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  1. Goes through the chipper better but needs more than 48 hours for best results. The trouble is the risk of the police turning up before you have chipped and fed to the pigs. Sticking to 48 hours keeps you within the realms of "we don't consider a person missing until 48 hours after last seen" attitude. So I am told 🤐
  2. A friend of mine sells kindling and has done for decades. I asked him recently if he still did it and he reckoned the wood he got these days were offcuts from the local coffin maker. How topical is that for this forum.
  3. Peasgood

    Medium size 4x4

    Xtrails are nice to drive and have a ridiculous amount of space in them. Think they tow 2 tons but doesn't matter if he just overloads it anyway. Think the tax is £350 ish.
  4. Talking to my son on the phone recently and was telling him I had a mini digger on hire. I suggested I could dig a hole ready for myself should the virus see me off. Also said the new swag I recently brought back from Oz might make a good body bag. Between us we decided if I got proper ill I would crawl into my swag next to the hole. Then in time I could just be zipped up and rolled in. or I could start making coffins out of a stack of old doors I have.
  5. Yep. That's me. Plenty worse off than me, I am fine with it all so far.
  6. Stockpiling logs is about as good as my plan gets business wise. Not the best of plans but it should give some sales of some sort. The help offered to self employed if taken to the letter would mean me paying them as I set up a Ltd company 18 months ago and have been pouring money into it. Shame really as a bit of free cash right now would be nice, especially as it will likely be me helping pay off all this debt in future. Plenty of funds right now though so in a better position than most even though my sales evaporated mid Feb. Counting my blessings, keeping my head down and have no great need to set foot out the gate. Really do wish the best to you out there fretting, easier said than done but try not to stress too much. You need to keep yourself healthy in mind and body.
  7. Worked on farms my entire life (56) in all weathers harvesting fruit and veg by hand. Mostly paid less than minimum wage, two weeks holiday a year, every third weekend off (was every fourth for a long time), all bank holidays, no time off in summer etc etc. Wouldn't want to swap it with any of you lot, that's for sure. As for this isolation lark, my life hasn't changed as it's what I have always done.
  8. I had all the symptoms in January and was quite rough with it. Unusual because I rarely suffer with much. Would like to think I had it and now immune but if that was the case how come the hospitals weren't packed with folk dying of it then?
  9. Peasgood


    Borax Boron Shop - Boracol Products for wood treatment WWW.BORON.ORG.UK Boracol based preservatives - for treating wood for mold, slime, wet rot, dry rot, woodworm
  10. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated 👍
  11. MS210, starts and runs fine for 5 minutes or so and then seems to run out of fuel. Doesn't stop, just completely lacks power. If I keep trying to use it it will stall. Starts easy when hot and ticks over fine. Sorry to ask such a boring question but could I have a check list of things to look at. It has fresh fuel and visually the filter in the tank looks fine.
  12. One of the keys to long term storage is to only put good quality, disease free and undamaged stuff into storage in the first place. When it is in storage keep your eye on it and remove anything that starts to look a bit iffy. Use the worst looking stuff first, the good stuff will keep a bit longer. Different veg have different storage regimes but generally speaking root veg need cool, preferably constant temp. Moist but not wet and no frost. Best plan is to research each veg separately and go from there.
  13. Is there no risk of fireblight, silverleaf, canker etc. That would be my concern. No doubt that mulch/compost has a benefit but none of my orchards get it and they do fine. Having said that there is a trend to mulch "modern" orchards.
  14. Peasgood


    Fair enough, it's been a while.
  15. Peasgood


    Don't forget to anneal (heat) the pipes before bending them. Google/Youtube it if you haven't already.


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