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  1. I don’t envy you having to work on a Sunday, yet it’s what I’ll be doing too. 😁 9 x 12” post holes to dig out for some 6” posts as a base for my new workshop. The joys never end. Unless you have some irrefutable proof of your understanding we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. Andrew indeed! I’m only called that by my wife when she’s angry with me and that ends up with some passionate love making later that evening. So I’m somewhat Pavlov’d into being turned on by being called that. Xx
  2. I thought I did so? But to be honest it’s roots are far deeper than airheads desperate for attention and validation. They just jumped on the bandwagon sitting in a circle drinking soy lattes trying to find the next thing to be offended at.
  3. Keep in mind PayPal does not cover vehicles. Parts yes, vehicles no.
  4. That’s your opinion Eggy and one you seem to have gained from what the MSM tells you to believe. I know you occasionally venture over to Europe and perhaps you venture further afield, but your POV seems to be constantly what you read about in the news….
  5. I suspected as much. As already mentioned it’s a term initially used by those on the hard left who wish to impose their thinking on others and firmly believe in their radical POV. They seen themselves as “woke” from many mainstream POV’s, both left and right but generally and almost exclusively from the right. These wet lettuces have had their “enlightenment” thrown back in their face and what they thought was something to emulate has turned into a term of derision.
  6. Just messing. What a machine, well jealous.
  7. Some stunning logs! Im really looking forward to seeing this in action on day Dave. I feel you could have maybe got a few more logs done today though. 😁
  8. Believe it or not I was cleaning my screen and somehow managed to type and post a one word comment.
  9. I don’t have an endless stream of cash coming in these days mainly due to Covid and needing to quarantine for 10 days before going out on a job, so overtime is all but non-existent just now. But mainly the reason is the constant supply of cheap processor grade logs I was going to be getting had not materialised. I’ll still be getting the odd 20t here and there there though.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Change of direction now. Bought a log cabin log Molder instead. 😁
  11. As the oak seasons it’s gonna crack and look dry and tired, especially outside. Unless you constantly douse it in oil you’re not going to stop this process from happening, even then I doubt it will do much.
  12. Congratulations Les and well done Beth! My oldest is Beth as well.
  13. I think you just answered your own comments. 🤣


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