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  1. Are HSE changing the definition of tree work from work positioning to rope access? Or are they saying that for work positioning we will require two ropes? Could we have one main line and two lanyards? This would be two points of contact at all times and three for cutting?
  2. Had a couple of burns already. 2ft thick stone walls can leave house feeling a bit damp even in summer
  3. Thanks, that makes more sense looking at photos online [emoji106][emoji106]
  4. Closest I can find in my tree guide is vine leaved maple but it doesn’t quite seem right. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks. Chipping output is fine at the mo, and pulls in well. Good to get know how to gauge it all as it wears.
  6. Tips appreciated on when to sharpen blades as am new to chipper ownership! I’ve attached a photo, probably not great quality, but was having a look inside and was surprised how many little dinks in the blade there were and wondered if they should be sharpened. Thanks
  7. It’s off road as not a proper chassis for road towing. Should be fine at low speeds and careful driving as in your pic [emoji3]
  8. Well it’s good to hear that it’s possible to not have that. My thoughts would be gap too big....would you agree? I don’t really see how I can hold on to every bit I chip to slow it down. I bought mine from Abbey Garden Sales in Tavistock. Didn’t know Radmore sold them at that time as I’m closer to Exeter than Tavistock. But I wanted a local dealer at least to be able hassle is something went wrong! They did say that they had had some supply issues but if it came to it they would take parts off a model for sale and sort me out and wait themselves for the parts so that sold me. I don’t use mine all that much but I’ve paid it off already so it can sit there and not cause me any worries.
  9. I recently got a Hyundai 100mm too. It’s a good machine. My one gripe is that it pulls the last bit of the branch through whole without chipping it. Some species worse than others of course, it eats Leylandii, but with willow for example it can be a good 18” or more. Could this be the gap on blades or is it just symptomatic of drum chippers? Thanks
  10. Can you remember what size shackle that is? M8 maybe a bit big but M6s seem to not be wise enough? Cheers
  11. cord better than tape slings?
  12. That shackle looks spot on Mark thanks Agree the pizza seems superfluous haha
  13. Has a go with zigzag srt for the first time on Friday and thought it was great. How are people attaching rope wrench with a stiff tether to zigzag? I was using a carabiner and it seemed fine but when ascending it would rotate round and the tether then started to slide up the carabiner towards the gate which can’t be good in my book. Wondering if I should use a shackle or a singing tree quickie which I don’t think would do this. Any thoughts? Thanks
  14. Nice! Where did you get mod from?
  15. Been throwing ropes with krabs on for years and never got one stuck. Like the throw bag idea might try that one or I could just keep a heavy karabiner on the harness for chucking. Thanks


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