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  1. Nice little video but the first thing that strikes me looking at your page is this " our wood comes from a sustainable source " I am guessing this is all imported wood and what makes you confident it's sustainably sourced? No references in the blurb
  2. Nothing ever is simple is it. I always had a gut feeling that there was something screwy with the methane figures but gut feelings dont cary much weight. Nice to see a decent explanation at last. When the numbers are in on UK grass fed beef and lamb as apposed to US soya fed stock I suspect the carbon from feed figure will drop substantially more. Might even find it's not such a bad idea eating a bit of red meat after all.
  3. You know how there has been endless press on how methane from cattle and sheep is so bad for the environment? Well if this is right all the figures have been faulty from the start and methane is a non issue for UK meat production BVA blog - Ruminant agriculture can help us deliver net zero emissions WWW.BVA.CO.UK Chief Executive at Farmwel, ffinlo Costain argues that grass-based cattle and sheep systems can be climate neutral by...
  4. Have you not got one of your sites already on here? Big snatch I think it was called
  5. This story made me chuckle. So a guy who is one of the main acts in F1 which produces at least 66000000 kg of CO2 each year thinks we should all go vegan to save maybe 400kg of CO2 each year. Maybe he should stick to driving. Lewis Hamilton: Social media post says he feels 'like giving up on everything' - BBC Sport WWW.BBC.CO.UK Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton posts on social media urging people to turn vegan and calls the world "messed up".
  6. My old MK6 sits low but carries a legal load very well. Spoke to a chap who lives and breaths Hilux's who said it was perfectly normal for the springs to be slightly inverted when fully loaded.
  7. The size hole required is normally on the side of the resin tube. Cant say I would trust thermalite for much other than something to fix plasterboard too. Alternatively if it's a one off job and you dont already own a dedicated resin gun you can use resin anchors Rawlplug RCASV Resin Capsules M10 10 x 90mm Drill Size 12mm 10 Pack | Capsules | Screwfix.com WWW.SCREWFIX.COM Order online at Screwfix.com. High performance fixing for safety-critical applications. Suitable for wet or dry...
  8. Went to do a log drop the other day and the customer name rang a bell but I could not place it. When I got there it came back to me that I had made a music stand for them many years ago. Never had a picture of it so they invited me and to take a few snaps. Also they had one of may guitar stands. Not great pictures but better than nothing.
  9. Looks a nicely made piece of kit but would it not be worth devising a way to mount a hand held planer in it? I have used a home made router sled and it's fine for a few bits and bobs but if I was investing proper money in a jig not sure I would be happy with speed a router will offer. Mind you it may not be easy to mount a planer in a jig and devising a rise and fall mechanism
  10. And just to muddy the waters I found this on Honest John "Power would stay the same in 2012, but the addition of Euro5 light commercial vehicle standards would see the Hilux fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). "
  11. No DPF on a 2008 Hilux as I have one and think it became compulsory later in 2009.
  12. I know quite a few Dmax owners have gone down this rout. Would have thought it might be quite a nice truck to use once done. For Matt maybe some freewheel hubs on the front and you could run in low range without torque wind up as well.
  13. Most would be too many amps for a 3pin plug I would have thought Both our hob and oven came with cables attached but neither were from Curry's. So is the thought that Curry's are removing cables from cookers to discourage DIYers wiring them in and making a few extra pounds?


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