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  1. I just replaced the blades on my Hyundai. Used a torque setting of 30. Blades don’t last long so need to be easy to get on and off.
  2. Running the 1/4 pitch 0.43 chain at the moment. Has 56 drive links. Saw the new husky battery top handle runs 325 043 chain and wondered if anyone running that on the echo or other small top handles. I’m presuming there’ll be less cutters so may perform better in the bigger wood?
  3. Ok thanks I’ll have a dig...Got Body language of trees on it’s way
  4. I'm doing level 4 at the moment and on the biomechanics module. I'm understanding that trees don't grow uniformly and put on adaptive growth in different parts of the tree to mitigate structural stress. It totally makes sense and is clear and obvious. But it seems to me that a key part of Mattheck's axiom is that the tree aims to distribute the stresses evenly over the entire structure. What I can't find is an explanation of how this is so. Can anyone point me in a direction where Mattheck explains this specific part? In hope more than expectation! Stew
  5. Thanks. Yeah it’s easy enough to take off, just haven’t a clue where to get something like and waiting for a part from Hyundai supplier, taking ages.
  6. I’ve got a Hyundai chipper and the belts are tensioned as in the photo below. The bearings are shot and so while I wait for a replacement part I’m wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a work around. It’s not really turning and so must be adding friction and getting red hot during use. Cheers
  7. Interesting, I’ll have to take a closer look [emoji102]
  8. So this a smaller saw than the new husky 540 battery saw?
  9. Paul thanks for your input. Will the Technical Guidance be up for consultation or when it’s published is that it, so to speak. Cheers Stew
  10. Exactly. But away from harm in a hedge or something [emoji106]
  11. Whats with banned non aproved H@S issue gonna fly off and injure?? Same type of heads fit on drills & angle grinders.... Also considered the bio degradable line for general use as mirco plastics is bad etc but its about x4 as expensive per M and got bad reviews And as all car tyres and loads of other stuff are shedding plastic everywhere where do you draw the line withour becoming a cavemen. Tyres and microplastics: time to reinvent the wheel? FRIENDSOFTHEEARTH.UK Vehicle tyres are probably the biggest source of plastic pollution in our rivers and seas, according to a new report... Yeah it is pricey but I use so little it doesn’t bother me.... and it works well imo. I also know it is a drop in the ocean as far plastics go but I don’t like it in my garden so I don’t like it other people’s. Get your point re where do you draw the line but it also works both ways. If we don’t try and reduce the pollution in the world then it will be far worse than it is now. And it’s pretty bad right now!


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