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  1. arboriculturist

    Which Micro

    Fair comment, I have compared the specs. for 1.5 v 2.7 so didn't realise the 2.7 was 3x digging force. I think the original poster needs compactness though. We have always transported our steel tracked 1.5t on transits and Ivecos same as our 1.2 Yanmar tracked dumper, loaded on the ramps.
  2. arboriculturist

    Which Micro

    Having used micro's they seem a large investment for what is essentially a toy ex. Tiny reach, bucket capacity, power etc. but maybe ok if you a full time landscaper. They are similar money to a 1.5 t, which is a far more versatile machine with a ripper tooth, grip tallon and other attachments. Horses for courses I suppose. Hire in for the rare occasion the access wont allow for a 1.5t.
  3. arboriculturist

    house renovation forum

    If this is a house for life, as far as anyone can ever foresee, get the basics right. Sagging undersized floor / ceiling joists leading to sagging upstairs studwork and door linings etc. is not a structural issue you want to re-visit later down the line. If they are questionable have it all out and upgrade the ceiling joists at the same time so you can convert the roofspace at a later date, even better get the roof stairs in now. Stairbox will make you any flight of stairs for about 25% of the cost of top notch joiner made stairs and for the money they are unbeatable. As I said if you plan to stay get as close to a 'passive' level of insulation that you can. Yes that is around 500mm Celotex at rafter level and insulation below ground floor slab also. Buy the insulation from the following link, I have used loads of times and sheets are like new. https://www.secondsandco.co.uk/ Rafters can be ventilated so don't panic about that. Energy is a major annual expense and is only going to cost more over time. The above will be costly but it will never cost less than today and you will look back in the future and be able to think that you acted wisely rather than having any regrets. Good luck 🙂
  4. arboriculturist

    Painting Aluminium panels before signwriting

    You can avoid toxic 2K etch primer and use a single pack 1K etch primer from these people. They have great customer service and answer the phone personally right away. Give them a ring tell them what you wish to do. Good luck. 0121 558 6191 https://www.jawel.co.uk/
  5. arboriculturist


  6. arboriculturist

    Anyone got a coil for a 288xp?

    Test it with a multimeter - its a quick easy task 😃
  7. arboriculturist


    Do you have the 3rd UK 480P Nick?
  8. arboriculturist


    The MF 35X tractor is positive earth, although Tajfun said a fuse would blow the same as if you crossed polarities when connecting by mistake. Changed tractor polarity now. Attempted to diagnose over the phone and exhausted all avenues. Kilworth have a new motherboard coming from Slovenia early next week and Henry is travelling down to install. 450 mile round trip! Round of applause for Kilworth. 🤚 As I have only the 3rd 480P in the UK this is the first issue of this kind they have seen. GDH has one and I'm not sure who has the 3rd?
  9. arboriculturist


    I would agree 100% - Henry in the workshop said I could have rung him yesterday on a Bank Holiday !
  10. arboriculturist


    Give them there due, Kilworth phoned 1st thing today. It could be down to the MF 35X having a positive earth - just got home checking this out by running a 12v feed off a different tractor, i'll report back possibly for the benefit of others who wish to use the same tractor.
  11. arboriculturist


    Here's an even stranger issue. Connected up the 480P for the very 1st time today as delivered by Kilworth. Checked there is 12volts from battery. Press and hold green button d - display lights then goes out as soon as you release button. Tried this multiple times. 1 time and hour glass egg timer symbol lit up in top l/hand corner of display. Alarmingly at one time when I had engaged PTO tractor lever and was raising the tractor clutch - the Log conveyor started to extend by itself while still folded up !!! Lucky it did not wreck the conveyor. Read the manual multiple times and still it will not operate. We were planning a lot of processing over the Bank holiday weekend and Monday. Emailed Kilworth but no expecting a reply before Tuesday of course. I think I have exhausted my current knowledge. Electronics issue probable for solenoid to self function and the conveyor to start to extend on its own. Any suggestions appreciated?
  12. arboriculturist

    New to milling

    That's sound advice. Rob D - Chainsawbars said a similar thing - sell to a wholesaler.
  13. arboriculturist

    New to milling

    Everyone appreciates the complete process chainsaw milling from the felled stick to stickered, covered milled timber back at your base is hard work and time consuming. From what I hear - nationally there is a mass of milled products stickered and covered, which the producer is unable sell. We process a lot of timber up to 500mm, which could easily be milled to add value but have held off buying a Panther Mill due to the uncertainty of demand for milled timber. Perhaps there are routes to a market that I am unaware of? Is this actually the case that there is a very limited market for air dryed slabwood?
  14. arboriculturist

    An easy one

    That's taking efficiency to a whole new level. I wish I could produce a video of that quality. I enjoyed watching it and you made everything look completely effortless, which of course it isn't. 😃
  15. arboriculturist

    What's this weed?

    Its Horse Parsley - Alexanders. It grows well in Devon & Cornwall and pretty well all parts of it are edible if you find yourself short of veg.


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