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  1. carpenter1

    372 reving

    I looked at it today, took the spark plug out and looked in all super clean. the rubber hose was fine, then noticed the bolt down on the right where the rubber hose goes was loose. So tightened up. All good now That must had been one of the bolts holding the block, so leaking air. Thanks all
  2. carpenter1

    372 reving

    Thanks, I did stop using it as I was not happy. Is it something I can do myself, or is it better to take somewhere? Thanks
  3. carpenter1

    372 reving

    Was using my husqvarna 372 today, fine to start with, but then when come off the throttle the revs did not drop much. Then stopped the saw as not happy with it. It was a pig to start, but same problem. Ideas please Thanks
  4. carpenter1

    Wholesale Kiln Dried Kindling (Carry Bags)

    How much each delivered on pallet loads?
  5. carpenter1

    Wacker plate

    That's what others have said, Do you have to get a mat from the manufacturer or can you get standard size ones? As the cost is 220 from wacker Neuson
  6. carpenter1

    Wacker plate

    Do you use the wacker plate rubber mat on the blocks or not bother? Some say yes some no
  7. carpenter1

    Looking for wholesale hardwood logs

    Thanks for the replys keep them coming
  8. I am looking for wholesale loose hardwood logs, Located in south Devon Thanks
  9. carpenter1


    That is what I think, I would rather "things" than numbers on a bit of paper
  10. carpenter1

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    Coopers are suppose to be queiter than bfg according to the labeling
  11. carpenter1

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    That is what I want too
  12. carpenter1

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    So these coppers, there good off road, good on the road? Not to nosey, and do not effect to mpg to much
  13. carpenter1

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    I have heard the same about the coopers. So probably them, my local fitter seem to be pushing the Goodyear wrangler all season, and blackcirles seem to have a discount to. Are Goodyear trying to push them to get sales? Have not seen any one with them though. Keep your opinions coming
  14. carpenter1

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    I need to get a new set for my Ford ranger, in 245 70 16 What are your preferences? Bfg at Cooper at General at Goodyear wrangler at Pirelli at Bridgestone at Thanks
  15. carpenter1

    All terrain tyres

    Any one tried the Goodyear wrangler at?


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