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  1. roughly how old do you think steve?
  2. shillo

    New branch logger in action

    pretty sure those are on eBay, new, various sizes. nice
  3. I did look at the SpyPoint Link-S (4G) its £500 which seams to tick all the boxes but i thought there looked like a few other fairly easy options available but perhaps not
  4. You do hear of quite a few stump grinder engines needing replacing after wearing out. not sure if they have done loads of hours or are just not as good quality as diesel engines?
  5. Just spent the night googling these cameras, as usual after googling stuff i am now more confused than ever. I want/need a security camera for a remote yard that is capable of sending images to my phone via 4g network upon motion detection. does anybody have any recommendations or a good company to talk to?
  6. will the poorer quality petrol cause premature engine wear like it does on the saws? are there any 500+ hour petrol engined machines out there?
  7. i recon it weighs a good 30kg. stupidly tied it on to me to lower it down, nearly yanked me out of the tree! a little heavier than i thought!
  8. Yep that's where my money is too. let me know when your buddy is coming down and i will get you some of the wood.
  9. shillo

    Ivor Williams Tipper

    Brian james tipper is a lot lower. 60cm if i recall. Which is better for loading and stability but not so good for tipping logs etc as you have to take off the tail board, it does not swing downwards as it would push into the ground which leaves lights very vulnerable.
  10. shillo

    Cheap Chinese carburettors for the BR400 Blower

    i put a cheap chinese carb on my br600. It works now but does not idle or pick up as it used to, i might just need to have a fiddle
  11. shillo

    Husqvarna make new aquisition

    Avant loaders have had a demolition robot about for a few years now.
  12. shillo

    Gaff out supremo

    Definitely blunt! Not sure if its all in my head but i feel it makes a lot of difference when they are needle sharp. I got a little steel sharpening template with mine.
  13. "There was" it was right in the dz! It will reshoot though I'm sure of it. Recon i will have to resurrect this thread in a year or two!
  14. There was one definitely (3'' at ground level, approximately 10m from base of parent tree, there was also one other which may have been a root sucker or may have been another much smaller stem (within 10cm of parent tree) i didn't have a good root about.
  15. It is the same sample, getting a little desiccated now though! Sorry i thought the babies high chair would have given enough of a scale!


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