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  1. Hi yeah I use Borax like you said loads of uses
  2. Wow cool I didnt know Tallow was a cutting compound for Brass my girfriend uses it for her Stained glass work
  3. We get loads of spiders all types slugs moths its like a jungle some nights but having lived on traveller sites in buses ,showmans carsvans not that arsed ,but the first time we had a May Bug in our caravan that did my head in had never seen one before and they are quite big and make an odd noise
  4. Hi Sime,I ware mine when chainsaw carving ,milling and anything else thats dusty you just get used to it .
  5. Hi can you let us know what the project is ,Silver Birch isnt that long lasting outside.
  6. I would get a Trend Airshield Pro they are like £250 and are a full helmet with a battery fan in them ,they are real good I would be lost without mine and customer services from Trend are very good.
  7. There is a fine line between Spalted and Rotten ,but as someone said not much public interest in Spalted Beech at the mo 8/10yrs ago it was in demand not so much now ,I think its cool a booked matched pair of boards make stunning tables and with the Lacqures and Resins around then keeping a table top nice is easy done ,I have a fair bit of 7/8yrs air dry Spalted Beech if anyone wants any also have Spalted Apple ,and Holly
  8. Yeah sorry will get to it today,had to buy a new van yesterday 2500 quid Iveco Daily ,we took it out for a test drive the other day all good yesterday we gets about 15 mile from our yard and the bloody EDC light starts flashing so had issues yesterday hopefully its not much my mate is taking it this morning to get it pluged in to see what the issue is,so yeah will get the photos today
  9. Sorry Dan will take some tomorrow
  10. Andy its the very fine dust you cant see that is the worst ,the big sawmill that was just up the road from me closed as the matey got real bad COPD from the milling sawdust better to be safe than sorry ,and having lived with quite Asthma all my life its no fun ,even the sawdust from sweeping up after a milling afternoon can do you in Yew is poisonous lost count of the times in A and E with sawdust and bits in my eyes when chainsaw carving so Full Face Helmut gets my vote every time
  11. I have a Trend Airshield Pro for Milling ,sanding etc they are expensive but totally worth every penny and the after sales from Trend is totally ace ,no fumes ,dust or bits in the eyes whats not to like .
  12. Hi so I have a mini mill I have used it twice or 3 times in 10yrs so thought I would see if anyone wants to buy it or swap it for something make me an offer what you got . Cheers. Mark
  13. Nice its going to look fab,I have been cutting redwood cladding for an internal job a small office I will post some pics when I get a mo ,yeah nice job did you do most of it yourself
  14. Um sadly I dont see much value in that yew a bit small for milling ,never made a bow but have spoken to quite a few Bow makers and if I remember right they like equal heart wood sap wood?
  15. Hi Mr Ed where are you I have a 2ft wide planner thicknesser I would do a few slabs for you chuck me some beer tokens ,I am in Shaftesbury Dorset
  16. gobbypunk

    Sthil 028

    Hi everyone I am looking for a chain break for an old Sthil 028 if anyone has one my mate who gave it to me said he had asked a dealer who told him the parts were not avaible any more I only got it yesterday so not had time to ask myself but thought hear would be a good start. Thanks. Mark
  17. Cool as bet you had a big smile when it all worked I would have
  18. Yeah we are in Shaftesbury Dorset .
  19. Sorry Steve for another for sale , If anyone wants a bench ,table ,toy box blanket box ,Tree House well anything that can be made from wood then please do give me a shout need to raise like 3grand for a new van mine is way too rotten to mend sadly. Thanks. Mark
  20. So I knew my van was going to need some welding for its mot but when we got propper into it ,its knackered so if anyone wants any nice slabs do give me a shout ,we have Walnut,Monkey Puzzle ,Pear, Spalted Beech, Holly,Apple,Mullberry and a whole lot of African Hardwoods ,Utile,Afansina ,koto and Mahogany .Need to make 3 grand ASAP. Thanks. Mark
  21. I have only broke 1 chain in 10yrs of chainsaw milling and that was in the biggest hardist Oak ever .
  22. Hi if you want a nice finish try a Full Feature Chain or Full Comp they dont have a gap twice as many cutters as an ordanary chain
  23. Just make some new ones out of some cedar light long lasting and smells ace ,pick up a cheep bench morticer or a good tennon saw and chisel ,or come down to mine and will help you but bring some beer tokens
  24. Hi I think it would be a fun thing to have the Woodland HM 130 alongside the Frontier and have a mill off they both look very similar ,and Will 127 you were lucky to get given that racking wish someone would give me some .


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