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  1. Rough Hewn

    Wood Preservative, for Carving.

    A possible idea would be to quarter saw from forest grown, vertical trees. Or air dry the whole log slowly for a decade before cutting? [emoji848] Got any photos of the timber you're using? [emoji106]
  2. Rough Hewn

    Chainsaw ID

  3. Rough Hewn

    Bird nests

    Had to call off two jobs last week and two so far this week for birds sitting on eggs. [emoji51]
  4. Rough Hewn

    Interesting first cut system

    Eye ball them level? [emoji848] Everything unsupported sags. An 880 with a bar, mill etc is about 15kg. Not to mention lateral forces when the saw digs or pushes. Nice idea, not practical.
  5. Rough Hewn

    Horse Chestnut Or Sycamore Spalted or Burr

    How big a log you want? Most of our stuff is 24" plus.
  6. Rough Hewn

    Interesting first cut system

    Good video. I've often thought about cutting plywood pieces for holding the ladder each end. Everything bends though, so this works on perfect logs. But I doubt it would work on anything else, as sag and lateral forces would mess up the cut.
  7. Rough Hewn


    I think Steves got s point. If it's over 12" might be worth it.
  8. Rough Hewn

    Horse Chestnut Or Sycamore Spalted or Burr

    Got loads of horse chestnut and sycamore. Spalted yes. West Yorkshire yes. What size and shape? Logs, boards? [emoji106]
  9. Rough Hewn


    Milled a few small bits years ago. Quite unspectacular. Pale with little character. Haven't bothered since.
  10. Have you not heard of pioneer trees? Birch, willow and poplar are used to protect young hardwood woodland. I've felled these trees out once the hardwoods were established at 20-25 years. Leave them in! [emoji106]
  11. Rough Hewn


    Going on Thursday. [emoji106]
  12. Good sir I behest though doth reread my posteth. Th th th th thrrrrrrr [emoji848][emoji23][emoji12][emoji106] You been reading Chaucer? [emoji12][emoji106]
  13. Cardio is the key to be able to finish a day in forestry. Try walking in full ppe and rain gear, with a saw,combi can,belt+tape,felling lever and a rucksack with filing kit,lunch,2-3litres of water,bog roll etc Up and down muddy slopes all day, dragging large logs and brash. Bench? I put my saws on a bench?[emoji848] Tickets, Very useful unless you want to work for cowboys. I've met quite a few in forestry.[emoji51] Get experience with saws and trees before upgrading to big toy tickets. Doing your tickets in cross cutting and felling will in NO WAY prepare you for the real world of forestry. It's just a key to the door. Forestry is HARSH! But you get the most amazing office in the world and a physique like a Greek statue. Good luck [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  14. Rough Hewn

    Great truck for domestic arb..

    Ebay... [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Ours is a custom arb job. Don't know price, but I think it took a year or two to arrive. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  15. Rough Hewn

    the 'todays job' thread

    Not often this happens [emoji12][emoji106]


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