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  1. Print it out, take your phone, or show the evidence to the magistrate. Either way you won’t ultimately have an issue.
  2. Land rovers are much quicker to deploy if moving any sort of distance between lifts. They often have limited working envelopes though as are primarily designed for working on pole mounted equipment. (The working envelope and outreach are more important than ultimate working height in tree work with any MEWP ime).
  3. I wonder if they would have told you that you need to lubricate the bolts to achieve the correct tightness had you told them you assembled dry?...
  4. Any pics? What truck/body/load?
  5. I took my 17 year old Jack Russell on what I expected to be a one-way trip to the vets a couple of weeks ago (he’s never been ill but was deteriorating and wasn’t comfortable). Fortunately he sussed what was going on and has entirely stopped pretending to be ill now - he’s back to humping our lab’s head and generally being the boss of the world. There’s a sad day ahead but as long as he’s bright and not uncomfortable life is good!
  6. 40?! Oh dear, the beginning of the end! In all seriousness, listen to your body and look after yourself as best you can - it’s a hard job and you are only here once.
  7. It gets worse!!! You actually bought them? I was clutching to the hope that a well meaning customer had offered you one and you accepted through politeness... My perceptions are shattered, I feel cheated.
  8. Just pulling your leg boyo! On a serious note, why start with what looks to be the easy one?
  9. Fosters? Really? I have never met you but made many assumptions and thought you were a bit of a dude. I’m more disappointed in myself than anything else - I’ve massively overestimated some fella on the internet!!!
  10. Forget better pics, try and work a bit harder. Those 2 tiddlers were an easy day’s work (don’t blame the rain either, you aren’t made of sugar)...
  11. You don’t ever get stopped then (and you might as well run the lot on false plates anyway - it’s part of the caravan club rules I believe)!
  12. There’s an app called Waze that does the same - it’s really good satnav for avoiding traffic too tbh!
  13. I’m pretty sure that many modern speed cameras will have anpr and automatically know the speed category of various vehicles. It is to do with Mass in Service (I think it’s called) on the V5. Another reason to get a Navara - they are legally allowed to go as fast as possible!!!
  14. Rangers (except for the smallest engine most basic one) are over 2040kg unladen (same as the Amarok) so are subject to lower speed limits than other pickups.


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