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  1. I have no knowledge of Badger, but I can certainly vouch for squirrel; very tasty. Bit of a faff to skin and butcher though.
  2. Surely a similar argument is true of kiln dried firewood. After accounting for the energy, (and hence carbon produced), to dry the logs they're not as much of an environmentally friendly fuel source as we're lead to believe.
  3. Ash is very good for the garden, especially fruit trees. Providing it's clean wood that is.
  4. And probably the price! I bought my Henry as second hand and reconditioned for £80. It was a while ago so it's got the old more powerful motor as well. It's a hungry monster of a hoover!
  5. Wrt to your comments about PM10 spikes when you ashed out the stove. I've been seeing special purpose ash vacuum cleaners around for a while now, but just dismissed them as another gimmick. I'm now wondering if they are actually worth while, if they stop the finer particles being blown out into the room. (Presumably they've special fine filters). I normally just use the trusty Henry hoover to clear up any loose ash and other debris around the wood burner. I use HEPA filters in it, (purely by chance as that was all I could get last time I bought them), and having just looked it up they should block PM2.5 stuff and even smaller. So we should be ok. Any thoughts on this?
  6. Wanted: UK bison rangers, no previous experience expected | Wildlife | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Project using large beasts to help restore woodland offers unprecedented job opportunity Nice idea as well, to use wild animals to do habitat restoration.
  7. The old 'uns are also much favoured by the Tractor Pulling boys as well, especially the Fords/Fordsons. They obviously like the very strong, over engineered gearboxes and back ends. Any time I've ever seen tractor pulling over half of them are always Majors.
  8. Lots of proactive raking up won't go amiss either!
  9. Anything and everything by Jeff Jepson. He's got three books, ( or maybe four now). They're all quite small and very readable, but packed full of good basic information. Well written and nice informative little line drawn illustrations. There's one on general tree climbing, one on tree felling and one on knots. Also, The Art and Science of Practical Rigging Workbook. Not sure of the author of this one.
  10. I'm sorry to hear this sad news Stubby. My condolences to you and the family.
  11. I can't give you answer, I don't know how you can earn a living. I'm sorry. As I said, I see this as another government failing, and a massive one at that. I'm not sure quite what you're getting at. Are you saying we shouldn't be locking down again?
  12. sime42


    ............. By the chain end!
  13. Mine too. Feels like I've lost my whole raison d'etra! [emoji27]
  14. You see, we do actually agree about something!


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