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    Brilliant setup - loads of space, great access. If Carlsberg made tip sites...
  1. The risks you take running on red.....
  2. At a Rototilt dealers!... Only joking - best bet is to contact the various suppliers and see if they know of anything available. And keep an eye on Mascus. You are as well getting your head around what it is you want before jumping in, even to a second hand unit. There will potentially be installation costs (often pretty significant), you’ll possibly need to adapt your existing buckets etc etc.
  3. I had an old Makita 7900 (my first ‘big’ saw, did a lot of work with it, was a fantastic bit of kit) and that didn’t have a poofter switch either. You had to commit to starting it, let it know who’s boss or it would be a bit of a pig when cold...
  4. Super soaker filled with roundup would be my guess...
  5. That was quick - are you sure it isn’t just winter?!...
  6. Stick an irrigation system in. A mate of mine (who has zero technical aptitude) installed one all around his pub to water the baskets and planters every day. If he can do it it must be a piece of cake!
  7. I think the Ruiz loss will make him better altogether tbh - he’s unlikely to underestimate an opponent again anyway! He had to win last night and did so convincingly - people slate him but I reckon AJ is the best out there personally.
  8. Would it be an idea to pave upto your boundary and use pots/planters etc instead?
  9. My advice would be to steer well clear of a second hand Teupen. When they work they are amazing machines, but they are ridiculously complicated and the UK service agents are beyond terrible. All they want to do is service new machines - show them anything out of warranty and they can’t be bothered unless you throw tens of thousands at them. I would never consider anything Teupen again on the back of my experiences tbh. Remember that no mewp will do everything, and whatever you buy will end up being too small/big etc for certain jobs. Stick with hiring whenever you need one may be a better option?. (The 20m cabstar mounted mewps look a decent buy though - that’s what I would look at if ever in the market again). Outreach is more important than working height in tree work too in my experience.
  10. That’s the best idea I’ve heard re. this situation yet!
  11. Same sort of thing, mine looks different to that though.
  12. Is Jade a new recruit in the technical department? Or did Jase finally have the op?!...
  13. The chipper has all the hydraulics/valves/speed sensors etc in place and working, but the actual sealed-for-life electronic box of magic somehow filled up with water and now doesn’t work (although it switches on/lights up/looks normal enough etc). I’m certain it is new box time, but wanted to see what the options are as I’m not that bothered about plug and play (there aren’t that many inputs into the box to cause too much re-splicing concern - it’s a pto chipper so only needs power in, speed sensor input and then command outputs).


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