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  1. Thanks! 'Tjär och asfaltsborttagare' is what we call that round these Scandinavian parts
  2. Thanks! Excuse the ignorance - but what is rtf cleaner? Is it just a multipurpose cleaner?
  3. So my "Shandong Honest Machine Company" saw mill I accidentally bought at auction (Same as Kellfri electric saw mill) is almost ready for its first logs. Just waiting on some decent ripper blades to replace the one it came with which I can tell is made out of old baked bean cans. The instructions are a bit lacking and more so my knowledge. It has a water tank with a drip meant for cooling the blade. My question is - Is this supposed to drip water onto the blade before or after the cut - makes more sense for it to be cooling after the cut but just want to check. It says just use water but should I consider using anything else? Also - when the mill is not in use between the days / weeks in-between milling days should I slacken off the blade tension a little?
  4. will only be running one machine at a time - so just a single 8kw motor - any more info than that id have to look up.
  5. That's not really an option. My patch is about 25m away from the main building. There's 3 outlets on the outer wall.
  6. PCE 9436422 CEE Adapter 32A-16A WWW.THOMANN.DE CEE Adapter 32A - 16A Mobile plastic distributor, type St. Anton-2f IP44 with bracket, 1x CEE connector 32 A 5p 400V... Using one of these seems a legit way to go about it. Would it make sense to pull this in to the 32A outlet and then run a 16A cable to the machine or would a 32a cable be best to run from the outlet? Going to need about 30 - 35m of cable I reckon.
  7. I would hazard a guess that yes they do. Im going to check with the owner and get access to the main building and check what fuse box he has running on the outlet.
  8. Recently started hiring a bit of land. Have access to electricity via a 32A 3 phase outlet. Got a mill and a splitter that have 16A sockets. Is it fine to just use a simple adapter to go from the 32A to the 16A sized connector or does the 16A adapter need its own fuse / circuit breaker?
  9. i recommended hornbeam at the original consultation - they went with beech - the trees were ordered and delivered n Thursday - digging started on Friday. last site visit i did was 6 weeks ago and water level didn't appear to be an issue
  10. Already got planned with the client about installing an automated irrigation system once they get mains water connected (told then to wait but they want it all and now 🤔)- the biggest concern when i meet them in the summer was drought and the fact they live abroad so we discussed installing a watering computer with moisture sensors for the hedge and trees
  11. Can you enlighten a bit more on this. This isn't my usual game to be honest
  12. that's a sound idea - just need to work out the extra costs and present it to the client
  13. the. issue i think with a soak away is that the water table is so high on the property just now it's just going to be a sump but at the high end of the property there isn't water filling the planting trench or tree pits. Current thinking after a bit of a nap is plant up the top end with beech and give the client the choice of buying hornbeam vs getting some big toys in to sort the drainage properly vs giving it a go with the beech that's already been bought but knowledgeable of the high risk of morality rates being high. If they go with hornbeam i either plant the remaining beech elsewhere on their property or try and sell it or decide if i want any beech hedge on my property...at least with them being in containers rather than bare root i have a good time window to get a solution.
  14. was toying with that idea but I'm no expert on such matters... at the furthest - lowest end of the trench i started digging a pit at the end of the day and will have a look tomorrow but tbh the whole property is going to need some serious drainage sorting as the water table is so high over a large area. Its the first time locally is been an issue - usually locally your lucky to have 6" of topsoil before getting nothing but rocks and sand
  15. and yes the client wants basically near instant hedge effect - so its 175cm high plants in 7.5ltr pots - they plan to camp on the plot next summer to get a feel for the site but want a bit of privacy 🤔


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