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  1. Having absolutely all records online bothers me, one for security reasons as people can and do break in (ask Travelex about that one!) and secondly I am not confident they might break down and the whole lot disappears. Never mind the fact that my internet connection is very unreliable. You can probably download and print it all out daily but who does that.
  2. I do like being able to create, edit and get signatures on invoices on my phone. Prefer to do the creating and editing on desktop but very useful to be able to do it on phone if needed. ps. had a look and QB does do stock. Haven't played with it much but have done VAT returns with it.
  3. I have given my accountant access and they can see if I am putting things in the right columns etc
  4. I use Quickbooks for my business. It doesn't do stock control and nor does it collate with banking. I think it can do the bank thing but haven't wanted to give it access to my bank account.
  5. I dwell in mine and I know it isn't exactly legal. There was some research done locally to see just how many folk were living in mobile homes that shouldn't be. The numbers were so high I wondered why action hadn't been taken to end it. I think one reason is nobody is complaining so let sleeping dogs lie, especially if you don't have the resources to deal with it. Another reason is they would have to find somewhere for a lot of them to live as they would be homeless, so as per thread title they are helping with the housing crisis.
  6. My gut feeling is the brown spots are secondary infection of a dying leaf rather than the cause.
  7. Mate reckons his comes from coffin factory
  8. McDonalds food isn't the best but nor is it the worst, better than they ever seem to get credit for anyway. The litter isn't their fault either it is entirely the responsibility of a small number of their customers. The same people would do the same kind of thing if McDonalds didn't even exist. Scummy people that have never been taught respect and how to behave. DFS seem to be more of a problem around here than McD, never seen a reg number on one of those either
  9. Probably a more refined search than whet I got
  10. So modern logburners are designed to keep the heat in? Hmmm.
  11. Peasgood


    I hope the poster was arrested by the spelling police for writing “bails”! where it says he was prohibited from moving, presumably that was only until he put the straps on which were in his cab.
  12. Have you tried your local ag supply/tractor dealer stores? Bought some recently by the metre for small money.


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