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  1. I am dyslexic so laugh away no skin off my nose on that one 😀
  2. You do the maths and I think you can say with certainty it's not possible. I may have done the maths wrong so check We all have to bare the responsibiles of our choices every day and this in no different. Not saying the other way is great and we may end up down the herd immunity rout anyway but I would like to give the alternative a chance in these early days. The stats I posted are not extreme. If I wanted to do that I would have use the WHOs original death rate of 3.4%
  3. No it's not possible. If the ONS numbers are correct and we have 50000 excess deaths probably due to Covid 19 For the table to be right the UK would have a population 177 million and all of us have had the virus. As it is the science is pointing to a lower death rate than was first thought which was 3.4%. Nearer the 1% seems most likely at present from what I have read from recent studies. Say we go down the herd immunity rout which seems to be favoured on here. Maybe 60% of us need to have for that to work? Put that into Arbtalk members which are at 37161 so 60% of them have it equalling 21696. 1% death rate may not be far off as are we are not all that young and the majority are male which is clearly a bad thing as far as surviving it is concerned. So by the time we reach herd immunity we have 216 dead Arbtalkers. Does that sound like good plan or might it be better to try and stop the spread of virus now in the hope we might have better treatment or a vaccine in the future?
  4. They dont update the graph very often but I have been logging the numbers each day. It could be just a blip but does not look like its dropping any more. And a graph someone had made of recent numbers. 10th 245693 11th 244191 12th 242965 13th 244600 14th 243517 15th 245913 16th 248600 17th 252926 Edit. Page now updated showing the rise Covid Radar COVID.JOINZOE.COM Discover levels of COVID infection in your area based on millions of contributors to the COVID Symptom Tracker
  5. Cases start rising and more deaths I imagine unless we are smarter about our behaviour. The Covid tracker app is already showing a slight increase of new cases. Oh and a heads up from the other side. My OH got back from her shift on a Covid ward yesterday and there is still not enough PPE for the current low level of cases!
  6. Our BC officer said the plastic membrane was mainly there to stop the concrete drying out too quickly which would weaken it it. He reckoned concrete was pretty much waterproof anyway. Bit of this wont hurt Everbuild 202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer 5L WWW.TOOLSTATION.COM Long term water protection to mortar, concrete and rendering. BS 4887. Hazard safety codes: Xi, R36, R38, R52, R53.
  7. Not doubting it good for a solid wood but still nothing like the values you get from proper insulation materials. Also hard to escape the inevitable problems with movement and air gaps
  8. Woodworks


    I posted as a follow up on yesterday as the interactive chart shows how you cant get herd immunity quickly keeping the R down as the government has promised it will.
  9. As J says you will end up with lots of gaps due to seasonal movement pretty much negation the insulation value of the wood which is not great to start with. Might be of interest https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/types-homes/energy-efficiency-log-homes
  10. Woodworks


    One take on it. Nice interactive chart on this page Without A Vaccine, Herd Immunity Won’t Save Us | FiveThirtyEight FIVETHIRTYEIGHT.COM Daniel Arlein has already had COVID-19. In March, the 36-year-old small business owner and DJ, who lives in Brooklyn, tested...
  11. Love this to be right but not holding my breath.
  12. Woodworks


    I would be staggered if they did. It is like a different world here this week not that movement alone will create transmission but you can see how lax many are now being as it feels closer to the old normal. Love to be wrong on this though.
  13. Woodworks


    I will talk to my mate. He lives out there and his partners kids are both doctors in Stockholm
  14. Woodworks


    I clearly am not explaining my point very well. To get herd immunity in any sensible timeframe we need more than are currently infected to keep passing it on. We wont have a lot people infected at any one time if we do keep the R below 1 as they have promised. Does that make sense?


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