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  1. hmm.....could be handy to have a an extra battery in case the van needs a jump...
  2. off topic - but how well does the tip work with a hand pump? a couple of folks i know went for the battery option but they end up letting them sit for a while especially over then forget to charge the battery and have to handball everything out
  3. 2,5 years in to my Pfanner Gladiator extremes - Still life in em by my reckonning but fancy something cooler and that leaves me looking alittle less like a raggedy tramp. I have tech extremes in the past when they very first came out - loved em but found em not long lasting. Pfanner vents seem good - but have heard people find em too warm. any feed back much appreciated
  4. Made a raised planter out of some bits of pine i planked...its a start i guess...(Will get me a beltsander for starters - (i only own a RO sander and detail sander at the minute) . The ambition is to get a decent amount of larch from some place local for making fencing material out of to go around the property...and then build a sink cabinet for the workshop clean up area...and head board for the bed..and coffee table....window sills for the extention...new conservatory frame after the old one has been ripped down...greenhouse frame...etc etc.
  5. yeah...i just quit my roaming subby life and bought a place with a bit of space so naturally bought an alaskan type mill dragged a couple of logs home and introduced myself to the neighbourhood one Sunday... just figured make some planks then find inspiration whilst waiting for then to dry
  6. Also...little off topic... what thickness should i mill stuff to? ive done a mix of 1.5" and 2.25" stuff just to start off nothing massive as i have to handball everything.
  7. So no need for stuff like a jointer / planer as that is the thing that most crops up on YouTube when looking up what to do with rough boards...
  8. Complete newb here...bought a small log mill. planked up a couple of logs and stacked them in the log shed. What's next? I never got much past the "here is a piece of wood...sand it smooth... when at school... Got a year or two for stuff to properly dry and just begun to research how to turn rough cut timber into more useable/S4S planks and rails. Is it doable by hand rather than machines? is there any good literature out there that anyone would recommend??
  9. But at least Greata wont be telling me off for using dirty 2 stroke
  10. Got a Panther bar this weekend from a swedish supplier. Just ran it through a couple of small bits in the log pile. first impressions Its made the husky eletric cut much nicer. Exactly how i want it. Makes me wonder still why the husky chain is so bad? do they just make bad chains so you pay extra for the x-cut???
  11. Sounds good! I'll keep my eye on the site.
  12. Being based in Sweden the £30 shipping is a little off putting for anything other than a very large order.
  13. 0.050 going to switch to a .043 though when i first tested the husky it was on 3/8 0.043 12" standard nose and it too was gash hence why we tried the switch to 1/4" and dime tip bars.
  14. brand new t535/536li switched to 1/4" 10" pruning bar and chain (husky) Chain leaves really ragged pruning cut and sometimes slips along the branch when starting the cut. tbh its rather crap. Any thoughts as to why??
  15. Ive just ordered myself a basic set up for the T535li - Used a lot with in a company i sub to. We switched the standard bar to a 10" 1/4 pruning bar - makes it fairly rapid, and much better machine - 2 batteries and a charger. Will still be carrying around my modded 150T as the thing is as soon as you get on thicker stuff the battery gets eaten quick and there is fairly noticable drop in power when the battery hits its last bar, where as the 150T will chew through till out of fuel. That said the peace and quite, and fresh air afforded by the battery gear is damn right delightful. Had one issue in pissing rain with a battery not enjoying itself, Its a bit of a false economy if you are starting out as you are going to need to have a least one petrol saw as a back up. Was holding out for the echo dc 2500T but got impatient and I know the rest of the husqy battery range ive tried - hedge trimmers and pole saws are excellent bits of kit and get alot of work out of a single 300 battery. Got to say that the review is fairly spot on - i just recommend switch the bar to a 10" 1/4 and switch to a bigger saw sooner on the timber. For me though the biggest down side is you cant really rip cut stuff - and i have had it cut out when chasing a hinge a couple of times - which aint nice. Know its limits and you are onto a winner with the battery stuff- The new T540li looks solid - good test reviews here in Sweden, BUT its pricey and misses the point imop that battery tools individually should be cheaper, than the petrol versions as when without a battery.


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