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  1. I've got 3 acres of 45 year old Bramley on 106 and you don't need a ladder to pick them. You can let them grow tall so you do need a ladder, no question about that but it isn't difficult to keep them at a sensible height. My top tip for pruning is that if you are going to cut a branch off cut it all off. Don't fart about cutting the tips (so do not cut any of them where the red lines are) although the low hanging branches can be shortened to stop them drooping right down to the floor. I think I would remove the strongest of those top/central branches right back to the trunk and hope the rest come down with the weight of fruit. Not a bad idea to tie some branches down a bit. Anything above 45 degrees will continue to go up without fruiting so tying them down to below 45 degrees will encourage them to fruit. The more they fruit the less they grow, it is all about getting that balance right. Referring to the smaller trees, it isn't good practice to have two branches growing up like you have, nearly always results in the tree splitting down the joint when they have fruit on them.
  2. 10' is a nice size and as already said it will be easier if anything.
  3. Says the one who was conned into a £250 Global knife.
  4. I have a bit of a thing about knives and sharpening them. My kitchen knives are the ones Sainsburys sell, carving knife, chefs knife, one of those Japanese looking things, a veg knife and a parer. Bought a wooden knife block from Lakeland or similar and they live in there, had to modify one of the slots with my Silky as the slots wouldn't accommodate two bigger knives. I already had a decent steel and I sharpen with that when needed. They are sharp, do the job perfectly well enough and didn't break the bank. They go in the dishwasher with no issues and if they do go wrong for some unknown reason I can go and get another for reasonable money. I even let the missus use them! My thing about knives caused me to spoil myself by buying a fairly expensive Robert David Laguiole folding pocket knife with olive scales, fancy filework and pretty silver pins. It was a just for looking at knife really and never used in anger, in fact in the two years I have owned it I probably sliced a tomato with it and possibly cut a sandwich in half. At the weekend I picked it up, opened it and when I closed it again it snapped shut and the end inch of the blade fell off. You won't believe how gutted I am.
  5. The joke is that the convicts are no longer the issue it is the excess of prison guard mentality. What is going on in Australia right now is shameful really and I don't mean with the tennis player but even that was purely political.
  6. Peasgood


    One evening, shortly after the honeymoon, he was out in the garage cleaning one of his tractors for an upcoming road run. His wife was standing there at the bench watching him. After a long period of silence she finally spoke. "Honey, I've just been thinking - now that we’re married maybe it's time you quit spending all your time out here in the garage. You probably should consider selling your tractor." He got a horrified look on his face. She said "Darling, what's wrong?” He answered "There for a minute you were starting to sound like my ex-wife!" "Ex-wife!”, she screamed. YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU WERE MARRIED BEFORE!" He replied, "I wasn't.”
  7. Peasgood


    Binbag the sailor. Even my 10 year old grandson likes that one. sorry, forgot to put the answer back up there.
  8. Peasgood


    My favourite one, What is black, made of plastic and travels around the oceans?
  9. Peasgood


    What is brown and sticky? A stick. That is my second favourite joke but the best one for this site.
  10. Peasgood


    He was holding the pig most likely.
  11. Which part of log sales hasn't been working quite well for the last few centuries?
  12. I don't have a grid connection but was quoted £20k + vat about 18 months ago, in hindsight maybe I should have taken the offer but as I didn't have £20k at the time it wasn't viable. The price of everything has gone up (very much including electric too) since then and it would be closer to £30k at a guess given the first quote did not include 140m worth of trench for cable. I am already running my workshop on a petrol generator, it is 6.5kw running power and is on it's limit when everything is going. I have to start things in the right sequence as the biggest motor takes a fair whack to get it going. The biggest downside is it uses 20 litres a day and running around with jerry cans to the nearest fuel station (which is not the cheapest) is a pita when I have no spare time to do so. I already have 1000l red on site so makes sense to change to diesel. I have a steel frame shed with a roof good for panels and a well insulated building I hope to make into a dwelling. My line of thinking was 10-20kva generator that will run both buildings with auto start that keeps batteries topped up if needed. Probably using Growatt or Victron and as I have no batteries at the mo I was thinking to dive straight in with LiFePo4. I can afford the mains connection now but feel being independent from the grid would be a smart move and smarter than just having a changeover switch for outages. I am little more than an interested amateur compared with you guys with experience and knowledge but trying to research it all. At the moment it is a bit of a tossup with grid connection or solar + batteries with generator in reserve but the cost of grid connection and price of electricity is favouring the latter right now. In fact a new 15kva generator running on red beats mains right now.
  13. Interesting stuff there @Dean Lofthouse, it is something I am trying to plan for a bungalow I am working on. My plan wasn't for such a big generator though, everybody says go for the biggest you can afford but does it really have to be that big? I was thinking 20Kva would be more than sufficient and run my workshop when required. In my house I have a wood fired Aga type cooker that does all heating, DHW and cooking. A bit surprised you don't have similar but doesn't suit everyone I guess.
  14. Dry leylandii, You can light a stick with a match, incredibly cheap.


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