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  1. You may get a personal answer of what to do if you message bob on here . Just type in the search bar job kirklees, your see bob advertising jobs at Kirklees..😉 although the last time he was here was 27th april🤔
  2. I’d buy a new tip, and chalk it up as a lesson learnt. if it goes pop while milling, you will be cussing. btw there were a few lopro tips popping and chains braking… it’s not what you really want to have to deal with while milling. I had a std 3/8 chain snap while milling in the cut due to nails.🙄 I prefer everything to go smoothly now as it could snapped while just getting in the cut where I’d have been very close to the chain.🤔
  3. Yes I agree with you,👍 but there are still a lot of unknowns, so it difficult to come to a real conclusion of how the task would best be tackled. there is this thread, worth a quick read And I’m just saying, because they are ash die back trees it could be a simple box ticking exercise, this is from gov.uk is a change from 8nov21 limited number of felling licence applications directly related to the management of tree pests and diseases may be exempt from being included on the Public Consultation Register before the trees are felled, where the Forestry Commission deem that tree felling needs to be expedited for an overriding biosecurity or public safety benefit. The change will come into effect from 8 November 2021 and will be applied by the Forestry Commission to very specific situations, for example to prevent the spread of quarantine pests or diseases, such as Ips typographus (spruce bark beetle), or to facilitate the prompt removal of ash trees infected with ash dieback and growing within falling distance of roads. It does not impact on other conditions related to the issuing of felling licences, such as the need to restock. The outcome of all felling licence applications will continue to be published on the Forestry Commission Decision Public Register, for public record.
  4. I'm not sure you would need a felling license, when the trees have a disease and are possibly a danger to the public, however we don’t know the size of the trees and what volume it would add up to.
  5. I made two of these for a community allotment. They already had two older ones and well rotten in places. i had the choice of which one to copy as they were both different.. as Gimlet said one was difficult to get in and out. So I didn’t copy that one. the other thing is having the legs at the correct angle so there positioned under the seat, sometimes people sit on one side and this would make it unstable if the legs not under the seat. 🤔
  6. Yes that is correct, but my very rough cants won’t be much. And I can’t see me getting the bigger one out of the woods till it’s dried a bit over the summer. I had 3 or 4hrs and burning wet wood needs a good fire first then a leaf blower to keep it going, my helper (son) split the edge/bark off of some bits that were not worth doing anything with. edit and that was just to Cut down on the wood we had to burn, and some bits we scorched/steamed &knocked the bark off , those barkless bits bits got chucked in the undergrowth IMG_2974.MOV
  7. I didn’t bother with a pressure & vac test on this saw. I did as spud said. Set the carb to std settings about 1 1/4 turns out started it up and warmed it up. then tuned it. I left it a bit rich on the H for a while (edit it ran and idled fine) remember I was using the old piston. So I didn’t really need the heat cycle bit for the piston. btw this saw has a double port China exhaust on it as a found the uk oem exhausts were a bit restricted.
  8. Just a short part of me cutting yesterday , I had a 25”bar on it. The elm tree had to be debarked & burnt, “Council requirements” 😉. so the quickest way was to sort of noodled abit and bias cut as well as a little bit of ripping, and sort of ended up with a very very bad cant and a lot less wood to burn. but it really put the saw to the test with many long hard cuts the log was one length (approx 16’) so I cut it in half [2 x 8’ ] to make the job easier I think a used about 2 tanks of fuel btw I’m not a fan of the old style clutch covers as they get packed up with noodles and fines then if your not careful it gets packed in the bar rail. IMG_2967.MOV
  9. I just popped back to catch up 🤔😉. As with every garage, the mechanics have their ways and choices. And have too guarantee their work… that’s why I said what I did before and Remember I spoke about tolerances as well. so if the ring end gap is way past it’s best and the piston is getting something near the tolerance. i agree change both at the same time, as I said time is money… change it while your in there. however.. I’ve been playing with the 038 I shoved back together with those rings .25 ring end gap ! It runs good..so will be good with new rings when I do change the rings I will measure the piston gap. So Saturday I'm hoping to run a few tanks of fuel through it one go it and get a vid or two while I'm at it. I’ve got to freehand a log into a cant. I shall take the 044 as a back up and make sure I will get to play with it. and before I go. The 044 with all that worn piston skirt pic .. I did measure the ring end gap of those rings , they were in the range .45 iirc. Which is way to big. And the skirt gap was a far bit bigger. I just wanted to show some garbage that someone said runs good.🤣 Btw this 038, I have a guy that’s interested in it, and he said put new rings in it as I’ve taken it a part.. well I’m running it hard on Saturday, and the rings are not here yet. So I guess he will get me run a tank of fuel after i install the rings
  10. It has to be bad and you have tobe unlucky. But either way a lot of peeps like to just replace things as it cost more money taking it apart again… This was a heated Handle 10mm 044, I brought for £200 in good working order…🙈🤣 after I complained 🤔 I got it for £100 🤔. Some think it wasn’t worth it, but I think it was 😉 I cleaned it all up & those main bearings got changed as they were grinding that Ali into an oily paste. and while I was there and the bearings out It got it a new all over black epoxy paint job👍 you can see in the red rings where the piston was rocking and hitting the crank at bdc on the 044 But I can say I'm not going to give a new paint job to my 038's😉 I will add a bit more to this thread when I do a bit more to the 038's 👍
  11. Just saying, Meteor pistons are the next best pistons to use other than oem.. but call me cheap, I’d check the skirts and probably put the piston in the cylinder and Also check the gap, as with most things there are tolerances… then I would then decide from there. having said this, the rocking of the piston means as it get worse it eventually gets snagged in a port then the damage can be catastrophic. But most times it comes down to not having to take it apart again because they have paid someone to do it and they want to guarantee it, Thus the time and guarantees is money in most peoples eyes, nobody is paying me, so I choose what and when I do things. that’s why I’m happy to run a saw with older rings for a while..
  12. One other thing with your oil pump leak, I had mine off and had to clean the gasket off the case. 🤔 I made a rough and ready one from a bit of gasket card and rubbed a bit of dirko on both sides. no leaks yet 🤞 I add the ipl of the oil pump, ( although you can see this on l&s when you log in). I never took my pump apart. I just cleaned the inside & shaft and the seal where the worm gear goes. I put a bit of grease on both before reassembly
  13. Good morning 😉 I was busy reassembling the one I had apart this weekend.🙄 And the 038 is now a runner.👍 the bing carb was apita cleaning the gasket under the half circle my timing numbers were exh101 trans122 int73 squish 24thou without the gasket, just dirko sealant. i think I do need some new rings as the ring end gap in the cylinder is 25thou, but I will run it for a while first. the 440 piston is not gonna work, the piston pin to crown height is different to the 038 , ask me how I know 🤣 what’s more is the rings are slightly different thickness iirc 440 1.2mm thick and 038 1.5mm one other thing make sure you don’t allow the larger crank seal prolapse and the spring pop off. if your not sure what I mean. The ridge on the crank is what makes it do it. I use a bit of thin stiff plastic to help reduce the bump.then pull it out after fitting the seal with a bit of dirko sealant around the edge.
  14. This pic shows the case half I broke (bottom of pic) because I missed a case bolt due to the crud and me being lazy 🙄 although I though I,d show the case half I split today (top of pic) and the same sort of crud as to why I missed it the first time. pits a shame but it’s not the end of the world. As I said I was gifted 3 x 038 nonrunning saws that I intend to make 2 out of
  15. The case splitting 🙈 lve done a few of my own saws like this..although I should spend about £80 to buy a China case splitter. where this was done cheap and quick with a bit of springy steel and an angle grinder to cut a slotted bit for the bar nuts. The other end is in a bench vice. It’s a shame the floor is so far away.🤫 so it’s best I don’t recommend my way to split the cases FullSizeRender.MOV


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