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  1. Woodworks

    Ideas wanted to make a trommel screen

    Already on my watch list
  2. Woodworks

    Ideas wanted to make a trommel screen

    That's an interesting thought. Not come across those before but definitely worth looking into. When it's to go on our loader think more Multione than gert big Manitou so any bucket does not want to be too big.
  3. So we have large piles of soil mixed with smaller rock kicking about. I could do with separating the rock as it would be handy as hardcore and the soil could be spread on our fields. Now I am wondering if I could make use of our loader which has a 360 pallet rotator. Thinking about making up a decent sized drum of heavy duty 1" weld mesh attached to the rotator and loading it with the tractor. The rotator does not turn quickly but does this matter? I don't want to balls up the rotator but it's heavy duty so I am presuming it would be happy enough spinning away for a while. Anyone any experience of trommels and what does and doesn't work?
  4. Wonder if it's something along these lines
  5. Woodworks

    Work for wood

    Seems odd to me to presume that rich and successful are the same. I only know a few rich folks. They are miserable and stressed beyond belief, rarely see their kids and will probably die young from a stress realated illness. Daft buggers if you ask me. Mark beat me to it.
  6. Woodworks

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    Straight from jotul.com UK "The best wood for burning in your wood stove is to mix both a variety of soft and hard woods"
  7. Woodworks

    The BIG C .

    Sorry to hear this Stubby. Hope things work out for you both. All the best Beau
  8. Woodworks

    Work for wood

    I will on occasion. Wood is getting expensive to buy in for our logs so if all the variables are in its favour why not? The variables are wood type, locality, access, the amount of tidying up required etc. So if it's some rotten alder at the bottom of a steep bank and needs to be left immaculate not a chance. On the other hand, your neighbor says "come clear this beech trunk sitting on my drive and I will clear up the brash" I am there in a flash
  9. Woodworks

    Hetas, Woodsure, Ready to Burn and Grown in Britain

    Felt bad doing it but looking up old invoices we had held the price the same for four years and we all know costs have been going up a lot in recent times. No stickers here and proud of it.
  10. Woodworks

    Hetas, Woodsure, Ready to Burn and Grown in Britain

    That's our experience. Supply dry logs (18-22%) and they come back time after time. Can't say they are put off by a price hike either as we put £10 more on a single cube this season and we are about to sell out.
  11. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Sorry, you can't get out now. What you got?
  12. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    I was a bit put out when a rep at a demo commented on my "retro bike". Kind of like the fact it's retro now. Do you still ride?
  13. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Spot on Alex. That first section of the path has some good drifts on it.
  14. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Could have Murdered a cup of tea but would have never wanted to get back on the bike afterward 😀. From the sounds of things, it was just madness on the roads on the moors today. Hope the sledging was good
  15. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Yes, a very bad case. That picture is not mine and no way would I fancy navigating through that on a bike


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