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  1. WhatisitwhatisitwhatisitwhatisitWHATISIT???????!!!!!!!
  2. Think so, yeah. Not sure how many trees are left on the demo circuit though, it was looking a bit threadbare last time around! I’ll be there with my lads - a mate usually organises a bus so we can all have a drink. Not the height of professionalism but it’s a works day out on me so calls for a few scoops!
  3. 560 and 562 are essentially the same saws, just a different sprocket and air filter.
  4. We’ve had issues with some saws - a dealer plug in/software update has helped in the past.
  5. And there we have it - 2 and a half pages of iTwat wankers!!!! X
  6. Ok, thanks. Do you know if the grants can be used with other training providers to get all the way upto artic licence? If so, are there any trainers that you could recommend?
  7. Do you do HGV training? If so, how much for the full-hit class 1 and 2? I’ve got a pre 96 licence (don’t know if that makes any difference or not)? I can use a Gwynedd address if it helps...
  8. Is there any reason why these are less than half the price of the Lenovo mentioned by Dan Maynard? Budget wise I thought I’d have to spend somewhere between £500 and £1000, but this has opened my eyes a bit (unless the HP here is cheap for a reason)?
  9. I’m going to buy a new laptop this week as mine is ancient and very very slow. It is something I know nothing about and have zero interest in researching (I find this sort of tech quite dull I’m afraid). Does anyone with more knowledge than me have any recommendations? It’s basically a work computer that needs to run office, be able to browse the internet etc etc. I’ll undoubtedly end up in Curry’s being oversold a load of tosh otherwise!... I know there will be people suggesting ‘Get an Apple you luddite’ and that isn’t something I’m totally averse to, but aren’t they £4 million (and far far more capable than I need)? I’ve got an old iPhone which is ok, but most of the people I know who have embraced the Apple way of life are forever remortgaging their houses as they have to have the latest version of whatever new flannel the Californian geeks are peddling. If anyone could enlighten me I’d be grateful!
  10. Is that taken as worst case scenario (ie crane collapse) or working envelope Eddie? The railway is not an industry sector I’m massively familiar with tbh. Decent modern crane (unlikely to not be at the size needed for this sort of reach) on a contract lift shouldn’t throw up any problems from what I can see. Nothing is slewing towards/over the railway - get the crane set up for the maximum radius necessary for the job (inboard of the property boundary should be more than adequate for this job from the pics) and no part of the crane can ‘accidentally’ end up railway-side. Line block for those few branches that appear to hang over the boundary, and get the whole team in the pub for early doors! £4k plus the cost of the line block, no more tree, happy days boys and girls! (Or the same price for a reduction!!!)
  11. Chop the timber out, leave brash where it falls and then run a mulcher over it.
  12. Reduction seems an insane waste of time/money to me. Leave it alone or remove. If removing, do as much as possible from the garden side without any track involvement, and then get the rest smashed out in 45 minute windows on a Sunday. I’d be measuring up for a crane from the road though - 100 tonner would give you a decent pick at 40m and then removes the garden bottleneck.


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