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  1. Had an enquiry for a beech tree to be milled in Rickmansworth, anyone interested in the job?
  2. It's got so wet on Saturday whilst milling Larch I had to make a slight alteration to keep the operator (me) dry!
  3. I've had an enquiry from a guy in Wokingham who has a stack of fallen trees that he wants milling. Ash, oak, yew (he thinks) some 1.3m in diameter, some images below that he's sent. As per normal if you're interested drop me a DM and I'll pass your details on.
  4. Last time I saw Sweet Chestnut trees that size was in the Wye valley near Bigsweir, there's a row of about a dozen beautiful trees, couldn't help thinking they'd be a bugger to mill!
  5. Sure was, knackered one blade when hit first find, turned the lump over to mill from other side with new blade 3 cuts down that blade found the other 3 nails. Still ended up with some cracking boards and have the remainder of the tree to do, there was a good 3" of growth covering the nails, don't know what they were holding but whatever it was they sure didn't want it to fall off with that number of nails used!
  6. Yesterday spent milling Walnut from a farmyard
  7. Thanks, this is the bottom section I'm chainsaw milling today, 10' long 30" diameter. Thinking of table tops so I'll be slapping at 2"
  8. I bought me a Yew yesterday so I started milling top sections of trunk today, bottom 10" tomorrow with chainsaw mill as to big to fit on bandsaw mill. Lovely bit of grain
  9. Not minted mate but like 95% of the UK population just uneducated when it comes to timber
  10. Yeah, I thought that. Looked at the price of walnut rifle stock the other day, think I might mill a 3" slab out of the middle of this and set it aside. Views and thoughts of this plan welcome.
  11. Infused ash means an extra £5 per cu/ft
  12. I decided to mill up this short (5') length of walnut the other day. Despite being felled some 2 years ago I was pleasantly surprised at what I found inside.
  13. Thanks for the info. Did you get that trailer certificated?
  14. I tend to use thinner stickers (5/8") for Oak to let it dry slower but thats just me. As for drying time I was always taught a year per inch of thickness plus a year. I've just unsticked and square edged some 1"& 2" Oak boards I've had drying for 5yrs, the boards are lovely and flat.


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