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  1. when everyone, to a man disagrees with you, most people tend to take the hint.
  2. There was a thread on here 4-6 weeks ago offering a job opportunity in New Zealand. They were offering training and help with visa application etc. They said they have had UK climbers. See if you can find it. Presume it will be be in job opportunity forum. Good luck
  3. Con


    It was reference to baddiel and skinner, 1996 which was also hosted in England. If you really want to suck the life out of it. 😁
  4. Con


    How long have us men been banging on about bringing it home. As usual, the women said ' ffs, I'll get it myself!'
  5. Con


    The winner was a scrappy one inside the 6 yrd box? And yeah, great chip. I'd have put it in row Z
  6. Up until 3 weeks ago, and probably for the last 35 yrs, I would've agreed with you. But then...... 3 weeks ago! Had a customer, wanted the hedge across the drive (running with the road) levelling from the lowest point. They then wanted the hedge running from the house to the road reduced, to a specified height. I said ok, but the 2 hedge heights won't be the same. Had a job trying to explain to them why. They ended up saying 'just do your best, I'm sure it will be fine'. I did what they asked, it looked good, bur they weren't happy, because the hedge across the drive was lower. Offered to reduce the other hedge further (lower than they asked for originally) they didn't want that either. Ended up saying to them. Don't pay me, you're not happy, but don't ever invite me to work for you again. Had it been a bigger job, not sure what I would've done.
  7. I'm doing the same work I was doing 30 years ago. So I'm not sure what that says about me. I'm actually considering regressing at the moment
  8. It seems to me, there's no hard and fast rules. It should be down a mass brawl at the base of the tree.
  9. Funny thread. I've found myself agreeing with everyone, despite the very different points of view. To address the question, madstock, I suppose you have to ask yourself, are you happy with your costing. And I often reflect, and ask myself, would I do the same job again for that price. Maybe put a bit aside for some ppe., though. I don't like telling other people what they should be doing, but, if you are doing similar work regularly, it would be to your benefit 👍
  10. Con


    I was about 26 yrs old before I realised you got mots in a garage. I used to go to the old fella in the corner of the pub, give him a tenner, mileage and vehicle reg, and he wrote it out infront of you!
  11. Con


    You're probably right eggs. I don't seem to be able to do the bartering thing. I'm the same when pricing jobs. I give my price, and when I get the slightest whiff of them trying to haggle, I'm in the truck and away
  12. Con


    Same. Hate buying and selling anything. Had to sell my caravan recently. Advertised at 6000. Got an offer of 5500. I think I was supposed to say 5750, but I just said 'OK, thanks'


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