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  1. Woodworks

    What's the going rate for block paving

    I never understand why we get these threads where everyone has to put the boot in because someone is prepared to work for a low rate. Why can't we all charge what we want and not be condemned for it?
  2. Woodworks

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    A bit of both. It fried its brain due to a damaged wire but to be fair to the dealer they did sort that swiftly. Recently been looking into putting a post knocker on it. This has proved frustrating with post knocker suppliers saying I need a free flow hydraulic return. It took me an age to find out if the Gehl could run it as is. The answer is no so now looking at fitting one myself but without a local helpful dealer, it's not easy. I have come up with a plan now though. All this faf got me wondering if all this would be easier with a more mainstream loader. Having seen the price of the SH series 6 I am now thinking I can handle some inconvenience. Also hadn't appreciated that MO uses a different mounting bracket so that would be another pile of expense either buying new or adapting mine. As you were gents this is a no go but thanks for the help all the same.
  3. Woodworks

    A new Woodfair for Devon

    Just got to hear about this yesterday. I don't know a great deal about it at this stage other than they want to build it up to be like the Roadford woodfairs of the past. There may still be a few spaces left so may be worth getting in touch with the organisers. We are hoping to have a stand on the day. It would be great if it could get some good support. Facebook Event
  4. Woodworks

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    Yep just me and thanks for the offer (cross the border hmm might have to think about that). Got to drive one at a demo a few years ago but hard to put this into context as I had never driven any pivot steer machine before. Nice and nimble machine with remarkable lift for it's size. Just got put off a bit with all the GRP panels on what is a very expensive industrial machine. Clearly, they are standing up to professional use with just a bit of superficial damage but didn't have this feedback when making the decision. If the backup for the Gehl was as good as hoped would not be considering this as I don't need a towable machine for my current work. The financial hit of changing is why I mention possibly doing some contract work with a MO to help it earn its keep. Not sure there is much work out there though. Most of the guys I know will tend to just chuck more manpower at a job instead of looking at mechanisation.
  5. Woodworks

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    So I am considering a rethink. Currently running a SH Gehl 340 loader. It's built like a brick shit house and is pretty much perfect for logs and farm use. The snag is it's second hand and dealer back up is dreadful. They were looking to push these machine in the UK but it's not happened so there are very few of these around so no support. The downside to me for the MO is it's small and has the fragile GRP panels but on the upside, it's a light machine that would give me the option of being able to trailer it about and do some contract work. What sized MO would be required to lift and handle a 500kg crate of logs combined with a pallet rotator? Is there any potential contract work down here in the SW for one? I can see that a machine that is big enough to handle the rotator and a 500kg load maybe getting a bit big to get into gardens?
  6. Woodworks

    I quite enjoyed this

    Reminds me of a time TV programs tried to be educational.
  7. Woodworks

    Straight oak wanted mid Wales

    Do you just use them bare or dry and treat them as well? Got a fair bit of fencing coming up and was going to get some chestnut in. Hadn't considered oak
  8. Woodworks

    Straight oak wanted mid Wales

    Big J has some nice straight oak but Devon is a fair distance.
  9. Woodworks

    Processor Chain Sharpening

    But they don't come out of the factory with nice fine grinding marks they come out with coarse grinding marks. Maybe the Grandenberg leaves a better finish than tradition grinders as it grinds with the tooth instead of across the tooth?
  10. Woodworks

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Very dry spring as seems to be the norm in recent years. All change for June with rain every day so far and 131mm so far this month. Not really complaining as it was getting a bit dry with the grass starting to go brown just a few weeks ago. All green and lush now.
  11. Woodworks

    Processor Chain Sharpening

    Much as GDH. And yes a file does leave a better edge as to why I would guess it's just a finer finish than off the grinder. I do use a grinder occasionally to even up the teeth length as again this seems to be more important on the processor than the chainsaw. On my small Farmi I don't knock the rackers down too hard either especially if the wood is dry and hard but may matter less with a tractor on Tajfan 400.
  12. Woodworks

    Electric Vehicles or EVs

    Look at this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renewable_energy_in_the_United_Kingdom and the graphs you can see how our grid is rapidly changing. You buy an EV today and say it last 10 years maybe. By then we will hopefully be well on the way to 100% renewables from around 30% now which is not too shabby to start with
  13. Woodworks

    Electric Vehicles or EVs

    Absolutely. For me it's not so much about the absolute power but the fact it wouldn't mind all the stop-start driving involved in log rounds. My Dmax was going to self destruct as the DPF couldn't cope and the old Hilux is only just warmed up by the time I get back so hard on the engine and economy. The power for towing wouldn't hurt though
  14. Have you bought out the UK dealer? Cannonbars.co.uk still links to our local dealer.
  15. Woodworks

    Whats your exit strategy?

    Well, the thread is called "what's your exit strategy?" bang on topic really.


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