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  1. arboriculturist

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    Having had Makita 18v cordless drill for 9 years and battery still going strong, we bought another, same model used off ebay for £25. So now have 2 batteries and a charger. I would not hesitate to buy the bare DUC 353 and the bare DUC 254z and use the cordless drill batteries. The genuine batteries are available 5 amp for around £47.95 for 2 ! The 353 would be invaluable by the firewood processors.
  2. arboriculturist

    Looking for a decent cordless chainsaw

    This is a different model - 1 battery and soon runs down. The Makita to buy without doubt is the twin 18v battery (wired in series to give 36v) - DUC 353
  3. arboriculturist

    Trailer mounted chipper

    This is like trying to re-invent the wheel. There is a reason nobody in the UK does this. Drop the idea. Innovation v stupidity and it is important to know when to walk away. Sorry to be negative.
  4. arboriculturist

    Landrover 110 pickup load space m3 ?

    😃 Much appreciated
  5. arboriculturist

    Landrover 110 pickup load space m3 ?

    Thanks - So possibly it would hold 1.25m3 of cut rings if stacked neatly ?
  6. arboriculturist

    Landrover 110 pickup load space m3 ?

    Having looked everywhere online I cannot find the loadspace in m3 for a standard Landrover 110 pickup. I need to ascertain what average m3 of crosscut rings it will carry when stacked neatly to give a load level with the top of sides and tailgate taking into consideration the wheel arches. Thanks for any replies.
  7. arboriculturist

    Forestry excavator with winch

    I'd buy a 7.5t with Engcon attachment to start. Demolition grabs lo-cost but for speed and control of handling and stacking timber Engcon take some beating and nothing touches them for groundworks. That gives you the versatility to do everything Forestry related and all future works at your new home and won't be expensive to move about as 6 wheeler or tractor/trailer rigs can move it. Anything larger is overkill for your situation. The idea of eventually fitting a winch is 100% spot on for Devon topography. Those who haven't worked worked in this region may not appreciate your need for the above setup. 🙂
  8. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    5 years use from that sheeting is a pleasant surprise. Surely with the system you have in place air drying you are approaching putting the forced drying on a back burner. Perhaps just crate them up for the final 2-3 months. What are your views on this strategy? 😏
  9. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    The first one we bought is on the left stack. It's 2 years old and doesn't look a day older than the newest that arrived last week. I'm expecting 5 years at least from them. " Do you mean it will take 5 years to get the MC down to your required level? Given the ongoing rise in timber prices I am looking at forward planning to try to negate this where possible and increasing our stack drying seems a way forward. We pay around £25 for IBC's delivered, so another 500 of these equates to 12.5 K. This is when stack drying starts to look more and more attractive. Thanks for all your advice, much appreciated.
  10. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    I can get approx 250t on the left and 150t on the right. The right is currently chip wood for the boiler but we have got 100t+ of new storage area courtesy of the neighbour directly opposite our entrance so I'm hoping for an extra 100t of hardwood this year. That's a 25K investment although I expect once you have built up to that level of stock held it gets forgotten about providing you keep stock held at that level. Drying in this manner is certainly to be applauded and can be sustained for the long term. How long do your breathable covers last and what width do you generally buy?
  11. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    Wow, that's uncanny. I would have thought my 12" gap under the stacks would be perfect. I know some do cross bearers also, then I could have 2ft gap under the stack. I could also screen out some stone so just hardcore under stacks. A bit to think about then. 😏
  12. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    That interesting - I use large bearers, and orientate to take account of wind direction. A good sheeting job is essential. The larger diameters will always be a challenge and 1 season will never be enough of course. Others have found more like 4 for around 350mm - 450 dependant on species. If you have the capital it's a good investment as it reduces the heavy investment on IBCs.
  13. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    If you don't mind me asking how many tonnes do you buy each year ? what I can see in the photo is several hundred tonnes alone! I think I will go with your covering based on how you have found it. How many seasons could it last if we take care with it?
  14. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    25 - 30% in 6 months is amazing to hear, the wind must be really blowing through the stacks to get down to that level. Is that the average MC or tested in end grain or side of roundwood?
  15. arboriculturist

    Drying Roundwood stacks before processing

    It certainly looks like a nicer product to handle rather than plastic. What timescale do you dry for and do you know the average drop in MC over a set time?


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