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  1. I'll reply to this….. a bit late, maybe someone has already replied further on in the thread ? the reason is…. The elm beetle that carries the fungus which is responsible for the demise of the tree. Is carried down the tree in the bark area/sap cambium layer to the roots. From here it can spread to Adjacent trees through the connecting root system. thus (bark ringing the tree) it gives a bigger time frame for the removal of the tree. not long ago there was a tree in Preston park where they were a bit late, the sap wood gets stained a blue purple colour and could tell it was getting into the roots so ended up digging a trench around the tree to cut the root system to the neighbouring trees edit: I see now @agg221 answered the “how do they know it has elm disease. I will add the leaves on infected part do turn a bit silvery at first. anyhow here’s a pic of a tree I spotted in bear road, which I reported to the TO and it took almost a yr for them to remove it. Probably because the beatle is only active in late spring early summer..
  2. The mowing the lawn was in jest, after joshuatree said “do it for the wood”. Then the fun started 🤣 and to be fair the 0p said he'd already got some info about a local guy who he was happy with. But was just confirming. anyhow we’re back on track 👍👊
  3. Where's that pic,,? I knew I wood find it 😂🤣🤣
  4. Bloody Scotts land, ... yah kanny not read manny posts of his around the loch 😉
  5. It does sound as if a carb jet was slightly blocked, ie old fuel & varnish deposits in the fuel aspirator. Which could of been dislodged while being dismantled. live found the worst culprits to fix are the B&S carbs that are intergrated with the fuel tank. Thus the whole darn carb and tank has to come off and apart just to get at the main jet.😩 anyhow thanks for the feed back about its now working as it should, it’s very good of you to this. As it will help others in the future 😉👍
  6. Just asking justme So what licence do you need to pull a 1.5 t trailer with the trannie or a land rover when you say with a c1 all you can tow is 750kg
  7. Yes, I agree with paddy. If you haven’t changed the plug for a new one, and are feeling tight or can’t get to the shop to buy a new one. Then swap the plugs around, and see if the problem is the same or now on the other side 🤔 Edit spark plugs sometimes do odd things when under pressure or when they get hot. I,m sure you can guess this checks two things by swapping the plugs around and is easy compared to swapping coils around.👍
  8. That’s why I was asking the op. As I had a license just like the op, then the ddvla added the 107 at the end (this was covered in a thread before). I don’t mine what license he has, it’s was just to educate the op, so he doesn’t get nabbed by the cops at some point in time. btw you can drag a bigger trailer with the appropriate vehicle but your total limit is 8.25 afairc with that code 107
  9. Just a bit of clarification, do you have any numbers after the bit where it says you can drive up to 12t combo truck and trailer. Ie 107
  10. Not being funny. And this is how I see it. any tree that is less than 32cm is not protected. this leaves the other trees. what I think you need to work out is how big is a 50yr old tree it it’s surroundings using Mitchell's rule, which I’d say is a little ambiguous and not easy to follow as not all trees behave the same, species Etc. read page 2 of this link. And I think you would need to cut some to see if your measurements and calculations are in the ball park ie cut a tree down that’s about 32cm and use the rule to calculate and count the rings, then work out what a protected tree should be . https://www.chilternsaonb.org/uploads/files/AboutTheChilterns/Woodlands/The_Why_and_How_of_Tree_Measurement.pdf btw i,m sure you could find other links to read about Mitchell,s rule. And as the council have been vague then I,m sure if you aired on the side of caution you,d be on the right footings but keep good records. Because as Mitchell says there are exceptions 😉. this and your records may be your defence.
  11. Well that piston looks a lot better than I expected as well as the cylinder. And thanks for the honest reply about the carb. It was for simple clarification I posted the ipl pic of the carb even thou adw said about it first. 👍😉
  12. What’s a W licence ,, 👍
  13. All good answers so far, no 31 in andy's list very important I’ve used it countless times 😉 I have a runny nose in pollen season. and sometimes a runny bottom 🤫. In curry season 🤣 Some sort of dust mask s and eye protection other than the helmet visor (sunglasses or and safety specs ) a bit of wood (short plank) to screw on the end of the log to prop the ladder on. It gives it a more stable level, because sometimes when working out the pith to pith you need it . I usually put two screws in the plank top inside edge to help stop the ladder moving on the plank i use the builders banding strap ove the ladder rungs with shortish screws. But don’t forget how far the screws are in the log 🙄
  14. Can you get a pic of the top of the piston, ie from the exhaust with the piston a bit lower. i know there will be carbon, but I,m wondering about detonation. Looking at the edge of the piston. another thing to look, if you can. While the piston is lower in the bore and light is coming in the exhust, look through the spark plug hole and see if you can see any scoring. you can also get a different angle looking at the top of the piston. Not that you will easily get a pic this way. the fuel in the air filter, does sound like wrongly set meatering leaver or diaphragm on carb then gasket. if you look at the pic you will see the basic way they go. if you have a zamma carb you should be able to find your carb here for more detail http://www.zamacorp.com/carburetors.html edit it maybe running rough because of scoring, and you could be getting a reasonable compression due to fuel and oil
  15. The outcome of the tree Survey will be interesting, Then the reply from the TO of the survey and proposed works will be even more interesting.😉👍


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