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  1. budget tipper advice needed.

    Dunno really, I'm open to offers. It's got Mot etc, is the big 3l engine (amazing tow truck), huge chip box, uprated springs. Needs a couple of tyres and has an occasional intermittent starting fault but runs perfectly once started.
  2. budget tipper advice needed.

    Where are you in the country? I've got an Iveco daily double cab and Toyota dyna tipper both looking for new homes but haven't got around to advertising. They are a bit rough cosmetically and might need a bit of spannering but both have decent chip boxes and are ready to earn money. I'm in Cheshire, not far from Crewe if of interest.
  3. Best legal vehicle combination

    If the groundy kept up with the brash with that chipper on that job then you need a quicker climber!
  4. Low loader with bolsters

    I know JPM will build them in from the factory if you want.
  5. Transport a tow behind chipper on tipper trailer

    Attach a ball hitch to the headboard to help secure, and winch it in/out via a strop around the chipper's axle as it gives the ability to steer it still. It's at least a two man job loading and unloading though!
  6. Subbing for Ground Control

    This is great advice. We sub to a number of these large outfits, GC are pretty good to be honest but it would be easy to grow your business on the back of any one of them promising/requiring/demanding all of your resources right now for a really important project they are struggling to deliver. The problem is none of them (IME) offer sustained, guaranteed long term work - remember that you are simply providing them with a resource that they can pick up and put down at will - don't get too dependant on any one of them as the workload can dry up very quickly and there is no loyalty with any of them, no matter what they tell you. Also watch how much you end up bank-rolling these firms for - it is very easy to have them owing you £30k, then £40k, then £50k etc. You never get that money out of them until you stop working for them as their payment terms can be pretty poor (Ground Control tend to be 30 days which isn't too bad). If they go bump (which unfortunately appears to happen frequently in this game - look at Fountains and Man Coed as examples of firms that have gone bust and taken subbies for hundreds of thousands of pounds, sometimes more than once which seems ridiculous but is the world we live in!) then you will lose whatever money they owe you. Use them only as an additional work stream (in the same way that they will use you) but don't ever get into any of them for more money than you can afford to lose would be my advice.
  7. Palm Tree Chippers

    Get a lorry and a box of matches pal.
  8. Tree saboteur at it again in Dorset

    I largely agree, but at the same time some trees/shelterbelts hide unpleasant views also. What do the apartments look like when viewed from the sea/opposite shore etc? I'm into the Ozzy approach apparently used under such circumstances around Sydney harbour - replant and at the same time erect an enormous billboard that blocks the newly acquired view with information as to why said billboard now exists.
  9. Repair or Scrap..?

    I've got a 3l 2006 Iveco daily 3.5 tonner (same colour/shape as your 6 tonner) with a good engine that's due to find a new home. The rest of the truck is tatty but the engine is a peach. I'm not sure about the electronics on these with regards ease of swapping though.
  10. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    What he said. If you want to make a really good job of it run some leads from your 4x4's battery to your towbar terminating in an anderson connector, and have a lead from your trailer's battery with a similar connector so you can charge the trailer whenever you tow it with your truck.
  11. Robotic wood carving

    Take your hat off to the man - he's investing his money and doing something that will be everywhere in a couple of years I'd imagine. He is ahead of the curve with this and I'd imagine will make some decent money quickly if he can find a market for the products.
  12. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    This is the sort of strengthening that should help (hopefully!)
  13. Greenmech starter

    Get two cheapies (non genuine Isuzu) or get yours repaired and keep one as a spare - they are prone to failing every so often (normally when someone turns the key with a bit of timber jamming the flywheel after running down with the feed rollers engaged). You should pick them up from any decent auto electrician off the shelf, or next day if not. You are potentially in the mire when they fail as you effectively have 2 tonnes of immobile deadweight parked wherever you last turned it off. The starter is quite awkward to remove/refit on that model too, but can be done without removing any of the exhaust. Refitting the winch loom (where fitted) is the most awkward bit...
  14. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Have you had any issues bending the grab shells? I've got a Cranab timber grab (which to be fair is built very strong for what it is) fixed on a 6 tonne machine and it doesn't like abuse to be honest. I'm going to replace it with a demo grab that closes tip to tip as they are much much stronger - timber grabs are designed to free-swing and in my experience can't handle twisting forces.
  15. Npors vs Cpcs Excavator

    I've just done NPORS excavator, excavator as a crane, lorry loader and road roller (needed that one for a particular job). The assessor came to my site for the day, did a written test for each item of plant in the morning, then he set me various tasks to complete so he could assess my competence with the machines. I updated my touchscreen health and safety test and now hold an NPORS card with the CSCS logo. The card lists the attachments tested on the assessment too, so states 'Attachments: Includes Tilt Rotator with Grab, Fully-automatic Quick Hitch Awareness'. It cost nowhere near the CSCS prices suggested on here, in either time or money.


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