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  1. WANTED: Beech, Ash or Silver Birch 'Bars'

    What are you using the timber for?
  2. Real World Processor Output

  3. Real World Processor Output

    4.8 /hr or 2.2 probably on your own then Ash. Is that splitting into IBC's? Now I've changed the blade I can get that myself, but someone else it drops to less than 2 per hour. Of course this does not account for the oversize that has to be ringed up, moved then split. When you try an 8 hour working day with 2 people were pushed to get more than average 24 when you factor in the re-split and housekeeping. A lot of hardwood is down to 4" dia. and also lots is bent.
  4. TCD's your man for this J, especially as he is well versed in the firewood element.
  5. TCD came to help me on today’s job!

    Are you up there harvesting with TCD?
  6. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    Are they grown and produced in the UK?
  7. Customer database - Recommendations ?

    Nah - I leave that to the townies to worry about - we have our own regulations in the South.
  8. Customer database - Recommendations ?

    Spot on Mark - i'll take a look.
  9. End of day maintenance

    If you feel like doing that at the end of the day you're not working hard enough.
  10. Customer database - Recommendations ?

    It would be really usefull to have a customer database with a Search facility to store customer's details. There are some free ones around but i'm not sure how good they are. Can anyone recommend a suitable package - Free or otherwise?
  11. Ways into surveying.

    As has been said - the training is fantastic - doing the surveying and processing the data is boring.
  12. Tipper conversions Cumbria

    I was thinking 5K with the vat, so not far out. Hopefully VOSA wont know its full of chip - well overloaded !
  13. Log Load Prices??

    £120 if its a perfect consistent product. Disregard what others are charging. A proportion of people are generally happy to pay more for a quality product. Some say the price you can sell for is price driven. If you want all the customers there are, you need to be selling at the lowest local price. I prefer to have the top 1/3rd of the market and the sort of customers that attracts. There are fixed costs in producing Firewood and the margins are slim. For example : If you can sell for an additional £5, that could equate to a 20% increase in your margin.
  14. Tipper conversions Cumbria

    What ball park figure would you consider for a tipper conversion for a Ford Ranger?
  15. Any good alternatives to CW flamers?

    OK Ash - thanks for the honest reply. Snowing here !


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