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  1. Mick looking down, dismally reflecting on a massive conifer top lying across the neigbours swimming pool, hot tub and soft top Merc... Stuart
  2. I dislike exposure these days. Not doing sufficient larger trees myself to remain 'en form' So when it came to a mongrel bastard multi-stem Douglas I tackled in gusty condutions, it took me an age to take out the last skinny top, lowered on a 70kg rated rigging wrench. Barely enough room to bring my spikes together, Client, neighbours, school kids, fat groundy watching with Mrs Lee on the ropes end, me hoping she would let it run sufficiently not to enduce that rat in terrier jaws shaking moment. All pegs carefully shaved so no chance of impalement. I cut the gob and back cut by Silky, lacking the minerals to handle the wee Echo. It all went swimmingly, no stem shake and I didn't gaff out but I confess that topping out skinny stems is not my favourite aspect of climbing. Stuart
  3. You must be one hell of a whiz at plant ident. I'd have pinned the old Leylandii label on it me... Stuart
  4. £1500 to hack that yew mind... Perhaps a grand+ in Hewitts flush fund and the rest to a fellow he met down the pub? Stuart
  5. Mangled Yew tree image at the bottom of the article: Princess Di's former lover James Hewitt is working as a £4,000-a-year gardener | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Ex-Calvary Officer Mr Hewitt, now 62, was seen this week dressed in khaki trousers, a smart mauve shirt and flat cap as he sat atop a lawnmower as he tended gardens near Exeter... Stuart
  6. Finished the 28 plane pollards now the ground has dried out. Punishing for the old sciatica bob bobbing for skinny sticks all day. Climber would prefer half rather than full days but after he had his afternoon line of coke he was buzzing and those whippy sticks rained down.
  7. And don't post any images on social media. Stuart
  8. What we need, is some-one to have a go, sacrifice their machine and report back yay or nay... ay...? Stuart
  9. I demoed a 26hp diesel last Summer. It was a fine machine in every respect except when chipping to the limit. Up to 4" I detected no difference. Best I can describe it is... My Renault has a button 'Eco' Turns it from a Kangoo into a Kanbarelygo. I didn't find this button for months despite it being me near the gear stick. Fine for daily driving but when you want to join the auto route...meh. If the engine can be de-tuned then great. This engine was a genuine 26hp though. Stuart
  10. Tea, any-one like a cup of tea? Cake? Any-one? Stuart
  11. I get lonely during Ramadan...
  12. Trust me, Google it, others have my back here I'm sure. I dare not post a link myself as I still have warning points given by you going back 10years and do not wish to be banned. Otherwise your advice is sound and I respect it. Stuart
  13. What increase in your own renumeration would you reasonably expect for this expansion? Stuart
  14. What is the projected net profit likely to be for the extra investment and is it sufficient to offset the extra stress? Best of luck. Stuart


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