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  1. trigger_andy

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    Oh? How come? Ive never done this.
  2. trigger_andy

    Today's milling

  3. trigger_andy

    Today's milling

    Ive been told not to use treated wood either as it can stain the freshly milled wood. But its not affected my Elm, Beech or Oak so far.
  4. trigger_andy

    Beech saw log wanted

    I can ask the estate thats trying to flog that 10m long Oak Log you spotted on Gumtree if you like? Im sure I could get you some Beech cheap? Or if you're after something a bit more seasoned I have a few slabs thats been air drying for a couple of years. 2" and 3".
  5. trigger_andy

    Saw size for milling

    Im kinda done with Beech, but biomass seems such a shame, but what can you do? Ive got some 4' Ash Logs too, but I dont particular like Ash either, so will most likely burn it too. If we stick together we can maybe hold them off.
  6. trigger_andy

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    Very Scandinavian. Seen them a lot in Norway. I guess if you go for the Scandi look then it fits, if not then no. I had a Jøtul F373 in my house in Norway. Cracking Stove. For a 5kw you fed it what seemed like three times a night but had to lounge around in your pants.
  7. trigger_andy

    Saw size for milling

    If he's considering milling, surely it's too good for fire wood and probably worth a good bit more if milled Of course. But the way I read it he's considering having it milled, so recognizes its too good for firewood but other factors are maybe prohibitive. Time, financial return, no need for the Milled product or maybe not having any Milling equipment? Im sure he'll be along soon enough to clarify.
  8. trigger_andy

    Saw size for milling

    What other use would you have for them? Firewood?
  9. trigger_andy

    Saw size for milling

    No use for them yet. Maybe you will in a couple of years and by then they will be seasoned. Or you could flog them.
  10. trigger_andy

    Today's milling

    Cool, what wood was that? Beech and Sweet Chestnut?
  11. trigger_andy

    New Mill suggestions?

    We should chip in and ask Johnsond to to build us a trailer each.
  12. trigger_andy

    New Mill suggestions?

    Ooooooh, which model?
  13. trigger_andy

    Today's milling

    Awesome! Would love something like that. How much would I expect to pay for something similar?
  14. trigger_andy

    Long Oak Log

    A friend of mine is selling this Log just outside of Forfar. https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-building-materials/oak-log-suitable-for-milling/1334813195 Its really clean and over 10 meters long. Is there much of a market for it in the length it is now? If it does not sell I'll most likely buy it but maybe not for what he's hoping to make, haha. The rest of his Oak I'll be milling but he thought this might be good for someone needing some structural Oak?
  15. trigger_andy

    Stihl 090 or other big saw for milling

    Seems really cheap. God luck.


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