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  1. Military surplus waterproofs

    Thanks again. Think I will get one for winter but looking like it may come in handy for the rest of the summer the way things are going
  2. Military surplus waterproofs

    Whats the sizing like on them Mathew? Using a stupidly expensive Paramo at present thats great but just a matter of time before I rip a hole in it.
  3. Making the news today....

    Oh come off it Steve. Burning fossil fuels has brought us global dimming, global warming and countless wars, you could never accuse it of being boring
  4. Making the news today....

    Thanks Andy. Didn't realise it was getting cheaper to get out. Knew there was new ways to get to tricky reserves but thought it came at a cost. Every days a school day
  5. Making the news today....

    But as Spud points out it will get more expensive to get out where as solar, wind and storage get cheaper day by day.
  6. Ladies Tennis Wimbledon

    Mrs just asked what I was sniggering about "South African batting love"
  7. Alaskan milling cost per hour

    £500 a day for a solicitor! In my dreams, thought they were £150-£200 an hour
  8. Alaskan milling cost per hour

    The comment was a reply to Joes remark on the previous page but the value of the kit you run normally as some baring on what you can charge for a job. Get what you can, I maybe too cheap for what I do (but don't think so for here) you clearly are not too high as you have work
  9. Alaskan milling cost per hour

    Not knocking it Rob if you get that much for so little financial investment. Interested as I have considered buying a mobile bandmill to add to the services we offer but if I could get that for so little money and storage space I might look into it. Doubt I would get much that down here but even £200-£250 a day would make it worthwhile to me. How much juice does an 880 get through on a hard day? Think you use Aspen so can see that adds to your costs but can also understand why as so close to the exhaust when working. The other things you mention are the same with processing ie a hard slog and lots of prep the night before. Like learning new skills and already done a bit of milling at home just for fun without problems.
  10. Alaskan milling cost per hour

    No idea but I do contract processing with 12k + of kit for less!
  11. Ideas wanted for log screening

    Thanks Just had a look at that and the Fuelwood is pretty much what you describe. My conveyor is not up to the weight of something so solid so think I would mount it on a frame probably something that can just be forked onto the top of an IBC. Yes having an idea on spacing would be very helpful. Was thinking around 50mm and just pick out any good bits as dad loves loads of kindling
  12. Alaskan milling cost per hour

    Thats pretty strong money for just 2k of kit Rob
  13. chainsaw cutting funny.

    Just sounds like poor maintenance. As said uneven chain sharpening, not dressing the bar and/or not enough oil getting on the chain.
  14. Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    Good you got the problems sorted. What was the issue? Love to see some pictures I use a 1" mesh to fill most of the bag and add a hand full of what does not go through a 1/2" mesh. I think 1/2 mesh is the norm but just don't like too much fines in our bags. All very small scale though.
  15. Ideas wanted for log screening

    Thanks That Posch looks great but comes with usual heavy price tag. Not seen the Farmi one before but that chute looks a bit short. Not sure the conveyor could handle anything bigger though. The chute on the Fuelwood looks the right sort of size but doubt it comes cheap Log Cleaning | Fuelwood Logcleana Will find out about the Tajfan one. Love to see pics of the one your making sjs About to get my first welder so maybe could be a learning project? Maybe I am over thinking this and just send the crates out with some waste in them and see if anyone mutters. Thing is we are at the expensive end for round here so don't want to disappoint customers.


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