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  1. No idea if its the same model but lots of info on a restoration here Wadkin RE planer - Canadian Woodworking and Home Improvement Forum FORUM.CANADIANWOODWORKING.COM C18F2DDE-0F5A-4624-A6E0-373103E455FA.jpeg I have had this planer for almost 3 years and when I moved it yet again to...
  2. My plan is to separate after drying and offer this service as an extra. More stuff comes loose in the drying process and all the slivers will then be dried. Tip the logs over a sieving ramp placed over a spare IBC firing into a perfect cubic meter tub. Reality is we never get complaints so still not made it but have bought the metal to do it haha
  3. Do they use dovetail slides with gibs on a thicknesser rise and fall? Only ever stripped smaller machines which have either had a central column and an old Luna which worked of 4 threads all linked Mark its an old machine and like almost all machines it will need maintenance and have issues. You either pay expensive "experts" to sort things or get to know your machines yourself. Even new kit can need some tinkering. I had a Felder Universal which was supposed to be the muts nuts in the lightweight pro market but still ended up setting up the planer tables and sliding saw myself as it was all on the piss. It is a bit daunting at first but just be methodical and take your time. Very satisfying learning to fix kit yourself and can save you few bob as well
  4. Get some pictures up Mark. All the Wadkin machines I have encountered are very serviceable and adjustable. Can you get some outer covers off and gets some pictures of the guts of the machine. Is it raised on four threads or one heavy shaft or other. If you take anything apart just take pictures as go along so all parts can go back in the same place. Proabably not going to be a 5min job but undoubtedly worth it in the long run
  5. Gave it a go but its too tight but a nice idea though. Yes does smart a bit 😬
  6. Good idea. Might work but I have done the thumb as well
  7. Hope you can help. Had a mishap with a BBQ and burnt the back of all my fingers on one hand. None of my gloves will fit over the dressings and I use L or XL gloves anyway. Not needing anything fancy just something to stop the dressings getting dirty and not too hot. Thanks
  8. Looked at that model at a show. It was by far the best designed machine there plus it was more heavily built than most of the same capacity. Liked the fence system so much its what I fitted to my old Wadkin
  9. Presuming 6" beams are pretty heavy so there may be plenty with that depth of cut but far less that are stable enough with big beams on the table. The old adage "they dont make them like they used to" applies here. Cast iron table would be a must IMO. The classic older bandsaw that was always recommended was the old Startrite 352 (never used one but know lots of pros who did) Its on the small size though but has a more than big enough cut. I picked up a big old single phase Wadkin and refurbished it with smart guides and fence for less than £1000. Nice thing with a bandsaw is they are pretty simp[le bits of kit so getting and old one and bringing it back to life is not a very complex job.
  10. They dont have feed rollers. The wood is pulled in by the action of the cutters which dont pull hard. You can stop a length mid cut on our RP120. Agreed they have plenty of potential for danger with the short chute but not as bad as they might look. They are for sale new but presume the OP is after a SH one Remet RP200 logger Chopper logs fire wood Pto Tractor Chipper Wood Processor WWW.EBAY.CO.UK INCLUDES A PTO SHAFT. 8 Blade variant also available to make smaller logs. Log size 18 to 30cm. Chipped wood and brash is...
  11. When using our grinder I just dont go for it all in one go. A few gentle passes to each tooth giving a few seconds to cool between grinds. Never overheated a tooth yet and this is with a cheap as chips Lidl grinder
  12. Had this email a few weeks ago. Dear All We are writing to you given the interest you showed in Defra’s proposals to encourage the cleaner burning of domestic fuels. We would like to make you aware that the Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020 were laid in both Houses of Parliament on 21 July. You can find the Regulations on legislation.gov here. The Regulations state that they come into force on 1 May 2021. The legislation will need to be debated in both Houses of Parliament before it comes into force and the dates for these debates are yet to be confirmed. These Regulations introduce measures to tackle harmful emissions from domestic burning as set out in our Government Response published earlier this year. You can find the Response at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/air-quality-using-cleaner-fuels-for-domestic-burning/outcome/summary-of-responses-and-government-response The Regulations will phase out the supply of: traditional house coal for domestic combustion wet wood sold in units of up to 2m3, and introduce sulphur and smoke emission limits for manufactured solid fuels. These changes will be phased in between 2021 and 2023, with all sales of small volumes of wet wood being phased out by 2022 and sales of traditional house coal by 2023. We are not banning stoves or open fireplaces, and these policies do not seek to prevent their use or installation. Our intention is to ensure people move from burning more polluting to less polluting fuels. We are encouraging a move from burning wet wood to burning dry wood, and from traditional house coal to smokeless coal and low sulphur manufactured solid fuels. We understand that those who burn coal as a primary heat source are most likely to have their coal delivered by approved coal merchants and will need additional time to switch to an alternative fuel. This is why we are providing an extended transition period for those who burn coal. Sales of all bagged traditional house coal will be phased out by 1 May 2021, and the sale of loose coal direct to customers via approved coal merchants by 1 May 2023. The requirement for wood sold in volumes under 2m3 to be dry (less than 20% moisture) will apply from 1 May 2021. We recognise that small wood producers may struggle to meet the requirements straight away. Given this, small suppliers will have an extra year to comply (until 1 May 2022). Thank you for your interest in this policy area and for your responses to the consultation.
  13. That was just the sort of thing I had in mind. Thanks doobin
  14. Sadly I often cant get the truck near it as I work in lots of small yards


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