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  1. Tory MP Mark Francois tells head of the army to overhaul defence or Dominic Cummings will ‘sort you out’ WWW.POLITICSHOME.COM Tory MP Mark Francois has warned the UK's most senior army general that Dominic Cummings will “sort you out his own... A military coup would be just the ticket, before Godzilla rocks up in August.
  2. Cyber warfare is the future: Army ‘to be cut by 20,000’ if No 10 plan is approved WWW.THETIMES.CO.UK Defence chiefs have drawn up plans to slash the army by a quarter and reduce the Royal Marines to a bit part as part of...
  3. So why do you oppose lockdowns then? They evidently work. The Scottish government have done things in your best interests if you go down that path.
  4. Ok mate, it's unsuprisingly whizzed over your head. Who do you think wrote the software that runs the gizmo you're typing on? Do you think they may have been experts? You cherish limited freedoms yet you oppose a lockdown? Explain that to me as I must be having a brain malfunction.
  5. Peer reviewed science is the reason you're able to write this ^ comment on the interweb. Media is powerful unless you critically review it, then you can make an informed choice. Even then it's powerful, because people don't know how to critically review things. (science).
  6. I've just had a letter through saying that I've got a knee operation in a couple of weeks. I have to self isolate for two weeks, then have a covid test two day before the operation (as does the consultant). It seems like the medical 'experts' think these things are worth doing. It staggers the imagination that people dismiss science.
  7. Canny irresponsible to have visited families if you didn't need to before rules were relaxed. If you or loved ones mental or physical health was in peril then that would be a fair reason in my book. People made massive sacrifices. It must be rubbish watching your business wash away when England is 'back to work'. I really do undertand your frustration. I think they're playing with lives though. I know that most people, it seems, are going to be able to survive it. It just makes sense to contol it for the sake of the vulnerable. Personally I'd prefer Sturgeon in charge, but I have a thing for small ginger women. If they'd locked down hard at the start of all this we'd be free(er) by now. Instead we've got the perpetual threat of mass lockdowns.
  8. Mark J


    Why do you think food bank useage been increasing for years? Who are the well known people round 'your way' who use food banks?
  9. I have never met Prince Andrew, says Queen WWW.THEDAILYMASH.CO.UK THE Queen has issued an official statement denying that she has ever met disgraced former trade envoy Prince Andrew.


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