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  1. When choosing a coffin for mum we were going to go for wicker or cardboard one. The undertakers made a bit of a face. I asked what the problem was and they said the snag with both those options was they are not very rigid so proved very awkward to carry by pallbearers and they were problematic for cremation as they burnt too fast just leaving the body which was a problem for some reason. Anyway we went with their recommendation of a regular one
  2. Not looked into the wet food markets before now. Found this interesting but no idea of it accuracy .
  3. Been quite busy the last few days. Only doing BACS transfer and no help unloading but its a small price to pay to still be able to work Edit. Probably worth noting that supplying logs for heat is now classified as a key worker status http://confor.org.uk/media/247684/covid-19-confor-letter-of-comfort-for-industry-on-key-worker-status.pdf
  4. For many of our customers they are a luxury in centrally heated homes. If things are tight I can imagine logs will be low on the priority list. Then there are a few who are totally reliant on us for logs who will probably keep the wolf from the door. Not glum as such just pragmatic.
  5. Same old same old ie chopping logs. No idea if there will be a market for them next season but might as well crack on and hope for the best. Quite a few calls for processing coming in as well but might leave that for a lull in proceedings.
  6. According to the times its 17000 a year in Britain How does the coronavirus death rate compare with flu and how long will the outbreak last? WWW.THETIMES.CO.UK Covid-19 is the focus of headlines but seasonal influenza has almost certainly claimed more lives this year. The flu is...
  7. Dont fill the gap. It may be a frustrating detail but it allows the solid wood panel to expand and shrink as the humidity varies. Same as you would see on a traditional frame and panel door. If you fill it and panel expand it will blow the outer frame apart. Its why many tables use a veneered top.
  8. Oil into a 5 litre jug. Then fill jug with fuel. Pour 3/4 into the can through fine sieve. Swish last bit to get any remaining oil into suspension and pour into can. Its a faff but you can see that its perfectly mixed
  9. Ah I dont know about filling resins. Most epoxy resins are very sensitive to higher moisture content. West System wants the wood at 10% or below.
  10. Lots of good glues these days. D4 PVA is pretty good stuff and cheap. Decent polyurethane gives you a longer open time as does Cascamite. Then for Rolls Royce glue theres West system resin. Non of the above give off much odour. How dry is the wood? If its only air dried and still a touch damp your polyurethane is probably best as it uses water for the catalyst to make it set off while the rest really dont like less than perfectly dry wood.
  11. This may have been already posted but it gives some of us the go ahead to work. Following representations by Confor to the UK Government, a Defra spokesperson has confirmed: “Those involved in the supply chain of wood for key goods (including, but not limited to pallets, heating, packaging, tissue paper, timber harvesting, sawmills) should be considered key workers. Only necessary workers, producing key goods, should continue to attend workplaces. Working from home should be encouraged for administrative staff.” Confor chief executive Stuart Goodall said: “I welcome this vital clarification of the key role of the forestry and wood processing supply chain in providing wood products to support an important range of essential products.
  12. So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope time heals for you This is quite a good graphic to give some sense to how social distancing helps massively over longer periods. I would imagine the Chinese doctor who lost his life had probably been working himself into the ground which would suppress the immune system?
  13. Windy as hell. Trees down left right and centre. Was intending to clear one that came down yesterday but two more of the row came down overnight so might wait until this eases up a bit. Main road out of Tavistock is blocked a several more trees on the moors are flat this morning. Wasn't really expecting this.
  14. Gardening and growing more of our veg. Dad always took great pleasure in growing his own veg and I hope to find that same pleasure. Not to mention with the way the everyone is stockpiling some home grow food may be a bit more than just a cathartic exercise!
  15. Woodworks


    My workings from a few years ago


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