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  1. Great thanks. On the verge of upgrading so good to hear
  2. Other than the obvious size, and I’m guessing weight, difference....is there any difference in functionality terms. One smoother than the other for example? New any better for srt? Thanks
  3. Yeah it’s a lovely chain to cut, but not to sharpen! But figure you need every advantage with the battery saws. Recently bought a hedge trimmer so now have the batteries so the chainsaw winking at me haha
  4. Yes u can Thanks Don....Do you know if it makes a significant difference to the stock bar and chain?
  5. I was wondering about panther bars and if anyone knows if they can be put on the t540i xp so can use the 1/4 pitch chain....anyone?
  6. I’ve just compared to another 550 and looks the same so I think I’m worrying about nothing. As you were [emoji23]
  7. Spring is good, have always checked that after the climber who fell because of it. Think I’ve used two different ropes on it now and just bought some Black Widow to try out too. Tried washing my current one to see if it fluffs it up a bit. Rope often feels a bit square using with the zig zag...
  8. Worm gear is obviously not perfect but doesn’t seem to be the issue....there may not even be an issue, I’m just wondering out loud really!!
  9. I pulled apart again and I would there is wobble. I’m not sure how much is tolerable. But cross referencing to the other two saws I had to hand, echo 2511 and a 200t, it seems similar to those. Can’t imagine there would be no wobble (for clarity as opposed to float in and out). Find it hard to believe it can be wear on crankshaft as it’s not that old (2 yr approx) and I don’t use it even every week let alone every day. Here’s a pic of the bearing on the crankshaft with me pushing it from one side to show the gap. Enjoying the Arbtalk lessons. Thanks
  10. Particularly obvious on the bottom link of second photo
  11. Posting these pics of the wear for interest more than anything
  12. That’s what I thought but wanted to make sure. Didn’t replace the worm drive as looked ok. Perhaps I’ll take it all apart again and check.
  13. The pinion is.....?


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