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  1. Any-one? I've got to source one soon or get one made up locally. The various timber grabs I've seen seem to be made for much larger tractors. I've messaged a few companies but not recieved any meaningfull replies. Regards Stuart
  2. This: Riko UK | Timber Grab, Twin Beak WWW.RIKO-UK.COM Two heavy duty lower teeth / tines for pushing under heaps of timber etc. Two heavy duty top beaks to hold the timber etc. One DA service required, brackets available for all types of... Any opinions on using this type of grab or similar? It would be fitted to a 26hp compact tractor I want to avoid the 'manure grabs' with tines as brash tends to get caught up, stick in the wood or get bent. I'm open to suggestions. Cheers Stuart
  3. Winchester Garden Machinery have an ex-demo Toro 1000, 50hrs £14k plus vat and several used attachments for £19k all in Stuart
  4. ' It is said: "Beware the Orange Plant bearing Lemons" Stuart
  5. Toro tx1000 Does any-one know the price of these in U.K? Stuart
  6. Aspen since 2011 both fuel and chain oil for the saws most used and hedge cutters. I currently keep SP98 mix in truck for the larger saws and blower but this will change by Autumn. I hate the smell of pump mix. Yesterday I passed another outfit strimming and blowing roadside, whatever mix they where using was vile, bitter fumes which stank my cab out windows down. Stuart
  7. U.K dealers won't tell me but that used machine is much the same price as a new 4 series. Stuart
  8. You have my sympathy. I felt that way about the Quadchip built and component quality. Especially the Carlton 4012 and it's capricious radio control which raised my stress levels to way beyond critical. It's repairs eventually costing more than the 'nett' profit it generated. Somebody elses nightmare now... Stuart
  9. I rather enjoyed that clip, I've opened Youtube for further ones. I recall the final song of the film very well from only hearing it once as a child. As far as the theme goes (money) I feel the same way about rows of dying leylandii, peoples paranoia over pine processional caterpillars and those who can't sleep easy without fearing THAT tree will fall on their bedroom on night... Stuart
  10. It is ravaging Northern France, Belgium and Netherlands. I've made several trips across France these last couple of months and seen hedgerows and entire woodlands bristling with bare ash stems as well as piles of cut ash waiting to be chipped for bio-mass. Not seen it's presence in Brittany but ash is fairly uncommon here. Stuart
  11. I ran out of time but it will keep. Next trip, we will visit the South African memorial which is in the shape of a Cape fort. A hornbeam still grows, fenced off, that was the sole surviving tree in a woodland fought over by the South Africans. Incredibly tough your old Carpinus, imagine the raggedy pruning and other wounds it recieved and yet did live. Stuart
  12. Yes, 'tir seve' but never a line of horse chestnuts, a first for me. Later on I found a unexploded howitzer round in Trônes wood, another first... Stuart
  13. Near Beaumont Hamel in the Somme France. Never seen this before outside of individuals vandalised by members if the travelling community.
  14. Hévéa sell these. One of my climbers used one but in all the McFuckery of closing the company I forgot I had it someplace. I think it is at the back of my garage. I'll try and dig it out tomorrow. Stuart
  15. Tim Bloomfield 'Luckeleven' invested in a crowdfunded piece of kit which allows just that. Wee device opens out when tension released enabling recovery. I'm sure he'll breeze by shortly and preach it's virtues. Stuart


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