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  1. Peasgood

    Cob nuts

    A bit early isn't it?
  2. Make it a standalone machine and just connect the pipes. Much easier and cheaper.
  3. Peasgood


    Everybody knew about it, even the BBC Coronavirus outbreaks in city and at meat factory WWW.BBC.CO.UK Leicester sees hundreds of confirmed cases in two weeks, while an outbreak in Yorkshire is reported. Said to be centred on "religious houses" set up by Shia and Sunni sects in the 60's in terraced houses. Still actively used by the now elderly Asian folk as meeting places. Told to me by someone that would know more than most on the matter.
  4. I’ve got some that haven’t been trimmed and are doing that
  5. Looks like a hover fly to me
  6. Building control are almost insisting that I do just that on a new build. Even when I say I intend to run a drain away from the site and into (my) land drain system.
  7. Who do you think is going to police and enforce this 20% rule? Just carry on selling good quality stuff and stop fretting.
  8. They can put some big cats in there too and clear out a few of the damned dog walkers all over the place.
  9. Offered them my orchards I haven't grubbed yet. Less than 10 miles from them and plenty to go at.
  10. Oh I don't know, I think making "stay alert" compulsory could be beneficial.
  11. I think I paid £60 for mine off eBay auction. Haven't used them in anger and they are stupid heavy
  12. We used to buy Codacide in 200 litre barrels to mix with glyphosate, it almost doubles the effectiveness of the glyphosate, Codacide is nothing more than vegetable oil and was sold specifically for that purpose. All legit, all as per label. It was used more when glyphosate was expensive and vegetable oil was cheap, these days it is more econimic to just up the glyphosate rate. Diesel is also a recognised sticking agent, I have even seen that as a label recommendation too (admittedly not with glyphosate). I very much don't advocate its use on any large scale but enough to paint three Giant Hogweed plants is hardly going to give Greta sleepless nights. I will also bet £1 that they aren't Giant Hogweed either. Probably a hogweed of some description and any of them will cause photosensitivity but Heracleum mantegazzianum are fairly uncommon. (no disrespect to the OP intended).
  13. I would paint the leaves with 50:50 Roundup and water. Or replace water with diesel to make it stick, or mix the Roundup with cooking oil before adding to water. All will work and the weed is more harmful to your dog than Roundup ever would be.
  14. I'm a fat 56 and prefer my scythe to any strimmer. Austrian style with ally shaft, pretty effortless and completely silent.
  15. it is what electric chainsaws and early mornings were made for. Nesting birds are your biggest issue.


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