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  1. There's no police and no youth services, hence stabby central.
  2. Choose your battles. I couldn't be arsed with batlling, which coupled with injury, got me where I am today, I've found that old people are either the nicest or most cantankerous bastards out there, irrespective of creed or colour. Generally though, people are alright.
  3. Aye but everyone knows Dennis Taylor was a red. I mean, Steve Davis is now into cowies and techno. Taylor, He's the archetypal nemesis.
  4. All those radge ISIS fascist scumbags, freed by Turkey and on the way to town near you. The Kurds sold out by 'partners' once again. It's canny shameful.
  5. When I was a climber I got the best money off the travelling folk. If you know you're going to haggle a price then start high. Casual racism can do one.
  6. Fair enough. The BBC have been pushing an agenda for years. It just seems that you have just noticed. Perhaps that's why tommy whatshisname appeals. You have good forensic skills when you put your mind to a problem. If you were really bothered about the misrepresentation of news by the BBC you'd be all over it. However your focus isn't there, so it seems that your main issue is the promotion of right wing ideals. I'm happy to be proven wrong.
  7. It's comical that right leaning people are convinced the BBC is out to get them. It's been a mouthpiece for the right of centre for aeons.
  8. Doesn't look like it to my eyes mate:
  9. Seems Liz Truss is a bit dim. Liz Truss admits she does not know how Boris Johnson plans to get round Benn Act WWW.POLITICSHOME.COM Cabinet minister Liz Truss has admitted that she does not know how Boris Johnson plans to leave the EU without a... Weird that she doesn't get the same stick as Dianne Abbot.


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