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  1. Making the news today....

    I've tried that, difficult to have a sensible arguement with people who defend nazi's IMO.
  2. Making the news today....

    Have you forgotten to take your medicine again?
  3. Making the news today....

  4. Making the news today....

    Even non violent individuals have a moral duty to whack nazis..
  5. Making the news today....

    Flag-sucking half-wits.
  6. EcoPlugs

    Ecoplugs work out half the price of stumpgrinding if you charge £2.50/plug.
  7. Making the news today....

    Stephen Yaxley - Lennon, a convicted fraudster. Great source of information, no wonder your arguements are so well thought out.
  8. Making the news today....

    The BBC are/have been complcit in many things.
  9. New Forum feedback

    I realise that it's out of your hands but I only used the app on my phone for a bit. When it stopped working it seemed like a chew on to go through browser and login to something unfamiliar. The convenience of an app is handy. I prefered the layout of the old site, but I prefer the functionality of the new one. I'm sure it'll continue to be a success.
  10. Coriolopsis gallica

    I think I may have found Coriolopsis gallica the other day too. I'm not entirely sure which tree it's on:
  11. Making the news today....

    In Newcastle it was scum who were Pakistani, Bangladeshi, A Turk and a Caucasian. Systematic covering up of abuse by some members of society has to be countered and condemned by members of the same communities. I know people who told the police of these things happening a decade ago and they were told that the victims wouldn't be believed in court. Then the Police pay a beast 10K for information that couldn't be used. They should all be topped. Nick Griffin was inciting racial hatred because that's what he is; a vile, stinking racist.
  12. Songs I Am Listening To

    Have just got back from seeing this fine gadge:
  13. Some great shots in here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-40801658
  14. Making the news today....

    I'm not a big fan of comment sections in general, they seem to be like lures for the knackers out there.
  15. Making the news today....


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