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  1. Is that guarding from Hywel Evans? Looks ace!
  2. I agree, but it’s not the first issue you’ve had with this engine or Briggs agent if I remember rightly. How much is a new engine? Definitely less than €3000 I’d bet. I doubt they are a great deal less second hand. You have limited dealer comeback as you purchased abroad so you need to live with the fact that warranty issues have to go through a local Briggs and Stratton muppet who has zero interest or financial benefit to sort your problem. Your previous run-ins with this service agent to date have probably bumped you way way down their priority list… I’d personally buy a new engine and get out there working. (I might even buy it off the prat who is spinning you along, in an attempt to garner some good-will). Once back up and running I would then arrange a part-exchange with a local dealer for another machine, and flog the (eventually) repaired engine on eBay separately. And I’d also put inline filters in my fuel lines, and buy petrol from somewhere else!….
  3. Would it not have been sensible to just buy another engine and bolt it in? Leave the faulty one with the idiot mechanic to sort under warranty while you carry on earning money.
  4. I’d flog it now if you don’t really need it - they won’t go up any more and in reality I reckon all vehicle values are due to crash soon…
  5. They will ultimately work to change the way electricity is generated (and more importantly stored). When the uptake of electric cars and household battery storage has gained sufficient traction it will be possible for anything plugged into the grid to send power back - this will help to smooth out the peaks and troughs of renewable energy production as there is the capacity for storage which can be called upon (to the benefit of the battery owners) when demand is high. I’m pretty cynical with regards electric vehicles but can totally see how this approach makes sense and could work.
  6. Zwartbles. Real big strong buggers, produce big fast-growing lambs.
  7. Rake it into a pile and burn it - if you have time to let it dry out a bit first then that’s even better. Don’t fanny around hiring machinery if you don’t need to.
  8. Lots of positive experiences on this thread - I’m sure you’ll sleep easy knowing it’s nothing more than a walk in the park @Mark Bolam!… Good luck!
  9. That’s a yew Dave - you’re my wife now…
  10. Looks an amazing place and way of life! Is that 6000 cube on your own or with employees? I know nothing about timber harvesting but can’t help but think that sounds like quite a lot of skinny trees for one man to produce…
  11. 12 feet sounds pretty high - what’s the other side/what privacy does the top 4-5 feet give you?
  12. Donnk is a multimillionaire builder from the midlands, who also has a farm I think. Also known as Fred.
  13. Why keep them in water in the bucket?


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