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  1. arboriculturist

    Road side larch Devon

    Is there any chip spec. timber? If so is the access good for 8 wheeler and drag? When will you have timber roadside? Thanks
  2. arboriculturist

    How long will douglas fir posts last untreated?

    Sweet Chestnut will last longer than either of us will live! Second best would be Oak then Larch in 3rd place. I have had the old Tanalised Douglas and some barely made 15 years depending on density of the stakes.
  3. arboriculturist


    It not hard importing from the States - easiest way is arrange for someone you know who travels to and fro to bring the item over. Have it delivered direct to their address over there. I have done this previously successfully. FedEx and tax makes forwarding into the UK expensive.
  4. arboriculturist

    Summer crown reduction - yew trees

    You may be aware that trees have 'shade leaves' and these are far more susceptible to sun scorch than other foliage. Also the normally shaded bark will be adversely affected if this summer prevails. Sound advice from the TO - leave it until end September. 👍
  5. arboriculturist

    Considering increasing our Firewood prices

    A £5 increase seems to have little effect on customer orders - if you were to hold off on price rises then increase by 10 or £15 I think you would take a hit. Maybe new customers tend to look for the lower price suppliers, but if you are supplying a higher quality product then people seem to be prepared to pay a little more especially if they are an existing customer who knows your product.
  6. arboriculturist

    Considering increasing our Firewood prices

    I think what people are tending to do is not heating the whole house with their oil fired heating system, especially in the less severe cold weather. They are just using the woodburner and that does give them a saving.
  7. That's sound advise. I talked to one of your staff in the week and he said much the same. I like the idea of the lo pro bar and chain and its lo cost also! I'll be ordering when I see some time coming available.
  8. arboriculturist

    Roundwood availability in the S. West

    All the largest national harvesting companies still seem to have a backlog of orders they were unable to fill when the months of wet weather were with us. They were unable to extract the timber from sites or get lorries in to load out.
  9. Due to the dramatic rise in the cost of fuel is anyone else planning to raise their Firewood prices this Autumn? An increase in overheads can be absorbed - but there's a limit ! In addition heating oil has shot up in price as well as electricity and many customers say they are mainly relying on just their woodburner for heating
  10. arboriculturist

    Roundwood availability in the S. West

    Have you been experiencing an 'availability' shortage of Hardwood / Softwood roundwood in the South West after the prolonged wet weather? Anyone know of any independent cutters in Devon and Cornwall who may have timber available roadside? Any posts much appreciated.
  11. Their package sounds ideal then - as comes with lo-pro bar and chain, Thanks
  12. Agreed - Panther 42 looks like the best option by far - however comes with different bar and chain than you suggested.
  13. arboriculturist

    Help please....

    The spec. plate on the chassis gives bare trailer weight and 1 3/4m3 processed hardwood 10" weighs 1 tonne approx. So go and measure the trailer capacity dimensions and do the maths.
  14. Looking to buy a mill to suit my Stihl 660. Already have 30 and 36" Stihl bar with the saw. I would welcome any advice on which is the very best mill to buy, which attachments and what chain is best. Not forgetting where to buy. Thanks in anticipation.
  15. We all need to be thinking ZERO WASTE and doing something about it ! Processor screener arisings and used envelopes or paper/cardboard food packaging.


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