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  1. I don't know where you're getting someone to do a days milling for £2-300, baring in mind this tree is in Essex it's likely to be closer to £450 for days milling. Like with all these trees in back gardens, they look nice and the owner believe it's worth a fortune but by the time you've taken in to account, access, milling and transport the likelihood is the sawyer will want paying.
  2. First time I fitted a ripper37 band it took me nearly an hour to track but since then (nearly 3 yrs) I've never had to touch the tracking when fitting a new blade. Just changed the belt on the follow wheel for the first time, had to do a slight adjustment to the tracking but took less then 20mins to get right. If in doubt refer to the user manual, if you haven't got one then you can download it from the main woodland mills site.
  3. Due to the high ranking of my website I'm getting a lot of milling jobs outside of my area. Any jobs I get like this I list on here.
  4. Send me a PM with your contact details and I'll pass them on.
  5. Anyone interested in milling a yew tree in Croydon?
  6. Forget the hourly rate, give him a day rate. I charge a day rate with no discount for half day (as there is no such thing as a half day) It includes fuel, 2 bands and travel upto 50 miles for my postcode. 2 bands will last about 8 hrs providing the bark is clean and the tree is green, if they've been down a while the bark will be dry and brittle, this will dull the teeth quickly, if they've been skidded out of the forest the bark could be full of grit and stones all this will dull the blade. £30 an hour is working for nothing, don't sell yourself short.
  7. I've been contacted by a guy who has a felled Beech tree he wants milling into slabs so he can make tables. The tree is 3-4 foot in diameter and about 18' long, access is via a 30" wide garden gate, so it would have to be a chainsaw mill and hand-ball the planks out. As normal pm me if you're interested and I'll pass your details on.
  8. I've had an enquiry today for a milling job in Exeter! It's an Oak tree that will need to be milled in situ, Let me know if you're interested and I'll pass your details on.
  9. Ripper37 every time no need to alter tracking after fitting new blade. Old one off, new one on tension and away you go 5 minutes turnaround.
  10. Just seen this thread. Might not be any good for you John if already purchased but to any one else thinking of getting the woodlands mill my advice is DO NOT buy the 10 blade pack, save your money and get some ripper 37 from Stephen Cull. The ones that woodlands sell are a bit on the small side, don't last as long as the ripper37 and are a bugger to track or were when I bought my mill in 2016, still have 8 of them un-used.
  11. Had 14 ton of Ash delivered a few weeks back, some good sticks some bad all at about 10' long. Currently working through the big/good stuff, getting some nice boards out of it, up to about 90 cu/ft of 30mm, 40mm & 50mm thick with decent widths.
  12. Don't be tempted to use a cheaper blade and especially don't use the ones that come with the mill. I've used ripper37 from Blademaster Stephen Cull for the last 3 years and never had a problem, every batch of blades fit as well as the previous with no need to realign.
  13. Because of the humidity you'll be hard pushed to air dry timber in the UK below 16% m/c
  14. Are you talking length of bed or width of cut because there'll be a fair bit of flex on a cutter block thats 51" long that and 51" wide is an unusual measurement.
  15. To be fair the bushes on the uprights don't make a great deal of difference, mine have been knackered for the last year. Check the condition of the belt on the follow wheel if that is uneven or has flat spots that will affect the bandsaw. When you leave the machine for more then a couple of days it's best to slacken off the tension otherwise a flat spot will appear on the follow wheel.


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