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  1. Yournamehere

    january flowers

    Nope, saw a bleeding yew and a blasted oak but no bleeding snowdrops.
  2. Yournamehere

    january flowers

    I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er field and rew When all at once I saw a crow A rook, a raven an' a jackdaw too. S'fun this; your go.
  3. Yournamehere


    The phone's in the hallway; so I went out and shook it: you'll never guess what was on m'puter screen when I got back!
  4. Yournamehere

    Uk holly is this a shrub or tree

    Away with this shrub nonsense: it's a tree.
  5. Yournamehere

    Seasons greetings to all !!!

    Bollox to this; I'm gorn fishin. Happy Days Yourn
  6. Yournamehere

    Spot the mistakes

    Yeah! Good spot. I'd say possible but unlikely.
  7. Yournamehere

    Spot the mistakes

    ... to the extent that maybe the soldering iron is a bluff and the lack of esp is the real test/answer they are looking for.
  8. Yournamehere

    Spot the mistakes

    Ha yes I saw that and just thought 'ouchy that's gotta hurt'! And no ESP* either! Interestingly (fsvoi) if you saw the vids appearing to show banksy making his 'shredder' a while back, besides having blades lying flat to the paper so that no shredding could occur, at one point he too was holding a soldering iron by the hot bit. *electro static discharge protection: you are meant to be wearing an esp wristband which is then clipped via a lead to the piece of equipment you are working on to prevent static discharges zapping the i.c.s
  9. Yournamehere

    Kombi extension shaft repair

    I've use an oregon mulcher head a lot with an old chinese* combi which I use to save wrecking anything good as the mulcher puts a tremendous torque on the kit and does exactly this ie wears the securing holes in the tube to an oval which then becomes loose. I drilled extra holes in the tube and castings, tapped the casting to M6 and put two extra screws of just the right length - ie to go into the tube but so far as to foul the spindle - in to hold the tube more firmly. It still loosens eventually - such is the torque off the head - but not so soon as before. And when it has gone oval again I turn through 180 degrees and repeat and when/before it has gone/goes oval again I look on ebay for a spares/wrecked combi in the local area and get a new set of tubes for a tenner. And repeat. Don't know if this would work with a c.f. tube but yer welcome to it anyway. Happy days Yourn. *Big engines made of big parts; not so highly strung as more expensive alternatives.
  10. As for the trees themselves, I was thinking something apply or peary, but was thrown by the yellow flowers - I even wondered about a eucalytus because of that!. They look as if they might have been grafted, so again, fruit trees on a sturdy root stock?.
  11. Aha! You got me! And well done Nepia; I'm off to specsave! Happy Days! Yourn.
  12. Mmm see where you're coming from with the solidago - the yellow clumps of flowers are a good match - but solidago is a clump forming perennial rather than a small tree. The small one in the foreground looks more like a pot plant - if you follow my meaning...
  13. Yournamehere


    Soil conditioning, meet air conditioning; as someone once said!
  14. Yournamehere

    don't know how to keep going

    Bang on! This is pretty much what I was going to offer as help. I had the same - I thought of it as a crane/derrick and cables or a television mast or even that skylon - the floating needle - at the festival of britain: a solid flexible core (spine) supported by cables (muscle). You need the muscles on both sides to work together to work properly. Also the same as spud; I started to do a few sit ups - just by tucking m'toes under the edge of the bed - cos I just though you fat bastard get rid of that belly - I was shocked - I struggled to do five the first time - worked easily up to ten, then twenty, now, I could do thirty but get get bored at twenty - but I don't do it every morning - just about once a month just to make sure I still can. The result was incredible: without the stomach muscle my spine had cracked over all over the place and popped a vertabral pad out the side; now, with balanced muscle all around - whole new body! Not just lifting but walking breathing and just 'being' no aches. no pain, whole new body. I'll assume you don't smoke; if you smoke, stop or die horribly. The other thing I did was to give up the arm-chair. Years of armchair use had probably not helped as I always used to curl up sideways in the armchair and looking back my whole spine must have been like a cork-screw. I now use and have done for many years now, one of those wooden chairs like a kitchen chair but with arms - is it a welsh dresser chair? - with a small cushion tucked just so into the small of my back - you'll know when it's in the right place - oh! the relief! I got that from a chair in the outpatients waiting room. There was only a little low backed upright chair left, but when I sat in it, it was just right, I felt better after two minutes in that chair than I had done for the last two years! Damn near nicked that chair and took it home! Han't now had back troub for many many years - and am doing all exactly the same as I was before - including bending over with a chainsaw which now is easy - you can actually feel your body working properly! Hope this might help but never take medical advice off the internet; I am not a doctor; just shooting anecdotes. Best of luck Yourn.
  15. Yournamehere

    Advice needed!

    Nice job. Everyone happy?


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