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  1. Hi All, Anyone have one?? I bought one the other day and there is no tip protector on the end of the cutter bar.. When i look at pictures in the catalogue, they have them fitted.. If you have one, did yours come with a tip protector?? Should i go back to the shop and complain?? john..
  2. Suppose it depends who makes them.. The chinese are perfectly capable of making very good things, look at their viruses, but they will only make what the buyer is willing to pay for. I had a yamaha motorbike that was made in china, and to be honest, it was the best bike i ever had.. john..
  3. Why go to all that trouble and fit chinese parts?? They are simply crap.. john..
  4. I bought one today. I was intending to get the rough cut sort but got the trimmer one by mistake.. Bit late now though as i have already used it.. Did not look up the model numbers till i got home.. john..
  5. Hi All, When it come to hedge trimmers, is there really much difference between the "rough cut" and the "trimmer" types, so for example a Stihl HS82T or an HS82R or a Husqvarna 522HD60X or a 522HDR60X.. Will a rough cut one make a mess of nice hedges and will a trimmer one cut rougher tougher hedges?? Does this mean that i really need two of the things?? john..
  6. I am only a newbie, had no idea that ropes were all so different, or that there were so many different ones.. Mine seems ok though!! Not tried it with an ascender yet though!! john..
  7. Hi All, I am only a newbie and climb with a blakes hitch. [which i intend to keep on using] I was thinking of getting something like the Stein Django and their knee ascender thingy to make life less work!! Thing is, from what i have read ascenders wreck your rope with their spiky teeth.. Would i be better off just getting a Notch jetstep, as apparently these are a lot kinder to the rope [I use a 13mm Marlow Gecko FCR Orange] What should i do?? john..
  8. john87

    Prusik cord..

    I will give it a go in practice, and then maybe get some 8mm as this does seem to be better... Funnily enough, it was an Ocean one i was thinking of getting.. john..
  9. john87

    Prusik cord..

    It was just that a few seconds after tying it, i gave the thing a good shake about to sort of simulate when you whizz up a tree sometimes without putting any weight on the hitch and then when i did, and expected it to grap.. it slipped.. ooerrr.. On my 10mm/11mm rope lanyard, same prusik cord, it grabs so tight you have quite a job to get it to release sometimes.. I would much rather this i must say!! john..
  10. john87

    Prusik cord..

    Proper prusik with 6 wraps.. Do more wraps necessarily mean more grip?? I tried with four and that seemed to grab harder than the six?? john..
  11. Hi there, i have used an eye to eye 10mm diameter prusik cord to make a hip prusik for use with my flip line. Bit worried though, as from what i have been reading using a 10mm cord on an 11mm flip line will result in me falling out of the tree.. I have a 10mm cord for a hip prusik with my 11mm rope lanyard and that grips in a BIG way. Do you think it will be ok for my flip line?? [the 10mm cord on the 11mm flip line i mean] Thanks all john..
  12. I have sort of half gaffed out a few times, Nothing much has happened as i make sure the one is planted properly before moving the other!! Good idea with the carabiner though!! Cannot see you would slide at all with a set up like that!! john..
  13. On thin stems, what you all think of wrapping the flip line round twice?? Will be a bit awkward, but no way will you slide.. Or, flipline as normal but wrap a second lanyard round twice.. Or, something like a split tail choked to the stem and then through a rope grab to your bridge.. john..
  14. Flip line is 5 metres long, i can get it around the tree ok, but it it flipping it up that is the difficulty!! I am tending towards using a prusik on my flipline too.. That is what i use on my second lanyard and it works just fine!! If i ended up in wrong position, all would not be lost as i have my rope with me so i could install that and go up a bit or down!! Guess that is the importance of the short webbing thing for wire flip lines that you can cut!! john..
  15. Hi all, I am only a newbie to all this and need a bit of advice.. I am having terrible trouble advancing my flip line.. On trees up to about 2 feet diameter is is dead easy and i can fly up them. When i try trees about 3 feet or a bit more in diameter it is very hard though, and really knocks my confidence. It is like my flip line is not stiff enough to flip.. I know there is a technique where you sort of fling a loop around the tree, but that is a bit beyond me i think.. Second thing.. Trees with a lean... When going up these, it is a bit scary, as if you lean into the tree, the rope grab on your flip line releases and it would only take a bit of muck to drop in there at the wrong time and you would be in a mess, is a friction hitch a far better idea than rope grabs?? What you all use?? Using a second lanyard would be a great idea, and i do if i have to pass an obstacle, but it makes things a lot more awkward sometimes. I see that some of the real experts only have the flipline and no second lanyard as backup at all, how many fall out of trees a year?? When on a steep lean, how do you know that you will not slip one day, swivel round, and end up stuck under the tree?? Sorry to bombard with questions!! john.


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