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  1. @topchippyles - this software isn’t aimed at you, there is nothing in this thread relevant to you. You’re constant input and attempted baiting of others to whom this also has no relevance is ridiculous and more than likely off-putting to anyone who might be interested in talking to @Theri about his product. Do everyone a favour and try and control your incessant posting please!
  2. Me too, massive anti-climax!!!
  3. What was the answer @eggsarascal? Lack of damage to wing/inner arch when compared to the state of the tyre (someone has put that wheel on after the event for some reason)?
  4. I include myself in the previous generalisation by the way!!!
  5. ‘Useful‘ input is rare from the most prolific posters on here, newbie input is always more than welcome!
  6. Also, is that a car alloy on a van - potentially not rated to carry enough weight? Therefore illegal/dangerous...
  7. Oversized wheel trim (for some bizarre reason) held on with cable ties that has been rubbing away at the sidewall of the tyre causing failure?
  8. I’m not sure the one in your link will work when coupled (but I may be wrong). Also try Lincmaster - we’ve had good products from them over the years.
  9. Looking at your picture of the whole tree it is apparent that you’ve raised the levels around the base of the tree, burying the roots and basal flair. That is not good for the tree’s health at all as you restrict the availability of oxygen to the roots (roots need oxygen as they respire, and raising the soil level essentially suffocates and kills them). If you can it would be best to carefully reinstate the original ground levels. As a minimum I’d suggest finding a local arboriculturalist with an airspade and ‘dig’ some channels down to the root system and backfill with a light mulch. It will make a mess of your lawn though! Definitely don’t raise the levels any further at all would be my advice...
  10. Mathematical genius (Stephen Hawking’s go-to guy when he got stuck with a really hard sum).
  11. Do you just run a belt driven pump off the front Bob? Make up a bracket etc and nail it on it is it somehow sandwiched with the main engine driven pump? Doesn’t the digger’s existing oil-cooler keep up? I assume you use the same hydraulic tank (totally understand the reasoning behind additional filtration though).
  12. Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to add an extra hydraulic pump to a digger engine for just this reason?
  13. Next question - can anyone recommend a team who could crown-lift a few oak trees and fell some scrub at WGC ASAP? Or possibly provide chip and remove for a team of mine if I send climbers down to do the job? Cheers, Dan (07970188050).


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