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  1. @Luckyeleven ruined a perfectly good vintage flask by rinsing it out using lemon floor cleaner. At first I just thought it was the own brand coffee but as the after taste lingered, it gave my mouth a new look by removing stubborn stains, giving a fresh clean shine and zero bacteria for 48 hours. Stuart
  2. I'm practically an 'influencer' me. Visit me on Grindr for more stump removal tips. Stuart
  3. Funny that, I've had a very troublesome Vanguard and now a new Stanley chalkline that that keeps snapping. My life is one roller coaster of disappointments...
  4. Evening, 

    I've got two weeks in Carnac with the family this summer. How close to your neck of the woods is that, any recommendations? Restaurants, markets, neolithic sites, goat farms, whatever. 

    Hope you aren't cooking in the heat. We were threatened with 26 degrees here in the west of Ireland, but we got rain instead.


    1. Ty Korrigan

      Ty Korrigan


       Carnac is about 2 hours from us.

      You have chosen a top area, Morbihan, means little sea in Breton.

      Similar to Irish, Mor Behan/Bhean?

      Quiberon peninsula, ferry to Belle Isle, great beaches everywhere.

      Take a day trip to Concarneau why not.

      I am occasionally in Baden were a friend has a second home and will occasionally stray as far South as Nivilliac for work.

      It was 40+ here yesterday.

      Difficult to achieve anything much in that heat.

      Then it broke and dropped 20c in the evening and rained.

      8:30am and we have thunder.

      I have an open roof and forgot to pull the tarp back over.

      The area is much drier than the West which has a more Kerry climate.

      I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time of it.

      Go to a bar and ask for a Picon biere (beer)

      'Pee-kon beer' is cold lager with a shot of a strong alcoholic syrup made of oranges.

       Great in the heat.

          All the best





    2. peds


      Haha, whoops, I'm sure it won't be long drying out in the heat. Hopefully it'll keep the dust down for a bit anyway. 


      The fashion in the alps, when I lived there, was beer with a shot of peach syrup in it. I've heard that in some departements the chosen flavours are almond or that cactus syrup, which sound revolting. Orange is a much more civilised variation, I'll put that on the list for sure.


      Just checked Belle Ile en Mer, the Vauban citadel is closed until 2023, gutted, that's right up our alley. We'll have to find a different fortress.


      Big thanks for the advice. 




  5. Ah, I get that with my tractor running adze profile rather than Y profile flails. Even putting a fresh edge didn't change matters. My old flail mower had Y profile and was excellent. Stuart
  6. This is my friend Didier who is an engineer and Massey enthusiast who bought a wreck and restored it to concours condition. He sometimes brings it to our jobs to collect the wood but today he was loading my Iveco with oak to take to his yard. He complains bitterly about the Solis. The lack of power, the crunchy gears, inconvenient layout but is often found in the seat whenever we need a hand moving logs at the end of the day.
  7. My colleague @Luckyeleven recently bought a venerable ex-local authority GM 13-23 from a dealer. The Briggs engine has around 1000 hours and is a bit asthmatic but it runs well enough. We took a truck load of branches with us to give it a proper test. We turned the blades and got the mechanic to fiddle with the revs after calling @Jase hutch at GM in the UK. I recommend testing a used machine before buying, especially if watercooled. Once things are up to temperature you might well find a host of faults (or not) with cooling or hydraulics. . Stuart
  8. Sounds like my Dad...
  9. I've QRMS and some Wear Sharp which are a bit pants and yes are the ones breaking. I really wanted Red Teeth to use on larger stumps.
  10. 4 council pops we removed over the Winter. I ground them out this afternoon. I waited until conditions were dry as the wee grinder struggles on wet clay with wood fibres. Pretty soft wood with decent top soil but the final rootplate chase was costly in teeth. One broke head and two faces on the leads well battered. Alot of quartz below that good loam. Recently I've been pricing in a turn a set per hour when calculating stumps. In 2010 I bought a Bandit HB20 and often got 2 hours from the 4 pairs of Greenteeth but FSI runs 2 pairs as lead teeth so the comparison is subjective, never the less, I feel that Greenteeth and the QRMS copies do not seem to be as durable as once they were. Bearings changed at 130 ish hours. Still smooth, just worn and causing hand killer vibrations. The new FSI B21 promises 1000 hours from non-greasable bearings... Still on the same drive belt at 150+ hours Clutch springs replaced, 3 inc. postage €55 plus tva Low running costs, alot of effort but a very reliable and profitable machine.
  11. FSI parts are the same. I believe Spectrum recently wanted £400 for a Honda fuel tank for a GX390 Same part can be found for £40 elsewhere. I don't expect sellers of spare parts to register with the charities commision but surely a reasonable tarif would also build brand loyalty. Don't talk about Briggs and Stratton...
  12. Soon be time to bring the low ball into play and do it 'for the wood'...lol! I've had an "I'll ask my wife" response to one small quote this morning which is considerably more than the dark silence from 90% of the other quotes I've done in the last few weeks.
  13. Here is a usefull tool to help you think about calculating stump pricing. Pizza Comparison WWW.OMNICALCULATOR.COM Should you buy a larger or two smaller pizzas?
  14. Last client booked in for 3rd June. Looking forward to a break and cracking on with our renovation. Convenient timing for a down turn. Our 'treasury' is healthy enough to see us through to September when we'd normally expect the enquiries to begin in earnest. I still expect the odd quote to be accepted but am quite prepared for a dry few months ahead. Stuart


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