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  1. Woodworks

    Over heating firewood processor

    No it was cutting and splitting some fresh ash, chestnut, alder mix. Lovely easy stuff to cut and split. Yours was less prone to getting too hot than this one.
  2. My little Farmi has taken to getting a little too hot when running. Handbook says to stop if the hydraulic oil gets to 80c. Had this happen on occasion in hot weather in the past but today was cool, overcast with a breezy and we still had to stop a few times to let it cool down. What could cause the overheating? Thanks
  3. Woodworks

    Processor replacement conveyor belt

    Book marking them for future reference. My Farmi's conveyor is not in it's first flush of youth!
  4. Woodworks

    Whats the going rate for native charcoal?

    Love the use of super market baskets 😀
  5. Woodworks

    Whats the going rate for native charcoal?

    Yes I am a member of a BBQ group and if we were prepared to ship there would be more sales to be made. As it's turned out this season has been good and used up all the wood and more we had set aside for charcoal making. Mind you it's probably the best summer we have had here in 30 years so doubt next season will be as good.
  6. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Agreed. Rained 17 days of the last 30 and had 7" in that period. Any signs of a drought are long gone here. Still pleased to see the back of the heat in spite of the rain that's replaced it.
  7. Woodworks

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    Looks like you have done well there. Got myself a 2017 one and it's a belter.
  8. Woodworks

    Cleanable inline fuel filter advise needed

    Thanks. Will give one a go. Was struggling to find one in the UK but tracked one down in China, delivered for £2.20 😁
  9. Woodworks

    Cleanable inline fuel filter advise needed

    So are they very fine? The stuff I have to clean out is just fine dust.
  10. Woodworks

    Cleanable inline fuel filter advise needed

    No it didn't come with that filter just the one on the far left. Yes tank is always cleaned and the funnel used has a fine filter. Only had a major problem in the dry hot weather so I guess air born dust is sucked in through the filler cap (presume it lets air in to avoid a vacuum).
  11. Woodworks

    Cleanable inline fuel filter advise needed

    The one in the tank is a fine mesh and and I dont know if the sort in the link need the fuel pumped through https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universal-Inline-Fuel-Filter-Medium/361391018029?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160406134228%26meid%3D7c478d7582dc4fd2b51da0028d05853b%26pid%3D100625%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D7%26%26itm%3D361391018029&_trksid=p2367844.c100625.m3682
  12. I run a firewood processor with a Honda GX390 engine on it. The snag I get is dust dust gets into the fuel tank and blocks the filter. The filter is screwed into the bottom of the tanks so to clean it I have to remove the tank. Not a big deal but it takes time and this has needed doing a lot in the dry weather this summer. Instead of the filter in the bottom of the tank is there any problem with fitting and inline filter and can you get cleanable ones? All the fuel get filtered when being poured in so I think it is just dust getting sucked in through filler cap.
  13. Woodworks

    Personal Injury Insurance - Do you have it?

    That's how I look at insurance in general. Save the money and put it in savings or as Matt says accepts that can be cashed in if need be. Might have a different view if things go tits up though!
  14. Woodworks


    It's a mixed bag. I hate being too hot the whole time, having to drink stupid amounts of water and covering the face in sunblock. On the other hand we have been doing a bit of tidying up around the farm and having dry ground that doesn't turn to mud when driven on and being able to sieve out rocks from piles of earth which are now like sand is a boon. Looks like a cool down is around the corner thankfully.
  15. So does the automatic knife adjust it's own hight? Can it do a better job than reading the wood yourself and adjusting it manually? Sometimes you have to move the blade what would seem like the wrong way to allow for wavy grain.


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