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  1. Hi Saul,

    Having mobile phone problems at mo so just to let you know mill is up and running now and I'll send you the photos of the alterations and feedback as soon as I've sorted them.


  2. ITS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!! There is no swear words in my comment!!!!!! [emoji849]
  3. Best uk firewood. Most calorific. Better than oak,beech etc. And dries pretty quickly if from coppice. [emoji106]
  4. I get done for swearing on here. But only cos the moderator is a ****
  5. You mill timber to chip................. [emoji853]
  6. You mill wood to put through a chipper?
  7. Could probably take another 0.1-0.15mm off. That oatmeal still looks a bit fine
  8. Use one for sharpening, other for depth gauges? [emoji106]
  9. Good rig mate, I run about half a dozen mills of various sizes and makes depending on what I'm cutting. [emoji106]
  10. Or (I've only done this once, After being told "I'll pay you when I'm ready". Then do dn't answer her phone fir two weeks. Called her from the wife's phone and she told me she wouldn't pay until I'd moved the child's swing back in place 18". Moved swing back. Still said she'll pay when she's ready to.) This was mid winter. About 8pm after a very long day. So... Full beam All beacons on Windows down Doors open In a very quiet posh cul de sac... I relived some of the best hard acid techno tracks from the nineties at full blast. I had a rave on the driveway.[emoji16]🤣🤣🤣 Coincidentally I received a bank transfer in full within 25 minutes.[emoji848] Playlist available on request. [emoji106]
  11. [emoji16][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  12. Get a decent bench grinder. Not a plastic one. [emoji106]
  13. How???? Stihl don't sell big bars for the UK market. What are you basing this statement on? Stihl bars are of a very high quality. I've used stihl bars for 13 years and only had problems when I bend them. Canon and GB are excellent bars, But sugihara's have a known reputation for chipping and snapping. I rate all these bars the same, Personal preference. I like orange. [emoji16][emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  14. I just use standard stihl depth gauges. Usually I lose them before they get worn. [emoji106]


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