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  1. There are none. Yet. I do chainsaw milling lessons though. [emoji106]
  2. But what about the 070,720,780 etc? Will they be discontinued? [emoji106]
  3. As squaredy says buy the whole slab. [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  4. Tested the 881’s cross cutting ability with a 30” .404 Very tasty?[emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  5. You’ve bought top quality. Prime grade. Kiln dried. No splits. 80mm thick. I got asked for some cutting board blanks recently. 800mm x 450mm x 100mm Character oak Single live edge Planed on 5 sides I explained a 5” board of oak that size is very expensive when air dried for 8-10 years. Worked out at £130 each if he bought 3 at a time. And that’s before cutting and planing.
  6. About 10’ x 30”? Pictures are on the today’s milling thread. Never had an issue with off cutting under load. And I’ve broken cables and other bits. How do you know how many F2’s were returned? Never heard of this issue before. The main difference between the m7/8 and the F2/+ is length. M7/8 5m cut F2/+ 3.8m cut [emoji106]
  7. Fantastic colour and grain [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  8. I’ve put a 1.5+ton log on my F2+, Did have to build a reinforced table inside the frame though. Wouldn’t want to do it regularly. They’re really good at logs up to about 20-24” Depending what you can move, lift and flip. I mill a lot of 10”-20” hardwood, mainly oak, yew etc on the F2+. Quick and simple, great results. Have a look on the today’s milling thread, got some photos of it. [emoji106]
  9. About 1-2mm kerf difference. That should equate to about 10%.speed increase if all else is equal.


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