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  1. Feels like summer.

    Reckon your grass will be very grateful . Hope the mower is OK
  2. Feels like summer.

    Sun is lovely but feels like the depths of winter here. The ice has not thawed in the shade all day and the strong easterly wind is biting. Cut the grass with temperatures forecast to be sub zero day and night and snow/blizzard predicted for the end of the coming week?
  3. Best ways to separate diesel from water?

    Filter arrived today and it works a treat if a bit slow with red mixed with water haha. With tank tilted back have filtered 20litres but still getting some water coming out!
  4. Weight of IBC cage full of split Ash

    As said you are looking at around 500kg including crate. Our 55hp compact can only just handle a cube of wet logs and has had to have some repairs to the front axles due to overloading. Think you are just asking too much of a 30hp machine. Probably not what you want to hear.
  5. Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    I swapped to full chisel due the speed and ease of cut. Hand operated cutting so you really notice the difference but yes it does not last as long between sharpens
  6. Japa 370 processor premature bar wear

    What chain are you using? Saw someone complaining of rapid bar ware using one of Rotatech chains.
  7. Stiga multiclip

    We have an old Stiga Multiclip. It's been pretty much indestructible with aly deck and Briggs engine. Cost £200 SH many years ago and just soldiers on in spite of some brutal work clearing bramble thickets. In Liz's hands it's know as the plough Not convinced that mulching for such a wet area was such a great plan though. Mulching feeds the grass and combined with wet summers it grows so fast you need to be cutting more than once a week to keep it looking nice. End up cutting in the rain or just letting it go at times.
  8. Whats the weather like near you?

    Looking at the charts for next week and it's looking seriously cold of the like we have not seen for many a moon. Think it's going to come as bit of a shock for us southern softies where serious winter conditions have become a rarity
  9. Best chainsaw chain?

  10. Best ways to separate diesel from water?

    Yep pretty much the plan. Thanks all
  11. Best ways to separate diesel from water?

    Think I might get one of them and put out petrol through it as well.
  12. Best ways to separate diesel from water?

    Thing is I have tilted the tank so the outlet is now at the bottom but getting a mix of water and diesel coming out. Bit confused why it's not one or the other.
  13. Somehow large quantities of water have got into our diesel tank and we need get rid of the water. Is it best to syphon the diesel off the top? If so any recommends on syphons? Just ran off a litre from the outlet which is at the bottom of the tank and 1/5 was water! All discovered after killing the forklift which has not yet been revived. Thanks
  14. How are your stocks holding up?

    I have a few other contacts but not tied them and was using Euro as they were proving the most reliable. Like to buy straight from an estate when possible
  15. How are your stocks holding up?

    Yes Euro were straight with us saying they have to supply their big customers first. Plenty to get on with here anyway but hope they can get around getting us some loads in the not too distant future.


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