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  1. Wonky

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    Since this morn,/ afternoon and I asked simple questions , like who, how many guys and how many quotes etc. the op has not replied?? I go out for a few beers,,alright a skin full of beer after all its xmass partying time, and get back to all this,,,and still the op has not replied. my guess he’s just stirring up a hornets nest. Or embarrassed to reply cheers, sleep well cos I will.😴
  2. Wonky

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    You can see the cherry logs in the L/h side of the pic, also it was covered in ivy ? That’s a pain in its self, Damson”s don’t get very big, pear well only the trunk was saved. Edit a lot has gone through the chipper.(all the damson and all but the trunk of the pear. i think 1k is a lot, but how many quotes did you get, and how many guys were there. Oh and did they ask for cash and any have a pikey accents.
  3. Wonky

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    I sort of asked the question earlier, but I understand more than one way to do it.
  4. Wonky

    Estimated quantity of logs from tree sugury

    How many guys and Who was the company, cheers
  5. Wonky

    Anyone using a Dolmar 6100 for Forestry Felling?

    Just put “mastermind meets the dolmar 6100” in google or what ever saw your wanting. If he done it it should be there. but on the side note, he used to be on ass-site (arboristsite) not that I have any preference to a favourite forum or unfavourable one. It’s just what I read and what’s. Gone on before..ymmv. anyhow, mastermind is just that with saws and has a good reputation,, you will find him on Ope.com (outdoorpowerequiment) ps tree monkey is there. As are others.. you. Will need to Spend time reading some threads 😉 Edit if you read and take note of the tone, your be ok. They do ban peeps will attitudes, unlike other forums like sawhawgz etc.
  6. Wonky

    Poole Borough Council case

    Seems to me golf course wants rid, and gets rspb to get a licence, which they did. But prolly someone not very experienced got it, and golf course fells trees and laughs then says not our fault. but what ever happens it will be a small price to pay for those trees 😤
  7. Wonky

    Troublesome Ms261

    Uhh, operator error 🤔🙈🙈😎 well I’m happy, you’ve had a happy ending tugging away. Must have put a smile on your face.😉
  8. Wonky

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    I'm not claiming to know much, but a tree with two stems and bark included ?. And I had thought it was a poplar, known to be weak and splits. On the other left hand main stem that he’s not cutting looks like it’s had some branches cut off higher up on the right side. ? Has someone already been up there?. So should the two stems be strapped together first, and the guy tied in on the main left hand up high while cutting a bit higher on the right sided stem. I know this is all a bit late for the guy in the vid, (not a nice vid and I hope he makes a full recovery) but I would like to broaden my knowledge. Albeit there’s many ways it could be done by different experienced guys. cheers
  9. Wonky

    H&S head scratcher

    Here, somthing to think about , you got up to cs39 chainsaw in a tree, and then you get a MEWP ticket, would a elf&safety person let you up there and use a saw,, as technically you don’t have the ticket cs47 So what I’m saying/asking does a cs39 qualification exceed saw in a MEWP ticket. Edit it I found the answer cheers
  10. Wonky

    Tree Topping

    Reg, I have seen a lot of your vids, and I have learnt a lot from them. Keep-um coming 😉 they are all good 😎 I think your a good teacher, even if your not really teaching. And as always not everyone gets a dry sense of humour. And I love the real time swearing, we’re all human from different backgrounds. 😎 Anyhow I do sniff around for new stuff to watch on YouTube, and a vid/channel I’ve just started watching is this guy, https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQNyFk9bPVVrNk08mgYlByw Early days but so far so good, for my enjoyment anyways. Btw I would expect bucking to say you dropped by one of his new vids soon. And always looking for your new vids 😉 Cheers.
  11. Wonky

    Which Chainsaw for Forestry

    Your other post said and quoted it in my last post , now you say a ts500i I get a big sniff of male bovine excrement 🙊😂😂😂
  12. Wonky

    Which Chainsaw for Forestry

    do you really think we’ve all had our heads in the pile of sawdust, of course we’ve seen and watch guys around on YouTube with 500i and comparing them to other saws. and if you’ve seen them and worked on them what are your thoughts, oh,,,you got any pics to show us .😉
  13. Wonky

    H&S head scratcher

    Try contact @Rough Hewn his not a climber but has cs32, I’m sure you could offer some work his way, he’s willing to travel.
  14. Wonky

    Sis-WHeel on Horse CHestnut?

    I did like the sound track to the vid,
  15. Wonky

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Ooooerrr I like sensitive posts, 😂😂😂🤣


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