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  1. Washing line ? Tree grown and clamped it
  2. I can’t really comment on your make of spikes, but I had to change a pair on mine, old Kline type, and had to heat the spike (just the spike with the thread) with a blow torch. as it had some very good thread lock. It maybe worth asking directly to the manufacturer. but I do think it will be a tickle with heat and a blow torch can be carefully used, but how high a temp idk
  3. This would give you a bit of a breather. It would show your trying to help, give it a bit of time frame for it to die off, And then if you are taken to court it would show willingness rather than stubbornness.
  4. aren’t these rat tailed maggots from the hover fly, which are very beneficial to the gardeners 😉 Rat-tailed maggot - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  5. Who’s hiding, well trying to hide behind the table 🤫 😂😂
  6. Yes that life all over. You just have to hold your your tongue, and give no responce, they usually go away, after a while. [it could be put to many other things] Another way is to wait till they got a car and pop pass and knock their mirrors off 🤔 that reminds me .. the best one was my young son (around 8 yrs at the time) telling me how his mates moms new boyfriend had his car torched, it was burning in the street, I laughed and said, I think you will find that was his dad saying he did not like him.😂
  7. The saw 880 is tuned to either 12k or 12.5k , and that Governed by the coil. just pull the spark plug and that will tell you if it’s rich, or lean .. if lean I’d sort it’s find out why, but if ok , ie rich /normal then clean it pop it back in and runn it some more then check the colour..edit on your mix.😉 if your used to running a 360 or smaller, then as others say you got some learning to do. i could go into changing the coil to a 360 unlimited, but that’s porting stuff talk 🤔🤫👍👍
  8. Wasps are chancers, in the spring summer grubs of any sort (protein) is what they want, this time of year sugar is really what they want but as a bumblebee nest contains both it will be hard to know what they are looking for unless you look inside, maybe just a the last knockings from the old or weak colony. just the other day I noticed some German wasps (big beefy wasps) going in a bait hive I left for honey bees where there was some set honey. seems a good yr for the wasps. And wait till autumn, everyone will be cursing 😂 it’s always worth clearing older nests out in the winter/early spring.
  9. Sounds like it’s still lean or there’s little compression, so it sounds like the carb.. Those cheap carbs can be a bit a bit tedious to set right the best way to find Out if the carb is faulty, is to pull a good one off another saw.. I know we all don’t have another saw thou..😫 Also adding, if you suspect fuel line or fuel filter you could find a way to just bodge another line in a cup\small bottle with fuel. But it’s unlikely it’s the fuel line going flat straight away. But only if the filter is bad.
  10. Wonky

    020t Idling High

    Is it the Accelerator pump, but you say both carbs are the same.. i then maybe a pin hole in the fuel line or cracks in impulse line which only show up while it’s running... but it smells of bad air leak syndrome somewhere, I guess you gotta sniff it out.😉 did you rotate the crank while doing the p&v teast.. and wiggle up and down, you know seals can be fine for awhile and after a bit of run time the fault shows, the can be seen in tuning a saw then when it’s warm it loses a tune soon after or when cold. i hope it work out 👍
  11. I wonder how much the guy got charged to do that, 🤔
  12. Wonky

    stihl 500i mods

    I thought it was the same as the other oilers eg 462 661 that have the pin that can be pushed in to make it an uprated oiler. You should note the oil can run out before the tank runs dry.. see the attached pic from the 661 sm
  13. Ohh the dreaded back fire....I think you need to be more specific, if its back firing then I would say the timing is out. the wires are only to stop the spark, Ie earth it. So if you were to remove the spade connector and make sure it’s clean around the male part on the coil (no oil sawdust etc) keep the wire out of the way. If it starts and don’t backfire, you know it’s the wiring. , use the choke to stop It if it starts. if it still backfires it’s coil and or timing
  14. All sent, service manual is for fs 160 180 220, ipl and a cutting attachment pdf, not sure if if the latter is off any use, I just picked it up in case.. I will pass on your thanks 👍 to the person I got them from 😉
  15. I’ve been a busy person for you. i have a ipl and a service manual to send to you. let me see if I can send it😉👍


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