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  1. I like a tight bush to thrust a well lubed pin in...
  2. To my untrained eye, they look 'mature'...
  3. Hello, how do you find such a venerable machine for reliability? Ease or fault finding and repairs? Stuart
  4. What are the common faults? This one is a 2017. I also viewed a Spider 20:95 at a 'local' dealer on Tuesday. The model I saw was not for sale but hire stock. Dealer told me they never sell their used stock within France but ship it East. New €78k, €10k more than the exact same machine in Van-der-Clog land. Most everything in France carries a hefty price weighting.
  5. Teupen Leo 18 GT Plus What do people know about this machine and it's price new? This one has 1400hrs total with 900hrs on the engine. It's located near Hamburg, about 12hrs drive from here even on Wermacht issue Pervitin.
  6. This form of tree is for eating. Cider are far larger and rarely pruned. It's on one of the expat gardening pages. Whilst the evening news has articles on producers destroying their vines and trees, not one has mentioned selling them off which seems a good idea tbh. It is just the way they are removed, ragged out without a root ball.
  7. As the metrological and financial climates swing then so must the producers. Some areas hit by successive years of hail, hard late frosts and Summer storms have seen some fruit growers unable to obtain insurance so they cannot take the risk of an insured crop loss when they have finance on the business. Same with veg producers in low lying areas affected by flooding.
  8. Somebody help me here, just who is this idiot?
  9. Having not bothered reading your posts I'm not certain if this is banter or if you are being a C-U-N-T to a guy I respect. If you are being one though, please, just F-U-C-K off and refrain from commenting on my threads, I've not the energy these days to deal online idiots.
  10. Drought, frosts at the wrong time as seasons alter and in some areas regular and outrageous bombardment by golf ball sized hail year after year.
  11. So, many French orchard owners are ripping out their trees, mostly climate change related. Some are selling them off for a mere €10 each but with very little root. What are the chances of these surviving transplanting in this condition? Worth a punt? (Not my trees) Stuart
  12. Hello, That is quite awful. Did these guys leave a flyer and if so, does it mention "magnolias a speciality" and something about "Winter washes"...? Stuart
  13. And so... From the 15th March until 31st July or 15th August, French farmers are forbidden to cut their hedges. I assume something similar exists in the UK? Now, restrictions are begining to be extended to the public by individual departments (counties to you) The Vosges, Haute Marne, L'Oise and the Alsacian regions have all extended the ban and it is a certainty that many others will do so over the following years. In areas of Belgium the ban extends to trees leaving arb guys with the choice of running the risk of a fine (enforcement is patchy) The work I did for my own commune (council) had to be completed by the 15th March even though there was little likelihood of birds nesting and no evidence of prior nests. There are some exceptions to the rules of course. Trees requiring removal for projects, urgent works etc. In effect, it is likely that in a few years our viable working period will much reduced to 6/7 months. Filling those months whilst our harness gathers dust could prove difficult especially if your business has employees and finance. A smug ecologist informed me it was none of his concern and I could go stack shelves in Lidl for all he cared. He added that other plans include restricting grass cutting times, banning leaf blowers (enforced in Switzerland for half the year) and even chippers where possible due to the noise pollution. Green waste to be taken to a tip and processed there. I guess as the UK has cut itself adrift from Brussels, Brit arbs might remain immune from all this. Stuart
  14. I was at the Chichester boys club where he was a leader. We first met on cycling events and later he'd call into the shop I worked at for a cup of tea and a chat, heavy with the smell of the nights charcoal burn. Nothing but fond memories of an amazing character.


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