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  1. I've generally enough work not to get cheesed off when I don't win a job but the ones I really would like to do I tell the client in advance that if they receive a like for like that is less then come back to me before accepting. One thing which does grind my gears are clients who want to pay cash and have an invoice. I tell them an invoice carries a 20% surcharge. Another gear grinder piss boiler are clients who send back the signed quote (a legal obligation in France) but put a line through the 'with vat' total and circle the 'without vat' sum as if they get to pick the price they prefer. Just received another one today... My Turkish retired economist eventually paid up. He had witheld €600+ citing that we had only worked 'X' hours and that meant were on €180 per hour which was outrageous for 2 men. I cracked and gave him a glimpse into running costs and expected salaries. Then I asked him if he would of paid us more if the job had run over due to weather or bad judgement. I think he'll have us back. Stuart
  2. €11 per bolt and 3 months post. Quality aftersales there. Stuart
  3. I have a climber who travels from the far West of Brittany and stays for 2-3 day stints. He is motivated not just by my wife's cooking, the rate I pay and the crack of working with a witty fellow like me but by the number of dry days we get East of Rennes. The official statistics show half the rainfall amount, fewer days of precipitation with more hours of sun. Brest is a seriously damp city compared to Rennes. Stuart
  4. Yeh, where you live but in Kent, more specifically where Mark Bolam lives, it is widely accepted that pruning with spikes helps the tree breath through those extra holes. Mark told me that in 2009 when I first joined Arbtalk. True that. Stuart
  5. Hello, From experience with similar machines, applying the heat of a small gas blowtorch to eat bolthead works very well. An impact driver is also a usefull tool. Enjoy your machine. Stuart
  6. One Sea Cow and a Hindu Holy Cow. I blame Brexit... Stuart @Stubby ping me your number/address, I might be around longer than planned.
  7. I visited a mate in Westergate yesterday, Dave Pegler of Peglars Arundel. Spitfires growling overhead as we took tea in his garden. Traffic is mad here compared to Liffré and I'm supposed to be cycling in the New Forest today. Stuart
  8. Ah you're welcome. Bit confused as sure they have sailing boats in France? Still, if it works it works. I wasn't going to Saint Malo in the near future, Birdham was more convenient.
  9. Probably French vat, customs duties and handling... Brexit being the gift that keeps giving... Stuart
  10. @Dan MaynarddMaynarddMaynarddMaynarddMaynarddMaynarddMaynarddMaynardd My Xhinesium phone has a keyboard issue, maybe a buildup of greasy finger clag. Anyway, thank you for sourcing this part. I crossed La Manche and picked this up at a Chandler's near Chichester today. Stuart
  11. Love that word 'Dowty washer' Sounds like a robust Edwardian cleaning lady. "Tis a 'dowty washer woman who does for me" Stuart
  12. @Luckyeleven found inexpensive double pulleys on Amazon. Stuart
  13. @Dan Maynard So they have a store not too far from my parents. Sending the Elder Lee out to track one down. I hope to visit the U.K early September to pick up Marmite, Dairy Milk, Yorkshire tea, Tescos Finest Belgium Chocolate and Ginger cookies and our new chipper. Stuart


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