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  1. Exactly. But away from harm in a hedge or something [emoji106]
  2. Whats with banned non aproved H@S issue gonna fly off and injure?? Same type of heads fit on drills & angle grinders.... Also considered the bio degradable line for general use as mirco plastics is bad etc but its about x4 as expensive per M and got bad reviews And as all car tyres and loads of other stuff are shedding plastic everywhere where do you draw the line withour becoming a cavemen. Tyres and microplastics: time to reinvent the wheel? FRIENDSOFTHEEARTH.UK Vehicle tyres are probably the biggest source of plastic pollution in our rivers and seas, according to a new report... Yeah it is pricey but I use so little it doesn’t bother me.... and it works well imo. I also know it is a drop in the ocean as far plastics go but I don’t like it in my garden so I don’t like it other people’s. Get your point re where do you draw the line but it also works both ways. If we don’t try and reduce the pollution in the world then it will be far worse than it is now. And it’s pretty bad right now!
  3. Use a blower to clear the debris away
  4. What’s there to wonder about? All strimmer line ends up lying around the place in little (and big) bits. Every park, verge, garden....it all goes somewhere. I recently shifted to biodegradable for this reason.
  5. I have to strim weeds on block paving and do with a normal line. You get through line quickly and the heads wear as well. Your post got me thinking and digging about. Have you seen ones like below. Would be interested to try I think 6" Brush Strimmer Steel Wire Wheel Mower Weed Cutter Trimmer Head Grass WWW.EBAY.CO.UK It is simple and convenient to connect the mower;. This kind of steel brush is mainly suitable for deburring, dust removal, oxide removal, cleaning and polishing accessories. Made of high quality steel wire, durable.
  6. We recently had a stove installed. 300mm in front is regs. But our slab is 850mm to cover the door opening. Our lounge is narrow so we went for a convector stove so combustibles can be very close, 100mm I think to the sides. Still 750mm or something in front.
  7. Funny I have been thinking the same....the stein ones I've got have good tough material on the inside to slow failure due to rubbing, but the outside the material is wafer thin and some kind of plastic so it gets shredded by a saw. The last pair I patched because the trousers were fine other than the outside ankle....probably do the same again. I was thinking to write to them though I think it would be pointless. I have started to have the saw dangle a lot more just to prevent this.
  8. Seriously though this does sound like a step in the right direction. I also must ask for another consultation on the icop as, by the sounds of it, it will be a different beast. Although the response appears small I imagine it has been invaluable in moving forward. Surely we need to keep going...
  9. Until detailed guidance becomes available the Association recommends climbers continue to climb following current safe practice, using 2 lines wherever practicable; but without trialling techniques and equipment which are unproven. As you were lads
  10. the chicane is also a much slicker setup...
  11. And will be for a long time yet [emoji106]
  12. It was Tony Lane who wrote that report. Done years and years of climbing. He isn’t employed by HSE.


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