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  1. Peasgood

    Aphids on tree

    Have a big tree that gets severely infected every year. Wasps love it and feed heavily on them. Despite all the bad press they get I honestly think a neonicotinoid would be best. My reason is they are less broad spectrum than pyrethroids (which kill everything) and more effective than organic. If it’s a mature tree I wouldn’t bother unless it looks to be suffering. The wasps and honeydew are likely to be a bigger issue.
  2. Poplar may be the most common in this country but not everywhere else. Eucalyptus sp. is a big favourite in Australia for example. Had some lovely pallet wood from NZ once, full of very big burrows!
  3. Peasgood

    Electric motor to power PTO

    Wouldn't it make more sense to buy an electric pump?
  4. Peasgood

    Log Goblins

    I wonder if you could put spent apple pulp through something like that. I squash apples and have tons of the stuff.
  5. Peasgood

    Waste of time jobs

    Strange job to give a new bar and chain. That’s the last job they should have, not the first. I guess you know that now of course.
  6. Peasgood

    Japanese Knotweed

    Persistence is the key to success whichever method you use. As soon as you ease off it gets a foothold again and you are back to square one. My personally preferred method is 50% glyphosate injected into the stems. I just use a big syringe from ag health supplies and a fat needle, sometimes drill a hole first if it is practical.
  7. Peasgood

    Cheque Imaging

    I have personal and business account with Barclays. The nearest branch (8 miles away) closed earlier this month, I was their very last customer through the door. I don’t get a lot of cheques but would like to be able to scan them on my phone.
  8. Peasgood

    Cheque Imaging

    My Barclays app doesn’t
  9. Peasgood


    Near Beeston Castle I read a newspaper headline claiming they caught 140 million in Egypt. Don't know how exaggerated that is but it must make some sort of difference.
  10. Peasgood


    I'm reading a lot of folk reporting drastic reduction in Swallow numbers but there's plenty here. More than usual if anything. About the only thing I can think of that are less than previous times are Curlew, don't see or hear them much. Anything else I would say numbers have increased over recent years, including all species mentioned in this thread.
  11. Peasgood

    Husqvarna 550 XP silly prices

    You said that last time. 😛
  12. Peasgood

    Small saw to compliment 550XP

    Exactly what I have done. Certainly works for me.
  13. Peasgood

    Splitting kindling

    I think you need summat like this.
  14. Peasgood

    Splitfire 20 Ton 2 + 4 way knife ?

    I’d be very grateful if that was possible.
  15. Had a good look around all the various logsplitters out there and the above seems to be the one I like the look of most. Will be going on a tractor that has decent oil flow so skipped the pto version. Was thinking to have the log lifter attachment on it. For heavy home use splitting mostly leylandii, not very knotty but quite stringy. Some rings are 24" but not generally things I can't lift. Mostly in the 12" diameter range as in pics. Have used an Oxdale for years and also own a horizontal splitter, just want to spoil myself a bit and upgrade. Having searched on here there isn't much mention of them, does anyone have one or can comment? Is the log lifter a worthwhile addition or not?


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