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  1. From his link 😉 Philip Walker is searching for the last piece of timber to complete this beautiful structure in his Petersfield studio
  2. from what I’ve been told, it also attracts beetles as the tree is damaged. So therefore supposed to help reduce other trees getting the beetles. I’m wondering about the high DED infection rate in coldean lane, especially as they had just taken out a load of ash trees, (ash die back). So was it partly down to damaged elm trees during the ash removal ? and Yes the elm do produce viable seed, there are quite a few in the woods on the other side of the valley,
  3. This pic taken a day later (28 July), and added in with the email sent with the other tree. I guess trees in full view at the side of the road count towards the council taking action, but using connick tree care as they got one of the contracts If you inquired about brightons council own arb team, you'd understand they don’t stay in the job long at 20/25k pa… it’s really a joke as we got the uk's elm collocation iirc connick pay cir 30k pa edit I could be wrong with the Priority of trees and who gets to fell them and the timeframe
  4. I took this pic on the 27 july. A wk later I emailed Brighton council arb. But a day later there was a DED notice on it.. so I sure there not that quick on response ding to my email. Look at the top of the pic [1”o”clock] Within 2 months it’s been taken down. As well as a few other trees that I’ve seen with ded. I’ve got board reporting as you would be very lucky to even get an acknowledgement let alone of being correct… anyhow, ive seen and reported two other trees in a similar time frame in a woodland not far from this pic and they are still standing (completely dead) they’ve been marked up ( spray paint on the path, muddy path, now washed away) and no reply to my email)
  5. This tree looks very similar to a tree just down the road from me. I,m guessing from the time of the original post to now it’s already to late for the tree. DED has had a good yr in Brighton, i'. Guessing it’s to do with the national Covid holidays last yr that gave those Beatles a good head start. 🤔🙈
  6. Wonky

    New E10 Fuel

    Let me stick this right in here. 😉. It was done a while ago buttt……. it may answer a few questions etc..but it may not answer all of them 🧐 although this guy is pretty good at myth busting.. hopefully he’s done the follow ups to answer some of your other thoughts 👍
  7. 👍😉 24 this morning at sunrise till 7am, some big ones as well, IMG_2415.MOV
  8. Wonky

    New E10 Fuel

    I'm not sure I follow your thinking, when in another thread. “[email protected]” says you may need to. See below for quote. So I would have thought the reverse would be needed..or no adjustment. anyhow look at what garden kit says..
  9. I just read through this, it’s all about pl insurance, and being qualified. if you were a company, and had all the rams set up. I bet you’d get the green light to crack on. Edit. Voluntary of course..🤔
  10. I got the lot up to 7.5 + a trailer 750kg bloody grandad that I am… but they think (eu ?) every Tom dick and Mary cant drive for toffy But were not all the same I tell you.. , and those stuck up law money grabbing buggers that think we’re all the same and want more gravy train courses to fund the wealthy entrepreneurs.. this place is/ has gone down the drain.. btw I will refrain on comment in other threads That I deem to political 🤔 Edit…. I forgot to say about the Sharon's and Karen’s that can’t even reverse a car into a double parking space.. so it’s true we’re not al, the same. Thank goodness 👍👊
  11. Wonky

    Chain oil

    I think discussing bar oil is like being in the pub and talking to others about beer. And also talking to those that drink lager, “it’s beer isn’t it ?” I just buy what I like. it’s my saw that serves the bar. pun intended 😉 anyhow carryon, I’ll sit here and sipping my real ale from a contraption that’s ment to sever lager. And very nice it is. 😂
  12. I bet They will blame it on Covid as well, seem like everything else has been
  13. Maybe if I add this pic. It may help Tree Cutting Techniques - Detailed Manual [2021] TREECUTTINGINFO.COM There are a huge number of tree cutting techniques, and in this article, we will look at the main ones.
  14. I think it s simple really, it’s what thos guys in the USA do with stringy sap wood in standing timber and don’t want it to fuć up the fell by it holding on. to put it another way, you got a nice veneer log and you want to max out the product, so you cut the sap wood on each side so you don’t get fiber pull and helps with it not Barber chairing. So the same goes with it up in the tree ? im sure there’s a proper term for it “relief cuts” ?
  15. Yes it should, and the depth gauges need setting to the same height. ive had this sort of washboard effect on milled logs. And it all really boils down to bad chain maintenance. edit, on a chainsaw mill (alaskan), if you want smooth boards you really have to be good at filing and do regular touch ups


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