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  1. Con

    Big Saw Small Money

    I like it. Would someone else like to waste their money on this, and then tell me it's shit. 😁
  2. I've always done maintenance/servicing on my chippers, but for some reason, I always used to put the van in. I do both now, if it's beyond my abilities I have a mechanic friend and we do it together. The turning point came when a garage put a new battery on, when all that it needed was connections cleaning. I know this because they reluctantly gave me the old battery, and i charged it and tested it. I suppose, from their point of view, what could they charge for cleaning a terminal. Thing is if they charged nothing, they might still have my business
  3. Hi. Looking at a 2005 transit tipper. Any common faults etc. that i should pay particular attention to? Thanks

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    Mitsubishi L200 4x4 Tipper Approaching 200,000 km (125,000 miles aprox) MOT Oct 2020 Converted to a tipper 4 years ago. Prior to that, it was a leisure vehicle, so only been worked for a couple of years. Exterior and interior decent for age. Few scratches, but no dents in bodywork. No rips in seats ( even drivers seat ok. See pic). Seats always been covered. Suspension was uprated when converted. 4x mud terrain tyres (good condition) spare is a road tyre (new) 4x4 engages and disengages no problem. Everything works. Slight belt screech when first started. I will try and get round to tightening it up. Selling with sides, if you want them, but NOT roof or ladders. Any questions or to view please ask,


    Wirral, MERSEYSIDE - GB

  5. He needs to invoice you. Then it's up to him whether he pays the tax
  6. I'll just turn it upside down. Voila!
  7. Thanks for the advice Mike. I might take up a string instrument, maybe the viola
  8. I've got by for years, tried numerous types, but haven't bought any for 5-6 yrs. Just wondering if there are any recent additions on the market favoured by left handers. Thanks
  9. Con

    Ms 362 idle problem

    Yes. What I meant is I've reset it using the instruction manual. Think gk has got it
  10. I have a ms362 (2011). Had it from new. Not a lot of use. It's always been a bit unreliable. Latest problem is getting it to idle correctly. It goes from the chain spinning, to stalling, with only the slightest adjustment of the idle screw. Done a factory reset. Running fine at high end. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. You've sort of answered your own question. Your private medical insurance doesn't cover accidents and emergencies, which is why you can't and shouldn't opt out of national insurance . Hope your mother is ok
  12. I'm not one to condone violence, but looking at the amount of people he's had off, I'm surprised he doesn't walk with a limp
  13. Fantastic. Well done. What wood is it? I appreciate electric saws are quieter, and I've never really considered the lower vibrations, but I can't stand the whining pitch the electric saws make.


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