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  1. The vid is hideous - I hope the copper gets prosecuted, totally uncalled for.
  2. Have you got plenty of oil in your tank? We had one that ran badly when the oil was low (but the oil boiler fed from the same tank still ran perfectly).
  3. Just needs shutting down entirely, the ****************wittery is spreading across the forum like a cancer…
  4. NFU are offering 10% off Hilux, £1000 off some D-Max, and 2 or 3% off the Ford/VW pickup. By the time you’ve paid membership it’s not worth bothering with any of these, you’d be able to negotiate as good a discount with the dealer directly. Toyota in Warrington are apparently a big fleet supplier - they offered me a pretty good discount as a straight purchase a couple of years ago. Dealers with physical stock are more likely to be open to negotiation than those who would need to order you something in.
  5. Have you yet had to get a hose made by a third party as the required fitting wasn’t in your arsenal? I’ve contemplated getting a swager loads of times but keep blowing unusual hoses which then puts me off again!
  6. They are a fantastic company - you will have no issues ordering from them.
  7. I’m going to vote for them. We will sadly end up with Labour whatever happens, but Reform seems to be the only real option for a viable protest vote.
  8. You mopey old fanny - it’s only a saw!
  9. That Farm Boss deal looks to me like someone trying to fob off their old crap (that’s no better than what you already have) onto you, taking advantage of your inexperience. You’d be much better looking for a MS170 as previously mentioned by another poster, or my (better) MS180 as already offered in my opinion.
  10. That’s not a very nice insinuation at all!
  11. Just trying to keep them safe, old crap like that wants taking out of circulation. Can’t do anything charitable without being falsely accused of an ulterior motive - ridiculous!
  12. @Hobbylogger - that is a very old, obsolete, potentially unsafe antique saw that should really be consigned to the scrap pile before it causes injury. As you appear a little inexperienced with this type of machinery I would be happy to help you out. I have an old (but fully functional, and far more modern than your current saw!) Stihl MS180 with a 14’’ bar (knife) that I would do a straight swap with you for. Feel free to pm me if this is of interest, and I can send you address details etc.
  13. I can’t see any reason to withhold the vote from people who can legally breed/smoke/drive - surely their say is relevant? It might focus the minds of politicians to set out (and hopefully deliver) longer term manifestos, instead of only looking to the next election. It is impossible to implement any radical (or even non-radical but sensible) policies because of the way politics works in this country, so we end up mired in bureaucratic nonsense with problems getting worse but nothing being done about it because of quangos, political correctness, and parliamentary one-upmanship. There are millions of 18+ people in this country who probably shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house on their own, never mind have a say in deciding how the rest of us are governed. We do need to accept their thoughts on who runs the country though, even if they only take take take and never pay taxes….
  14. Sounds perfect for your intended application - handy but of kit to have in the arsenal!
  15. I’d think that might benefit from a ground anchor if you are going to do any heavy pulling, it’ll put a lot of strain through the hitch/boom etc and potentially drag the Avant to the load.


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