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  1. I’ll have photos of the exhibition tomorrow. 👍
  2. Well this project has finally come together and is being exhibited from this evening. I supplied the kiln dried bog oak, bailey resin works transformed the timber in to a stunning 10’ x 5’ picture frame with epoxy resin.
  3. Use .404 you should use full throttle nearly always
  4. Use full comp full chisel. be very accurate setting your depth gauges. Go gently through the areas you know have hard knots. 👍
  5. Yes, but only 2 screws as camber isn’t a problem.👍
  6. I’ve often used a ladder for more than the first cut. Especially handy if the first cut isn’t entirely flat. Also when using big mills, 80”+ it’s much easier to start and finish with a ladder. Im hoping Rob.D will be selling an “every cut” system…. 🤔😉
  7. Heavyweight slabs today. Client asked for two oak slabs, 1m wide, 4m long, 8” thick!!!! (We cut them at 9”) Only about 800kg each!
  8. It’s great. cuts like softwood, sells at hardwood prices. the really dark, burry stuff is as valuable as walnut.👍
  9. Yeah he’s one of my apprentices. Been with me on and off for over 3 years. Solid hard worker, keen, sober and would pass a medical, semi experienced. Would highly recommend him as a valued team player.
  10. From a garden? Worthless from a forest plantation? no big mill would be interested. But you might get £200 from a local chainsaw miller.
  11. Redwood 3m 6”x1” planks…. phone any large sawmill for a quote. you’ll be shocked at the prices. £10-£20 would be cheap. 👍
  12. What diameter is the pine? what size mill? the internalised branches can be incredibly hard and a bit catchy. I use a narrow 36” mill, 3/8 standard, and full comp full chisel with 90cc, flys through softwood. 👍
  13. Hey bud, might be able to help. give me a call 👍


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