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  1. Here's some food for thought;- " Like “politically correct” before it, the word “woke” has come to connote the opposite of what it means. Technically, going by the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition, woke means “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)”, but today we are more likely to see it being used as a stick with which to beat people who aspire to such values, often wielded by those who don’t recognise how un-woke they are, or are proud of the fact." I was intrigued by this term WOKE that people keep using so I looked it up.
  2. It looks to me like you wouldn't be able tip the back easily because of the step up into the shed.
  3. HS2 really makes me despair of our politicians, (and maybe even the average Joe public as well). When challenged about the destruction of ancient woodlands they always respond with : "oh it's ok, we're planting thousands/millions of new trees as compensation". Obviously we on here all know that's complete nonsense, it doesn't work like that. The fact that our country is run by characters with such little practical understanding of how the real world actually works is deeply depressing. The Woodsure Scheme is yet another example of this malaise. As is the biomass nonsense; shipping woodchip all over the country, and even from beyond, to feed "Environmentally Friendly" power stations.
  4. sime42

    Mature Loquat

    I grew a Loquat tree from seed a few years ago. When I moved house 14 years later it was about 8 foot tall and in spread maybe more. It was on the edge of the vegetable plot so I'd cut it back a few times as well, branches and roots. They're nice trees. Don't think they fruit in this climate unfortunately, although I've seen some very large specimens in central London in flower, maybe they went on to fruit as well.
  5. Bugger, I thought I'd vetted the photos for any incriminating or shaming evidence! I'm in the Midlands so by rights mine should be further on than yours. I think probably I was a little late in sowing them and secondly I didn't really harden them off before planting out. They were looking good in the pots week before last. Since they've been in though they haven't done much. Weather doesn't help either; this hot sun is hammering them. I've never quite got my head around the process of hardening off to be honest.
  6. Slugs. Not so bad now that it's hot and dry again but a couple of weeks ago they were a right menace. What's everyone's favourite way of protecting against the filthy slimy scumbags? I hate the idea of Slug Pellets so my preferred option is to use copper rings. I started out years ago by buying various types of Cu tape and mesh and other purpose made products. They were a bit crap really; didn't work that well and didn't last very long. I realised that I could do far better myself starting from standard copper plumbing pipe and some basic metal working. I cut 22mm pipe to a length of about 12", slit it along its length, bend and beat it out flat to a ribbon and then roll that around the other way to end up with a ring of 4" diameter and about 2.5" high. I put these around individual plants in the ground, or I use them to stand pots on if I'm protecting plants in pots. (This should make a bit more sense with the photos). I've been using them for a number of years now and really happy with them. They're not 100% effective but getting there. Nothing is against slugs to my knowledge. I'm not sure of the exact chemistry but for some reason but slugs hate copper. I've tested it and watched them visibly recoil from it! It takes a fair bit of effort and time to initially make the rings but I figure they'll last forever now. Being copper they won't rust away obviously. Also pipe is quite a thick guage they are strong enough to sit really heavy pots on. If I was a salesman I'd have been on Dragon's Den with the idea before now! Never seen anything as good available to buy.
  7. So that's two activities that require a good wrist action. Just make sure you don't combine the two!
  8. Jock strap? For all that swinging around.
  9. Were you wearing a gauntlet of some kind? I'd have thought your forearm would have been scratched to hell if not! I'd want to have a Slasher, long handled Bill Hook, available for this and the job specified in the OP. Wouldn't be able to clear the whole lot with it but they're good to have in the armoury for some tricky situations.
  10. Or indeed agriculture!
  11. I put it down to Peter Gabriel. They got a lot less interesting after he left.
  12. I should have known that. Being a Genesis fan in my earlier years. They did have some very bizarre song and lyric ideas.
  13. Great knowledge, or research! Thanks. I had a vague idea the Giant HW wasn't a native.


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