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  1. If you search the FB page 'Angry people in newspapers' it carries the article. It appears to be a privately owned verge. Not council property.
  2. I know little about the administration surrounding trees in the U.K Would such work require a felling licence? Hot topic amongst some friends. I cannot link directly as it simply says 'log into FB' Stuart
  3. Yes. Many of working age depended on other Brits buying properties and using other Brits to renovate. This has stalled with Brexit and Covid. Property owners are no longer able to bring over cheap materials for renovations which in turn makes it less atttractive to buy here. Many Brits without sufficient French language to find French clients are struggling for work. Unwilling or unable to return to the U.K, often they are trapped here by Covid or their own unsaleable unfinished renovations. Having removed themselves from the U.K property market they stand little chance of buying back into it. Covid has seen property prices rise in more rural areas but the Parisian professionals are wanting ready to move into properties not half finished, amateurish Brit renovations with ring mains, 3 pin plugs and no tradesmans guarantees for work done. Yes, some families are pushed to relying on state aid (RSA) and 'Resto du Cour' food banks. Stuart
  4. I wonder where you get your anger from? Have you got personal problems at home or work perhaps? If I annoy you so much, just block me. Stuart
  5. Almost. Needs brakes though and it is too loud for Protos eard defenders. The exhaust venting next to my work position isn't great. However, it certainly is good for Pyracantha! Stuart
  6. Hey Conor, You sound like an Orange Plant employee or a hungry post Brexit Brit, maybe both.
  7. The engine comes as standard with a 30 micron pre-filter. The mechanic is now fitting a 10 micron. Just what pollutant traversed the pre-filter to block the pumps own 10 micron is beyond all ken. I've given up on the machine. If I could have slid a diesel into it I'd have kept it but it is now 2 months in a mechanics workshop so I'm moving it on, sadly. I'm considering running 3 CS100 wee chippettes and pay €5 per hour to hungry post brexit Brits for feeding them... Stuart
  8. I've a Bugnot sat on my drive this lunch time. Knarly single roller, toothed conveyor, deafening Kohler diesel encased in a metal box. Belt tensioner clutch, no brakes but a parking brake like my grinders which acts on the tyre. In the last year 2 hire places opened up in town. I tried the Rabaud 150 2 weeks ago and that was an awfull machine to use. I've used this Bugnot before when it was new and fitted with cutting tools instead of flails. Flails today, shrub-er-ama-smash. Plenty of bramble, eleagnus and twisty vile stuff. Toothed conveyor is ideal for this. Stuart
  9. Rarely use stored petrol (except when the French blocade refineries) and that I do use is kept in pristine used Aspen containers. I'll ask the mechanic, if he ever leaves hospital, if the gummy deposits on the filter can be identified. @bigtreedon This is not a GM issue. It is a Briggs Vanguard problem. The engine has a separate warranty from the rest of the machine. Sadly, no-one seems keen to become a Briggs Efi certified mechanic so their aftersales service is thin in the ground. This lack of mechanics able to work on Efi is in itself reason enough not to buy another. Next machine will have a straight forward Kubota diesel that any tractor dealer can work on. Stuart
  10. Breton oak, a boundary tree rich in iron. Cooked 2 chains just knocking the stem over. The stump was better though. 10 min scratching around picking out stones and 40min machine time. Stuart
  11. When I changed to a French licence I automatically recieved the C1E without any tests apart from a rudimentary medical. Lucky me. Stuart
  12. Yes and if anyone could put a finger on just what I am doing wrong I would eternally gratefull. Currently, the big question is what pollutants are passing the 30 micron pre-filter without leaving a trace and blocking the 10 micron within the Efi pump which is a non-servicable part. I've checked my fuel receipts going back to September 2020 and all are from same petrol station. The Honda and Lonicin carb machines are unaffected. Stuart
  13. I'm not in an Ash rich region. Stuart
  14. En route you might notice alot of Ash dieback in the North of France and Belgium. I rented this for a day recently. 22hp diesel Rabaud. Never again. Better to put the hire money into the pocket of a hungry expat and use that Chinesium bargain chippette. However, I've cracked and booked a Bugnot 45 for 2 days this week for knarly stuff unsuited to wee chippettes. Single roller with toothed conveyor. Stuart


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