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  1. How big is the container? My telehandler will happily pick and carry an empty 20 footer.
  2. I love the Navaras, have had 4 from new and would have had a 5th if the dealers weren’t so flaky. I prefer them to the Hilux I’ve ordered tbh!
  3. I’ll confirm ASAP if the first pass can be done with a flail. The final pass will be no problem I’m sure.
  4. Does anybody in Bournemouth fancy approx 10 days work stripping a site under instruction from an ecologist? There is quite a bit of gorse to fell and remove (can be done mechanically providing arisings are removed) and also a load of brush-cutting (two passes in phases, down to 100mm to allow ecology inspection followed by a final ground-level pass). Ideally I’m looking for a team/firm to take the whole job on - I’m after a day-rate price please. Cheers, Dan (07970188050).
  5. Is that for a stand at a Gardeners’ World trade show, where you sell to the public? Surely not the tv programme?
  6. I’d press the LPA for a definitive answer then personally. But that might force their hand into applying TPOs possibly...
  7. What exactly have the LPA said to you in relation to any proposed works? Unless they give you written confirmation of their reason for preventing any works, it’s not a CA and there aren’t any TPOs then I can’t see how you could get into any trouble by cracking on tbh. The house is built/I assume was signed off so no contravention of any planning permission. Fire up the 660 and crack on...
  8. As far as I’m aware the planning conditions only last until the development they are conditions of is completed.
    Perfect tip site - plenty of room for a van etc and easy to turn around. Lovely people too! Definitely ring first for directions and to make sure there is room.
  9. Mine was ordered before all of that - still December delivery! Yet I still get Hilux adverts all over my internet browsing....
  10. I ordered the Invincible X a few weeks ago, delivery December apparently. 19% is maximum discount (I got that through NFU, spoke to a couple of dealers who both told me there is nothing more they can do), I don’t think you will get any more off it anywhere tbh. I had a decent test drive and it seems a good truck - I’m not convinced it’s any better than my old Navara it is replacing though. The Hilux feels a bit cheap-and-nasty inside, the doors don’t have any weight to them, there is no front camera etc etc. Truth be told I prefer the Nissan but I couldn’t get any sense out of the dealers I spoke to and also fancied a change so Taliban taxi it is this time!
  11. I’d use that personally - you’ll know straight away if the chain is running dry.
  12. Anything will work as chain oil - the only time you might have issues is on really big bars (particularly if running hot because not sharp). Bar oil is flung to waste, I don’t understand people who pay big money for it. All mineral oils are produced from the same ‘base’ oil - various additives turn it into different grades/types. Hydraulic oil has relatively few additives compared to other specs (which is why it is comparatively cheap) - chain oil has tackifier (if that’s a word!) which makes it sticky but in reality it isn’t essential IME. £1 a litre is what I aim to pay (but might struggle at present as all oil is expensive right now) - I tend to buy in bulk though (1000l at a time).
  13. If there is 100 tonnes with decent access and you don’t want/need the chip then you should be able to sell it. If you are chipping for your own use then obviously it’ll cost money, but will definitely be cheaper than the overall cost of dealing with it by hand. Oliver Lord would be my first phonecall - he will give you rates etc. Google Peter Lord Forestry.


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