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  1. Fungal guttation

    Fascinating , arbtalk is a splendid learning resource
  2. Diseased council owned TPO tree

    You could apply to erect a large steel frame to protect your clients property. The listed building consent would get the planning department twitchy
  3. Pecker on 5T digger or electric breaker??

    A rock hook would the best bet. I've got a pecker for my machine , but often find in layered stone that an electric breaker is quicker :-D
  4. Homemade Charcoal

    Nice one, I'll be borrowing that
  5. Landrover 110 hcpu

    Auto box is perfect for a work landrover in my experience. I run a big diesel that used to eat clutches, gearboxes & uj's , fitted a ZF auto hp 22 from a range rover 3.9 . Not had a transmission problem in years :-D . Would be interesting to try a later hp24 and use an electronic controller from Ashcrofts. Most serious off road heavy vehicles are auto ;-)
  6. 4.2 TDI Landy

    Too true 3.9 Isuzu on a zf hp22 here, the reliability offsets the fuel cost
  7. Ian's Unimog build thread.

    If I was closer I'd be banging on your door to put those tyres on just for the pleasure of it
  8. Removing paint from slate

    Stonehealth in Dursley are the people to speak to. I use their paint softener and it is good stuff
  9. Some bargains about.

    Wondering which of the Avons it's sitting at the bottom of , would make a cheap work boat 😉. And as pointed out not too difficult to re float ...... despite the hash made of similar jobs by the experts 😂
  10. TR6 ripped track

    You could take it to a tyre repair specialist, the sort that do major repairs on tractor tyres
  11. Put me right off searching for a HAAS 😂
  12. Decent metric/imperial socket set

    I've been trying to break a Facom t bar for nearly thirty years so my opinion is a bit out of date
  13. Dressing/filing sugihara bars?

    Diamond sharpening thingy from Screw fix ...... £2.99 ☺
  14. Tiny echo!

    worst thing I find with the echos is that the factory bars are so hard they are near impossible to dress with a file, I have to use a grinder at home to dress em, but being that hard its rare to have to dress them I've been dressing my Sugihara with a £2.99 diamond sharpener from screwfix


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