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  1. Mark J

    Arb Kitten

    They give vantablack a run for its money.
  2. Mark J

    Arb Kitten

    My cat picked me up at a mates flat. I was crashing there when I was getting my shit together. I then moved in with a lass, the cat sweet talked them all. She's now living with a Hungarian masseuse, who is a tenant of my ex. in a land of perpetual dreamies.
  3. Mark J

    Arb Kitten

    He looks canny cross.
  4. Mark J

    Arb Kitten

    This is October my cat. She ended up staying at me exes. The farm cats aren't mine, they just hang around and kill things.
  5. Mark J

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Aye, without risers or sprinklers you're in big trouble in a tower block. Fire doors work both ways (If they're even there)
  6. Mark J

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    The guy who led the last first aid course I was on was a watch commander in the fire brigade. The stuff he was saying about zoning and prioritising of calls was canny harrowing. We really need public services to work. Grenfell should have never happened. So aye, sprinklers in buildings with anything valuable in it sounds like a good plan to me.
  7. Mark J

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Bollocks to that clatter like. I know it's a joke, but we need to be a bit less divisive I reckon.
  8. Mark J

    Arb Kitten

    This is Ronnie Kray. Proper pathetic farm cat.
  9. Mark J

    Making the news today....

    My mate's fatha is a retired Bishop. I'd prefer it if you didn't, it'd cause ructions.
  10. Mark J

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Ha ha ha aye, it's everwhere.
  11. Mark J

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    I had a hunch about that. I'm actually canny gutted, despite the reasons for buidling it, it was an amazing piece of architecture.
  12. Mark J


    An empty headlock.
  13. Mark J

    Songs I Am Listening To

    There's an MTV unplugged gig knocking about where he plays this. Great tune.
  14. Mark J

    Songs I Am Listening To

    I think he's a bit sloppy with a lot of it. Thought it a canny cover though.
  15. You can cut a 1cm ring off an old bike innertube and use that.


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