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  1. Thanks for that. I very much appreciate your post but I'm not convinced. Google search suggests young growth also suffers but on these trees young growth is fine, looks very healthy. Maybe it was aphids that have been and gone so will monitor for further changes.
  2. At the moment it appears what is going to die has done so and the younger foliage is fine (no yellowing) I've known the trees for decades and don't recall them doing this before. No damage, digging, waterlogging or anything springs to mind. They grow on the banks of a stream so wouldn't think drought The top pic shows one that is yellowing and the other shows how they seem to end up, at least the rest isn't yellowing so I think they will survive. Change seems to have been in the last fortnight or so. Quite puzzled by this and will feel a right tit if they turn out to do it every year.
  3. Recently noticed a lot of dead foliage on my trees and would like to know what is causing it. Young/new growth looks very healthy. There are three trees and it appears to be progressing with the least affected just yellowing and the worst tree very brown. Tried to show the difference in the two pics.
  4. Black spots are scab, spray for it if you want to control it. Timing is important so look it up. Codling Moth (the maggots inside the apples ) can just about be controlled by trapping, get the trap from garden centre or online. Again timing is important. Cut off upright branches, don't just reduce their length. On the tree in the pic I would cut them to leave the drooping branches.
  5. I don't have a photo but they are capable of 600kg/hour. Plenty of pics on Vigo Ltd site.
  6. I make apple juice. I lost most of my crop to frost in late May so these are bought in for the first time ever. I don't have any Peasgood.
  7. My shed has got 15 tons of apples in it so should be good to go.
  8. How do you store them? Paper sacks?
  9. Used to use a paintbrush on a stick and a jam jar on a stick with the glyphosate in. Mix with wallpaper paste to make it less runny/splashy.
  10. Straight grained, seasoned leylandii, light as a feather Fantastic stuff and can usually light it using a match and no paper/firelighters. Getting a supply might not be so easy.
  11. If it is rust stains you can get stuff from Halfords to remove them. Probably worth a try anyway at this stage. Auto Finesse Iron Out 500ml | Halfords UK WWW.HALFORDS.COM Shop the latest Auto Finesse Iron Out 500ml at Halfords UK Use it when we get stains from moss treating lawns with iron. Give it a squirt, brush vigorously with stiff brush wash off with lots of water. Seems to make it even worse initially but does work, try it out of sight first if you are worried.
  12. The car has been targeted by potential dog thieves and had a zip tie fastened to it as a secret sign. That is what all my local FB pages would conclude anyway.
  13. Would you mind putting a pic up of the other side. Nobody ever does and I have no idea what it looks like but always wondered.
  14. why don't you just tell them it's a tenner extra for the ones with no free kindling. I would.
  15. Sprayed my spring cabbage 3 times to no avail!


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