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  1. I've done best part of 10K miles in the last three months. I've been in the game a while and am currently awaiting ACL reconstruction. I miss climbing but I'm alright at paperwork. Any port in a storm. Everybody needs a bit of luck.
  2. Yup, You've got to be in it to win it. Ring whoever has work, explain your predicament and you'll land on your feet. Most people have fallen on hard times at some point. It will get better if you keep going.
  3. World’s First Funerary Human Composting Site To Open In 2021 WWW.IFLSCIENCE.COM The world’s first funerary human composting facility is slated to open in the spring of 2021 after Washington State...
  4. Likewise. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/ref/10.1080/03071375.2018.1487661?scroll=top @Island Lescure ^
  5. What are the health and safety benefits of this? It must add to fatigue over time using two systems. One part of the above doc says that it's preferable to have both lines in same anchor point,over one line (if two independent anchors aren't achievable). Now, if you're having a bad day and are going to join the statistics, then you're likely to cut through/trap them both. This doesn't seem very well thought out.
  6. Hello mate, that's a handy template you've posted up there. Well played for sharing it. The functionality for digital signitures is useful when it comes to electronic docs. Mark.
  7. My point was that just about any vegetation growing next to a building will dessicate the soil beyond 300mm, even grass can delve 1500mm deep. So tree or no tree, there's likely to be an ongoing saga.
  8. Fix the extension: Perfect solution. If the tree predates the build, then someone should have thought about it.
  9. Hi mate, What's your background? Have you got much experience with trees? Do you have books/resources? Have you read them? The reason I ask, is you may be aiming too low. If you're planning on ultimately doing a PTI then you should ask whoever runs that course if they think that you're suited to it. A PTI course and a resit (if you don't pass) are cheaper than an intermediate qualification and subsequent assessment at a higher level.
  10. Not all clay soils are the same. The likelyhood of heave depends on soil conditions. Site investigations can analyse the soil. It may be that the shrink/swell potential of the soil at your property is relatively small. As for phased reductions, as said, there's no point to them. If there was a pre-existing soil moisture deficit then it's just prolonging the inevitable. I should add, if the foundations are that unsubstantial " and the foundations are non-existent (30 cm of rubble).", then sorting that would be a good idea, as anything that grows roots will grow below that depth.
  11. You can measure distances using 'Google Earth Pro'.


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