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  1. logs I'd on ebay please.

    If it was listed as willow or poplar I would believe it.
  2. Have you tried our Rotatech chainsaw chains?

    My experience for what it's worth. Bar and chain arrived quick and cheap. Cuts well and stays sharp longer than the Husky chain (550) Have to say I was surprised to hear criticism (and even rudeness!) because the one I have is fine and even if it wasn't I wouldn't be rude about it.
  3. Help, broken down in France, wheel bearing b2500

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mazda-B2500-1998-2007-Front-Wheel-Bearing-Kit-/302340652511?hash=item4664e83ddf:g:vfMAAOSwurZZNThc Picture might help you. Good luck
  4. No ones posting.

    Works if you browse threads via forums, not if you browse via Today's Posts.
  5. No ones posting.

    I have been in a field cutting cabbages for more than the last 30 years and I can work it.
  6. New Forum feedback

    I think the old site showed members locations but they are not showing now. Is this turned off or did it never show it anyway?
  7. New Forum feedback

    Use these buttons to customise your search and how it is displayed, then save it and also save to your bookmarks. Or just bitch about it and say you don't like it because it is different.
  8. New Forum feedback

    You can customise an activity stream of your own that will just show unread posts in the forum sections you want to follow. It's quite clever really. I have to admit I didn't like the new forum one bit to start with, to the point where I thought Ah well, won't be going back there much. Having taken a little time to figure out how to change the layout, customise a search that I want to see and saving that activity stream to my bookmarks bar I now quite like it. In fact it isn't much different to the old layout once you do that.
  9. Goaty

    Very sorry to hear this sad news. My thoughts and condolences to you, your family and friends.
  10. We're back!!!

    There's a FB Arbtalk?
  11. Small pro saw

    I bought a 550XP a little while ago, I am very pleased with it. Have a 18" and a 15" bar for it, both are OK but the 15" does most stuff.
  12. Goaty

    Get well soon @Goaty and thoughts with you too @mdt. Hard times for you both I'm sure.
  13. What causes this?

    I'd say it was glyphosate. Very often causes chlorosis like that.
  14. can apples be purple?

    Don't know what is in your pic but yes you can get purple apples. Spartan is a good example
  15. Tiredness can cause accidents (as we all know).

    Ha I can top that. A twig scratched my face this morning and the salty sweat pouring out of me had it stinging all day. I didn't go on about it though. (mostly because I haven't seen anyone today )


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