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  1. Yeah I was thinking about a small deep cycle battery would be a good shout.
  2. Finally got around to fitting the winch. Ended up sticking it on the front for ease of getting to the drum release. Cut a hole in the front to recess the winch as much as possible and tefuce how much it sticks out by about 1.5". Made a base plate out of 2mm plate and bolted it to the frame then mounted the winch on this. Ended up having to rewire the controller so the wires were long enough to reach the winch and had to switch the cable round on the drum which was the biggest faff. i completely bodged one of the mounts so its a little skew but it works well enough on its test run on the flat. Not sure how far i can move the machine with its little 18ah battery and still start it but if its an issue there is plenty of space to attach a bigger battery or a seperate one. Some point will give it the proper test of winching up the ramps onto the tipping trailer.
  3. So been eyeing up fitting the winch to the front - My chipper is the generic design - almost identical to the GTM. Reckon it should be easy enough (having near bugger all fabrication experience...) to cut out the metal under the hopper near the base for the wire and mount the winch on a bit of box thats part of the frame which sits infront of the battery - Its a 12v 18A battery - Reckon it should be able to run the winch for getting it up and down ramps into the side of the van or back of the trailer and up steps occasionally - so long as it gets a good run before being winched again - failing that there is always the pull start. Cheapest ATV winches I've found are about 65 - 80 quid and it looks like they should fit perfect across under the hopper. They pull just under 1t on paper so should manage the wee chipper easy... Ive already bodge a jockey wheel for the front so if I have a third ramp in the middle I won't even need to lift it, and just mount the control on the handle. Will just add - I don't won't the winch to be just attached to the front as I won't be able to load the chipper side on in the van or trailer and reckon it will look neater tucked away.
  4. Our wood chippers – woodchipper-pro WOODCHIPPER-PRO.COM These are the dutch ones - They do models with a winch and even with hydraulic drive to the wheels, which my ever expanding waist line likes the sound of... other wise fairly generic design.
  5. True that, tbh I have never even looked at the battery on the wee chipper, worst case scenario would be then having to having to push the thing about and then use the pull start on the motor like some un-evolved backwater savage.
  6. Has any one mounted a battery powered winch to their wee chipper? getting up ramps and such. Saw a dutch brand of small chippers that has them on with the controller mounted on the handle. Figure It shouldn't be too difficult to add one to mine but would need to either add a separate battery or change the the starter battery.
  7. Dilz

    MMA/ BJJ etc

    Know this is an old thread but came across it on a search. Just wondering how people balance the training and work. As the age creeps up its noticeably longer / tougher recovery... and it seems all in information on the subject and training in general is aimed at office bods.
  8. I'm in Sweden but thanks for the offer👍
  9. im thinking about getting one for splitting bigger rounds / logs before chucking them on my wee logsplitter. most the videos I see are of them splitting longer branch wood / stems.
  10. anyone tested a Klou cone splitter or similar on their miniskid?
  11. Very true - I'd figure any sort of training would need to involve moving with a load, and indeed unloaded - more so with a stand on skid steer where the driver is the majority of the counterweight.
  12. Given how I've seen some employees at other companies just jump on an avant, nearly tip the machine, get it stuck and then when they finally manage to pick up a couple of sticks smash them through clients windows - a spot of training wouldn't be such a bad idea... but with the Sherpa - It says don't operate unless you have read the manual in full. and the manual is to be kept with the machine at all times in the tube - and it pretty much covers all you need to know about proper safe operation / driving on slopes, loading on trailers, etc. So by that I reckon you can do it all in-house - i.e your employees read the manual and then sign a sheet saying they have read and fully understand it.
  13. 750! i was grumbling when my insurance asked for 3500 kr fully comp ! (280 odd quid)
  14. Another pick from yesterday's job. Its impressive what this little machine will shift even without additional back weights. The timber grab being a manual rotation is a bit of a faff but it keeps the front weight down. Id say anyone looking at the narrow Sherpa should pay the bit extra and get the small / yellow one over the agri version unless like myself you get offered a really good price on an Agri bit that says the Agri is decent enough!


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