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  1. ahh think they have the part with this company but looks like they have stopped stocking them too just had a few parts left. I will ring them on Monday. thanks
  2. Yep sorry I should have said that they list it but dont have any in stock or any parts in stock for that engine in fact. They are meant to be regularly removed and debris emptied but are tight to tighten and are only of crappy plastic which does not do well with being removed frequently.
  3. trying to find this part Subaru Robin 277-62100-08 its for a ex27 engine off my log splitter. its just the cup that collects any crap. a rubbish design. I cant seam to find it anywhere except American sites. its a tk carb
  4. Had this machine in for a couple of weeks now from Fred Barclay to try and catch up with the bigger jobs. Such a great bit of kit! I recon he could stir of cup of tea with it too!
  5. Got to love hydraulics! and a ballsy operator! IMG_6830.mov
  6. Dont think Father Christmas will fit this down the chimney! What a bit of kit! IMG_6824.mov
  7. It's bloody hard to please some people! I was purposefully testing it out on hedge trimmings which no chipper throws as as far as wood but it would have been fine throwing It in the back of the truck, there was also a fair wind blowing it back towards the machine.
  8. 916ba56a-3086-4993-b909-61416f218212.mp4
  9. 725cdde6-6dd9-4f84-89b3-e22832189734.mp4
  10. I had one on demo a week ago, I was very impressed. there were one or two bits that my 6'' chipper would have struggled with! just because of the shape rather than the size. the drum width is really wide so the powered indeed pulls big bits into the flattest plane and through it goes! I was mainly interested in how it pulled in hedge trimmings as ive got several 'bag up and drag out' jobs every year and thought this would help, I pulled it out the back of the truck and chucked it in as fast as I could and it gobbled it up! I could do with a new 'proper' chipper but I cant afford both at the moment. they do have lots of videos on their site.
  11. I didn't think it was even possible to block the chute nowadays, I did it once about 20 yrs ago on an old entec chippit. Never managed to block the chute on my trusty 2005 tunnissen 190.
  12. looking at the 165 diesel. not sure why but I hate asking dealers to come and demo all the way down here in south Devon.
  13. Does anybody have opinions good or bad about the evo? I cant find many reviews online


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