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  1. Rough Hewn

    Picus Testing Service - Nationwide

    Fascinating piece of kit Steve [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  2. Rough Hewn

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Ten years ago in Brittany my French work colleagues long house burnt down. Fully for 3 days. The only thing left was the external 3' thick walls and the main oak beam. 2' square and 20'+ long. We had to cut it out. Unbelievably the black char was only 1-2" deep. If I hadn't seen the whole house burnt down I wouldn't have believed it. Air dried for several centuries and still didn't burn. [emoji848][emoji3][emoji106]
  3. Rough Hewn


    Hi Stewie, Where abouts are you? Might be interested. [emoji106]
  4. Rough Hewn

    Toyota Rav 4?

    Got a mate with a pimped off road jimny. Great bit of kit. [emoji106]
  5. Rough Hewn

    Monkey Puzzle

    An idea I've had for a while is a milling directory on Arbtalk. That way we could pass logs,slabs and work to each other. [emoji848][emoji106]
  6. Rough Hewn

    Monkey Puzzle

    Bit too far mate [emoji106]
  7. Rough Hewn

    Arb Kitten

    Enjoy your time together. I understand mate. [emoji106]
  8. Rough Hewn

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Have you seen French hyper/super markets? The French are years ahead with that stuff. Hardwood forests are growing considerably faster than being cut down. In the uk if you want a 50' x18"x18" you buy it from France. They have the timber.
  9. Rough Hewn

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    I was cutting on the border of Loire Atlantique and ille et villain. Oak and Scots pine over storey with sweet chestnut and hazel under. I've never seen such quantities of high grade trunks. [emoji106]
  10. Rough Hewn

    Today's milling

    It's only been a week since I broke my mill. Felt like an eternity[emoji51] This just arrived. [emoji3][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  11. Rough Hewn

    Monkey Puzzle

    Sticky. But nice timber. [emoji106]
  12. Rough Hewn

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    French forests are very different to British. [emoji106]
  13. Rough Hewn

    Arb Kitten

    New arrival today, Latest member of the team.... [emoji3][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  14. Rough Hewn

    Today's milling

    The left log is the one I already milled. The big crotch is on the far right. [emoji106]
  15. Rough Hewn

    Today's milling

    That's just a little bit. The main crotch is much bigger. Probably mill at 2.5" [emoji106]


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