spoken with the other arbtalker who was with me when we looked at that saw… But my opinion is gibberish. To you.
  10. Ok. You supply the saw, I’ll supply the chains. Let’s test it.
  11. Back in Brighton about 6? Years ago, There was a lad selling used power tools in a unit opposite. He brought over a 361 one day and asked if it was any good. When I pulled the starter cord the chain started moving, without the engine starting. Interesting I thought, so took off the side cover, bar and chain. When I pulled the starter cord the whole clutch housing rolled around, and not the way it should do. The bar and chain were toasted with burnt crap. Presumed over heated chain with repeated over tensioning then left to go cold. Can’t see any other way that could have happened.
  12. So after accusing me of digging a hole, then insulting me, Now you’re agreeing with me… Been on the juice this afternoon Mike?
  13. You can check the “play” in your chain easily. Hold a section of several drive links. Push and pull them. New chains have no play, old chains will contract and extend very slightly. This is caused by the rivets grinding the tie straps, and….. Poorly maintained chain tension. [emoji106]


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