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  1. You have some patience Andy [emoji106]
  2. Yew grows straighter with less knots in a Mediterranean climate. A lot of "English" long bows were made from imported wood.
  3. I did have a stash of 6'-8' ash poles. But most got eaten by the firewood guy. If you want, you can pop by my yard and have a rummage. Or where are you based, as I travel a lot? [emoji106]
  4. Cherry is great for bows actually. Nearly all hardwoods can be used. There's a bowyer on tinterweb somewhere who makes a cherry bow with 30+ knots. Works really well. I find hazel quite brittle, ash is my favourite. English yew is a waste of time. Get the Spanish stuff much cleaner. [emoji106]
  5. Doh. Cut the 7'/8' laburnum in half a few weeks ago. Got some 4'?
  6. An excellent idea, You'll need extra deep cut uprights to mill that deep. But the middle is the best and widest boards. A 60" panther mill should do the job nicely. [emoji106]
  7. Hit the top one. It's Chinese cheese.[emoji106]
  8. If you haven't put any solvents on yet, use a scalpel. I used to do this. Don't use a hairdryer, it hardens the glue. The best solvent to remove the glue afterwards is wd40. [emoji106]
  9. Yeah, a Kombi system, a decent Saw, a 4" chipper and a transit tipper. Cheap but effective. [emoji106]
  10. Stihl emergency services goggles can be worn over glasses.
  11. Two of my favourite saws. [emoji106]
  12. Sold my collection several years ago. Regretfully. [emoji20]
  13. Drivers discretion. I've been thrown off buses and refused boarding. Used buses for years in Brighton. I used several large sports bags to carry the 880 fuel oil and 4' mill on trains. If they can't see it.... [emoji106]
  14. Depends where you're based and the kind of work. The north, domestic arb, you'd be on £100 a day, more for commercial and more down south. You are 21. Insurance is really expensive, you don't have to provide any kit. Did you pay for your own tickets? I know top climbers in an easy job on £65-70 a day. I also know top climbers on £200+ a day. Try free lancing if you think you've got the skills. You'll find out quickly if you're over or under charging.
  15. West Sussex is cowboy country. Be very wary.


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