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  1. Peasgood


    Do the test so you can buy poison or just buy it off eBay and Amazon instead. Same goes for many other high strength ag chems.
  2. Peasgood

    Time off at Xmas -- How much are you taking

    I'd much sooner go to work than pointlessly run about in the rain. In fact, if I ever went pointlessly running around in the rain I'd be very concerned for my sanity. Besides that, I won't be doing much on the bank holidays but otherwise happily out working.
  3. Peasgood

    School Children getting paid for work experience

    I have had work experience kids with me and I thought they were not supposed to get paid. I did pay them though and it was according to how useless they were. Some jobs they can just about manage but even simple tasks seemed quite alien to them. As an example I had to go and make a phone call and thought to keep the lad occupied for a short while I would get him to just sweep out the shed we were working in. A simple job, hardly exciting but did need doing and if he didn't do it I would have done it myself. It was immediately obvious that he had never driven a broom before and wasn't able to figure it out. What sort of upbringing have these kids had where they don't even know how to sweep the floor? The purpose is to give them experience of a working environment, they also need to experience being paid what they are worth or what you have to do to get a financial reward. Seems too many expect a lot of money for doing feck all these days.
  4. Peasgood

    Waste carriers licence

    Burn it
  5. Peasgood

    Waste carriers licence

    My local skip firm says you can't put it in the skip.
  6. Peasgood

    Log Goblins

    I don't usually find this much weirdness until a long way down the comments on a random Youtube thread. I'm surprised how far I got before asking WTF am I reading this for and how did I get here.
  7. Peasgood

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

    The time to get out is when you can't make a profit from it. It doesn't matter what price you buy it in at as long as you can sell it for a profit after costs. Same with anything.
  8. Peasgood

    Saw blade supplier

    I'd ask Atkinson Walker. Had good service off them at a good price before now. Might not have exactly what you want on their website but pretty sure if you ring them they will have. http://www.awsaws.uk/index.html
  9. Peasgood

    Bumper fruit harvest at cost of trees

    Plums seem very prone to Silverleaf to me and that just loves to get into wounds like that.
  10. Peasgood

    Had to be done...

    Can't cook or heat water without lighting mine so yes it has been lit. Lit the one in the living room too this weekend. The deal here is that I will always make sure there are plenty of dry logs and the missus can have the heating on as much as she wants (she carts the logs )
  11. Peasgood

    Cladding a container

    This. At least work out the cost of each. As for roof, it definitely needs to slope as the flat roof of a container allows water to collect which eventually causes a rust hole.
  12. Peasgood

    Log Goblins

    There are some things you are better off just not knowing.
  13. Peasgood

    Tree surgeons stinky fish challenge

    Put it this way, it is banned by airlines.


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