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  1. Been on there since it started and don’t remember that one. Rather surprised to hear it too.
  2. If I had to choose just one it would be leylandii Lights easy, burns very hot and sod all ash. Only downside is the sap but 3 years outside before processing and it has gone away.
  3. Don’t heat with the lids on! What a freakin’ mess that makes! I read some time back that regular (once or twice a year) spraying with waste oil was best as far as rust goes. I think if I was doing it I would use new though.
  4. Peasgood


    Don’t know but would like a pair. Dogging or log chain hooks probably. Most likely USA eBay for a used one, blacksmith for a new one.
  5. Peasgood

    Tree Blasting

    He named Knicker Brook at Oulton Park
  6. Fire rope and fire rope glue sorted similar issues on mine. Mine was due to me letting it get too hot and buckling it. (lit the fire and fell asleep)
  7. I know someone who adds at least 10% on if the customer is Asian just to allow for their nonsense. The price usually ends back where it should have been.
  8. Peasgood


    I haven’t been to Ireland for a while but I would think it normal, certainly seen a lot worse.
  9. Wasn’t it Arnie that said he’d be back?
  10. You had all this conversation via text messages? WTF
  11. Son did the inside of his van with it. Seems to take the pain quite well.
  12. In my part of Cheshire there certainly has and extends down through Shropshire as far as South Wales some years. Last year was extreme. I had an acre of well established apple trees that were wilted most of the year, I’ve never seen apples actually wilt before. The EA publish records from throughout the country of ground water levels on an annual basis, they confirm the above. No drought here this year!
  13. Is all that is wrong with the tree caused by chalara ? Including the internal rot
  14. You can get pin and bolt on versions rated to 3500kg.


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