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  1. I think it all hinges on whether you can get the right people. I've had some cracking fellas work for me (when you're there). Go and take some chip to tip off and nothing seems to get done 🤔 Be interesting to see how it goes.
  2. What was the modification? A locking pin?
  3. More importantly, get the correct torque setting
  4. I thought you meant the 'opening the bottle' bit!
  5. Bet you wish you never visited this site now😆
  6. That's what I said, in a different way
  7. Those that do milling regularly will probably have a good idea of its worth by looking at it. But until it's milled, it's always a bit of a gamble. Not all tree surgeons mill, and some people only mill. So if you get hold of someone, explain what you want to do, and take it from there
  8. All I am seeing is a lot of heavy wood, and a good days work for 3, including dealing with the waste. But I don't mill. That may offset it a bit, but it doesn't mill itself. There's another days graft, I would imagine
  9. If you want to sell the wood you need to process it first, or get someone to do it for you. It will cost you more than the wood is worth, if you get someone in, unless it's of exceptional value.. Without pictures and more information, your location, the trees location, we are all in the dark. Don't think, because you've mentioned the word 'oak' everybodies eyes are going to light up
  10. Thanks. Got to admit, I don't flush the tanks regularly. I will try it. I got the 'extra tacky' stuff, like I say, found it great in warm weather. Out of interest, what do you use as a flush?
  11. I got some stuff last year 'gator'. It was great in the summer months, but I noticed, when the weather got cold it wasn't getting through. I should've suspected something, when it was taking several minutes to fill a top handle! Anyway, I'll go back to it in the summer. I've tried all sorts though, including 2 stroke mix when I was half asleep one morning
  12. I think it's a very good question, and there should be a definitive answer to it, but there isn't. It would be good for all, if there was. There's not many skilled, even semi skilled trades, where customers can't easily identify whether the trades person is qualified to undertake the work. I would say its sensible to get the tickets relevant to the work you do, but that's not an answer to your question. I have never displayed 'fully qualifed' on any of my trucks partly for this reason. I don't know what fully qualified is, and if challenged, either legally, or just by a customer on the doorstep, i would struggle to give the correct info. I haven't got every single cs module, not many have.
  13. Brilliant. Did you see the fella with a line conifers. He posted a photo saying help yourself. Pick one, first to come gets the best ones (you have to take them down yourself)😂
  14. Do what the customer wants... Or, if you don't agree, walk away. Someone else will probably so the job anyway. But I've given up trying to educate the public a long time ago. Christ, we even argue amongst ourselves about what is right, throw a member of the public in the mix and it's chaos!
  15. Put a hi viz on yourself, no one asks anything then. A gang robbed all the York stone outside the town hall, no one questioned it. Also got a mate got into a champions league quarter final with a hi viz with steward written on the back


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