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  1. monkeybusiness

    Spying on subcontractors

    I think you need to go and do all that other work you have available and leave this current set-up. It’s not beneficial to you or your employer to continue with such animosity on your part. Sometimes it might be worth reflecting on who is out there finding/providing the work that puts food on your table though - they aren’t necessarily out to make your life hard/totally useless/coming up with apparently ridiculous suggestions for the sake of it. This (and pretty much every other) industry is full of hoops that need jumping through, and it’s not likely that there will be fewer hoops any time soon IMO.
  2. monkeybusiness

    Spying on subcontractors

    If you want to work for someone you need to play by their rules, it’s pretty simple really. I’d personally argue the tablet charge but otherwise what they are asking seems reasonable to me.
  3. monkeybusiness

    Mulcher for 6 tonne excavator

    Or is it a pointless exercise on a small digger like this?
  4. monkeybusiness

    Remote control for pto chipper

    I’d imagine a decent autoelectrician would be able to piggyback it, so you get both options.
  5. monkeybusiness

    Mulcher for 6 tonne excavator

    I’m considering buying a mulcher for a 6 tonne digger - anyone have any recommendations/personal experience?
  6. monkeybusiness

    Remote control for pto chipper

    If it’s already got an electrical control box/spoils then turning it into radio control is pretty easy - speak to approved hydraulics, they will sort you out.
  7. monkeybusiness

    Remote control for pto chipper

    I’ve just bought a kit of parts to do this on a Bandit 250 PTO (but it won’t be hand feedable once converted). The cetop valves are straightforward enough (I sourced them through Flowfit), and I’ve bought a multi-function radio control unit that apparently latches on certain channels off eBay from China for £20 (that actually looks and feels cheap and nasty and I’m not convinced how good it will be but we will see - a more professional heavy duty equivalent is available for around £400 from Approved Hydraulics and I may go down that road yet). My set up requires a 12v supply and will default to stop (ie oil returns straight to tank instead of turning rollers) when de-energised/not plugged in etc. The Bandit stress control is still in situ/not messed around with. There will be a couple of emergency stop switches on the hopper which will basically de-energise everything, and the radio control will latch to feed, momentary/hold reverse, with momentary/hold crush and roller lift. When things calm down I’ll wire/plumb it all in and report back!
  8. monkeybusiness

    List of stolen equipment Newmarket - Haverhill area

    I hope whoever burgled you dies slowly and painfully, scummy pondlife.
  9. monkeybusiness

    Cleaning prunus serrula bark

  10. monkeybusiness

    Cops at the door....

    Hopefully your nephew gets charged with handling stolen goods, dirty little thief.
  11. monkeybusiness

    Stolen last night

    Sorry to hear that Nathan. Scumbags everywhere unfortunately.
  12. monkeybusiness

    nice set-up

    Looks amazing - lacks a log deck/better loading set up though surely?
  13. monkeybusiness

    tow ball question

    Heavy duty rear springs - speak to Midland Road Springs.
  14. monkeybusiness

    Entec ch25

    One infeed roller to save cost (these were a budget/entry level model) - they were supplied with stress control so speak to Timberwolf with your serial number and they should be able to price you up the missing parts.
  15. monkeybusiness

    tow ball question

    I think the issue lies with the chassis mounting components of the towing bracketry, not just the plate that you can see that the drop plate bolts to. The chassis mounting points will always try to pivot around the rearmost fixings as load is applied to the towball - eg the vertical noseweight will pivot the forward fixings up into the chassis. The design of the mountings will take into account the much greater pivot moments applied by pulling and braking - arguably the greatest forces will be generated under heavy braking. Lowering the towball height increases the pivot vertically into the chassis, but raising it reverses the pivot and will try to twist the mounts down and away from the chassis. That’s how I see it anyway.


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