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  1. Forest2Furniture

    Collecting logs

    I used to use electric when loading the mill but now I use a hand winch, I find I've got better control and as the logs are being rolled on not pulled there's very little effort needed.
  2. Forest2Furniture

    Saw milling directory

    I wouldn't, as it's a directory I'm not really sure that's a necessary feature
  3. Forest2Furniture

    Collecting logs

    Electric is fine if you've got somewhere secure to keep the trailer otherwise it'll get liberated or it's a case of removing each night.
  4. Forest2Furniture

    MS661c for milling?

    I used my 660 with a 36" bar for years for milling until I could afford an 880, only problem I had was with the sissy pin snapping but once I took that out and put a blanking plug in no problems.
  5. Forest2Furniture

    Collecting logs

    You're better off loading from the side, pulling the log up from the back will put a lot of strain on the winch
  6. Forest2Furniture

    M1 and m25

    My next door neighbour is a reserve fireman, the day after they switched the cameras on he was doing a blue light run down the M1 and said he set off every camera at 80mph. So yes, the cameras are live
  7. Forest2Furniture

    Saw milling directory

    Oh yeah, forgot to say done & done
  8. Forest2Furniture

    Saw milling directory

    Perseverance is what you need and a glass of wine, if at first you don't succeed try again, it does work
  9. Forest2Furniture

    Kitchen worktops

    Even if you used an undermounted sink you'll have problems around the taps and the drip bead. Wooden work surface are great but no good near water, I suggest you use granite for that bit.
  10. Forest2Furniture

    Kitchen worktops

    It doesn't matter which wood you use none of them will fair well around a sink. I've used Ash in the past for work surfaces and finished with danish oil.
  11. Forest2Furniture

    Quartersawn Oak price?

    Originally trees were quarter sawn for stability of boards, so that the growth rings were at 90 degrees or as near as possible to the plane, this cuts down on the board trying to straighten itself. However, they discovered that when oak was quarter sawn it also produced highly figured grain. If you look a the the image se7enthdevil posted that is the true way to quarter sawn but as already has been pointed out it is extremely wasteful way to mill which is why this method is very rarely used in commercial mills, that and it's nigh on impossible to cut other then by hand, they would have been cleaved from the log with a frow.
  12. Forest2Furniture

    tree weight

    Is that for hard or softwood? Works out at roughly 28kg per cu/ft. If hoppus foot is the measurement of what a log is expected to produce taking into account 25% wastage, to work out the weight you'd have to add the 25% back on to get a more accurate figure, Yes!
  13. Forest2Furniture

    tree weight

    That should read 'not convinced'
  14. Forest2Furniture

    tree weight

    Does anyone know of a way of working out the weight of trees, I found one on the web but convinced it's accurate. Thanks in advance
  15. Forest2Furniture


    Well, I've looked at them and can confirm they are differently big. Not totally sure what I'd do with them but I'm working on it. The one that died in the last year is about 6' DBH


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