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  1. Woodworks

    D Max front fog lights.

    Old thread I know but an Isuzu is the reason I bought a Hilux
  2. Woodworks

    3mt Log splitter

    I would agree with the above. Did 1m billets one year and what happens is they dont slit down the middle but track out to one side quite a bit. One end is too thick and the other too thin. I guess it depends how neat logs you want but I went back to rings and vertical splitting for a quality product.
  3. Woodworks

    What glue to use for repairing boots?

    Maybe they miss-read the title "What glue to use for repairing boats?" 😜
  4. Woodworks


    Had it just the once Christmas 2010. Didn't miss much work but ruined any holiday. Hopefully never again. Get well soon Stuart.
  5. Woodworks

    don't know how to keep going

    As Stubby says sorry to hear this. Firewood can be hard on the body. I had a scare a few years back with my back as like many I have a slipped disc which used to play havoc from time to time but then brought me to a grinding halt. I have now mechanised out most of worst heavy jobs but very hard to completely avoid heavy lifting. No idea of your set up but these are some of the thing I have done to help but sadly they haven't come cheap. A log splitter with a winch to lift large rings onto the table. If thats not an option there is no shame in dissecting rings down into easily manageable pieces. A processor. My god they take so much work out of the process. Just the conveyor is almost worth 1 man. Combined with a log deck or a log lifter that is an option on some processors. My latest is a rotator to go on the loader. Logs are dried and stored in IBC crates and I was spending literally several working weeks a year just hand-balling logs out of these and into the truck. With the rotator just lift crate over truck and at the press of a button the whole lot is in the truck. It's magic. When my back was bad ringing up on the floor was very painful so I would set the rounds up on other rings to avoid some of the bending. The best thing for me was one phrase from a chap who trained in massage. He said to engage my core. This has taken some time to learn but now when lifting I am trying to lift using my core muscles and not my back muscles. This has been a revelation and now the painkillers live in the draw most of the time. No two backs are the same so this may not be applicable to you but it has been more effective for me than all the treatments I have had over the last 30 years. As Mick says hunt around for treatment that works for you.
  6. Hope this is not out of place but Vesp and Eggs just sod off and go and PM your dick swinging contest! You are ballsing up a great thread.
  7. Another one who wonders what the hell he has been doing while some of you have managed to do everything under the sun. Left school at 13 to be home schooled. Ended up with one O level so not such a great plan. Trained to be a cabinet maker for a year and did that professionally for 20 odd years while also working on the family farm. Converted a barn on the farm and started logs as a sideline and liked it so much made it my main job. Help out as groundy from time to time and do a bit of kitchen fitting for a mate.
  8. Woodworks

    Radio ear muffs gone dead

    No idea how to fix them no but can thoroughly recommend the Class Ohlson ones at about half the price. Not killed them yet in spite of my best efforts.
  9. Woodworks


    Just do the test and use rat bait. Mrs Woodwork did it online and found it all very straight forward. Yes it costs a few quid but sounds like you need a long term solution. Some cats take rats and others dont. Had plenty of cats on the farm over the years but only one of them was a good ratter.
  10. Woodworks

    Xmas party 🥳

    Probably a good call. Come on then South West Arbtalkers who facies a meet up ?
  11. Woodworks

    You know you're in.....

    This mornings rush hour in rural Devon
  12. Yep 13" of rain in the last month according to our weather station. Mind you only half that amount near Tiverton
  13. We have it on to keep things dry. Currently 96% RH and averaged 90% over the last month. Soggy as an otters pocket for the last few weeks.
  14. Woodworks

    Chalara fraxinea - Generic thread

    Might add a tiny bit of encouragement https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-46440389?fbclid=IwAR3YvXhhigmJ5-2GPrsi2OGj3sneVJCv_jJoD5xcc_IjggZdH_Z21vkbtLQ
  15. Woodworks

    KTM machinery

    They used to stick union jacks to their machines but think they have stopped that. Purely second hand but I understood they just bolt them together in the UK but of Chinese origin.


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