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  1. Round here in my little bit of theCotswolds I'd say BMWs are driven considerately ...... It's the blasted Audis that are the menace. You really don't know terror until you've met one of the big 4x4 with the rings on the bonnet coming round the corner towards you apparently driverless and on your side all because the yummy mummy believes that eye contact is a must when talking to the little angels in the back seat 😠
  2. The real arse with day rates in any trade is that to a customer an inexperienced worker looks awfully busy while someone on top of the job looks to be coasting 😕
  3. At the time the letter came round I was driving a 7.5 tonne lorry and towing a two tonne generator, the letter went to the keeper of the vehicle who misread it and just told us to stop towing ☹️
  4. And when they drive on our roads ?
  5. Ethanol in diesel ? , I was under the impression that Ethanol went into petrol as the "green" bit and diesel got its bio credentials from vegetable oil. Clearing virgin forests to grow palm oil and then just sticking it into fuel to make it green I find questionable 😠
  6. I've been dipped three times in 30 years, twice when drive past testers have spotted the diesel stains round the filler of the land rover and once on a multi agency check on the motorway. There are no realistic alternatives to using diesel prime movers on most off road applications at the moment. The only thing that really annoys me is seeing the amount of duty rebated fuel being used to produce "green " energy. ☹️ A forage harvester running an energy drum (set up for really short chop as needed by biodigesters) will gobble two and a half litres of fuel every minute 😜
  7. Red diesel in narrow boats is staying after all ☺️ . You fill up with red and make a declaration on the non propulsion ..... they suggest 40% and you pay duty at 60% of the road fuel rate
  8. Out of interest was that when red was gas oil or more recently when it was low sulphur diesel dyed red ?
  9. Oh cod you're not carping on about that again 🤪
  10. Ideally the extension would have foundations at the same depth as the original and dowelled in wouldn't they ? . It's the differential movement that causes the "settlement cracks" . Be a bit embarrassing if the well engineered mini piles showed that the existing house was built on candyfloss 😉
  11. A fairly long Ifor Williams (or brand of your choice) flat bed trailer works well. Shunt it into position, Jack four corners up, pull trailer out, job done ?
  12. You really are better off getting a throw line and regularly give the dead branches a good shake and documenting it. A dead oak branch presents very little risk to the public and if left will be good habitat and will show potential funders your concern for conservation. A genuinely hazardous branch can be easily snapped out before it can naturally cause harm. If all else fails try contacting the WRG forestry team ?
  13. The OP was looking for something waterproof ?


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