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  1. Yeah. Full body, just in case you go upside down!!
  2. You'll get 12 months out of standard exterior ply. I would get minimum 12mm. 15-18mm if you can afford it. Buffalo boards are more expensive, but will last longer. Making a box isn't cheap, but a well made one will last the life of the van, and could be worth doing, in the long run
  3. I agree with you, but strange isn't it. In most trades, building for example, customers want the job doing as quick as possible, but they think they're being ripped off if we are more efficient than they expected. Has anyone ever gone to quote a job and the customer has said 'forget it, I'll get my husband to do it's. Its this attitude of 'if I had the time, I'd do it myself. Go on then!! 1500-1600. By the way. No special equipment apart from the chipper. 3 people, 2 days, all muck in, after it's down
  4. Con

    Buying a new saw

    I wouldn't recommend the ms 362. Never liked mine. Been temperamental from day one. Had a 441 before it. Much better.
  5. Sympathies, as I've just had some gear lifted, albeit only blower and hedgetrimmers. I was just wandering tho, what are people's thoughts on the police selling proceeds of crime etc in their auctions? And what can you do if you recognise something of yours in a lot? They don't seem to make much of an effort to find the rightful owners. Slight tangent, but my mate advertised a motorbike on eBay. Stupidly, said to the fella who won bid 'can you come Thursday? I'm on nights Wednesday ' Got home Thursday. Bike gone. Someone else contacted him, interested in the bike. He told them the story. Fella said, same happened to me, it's a gang from Birmingham, here's a name. My mate took the info to the police and they filed it in the bin. 🙄
  6. Con


    Stolen this afternoon. Stihl BG86 blower and Stihl HS81 Hedgetrimmers. From van West Kirby. My own fault really. Van was locked, but one of the windows slightly down. Blower has 3 distinctive slices/holes on top of orange casing. Don't expect to see them again, but just letting everyone know. Bit of a spate of incidents, Wirral/Merseyside area
  7. I always hang my saws and trimmers off pegs. Is this ok? Or should they be stored horizontally?
  8. Some people see it as a pita. To others it's an adventure. Got to admit Ukraine last year was awkward. Madrid is a lot easier. The hardest bit is paying for it
  9. The article from Paul also states . “Too often, people try to stretch the life of these things out exponentially and that’s when they have bad results.” Is there any evidence of this in stats? I know that this industry is not free from accidents, but is rope failure one of the main concerns?
  10. You'll get to meet some nice people tho
  11. Makes you mad! I was offered a saw once, while working. Pretty sure it was knock off. I just declined it, but I really wanted to quiz them. Probably wouldn't of ended well. I take it you're insured. Hope you get sorted. Be nice to get what is yours back. I will certainly let you know if anyone offers one of yours to me or anyone I know
  12. That's bad. There's a good chance someone on here will be offered one of your saws at some point. Have any of them got any identifying features?
  13. You say you think it's due to the small olive tree, does it actually identify that tree? Is there other trees in the vicinity they could be referring to?
  14. Just for people's info. I replaced my power pack with a flowfit 8 litre reservoir to be on the safe side. I think 4.5 litre would be plenty for a transit tipper. Loads left in tank at full extension. But the 8 litre was only a couple of quid extra


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