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  1. Anybody got one? opinions?
  2. Nice. How did you fix bits together
  3. Yes I hear what you are saying about the thieves but I am more interested in making my life easier by being able to see. I would like to set ups own system but that would take me forever once i go down every wormhole on the web.
  4. thanks for that I will have a look
  5. Anybody got ant recommendations on some decent solar lights to light up the yard? not just for security but also to see stuff.
  6. or the cms splitter thats been on eBay for a while. Anybody?
  7. Anybody know of anything that works that hasn't been banned?
  8. Any opinions on these two, ive been looking for a second hand one for ages now both these have turned up. the binderberger is a bit newer but same money
  9. imo the Stihl shredder blade is better than the tri bladed shredder blades. ive used both.
  10. Rupert baker is in ashburton
  11. fairly common down here too. usually salt laden winds, usually one side of tree only. I did have a big macrocarpa turn totally brown last year in the summer I thought it had died but it greened up again after some rain.
  12. It does look like its been topped, squirrels have chewed the regrowth by the looks of it.
  13. Just had the a price back... £65 for 2 bits of plastic.... fuming. Apparently not meant to be using grease to lubricate slides dry lube or oil.
  14. Anyone had this happen to their splitter? It looks like ive got to take the splitter to bits to get new guide in.
  15. 50 squirrels in one wood... ive only shot one squirrel in 50 years! too clever for me!


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