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  1. A lovely Turkish Hazel I spotted in the Oslo Botanical Gardens today.
  2. Might have to to pop over to my local estate buddy and see if he has anything. Delivery from Scotland might kill it though.
  3. Tell him it’s now £600, but you’ll drop it to £550 as a gesture of goodwill. [emoji16]
  4. I’m feeling left out. Which ironically seems to be the basis of the me too movement
  5. Add me to the list too please. 🤣 You’ve become increasing obnoxious of late and have what seems like a very high opinion of your wokery new line of employment.
  6. An hours drive up to have a look and quite and an hour back again. That’s half a day busted. Not gonna get much else done that day. Then another day to do the job and if there is any complications, ie the window gets damaged it’s on the builder to make right. So I guess you could call that two days and £300 a day. You can put your panties back on now. 😁
  7. He’d not bother unless he was making £5-600 profit. He has as much work as he wants making at least that a day.
  8. They do say it’s grim up north. That's a wage you can exist on. It’s not living.
  9. Good luck 🤣 I guess you’ll be waiting till the next oil crash before you see someone quote you the figures you’re demanding. On the other hand I can get you as much references as you like for my brother. Backed up with pictures.😉 Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Why risk it? The fact you think you are determining rates explains why you’re still waiting.
  10. Does not surprise me in the slightest he holds such horrifying views, he is everything thats wrong with the western world today personified.


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