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  1. No problem. Its not the this scheme that's made me so ...... ... more our whole political landscape and schemes like this are just the icing on the cake 😆 As for Woodsure I will cough up and take the hit. Selling exactly the same product I did before with the customer picking up the extra costs. No choice in the matter
  2. Dont rub it in J some of us are stuck in this dumb as f**k country with no means of escape
  3. Best chains I have used are Stihl full chisel but I use Oregon as they are a lot cheaper and nearly as good IME. As for bars again Stihl have lasted the best for me
  4. Looking at the HSA 86 as we have the batteries. Wondering what diameter it can cut through. Used to a Tanaka THT 2000 and hoping the Stihl would have similar cutting capabilities Thanks
  5. Still burning if making charcoal counts 😂
  6. Depends are far gone they are. Just been cutting out some ash from our hedgerows. The main stems are fine but a lot of the smaller branch wood is too far gone to make our charcoal from which is a shame
  7. To avoid any confusion I have attached a picture. I find this matters more on the processor. Variation from left and right sides can be big problem with only a small deviation. Less of a problem on the chainsaw IME but it will still have noticeable vibration if different teeth are taking different sized bites
  8. I keep seeing folk say these are not decent units and only suitable for hobby use but thats not been my experience. Sure they are not the last word in precision engineering but are more than capable of doing a pro job of sharpening chains presuming they are all of similar quality to mine. The main pivot is good quality with minimum play if any. The chain support is rudimentary but adjustable and consistent. The weakest part is the chain stop as its a bit flexible. They way to work around this is to put a little bit of tension on the chain by hand when grinding as in picture 1. This takes out any slop and again has proved consistent when done like this. Picture 2 is a freshly sharpened chain off the Lidl grinder and 3 is a brand new Oregon 21LPX the same as I have sharpened. The variation in cutter length from the grinder is 0.3mm and the variation in cutter length on the new unused chain is 0.5mm
  9. Lots on here poo poo them but myself and others get on well the Lidl grinder. £20 well spent IME
  10. Test them first. Local cottage hospital where the better half worked had covid brought it by the city hospital clearing out patients. Staff and patients all went down with it. Thankfully none died I dont like Cumming's but much of what he said fitted with what we saw play out.
  11. Yes, I hadn't appreciated how narrow that is. Casting a tape over ours its 1.9m wide!
  12. I wouldn't limit myself to 3 tonne. I needed a trailer for our 55hp compact and started looking around for something SH. Never saw anything come up in the lower weight category and ended up with a Mowi 6 tonne at a good price. In reality you would be hard pushed to ever get 6 tonnes on it anyway and our 55 hp tractor has no problems pulling it fully laden with 8'-10' lengths
  13. Bent is poor but dont expect much at that price. My Felder fence came bent and flexes when edging boards and I dont want to think about how much it cost! If you want no flex you need industrial kit IMO
  14. Hope you are right on this. My politics until recently was slightly right of centre but Borris is the lowest of low. Has any leader been such a blatant lier and got away with the way he has? Dont know what to make of Cumming as of late. Clearly he is a clever chap who again blatantly lied to cover his arse on the Barnard castle fiasco but no worse than his old boss does on day to day basis. On the other hand this has a ring of truth around it
  15. My old Protimeter can be properly calibrated. There is a wire that came with it. You touch the two probes on the wire and it should give a specific reading. If its out there is screw which you adjust which is presumably a variable resistor. Checked it once in 25 years and its still spot on


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