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  1. WoodED

    Tp175 chipper

    I’ve only ever heard good things about tp when I do hear. I have a 2003 tp150 which is beastly for what it is, just old now, it’s been to the engineers twice this week to have bits welded and with a big work load we need something newer now.
  2. WoodED

    Tp175 chipper

    Hi All, Thinking of ungrading from my ancient tp150 to a new tp175. Does anybody here own one or has anybody any experience with them. Thank you Ed
  3. WoodED

    Ms201t sugihara bar, fitting issue.

    Rob just thought I'd say thanks, cutting the end of the bar out has done the trick 👍🏼[ATTACH]221885[/ATTACH]
  4. WoodED

    Ms201t sugihara bar, fitting issue.

    Yes definitely 44 links,
  5. WoodED

    Ms201t sugihara bar, fitting issue.

    Can't get fairer than that, thanks rob
  6. WoodED

    Ms201t sugihara bar, fitting issue.

    The chains too big, too much slack
  7. Evening all, I just bought a second hand 201t, I also bought a new 12 inch sugi bar and a chain for it two to find it annoyingly doesn't fit, The chain is 44 drive links which I'm sure is correct for a 12 inch, there is a bolt stopping the bar from adjusting enough as the end of the bar is closed(see pics) and the end of the old stihl bar is open, Has anyone else had this problem? Can I just remove this screw?
  8. WoodED

    Roof mount tractor and driven trailer.

    These are our 2 forwarding unit, they do a lot of road miles all across Milton Keynes to one log store, the botex they have had for a good few years and the farma was new this year, due to the crane being mounted on the trailer with legs its very stable. The trailer has a pivot to on both units for manoeuvring. Hope this helps
  9. WoodED

    Full wrap handle

    How much is the 560 handle shavey
  10. WoodED

    Do not buy this saw - its stolen

    Has it been sold? Not on his listings anymore
  11. WoodED

    Post your stump grinding photos

    mulching out a small site ready for the contractors to install a new board walk
  12. Hi all Long shot but I don't suppose anyone has a radiator for a tp150 laying around or in a dead machine that they would part with,? It's for a lombardini 1003 engine. I refuse to pay £950 for a new one
  13. WoodED

    Tp150 roller problem

    Could it also be crap oil?
  14. WoodED

    Tp150 roller problem

    Cheers Ian 👍🏼
  15. WoodED

    Tp150 roller problem

    Hi all, I have just bought a tp150 Woodchipper today as a small project and as my first machine, the guy I bought it of said it has a problem where after 20 mins of chipping the rollers slow right down to a crawl, or stop, he then said after leaving it for 20 minutes it's fine. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be, Been told it might be the hydraulic hose coming out the bottom of the tank breaking Down and blocking the pump? Thanks in advance Ed


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