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  1. Con

    Non paying customer

    I wouldn't consider the acid option in this climate, baring in mind what some people do with it. If caught with it police and authorities would take a dim view.
  2. Con

    Non paying customer

    Dont know if anyone saw the lad in liverpool a few months ago demolishing a travel lodge. He was owed his wages. I think it was £600. He probably felt the same as a lot of us have done at some point. Think he got a suspended sentence. (And lost his job, obvs). A whip round on social media raised 10x his wage tho in a week. That show's the sympathy and just how many people have been messed around like this
  3. Con

    Saw milling directory

    Good idea
  4. Con


    Merseyside.  I've had a good look at mine today.  There was a wire which had come loose and the leak was just a hose coupling. The hydraulic oil was low. I've cleaned up all the connections and replaced the solenoid. Fingers crossed,  I'm going to put it back on tomorrow. I might have knackered the pump tho running it dry. So I may be in touch.  Thanks for the offer

  5. I think I need a new hydraulic motor for my tipper. I have taken the old one off. (See pic). The solenoid has defo gone, I think the motor needs a recon, it's leaking from somewhere. I have found a new flowfit one for £165.00 (I thought a good price) I can't see anyone reconditioning that for much less. The tipper is single action. The new flowfit one has a 4.5 litre reservoir. I think mine is 6 litre. Do people think 4.5 litre is enough? Thanks in advance for any advice
  6. Con

    Non paying customer

    There are ways to deal with people like these, some legal, some not, I suppose that depends on what type of person you are dealing with. All scum. Unfortunately, we have all had a customer like this. It's easy for me to say,(1000 Is a lot of wonga) but don't stress yourself out. He is probably trying it on. Even if he's playing hardball, there's ways of dealing with it. Interesting that you said he's quite wealthy, isn't that always the way. Good luck with it. Let us know how you get on, and when it's resolved put his name out
  7. Con

    Toyota Rav 4?

    I got one as a hire vehicle in USA about 15 yrs ago. Crashed it! Then got a landcruiser which I liked better. None of this is helpful really! It came off better than the American car I crashed into!
  8. Con

    Ram motor removal

    Thanks. I'm not going to attempt to reconditioning it myself. I was wondering if I had to disconnect the pipework before lifting the bed. It's single action, so only one pipe
  9. Con

    Ram motor removal

    Hi What is the best way to remove the motor for my ram for reconditioning . Can I disconnect the ram from the bed, then lift the bed by some other means to get access?
  10. Con

    Training to do LOLER assessments

    I always use an independent company to inspect my equipment. But if you are qualified, can you sign off your own gear? Might take a course myself if you can
  11. Con

    Car battery courier

    Trying to. Reading their return policy it states that the customer must pay for returns, but doesn't say if they arrange collection. Not the easiest co. to deal with they sent the wrong battery so I suppose that says it all
  12. Con

    Car battery courier

    Does anyone know a national parcel courier that will take car batteries. Bit of a strange one. Had a battery delivered (by yodel) It's the wrong size. Tried to send it back with yodel. They say they don't take batteries as do all the other couriers I've tried😡
  13. Con

    New Business Minimum Requirements

    I'd also echo what Ian said. Loads of people at it. I'm probably charging less than 10 yrs ago.
  14. Con

    New Business Minimum Requirements

    Employers liability is a legal requirement in U.K. (maybe not Ireland). NPTC relevant qualifications are strongly recommended. You won't get insurance with a lot of companies without them. Public liability insurance is also good practice. I'd say that's the bare minimum for domestic work. If you're looking for commercial contracts you won't get them with 'the bare minimum!'
  15. Con

    Ms362c being a right pita

    Can't help, but my 362 does exactly the same. I always thought it was because I use it a lot less than any other saws. Been trying to use it more, but no improvement


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