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  1. The part of the docks in Portland Australia that deals with timber is about 75 acres according to Google Earth. That is the biggest pile of logs I have ever seen.
  2. Peasgood


    Many versions but none with a bass line like this one.
  3. It was my Grandfathers kettle. Still smells of coal smoke whenever I use it and I have used it a lot.
  4. If you feel insulted by my post you have misunderstood me, I certainly didn't call you or anyone else a sucker. I was actually commending you for being a trustworthy log supplier that didn't need further regulation. The comment about Arbtalk was a bit of a surprise to me too
  5. Exactly the sort of person these schemes are designed to sucker in. No doubt you would be horrified to have ever sold a log that was not fit to burn or had told the customer they needed seasoning before use if otherwise. Your customers are not going to benefit and you will be out of pocket. That is how these things work, be it driver CPC, Red Tractor assurance for farmers and any other of the multiple schemes out there.
  6. My mate snapped the overhead phone line in his own yard with his digger. Tied the two ends of the wire back together and reported his phone as not working. Denied all knowledge of how it could have possibly happed to the BT guy.
  7. When there are no leaves on the tree. And don't shorten the "spindly newer growth" remove it completely. Not all of them. Apples fruit best on 2-3 year old branches, the idea is to continuously replace them so you always have young branches. Biggest mistake I see is people reducing their length which just causes them to throw more spindly growth from the cut. Main objective is to make them look right so just cut out all the bits that don't look like an apple tree.
  8. And always make sure you charge the scrapyard VAT when you do weigh in.
  9. Sending an unknown up an Ash tree sounds rather iffy to me. Potential disaster with dieback and its effects.
  10. It bothers me more when the phone goes quiet.
  11. Looks to me like you have rain coming down your chimney. Not that it's unusual though.
  12. Pretty sure a lot of it is down to the trendies within the M25 burning window frames and fence panels in their log burners causing excess air particles as a result.


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