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  1. If a project involves public funds then the price we're told will always be about half of what it actually costs. I believe this is deliberate. Where the public to know the full cost before anything started they/we would be up in arms and hopefully force a stop to the madness. But the drip, drip, drip of cost increases seems to be accepted by the masses.
  2. Went well, cheers. had two prolapses removed 3 years or so ago but did not help so much. Went to a private clinic in Norway and they looked much closer and seen the disks had grown spurs and where squashing in on my nerves both sides of my spine at the same place as my prolapse. So the dremmeled them away. 🤣 Have the same in my neck and will get that done later in the year.
  3. Angus, Scotland. But I don’t get enough to go around. I get from a small local estate. He’s got a bunch of Spruce but what can you do with that? I’ve been thinning out my small parcel of woodland around my house. Taken out a bunch of Cherry, Spruce, Beech, Sycamore and Scots Pine. Nothing massive but will keep me Milling for a while when I’ve recovered from the back surgery I had yesterday. Firewood for a couple of years too!
  4. I pay £30 a ton for Larch Saw Logs. Have to take the firewood quality too though, but they are all basically Saw Log Quality. Will be getting a few tons soon. I pay £30 for “firewood” oak that still mills great and £100 a ton for real good Oak Saw Logs, but don’t get much if any just now.
  5. I would too but I have no comparison. All I can say is the build quality is amazing. Now I have Ripper 37 blades I have no issue at all.
  6. Those Logosol Wide Slabbers are really growing on me. Worth the purchase?
  7. You've gotta learn how to use it. A Good tip is to do one side, then when starting on the other get your Calipers out and see if the first tooth you file is longer, shorter or the same as the fist side and micro-adjust to suit. Each to their own though. If I hit metal and need to mill 1-2mm off each tooth in the forest you'd be there all day with a hand file. Between slabs I'll use a file for a quick dress-up. I guess whatever you feel happier with and what you plan to mill and how big your Saw and Mill is? There has obviously been some R&D gone into tooth angles and number. If they recommend 5°, 10° ir even 15° for Milling and not 30° then Id be inclined not to waste my time experimenting with 30° unless you have chains needing used up.
  8. Most of my .404" Chains are ripping chains. Obviously you lose a little more material as the kerf is a few mm deeper, they are (supposedly) less likely to snap. I say supposedly as Ive never snapped a Ripping Chain yet, be it 3/8", 3/8" Low Pro or .404". Maybe Im not trying hard enough? Id imagine you'd be a bit faster with a 3/8" Chain over a .404" Chain but as Im mostly maxing out my 48" Mill Ive not really noticed much difference. I use the Granberg Precision Sharpener to get the teeth all the same length, same sharpness, same angle and rakers set to a depth uniformly. That is more important than a slightly thinner 3/8" Chain in my opinion. First pass through the log with a correctly sharpened chain almost sucks its way though initially.
  9. The Saw will cut faster with a skip or hyper skip chain, the trade off is a more rougher finish. So the choice is a smoother but slower finish or a faster but rougher finish, same with any cutting really, be it metal or wood. Personally Id go for fast and rough, same as when Im milling. You're gonna have to finish the wood anyway and if you plan on using a Router Sled then a rougher finish is not gonna make that much difference. Id rather get the job done and get home. @Johnsond made me a cracking 62" Router Sled, looking forward to getting to use it.
  10. I was a bit worries about that but its been ok so far.
  11. Heh heh, true!🤣 Beds all done. Started on a Rocking Horse for my 2 year old. Was waiting on a couple of bits coming in the post but now they are here I can crack on again.
  12. Yes, I do agree with that. Family are also very important to me. it’s nice to have a little extra cash to be able to spend it on them and that makes me happy. Also having the time to spend it with them is an added bonus.
  13. I’m paid for what I know, not what I do.
  14. Im 40, had a 35" waist since I was 16, still do. 6' 1" and 14 stone 7 now and not far off it when I was 20. Hopefully like you I'll maintain that when Im 50. I dont move fast though, thats what the scroats are paid for.


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