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  1. Just for fun! 771947DD-690A-4303-BBC9-C9B61B93BA60.mov
  2. imo owners of resin driveways are anal, owners think its a treat for peasants, like myself, to drive on it! I was given instructions on how not to turn the steering wheel too much as I might mark the resin. The rest of the job was just as anal, never again!
  3. shillo

    Stihl ms201 c

    Love mine now! its old and had to fork out the extra 80 quid for the enhancement pack to make it bearable to use but now its great. nimble, usually by the chipper, sometimes take it up the tree.
  4. Does everybody know something I don't? seam to be loads about for not a lot of money.
  5. I think the harness was 430, 60 delivery and then there was the 70 import duty to pay on top, I was told that sometimes they get away with it but I didn't. I know I know should have stuck with tree motion but hey I like to try something different and it all goes against my tax.
  6. ive just bought one, didn't want to spend out on another tree motion due to massive price hike so I got stung on monkey beaver harness instead, import duties were not taken into my calculation! anyway I do really like it and I think it is more comfortable than the tree motion, and as one of the reviewers on YouTube said ''its like having Gods own hands caressing your buttocks!" the only place I find a bit of 'digging in' is on the backs of my legs but that is due to my sip trousers and the little ventilation zips rubbing.
  7. Id say yes, but I already had the loader and the grinder was only 3.5k. id say it was as good as any of the smaller grinders, except for access issues naturally, but not as good as the bigger bandits, Carltons etc. I don't do enough stumps to justify spending any more money, and for that money you couldn't even buy a little 13hp grinder. Visibility is great, you can see everything you are grinding. its only 23hp which I feel is a little under powered now ive got used to it, but like I say perfect for my business.
  8. he could undo his mallion, just carry a spanner up the tree instead of a knife! I don't have a soft link either
  9. No, other end, ive got a art positioner for adjustment side. You can see in the pic that is where the gate want to rest but obviously not closed or locked, I can push it locked. Do you get on ok with just the carabiner?
  10. yea I was going to do that but do you miss the swivel?
  11. the isc swivel snap hook gate just won't quite shut properly, ive attacked it with the air line even put it in dishwasher to no avail. the flip line is only a year old so don't really need to buy another flip line, are there any equivalent swivel biners that can be attached to the spliced eye on the flip line if I cut the knackered one off, I can't find anything, thinking that I would have to go separate swivel and biner which would probably cost as much as a new flip line.
  12. Great! They seam to be attracted to me too. every year I get 2 or 3 of them sucking on me!
  13. nice having the lift platform. we did one once and it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be with the platform, trying to boom in without damaging the remains of the leyland and scrabbling about on my knees in the basket to try to level off cuts etc.


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