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    No time for hobbies! I'm an old punk rocker who enjoys being creative, good music, chocolate & b
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    Part time estate manager & chainsaw carving/ wood milling.

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  1. Hi I have done plenty of Balls in Cages but never in a stump but if its near me I would for sure
  2. So guys does anyone want screws ,off cuts and just stuff come and have a look happy to just give loads of it away 200 glass bricks I was going to use in a camper conversion big metal cupboard etc etc come and take the lot
  3. Hi Jon ,not sure I think I can find storage for my important kit and to be honest we have so much TAT it would be good to just start again so defo going to find another yard and we have 3/4 people who are up for sharing so all those cast iron feet and gears kitchen cupboard handles that just take up space can go and hopefully we will feel lighter all round ,you have seen how cluttered we are ,so I have mixed feelings and like I said as long as we keep our essential kit a precious stuff the rest can go . So if anyone wants a bargain we have cool metal Vintage Pidgeon hole cupboards £100 each ,all the off cuts can just go for free .We just need to find a farmer with a cheap barn to rent
  4. Its with some sadness that I am losing my yard ,due to rent arrears left from covid ,so I am having to have a yard clearance sale loads of stuff cheap as ,cabinet handles ,paint ,tools ,timber ,metal storage cabinets too much to list so come and have a look we are in Shaftesbury Dorset and my mobile is 07449736569 ,Sorry Steve if I was ment to post this somewhere else. Cheers. Mark
  5. You are welcome to come and raid my off cut pile ,we are in Dorset
  6. Loving the ball in the cage ,I sometimes carve them a bit bigger with my carving saw ,managed 2 balls in a cage one ,and was super chuffed with it ,but also had a few fall out of the cage , yeah very nice wotk
  7. Where in the country are you if its big enough to mill a few boards from I would be interested the Pear wood I have is quite nice ,a pale colour with a pink tinge nice I think
  8. Well our minds truly ended up in the gutter on that one all I wanted was opinions on grooves or not in the decking boards its a raised deck about 5ft off the ground
  9. So to any of you that do decking I have a deck to refurbish and I can mill Cedar decking boards but all the decking boards sold in like T P they all have grooves down them is this needed is it better to have them what do you all think Cheers. Mark
  10. Like I said I thought I would ask you guys first as I hate T P
  11. So none of you lot have any dry T and G or just some cheap half inch boards I can t and g myself
  12. Hi I thought I would ask you guys first I am looking for some internal t and g cladding nice and dry it doesnt have to be the best as most of it will not be seen ,I am converting and old horsebox to a living van so with cupboards etc most of it will not be seen it will hold the insulation in ,I just dont have time to cut and dry it myself ,can any of you help . Many Thanks. Mark
  13. Where in the country are you if you are near North Dorset I would be happy to come and help I have an 880 with a 4 ft hardnosed bar and a slightly shorter Sugi sprocket nosed bar both running 404
  14. So are we going to do this every month


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