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  1. Does any-one know the current U.K prices of any of the following machines: FSI B28 Bandit SG40 Predator 38X(Sold as Laski over here) Vermeer 292, 362 and just so I can dismiss it from my wish list the 382 Cheers Stuart
  2. I'm 52 today. My chipper is 55 (hours) and has not broken down. Milestones eh? Stuart
  3. So much...jealousy...lol!
  4. You selling meth on the side Mick? Stuart
  5. Do you know if the motor and head can easily be detached from the shaft? Storage/transport...
  6. I never considered the twisting torque but yes, good point. The lack of bearings which are vulnerable to water ingress appeals. If I had a large clean workshop, I might be tempted to give replacing them a go. I tried the first time they gave out and failed in my mission so resorted to buying a fresh shaft unit. Stuart
  7. Hello, Any feedback on battery polesaws? I currently run a 2009 Stihl whose model number is lost to memory. A couple of shaft changes where employees have dropped branches on it, a new carb and tappet adjustment plus a cracked head, it has had a hard life but proved a usefull tool hacking back overhanging skinny branches or crown raising less valuable subjects not worth climbing. I intend to sell it before the shaft bearings give out again. I don't like that job one bit. Battery appeals as the shaft is lighter, only having a cable inside and no propshaft and bearings. Motor is of course in the head. Thanks Stuart
  8. Pinched from a Quebec arb guy I follow. I think he normally works with slightly larger machines...
  9. Product review: Both the grinder and the operator are reliable but slow and underpowered. Cake tasted strongly of Ganoderma, de-lignified oak and Longhorn beetle larvae. Hey! This ain't cake you sent me Cropper! It's your bloody rakings! Happy nearly dead day Dave
  10. Keyboard Warrior! How dare you insult my manhood whilst hiding behind a screen. I'll give you stern talking to when you turn up for work, insolant pup of a sub-contractor... Moi x
  11. As the cost of living rises, are you too considering raising your rates? Here in France, wholesale electricity prices have risen to eye watering levels The public are insulated against this but the evening news reported that bills may double in 2022 for households and small businesses whilst large businesses are not protected from price rises and must shoulder the cost. Reports of businesses cutting hours or evening in the case of a large saw mill, giving EDF the bird and investing in a diesel generator. There are the vagaries of gas and oil supply too. Diesel was down to 1.05euros per litre a year ago and is now hovering around 1.50 All products that rely on electricity in their manufacture are effected of course. Bread doubly so with poor harvests world wide and it being cooked largely in electric ovens. Pasta, butter, all vegetables due to the ban of plastic packaging, continious reports of shortages, price rises across the board. Minimum wage rises here by a measily 11 euros net per month though many employers are facing staff shortages have been forced to up their offers often by several hundred euros per month in order to attract staff. Ikea are raising their prices by 9% so I'll need to work harder still to keep Mrs Lee away from there. Me? well I have too much work booked in and a price hike might help reduce my lead times. Stuart
  12. Aside from the Vermeer hydro tracked machine which is pretty gutless, there is the Toro STX 38 Anyone have experience of this machine? Stuart
  13. I used that Vermeer hydro machine whilst working for @pie eater pete It seemed well made but so gutless for it's size I assumed it was faulty. . Stuart
  14. In the opinion of those with more experience of these things, are grinders which use hydraulic motors instead of belts worthwhile or is the power loss to significant with smaller engines? I've read articles that suggest 'up to' 30% loss overall. Stuart


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