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  1. I seriously doubt a Mill will take the log. Its not worth their time and the chances of it being full of metal will put them right off. If you're wanting it milled I think you'd either have to sell it for £100 and forget about it or pay someone £2-300 for a days Milling, keeping in mind they'll want chains/bands that get chewed up in whatever metal might be buried in there covered.
  2. I buy hardwood from a local estate for £30 a ton, they load for me and off I go. Have to split and stack myself obviously.
  3. Depends on the effect you want I guess? If its for a piece of feature furniture then I can see why you'd leave the stumps on, but of its for nice straight slabs then I can see why you'd want the butt as straight as possible. I guess to get the features you'd need to mill it on a 48" plus Alaskan.
  4. You really should look into it. I think there is so much people Alaskan or Bandsaw Milling these day that it would be worth building one for sale. You just have to look on facebay these day to see how much slabs are for sale to give you an indication of the demand. Or ask RobD for a ballpark on how many Mills he's sold, would be a good indicator for demand.
  5. Im guessing thats not the first time you've been asked.
  6. trigger_andy


    I have also been using a ladder for two years then bought a First Cut System off of RobD. Well worth the money, so fast to set up and break down and real quick to make 100% level.
  7. Interesting bit of kit. Half the price of the Woodpecker but about half the parts and seems much more rough around the edges as well. Dont see the advantage here?
  8. Im a bit of a noob when it comes to Routers but Im lead to believe there is a massive range and power variants. Potentially you've been using the same range of routers Ive been most of my adult life, which is piss poor. There is some monsters it seems and they look like they have very little trouble with what is being asked here. The Woodpecker site has a range of compatible Routers.
  9. Hey, Id be interested in what he came up with for sure. Cheers.
  10. Ive been following the development of this system for a while and its now in full retail mode. I'll most likely buy one soon as I think its a professional alternative to a DIY Router Sled and considerably cheaper than the Wood-Mizer offering (yes, different market). Anyway, thought Id share here in case anyone else finds it useful. Maybe RobD has something simmilar in the Pipeline? Slab Flattening Mill, Woodworking Slab Flattening Mill, Live Edge Slab Flattening Mill, Live Edge Slab Flattener WWW.WOODPECK.COM The Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill is designed to flatten the top of live edge slabs. If you have every wanted to make...
  11. The Ovens have a special coating. So although the oven is Self-Cleaning the Shelves (potentially) and chrome are not so have to be removed. I tended to leave one shelve/tray in at a time and it came up a treat. All thats left in a greasy oven is a small pile of fine white ash, comes up like new. Im not sure why your Stove's glass does not self-clean? Mine did when I had an air-wash one.
  12. How are you determining the Saw is running well? It might need tuned? Another consideration is dirt in the carb blocking the jets gave me bother with my 066, stripped and rebuilt with a gasket set and a can of carb cleaner did the trick. Or just buy a Chinese carb.


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