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  1. Surprised to see Amarok's mentioned for towing. Never been in one but they rarely have hitches fitted around these parts and I thought they had no low range? You need to be able to go slow backing trailers in tight spots IME. Plenty of tight spots around here
  2. Well done on the insulation Baz. Insulate once and need stuff all heating for life makes so much sense with our dwindling resources. Good luck with the sale. Sounds like a bargain for someone
  3. No you are not Andy. I make no concessions for laying up my tools and they all start when pulled off the shelf again. Never felt the need for Aspen for the machineries sake but not questioning that it's probably better for the users health. I do always use quality oil carefully mixed and never supermarket fuel.
  4. Sorry, not on here much these days. 2" oak would probably need at least 3 years. The old rule was a year an inch plus a year but that is not the end of the story. Generally air dried is still a fair way off the humidity in a modern dry home. Once down to the external ambient moisture content (14-16% if your lucky) I would look to rough out the boards but still leaving them oversize. If you can bring them into the home or a low humidity environment and leave them in stick for as long as you can but at least a few weeks. They wll move some more in this period. Now they should be fairly stable but wood will keep expanding and shrinking with changes in humidity. My old gran had an oak dining table as a wedding gift made from old barn floors (probably at least 100 years old). All was fine until the 70s when she had central heating fitted and large gaps appear on the board joins as the breadboard ends stopped the boards being able to shrink and stay joined. In the ideal world you want them down to 8-10% for a dry modern home.
  5. Not a fan of my ms181. Tend to either use my baby electric or the 346xp than pick up the ms181.
  6. If there was to be infrastructure improvements the first thing to do would be fix the railway line at Dawlish once and for all. In bad winters the SW is often cut off from the main rail network. The reality is there is no money to fix potholes let alone sort out our railways and expand our roads. Most who dont like how things are down here either adapt or move. Seen it so many times with folks from up the line expecting some rural utopia but with central UK like services. I think the two are diametrically opposed. If you bring in more people and industry it would not be the rural idyll it is.
  7. Khriss I dont think you can tree spade a Devon hedgerow as this is what we have around here but with more trees on the top.
  8. Oh not sure. I suspect it's size and just realised mine is a 53 and I would have sworn it was a 52 so have quick google to understand the variations in the models. Mine opens more than I could ever need. Never liked the quick release version myself as I used one that the catch on the release had not properly engaged and as I tightened it slipped dropping a precious piece or work to the floor so now have a lifelong grudge against this variant but many swear by them.
  9. A quick google says "Devon County Council is responsible for 8,000 miles of road - the longest network in the country" how much of that is narrow lanes? Say it's half and that seems conservative so 4000miles of habitat rich hedgerow to rip out . Can you imagine how many landowners would have to cooperate to make it happen of the sh1t storm of compulsory purchasing it all to then destroy centuries old hedgerows. Sorry J but its cloud cuckoo land.
  10. Record 52 or 52E. Second hand if need be End of discussion 😁
  11. But those figures dont allow for extra traffic you would get with a better road network. Leave it as it is IMO.
  12. I dont see he point of road upgrades here. To start with you would have to destroy 1000s of miles of Devon hedgrows to do it and traffic just expands to fit the network so back to square one in a few years. Tight difficult lanes keeps many away 👍
  13. It's why I went with older Hilux. It was the narrowest pickup but had the same load size due to being slightly longer which is much less of a problem. Many modern cars are generally far too wide yet often seem to gain little inside.
  14. They never needed improving. Horses were fine as were Defenders but it's a bit of a problem now they no longer make Defenders not that you could have ever fitted in one. I had the seat right back on ours and I am short ass at 5' 10".
  15. Very smart but 1400kg for 4 cube leaves little margin if bone dry logs. Presuming the 1400kg is payload excluding the tipper. Do you not have oil level rising problems with the Dmax


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