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  1. Tricky to say. The engine ran fine on it and was very convenient with no odour when working. After a while it became harder and harder to start. Carb was checked as was the valve spacing but neither resolved the problem. In the end the engine was a non runner and I ballsed up my shoulder starting it. Bought a new key start engine but have not yet put the gas adapter on it. The old engine is with a local engineer awaiting a post mortem. The machine was not new when I bought it and its done some hard work since so I wont call judgment on the gas conversion just yet. If the old engines problem cant be related to the gas I will convert the new engine in a flash
  2. Another for birch. Looks just like this when it been left out a touch long
  3. Woodworks

    Chain oil

    On my processor you can see a mist of oil if the suns at the right angle. Not sure a mist is a vapour but it gets everywhere including your lungs
  4. Woodworks

    Chain oil

    Been using the Clarks Bio for a while. How different is plane rapeseed?
  5. If it were mine I would let them grow up a for a few years and then lay them for a very dense hedge.
  6. Had some Scotts pine a few years ago and it was great stuff. Probably as good as doug fir and larch
  7. Thinner wood tends to come out longer. Straight wood feeds cleaner and again comes out longer on average. Always quite few crumbs mixed in from when it does a cut but for whatever reason it hasn't fed much
  8. You are more than welcome to pop out and see it in action Paul
  9. Well last year turned out better than expected charcoal sales wise and hope for more of the same again this year. The retort is still performing faultlessly. May make up a second to enable greater production. The current one can make enough but I could be running two at the same time and more days doing other things Love an evening burn
  10. Welmac UK supplied mine. Also these which look the same Remet RP150 logger Chopper logs fire wood Pto Tractor Chipper Splitter Processor WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Cuts 130mm fresh softwood, 110mm fresh hardwood and 90mm in dry hardwood. INCLUDES A PTO SHAFT. Log size 10...
  11. Blade spacing and diameter of the cutter heads. The bigger machines cut a longer log
  12. Great work James. Especially like the knock down table. Pure class that 👍
  13. This pretty much sums up how it appears to be used and those that use it. Like “politically correct” before it, the word “woke” has come to connote the opposite of what it means. Technically, going by the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition, woke means “aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)”, but today we are more likely to see it being used as a stick with which to beat people who aspire to such values, often wielded by those who don’t recognise how un-woke they are, or are proud of the fact.


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