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  1. Fungi ident

    Thank you David, I've never seen recinaceum flat like that before. Thanks again!
  2. Fungi ident

    Hi all, I found this fruiting body on a basal wound of a large London plane yesterday. It looks to me like Heterobasidion assosum, however this inside is dark in colour and my fungi id guide suggests it should be white? Can anyone offer a suggestion? Many thanks Nick
  3. I'm looking for a self employment groundsman/ climber in the North Dorset area to help a small business for occasional work. Standard qualifications are ideal, please contact me for further information. Thanks, Nick 07415 890038 nick@tree-management.com Sent from my SM-G935F using Arbtalk mobile app
  4. I'm looking for a contractor who will be confident they can pull some beech trees over that lean slightly towards a lake. The trees are generally 20m tall and are fully mature. The client has 6-8 of them that need felling and they can't be dropped in the lake as it's recently been dredged. Anyone think it can be achieved? I'd appreciate any thoughts. Thanks, Nick.
  5. Machinery storage

    Nice points, thanks for your replies. Anyone else? 😀
  6. Machinery storage

    Looking at purchasing a van vault outback or simular but want to be confident that I can fit everything in. So...what vault/storage box do you have and what kit do you squeeze in them? Thanks Nick
  7. Thanks for your replies. I did look at the FC phytophthora alni fact sheet before posing this and the leaf symptoms seem to be yellowing of leaves and not until late summer. I'm not ruling it out though! I'm also suspecting frost damage?
  8. Hi all I planted a group of Italian alder earlier this year. The buds recently burst and were apparently looking green and in full health until very recently. The leaves are beginning to curl and darken in colour as illustrated in the pictures below. I have checked 'Strouts and Winter' but not convinced by anything I've found related to Alnus. I'd appreciate it if any one has seen this before or could shed any light on the issue. Many thanks Nick
  9. Tree Ident

    Hi I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me on this ident please? Its features are very distinctive which makes me think I should really know it! Large red, alternate buds. Each branch-let curls upwards. Many thanks Nick
  10. I'm looking for a self employment groundsman in the North Dorset area to help a small business. Standard qualifications are ideal, please contact me for further information. Thanks, Nick 07415 890038 nick@tree-management.com
  11. Two tree/shrub idents please

    Thanks for your replyies. I think they're berries.
  12. Hi all I would be grateful if anyone could identify these two species for me. The first two pictures are a small tree/shrub. The third picture is planted as a hedgerow. Thank you in advance Nick
  13. Trees of Bryanston Woods

    Matt, are the two big London planes the ones which have just been confirmed as Britain's tallest broadleaved tree? If so where abouts are they on the estate? Many thanks, Nick


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