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  1. Pershore College Arboriculture - Images

    Yeah but that's what I was taught to do by my instructor! My point has nothing to do with the perceived severity of the operation... Kindly remove me from this forum please Steve.
  2. Pershore College Arboriculture - Images

    Tommorow I will prune a 1000 year old TPO'd veteran Oak with a grapple Skidder. Then lets see what you all say.
  3. Pershore College Arboriculture - Images

    It's constructive criticism, aiming to instill good working practices and ensure students aren't being taught incorrectly. The OP said "woodland skills". Either way, timber or arb operatives shouldn't be a) wasting timber, b) causing obstructions for forest machines and so on.
  4. Pershore College Arboriculture - Images

    2nd pic: Gob size good but too high. If you're teaching them to fell that high they'll be chucked straight out of the woods on day 1.
  5. Big forestry winch needed - North Dorset

    Got an excavator winch here but you'd have to pay haulage both ways plus day rate plus vat...
  6. 26t JL Log available roadside now

  7. 26t JL Log available roadside now

    The rest of the log has already gone to duchy and truro. This is just one last odd load.
  8. 26t JL Log available roadside now

    under 30 tdub £38/t over 30 tdub £48/t+
  9. Best sounding engines

    Ha! No. I'm way behind with the "project"...
  10. 26t JL Log available roadside now

  11. 26t JL Log available roadside now

    Just spoken with him seems nice enough but not in a hurry. It'll end up in euro's empire then
  12. 26t JL Log available roadside now

    The job is for Occombe. They've had all the chip. Tried to ring hillside - left message... Yes all 12' log.
  13. Best sounding engines

    [ame] [/ame]
  14. 26t JL Log available roadside now

    Nope. The wood is in your back yard I see!
  15. 1 load of good clean larch log available. 1/2 is 18-30 tdub and 1/2 is 30+ tdub. All 12's. Please pm for delivered in price. Timber is roadside in south devon. Need it out of the loading bay this week.


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