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  1. Any milled or know anyone that wants large sections of hornbeam couple big buggers came down the other day. Not much on here apart from one guy making skittles and one guy making a gear wheel ? Any info appreciated...
  2. I'm slightly confused after Milling what I presumed was Hornbeam. I'm now unsure due to the colouring and notch/small cavities if that the why to describe them! Cheers
  3. Hi i have been using a MS441 on a 4 ft bar for milling but have now got a 7ft bar and bought a G888 a clone of the MS880 it looks sounds ok though the casing is sharp sliced my hand o it starting it so sandpapered it smooth> cant really run it through any timber as the 7ft bar is mental without a mill. before slabbing should i just let it idle through a tank of fuel? also theres talk of bearing changes on the ms661 clone they do, anyone thinks its worth preempting trouble here? its a cheap saw, 475pounds and somehow came through customs unscathed in two weeks from china. almost a third of the price of a ms881 thanks sean
  4. Dear All, Looking for assistance, advice or someone willing to take on the job. Next week my company are removing a large oak tree with a beefsteak fungus. We know this wood could be considered valuable for milling. We are looking for a portable miller in the local area to Swindon or someone willing to travel. As tree surgeons we usually disk the wood but want it to come to good use so would work with a miller with the right equipment to cut into bigger pieces. The customer is happy to just have a few slices as payment and this miller can have the rest for free so long as the collection is not chargeable. Any advice greatly appreciated look forward to hearing suggestions!
  5. Pro labour needed on a self employed basis, Work based around Launceston cornwall and surrounding areas including north devon. Need saws tickets and a good work attitude, currently thinning larch and have climbing jobs so some ground work would be great, if your good experienced and have all the tools and transport I can offer 140 a day, if your just starting out but have ppe and saws and a licence I can offer 100 if you have nothing but a keen interest in forestry I can offer 70 a day. Other Work can include firewood production, milling, forestry, hedge laying stone walking landscaping, brush cutting, scrub clearance, habitat creation, conservation work, tree planting. Please email me on [email protected]
  6. Hey, First time slabbing today and I wanted to capture the experience. I absolutely loved the process and look forward to doing more. Feels really rewarding to make use of wood from a tree where the results will be around for years to enjoy. I plan to turn the slabs into tables tops, chunky shelves and chopping boards. Thanks, Dan. 
  7. I have a fairly large Holme oak I am removing next week in Huntington, Cambridgeshire. Is the wood any good? Anyone interested in it? I'll put a pic of the tree...if anyone interested pm me and I'll send some pics of the wood once it's down...
  8. Is there anyone in the Berkshire or South Oxfordshire who could give me some experience/teach me about milling (portable or chainsaw) and drying? Maybe in exchange for some labouring? I would like to start producing dried timber (mainly hardwood) on a small scale both for myself and other makers/craftspeople. I will be doing cs30 training in a couple of weeks but am coming at this from a user of timber and have very little experience at present. Part of my plan is also to build a solar powered kiln. Unfortunately I'm the wrong side of 50 but still fit and strong and keen to learn. Any offer of help would be appreciated no matter how small. Thanks Steve
  9. I have a large oak that fell earlier in the year that requires clearing. The entire canopy has been cleared and some large branches already milled on site and removed, but the guy that was doing it has taken what he wants and left me with a substantial amount of tree. It will need milling on site as it is 1.6m diameter for about 7m. There are large branches which are 0.6m diameter. Anyone interested in clearing it? Near Stevenge, Hertfordshire.
  10. I've got a Stenner 42 VB Sawmill Dismantled unused project, barn stored. 3 phase motors. Looking for new loving home. For more information contact [email protected] South Gloucestershire Area, Open to offers.
  11. Hi guys, I have a rather strange request from a customer for 2 Oak logs from Sherwood Forest. The logs will be milled so needs to be of a decent size (ideally 3m length with 30cm - 60cm diameter but we can discuss the details) and preferably green. Also, I will need a felling licence to prove where they are from. Delivered to CM17. I know it won't be cheap, so if you just so happen to have access to the above and the ability to deliver please drop me a PM and I should be able to make it worth your time. Many thanks!
  12. Hi I'm a newcomer to this forum and I hope you'll be gentle with an idiot! My Stihl MS250 has given me excellent service for a good number of years and has milled a number of cypresses and alder trunks. For milling I use a 16" bar and ripping chain on a Grandberg frame. Unfortunately I killed it last week when I managed to knock the chain brake on by accident and didn't notice as the saw was already labouring on the thick end of an alder trunk. It got a bit smoky but, as there were only a few inches to go, I ploughed on thinking 'I'll take a look when I've finished'. When I opened it up, things had gone a bit melty! I've managed to replace enough parts and got it running well enough to know that a full restoration should be viable so that I can continue to use it for normal logging and firewood cutting. I'm now on the look-out for something with a longer bar - 30" maximum but probably 20" - 24" for planking purposes. My friendly local dealer is keen to sell me another Stihl and I'd love to get one but, for the amount of work I do, I just can't justify spending that much. The same dealer also supplies EFCOs and, (if pushed) Mitox. I'm wondering whether one of the larger EFCOs would do the job AND have a reasonable life - if treated properly! Can anyone comment on the suitability of any of these makes for milling? Any advice gratefully received. Clumsy Oaf
  13. Hi. As a noob, I am hoping for some advice on some 2nd hand equipment. I am starting out as a smallholder and looking to put up some outbuildings on a tight budget. I am planning on harvesting & milling some Douglas fir and am looking to buy a large enough chainsaw and a mill. I am looking at a 2nd hand Stihl 084AV (apparently hasn't worked much in the last 10 years, unknown history before that. Good compression, starts fine.) and a 48" granberg mill. Also included in the deal are: 48" bar, chain & rip chain, 36" bar & chain, 30" bar & chain. Spare piston rings, clutch springs & recoil spring. 2 questions: -What do you think of the asking price of £950? Seems high to me but that could just be me working to a tight budget... - Are replacement parts an issue for 084s? The seller reckons you can use MS880 parts and I was surprised by this. I haven't been able to find the specs, but my hunch is that piston and bearings wouldn't be compatible if anything else is? I'd be really grateful if you could share your wisdom and possibly prevent this noob on a budget from making an expensive mistake. Thanks.
  14. WANTED.....stems of all sizes in the Cheshire area, we can mill on site up to 1.5 m diameter or in our own yard please contact me for more info [email protected] or 07455018862
  15. Looking for some advice, I milled an Oak slab from a stem I felled about 5yrs ago which I then let sit for about 2yrs before bringing it in the garage to work it, figuring it would be sufficiently seasoned. I was planning on turning it into a table so I’ve planed it and started sanding however it’s developing a crack which I’m convinced is spreading. This is my first attempt so excuse my ignorance but is it likely to simply split in two and if so is it doomed or can something be done to prevent it? I’ve attached a couple of pics which don’t show it fantastically. It’s a really nice piece and I’ve invested a lot of time into it now so don’t want to give up on it too easily similarly I also don’t want to press on and get rid of my existing dining table if it’s days are numbered. Any advice would be much appreciated! thanks in advance, Joe
  16. We have some copper beech trees for sale in Newtown, Powys, just off the A483. All felled last week - pictures below, measurements approximate. Beech - 1 is 2.7m to fork, diameter 50cm reducing to 40cm and 3.2m beyond fork, diameter 30cm reducing to 25cm Beech - 2 is 4.1m long, diameter 45cm reducing to 30cm Beech - 3 is 6.0m long, diameter 70cm reducing to 60cm Also some smaller bits and softwood (cupressus) All accessible, close to drive/roadway. Offers? Message me if interested.
  17. Hi, I'm looking to purchase various sizes of seasoned/kiln dried waney edge boards and large and small rounds to create some furniture with for a new community cafe opening in November. I've got a car/van so could travel to have look and pick up. Many thanks, Joe
  18. I have test few of my new saws today and non of them apart from Makita came as per factory specification. I am particularly concern about my new husky 395 as this will be used for milling. here are pictures for maximum RPM. New husky 395 max RPM 12000 instead of recommended 9600. idel is also high at 3000 instead of 2500. new husky 135 maximum RPM 11800 instead of recommended 9000. Makita DCS 5121 maximum 13000 which is fine as per factory specifications.
  19. We are changing the way in which we sell the Granberg mills. Usually they come in a host of different sizes 24",30",36",42",48",60". The longer mills are awkward and expensive to ship - also it means keeping a large stock of rails in to meet different lengths. We'll still do the Alaskan 36" mills (which adjust down to 30" and 24") but for the longer mills we are now switching to the Granberg Ultimate mills - these will have 36"/24" and 12" extensions as well as x2 round handles. You can then make you mill to 24"/36"/48"/60"... for longer just buy another joining kit. If you have a Granberg mill you want to extend you can now do so without having to buy a whole new handle and rail set https://www.chainsawbars.co.uk/product-category/mills-kits/alaskan-mill-mk-4/ The mill in the pics is set up as a 48" Alaskan.
  20. This has been in development with our new first cut systems. We wanted a chainsaw mill that was improved and better than anything else on the market. Features: Manufactured in the UK in Devon Rack and pinion system for easy tool less height changes Magnetic quick fix to bar attachment There will be more advanced options later where this mill will work in conjunction with the HEAVY first cut system
  21. Morning all We have a lot of oak a get away from site. two trees, the largest being approx 2m DBH. we have a tractor with medium sized grab with a trailer so can deliver, but needs to be as close to site a possible as I'll have to do multi trips and it is not a fast tractor! If you have a big grab and trailor set up then your more than welcome to take the lot, or as much as you like. Any questions please ask. Or any ideas of who might be interested welcome. PM me with a phone number and I'll call you back. thanks for you time. Ed
  22. Hi, I have three sections of Oak trunk measuring about 2.5 foot wide by 4 foot long in my garden that need cutting up and removing. Ideally I would like to mill them into planks so they can be used to make something later, however, only access is through the house which means any equipment would need to come through the front door. If all else fails I will need it cutting in to fire wood if I can't get it milled. Needs doing in the next two weeks. I should say they have been sitting uncovered for a year so I don't know if they are now no good to use other than for fire wood? Can anyone help? Many thanks
  23. Hi, I am looking for on-site milling services to prepare some Oak that was felled a couple of weeks ago. I plan to use the timber in a new house build project that will complete in approx. 12months. I have 5 x 4meter lengths (see photos) and I am thinking that I would like to use the timber for internal doors but will be guided by expert advice. The timber is located near to Sutton Coldfield. Please reply if you can help. Many thanks.
  24. Hi all I am looking for a bit of advice please. I have two decent size Oak tree's that went over in the storms last winter. The owners would like a table out of one of them and a few other pieces and to sell the rest. The access isn't to bad but I think they will have to milled where they have fallen (the edge of the woodland). I would like to do it myself with an Alaskan mill. I was wondering how best to cut it up (boards, planks, beams etc) and how much it would be worth roughly? What size saw, bar and which mill and chain to use? Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance. The measurements are relatively rough just done with a basic tape measure. Access to tree in the first picture. Oak section 1 Core trunk 409cm length 97cm width 310cm circumference Oak section 2 Right branch looking up tree from root 46cm wide 198cm length 175cm circumference Oak section 3 Left fork 69cm wide 150cm long 257cm circumference Oak section 4 Left branch upper fracture 168cm length 64cm wide 185cm circumference 2nd tree Core trunk 450cm length 81cm wide 224cm circumference Upper branch 185cm length 140cm length 213cm circumference
  25. Kidderminster Alaskan mill job, any takers? Hi I have a potential customer who wants a large Ash milling in their garden. Please get in touch with me if you fancy the job. Bit too far for me-over sixty miles do I want to pass this one on. Cheers Richie McBride


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