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  1. I am having a hard time with photos since I got a new phone that I can't get the app on so bear with me as for prices how much would a 5.5mtr long 1 mtr wide and say inch and half thick of Oak cost so bearing in mind how rare this timber is I don't think £800 is expensive but hey ,so hopefully there are now some photos of the Black limba and Utile ,all I am trying to do do is put some of this stunning timber with makers who will make something cool with it ,help a friend and maybe make some cash
  2. So this is getting mad I do not have much paper work but my friend has been milling and importing African Hardwood for 40/50 yrs If anyone does buy any I will put my business name on anything you want most of this timber has been air dry in the same warehouse for 30yrs or more as you can see the import date printed on the stacks also my friend has supplied some quite prestigious places and even though I dont thi k I need to proove myself I will ask his permission to name a few ,sorry I didnt post any photos was just in a rush ,I will try and post some pics asap I hope this helps a bit Cheers Mark
  3. So nobody is interested in these big African Hardwood boards we have honestly you will not see boards like these ever again Utile 5.5mtrs long and 1mtr wide ,Black Limba and a whole load of other species I will take £850 for the giant boards PM if anyone is interested honestly all you cabinet makers you dont want to miss out we also have 4mm and 6mm void less plywood ideal for cladding again PM for prices . Thanks Mark
  4. Thanks guys I will post some pics
  5. So very funny I knew I was in for some piss take when I wrote it but hey cookies ovals,platters whatever you want to call them whats the best way to secure the Log to the mill to cut on a 45%.
  6. So I want to have a go at cutting cookies but never have so I am guessing that I just ratchet strap my butt to the mill on like a 45% and just cut them ,is that how everyone else does it as always keen to hear your thoughts. Cheers Mark
  7. No but its being honest ,she is just old and fusses on a lot but she is ok really
  8. Hi any Tree Surgeons in St Albans my girlfriends mum needs some quite big trees dealing with but be warned she can be hard work drop me a PM if you are up for the job
  9. Cool as Thanks for the info guys I will let my matey know
  10. So is it alright to mill and use Ash that has Die back if not do any of you know why not ,I ask as a friend of mine is going to loose like 6000 trees so I said I would ask . Thanks Mark
  11. MHi yeah all the African Hardwood is or can be at my yard in Shaftesbury Dorset I do have samples but if you wanted to see the whole lot thats fine just let me know and I can make happen
  12. gobbypunk


    Nice haul especially being english elm I just dont see any Elm hear in Dorset
  13. Hi so another pricing question where do the prices come from how do I know how much to charge for say spalted beech
  14. Hi Jon hows you doing all good I hope do pop in when you are next down my way ,do you still want that sign making sorry totally forgot about it


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