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  1. Whats the weather like near you?

    Saltdean, moving Worthing way soon.
  2. Stolen and recovered Boxer loader

    No comment ya honour [emoji12]
  3. Whats the weather like near you?

    You on the Sussex coast stubby?
  4. Whats the weather like near you?

    Cold. Had a few amazing sunsets the last few days. Camera doesn't do it justice. Getting colder...
  5. Best chain for milling

    Sharpen with a grinder at home, then a few licks with a file every other cut.
  6. Best chain for milling

    Yup wonky's right. Cut those tubes off put some box section on.
  7. Stolen and recovered Boxer loader

    I've said it before... Bring back the village stocks. Local punishment for local cnuts.
  8. Stolen and recovered Boxer loader

    About two and a half years ago I got a call from a neighbour at 1am, asking if I was cutting firewood. I said no. The neighbour said he could still hear wood chopping. I went out with a "small walking stick". Heard chopping coming from my mates armoured sheds. Someone was breaking in. I charged in screaming and swearing. Someone jumped off the roof, I gave chase. Caught the b*****d hiding in a hedge. About to deliver a good swing when I realised he was about 15/16 and a skinny little kid. Offered him police or parents... Walked him to his "parents" Turned out to be his mates place, then he did a runner. Next morning my mate found his motorbike half out the roof, and some bits missing. The kids had smashed the sh*t out of his sheds trying to get in. Police were called. Several months of interviews, line up, DNA, fingerprints, witness etc. Cnut still gave "no comment" until 15 minutes before his court case, before pleading guilty. He was 20 years old. £200 fine £200 costs One day I'll see him in the street...
  9. Best chain for milling

    How long is the bar?
  10. New Laser scanning technology can help 'weigh' trees

    Does it weigh hollow trees? [emoji12]
  11. Best chain for milling

    075 is a torque monster, I've only ran 404 on mine, wouldn't want to put anything smaller on. You can still get nearly all the parts from stihl. They still make the 051 which is almost identical. I buy 404 full chisel stihl chain on a roll, then make a loop and grind to 10degrees. If you can find one, get a rim sprocket conversion kit for both machines. Much cheaper to replace a rim rather than a spur sprocket. Last thing, the 075 should have an aux oiler built in just in front of the top handle. It is a pita though. Show us your milling results ! Good luck [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  12. Hoppus price

    Fair price if the logs good. [emoji106]
  13. Hoppus price

    What did you pay?
  14. First saw and equipment

    Don't buy the wellies! [emoji106]
  15. First saw you bought.

    Just wrote the same thread [emoji106][emoji106][emoji12][emoji12]


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