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  1. shillo

    What are you paying your employees?

    Thanks for the replies. I think he is worth a pay rise
  2. shillo

    What are you paying your employees?

    Anybody actually suggest in £/Hr what they are paying their staff?
  3. shillo

    What are you paying your employees?

    He is on £9/hour, on the books.
  4. Ive got an employee who has started grumblings about a rise. He has only 2 years experience in the industry but is a good keen worker and is keen to do the climbing cert. Just interested what other employers are paying similarly experienced staff.
  5. shillo

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    i am going for some bits of rectangular section steel fixed to the mount for the wheels to fit the pallet forks on the loader, with clamps so i can clamp it on to the pallet forks. the engine is in the way for a loader bracket to fit and oil is stored in the upright steel section so i wouldn't fancy welding to that. I did think about going underneath the baseplate and enlarging that a bit also. The hydraulically (Avant) driven version is a great idea but i use the loader for bringing wood to the splitter, keeping rings in the bucket to avoid too much bending down. or for drying split stuff to where the customer wants it.
  6. All equipment extensively tested by very experienced professionals as pictured!
  7. shillo

    new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    Its certainly a lot quicker than the balfor a11 i had before which is why i wanted it as the a11 would not keep 2 people busy, 1 would always end up stood round waiting for the splitter to catch up. I find the foot pedal a waste of time, i took it off, it soon gets buried in log debris which stops it working anyway. Its not as easy to transport the thing around, a very small base and fairly top heavy make it awkward to secure. i am getting some slots made up so i can pick it up with the pallet forks on a loader.
  8. shillo

    Honda Portable Winch

    Nice bit of kit. Certainly have advantages over my lewis winch. Probably lighter and cheaper. I would have had to reset the line at least once on that pull due to length of dyneema and knots going through pulleys etc
  9. shillo

    GreenMech Videos

    How long on average does it take for groundie to put remote control through the chipper!? Nice machine though. Is the shoot any more likely to bung up with greener material going through?
  10. shillo

    Anyone seen this video? One word- stumps!

    blimey. Pip Thompkins taught me to climb must be 15 years ago, surprised he's still in the game.
  11. shillo

    Road side larch Devon

    where about in devon?
  12. shillo

    arbtalkers arbtrucks

    Truck back now been sign written! I wanted the sides foldable for loading over the side with avant. And the chip flap has to go over the top so i can load logs over the top with tractor loader.
  13. shillo

    Ash dieback problem

    Thanks for your help. Guessing it is notifiable to forestry commission?
  14. shillo

    Ash dieback problem

    I haven't seen any of the diamond shaped lesions. It is on a mature Ash. I have been observing it for at least 10 years now and i don't think the decline has got much worse. How does this differ from the Ash dieback condition (p37 diagnosis of ill health in trees) There is evidence of root damage at least 15yrs ago when it looks like the drive was dug out to be block paved. Photos of tree in october
  15. shillo

    Ash dieback problem

    Any ideas whats up with this Ash last years growth dies back but new growth looks healthy. Stem is clean as a whistle. A few canker like splits are evident. Nectria?


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