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  1. So I bent over and took it without any lube and bought the Trailer Package. 😮 Should be here next week.
  2. Mine are over 20 years old and Im not even remotely sure how much and how often they get any 2 stroke Oil.
  3. Just thought someone would have a hard-on for it.
  4. You must be running it on Aspen?`Otherwise we're lead to believer thats simply not possible.
  5. They're coming slowly but they are trash and the uptake is very slow. Their not cheap either. Interesting to rebuild yes.
  6. Dang! Yip, 750 double pumper! Thankfully I dont need to pay road tax or get an MOT anymore so my lead foot can stay on the floor and the Holley can keep drinking like its free fuel.
  7. Feck that! I'll spend the extra 30 seconds and squirt 100mls into the can.
  8. How much more expensive is that over buying 5l from the fuel station and adding Stihl oil from a 1l bottle?
  9. Mine has three Diaphrams, I dont know much about UK cars but all V8's Ive dealt with have at least 1. Plus all the o-rings etc
  10. And if there is any gum/Varnish issues Seafoam is the way forward. Cracking stuff. Awesome if you have cars/anything with Carbs.
  11. Am I the only person who puts away a 2 stroke tool running or regular fuel away at the end of a season and fire it up again no worries the next season? I know it will gum/varnish up the carb but if Ive forgot to drain or run the tank dry its never been an issue firing up again.
  12. I sometimes process for a mate. Softwood was awesome. Id be filling 12-15 1.5 cube bags a day. Does not sound much but Id have to feed the bed and drive the bags around to the drying shed too. Nice and straight and few issues. Hardwood is a bugger, but at home Im using a Splitter I build myself. But you can play around with the figures quite easily and from country to country. Softwood in Scandinavia is much more dense than in the UK due to the slow growing conditions. But a quick look at any chart will put Beech and Oak at 700-900kg/m3, Scottish being somewhat more dense than European Id assume? European Redwood at 570kg/m3 Spruce at around 400-700kg/m3 and Scots Pine at 510kg/m3. Thats a significant difference. Yeh the price is stupid low, Im stocking up on all I can get my hands on.
  13. Yes, I guess so but the same can be said for hardwood. Control Hardwood and it will burn much longer than controlled softwood. Depends on the Softwood of course and whats being described as Hardwood. Birch can/will burn faster than some dense softwood. I'm getting hardwood in the round for £30 a ton just now, Oak, Birch, Beech and Ash etc. At that price its just not worth me bothering with managed softwood, unless it was free, which it often is.
  14. I think its well known that softwood burns hot, but also for a short period of time. Whilst Im not against softwood per se Id sooner not bother with it unless its free. As Lars Mytting suggests Softwood is for the kitchen.


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