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  1. RIP Prince Philip. A sad loss indeed. From my perspective he was always rather a 2D figure, known only for his many gaffs and as being second fiddle to the Queen. I guess that's largely down to crappy media coverage. I've learnt today that he had many more strings to his bow. I knew of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme. I did the first two levels myself. Apparently he was seen as a moderniser of the royal family. He was a highly intelligent and well read man, an early adopter and proponent of new technologies, a great sportsman, a champion of environmental conservation........... I never knew any of that stuff. I don't think it was often mentioned in recent years. My respect for the man has increased today, on hearing more about him.
  2. Agreed. I turned on the radio at lunchtime and Radio 4 were doing a special extended version of the lunchtime news. I thought fair enough. However, I was amazed when I turned the radio on again at 830 and they were still on the same subject, albeit a special version of Any Questions that time. The coverage is way over the top by any standards. I say this with absolutely no disrespect meant to the great man himself. I actually have more respect for him now after hearing lots of stuff today that I never knew before. It looks like they've even cancelled Gardener's World tonight as well. That takes the biscuit!
  3. More good news, a third wave in summer looks unlikely;-
  4. No point in anyone making any other response really. We all learnt months ago that things like reason, facts, logic, data, statistics, empathy, morality, etc get nowhere in the face of the rancourous outpourings of rubbish and opinion from you and your understudy. Your ban on contributing to discussions such as this and others to do with Covid, (self-imposed or otherwise), has obviously been lifted now. Shame really as they have been much more positive and civilised of late, without your noxious presence.
  5. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. More likely, I'll grant you that.
  8. It's a bit confusing but I think all their teabags across the range are now fully biodegradable, but they haven't yet got around to updating all the information on their packaging. That's how I read this anyway. I hope so as we generally drink Earl Grey and Red Bush tea. Only one way to be sure I guess ............ I'll get back to you in a year once I've sorted the next batch of compost! Biodegradable tea bags WWW.PGTIPS.CO.UK Here’s a fact! Around nine billion PG tips tea bags are enjoyed by cuppa lovers every year in the UK. That’s a lot of tea and tea bags. And we take that super seriously. Make no mistake, we're
  9. Good man. I'd like to do that but sadly am too lazy. I've just leant that PG Tips don't use plastic in their bags. Maybe time to change to them.
  10. Excuse the blurry photo, my camera is screwed.
  11. This is why we don't put tea bags in the compost bin anymore. Apparently almost all manufacturers put a small amount of plastic in the bags. Rank.
  12. Bugger! I've got at least one box with tits nesting in right now as well. Next question; any ideas of how I might dissuade the nasty sods from setting up home in nextdoor's tree? [emoji848][emoji50]
  13. Uh oh, that doesn't sound so good. My pair must be exceptions then; they're far from shy! Always out there messing around. Pretty birds too, lots of different colours on them.


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