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  1. trigger_andy


    He's started three separate threads in the Milling Forum all asking the same thing and has had plenty of replies.
  2. trigger_andy


    Les, thats a few posts you've mentioned me in the last few days. Have you missed me or something?
  3. trigger_andy


    Just out of interest where did you see this? Facebook.
  4. trigger_andy


    You can just update the original thread, you dont need to make a new one each time you ask. When you make a reply that will 'bump' it top the top for more exposure. I see there is a Frontier OS31 for sale in Germany just now, on a Trailer too. Norwood made, or at least designed. If you're interested I'll pass his number on to you.
  5. trigger_andy


    Think its the first actually?
  6. Ive been speaking with a lad on the West Coast about this. He put me in contact with a Miller who Milled his Green heart and he found the blades that worked best where the Woodmizer Frozen Log ones. I'm looking back through my messages to see what the model number was. He said it was still a right challenge, but do-able.
  7. trigger_andy


    Is this the 3rd separate wanted add you've posted on here in a matter of weeks?
  8. Ohhhh, be interested in buying some off of you if you get any.
  9. The 340 will sound awesome with the Cam thats in it and the compression, its 10.5-1. Will need to run on 95 octane fuel to avoid pinking.
  10. Im just up the road in Forfar but dont have a way of collecting any wood just now. I have a large area to dump almost as much as you want though. I'll contact a mate though, he might wanna pop down to fill his trailer.
  11. Its been stripped down to a rolling shell to deal with what little rust it has. Its surprisingly solid, Im assuming because its a Convertible its not been out in the rain much. The previous owner had this down at a restoration shop then ran out of money or something. So there is a box of all the parts sitting somewhere and Im trying to track them down. It was originally a 5.2 V8 with an Auto Trans. But as long as the originals are missing I'll be putting in the 340 I found this month and is now in an engine shop. The 340 (5.6) is a vastly superior engine, high compression, big valves, forged internals etc. Its been previously rebuilt by the same shop its now back at and its been rebuilt with some very nice parts. I'll get it checked over then dino'd and i'm guessing it will be 350-400hp. The Barracuda could have had this engine as an option from new so its an ok swap. I'll maybe go auto but I prefer a manual, so we'll see. As its been stripped down this far I think I'll get it acid dipped.
  12. I know! I had to have it and raided my daughters driving lesson piggy bank. Wife made me replace it ASAP. It’s in with it’s Stablemate. Both A Bodies, both RHD. One for the U.K. market, one for the Australian.
  13. Its a super rare 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible. Its one of 5 RHD Convertibles built for the UK market between 1967 and 1969. One is officially crushed and two are back in the US. The other two where thought to be lost till this one turned up. Plymouth (Chrysler) never made a penny on these cars. They where built in the US with all the goodies like 4 pot disk brakes, limited slip diffs, Heavy Duty Suspension etc. Finding the RHD parts will be a struggle.


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