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  1. trigger_andy

    Logosol B751

    Springs replaced and finished up setting the Saw up. Done a few practice logs and Im fairly happy with the Mill. I'm getting some lateral movement with the Sawhead on the rails. There does not seem to be anthing further for me to adjust. The rails also seem to flex quite a lot. Ive took a video but not sure how to add them here?
  2. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

  3. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Does your HM130 take 800? My Logosol says it will take upto 750mm but I wonder if I could squeeze a little more out of it.
  4. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    So three tons of Oak for £210? Canny be bad. What kind of sizes? I'll be getting some cheap Oak in a month or two got to Mill a bunch for a friend who's taking down about 10 oaks on his property. Just waiting on his felling licence coming through. He sells me Spruce and Birch at £30 a Ton, but I have to take it home in a Trailer. Its only a 10 minute drive though.
  5. trigger_andy

    Anyone available in the NW?

    You traveled all the way up to Ayr? Did you have to stay in a Hotel over night? Did you split the slabs with the owner?
  6. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    No, what the forestry guy said the Sleeper Guy would make per Ton. Its for sale for £150 a ton. I was only interested in the huge section for Milling. I was not interested in the regular stuff. Im really only there for the oak.
  7. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Good plan!
  8. trigger_andy

    Show us yer log store!

    Love this! Plan on building something like this myself now Ive got my wee Sawmill.
  9. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Hmmmm, Im not so sure. Would be great to see the work in progress though. I know a good Welder actually. He was a Welder for Halliburton back in the day. Could maybe make use of him? Have you left the bed the standard 4.8m or bought extensions? I added the bit below to my last post but you'll not have seen it; Also, how do you intend on powering the hydraulics on the log loader if you get one like in the picture? Enerpac or something like that?
  10. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Sounds like you know what you're doing. I dont have the know how, skills or equipment to build one myself. I could do with your pick-list and pictures though. Might be worth me getting a local blacksmith to make me something similar. Also, how do you intend on powering the hydraulics on the log loader if you get one like in the picture? Enerpac or something like that?
  11. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    I dont think he meant profit? Just what he'd make a Ton, then the cost of buying the Butt taken off etc. Im tempted to take it, I really am. Would have to spend a Grand on a new Mill though. So would need to be able to sell some of it to recoup some of the costs. If I do get it I'll keep you sizing guide in mind. Never know, I might get lucky.
  12. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Will you be getting it certified? Im hearing all new trailers need to be type approved?
  13. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Cool, really looking forward to the pictures. I know Woodlands, Logosol and Norwood sell their Trailer package as under 750kg total inc the Sawhead. This is to remain brakeless. Would being twin axle affect this? If you're over 750 what is your plans?
  14. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Im an innocent child and dont understand you guys innuendos.
  15. trigger_andy

    Road side Oak.

    Geeeeez, you aint got nothing on me today. Anyway, Im not gay, but a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks. Personally speaking keep them coming!


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