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  1. In my part of Cheshire there certainly has and extends down through Shropshire as far as South Wales some years. Last year was extreme. I had an acre of well established apple trees that were wilted most of the year, I’ve never seen apples actually wilt before. The EA publish records from throughout the country of ground water levels on an annual basis, they confirm the above. No drought here this year!
  2. Is all that is wrong with the tree caused by chalara ? Including the internal rot
  3. You can get pin and bolt on versions rated to 3500kg.
  4. Bought one fairly recently, I don't think you could find something it couldn't split. I'm not going to try it but I think it would cut railway sleepers across the grain. Mine is a 30 ton pto version so possibly bigger than most would need (including me tbh). My only real complaint is the table isn't big enough for my liking but no big deal to make something to cure that. Wilson Machinery, easy to deal with and quick delivery. In fact so quick I was surprised when it arrived.
  5. I find the white stemmed bramble particularly amusing. Rubus cockburnianus. Not sure it needs translating
  6. I think the Land cruiser will keep its money better but you will have lost it in fuel costs. I have an older Xtrail, they are cars with a lot of internal space that will get through moderately sticky ground. Nice enough and economical enough to travel long distance without thought. I also have a Terrano which I would think nearer to a Land cruiser, will go anywhere and tow my 14’ triaxle with a tractor on it wherever I please. Shopping or long distance I’d choose the Xtrail.
  7. Those old twin headlight Cabstars could take some weight. Once they were sat on the bumpstops you could load what you liked. My “best ever” was 3 ton of loose carrots. I did have greedy boards on.
  8. His reaction times were superhuman After Christmas I take the tree outside and light it. They go up exactly the same as those conifers, and people have them in their front rooms with dodgy chinese Christmas lights on them! 😮
  9. Sounds like Chester bypass. I expect there are worse but it is a disgrace! I don’t believe it’s all come out of car windows either.
  10. Someone must want it because we weighed a load of plastic crates in last week for £250/ton. Better money than scrap metal.
  11. Was. They recently banned those imports. Buggered us up because we like to claim high percentage of recycling where in reality we were just shipping the problem elsewhere.
  12. It was ok, drought and heat made trees wilt which I’ve never seen before. Keeping qualities were poor. Quantities were more than I could deal with and a lot simply went to waste. Last years crop being good doesn’t compensate for a poor crop this year. Heavy crops of anything usually means a glut and poor prices. In the olden day’s a poor crop meant higher prices due to increased demand, with global supply and a multitude of alternative fruit to choose from that is no longer the case.
  13. Same here. It’s a bit of a bugger when it’s how you make your living.
  14. https://butterfly-conservation.org/butterflies/painted-lady


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