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  1. Fascinating comments. Please understand why I can’t be a part of this forum anymore.
  2. It depends what type of log you’re milling. Cheap logs which contain metal could be firewooded at little loss. Very expensive logs.. You’d mill em anyway. Metal or not. Small nails and wire are no problem with .404 chain. I’ve also milled logs with metal in, and missed it. [emoji106]
  3. Extremely slow growing and tight grain. Those sticks are a bit small though.
  4. Not accusing anyone of anything. Just informing our fellow reader that certain words are not acceptable in Britain.
  5. This is a British forum. The term Wog is highly racist and will get you lynched in the uk. Why did you feel you needed to use language like that?
  6. Mill it! How could you doubt elm! 🤣[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  7. Rough Hewn

    Ray Mears

    I’ve not got an fac yet so a newbie really. But I’ve heard many stories in France of hunters unloading both barrels at a boar and it’s either run off or attacked. When the locals round our way went boar hunting, they’d have a line of shooters and flush a whole woodland towards them. Feckjng chaos! As they’ve all been drinking since 3-4am Had this happen right outside our house one Sunday morning. Sounded like apocalypse now, but with French swearing. [emoji106]
  8. Rough Hewn

    Ray Mears

    You’ll need a bigger gun🤣 Very tasty! Dark meat very flavoursome. Local farmers in Brittany use 12 gauge with solid slugs. My mate shot one in 97? That weighed 180kg! Head like a furry cows head with two huge razor sharp tusks. (Mounted on wall) He’d shot it half a mile from my house... Didn’t sleep well for weeks... [emoji6][emoji106]
  9. Watch out for scams asking you to go to a website etc. Been waiting for a hat from Sweden. Got a text message from Royal Mail... Asked my postie. They don’t text. Royal Mail will issue a grey card if you have tax to pay. Watch out! And thank you Logosol!
  10. And put a letter box up, And a fence. Send yourself a signed for letter. Build a tree house. [emoji106]
  11. Get PL and EL. It’s just another expense. Not worth it, not having it.
  12. Have you got one Andy? [emoji6]


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