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  1. Makes sense, I dont come across real big jobs very often. Sometimes on golf courses. The thing with no borrowing is that things takes longer. I have zero patience with things. It just have to wait.
  2. There is no leaks anywhere. All seems fine, yes that’s how I do, let her go for half hour and then empty her. And dip stick never changes. Perhaps I’m overprotective on her
  3. Indeed need a hand held machine, need to demo one, I see predator got a very small one and a 460 model. Both of them would be handy. And the predator 75. Could afford the smaller ones but not the biggest. Unless I borrow money It’s hard to say when time is to expand.
  4. This one the size it is I will keep forever, very good for back gardens and tight areas. I will fix and refurbish it. A new grinder will be a bigger and a smaller one.
  5. I always been keen to keep things right when it comes to oil and filter and air filter
  6. Thinking of getting a new engine, and get the existing one to a total service, even tho it runs great. And take the new one to 1300 hours or so and put in the other one and so on. And refurbishment in the machine itself at some point. Already changed all bearings and clutch and the shafts. Phew and cutter wheel to .
  7. You are probably right, I just feel for the little cost I do it often
  8. Hey Just wondering how many hours your kohler engine done ? I use a 38 hp kohler, changing oil and filter every 50 hours. She done over 1000 hours now, still feels like new .
  9. Be able to know what the climber needs at all times, time things correctly, free the ropes stuck in branches. Try to be a step ahead. And drag branches out aware of your surroundings no scraping any buildings. Be aware at all times so climber can keep dropping things without having to stop for some standing in the drop zone.
  10. Higher bills and no guarantee regular income is involved in business. It is stressful losing time with the ones you hold close to your heart, work will never break me, but being away always could bring negative stress . Therefore I do the most of the time when we got the holidays up north . Another one is booked quite soon to
  11. Well the fiancé doing the clients I get addresses. Saves a lot of time for me .
  12. Indeed the most important is the loved ones around
  13. We are out spending time together, i love it!! Ok I hit the break if I see tree stumps. Just a reflex. My fiancé and my dogs. I do dearly enjoy the time with them , Still dealing with enquiries, However I do enjoy being off the grind. That constant grind . Luckily fiancé been in business before so she is understanding


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