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  1. Apart from everything everyone else has said, I'm looking for some positives, at least you didn't have to work for them. Probably not the best people to work for. Did you speak to the tree surgeons who did the job? Take it they gave a cheaper quote?
  2. I would like to bet that most of the accidents (Not all) are happening to people who are not adhering to what is already in place. I know plenty of people who are safe and competent working off one line. I also know people you could give 3 lines to, and still couldn't be trusted. Training is the way forward
  3. I hope I haven't upset the wee chipper club here 😁 I was actually very impressed with the chipper, a Jansen. What I found was, on the days when I would use it, I would still take the big chipper for the other jobs that day. Yes. It just didn't suit
  4. Well, I think I was putting the branches in the right end. It was the loading it on a trailer, taking 2 vehicles to the job, extra time and expense that wasn't worth it
  5. I bought one thinking it would be useful occasionally. Wasn't getting used at all. Sold it, less than a year after buying it. Even on the jobs where the chip was staying, I found it easier to drag out, chip, and barrow back in
  6. Con

    Changing tyres

    I'm coming round to that. I'd like to have a go, just for the experience, but at the same time, I don't want to damage a £50 tyre
  7. Con

    Changing tyres

    Well, I'm having a beer now, thinking about it, so it might be a non starter! I will let you know the outcome.👍
  8. Con

    Changing tyres

    Chipper. 175 r13 tyre. All it is, I could do it tonight, as I've got the tyre, otherwise it's a bit of a round trip in the morning before I can get going. Thanks
  9. Hi Has anyone ever took a vehicle/trailer tyre off a rim and put one back on themselves? Using just basic equipment, pry bar/crow bar etc. Is it possible? Thanks in advance
  10. Isn't there a danger of the stem rolling along the cable if it's on the inside?
  11. Yeah. Full body, just in case you go upside down!!
  12. You'll get 12 months out of standard exterior ply. I would get minimum 12mm. 15-18mm if you can afford it. Buffalo boards are more expensive, but will last longer. Making a box isn't cheap, but a well made one will last the life of the van, and could be worth doing, in the long run
  13. I agree with you, but strange isn't it. In most trades, building for example, customers want the job doing as quick as possible, but they think they're being ripped off if we are more efficient than they expected. Has anyone ever gone to quote a job and the customer has said 'forget it, I'll get my husband to do it's. Its this attitude of 'if I had the time, I'd do it myself. Go on then!! 1500-1600. By the way. No special equipment apart from the chipper. 3 people, 2 days, all muck in, after it's down
  14. Con

    Buying a new saw

    I wouldn't recommend the ms 362. Never liked mine. Been temperamental from day one. Had a 441 before it. Much better.


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