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  1. Hi folks My 200t has recently noticeably increased the time taken to full revs. I squeeze the throttle and it kinda goes v v v vroom rather than vroom if you get what i mean. Full revs is there, just takes a bit more time than usual. I've cleaned out the carb and it helped with a little bit of bogging down that was happening, but not this part. Any tips? TIA Stew
  2. I just put some Nokian All terrains on my Ranger. Initial impression - seem decent
  3. Definitely wouldn’t go bigger than 10” myself.
  4. And thank you Paddy
  5. No....thank you spud
  6. Yeah that makes sense thanks but when inside, what to look for as fiddling too much could cause a headache
  7. Hi all I’m presuming this is down to wear on a part in the handle as saw runs fine otherwise. On off lever just moves straight from full choke to on. Any tips on what to look for as I understand opening up the handle can get messy Cheers [emoji106]
  8. Yeah I agree. It’s a bit of a punt to say that big trees are about their genes. It’s more likely luck due to their location where that seed fell many years ago. Good luck them though, can’t moan too much about someone wanting to plant trees.
  9. I was reading a book recently about cloning trees. They want to clone the biggest redwoods that ever existed. They’ve all been felled but the stumps regrow, which is incredible in itself. The biggest stump they found was 65’ across! Inconceivable to me, even having been to the groves.
  10. Some pics would be ideal Cheers
  11. I got the Hyundai 15 hp and I got 3 years warranty. Two years in and the uk dealer swopped out a knackered battery no questions asked. Have been impressed by their service
  12. Yeah the tweak the syllabus and questions all the time.
  13. Be great to know how you change to pedal power. Is it easy enough?


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