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  1. I’d imagine nobody dared move in case it was mistaken for a bid!!!
  2. Jase will sort it, there is literally nothing he doesn’t know about these machines!
  3. Can’t see your pics - check it is reaching full revs (if not the stress-control won’t let the rollers start).
  4. Sorry - noted. It still needs paying though which was my main point, but not for between 9 and 12 months (during which period there will hopefully also be further vat due which won’t be deferrable).
  5. It’s only deferred remember guys - by all means keep the money to one side and use it for survival if you have to but remember that it will be due along with the next lump (hopefully we will have made some money in order to generate more vat by then!!!) at the end of your next quarter.
  6. You need a pi-key - they can open all transit doors in seconds Bob...
  7. Surely anyone self-employed has survived on their declared income in previous years (if everything you earned was ‘invested’ back into your respective business how did you afford to put a roof over your head/food on the table?). You are entitled to 80% of that declared income, the same as the rest of us are on our salaries. I understand that the delay in receiving it isn’t ideal but the actual principle is very hard to argue with surely? Or do you all want the moon on a stick?!!!!
  8. Thanks for the update - I’m hoping for some clarity on the subject from the gov ASAP as I could do with doing the same with my lads.
  9. Did you manage to fill the day with another job?
  10. Cheers - if you would that would be appreciated. I’ve struggled to find any info of note, but need to make a decision sooner rather than later and am concerned that if I just say to the lads ‘you’re all furloughed, see you when we are through this’ there may be problems down the line (mostly to do with not actually getting any government money due to possible hurdles nobody yet knows about)..........
  11. Where have you found the 3 month return-to-work limitation info (or any info for that matter?).
  12. Only if they’ve earned that or more averaged over the last 3 years. Otherwise it’ll be their average net pay divided by 12 per month. Which may well be 46 pence.
  13. Even if you are an amateur on trees I can guarantee you’ll still know a lot more than some of the most vociferous ‘expert’ inputters on here too!!! (But don’t be put off, there is a really wide and friendly knowledge base too).
  14. Outstanding Grey git, I’ve been excited about seeing that!!! You definitely win, awesome machine!


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