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  1. arboriculturist

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    Has the RHI gone completely now on new installations now do you know G ?
  2. arboriculturist


    After testing the 161 at the APF with the 200 battery and found it to be 40% faster cutting than the 160, have any of you bought one and if so which batteries did you go for. The guy Stihl had at the APF was a full on tree surgeon and he said he found the 300 battery too heavy and wasn't worth the extra weight for a longer run time.
  3. arboriculturist

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    I think 5 high with a telehandler would be murder trying to line up at that distance. With our forklift with side shift we lift 2 together so you only have to see top of crate 3 when stacking 5 high - needs a bit of practice though. It's all about maximising floor space.
  4. arboriculturist

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    Had some empty and some full 4 high on hardcore for about 2 months in the storms as well. Holding up well. Planned to stack 5 high on level concrete within a building and just wondered how others faired?
  5. arboriculturist

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    Ash - you say you stack on 3 high, but I cannot recall if you have them on level concrete surface. We stack them 4 high on hardcore and I was wondering if anyone stacks 5 high on flat concrete?
  6. arboriculturist

    Any bright ideas?

    I agree, don't try re-inventing the wheel! I would favour 1 - process small 5ft max and throw shift. I man throws his own batch from tree to chipper so route is clear for next man to follow and 1st man is gone before 2nd man, 3rd man etc. starts throwing. Done this for years and there are far worst methods. Good luck.
  7. arboriculturist

    Looking for Cordwood

    So 25 tonnes next year and 1000 tonnes the year after. It would be interesting to hear what you plan to do with 1000 tonnes of Hardwood.
  8. arboriculturist

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    That's a fortunate scenario and an advantage of having plenty of level space, whereas I have plenty of sloping space which doesn't fit with stacking up IBC's.
  9. arboriculturist

    Box rotator wanted

    If you buy one of these used be aware that the central bearing can be worn and replacement bearing can cost up to £750 and not an easy replacement task. Also I have know for water to ingress into the gearbox when kept outside. Good luck.
  10. arboriculturist

    Thinking of investing in ibcs

    With just cutting hats how do you keep the rain from soaking the sides of the IBC's.
  11. arboriculturist

    New Tip Site Directory Now Live!

    Point taken. I think as Arbtalk is promoting sites, people should be aware of the legislation - none of us like skeletons in the cupboard that may appear later to haunt us 😅
  12. arboriculturist

    New Tip Site Directory Now Live!

    Being the devil's advocate - should we not all be checking that the site we tip on has EA exemption for what we proposed tipping in place ?
  13. arboriculturist

    Kiln dried load

    It's extremely encouraging to hear so many thinking about what sort of planet we are going to leave for our children and our children's children in future years. When you read those cut and paste editorials from the woodburner installers about how great kiln dried is and don't burn anything else because it is inferior, it gets the blood boiling. If they just told the 100% truth that's acceptable. There was an individually selling imported bulk loads, but he soon fell by the wayside when customers trying to save on kiln dried switched to our air dried and have never looked back. Kiln dried Firewood 👎
  14. arboriculturist

    Vat business split

    You can if you wish - however it's just not worth it as to comply: No 'artificial' separation allowed. Partnership required for one of the businesses. Separate bank account. Separate set of accounts. Separate advertising etc. Cannot use the same equipment for both both businesses unless you Invoice 1 business for say use of vehicle e.g. 1 day hire inc. fuel. £ 90. Etc Etc


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