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  1. Axcaliber Forstner Bits | Axminster Tools WWW.AXMINSTERTOOLS.COM An excellent quality Forstner bit from our Axcaliber range at a competitive price. Forstner or pattern maker's bits are unlike... Forstner Bits?
  2. I spent many an hour watching all your tutorials when I first started Alaskan Milling, Rob. Everything from Alaskan Milling, the Grandberg Sharpener and the First Cut systems and everything in between. Thats going above and beyond in my opinion. It really gave me a solid foundation to put what I learned from your video's into practice. It seems like some people want everything handed to them on a plate and maybe these folks will not be the best customers anyway? Also, to have the ability to contact you via whatsapp etc is amazing, not that Ive done so in a long time but you really cant fault the level of service you offer. I dont have Alaskan Milling equipment these days as I'm using my Bandsaw now, but I still get my regular chains from yourself.
  3. If they sold they sold, Im not in a rush and I'll use them one day. Selling plenty green oak at £4 a board foot, but nicely figured and dry Elm and Oak is double that for me. They sell too. Its not an income for me, its just a hobby for now. So I can afford to shrug my shoulders. Just spoke with the lad up North, he got the Walnut in the end, and also ended up getting another one that he just saved from getting completely cut up for firewood, like you say, seems like a lot down this year. I'll have to go and have a noisy and see whats out there.
  4. I have the Logosol B751. I dont have any of the add-on features that you're looking for but what I can say is its a very well thought out Mill. Well designed, a lot of adjustments and very solid construction. Ive just bought the manual winch/log turner. Its super solid and does a great job of turning big logs. I understand you want hydraulics though.
  5. It was someone looking for me to mill some other species he has kicking about. He certainly seemed to have his finger on the pulse regarding prices. And had quite a stock of his own slabs. He was looking for prices for some of my Elm and Oak Slabs and never bought any as they where to expensive in his eyes. Which might have been the case as I was selling them at £8 a board foot. I was not particularly fussy about selling them but would do at that price. The Walnut was 1200mm at its widest, 800mm at its narrowest and the branches where around 500mm. He said it was very clean, who knows though?
  6. I dont think thats the norm. Spoke with a lad from Northen Scotland who is trying to Score a good diameter Walnut tree, including the branches and had his offer of £1700 knocked back.
  7. Believe me, Id say what ever I wanted to your face. If thats something that would interest you then please PM me.
  8. What names where mentioned? Who could possibly legally action it?
  9. I still don’t know what point you’re trying to make here. It’s like when the missus says she’s fine. I know she’s not but I don’t even know what lines to look between.
  10. Well I find that a little hard to believe. A 10 second google search would have answered that. It sure seemed like you where using the elimination of Smallpox via a vaccine as some sort of reasoning. What reasoning I have no idea, but I don’t buy the “I was not sure line”.
  11. Not really sure what you’re on about but the point being there is strains of Covid. A vaccine for it will be akin to the Flu Jab and not the Smallpox comparison you mentioned. And as mentioned (and linked) the medical profession don’t want not see the use of the Flu Jab. It’s a nice placebo though.
  12. As is C-19 I’m lead to believe. At least 6 strains known so far, and that’s in the first year. The six strains of SARS-CoV-2 -- ScienceDaily WWW.SCIENCEDAILY.COM The virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic, SARS-CoV-2, presents at least six strains. Despite its mutations, the virus shows little variability, and this is good news for the researchers working on a viable vaccine. Well, good luck with your jabs. A lot of old people I’ve spoken with who’s taken it has been more ill due to the jab than they would have been had caught the actual flu. Many don’t take it now. Same with the medical profession but for different reasons. Why do the majority of NHS staff not get the flu vaccine? WWW.GOOGLE.CO.UK Less than half of healthcare workers in Scotland are taking up the offer of a flu jab. Why? Docs Talk the Talk, But Do They Take Flu Shots? - ABC News ABCNEWS.GO.COM Every fall, we are barraged by messages from doctors, nurses and other health care providers to get a flu vaccination to protect against the influenza virus. But the truth is some doctors and nurses might talk the talk without walking the walk. Only about 40 percent of healthcare professionals got a flu vaccine in the 2007-08 flu season.
  13. Yes. How was Influenza eradicated? Was it a vaccination? Oh that’s right, it’s not.
  14. Thats what I have, It really picks up after the muffler mod.


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