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    Cabinet maker but now log cutter/seller
  1. Whats the weather like near you?

    Haha from last year. How did that summer pan out?
  2. Ply in rain

    Real exterior grade/WBP will not delaminate but there are some poor quality ply's out there that dont do what they say they should.
  3. Happy campers

    Haha no we go in the spring to avoid the midges. Not been up there for few years sadly
  4. Happy campers

    Last two pics Red squirrel campsite in Glencoe?
  5. Ply in rain

    You should be fine Went for phenolic ply for our greedy boards. A bit less expensive than marine ply and has the advantage of one face being plastic coated and slippy. Exterior WBP ply holds up pretty well though
  6. Any new small charcoal retorts out there?

    That time of year again and just done our first burn of the season. Converted 4 barrels worth in the day experimenting with higher and lower temperature burns. Not finding my retort easy to run at lower temps (500c) but going up to 600c seems more stable and less control of air flow required, also knocks and hour off the burn! Just started bagging up the charcoal but cant see much variation from opening the lids but will have a clearer idea of any variation later.
  7. Spring is finally here ?

    All seems very odd at the moment. Yesterday felt like a mid summers day but there is not a leaf to be seen. Looks like that is all about to change in the next few days thankfully.
  8. Hot,Hot, Hot How to survive the heat!!!

    Certainly pretty warm doing our first charcoal burn of the year. Not complaining though as these 4 days of predicted sun could well be our summer so making the most of it. Back to wet and windy by Tuesday so enjoy it while it lasts
  9. New Woody Wagon

    Watch your oil levels as they can rise when doing lots of short trips like log deliveries.
  10. Sunshine

    Oooh do share a picture. Keep meaning to make up a dinky one to make super dry stock for charcoal making
  11. Alaskan ash + oak advice

    Ash is not classed as a durable wood so I would be pretty wary of using it for cladding unless you are going to drench it in some form of wood preserver.
  12. Sunshine

    Loving it
  13. Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Time will tell but the fact some manufacturer maybe pushed something too far will not stop development.
  14. Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    So you think this improvement is going to stop dead? Cant see it myself not due to any insight just when so much time and money is spent on development as there is in battery tech improvements normally follow.
  15. Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    You got any evidence for this? I did a quick google on improvements in battery energy density and there is no obvious dip and they just get better year on year. Fits with what I have seen in battery power tool world as well. Not so long ago my main drill was just 1.2ah now my current drill has a 4ah pack that is about the same size and latest version has a 5ah battery.


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