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  1. STOVES ONLINE SELL THE STIHL METER Our meter measures on a "dry basis", whereas test laboratories test on a "wet basis". What does that mean for you? Well the 20% moisture that the government is due to legislate for as the maximum will show on this (and many other firewood moisture meters) as 25%. So look out for 25% moisture on this meter, not 20%. As I have previous mentioned, most companies selling these meters have never even heard of Wet Basis and many of them are completely delusional as what they are actually selling. Some actually really believe that their meters will measure on a wet basis when clearly they do not as you have just illustrated. I highly recommend anyone who is still in doubt to make the effort to speak to a manufacturer of Laboratory testing equipment and they will explain why knowone makes hand held pin meters that measure on a wet basis. That is what I did.
  2. Veering off topic but interesting to many : Perhaps the man I spoke to at Valiant is misinformed, but I think this is highly unlikely as I I have been told by one of the largest supplied of testing instrumentation in the UK, that hand held moisture meters are only available that measure on a dry basis because there is no demand for anything else. If you have other information please let me know as I have spent a lot of time discussing this topic with manufacturers, also been looking for 18 months and the only instruments I could find were laboratory bench testing machines. Protimeter, possible the largest manufacturer of pin meters do not even make anything. In summary, if you buy a pin type moisture meter, it will measure on a Dry Basis.
  3. So just under 20% in the middle Wet Basis then - Ready to burn !
  4. So I am assuming both power heads have to run at matching revs?
  5. 7ft - Christ !!! I have the 42" now and cant make up my mind now wether I should stretch to 72" or some other length as a happy medium?
  6. May have got some big butts coming my way. Has anyone run 2 x MS 660 power heads, what size lo pro bar will they cope with ? Any tips using 2 powerheads would be much appreciated as I have never tried dual saws.
  7. L&S Engineers - Just sign up - takes a minute and access follows to all diagrams for all Stihl and Husky.
  8. Your post fills me with confidence that I am on the right track. So I'll get on the phone and come up with a verdict. Thanks
  9. That's interesting information. I have only lo Pro on a Ported 660 so would need to be cautious. A fair few of the trees I can source we remove ourselves and being able to do that with the knowledge that we can pretty much avoid all metal in a tree would be a massive game changer. That is why I think investing quality equipment to find the metal would be a massive game changer.
  10. Correct me if I am wrong, but any Metal Detector used for detecting metal in timber needs to be designed for locating metal within a water saturated medium as growing trees can be circa. 50% water. Maybe my best bet would be to phone a few dedicated retailers up to get a feel for what is best, as I really wish to end up with the perfect tool for the job.
  11. Just this morning I watched a review on the exact same - This Garrett was rated the best tried to date. Thanks
  12. Ah, that's what my bit of research came up with also, so thanks for the feedback I have been looking at a C-Scope 4PI, as with most things it appears that you get what you pay for and the reviews are excellent. They seem to make very good money used so I think I may well go with new, unless someone posts something better suited. I know they are great in wet sand as you say so similar to living trees.


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