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  1. I sold mine for just under £3k last month with a trailer and 40+ spare blades to a local tree surgeon. Had an idea the guy wanted it in the first place but could have sold it five times over if he'd backed out of the deal.
  2. Don't know if anyone has told you but you can be so reassuring at times 😉
  3. You do but it doesn't stop the nightmare of have I done the right thing as the country enters a recession
  4. I bought 2 largish wych elms in Feb that now the movement restrictions have been lifted I'm hoping to pick up in the next few weeks providing the owner hasn't got fed up and ringed them up!
  5. It is, it's the B1001 with loading kit, trailer and smart set etc and please don't ask me how much it cost because I'm still having nightmares!
  6. Finally got my new mill up and running and for try out I put an old Elm log on. Nice results and on first impressions I'm pleased with the performance.
  7. Hi Saul,

    Having mobile phone problems at mo so just to let you know mill is up and running now and I'll send you the photos of the alterations and feedback as soon as I've sorted them.


  8. Wood boring beetle likes beech, they don't go to far in because it's tough stuff. If you can get the bark off you'll save yourself a heap of trouble in the future
  9. I think I can say this and be certain that I won't be contradicted but you don't have a cat in hells chance of getting a second hand old mill that won't need completely rebuilding for £1000. I sold my 4yr old woodlands a few weeks ago for close on £3k. You'd be better off phoning the local dealers and seeing if they've got anything in stock but be prepared to part with £2-3k for something half decent regardless of spare parts needed.
  10. When I did my solar kiln I picked up some metal encased fans that had come out of an electric generator unit. Don't get anything that has plastic on them and they'll need to be water resistant because of condensation forming overnight. I suggest you check out ebay.
  11. You don't say! And there's me thinking I'm going to get a nice little windfall, oh well back to the day job
  12. I've had an enquiry, see below: Listing ID: 702 Contact: Forest 2 Furniture Name: Anthony Dumeru Email: anthonydumeru@gpvc.in.net Phone: Message: APPEAL FOR URGENT BUSINESS ASSISTANCE Dear, I wish to request for your assistance for a financial investment. I wish to invest in Manufacturing / Building & Construction and Real Estate Management Industry in your country. I have Fifteen Million United States Dollars ( US$15,000,000 ) to invest in the transaction and I will require your assistance in receiving the total funds in your account for the investment in your country. I will gladly give you 15% of the total sum for your assistance. Please it is very important you contact me on my private email address for more explanation at ( anthonydumeru@yahoo.com ) Kind regards, Anthony Dumeru. -Anthony Dumeru ( anthonydumeru@gpvc.in.net )
  13. Works well on hardwoods never tried it on softwood. Takes some tweeking and getting use to.
  14. Understatement that. I hit a 6" oval when milling Walnut with the bandsaw and it stripped the teeth. Didn't help having changed the blade and turned the log over I hit 4 more nails the same size from the otherside! 6 Nails, to blades f**ked
  15. As he's towing the rig I suspect it's for his awareness where it is as it sticks out. I had similar tied to mine, it helps when reversing.


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