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  1. That... is clearly a miniaturised mobile V2 launching platform... Stuart
  2. Although I've never had any issues with woodchip combusting, I do get the occasional customer comment that their woodchip pile is smouldering. It never is though. We know that. However, it got me thinking after learning a local biomass company has suffered severe fires in their rather large chip piles which proved very difficult to extinguish, that there might be a 'critical mass' where pyrolysis occurs. I found this article which I'm saving for my 5 hour ferry crossing tomorrow: Low temperature ignition of biomass - ScienceDirect WWW.SCIENCEDIRECT.COM Biomass is an especially reactive fuel. There have been large... Any-one had any experience of fire in woodchip piles? Stuart
  3. I'm sorry, I've no wish to derail an interesting discussion on trucks but... The homicide rate for Morocco is 1.42 per 100'000. This is on a par with most E.U countries. The U.K being 1.2. South Africa being 36, USA 5 and the US Virgin Islands a staggering 50 Stuart
  4. I find the Vanguard Efi to be a user of oil. I've not measured the rate but it often catches me by surprise just how low the oil has dropped between blade changes. Might just be mine of course... Stuart
  5. Honestly, Scotspine, your unworldly opinions are toxic and of no real value. I am comfortable with my real world on hands experience of life travelling the less trodden roads. I believe 99.99% of people mean me no serious harm. Stuart
  6. The homicide rate as well as other crimes is lower than many E.U countries. One of the suspects was arrested in Smimou not far from our place near Essaouira. Yes, savage murders and wildly reported but Morocco is still safer than many UK cities. The social contract is tight in Morocco. I can knock on almost any door and expect help, water, food, a place to rest. I am greeted with smiles and open arms wherever I go. Maybe they are laughing at my uncut hair tight immodest lycra shorts. Stuart
  7. I have cycled into the Sahara from our home on the coast and next year hope to travel deeper still. I'd like to ride down to Timbuctu if the situation ever calms. Whilst the interior of disputed Western Sahara, Mauritania and Mali remain 'difficult' much of Moroccan held territory is quite safe as is the coast. To add, I feel safer in Morocco than many cities in France or U.K. Stuart
  8. Both have a rustic wooden push shovel which looks like it was hand made by a Sussex Weald Bodger which is a nice accessory on a €30k machine...
  9. TP175 is a well built machine. I like the ease of maintenance and access to all areas. Like the TW it is less top heavy than my 150p and sways less. The fuel and hydro tanks being low down. A clutch in the form of a servo which tightens the 4 drive belts at the push of a button. It has 3 down sides for me though. Narrow infeed and a sensative, gangly, sticky out stop bar. Even the rep struggled with feeding and blamed my lack of branch prep. I replied, "this a test and much the same branches used for the Wolf" Sadly the 26hp diesel after the 35hp of the TW just didn't quite get my juices flowing. The TP does have a strong reputation for reliability... The TW230 was a shock to the system after using a GM150p It reminded me of our GM200 which was most excellent for the short time our company owned it. I'm in the UK next week and will be returning the 150p to GM for repairs so maybe I'll be able to sniff out an Evo demo. Stuart
  10. I had the TW230 35hp on demo yesterday. Afterwards I thought " that is how a chipper should be..." Then today, the TP175 which though very well made has a clumsy stop bar and only 26hp plus a narrow infeed. I'll try an Evo next. Stuart
  11. Still smarts today losing it to the liquidateur... Stuart
  12. Partisans hide in the mountains and shoot Germans. I rather like Germans, they make reliable chippers... Stuart
  13. Not the €10k quoted locally... I've seen new tipping units, Ford one stop with alloy sides for sale for around £1k online. Obviously no greedy boards. I'm in the U.K for a couple of weeks taking my chipper back to GM for warranty work and thought I'd see about the tipping unit whilst I was there. I can get it welded locally of course. My man who can is also a woodsman here and we occasionally work together. Stuart
  14. I had a 7.2t Iveco Daily with tool box, regular steel tipping unit with alloy plank sides, tarp roof which had a 3.7t capacity. Use of alloy would have made it close to 4t Stuart


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