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  1. Woodworks

    Views on pickups

    The Navara snapped chassis group looks as busy as ever https://www.facebook.com/groups/505526562959686/ To be fair to Nissan they seem to honour the warrantee with the built in defect. Isuzu on the other hand say it's our drivings fault when there dodgy DPFs play up.
  2. Woodworks

    Turning bowls when green

    Got some lumps of ripple sycamore I scavenged from the firewood. I roughed them out into blanks for the father in law but they are getting a green mould forming on them. I am not really a turner but own a lath and have seen blanks turned green and then set aside to dry. Thought I would try this with one to maybe speed drying and avoid the green mould taking over. How close to finished dimensions do you take them and do I now need to re seal the part turned blank?
  3. Woodworks

    How many hours do you put into your business?

    Me neither. He posted on Arbtalk Facebook on pricing a job. Customer had winced at the price that he thought fair. Worked out at £74 an hour including driving. How can you charge that per hour do 126 hour weeks and not be VAT registered? As Steve says though something maybe lost in translation and I admire his enthusiasm. Good luck to you Stefan regardless but no work is worth an early grave IMO
  4. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Pleased to see the end of the hot weather. Cooler Atlantic air is most welcome
  5. Woodworks

    Is this years Le Mans a non race?

    Just reading about Fernando Alonso racing for Toyota and read this bit from the BBC Toyota are effectively without direct opposition at Le Mans this year because they are the only team racing in the leading LMP1 hybrid class, following the withdrawal at the end of last season of champions Porsche. The other LMP1 cars, which are not hybrids and are run by privateer teams, have a series of handicaps laid out in the rules. They are not allowed to lap faster the Toyotas, and if they do, they are called in to the pits for a drive-through penalty. Hybrids can do 11 laps between fuel stops and non-hybrids only 10 and hybrids have a minimum pit-stop time five seconds shorter than the non-hybrids.
  6. Woodworks

    ibcs vs vented bags

    Not a chance of getting permission living here
  7. Woodworks

    ibcs vs vented bags

    Dont Al. I would love one but never get permission for one here
  8. Woodworks

    ibcs vs vented bags

    Ah yeah, good shout. How come you dont stack them on top of each other? If you stack them the runoff will blow into the lower crate. This happens a lot with just one crate. I guess if you are not on an exposed site it would be better. I have moved away from this system now as we needed to free up field space. I now stack 2x5x3 with a tarp on top but it's nothing like as quick drying but farming had to come first haha
  9. Woodworks

    ibcs vs vented bags

    The tanks that come with the cages cut at an angle
  10. Woodworks

    ibcs vs vented bags

    Plymouth pallet and drum
  11. Woodworks

    ibcs vs vented bags

    I tried some bags but the drying times were way worse. Cant beat IBC with hats for keeping it simple. If you are hand balling the logs out of the crates look on the bright side when you see all the crap left at the bottom that you dont send to your customers 😀
  12. Woodworks

    Whats the going rate for native charcoal?

    Great stuff Ernie Thanks Dont know much about the Adam retort but looks like a nice pile of charcoal.
  13. Woodworks

    Red Diesel

    This probably explains what the driver was on about but I got lost trying to work it out. http://www.hse.gov.uk/cdg/manual/commonproblems/bowsers.htm
  14. Woodworks

    Red Diesel

    Yep thats what I got told.
  15. Woodworks

    Am I the only driver who thought vans could do 70?

    Sat nav should be spot on the flat but doubt that they allow for hills.


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