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  1. It’s always a toss up on what you spend your cash on. We burn about 40-50 cubes a year so need a steady supply and I’m certainly not hand splitting all that. Hiring it out to folk I know has recouped most of the outlay so it’s basically cost me nothing. Had I more spare cash I’d have bought a processor. Which is actually next on the agenda.
  2. Bought a Rock Machinery 22t road tow splitter. 4 way head optional. Not had a log I can’t split. I do 10 dumpy bags a day for my own use. Can’t see the point messing around with anything less. Cheap as chips too.
  3. They're 'ok' but certainly dont deserve the hype. As you say Horses for courses.
  4. I think anyone who buys Global are conned into buying a brand name and buying into the hype. If I was to spend £250 plus on a knife again Global would be the last brand Id consider.
  5. I certainly attract that type.
  6. Some pics from my day-trip. I think this tree we drive through is the save one in the vintage pic. Amazing views too.
  7. Boasting about how skilled he is at tracking people down via the internet yet forgets the address he was “hacking” within minutes. I actually felt embarrassed for him. 🤣
  8. He kinda has a point. On the lone hand he claims to be this super sleuth that with the minimum of information tracked down my address, the biggest give-away being a shared drive (🙄) He claims to do this as an interest yet being asked within 15 minutes to prove it he says he’s forgotten and can’t be arsed. 🤣 It’s like being 9 years old in the playground again. I’m not a particularly private person and have yet to have anyone carry out a vendetta on me through sharing what others might consider personal information. If anyone can piece together my full name, my employer, my cars reg, which are all on here then post up my address then go for it. This AH(small)PP is pure cringe and speaking pure shite. I’ll keep myself fairly legal as my only neighbour is an insane stickler for the rules. I’ve had some veiled threats from him as I’ve been removing 5 cubes a quarter from my garden and he’s pissed as it’s taken him 6 months to remove a 12” DBH Cherry from his garden. Not to mention he thought he owned my Driveway (more ammo for smallPP) and had plans to run his services up the side of “his” drive. Lots of little joys like this. Yes, the Lean-to might not be as per PD. I think it’s a max of 30m3 or half the curtilage? I’ll have to look again. If it comes to it I’d just make a spacer. Yes, believe it or not I go out of my way to keep them happy. Which I appreciate sounds like a stretch. 😁 I met a guy in Norway who lives in Scotland and had my neighbours company in to build his house. Supposedly he’s kicked him off for being such a difficult person to deal with. You don’t shit on your own doorstep etc.
  9. Ive been out to the Sequoia National Park in Cali. Was breath taking.
  10. Well I appreciate the favour. Seemed more like a veiled threat to be honest. And how convenient you can’t find it again. Proper cringe, like.


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