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  1. Con

    Ex-Fleet vans

    Most go through the auctions initially. Nearly all car auctions have a commercial auction monthly
  2. You're not restricting a fuel line when putting the air filter covers back on?
  3. You must have the same technique as me. Knuckle, index finger?
  4. Everyone knows someone that's had a close call/near miss with a chainsaw, surely? So just tick 100% for that box
  5. You might be right. I've got some, somewhere. Can't find it 1050 is in my head, but I can't remember if it was Celsius
  6. Yeah. Seems fair. We do lots of little £200 take downs, that don't take much more than an hour. When it comes to emergency work. The cost of the actual tree work pales into insignificance compared to damage repairs, road closures effect on the economy
  7. The little rats put their own chains on your bike now. So you come back to your bike and can't take it. Then when things are quiet, they come back and do the business
  8. Buying in bulk might not be simple for everyone. The extra storage space, security issues etc
  9. Ringing the log to size, maintenance of chainsaw?
  10. I agree. Go for it, then. Still parts available. Just keep a check on how much it's costing you. I'd even say, use pattern parts for some bits. If it's a wrongun, I might be interested. I've got one sat there with a crack in the casing around the oil tank. Otherwise, a good saw
  11. Ms 200 t was a great saw. They stopped making them quite a few years ago now. I think you'll be lucky to find one in good condition. A lot of arborists (myself included) kept hold of them and ran them into the ground. I loved mine. You're probably being offered something like this. They are not a home owners saw, and will have been used and used....
  12. Too good. I'll have it in my dining room, when you've finished with it😂


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