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  1. Insect bites...

    No, I get that as a wider coverage rash and that itches like a word you cannot use on this forum but looks like !#*# Ty
  2. Insect bites...

    Narrowed it down to Bird Mites or Oak Mites. Damned sure it aint Scabies Mites! I was bitten by a False Black Widow whilst hedge cutting in Hampshire Winter 2007 I had alot of fatigue and aching muscle symptoms for a couple of days. Ty
  3. Insect bites...

    Aside from the various species of horsefly and flowerbugs which I attract, I get bitten when working on oaks and always on my neck and torso. Small red and itchy, almost like little mosquito bites. Raised mound with a red penetration mark like a pinprick. I could actually feel something crawling under my shirt but couldn't identify it. Could it be spiders? Some species of mite? Ty
  4. The Wee Chipper Club

    That looks to be very good value, little used. Ty
  5. Cutting high sides of hedges (over 4m)

    How about approaching this differently. Suggest to the client the impractical nature of the hedge. Reduction instead of trying to trim. Leaving it at a height the gardener can cope with with. Ty
  6. The Wee Chipper Club

    One point to bear in mind is... That the single cylinder, non-commercial engines fitted to these low priced chippers will not have the same pickup rate, smoothness of running, engine note or longevity as the V twin such as fitted to machine such as the CS100 or higher end Jo Beau. The engine fitted might not be designed for much more than what a home owner would use in a life time of occasional weekends. Nor the metal used able to withstand the stresses of professional use. I guess if you are not using these low end chippers as your main machine year in year out they are worth a punt for a start up Arb business. Ty
  7. EcoPlugs

    Wow, mithering about a few quid on materials... I'd be selling up the service and making it sound good value rather than counting the centimes so. Ty
  8. The Wee Chipper Club

    WOW! It does seem a very good deal. http://www.deleks.com/en/wood-chippers/biowoodchippers/317/deleks-dk800-professional-use-wood-chipper-with-15cc-4-stroke-gasoline-engine.html Ty
  9. Help, broken down in France, wheel bearing b2500

    Ignore Mick, his village is twinned with Monaco... Ty
  10. The Wee Chipper Club

    Cruising the web as you do, I have noticed many of these 15hp bargain chippers are clearly just the same machine re-branded. Ty
  11. Hello Jason,

     I need to organise a quadchip flywheel axle replacement.

    Are there any exchange units available?

    If not, how best to get ours to G.M?


     How much if G.M does the job for me...? (properly with new bearing and like WHATEVER!)

    Still not out of the merde but holding my own against the wrath of the perfidious French git.




    1. Jase hutch

      Jase hutch

      Hi Stu.....I'm on holiday this week but I'm fairly sure a new shaft is in the region of £375 plus fitting which is approx 3 hours labour @£60 per hour..

      There probably is a service exchange flywheel assembly ready for despatch but that would be on the understanding that you returned yours, why don't you bring it over yourself and come and have a cuppa..?

      Probably best to email 'Heather' in the parts dept for an accurate price, think it's 'parts@greenmech.co.uk'

      Its good to hear that you're doing ok though mate.......!

  12. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    I wish to know the secret of making a 40k profit from a 70k turnover... Ty
  13. The Wee Chipper Club

    Yes, it could have a round swiveling top to it as an option plus a tacho which is usefull. Ty
  14. The Wee Chipper Club

    I don't see how that Rock with it's single cylinder engine can beat a CS100 in terms of performance. As for talk of money in the bank, your forgetting the high residual value of a CS100 and excellent back up from G.M. Ty
  15. Killer tree surgeons...

    Here: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/wolverhampton/2017/08/01/scuffle-led-to-wolverhampton-citizens-arrest-death/ Ty


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