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  1. new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    Yep, worth googling log splitter accident! frightening stuff!
  2. new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    looks like they have changed the design probably;y to prevent the one handed operation! probably a good idea to leave it alone, its pretty complicated back there!
  3. Post your stump grinding photos

    Not the best video as i was trying to video at the same time.
  4. new toy! Thor magik petrol 13t

    Which bushes do you mean? Ignore the writing on the photo. i had to get Halse of honiton engineers to pop out to have a look at it. it turned out that it had been put together wrong, washers on the wrong side which made the lever catch often. All good now though.
  5. Post your stump grinding photos

    You tend to come in from the side and use the steering and tilt to work the stump down. I found it to be just as efficient as a normal grinder except its only 23hp, could do with a little more umpph at times, but it is really smooth and precise as you can see exactly what you are grinding and the debris is thrown out the side.I tend to make thinner cuts to keep the revs up but it is very quick to sweep across the stump. 3kish and utilises my loader. i was looking at a bandit or fsi but they were 10k i couldn't justify it for the few stumps that i do.
  6. Post your stump grinding photos

    Klou grinder on Avant 420
  7. New toy! Anyone know how to make it one hand operated? I think the design has changed a bit.
  8. Yes certainly not letting it go for 350! Cant really compare it to a handy 7t electric! over 2k new now, but that is for the new model.
  9. Down in South Devon. Do you ever come this way?
  10. I want to sell the splitter which is the old style 9hp b&s but in good condition, but i don't have a clue what to ask for it. Any suggestions?
  11. Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    were turf tyres not an option?
  12. Lewis winch

    yep i seized my drum too! i still run 6mm dyneema on it but half as much, its not as long as id like it but still easier to use than the wire rope. Nice bit of kit though. i would like to try one of the small petrol capstan winch though.
  13. the horse loggers have been working near me lately. Nice guys. My little boys love watching them, probably not the most productive but its a job for the woodland trust, lots of money and good publicity!
  14. Anyone bothered with 4x4 double cab tipper?

    sounds like we are both guna have to bite the bullet and buy this on the bay!
  15. Squeaking Rollers ST6

    i did have a mysterious squeal rather than squeak on my old schliesing which i think the forst is largely based on. not sure if its the same but i narrowed it down to the little rubber star shaped thing that meshes between the end of the rollers on the drive side. i sprayed wd40 on and the squeal went away but it did come back but as knew it was just that i didn't have to worry about it.


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