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  1. john87

    Pinto pulley

    Hi there, Yes, i went out and i bought a pulley and exactly the same cord as you have, and as you say, it fits beautifully. I bought another two pinto pulleys after that. They are really nice quality. I wanted them to tend friction hitches on my flip line and my lanyard and they work sooooo well, one handed adjustment is so easy now!! john..
  2. I was talking about historically. My links with the site go back 47 years. There are piles of drawings that must have cost the earth in beautiful leather bound books just left to go mouldy.. john..
  3. That is 1.74 m3 so say 3 m3 for the two of them. john..
  4. Ahhh, now that is very interesting. I know that the site has had a few planning applications over the years and they just LOVE spending VAST sums on surveyors to make drawings that are then basically just dumped.. john..
  5. Thanks all!!! Now, a few years ago a tree with one of these tags fell over. I googled the initials on the tag and it was indeed a tree survey firm.. I was informed that a few weeks ago that someone DID come to have a look at all the trees and the one tag looks brand new, it must have been them that fitted it so they must have been a tree surveyor type person.. What would a tree surveyor be looking for?? Some of the trees are pretty much fit to collapse, but would they not notice and record this?? john..
  6. Hi all, Some of the trees i have to do with have small numbered tags nailed to them. Some are just a number, and others are a few letters and a number, something like; "BTC 123" that sort of thing.. What is that all about?? I know of some trees that DEFINITELY have a TPO on them, but no tag, and other trees that have no TPO but do have a tag. What is the reason for these tags?? Is it to do with TPO's or something different?? john..
  7. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    Yes, i looked on that website. They say that they will get more about next March i think it was. I am supposed to be getting a standard solid one assuming Echo have them in stock but i thought if a lighter one could be had, then may as well. Like you said though, on a 20" bar would it make much difference?? john..
  8. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    Yes, i have got a 20" solid bar coming for it. I would like to get one of them sugihara light ones, but they seem to have disappeared?? It is the same mount as large husqvarna's [Husky Group 4????] john..
  9. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    Here is a load of sycamore i cut up ages ago with my 14" Echo CS-352-ES Cut it easy!! john..
  10. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    Hi All, So, i had my first go on the new saw today, so how did i get on?? Well, after i came from the shop, i stopped in a layby and got it going. Started after about 5 pulls, which from brand new i thought was good, considering no primer bulb.. This morning went to use it for the first time.. Could i get it to start from cold, could i hell, took me about 20 pulls if not more. Nearly gave up.. Once going it was fine and ran well. Started hot ok too. When i got home and was busy cleaning the thing, i discovered the reason for the starting difficulty, i had forgotten all about the decompressor!! 5 mins ago i tried it again. This time, second pull from cold and very easy start when warm. So, i have never had a saw with a decompressor before, and forgot all about it. live and learn!! Will not forget that!! So, how did it go?? Very well i think.. When you are just lugging the thing about it feels quite a lump [as a 73cc saw with a 28" solid bar would], but when in use you forget all about that and it works very well. As for cutting speed, seeing as it is three times as powerful as my smaller Echo, and has a full chisel chain, not as fast as i was expectling, but the wood i was cutting up, no idea what species, but had been drying for about a year apparently, so maybe quite hard. Was a close grained stuff, some sort of hardwood then?? I used getting on for half a tank of fuel and maybe a quarter of a tank of chain oil. Does this seem about right?? All my other saws use about the same amount, but i was wondering if a longer chain needs more oil?? When i have finished cutting the chain feels dry really, but with maybe the slightest trace of oil. When you pull it out of the groove and look at the drive links though, you can clearly see a film of oil on them, so i think that is about right, or should i turn it up a bit?? Did not notice any vibration, and i was not wearing gloves, so must be quite smooth. Very noisy thing though, a LOT louded than my 2511, and that makes a racket.. All in all, very well pleased, easier to handle than i thought it would be [i am gone 60] starts easy if you remember the decompressor and seems built to last.. Here is the wood i cut up.. john..
  11. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    I know... Come April when there is money left in the pot you would think they would do a bit of maintenance, but no, they will deliberately spent it on a load of crap.. You know yourself what goes on.. It is all "short termism" Why spend ten pounds putting a slate on now, when you could leave it till you have dru rot and spend £200,000 instead.. I do my best though.. Cost me a fortune, but there we are.. I admit, i do love the place and i will do all i can to do the stuff that otherwise would never get done. Makes all the difference between someone coming along and saying... Nah, it is too far gone and demolishing it, or someone coming along and thinking, Hmmm, you know with with a bit of work we could do some thing here... I just want to save the place, and i have some VERY high ranking supporters too, so,, go me!! john..
  12. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    No.. Is that falling down too?? john..
  13. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    Certainly is.. A wonderful place left to go to ruin.. so much could be done, and for so little, if only people could be bothered. They spend MILLIONS on "experts" to try to tell them how to improve the patients "experience" if you like and money is wasted like water. I could tell them for nothing, all they have to do is to put everything back as it was 50 years ago.. I do what i can and have done well for one man. There is a lot more i want to try to get done this year. I have to get my building site dumper up and running so as to be able to transport stuff about the site more easily and i will get the excavator out there too and have a proper sort out of a BIG project i want to get sorted. It all takes time though and i have a lot i have to do in other areas of my life too. I WILL get there though. Just PROUD to be able to do what i can and make a real difference, VERY VERY proud, make no mistake. I want to get neglected and abandoned areas back into use for the patients, and i will, make no mistake about that one!! john..
  14. john87

    Choosing a saw...

    I am involved with a large site of about 60 acres with many buildings. It has all been sadly neglected for the last 30 odd years owing largely to a lack of money.. These people have been good to me in the past [still are] so i try to do what i can, especially as i have been involved with the place for 47 years this year.. It all costs me a lot of money, but better than spending it in a pub or on old motorbikes!! In return, i have learnt a lot and get an awful lot of satisfaction from what i do.. I do a lot more than mess about with trees mind that is a fairly new thing, but i am learning and saving the poor building from TERRIBLE damage caused by damp. Only an idiot would plant trees 8 or 10 feet away from a building.. I have to remove a few trees in the next few months [i did the leaning birch] For some reason root rot seems very popular and i have no idea why this is, but there are trees in danger of collapsing if they are left.. After that, it is up with the scaffolding and clear out the gutters, oh and wash out some drains [wonderful things fire hydrants!] I get all the fun jobs.. [not!!] john..


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