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  1. Got a couple somewhere. I added them to my collection of land on the Moon, about as likely I own either. 🤣
  2. Bought a mate a bottle of Ron Zacapa XO Rum a while back. Was gutted to see him instantly top it off with Coke.
  3. Something very similar. Every so often we head up to Glas Allt Shiel Bothy for a night or two. Its bliss. Took the missus and my 17 year old for a couple of nights as well.
  4. My Brother and I will be necking this soon.
  5. Nice selection. I like a Laphroaig when sitting around a camp fire or on a Bothy night with friends (yes I still have a few ) The 12 year old Highland Park is often on Special at Tesco and I always buy a bottle when it is.
  6. I like my women like I like my Whiskey. 18 years old and mixed up with Coke.
  7. The 18 year old Highland Park is most likely my favourite whiskey I’ve ever tried, certainly the best 18 year old. It’s like a richer younger Highland Park offering much like a Slightly Smokey Christmas Pudding in its complexity. For a tough over £100 it’s a damn good buy and hits way above its weight. Although a surprisingly good “cheap” whiskey not often found in the shelves and was actually discontinued for years is the 15 year old Jonnie Walker Green Label. Yes it’s a blend, but when you’re blending in 15 year old Caol Ila and Talisker from the Islands and a couple from Speyside it has something for everyone. Well worth a try at under £40, I much prefer it to the Blue Label. Im yet to try this 15 year old Highland Park. It’s now valued at £600, so might be a while before there is an excuse to break it out. 🤣
  8. We get a little patch we need to sow on yourselves if we haven’t 🤣
  9. Not to those that are in the age group that seem to be affected by Blood Clots. This demographic generally have no idea they even have Covid let alone have any serious symptoms. The older and Sicker groups have all been vaccinated, they are already protected thats why they where vaccinated first. The statistics show a massive decline in the old and sick dying from Covid in part I'll assume because the Flu season is coming to an end but is being touted by the media as a direct result from receiving the vaccine. All before the the under 50's have even been offered the vaccine in any meaningful way.
  10. Its not even rolled out 'for cost' now. For example South Africa pays twice as much as the UK. From as early as next year they intend to start charging the full rate and as its going to be at least an annual jab they will of course stand to make billions.
  11. Nope, just comes naturally. Imagine the audacity and thought process to actually believe you're at the epicenter of Covid? Its staggering.
  12. The thought also has to count. If you're wanting to gift something to someone to show appreciation then giving them a bottle of award winning £17 Whisky from Aldi might not cut it. But giving them a bottle of something that is slightly extravagant that they might not ordinarily get themselves is a nice gesture that would be appreciated. Will they like it? Maybe not, but then it can sit in the cabinet or display and when they have guests over they can break it out and offer what will most likely be a well appreciated nip.
  13. Has to be one of the best bottles Ive ever had. Wife got it for me for our 18th wedding anniversary. Highland Park 18 Year Old - Viking Pride WWW.THEWHISKYEXCHANGE.COM The 2017 relaunch of one of our all-time favourites, this has to be one of the most consistently excellent malt whiskies of...
  14. Of course Kris thinks everything revolves around him. Epicenter? Good grief.


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