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  1. Con

    Ms 362 idle problem

    Yes. What I meant is I've reset it using the instruction manual. Think gk has got it
  2. I have a ms362 (2011). Had it from new. Not a lot of use. It's always been a bit unreliable. Latest problem is getting it to idle correctly. It goes from the chain spinning, to stalling, with only the slightest adjustment of the idle screw. Done a factory reset. Running fine at high end. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. You've sort of answered your own question. Your private medical insurance doesn't cover accidents and emergencies, which is why you can't and shouldn't opt out of national insurance . Hope your mother is ok
  4. I'm not one to condone violence, but looking at the amount of people he's had off, I'm surprised he doesn't walk with a limp
  5. Fantastic. Well done. What wood is it? I appreciate electric saws are quieter, and I've never really considered the lower vibrations, but I can't stand the whining pitch the electric saws make.
  6. I had someone accuse me of ripping him off once. He asked for some free wood, I dropped off a few lengths of sycamore and he said I'd dumped my rubbish in his garden 😂
  7. Try them. They may offer you unprocessed wood, which you can pick up from their yard, for beer money. If you want dried processed wood, you are going to have to pay. A good deal of time and effort has gone in to get it to that stage
  8. I don't think he's trying to take advantage either, but you need to clarify with him what he will accept as a satisfactory outcome. Repair/replace or new roof. Looks like the old cement boards to me, which did contain low level asbestos, the newer ones don't, but are a different gauge. If he is happy for you to repair it, take a piece of the broken one to a local roofer. They are replacing this type of roof all the time. I'm sure they would be able to help. You might get lucky at your local industrial estate. There's a derelict unit near us, probably 60sq m of the stuff sitting there
  9. Con

    Anchor for winching

    Thanks everyone for the advice and concern. But don't panic! I've priced to dismantle, and that's what I'll be doing. It was just one of my brainwaves. I have them, from time to time
  10. Con

    Anchor for winching

    Ha ha. Don't be so sure 😂
  11. Con

    Anchor for winching

    I'll be climbing it. No video tho. That would a very tedious watch 😂
  12. Con

    Anchor for winching

    Thanks for all the input. I'm not offended by any of the comments, in fact I take the 'most stupid ever' comment as an acalade, especially when I think back to the 'vesp era'! Haironyourchest painted a better picture than I did. All the usable area is block paved, there's a bit of grass, but your under the tree virtually. I did consider lifting blocks and ground spikes. Bit of a faff tho. There's a detached garage. I don't like the idea of a rope around it tho. All the stresses are behind the winch operator, out of sight. Something could be happening unmoniterd. The wall bracket I thought about is right angled, and I considered putting it on corner of the garage. Don't worry, I'm not now! I do understand about tensile and compressive strength. I'm not trying to uproot a redwood. It's a holly, with a slight backward lean. 2 men on a pull rope can recover it. I was just trying to think of a more controlled method, in case they slip. Probably end up climbing it, and getting pricked and scratched to death!
  13. Has anybody ever attached an anchor plate to a customer's house, for the sole purpose of winching a tree? Is this a reasonable thing to do? Obviously with their permission. I would be removing it afterwards and plugging the drill holes.
  14. Apart from everything everyone else has said, I'm looking for some positives, at least you didn't have to work for them. Probably not the best people to work for. Did you speak to the tree surgeons who did the job? Take it they gave a cheaper quote?


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