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  1. Avant questions

    Which model would lift 1 ton? And what is the rough price?
  2. Military surplus waterproofs

    Are these jackets light weight for summer? What are the best waterproof trousers? Ones that go over the top of what your wearing
  3. Advice open barn

    It is like gale braker, used on cattle sheds
  4. A/t tyre

    How much more noise will you get from bf at compared to Bridgestone duelers? And how much will it reduce fuel mpg? I have had duelers on mine since I have had it, I have not got stuck,
  5. any good logs wholesalers out there??

    What prices are people paying for say 25m2 load? Unseasoned
  6. Cord wood stack calculation help

    thank you everyone for your help
  7. Cord wood stack calculation help

    So if I times 43 by 0.75 So about 32 tons
  8. Cord wood stack calculation help

    So 43 tons? Right
  9. Cord wood stack calculation help

    Can someone help me calculate the tons in a stack. It is 12m long. The wood is cut to 2.7m The hieght of stack is 1.8m All hardwood, not particularly straight, worst than average I would say. Its oak and ash Cut about 3 weeks ago Thanks
  10. Ranger MPG. What do you get?

    May be I will keep my 07 plate ranger then
  11. I may need to hire someone to move some timber for me to my yard. Either a tractor and timber trailer, or small lorry must have grab to lift the round wood. About 45 to 50 ton, a short distance of a few miles each way. Thanks
  12. Atco liner 22sh v any good

    I am considering getting a atco liner 22sh v are they any good? Dealer said they has a 5 year warranty, even if used commercially?
  13. hardwood and softwood wanted south devon

    Yes called euro forest, just giving people on here a chance
  14. hardwood and softwood wanted south devon

    Not fussed depends on price.
  15. hardwood and softwood wanted south devon

    I am still looking for hardwood roundwood for processing, if anyone knows of any thanks


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