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  1. shillo

    Any Hardwood about in South Devon?

    Unfortunately too far, but thanks
  2. Looking for an artic load of hard wood for fire wood. Any body know of suppliers this way?
  3. shillo

    Squirrel Control

    I consider myself a pretty good shot with air rifle and firearms but only if the damn things stay still! They don't! best use a Trap, i have no patience!
  4. shillo

    the 'todays job' thread

    yep. look up klou stump grinder on youtube
  5. shillo

    More info required from tree office?!

    Yes i know your right, just ranting out loud! Extra annoying as i know another local tree surgeon has recently just been let off for felling 6 mature tpo'd trees. Notorious for getting away with tpo stuff. Heard he got away with nailing a ganoderma bracket to a tree and claimed it had to be felled. Why do i bother filling in forms?! Have to also do it online now which takes me flipping all night!
  6. Applied to reduce limb touching chimney to give 2m clearance. Literally a five minute job with pole saw. N S E or W?? The limb touching the chimney!! Height above ground level?? The height of the chimney!! How would you reply? Reference:3164/18/TPO Received: 21 September 2018 Proposal: T1: Turkey Oak - please specify whether intended works are removal of branch touching chimney at ? metres from ground level on North/South/East/West side of tree or reduction of x1 limb by up to 2 metres at ? metres from ground level. Request for Further Details for an application to Undertake Works to Trees in a Conservation Area or to a tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order APPLICATION INVALID
  7. shillo

    Flail mower

    I need to learn to weld.
  8. shillo

    Eh....i dont know!

    That was the funniest thing ive seen in a long time!!
  9. shillo

    Flail mower

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. I have an avant 420, which does not have enough flow, imo, to power a decent flail. I did contact Quad-X who specialise in making engine powered stuff. They sent me this response last year but i never pursued it. I asked them to see if they would make a front mounted, engine powered flail. Having had a brief chat with an engineer, you wouldn’t require wheels, to facilitate the ‘float system’ it would work via an adjustable skid system. The rotary mower would be able to handle what you describe but it wouldn’t mulch the vegetation, just leave it cut on top of the ground. The flail mower would mulch the vegetation. With the design time involved a ball point figure for this would be approx: 16hp electric start wildcut £3140 16hp electric start flail £4000 Carriage £100 Let me know your thoughts, these are guide prices.
  10. shillo

    Eh....i dont know!

    It means, get ready to Jump!
  11. shillo

    Ash dieback

    I hadn't seen any sign of it last year but this year it seams to be everywhere in South Devon. Mainly young stock, i have seen it in one mature tree.
  12. shillo

    Schleising 200mx or tunnissen 190m

    Slightly different animals really. ive owned a 200mx, good, solid, heavy machine that will last forever but only 28hp so the no stress cuts in little and often. very powerful feed rollers. The tunnissen is as i understood it when i bought one, a cheap copy of a 200 with lots of the same features but cheaper engine, bearings, springs, feed roller motors etc. The no stress does not cut in so often (37hp lombardini) but the feed rollers are not as powerful. Yes it does have a clutch lever to engage drive but so did the old version of the 200mx upon which it was based. i was told because the fly wheels are much larger than some other machines direct drive systems are not so good for the engines trying to turn over the weight of heavy fly wheels, not so bad for the lighter weight fly wheels nowadays? 200mx has an over run clutch system fitted which does need oil checked and changed. My tunnissen is still going strong, 13yrs old, never failed me except feed roller bearings. I would have bought another 200mx but i was quoted 26k 13 yrs ago as opposed to 16k for the tunnissen. But i did sell the 200mx for 9k a couple of years ago. i think id be luck to get 2k for the tunnissen!
  13. shillo

    Failure of oil pumps

    had to replace a couple on the stihl pruner head, old version. annoying as nothing seams to be wrong with it when you strip them out and no amount of cleaning seams to sort out the problem, i just replace them now. But i think they are only a few quid.
  14. shillo

    What are you paying your employees?

    Thanks for the replies. I think he is worth a pay rise
  15. shillo

    What are you paying your employees?

    Anybody actually suggest in £/Hr what they are paying their staff?


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