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  1. Was there a connection to Greenmech in the past with these?
  2. Arborisk doubled my insurance after paying out for a stolen chipper. I had no choice but to move to Trust at the time.
  3. They are shredders, designed to handle a bit of contamination in the waste. Not very good at chipping, not very good at shredding. Get an actual chipper if you are at the stage of chucking money around.
  4. I’ve just spent 3 hours driving home listening to radio 2 and have cried several times - very sad, such a brilliant dj who in reality has been in my conscience forever. The best broadcaster ever as far as I’m concerned.
  5. The UK is a total shithole now sadly - we share our amazing island with some of the worst human beings (at all levels of society) to exist anywhere on the planet. The amount of litter absolutely everywhere is massively depressing.
  6. I don’t have any experience of those shears but I’d imagine you will be on the limits of stability with a shear under a tilty on a 3 tonner (especially once you cut something!).
  7. Have a look at winchmax - they sell decent kit and are good to deal with.
  8. If you are pulling £1k a day profit out of you and £100k of kit I’d suggest sticking with what you do. (I suspect you are talking out of your arse though).
  9. So you’ve got £100k of paid for kit and can clear £1k a day on your own work. But you want to wind it down a bit so instead you go out 5 days a week working for someone else and moan that you only earn £200 a day. Just do your own jobs for 1 day a week, (or if you want to be twice as rich as you are now then do your own jobs for 2 days a week)! I’m assuming your next industry isn’t going to be brain surgery?…
  10. monkeybusiness


    I thought this thread was going to be about planes with holes in the side that also fall out of the sky of their own accord…
  11. These E27 Bobcats are very planted for their size and handle the weight well, but you do need to be sensible whilst operating (and keep your bum-sensor switched on!). Stack height isn’t a problem for grab work as it’s not dangle mount and the rotator is really powerful so you can manipulate stuff through all sorts of angles to get it where you need it. It also gives you more reach which is always useful! It isn’t the right tilty for that machine if starting from scratch though, and the build height isn’t helped by it being under a quickhitch (so can easily be removed). I had the tilty from another bigger machine and it made sense to use it on this one - I wouldn’t be without it now but I’d definitely go with a smaller model (and probably direct mount) if spec’ing one up for a machine of this size again.
  12. That Rototilt is for machines upto 6 tonnes and is HEAVY, I reckon you can knock at least 150kg off for it.


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