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  1. Any climbers need a day or two a week so I can catch up on some of my bigger jobs? Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, Totnes area. Andrew 07813902311
  2. It was only scrub. i live a stones throw from dartmouth
  3. I bought a danelander 3pt linkage one and welded it to a multione bracket. Works well clearing up after large hedge cutting. Wouldn't be ideal on a manicured lawn. i liked the look of that danelander rake, but thought it looked a little harsh for a lawn clear up. it looks like the spring tine rakes the best bet
  4. i did see this but the video on youtube just showed it raking gravel so wasn't sure how good it would be raking up on grass.
  5. i went with the goodwinch, they do a winch which slots on to any tow ball you just need to wire in some anderson sockets to power it. works really well for me as i dont use it often.
  6. Does anyone use a rake or broom attached to their mini loader to help with the clean up? Danelander land rake or bmg broom? Mainly interested in raking up debris on grass. We have had several jobs lately which left mess spread over wide areas which take ages to clear up with rakes and its the sort of size that rips the tines off your rake. Seams a shame to have the loader sat there doing nothing
  7. Pretty sure that's is for a set of panels and i think they are heavier duty, so I'm guessing slightly thicker than standard issue panels
  8. We recommended retaining a big ash due to cavities suspected of being used by barn owls. The owner, unbeknown to me was somewhat of an expert, he agreed the tree stem should be retained but doubted that owls would continue to use the tree, they are very particular about nest sites apparently. You can see the multiple cavities in the stem on the right. Incidentally has anyone had any luck with nest boxes in barns? all i seam to get in mine are pigeons and doves.
  9. Paint code is Ral 6001 if you are as sad as me!
  10. i just use a single pallet fork or both for easier stumps. i did make up a single short hd tine which does a good job on the bigger stumps. i have the ripper to but finding the roots and pushing tine under and lifting up is much more effective than trying to push down and pull imo Just dug out half acre of blackthorn stumps, biggest was probably 14/16'' diameter. the ripper is ok for loosening hard soil but that's the only thing I've used it for.
  11. pretty sure those are on eBay, new, various sizes. nice
  12. I did look at the SpyPoint Link-S (4G) its £500 which seams to tick all the boxes but i thought there looked like a few other fairly easy options available but perhaps not
  13. You do hear of quite a few stump grinder engines needing replacing after wearing out. not sure if they have done loads of hours or are just not as good quality as diesel engines?


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