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  1. It could just be they wanted someone else to get the job, but the committee decided they wanted you. the only way is have your phone recording if you have to speak to them. “Evidence “ that your polite. I have a crack house in my block, and I have to record regularly, (edit, when I leave or enter) for my and anyone else’s safety 😉, then in the event of a problem hopefully I’ve got it recorded. 10 times we have had someone urinate in the stairs 🤬 but I digress, 🙄 Btw. I do hope the post person can tell the history of the box.
  2. I,d be reading the contract very carefully, and buy them a new post box put it up and finish the job and get paid for the whole job. But being careful at what the contract says. And make sure you do everything you have to. as for leaving logs around, take pics and get permission. Maybe have your phone recording in your hand, because It seems like they want you to fail and not get paid. then later send a lad round to smack that lovely new post box with a lump of wood.😂
  3. You live and learn,🤔. I guess I was slow on this stump 🤣. i put this up, to show we all can make mistakes. That day I learnt more on how to file and learnt not to try and cut bricks again🤫.
  4. Yes, as they say I got the tee shirt. i sharpened more than once before I found this in the crutch base of the tree. 🤔. It was hidden in needles and crap. You can see how much I cut 🙄 I was so pleased I found it I took a pic 😂
  5. So here’s a few pic's. First few pics is new chain 3/8 lopro (not on a bar) the next few pics are a slightly used chain (on a 12” bar) , I,m sure someone will comment good or bad, about my filing but as we’ve said before it does take time to be able to get good results, and then while on a job time is not plentiful to waste on filing a chain. 👍
  6. My 2p worth 😉 as I sort of said before look at your cutters and compare them. i,m not sure if those cutter teef are sharpened from a file or a grinder. if the former, your file is not being held at the correct height to get the correct tooth angle. If it’s the latter, then the grinder is at the wrong angle. the short answer is not enough hook on the tooth and I,m guessing that’s a 3/8 lopro or picco. As your saw is a small saw. Which you should be using 4mm file. i will see if I can find a new chain and take a pic and a chain on a bar of mine and take a pic. then compare them to yours
  7. As saw that has and 11.5 inch bar and chain is probably about 35cc if you want to run a 18 or 20 inch bar and chain you'd be looking at a 50 or 60cc saw and thats for cross cutting wood. Milling is a lot harder on a saw and a lot slower. depending on what you plan to do will dictate what saw you need. now I’ve not said anything about chain pitch etc. I will say like others you can’t mix them thou. Either you need to ask a lot of questions or you need to do a lot of reading. also knowing how to file properly the chain really helps. I wish you the best, if you succeed it will be an awesome feeling 👍👍
  8. It took me some time to learn to sharpen a chain, a rocked chain was almost impossible, that’s where a grinder came in very handy. Although I’ve used it less and less as my filing skills got better. the trick is to know eggzactly what the chain requires. a dull chain will require more power to cut, which your saw don’t have. my suggestion to you is get a new chain, have a good look at it. Cut one or two Maybe a few cookies. check the chips for consistency ie small large etc. then get a depth gauge check all of them. Some could be a little high right out of the box. Give them a lick if needed, but be sure They are all the same, use the edge of your file to over the gauge to check. Even a tenth of a mm has an effect on the end result. then give the teeth a lick. Now it’s worth checking how the tooth looks after a lick or two. try cutting a few more cookies, check the chips. the reason for the checking and being particular, is because after a few times you will know when you need to give the chain a lick or two, but if you go on cutting it will take more than a lick or two to get it how it should cut like. If you look the top plate edge, and feel the cutter. That should be enough to know how it will cut. if it don’t cut right, check the depth gauges, if there ok then it must be the cutters. I could go on but one last thing, chainsaw milling is what makes you particular and getS you better.👍 Also seasoned wood is a bit harder to cut. one other thing if you post a pic or two of your cutters, you will get a few answers as to where you need to improve 😉
  9. It’s amazing how much some don’t know about 4wds and proceed to drive them on tarmac in The wrong gears. I tried to explain to a guy but it was like trying to do sign language to a blind person. 🤔 This guy I worked with who regularly used to drive out of fields onto tarmac and you could hear and see the tyres scrubbing, as well as things going clonk,ting,bonk as he turned the steering full. 🥺, I used to knock it out of 4wd just as I came out. it wasn’t long before he complained that it wouldn’t come out of 4wd. Then I had the lovely time of explaining it all over again. And said about driving on the grass verge with two wheels in fwd And then reverse. anyhow it maybe worth getting onto some Field and play with the 4wd in all the different combos and see what it takes to go in and out. it will be expensive to take it to the garage for them to look and explain stuff😉 I hope it all works as it should. Edit i,m adding this was paragliding stuff I was talking about not tree work.
  10. Wonky

    workshop manuals

    Reservdelar - Bepps BEPPS.MRWEBIT.SE you can thank me later 👍👊👊👊
  11. Its common when someone has been on hard ground and been turning.. as others say. Get on soft ground (grass) and try. on my old pajero, for 4wd to 2wd high ratio, I had to decelerate and accelerate hard on hard ground. But it would not work unless going straight..
  12. I'd ask him to count the rings and tell me how old it is , ?? 😉
  13. Got any pics, of the bands where it broke. Metal has a history of showing the time it’s taken to brake. Ie small fractures/tears or all at once. Good close up pics is needed. it could be operator or it could be a blunt punch stamping the hole and tearing it, thus weakening it. The thickness of the band has a thinness limit, that would also determine the wear of the band. it all seems very odd to me ! either way I’d be asking husky at some point,, because the last thing you want is for a real kickback to happen and it failed at that point. cheers 👍👍
  14. Ooerr look at that woodporn, it gets me all excited 😍


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