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  1. With the onset of Ash die spreading all areas of Britain, was it put under a Plant health order?
  2. What would be the ideal thickness to mill them at? as there is a lot of them.
  3. I've 5 large ash trees dbh 900/1300/1150/490/510/880. Average height is 16m and the timber is mostly clean. There situated in a location easily accessible by lorry and there's to much for me and my sawmill to handle, though I am milling the oak. Im in Pembrokeshire and would like advise on who to sell to how much are they worth? I've other work lined up that will have more timber soon as well. Cheers for reading this I look forward to your thoughts?
  4. Cheers matey for your Slysdexic bon!
  5. Can anyone advise me on a reliable mobile saw mill in Pembrokeshire or about, please? I've some clean 4 x Ash and 1x Oak that are pretty big. The Ash are between 4" and 5.5" Diameter. The Oak is 4" diameter and they're beside the road.
  6. I've been running a defender 90 with trailer etc, for years and now want a good tipper! I'm interest in the Isuzu or Mitzi, any thoughts please lads? I've seen a few up for grabs that are automatic? are they a shit as I think or is there more to em?
  7. What air-spades are available and from where, please? I've a customer with an ancient woodland pathway that has been compressed 8inch in the last 10 years and the trees are starting to suffer. Any ideas welcome.
  8. I need a LOLER cert for my insurance. Does anybody know of any persons in Pembrokeshire, who can sign me off? cheers guys
  9. Cheers ucoulddoit and topchipyles all heading my thoughts in the right direction.
  10. I know it takes a skilled eye for the right cut when milling and that take years of experience, but How do i grade and how is the wood priced? For newly milled timber? For seasoned rough saw timber? is it better for the consumer to have the lumber rough or planed/planked? or as required? what is the difference in Oak as beams or planks? a few words to the wise?
  11. I've a shed full of Holme Oak from 1" ,2" 3" thick, mainly 2' and the length is 6' too 12'. The wood is beautiful with some amazing flecks in the grain.
  12. I'm a monkey by trade and some say skill! and a ladder is what I'd use for trimming a big bush. Now I'm a lumberjack the ladder is for my first cut. Elaboration is the key trigger


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