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  1. I thought I'd been noticing more ivy around the place as well over the years. I'd be interested to know why exactly. Factors might be climate, lack of maintenance, hedging techniques etc. Same thing with brambles too, I'm sure there's more of them around in woodlands. Anyone else noticed that? I've heard speculation that that might be climate or agriculture related, too much nitrate on the land maybe.
  2. I'll second that. I've trees are crap
  3. Yeah good point Bob, ta. I spend far too long sometimes looking for the one remaining tool/fixing/bit needed for a job!
  4. Anyone got any recommendations for places to buy pigeon holes / storage racks / wall mounted organiser type things like this;- I got these from Screwfix or Toolstation but they're not very good, weak plastic. I could also do with another tool chest or roller cabinet thing. They seem awfully expensive for what they are, my current one came from Halfords.
  5. This thought had occured to me briefly as well, but I dismissed it as paranoia. As long as you're not silly enough to divulge any personal info in your posts. As far as I know you can't get any useful information like addresses etc from users profiles or posts. Is that right, can anyone else confirm this?
  6. And that's about as far as I've got so far, the rest of the workshop is WIP ......
  7. Bit obvious this but a decent bench mounted vice is essential I think. The bigger the better IMO.
  8. What a great idea. Sort of a combination of private and public transport. Sadly though I can't see the gas guzzlers going for it. They would bleat on endlessly about losing their "freedom"; to sit in their little metal palaces pumping out pollution, going nowhere in a traffic jam!
  9. I have neither the time nor the inclination to argue with excessively dogmatic people with bullying tendencies. It's pointless really, they don't understand reasoned logical arguments and will entertain no other ideas except their own. I've already made my point, (albeit in rather an inept manner due to the issue with quoting other posts), and have nothing new to add. Plenty of other reasonable people before for me have already shared well thought views in a similar vein on this whole subject.
  10. Looks very good. Reminds me of the Highway Man's Hitch.
  11. Sadly no, not drunk! For some reason the quoting other post in my reply isn't working properly. I was trying to reply to the statement about people ignoring the common sense, (and to be honest not too arduous), precautions against virus transmission that we could and should all be taking. If people had been more sensible over the summer, after lockdown was lifted, then we could probably have avoided the draconian restrictions that we're now facing again. Just to be clear; I'm not solely blaming us as the general population for the mess, I think the ongoing series of monumental government ****************ups has been a bigger factor. I have absolutely no respect for the current government or its policies. I do however trust what the true scientists are advising it to do.
  12. As I said, I am, for the most part. I really dont have a choice if I wanna put food on the table. I dont have to agree with it or remain silent about it either. But the reality of it is most folk round me are just ignoring it all. We still have folk over, we still all shake hands, we all stand side-by-side and have a blether. The Council Contractors are working outside the house just now. Road closed jobbie. All carrying on as if it never happened, which is quite encouraging really. Happy for me to pop down, have a chat, see whats going on and bring them brews. They even dug a tree out I was wanting rid of for me, which was nice.
  13. I was trying to reply to this message, for some reason it didn't get quoted properly. >
  14. So it's not surprising that we're well into a second spike then is it; with so many selfish inconsiderate INDIVIDUALS like this around. Proverbially shitting in other people's gardens.
  15. To be honest, (and this may be a controversial view point!), I'm more upset about the wanton destruction of the environment. The colossal waste of all our money is terrible in itself and is more than enough reason to cancel the stupid thing. But at the end of the day it's just money; a transient thing really. The environmental destruction is permanent, those fragile ecosystems such as ancient woodlands are not going to come back. That is the really sad and depressing thing about this. They can't even claim that they didn't know about the damage caused anymore. We are in the midst of an environmental catastrophe: every day we get scary facts about how we are ****************ing up our planet in such massive ways. And yet still they go ahead and **************** it up some more for no decent reason. [emoji26][emoji26]


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