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  1. You go through them on the course. The is section is open book and you are told the tree they came from so it’s not too hard.
  2. You say that Mark but the serial numbers are between 18L and 21G....that's 3 years of zigzags to be inspected and possibly returned
  3. Beat me to it! My zigzag plus is about a month old and not slipping as such but sometimes when I lean into it I get sense of a minor movement and then it holds. I thought it was in my head but this makes me wonder if it’s real haha
  4. I think Hiline can do it Or Simon Philips near Newton Abbot (got his contact if you can’t track him down)
  5. Bigger stems you need to generate more flick. This can be harder with wire core flip lines. You do need a fair bit of slack for this as well. You could carry two and just use one until you need the other navigate an awkward section. But it is hard to flick a line all the way around a big stem at height. For leaners, having a mainline with a choke knot as a backup can be useful. You don’t want to slide round to the underneath. But if you go then at least you can get down. If skinny enough you can wrap the flip line all the way around the stem which holds you in one place better as you can’t slide around. For both, if you can throw line in above the climb will be much easier!
  6. stewmo

    576xp oil leak

    Thanks, as you say sounds worth a go before spending out.
  7. stewmo

    576xp oil leak

    When you say it’ll ‘probably’ need splitting, are you saying there is another option?
  8. stewmo

    576xp oil leak

    Thanks Spud….I’m guessing this is the gasket here…. I can get my little tool behind so it really has dropped down
  9. stewmo

    576xp oil leak

    He did used to, but moving into semi retirement he said….Unfortunately I don’t know anyone like spud local to me. I had a look and gasket looks about £20 quid so it’ll be the labour involved. £300 is fair chunk to spend on a 4+ year old saw. £200 I could probably cope 🤣
  10. stewmo

    576xp oil leak

    Thanks I know spud is only doing work for locals. So I’ll have to find someone else. I’d be interested to get a quote for the work and see if worthwhile
  11. stewmo

    576xp oil leak

    Sounds like a pain in the arse?
  12. stewmo

    576xp oil leak

    Noticed chain oil coming out between muffler and casing end of last week. Took muffler off, cleaned up and then ran a bit and appears to be coming out from the join in the casing…see photo…is this possible? A seal has gone ? Thanks
  13. One groundie once got my oil and fuel the wrong way round on the echo 2511. That really did stink for some time.


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