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  1. I may be able help. Where abouts in East Sussex are you. i,m in Brighton. I will pm me you 👍
  2. I thought I’d pop this in here. It’s not today’s milling, it’s today’s sanding 😬. I’ve been planning, till the brushes wore out. Then sanding with 60g still a long way to go, but as I was almost finished for the day I thought, best get some more inspiration to continue the Labourious task of sanding 😩 A dry pic then wetted with water. 👍😉
  3. 1993 or there abouts 🤦‍♂️ or
  4. The assessor will not put you in that situation, if he does then an explanation back to him of other ways that would be a better way would show your competency. but in my case I was asked in the theory part about using it one handed. The reply was, when you can’t do it anyother way. Ie reaching around a tree because you can’t get a better work position. Iirc.😉
  5. Ask rough, he’d done a bit with some guys, then I came along and (edit... we played a bit 🤣 with wood and stuffs in the woods ) I showed him the malloff book and the rest is the last 10yrs.. some guys just get the easy sled ride on youtoob..🤩
  6. Good vid , jack knows his stuff 😉
  7. After looking at arb aero's other posts,, I’m guessing it Pembrokeshire or somewhere near as that’s where he’s based.😉
  8. Where are you based, or where’s the wrc 😉
  9. I’ve known people to want it done exactly the same... 20ft off the top, and yes sycamores they were..then when yo7 say there’s no growth points but I can do it 10ft higher as there’s a growth point. No is the answer. So you say you want a cut there, and point with the laser... yes they say.. ok. That’s xxx pounds Thankyou.. Etc... the vigorous nature of sycamore, means the homeowner is correct. As it didn’t die.🤔🙈
  10. Hopefully I fixed it for correctness...🤩🤩🤩 we like chainsaw porn 👍👍👍
  11. This was mine, I’ve got different plastics for it. I couldn’t be bothered to even start to think how I was going to start on the starter cover grill, also the coating was well chipped and the mag had a lot of oxidation. So I settled for the let someone else do it 👍👍👍
  12. I just looked in the interwebs, powdercoat near me. Well somthing like that. it came up with a few..I just chose one near me popped in and asked them if they could do it. (It was about 18months ago) I already had the 044 cases and covers in the car so they could see them and quote me. £70.. I thought at the time it was ok, although I never asked anyone else. the powdercoaters I used actually do a lot of stuff for Gatwick air port. The only thing you will need is a ral code if you want it very close to oem colours. I went for Matt black.
  13. I can see all of the pics wyk posted, must be your end 😉
  14. And just to add..., keep the window closed for some of the time and or a fan or dehumidifier with a pollen filter. It maybe an arse but it will help to find it it helps or not. And hopefully in the long run it will help with the evidence you need.. Or another way that may be a forward to help you is, evidence of problems and times... and if you can get your son to sleep somewhere else, ie in your room. i,m just thinking of all the ways. So you have the proof you need..
  15. Wonky


    I’ve told the women to cut down on the t paper.... now we’re in the 3rd lockdown., and it’s working


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