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  1. Stoppages on the Canal? National emergency right there! 🤣🤣🤣
  2. We only buy full fat Ribena as a Squash. The apple and orange juice we buy the kids does not have sweeteners added, we check.
  3. I’ve a Cali Common and a Belgian “Christmas Mince Pie” Double fermenting right now. FG on both are down to 1.010SG and ready for bottling. The missus will do that tomorrow. We’ll wash the yeast on the Cali and re-use it for my next AG brew which will be an American ale. This strain should give a very clean profile which should pair well with the Citra Hops I intend to use.
  4. I do a lot of home brewing. Which is why I find your comments comical.
  5. And where do you think they got the water for the small beer?
  6. Took me years of trying the odd Diet Coke now and again to realise why I do not like it. I think it’s the weight and mouth feel of the sugar that’s missing in “diet” drinks. Of course drinking excess sugar is bad for you but I’d sooner have an occasional full fat Coke over the Diet shit. Im curious as to what the Specific Gravity of both are. I’m gonna go check. Why Does Coke Sink & Diet Coke Float in Water? | Livestrong.com WWW.LIVESTRONG.COM Many science teachers perform a demonstration in which they immerse sealed cans of Coke and Diet Coke...
  7. I’m glad we don’t have fluoride in Scotland. Start of a slippery slope if they start to introduce it into Scotland but hopefully it will be some years before it reaches me.
  8. They dont want to have their eyes opened. The fact you've even written such a term will have them scoffing and calling you a Tin Foil Hat wearer. What an incredibly closeted world they must live in. Ignorance is bliss and the levels of ignorance the usual suspects display is ironically eye opening in itself.
  9. No long before the Weegies have their water fluorinated it seems. https://news.stv.tv/west-central/fluoride-could-be-added-to-tap-water-used-by-more-than-a-million-scots
  10. I’d be getting security cameras up as well.
  11. Oil & Gas and Electricity is basically under state control in Norway and they have not had their prices capped. Prices for both are through the roof. If fact Sweden is buying cheap electricity in the North of Norway and selling it for a vast profit to the South of Norway. Both Gas and Electricity is sold from Norway to Europe and the Norwegian people are paying a significant price for both now. Those that believe the State would step in and cap the prices are naïve in the extreme. The state offered a measly 5p off of Fuel Duty when fuel prices where at their peak when they could have gone significantly further.
  12. Everyone should pay tax, end of. If you're earning a wage you should be contributing a fair share. I dont believe £3500 is a far share of £30,000, not when that person is entitled to benefits that will greatly diminish that 'contribution'. As Ive also previously mentions the system in Norway vastly fairer. The tax burden is far more evenly distributed and the tax free threshold is significantly lower than the UK.
  13. Again, if you’re referring to me then I’ll happily reply. Yes, I live in Scotland but I work in Norway. I’m employed full time on a Norwegian Contract and have been so since 2009. There is a reciprocal tax agreement between the UK and Norway so that we are taxed in the country we work and not the country we reside. Although I pay a significant portion of my tax in Norway I do still pay some tax in the U.K. and make voluntary NI contributions. Im happy with the tax I currently pay in both countries. My U.K. tax contributions certainly covers my younger daughters education and their access to the NHS, I like to look upon the surplus as a donation to the more needy. My Norwegian tax allows me access to a far higher standard of working life. A Work Pension that I don’t contribute to that paid in 5% of total earnings a year. A world class State Pension that is more of a personal pot that increases the more you earn. Unparalleled Sick Leave within the EU allowing a full years Sick Leave on full pay. Child Benefit for all children under 18 years of age. In short high taxation with benefits for all, not just the workshy or uneducated.
  14. Since you quoted my post I assume you’re referring to me? There's some highly intelligent people here. I don’t consider myself anywhere as near as clever as these individuals and I’d be interested in what posts you’re referring to where I’ve stated that I consider myself clever. I certainly don’t remember doing so and I’m quite happy being average or slightly above average in intelligence. I do know that I’ve mentioned a few times that my wife is by far the more intelligent of the two of us and that’s where our children have inherited their intelligence from. I think the tax that is paid in the U.K. for someone earning the wage I do is disproportionate. The thing is I don’t pay tax in the U.K. I pay tax in Norway which has a far more balanced and fair tax system. So you’re wrong, I’m satisfied with the tax I pay. I’m also extremely satisfied with the state pension I earn in Norway, the sick leave pay, the child benefit payments and the paternity leave (or cash payments). The UK State Pension will be a nice wee top off bonus. We certainly are laughing, but I’ll leave the gifs to you and Les. Both about as childish as each other.
  15. The insurance bit? We’re discussing income tax, not insurance. But if you include the insurance it’s just over £6100 on a £30,000 wage. That’s like 20% tax total. A piss take really. But then someone on £30k a year will potentially be entitled various benefits. Child benefit for example. When these are taken into consideration the actual tax paid drops significantly.
  16. If you say so. But it’s worth keeping in mind the State does not generate an income. It’s funded by taxation, and rightly so. The gripe is the perceived injustice in how that taxation is weighed. Currently I believe it’s drastically unfair to those who early above the median. This I believe will only get worse as things get really bad next year. I imagine Sturgeon will yet again tell those “with the broadest shoulders” that they need to pay an even higher percentage to cover the gaping hole caused by what some would say is the massive con that Covid proved to be.
  17. No. Dave paid for his childrens education and most likely yours as well.
  18. I have no idea where you are going with this. But I understand that the NHS and education systems need paid for. I pay or have paid significant amounts of tax and NI to amply cover this. Regardless, this does not take away from the fact there is a seriously disproportionate amount of tax and NI paid by thought who are seen as higher earners and those on lower wages pay close to feck all.
  19. Not really. I clearly stated income tax.
  20. It should be like that now! Far to many pay virtually nothing in tax. Even at £30k a year income tax is only £3,500.
  21. Its criminal they start to take your tax free allowance off of you once you go over £100k.
  22. In the O&G Service industry here in Norway its law that we have the right to strike every second year if wage and condition negotiations are not agreed. Last year was the year where the Unions negotiate but are not allowed to strike and we still got 3% on our wages. This year the Unions can bark as well as bite so will go for significant improvements. Im glad there is so many industries standing up for themselves here in the UK. Wages have stagnated for far to long and inflation is stripping them even further. There needs to be a huge step change and the only way to force that through is industrial action and with the backing of the population.
  23. I know your initial point was not directed at me but surely your earnings and how you spend your money does change your class? There is a number of generally accepted key indicators that define your social class, this has nothing to do with how you conduct yourself. Fore example you could be a cleaner or Arb worker on minimum wage and be a lovely person who is a great father/mother, role model and does volunteering on the weekends, none of that will change the fact this person is working class as the key indicators define that class. The same goes for someone who is middle or upper class, they might be total arseholes and abuse their family and employees but being a horrid person does not define their social class either, the key indicators do. For example, Rishi Sunak is clearly Upper to Elite Class. How do we know or define this? Clearly its not according to his personality or how nice a person he is. We can hardly say that he's a despicable POS therefore he must be working class can we? Wages are being eroded and inflated away in the UK, the only way to mitigate this is through strike action. I am in the very fortunate position to be employed in Norway where Unions and strike action are not seen in a negative light as they are in the UK. There is far to many jealous people in the UK who would rather see the Train Drivers lose their £60k a year instead of using this as a benchmark to better increase their wages.
  24. Your confusing social classes with personality traits.


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