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  1. Using the stretch in a climbing line to limit forces only works if you have a lot of rope in the system, something like a snake anchor limits the force regardless of rope length or type. Have you ever tried trying to hold a work position on a long stretchy line ? πŸ™„
  2. I've always assumed that arb climbing lines are a relatively small market so competition doesn't push the price down to silly prices. It is quite a big ask of a rope maker to create a climbing line that is non stretchy enough to allow work positioning without making it so static that a small fall doesn't become life threatening.
  3. Arbortec fellhunters are a good long lasting, comfortable and waterproof boot. I like to have several pairs on the go from brand new getting broken in all the way down to five year olds for damaging jobs. I look after them with a good soaking of chelsea dubbin and they look after me
  4. I'd be very wary of burning any treated timber, the old fashioned chromated copper arsenate is really not good for our health when burnt . My mother was a big fan of burning treated wood from her neighbours landscaping projects right up until the lung cancer got her πŸ˜‰
  5. 25N does seem low, I wonder if that is a maximum breaking load like we have with helmet chin straps or chainsaw lanyards ?
  6. One ring and a length of 63mm MDPE pipe is even better πŸ˜‰
  7. I'd guess that TCD is currently doing an in depth study of mud. πŸ˜‰
  8. Definitely worth reading the hire agreement alongside the offered insurance, I've seen machines hired in where the hire states replace old with new and full hire paid until the machine is replaced when the insurance cover they sell is for secondhand market value only !
  9. Ooh, left handed viola...... not going to be cheap!. French horn might be a good option 😁
  10. Nice pics of your project car πŸ‘ Turbo diesel in the chipper...... wonder if that's an Isuzu πŸ€”
  11. Under 750 kg and unbraked it will have two independent points of attachment. Over 750kg it'll have a breakaway cable to apply the brakes in the event of a primary attachment failure. Now that would be a marvel.... a system that temporarily turns off gravity when it detects a freefalling body 😁
  12. I was a bit surprised to see that tele handlers have full braking now 😲
  13. In order, in my view bearing in mind the intended use. Forestry helmet. It is giving a lot of protection for the money. (use of a peak less climbers helmet is not always approved on the ground) Boots. Steel toe caps will give the best protection from the saw. I suspect that some ordinary steel capped boots would give better protection than a composite capped chainsaw rated boot.... and a lot cheaper. Gloves. Chainsaw protective on the left hand only was for the days before saws had a proper front handle guard. Gloves give protection by keeping hands warm which reduces the risk of vibration damage, so just buy lots of cheap pairs so there is always a dry pair. Trousers. A good thing to have on when concentration has gone and the saw is where it should never be.
  14. At the time I was probably getting to listen to more of the world service than 4... so paid for by general taxation 😁


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