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  1. Hey, question time, have a terex HR14, 2.8 Ton digger, looking to put a fixed rotating grab on, any recommendations and what kind of money should I expect to part with , thanks 🤙🏻
  2. I tried a load when I was buying, wasn't mad about the tree motion, a bit busy for my liking, went for an Arbpro tree access, love it, mega kit, can be in it all day and you don't even notice it on. It's worth trying a few, not just trying on but actually climbing in them,
  3. It's a total mare trying to get anything south of the border, I bought another 560 last August and I asked about a set of the flip up type fuel caps for an older saw I had and they were even a non runner, it's like the dark ages here 🙈
  4. I did ask my local husky dealer about them when I was buying my last saw, and to be honest by the look of shock on his face I might as well have asked about a wing mirror for the space shuttle and I would say I could get one of those easier, the fact that I live in the land of the leprechaun does not make it easy, I was quoted 90 dollars postage from baileys to send handles and then I must pay vat on them when they arrive. I will try a husky dealer in Northern Ireland and see how I go. Thanks.
  5. Hello folks, I am looking for a couple of full wrap handles for husky saws, Is there anywhere in the UK or Europe selling these? I know they can be bought from the states but I have been investigating and by the time I pay the shipping and the vat when it lands here it runs into considerable cost. Anybody got an answer? Thanks.
  6. No pm yet , my 372 is an 03 non xtorq, she is old but has done very little.
  7. Yes, I would like to get my 372xp spudded to the hilt and if you could pm me a rough idea of costs it would be mega 🎯
  8. I am in the market for a new saddle and I really like the look of the tree access 2.0, however, I don't see too many around ( is that saying something) and I'm wondering if anybody out there has one or are there any reviews in them? Thanks. 💘
  9. Have they changed the Ranger engine? up until now the 3.2 was a 5 cyl engine, my mate bought one new in 2013 and its a super machine, tons of power and torque and takes plenty of abuse from him, this time next year Rodney.......


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