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  1. If you watch again you can see the rock spike going down when he hits it, the next hit it just bounces because it is on the pipe then the hit that shatters the pipe. On the original you can hear it ring as it bounces on the pipe. Scary stuff and that rock spike doesn't look deep to me. (he is knocking a rock spike in prior to putting the post in) Bloody lucky it didn't ignite.
  2. I wonder why the gloves were with them. :D Actually remember those mags from back in the day, mid to late 80's.
  3. Sorry, you quoted Joe and he was talking about a Shogun. 👍
  4. SWB Terrano. A bit thin on the ground these days but you can't break them, if you do somehow manage to break it they are cheap and easy to fix. Think they can tow 2.6 but may well be 2.8 tons.
  5. June drop hasn't happened yet and there are quite a few of those apples going to fall off in the next few weeks. I'm sure there will be plenty left though. Last year was a bumper apple crop for me, probably the best I will ever get. This year isn't bumper and some have hardly fruited as they didn't flower much. Some are laden, my Discovery look exceptional so far.
  6. Top one is Scots Pine, second is variegated laurel. Or they might be both hornbeam, can't tell without more pics.
  7. Definitely scale insects, that white fluff is the babies hatching out of them. If you are lucky blue tits find them and eat them all.
  8. I have been told many times that red is exactly the same just with dye tipped into it. So many have told me that I find it hard not to believe it. There was a time red was actually better than white as there was more sulphur in it (or the white had to be reduced sulphur to be precise) but I don't think that is the case any more. My Orion ran better on red back then (times were hard)
  9. My real job is growing apples, making them into juice and selling it. Last week I did not have one single order which is very unusual, it might happen in January when things usually go quiet but not at this time of year. Normally my customers order on a Monday and I had just one order today, very unusual. Personally I am OK, it doesn't impact me in a great way financially but if the trend is across the board then people are really going to struggle. Hope I am wrong but I think really bad times are coming. Plant potatoes as quick as you can is my advice.
  10. Brilliant. Lucky you 👍
  11. Dunno but it has made me hungry
  12. Ha. Been there done that, except I was the lodger. Have to say I was the fittest and possibly healthiest I have ever been in my life. A bit skinny but fit as a flea.
  13. I've looked. Can't see anything bad about frozen peas or carrots. Happy for you to show me different if you think they are bad. Fish fingers are questionable as a main part of your diet but not terrible and better than nowt.


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