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  1. Ty Korrigan

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    Well, until Scott McMillan loses his arm to his Bugnot I guess we must continue to endure his smug self satisfied posts of this infernal anathema device of his, that wee tracked Bugnot. Stuart 'lol!'
  2. Ty Korrigan

    Bandit HB20 pocket question

    Apologies for the delay, here: https://qrmslimited.com/forestry-machinery/
  3. Ty Korrigan

    Bandit HB20 pocket question

    I found the key holes in the pockets wore making removal tough going. I bought my spares from Global at the time. I now buy after market teeth made from hardened chinesium... Stuart
  4. Ty Korrigan

    Work abroad

    I can't see it. Would you like a dick pic instead? Not mine, maybe one from Mark Bolams library. Stuart
  5. Ty Korrigan

    Work abroad

    I've employed a few Brit climbers here in Brittany. From experience, I would not recommend France. Language, employment laws, lack of inexpensive furnished accomodation, lack of rural pub culture and prudish nature of French girls makes for a lonely life for an itinerant single male. Stick to Germany. How about contacting Eduard Pap via FB? Stuart
  6. Ty Korrigan

    Work suddenly went quiet

    Strange thing is, no matter how 'quiet' the phone is, I am always 'in' work, never without. Never had a truly dry diary in front of me since I moved to Rennes in 2010 Lead times might get down to a week or so at times. These days, if I ever have a 1 week lead time again, I'd be gratefull for the chance of a rest. Stuart
  7. Ty Korrigan

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Tachometer too. Stuart
  8. Ty Korrigan

    The Wee Chipper Club

    @Pete B I think the CS100 could benefit from a few changes. Chute which pivots, optional chute extension, optional electric drive to wheels, optional tow bar for garden tractors... Add on sales. Stuart
  9. Ty Korrigan

    Hitch lock for TW160

    I use a bulldog hitchlock plus an Abus high security cycle U lock threaded through the holes in the wheel over the axle. If I leave the chipper attached to the truck whilst working or at lunch, I have a 'tres cher' chain and lock bought from a security specialist that goes through the A frame and tow bar mount. Stuart
  10. Ty Korrigan

    The who can get most outraged at bad treework thread.

    I thought Napoleon planted plane trees to shade his troops. You can cycle for many kms shaded by huge planes in the centre south. Stuart
  11. Ty Korrigan

    Citroen Relay Tipper, Anyone got one? Reviews?

    How did you find they drive loaded having a single tyre opposed to double? Stuart
  12. Ty Korrigan

    Husqvarna 346

    Massé of Val 'd'izé http://www.masse-motoculture.com Stuart
  13. Ty Korrigan

    Husqvarna 346

    Just a heads up that my local dealer has 3 of these in stock. I recall this model having a bit of a following. Stuart
  14. Ty Korrigan

    FUEL gauge Greenmech 150p

    Mine is pretty sticky when filling up but fine going down. Stuart
  15. Ty Korrigan

    Vanguard 37hp efi

    *Sigh*... I gleaned all around the trees we where working. I moved a stack of electric fence supports and rebar well away from the area. How the new groundy (on trial) didn't know the difference between a length of rebar and an oak branch is beyond me. It wasn't an electric fence support, that would have been very bad news I am sure. Happened once before in 2012 with the quadchip, shattering the blades that time. Straight dry skinny laurel branches piled on top of a stack of rebar used as plant supports. No other damage this time, just turned the blades a third and away we go. Stuart


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