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  1. I've just had a price from logosol for two guide rollers, £54 each plus VAT & delivery total cost £141.54.
  2. I've got a mobile mill, get your mate to give me a call or send me a message
  3. The trailer question is one of those grey areas. Is it a trailer or is it plant machinery. Can you take the mill off the trailer and use it as a trailer and use the mill separate form the trailer. If the answer is 'no' then is it still a trailer in the IVA sense of a trailer?
  4. The suspension units are rated 750kg, the mill and trailer will weigh in at around 650-700kg an 8' trunk will weigh in at anything from 250-700+kg depending on diameter and species. You need to have the mill jacked off the ground before loading and milling. As stated by previous poster if leaving the mill standing unused for more than a day it should be jacked up with the wheels of the ground as well as backing off the tension on the blade.
  5. When milling do you have it jacked up so the wheels are not touching the ground?
  6. I'm a little more than pi**ed off that payment was taken for the renewal of the sawmillers directory without prior notification that it was due other than receiving an email containing the invoice one minute before an email arriving from Paypal to say payment had been made.
  7. Whatever you can get away with charging
  8. Thanks, I do hope so. Managed to cut some 3mm thick veneers too, they've sold already
  9. It's from the base of a trunk about 5' in length and 28" diameter at it's widest
  10. I milled some Burr Oak for the first time last week, very pleased with the results. 7 pairs of book-matched boards
  11. Yes that's them, you dealt with them too then! I deal with Andreas in Sweden. When I first had the problem with the smart set I immediately phoned Davies and they said they had never fitted one and would get back to me, that was in July, I'm still waiting!
  12. I have fitted the smart set B1001 but it developed a fault so Logosol have sent a replacement which I just haven't had time to fit yet. The smart set controls the saw head feed and speed as well as the depth of cut all by the means of a control panel and joy stick, when it works it's great when it doesn't there is no manual over-ride and you have to take the whole lot off. Fitting instructions are interesting to say the least, there are pictures of the various stages and parts to fit but not of all the stages or of all the parts but no written instructions whats so ever. Any problems are best sorted through Logosol who are brilliant and not through the UK stockist who is next to fecking useless.
  13. I upgraded from the Woodlands HM130 to the Logosol B1001 earlier in the year and to be honest I wish I'd done it sooner. The Woodlands is fine but (and this will upset some) I see it as an entry level machine, something to get you into milling. The B1001 has a bigger box section rail system than the B751 (bigger price tag too) the 23HP engine makes a lot of difference especially when milling sappy softwoods.
  14. Another day, another Walnut. 1.25" - 3" boards neatly stacked in the wood barn for drying. This will be the third one this year. Although to be fair I didn't get one of them, owner had the "it's a valuable black walnut" syndrome!
  15. There's a special place reserved in Hell for people who put metal in Walnut trees! This lot is nails and 10mm diameter pig irons


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