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  1. Wonky

    E5 fuel

    I like the simplicity of this test of ethanol in fuel, however when adding the water a syringe would have been more easy..by not adding to much, and having to start again But did you realise, he made ethanol free fuel... you just need to decant the fuel from the water.. However do not pour this water down a drain or on to the ground as it will still have petrol and contaminants. Much better to allow water to evaporate somewhere. Or better still buy the stuff without ethanol.. As said before....It’s amazing what you read/get told, only to find later its total bovine excretement. This is why I posted about it as I thought 10% was already here and did not know about diesel [emoji6]
  2. I would put on a crosscutting chain and see how it fares crosscutting, as well as checking the spark plug, maybe pop a new one in while it’s out. Then also making sure the air filter is clean. Ripping is slow, I’ve always lowered the depth gauges a bit more and sharpened the teeth every 2 or 3 cuts. The finer the wood waste is the slower the cut is the more fuel you will use. The chippings should be a little like bran [emoji6]not fine flour..[emoji848] Ripping is like crosscutting, in respect to if you have to push on the bar/saw your chain needs attention [emoji6] On my setup I have to hold the saw back as it will want to eat to much and will bogg, but it is setup a bit aggressive..but the chippings still come out like flour if the chain is dull.[emoji106]
  3. Wonky

    E5 fuel

    I just got back from my Sunday news paper and fill up the car run from the petrol station. It’s the first time I’ve seen the new E5 label on petrol and B7 on diesel pumps. Now I’ve known for some time petrol has been mixed with ethanol but have thought it was 10% I looks it up (but already guessed it’s 5% by the E5 label) and reads this.. “The move towards E5 and B7 labels is likely to herald the arrival of E10 petrol, which contains up to 10 per cent bioethanol and is claimed to bring about a two per cent reduction in CO2. The Government launched a consultation into E10 petrol in 2018, but motoring organisations have warned as many as 800,000 cars can’t use E10, and a second response to the consultation is due later this year. “ From here, Official E5 petrol and B7 diesel fuel pump labels introduced on UK WWW.AUTOEXPRESS.CO.UK DfT starts rollout of E5 and B7 labels indicating ethanol and biofuel content of petrol and diesel. Signs will be mandatory by 1 September Anyone have thoughts on what 10% ethanol will do to chainsaws.. Yeh I know there’s aspen and sorts but the price tag makes my butt pucker up..[emoji51]
  4. Yes I could do it....
  5. Hello, I’m here now [emoji6]
  6. I just watched it, holy-smokin-chainsaw toolhead. I can’t believe no one has lynched them up yet... 🤬
  7. I don’t know if this is the tight place for this. ? But I’ve just read this... I wonder if there is more info about. Gardener Dies As He's Sucked Into Woodchipper Leaving Behind Pool Of Blood - LADbible WWW.LADBIBLE.COM His colleagues had left to move a nearby car and returned to find he had disappeared
  8. Have you tried rough boy [emoji23]. @Rough Hewn
  9. Here is the other tree, ring barked, best pic I could get... sitting in my car [emoji23]
  10. Not that I want to hijack this thread, but I’m new to getting my cs 30-39. I went for a job, only to be told my climbing was not up to scratch, and should go and join a small arb comp and get better then come back... this was the main climber words. I said a few things at the time, which I will not go into, although I was polite. Let me post the job description that was advertised . And you will laugh, I know they pay private companies to do work for them, as they don’t have the staff to cope with all the trees, and these companies pay there guys 25-30k. Starting wage at council 18.5-20.5k It makes you wonder why they can’t get the staff. But all I wanted was to work close to home and be home by 5pm. Look closely at this bit (if you do not have these qualifications but have transferable skills)
  11. I’ve seen this tree, go from a small part of a branch to this in a few wks (3ish) and it’s getting a lot worse.. I’ve sent this pic to the TO, I wonder how long it takes them to do somthing. Here they are actively taking down DED, they ring bark them first, this gives them some more time so it don’t spread through the tree roots in to the adjacent trees. It’s this time of yr it’s very noticeable. I will see if I can get a pic of the tree down the road that’s been ringed
  12. Come on RH show us ya tranny now you rubbed it down with wd40 🤩🤩🤩
  13. That electric husky looked to be very handy on the way up. whats your thoughts on electric saws. Good vid by the way, and love your straight to the point thoughts on the wood shed 😉 cheers


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