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  1. Oh cod you're not carping on about that again 🤪
  2. Ideally the extension would have foundations at the same depth as the original and dowelled in wouldn't they ? . It's the differential movement that causes the "settlement cracks" . Be a bit embarrassing if the well engineered mini piles showed that the existing house was built on candyfloss 😉
  3. A fairly long Ifor Williams (or brand of your choice) flat bed trailer works well. Shunt it into position, Jack four corners up, pull trailer out, job done ?
  4. You really are better off getting a throw line and regularly give the dead branches a good shake and documenting it. A dead oak branch presents very little risk to the public and if left will be good habitat and will show potential funders your concern for conservation. A genuinely hazardous branch can be easily snapped out before it can naturally cause harm. If all else fails try contacting the WRG forestry team ?
  5. The OP was looking for something waterproof ?
  6. Is the ban on "fitting" ten year old tyres or having them already on the front axle ? In my old days of tyre fitting I saw many Michelin tyres on farm wagons that where structurally good and twenty years old and rather more budget tyres that couldn't pass an mot at three years ! The classes of vehicles affected by the new law should already be adequately covered by operator licencing , and the commercial testing stations should have stopped the use of the "mot tyre set" years ago ?
  7. Using the stretch in a climbing line to limit forces only works if you have a lot of rope in the system, something like a snake anchor limits the force regardless of rope length or type. Have you ever tried trying to hold a work position on a long stretchy line ? ?
  8. I've always assumed that arb climbing lines are a relatively small market so competition doesn't push the price down to silly prices. It is quite a big ask of a rope maker to create a climbing line that is non stretchy enough to allow work positioning without making it so static that a small fall doesn't become life threatening.
  9. Arbortec fellhunters are a good long lasting, comfortable and waterproof boot. I like to have several pairs on the go from brand new getting broken in all the way down to five year olds for damaging jobs. I look after them with a good soaking of chelsea dubbin and they look after me
  10. I'd be very wary of burning any treated timber, the old fashioned chromated copper arsenate is really not good for our health when burnt . My mother was a big fan of burning treated wood from her neighbours landscaping projects right up until the lung cancer got her ?
  11. 25N does seem low, I wonder if that is a maximum breaking load like we have with helmet chin straps or chainsaw lanyards ?
  12. One ring and a length of 63mm MDPE pipe is even better ?
  13. I'd guess that TCD is currently doing an in depth study of mud. ?


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