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  1. going to give thrse 270ltr bags a try. The sack barrow also means its going to be fairly easy to off load full bags up ramps and onto the trailer. Reckon they won't be full to the brim but guess around 80-90kg a sack with what the little chipper produces
  2. For any future folk hunting for info.. I got the pfanner black vent type As...decent fit, bit snug but they will loosen a bit. Good flexibility, feel like they will last year's...bit toasty but then its August and 27C so most things are gonna feel toasty...but found husky tech extremes more airy than these vents but tech extremes are made from tissue paper.
  3. about the same volume as a small wheelie bin...5 ish loads to 1m3.... good enough for me and my wee chipper.
  4. Due anyone have a rough idea of how big the stein arb trolley sack is? 60lts??
  5. My extremes are long leg and so are my mates ventilation. no issue with the leg length at 6ft 3 (6ft 4 after a visit to the chiropractor)
  6. i dont think they do the extreems in hi viz - only the vents as far as i know. I got really good mileage out of my extreems - and great for ground work and in winter.
  7. KNew it! I was telling my mate the hi vis material is different but he was having none of it. Will certainly consder them now
  8. I tired my mates pfanner ventilation - they were hi viz - he hates them - Im not a fan - I found them even warmer than my gladiator extreemes and also not very flexible - but i wonder if the hi viz material is to blame..??
  9. yeah...i think the fact i got 3 years out of pair and i could probably have gotten more if i had patched and sown them shows they are worth the cash - probably going to get the extreemes again - they have their down points, but the extra kevlar makes them really tough, as well as pretty water resistant.
  10. People keep trying to hand me spare change if im just loitering on the street at work so i guess its about time to i got some new trousers - serioulsy last time i was in need of a new set and I was on the way back home from a 3 month work away line clearance I got mistaken for a refugee. At the train station when i was leaving for home they tried to not let me on the train and then when I got back to Malmö city two aid wrokers ran up to me and tried to take me to a immigration shelter to await a bus to the migration center - I kid you not - full winter beard, all my life in my big old portage bag and my old saw trousers on - think they were husky tech's ....proabably explains it... any way i digress - Been happy if a bit toasty in my galdiator extreems for the last nearly 3 years (personal record for chainsaw trousers), tried my mates hi vis pfanner vents and not so impressed - maybe a different material? - been tempted by the feed back on the breathflex pro's as they seem to have possibly fixed a few problems on the precious version - just not sure of longevity - might just get the pfanner arborist - the extreems are really good and last ages - but reckon they are bit too warm in the summer and I'm back on domestics so not so much wading through miles of thorn and up and down rail embankments, so guessing that the arborist version are a bit lighter, and airy. Found the vents actaully warmer than my gladiator extreems, and too tight fitting above the knee so not super flexible on the climb. Im a poor subby who has to buy all his kit out of my meager earnings so longevity / bang for buck is key. Any feed back much appreciated.
  11. Yeah...there is a certain trick to getting out of the waist belt...it took me a while but it's rarely an issue now...I did take 10 minutes once trying to get it off in the begining
  12. having been using the Austria 3.2 that's not a issue..the front Ds are webbing slings and are a PITA sometimes they are so small!
  13. Was it a 3.2? Never had any real issues with the buckles. I would be tempted to get a new TM but mates who bought the latest version all complain about the waist strap comming loose all the time
  14. What would you say isnt perfect about it??
  15. She rides! my cheap chipper..pulls in brash well..blades are made of soft cheese but it gets the job done!


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