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  1. Peasgood

    ECO friendly log nets

    I can't see the sense in buying logs in nets myself but plenty make it pay. Same goes for coal in a plastic sack in a petrol station. I am constantly surprised at what people will spend their money on.
  2. Peasgood

    ECO friendly log nets

  3. Peasgood

    ECO friendly log nets

    How about hand pallet strapping? Use the metal wire buckles, leave a longish tag on the strap as a carry handle and if you train your customers to cut in the right place it is recyclable enough to get a few goes out of each strap. The buckle will practically last forever.
  4. Peasgood

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    Wasn't accusing you. I never buy anything I think is pinched but have to admit I have a trailer that I later suspected was nicked at some point. Felt absolutely gutted for a long time about that because I pride myself on not buying stolen anything.
  5. Peasgood

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    It sounds pinched to me.
  6. Peasgood

    ECO friendly log nets

    That's going to be £1.04/log just for the packaging. The reason nets are the usual choice is because they are the best thing for the job. Lightest, cheapest, best airflow, won't collapse as soon as there's a bit of mist and the least waste in terms of volume when empty. The alternatives are always going to be more expensive, that is the nature of the beast. Returnable wooden crates or even plastic crates would be a better long term solution but the initial outlay there would be big. We live in a disposable society and one that expects everything at rock bottom prices. People will say they want to look after the environment but only until they are asked to pay for it.
  7. Peasgood

    ECO friendly log nets

    Why insist on putting them in a net then? Put them in a cardboard box or bundle them up and tie them up with wire or string or just send them loose.
  8. Peasgood

    Climbing without aerial rescue?

    Is it not up to you to decide no matter what the law might say? I choose not to go up a tree at all and yes you are right, nobody pays me to be a climber as a result.
  9. Peasgood

    Brewing up

    I prefer the half litre stainless flasks. Any old make seems to do me. Only ever use them for hot water rather than putting coffee, tea or milk in them. If you need three brews a day then have three of them. Part filled flasks seem to cool a lot quicker than a full one. You can get neoprene covers for them for pennies and they insulate fairly well to help out.
  10. Peasgood


    You've got 4 pages of cons and not much in the way of pros. And neither her or myself can find the scissors ever.
  11. Peasgood


    Luckily I don't live in fear of my house being invaded.
  12. Peasgood


    I have loads of guns all legally held. In the event of someone breaking in I am damned sure the best place for the guns is securely locked away. You are going to get shot, it might be the robbers that do it but more likely the armed response team.
  13. Peasgood


    Careful what you wish for, you might just get it.
  14. Peasgood

    Personal Injury Insurance - Do you have it?

    Why wouldn't you? It's a partnership isn't it. Just playing Devil's advocate. I know my missus expects me to carry her and I am pretty confident she'd bugger off if she ended up having to carry me financially and/or emotionally. Physically she'd do her best. Meanwhile we have been together 20+ years and doing pretty good.
  15. Peasgood

    Whats the point of wasps?

    What's a journalist mosquito?


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