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  1. It’s hard to see the hinge in your pic but it looks like a back cut with a tapered hinge ?
  2. And one other, item that nobody has mentioned, where in London is the job. what about that thing they call LEZ.. will that be an issue, it maybe for some,,
  3. I was gonna reply to this topic of making 1 out of 2 chains.. some people are still in the throw it away or sell it on sort of mind where you just end up losing money, to the people in between (eBay & PayPal) Yes you can earn more money. , but I used to do the a Simular thing ( drink to much beer and not go to work the next day). one of the first few things I brought was an NG7 second hand off eBay. It’s defo saved me money on fixing loops. but everyone has a different view. And I respect this 👍
  4. Hey @johnsond,,, We got ourselves a convoy!!! 👍👍🤣🤣🤣
  5. Yes you can swap the cover from the old to the new, I’ve done it for another stihl saw, I think it was a 026/260 iirc. Ie I brought one with out the snorkel (non compensating) and put the snorkel on from the old carb edit I think you will find they used the same carb on some of the old 024's & 026's
  6. Wonky


    Sweet.. flooding is common problem, And you have to know how warm the saw is to know the best way to start it. ive a 026. when It’s warm and I still have to give it choke, it berps then hot start. my mate flooded it, but I didn’t know it. I went throu my start process. It didn’t burp. Or start on hot start. Or normal . I then did what Dan said .. pull over with throttle wide open, it then bumbled. So I tried again, same then it bumbled and slowly bumbled into life. that’s why I said is it flooded.. but had to ask the fuel and oil as well...
  7. Wonky


    Silly questions, the fuel you used, did it have 2stroke oil added ? are you sure you didn’t flood it. I 2strokes can be a pain if your not used to starting them, most have little unique characteristics, also you got an mtronic, which I,m not used to, so I can’t really help anymore. but hopefully while your reading the manual, someone else will come along and help 😉 @spudulike
  8. Yes it did, @75mph on some of the way 🤫 and thanks for helping me load it .👍 sean..
  9. Ahh, those woke peeps will say you can’t use that word..😂. and for the woke record, our local nhs say we give babies human milk and chest feed them . so I had chest of chicken tonight 🤣 and the list will get longer and longer. Btw I don’t take offence to someone quoting history. 😉👍 or some just saying. But everyone draws a different line somewhere. That’s why I avoid polaticks and the rona debate. ps we had a good chat in al's yard 👍😉 after I pickup up that 881
  10. Tim, have you ever flown a Para glider ?
  11. I think I can see a helmet in that shadow on the 2nd pic, not sure what type thou 🤫
  12. I'd would go with sweet chestnut , but you don’t say If it gives any nuts


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