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  1. They smell lovely though!
  2. Go to 'root system drawings' then 'view images'
  4. Where did you get them loppers from? I am looking for a new pair
  5. tis nice isn't it! the other binderberger is the older version, it Hasnt got the slopey bits for dragging back bits for re splitting. there was also a splitmaster on there the other day, but I dont think my tractor would lift it, it will drive it. ive got an old 57hp case.
  6. it needs a lorry to bring it back to my place, even my mighty mitsy would struggle! 600 delivery
  7. Yes I am still waiting for Marshalls to get back to me.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1232880343911210/
  9. Would you do it? Looking at a splitter in birmingham which is miles away from me in Devon. its over 7k with transport. owner has made a bit of effort to provide transport quotes but didn't seam keen to send new photos or a video of it working. is there a 'safe' way to transfer funds/receive splitter without risk to both parties? should I just leave it?
  10. Nice. How did you fix bits together
  11. Yes I hear what you are saying about the thieves but I am more interested in making my life easier by being able to see. I would like to set ups own system but that would take me forever once i go down every wormhole on the web.
  12. thanks for that I will have a look
  13. Anybody got ant recommendations on some decent solar lights to light up the yard? not just for security but also to see stuff.


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