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  1. thanks for the reply, how long have you had them on? did you get the compressor kit also?
  2. very nice, please tell me you didn't do all that with a chainsaw?
  3. Hope they have put bigger fuel and oil filler holes on the 362
  4. Has anybody put air bags on an l200 or similar truck? what make did you go for? was it worth it?
  5. I went for ALL-TECH Cone Splitter 230mm with Flange to Drill rig 65mm from amazon this fitted my auger torque which I already had. It takes a bit of getting used to but I dont think its as good as I hoped, it stalls fairly easily so won't screw in any more and also won't reverse out either which is a pain but I just take it over to my normal vertical splitter and split it with that, I just wanted to split lumps of wood that the loader had put in the truck down to manageable bits that could be hand lifted onto vertical splitter but the smaller, shorter lumps do just have a tendency to rotate unless you have something to wedge them up against. I wouldn't bother again certainly wouldn't bother if I was getting the dedicated splitter. your loader might have a bit more power so might be better. I might have bought one which is too wide for my loader I think a smaller diameter might have been better. it would have split the bit on the video if I started off with it on the floor. ive just got into the habit of using it to take it to the vertical splitter which was not the original plan. DB73CD1E-82BB-464B-9789-835FCC436051.mov
  6. if you've got an 880 you can borrow my logosol, I'm down South Devon
  7. have you opened it up? I had a new head which failed after a day, opened it up and it was bone dry inside, no grease at all. I returned it and dealer replaced it foc
  8. 771947DD-690A-4303-BBC9-C9B61B93BA60.mov
  9. my little 420 is only 31l/m hoping it will do the job as ive just ordered one! I only want to break down the big lumps into half or quarters to make it easier to lift onto the vertical splitter.
  10. ive got the small auger torque drive which I use with a post hole borer, it certainly does not seam to struggle with a 10'' auger bit so I don't think it will struggle power wise. The videos on YouTube with excavator mounted cones look like they get smashed into the ground a lot, can't see them lasting long. The videos of mini loaders using them just don't seam to show them off very well imo
  11. Anybody run one on a little loader? Ive got an avant 420 with an auger drive unit already, just thinking about getting a cone to split the bigger lumps up to make them easier to lift on to the Thor vertical splitter.
  12. Have you got any photos of your machine, that seam to do lots of different options. How are you doing logs now just out of interest?
  13. Since ive got a avant loader it has changed the way we process firewood, before loader everything was rung up, chucked in truck and split at yard with Thor vertical with a table, now ive got the loader everything gets cut to to lengths to fit the splitter then split into billets on the same splitter without the table, its hard work upending big lumps to get them on the splitter so I wanted to use the loader to load a horizontal splitter, any recommendations?
  14. Just what we need... more plastic waste. Forgive me, ive just watched Extinction on iplayer!
  15. I felled one very similar to yours last year, I recommended removal but wish I hadn't really, those 'cracks' were literally only bark depth.


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