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  1. I’m interested in this - is it a special build or an off-the-peg jobby? 20kw is a big old stove, and they don’t appear to offer anything of that size on their website.
  2. monkeybusiness

    Terry Holland from T&H trees passed away

    Very sad, he seemed a decent chap. I feel really sorry for his poor family, what horrible news.
  3. monkeybusiness

    Show your tractors

    I’d imagine they wear in the v - can you swap the blades to double their use before sharpening (ie are all 4 blades the same)?
  4. monkeybusiness

    Timber trailers.... what to consider when purchasing?

    Don't know tbh - I guess they aren't really built primarily for road work and they want as little to get ripped off in the woods as possible!
  5. monkeybusiness

    Another tachograph thread...

    Just do your big drives at the weekend when DVSA are in the pub...
  6. monkeybusiness

    Fings wot broke

    I don’t know anything about the Forst machines tbh - is that the hydraulic tank it’s welded to? From the pic I guessed it was the bottom of the rotor housing (hence my confusion).
  7. monkeybusiness

    Fings wot broke

    How/where is the oil leaking from - surely not out of the crack as it just looks like a support bracket?
  8. monkeybusiness

    Timber trailers.... what to consider when purchasing?

    I’ve got an 11 tonne KTS with an extendable rear bunk (when shortened it finishes immediately behind rear axle). There hasn’t ever been a situation where I’ve thought it is too big (occasionally wish it was bigger, but wouldn’t want the pay-off in usability tbh), and I use it almost exclusively for arb jobs (drives, lawns, side of houses, basically anywhere we can get it!). Steering drawbar is essential - once you’ve had one you won’t believe how you could ever manage without. As already said, get the widest tyres you can. I’ve only got 2 wheel braking and it’s fine on 99% of what we do, but I have had a couple of scary moments coming downhill loaded in the woods with everything locked up and no sign of slowing down/stopping!... (back on the power and keep it going where pointed - far from ideal and very scary!). I’m not sure if the second axle’s brakes would stop that occurence, but it can’t hurt (I will get 4 wheel braking next time). If using for arb I would suggest getting extra bunks/bolsters (as we don’t tend to deal in uniform pieces, and a short bay would be very useful!), with lift out pins (it’s amazing what you can drag on with a crane!). Get the biggest crane you can afford (reach and lift), and if you aren’t in the production forwarding game don’t worry about speed - it will be fast enough through your spools. My crane can be mounted on the 3pl (and at purchase that was a box ticked) - in reality I doubt it will ever be taken off the trailer though, as it would be a really cumbersome lump and I’m not sure where the spool block would go in that application. Driven axle(s) are the only real upgrade I’d go for on mine - I came very close to swapping for a different make with drive but it had fixed pins and that wouldn’t work for me so the KTS is still here grafting (and is well worth considering IME).
  9. monkeybusiness

    Tipper pump / ram

    It’s all about the geometry - I’ll bet it’s fine once it gets started? Not really much you can do in terms of raising pump pressure on those 12v power packs AFAIK - all you can really do is move the base or top of the ram’s position to give it better leverage to get things moving (but you will subsequently lose tip angle).
  10. monkeybusiness

    New Ranger has arrived!

    What year/engines/gearboxes? When/have the clutches been replaced? Which spec?
  11. monkeybusiness

    Bird nests

    Intentionally or recklessly - let's not forget those words too. I'm sure the best paid lawyer on either side would win if it came to court - (not that the law in this country can be bought off of course).....
  12. monkeybusiness

    New Ranger has arrived!

    I'll give you a goldfish and 4 cans of beer Pete!
  13. monkeybusiness

    Fings wot broke

    Doesn’t look too bad - my lads have brought them back from jobs looking like that apparently without having a crash!...
  14. monkeybusiness

    Bird nesting season vs potentially dangerous tree

    How long had it been a killer tree, and how many people did it kill?
  15. monkeybusiness

    Riding The Crane Hook

    I did ask but the owner wasn’t keen!!


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