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  1. with the yellow jacket style teeth...is it best just to sharpen the flat underside or just the outer round edge? saw a special (meaning rather expensive) wheel for yellow jackets that had a special concave / groove that just sharpened the outer edge.
  2. Got a Laski 360sw recently. It's my first foray into stump grinder ownership. It came with what look like yellow jacket style teeth (can turn 180 degrees to get a new edge). Wondering what is the best way to go about sharpening them...( though the set that's on has plenty of life in them they will inevitably get worn down )
  3. i live in Sweden 😎
  4. Ended up getting a Laski 360sw. Local saw shop / agric workshop started to sell them. Did my first real sized stump today. It's decent enough. The pivot is well worth it, and the machine fits in the side of my van.
  5. To reduce wear on the chain...The logs had been sat on grass for about 6 months and this after being section felled on muddy ground outside a school so even after a good go with a wire brush I wouldn't consider it clean... and can't think of any reason as to why to keep it on
  6. debarked and milled a couple of short cherry logs that had been sat on the ground for 6 months... first time hitting a screw from setting up the ladder 😬. Still impressed how well the echo 620 just chugs on through stuff.
  7. apart from the obvious... what items do folk recommend having on site for a chainsaws milling job? All my milling to-date has been at my own place so everything has been to hand..random bits of wood / extra screws / crowbar etc.. Got a fairy comprehensive kit list but wondering what other folk have found useful / must have when milling away from the yard??? thanks for any input
  8. Dilz

    661 - bar length?

    Good stuff! It sounds like for the 661 lo pro is probably the way to go - might chance it and go for 42" bar..can always mill small stuff with a bigger bar but probably harder to mill bigger stuff with a smaller bar??
  9. what are you milling? how much? what size? how often? what's a low budget as it's all relative. Do you already own chainsaws? if so what size? do you weld/ fabricate stuff. ? Do you want something portable or a bigger stationary set up? what sort of end product quality do you want?
  10. Dilz

    661 - bar length?

    I notice all the panther milling kits on the website that are 3/8 are low pro. is this the preferred set up? Right now for a 661 seems like folk are saying that something like the the 40" mill with 36" bar would be a way to go that wouldn't be too much stress on the machine or??
  11. Dilz

    Logosol f2 / f2+

    spoke to a guy with an f2+ and he says that getting it level is the biggest hassle when moving it to a new site. He also added that due to this you have to move to the logs to mill so a loader is a godsend. I guess it's one of the good points for Alaskan style mills is that you can mill a log in place or not have to move it very far and doest require the log to sit level but takes time setting up the first cut and maybe more work if cutting beams and and rails rather than just boards.
  12. Dilz

    Logosol f2 / f2+

    a little while like 20 minutes or a couple of hours???
  13. Dilz

    Logosol f2 / f2+

    How transportable are these logsol f2 / m7 mills? It looks like it can be broken down into sections quite easily...but I figure looks can be deceiving. Idea would be to have it so I can store it my garage when not in use, and also transport it and set it up in folks back yards for a bit of on site milling.
  14. Dilz

    Logosol f2 / f2+

    I'm in Sweden...so probably cheaper if I buy direct 😉
  15. seeing as I'm waiting for a 661 to show up I've been idly looking at different mills. kind of set my sights on a panther mill but remembered about logsol f2 though it's the f2 + I'm more interested in ..Any one used these? a mate bought an f2 but has had no prior milling experience.used it for one day so far... Said hes not got the hang of it yet...but they look like a good portable set up for back garden milling. or are they a massive faff if just doing the odd log ??


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