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  1. The best aluminium bodies have welded junctions - have yours welded junctions?
  2. Steam clean on max temperature - max steam, min water settings - kills the bacteria
  3. As you mentioned - not easy to find. If you ever get time to locate, scan and post there will be a lot of gratefull people on here for sure 😀
  4. Great value at twice the price ! - always 😂
  5. SENT - How many Forums can you go on and the Owner of the Forum offers to help out for free - Champion !
  6. That's generous - I shall locate something suitable.
  7. Sound advice there thanks - what spec Mac and which dual document monitor would you advise?
  8. Well, I certainly did not expect such speedy informative replies from people who clearly are well informed and 100% know exactly what they are talking about - so thanks for those spot on replies. Wether going for the top end spec. i9 is perhaps open to discussion. I do like the idea of having a large desk based monitor in the office to visit, plug in when needed and work. The laptop pretty much stays with me, so a separate monitor for those tasks needing space and clarity, makes a Laptop so much more versatile. The boy has got dual full size monitors in his bedroom, but as you can imaging they do not relate to anything approaching work!
  9. Good point, just thinking about a future proof device. Having spent a lifetime waiting and waiting and waiting for every single laptop I have ever had to do what I want immediately, an i9 processor was the obvious choice. Mmm maybe a large monitor at a desk, that will display 2 x A4 pages side by side by side would be a good addition, that I could just take the laptop to and connect up as and when required would be great, Still having the portability of a Laptop. Thanks.
  10. Those comments are encouraging. A major concern was will all the spreadsheets, templates etc. etc. I have spent literally 100's of hours designing, import onto a Mac ?
  11. After years of using Windows based Laptops and despite Macs being circa. 3 times the price - I have decided to bit the bullet and change to a Mac. Going for a 16" i9 for about 2K. The main issue I understand I will encounter, is the transition from the Windows platform to the Apple based one. Everything I do at present is using MS Word and Excel and I use Word for designing adverts etc. and have really got to grips with how versatile it is. Being able to program Autocorrect using acronyms is a godsend. Also the ability to program cells in Excel was a game changer. I have a feeling this is going to be a major learning curve to attain the level of understanding I have built up over the year using MS and windows. Has anyone here on here made the change and if so how did you fair? I know Steve B. is a great fan, but perhaps he started on a Mac. Any feedback would be great.
  12. Just need an alternative to plastic - not an easy task.
  13. 100 % agree. I used to use the multi angle Oregon sharpener, which to be honest was good, then tried the offerings from Husky, Stihl and other oregon ideas. For the last how many years I have done everything freehand and replace chains when as above 1-2 cutters break off. File rakers when chips start to look small - that's it. Wear a glove on left hand, tighten chain, chalk 1st cutter and tap cutters with back of file when I finish to shear the burr - an old cutter showed me that tip years ago. Adjust chain tension. Lots of practice and I would argue all you need is the correct size round file, if you have spent your life working practically - talking professionals here of course.


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