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  1. trigger_andy

    Bar lift in cut

    But its great that you did. Means we dont have to and its a learning curve thats been officially crossed off as opposed to a 'what-if'.
  2. trigger_andy

    Mobile phones....

    Had my iPhone 6+ for over 4 years now. But I do keep it in a good case. Job done as far as Im concerned. Had a couple of cases and loads of screen protectors. But then I do kinda use my phone as a Hammer.
  3. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Cheers, that might be another way to go. I'll try that first. Interview over the phone with the bank for the Mortgage, approved in Principle so far but this next 2 hour phone call will be the deciding call. 😮 Could have the house bought by the end of the month if all going well.
  4. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    I do think I need to be caution, hence why Im asking here just to be safe. The Trees are generally not that old and have been left to grow wild over the last 30 odd years and have almost swallowed up the Greenhouse Pad. In another section of the plot there is planted softwood. Im assuming I could remove them? Yes, I think I'll just ask them. Especially since I might not be able to remove the 5 cubes a quarter. Thanks again.
  5. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Cheers Jan. Appreciate it.
  6. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Hard to see on Google Maps but my house is circled in Black, the other cottages in Yellow and red. The forested area is quite plain to see though, as is the shadow they throw over the field. The other pics are just what they look like.
  7. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    The costs not the issue, the fine Id get if Im wrong might be. The Eastern Europeans that at one time lived in the cottages next to me had wild parties every weekend and often during the week. Smashed the place up and had hookers in often. We had Bottles of Vodka lobbed into the 'garden/Forrest most days. My Wife was in constant fear when I went off-shore. Thankfully they where evicted after a few months, all 9 of them.So no, no Eastern Europeans for me.
  8. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    My concern is it could be debatable and what trouble Id get in if its not classed as a garden. Im wanting more than just light in, Id like to make it my garden properly and be able to use it. Just now its just a jungle.
  9. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    My House is also under that hatched area, the main building in the pic. I'll try and post some pics up, might look less like a garden when you actually see it.
  10. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Its a well over grown garden (I think?) Looks like a Greenhouse was there but all thats left is the concrete pad. Yeh, Im not sure if I should play dumb or ask first? I would be replanting anyway but with fruit trees. More of an Orchard I could wizz my Ride-on Mower around but still have views out to the Hills and most importantly light.
  11. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Ah ok, I guess that explains why I cant see over what plot size. How do you calculate 5 cubes though? Main trunk? Main Trunk and Branches? The whole Tree?
  12. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Seems like the first three could apply to me;' 1. Up to five cubic metres of timber within any set calendar quarter [1 January to 31 March; 1 April to 30 June; 1 July to 30 September; 1 October to 31 December]. This exemption does not apply in native broadleaved woodland between 0.1 and 0.5 hectares inclusive, and Caledonian Pinewood sites. 2. Any trees with a diameter at breast height (measured at 1.3 metres from the ground) of 10 centimetres or less. 3. Trees in orchards, gardens, churchyards, burial grounds, and public open spaces. 1, The 5 Cubes per quarter, Im not sure how on what size of plot that covers? 2, Is that on top of the 5 Cubes per quarter? 3, I guess the easiest thing to do is get the local forestry professional to view the property to see if the plot is classed as a garden. But going by the drawing would anyone hazard a guess if it is classed as my garden?
  13. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Cheers, I'll have a look.
  14. trigger_andy

    Tree removal in Scotland

    Hey all, so I have the chance to buy the house Im renting in a month or two. Ive been renting here for 4 years and the house has a nice plot. Its about 5000sq/m. As you can see in the drawing below there is the main garden and a forested section, its been left to its own devices over the last goodness knows how many decades and is a complete light blocker to the house from 12:00 to Sun Down. There is a Cement Pad at the rear of the House thats now over grown, but looks like it was a Green House at one point of its life. My house is the one in the red Hatching lines. So my question is can I clear fell these tree's as its technically my garden? Or do I need to obtain a felling licence? Or is there a certain about of timber I can fell a year per Acre? I read somewhere it was 7 ton per Acre a year but cant remember where I read that? Thanks all.
  15. trigger_andy

    Today's milling

    True dat! Might even do it now.


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