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  1. Peasgood

    Splitting kindling

    I think you need summat like this.
  2. Peasgood

    Splitfire 20 Ton 2 + 4 way knife ?

    I’d be very grateful if that was possible.
  3. Had a good look around all the various logsplitters out there and the above seems to be the one I like the look of most. Will be going on a tractor that has decent oil flow so skipped the pto version. Was thinking to have the log lifter attachment on it. For heavy home use splitting mostly leylandii, not very knotty but quite stringy. Some rings are 24" but not generally things I can't lift. Mostly in the 12" diameter range as in pics. Have used an Oxdale for years and also own a horizontal splitter, just want to spoil myself a bit and upgrade. Having searched on here there isn't much mention of them, does anyone have one or can comment? Is the log lifter a worthwhile addition or not?
  4. Peasgood

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    OK, I give in.
  5. Peasgood

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    p.s. a blackthorn winter is a lot more than a few radiation frosts.
  6. Peasgood

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    Had a good ground frost yesterday morning but air temp was only down to 0°C. Those temps are only that low just at daybreak. Same as you in the day, glorious weather. Put your order in now if you want to secure a sloe supply from me.
  7. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-03-25/mum-tells-of-horror-after-finding-son-crushed-by-fallen-tree/10937070 Nasty for his parents (him too of course)
  8. Peasgood

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    No frost in the 16 day forecast, no reason to think there’s going to be a Blackthorn winter this year. It can’t happen every year or they would never fruit.
  9. Peasgood

    Cabstar tyres

    click the link
  10. Peasgood

    Cabstar tyres

    I don't think you will find a proper 4x4 pattern that is van rated. Needs to have the "C" rating to carry the weight, will fail MOT with anything else. Had mud and snow pattern winter tyres on mine. I am a farmer and drove it most places you shouldn't be and rarely got stuck. Not pretending they are good offroad though. Often thought about putting an LSD diff out of a Terrano in, said to go straight in but never bothered trying.
  11. Peasgood


    With the current state of affairs in this country we should be keeping our heads down and hoping America doesn’t come and take it off us.
  12. Peasgood

    Topping Leylandii

    Below last green branch will definitely kill them, they don’t grow back from suckers. Cut loads down over the years and if you leave a good bit of green they usually survive. The “good bit of green” is more important than height. Have cut 90’ trees down to a few feet and they survived, have reduced 30’ trees by half and some died.
  13. Peasgood

    Mulch Circles

    Most green waste I’ve seen is full of plastic, glass and foil. Check the quality before accepting it.
  14. Peasgood


    They won’t fall over, they won’t grow back on the neighbours side either and will look a right mess (in my opinion). Won’t harm the trees particularly. i think strictly speaking the neighbour has a right to cut off overhang but has to offer the cuttings back to the owner. Don’t think the owner has to accept though.
  15. Peasgood

    Stockpilling for brexit?

    I asked my missus how she was going to cope when baked beans weren’t available. ”Don’t be stupid, they are made in Britain” FFS!


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