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  1. Slag - I didn’t know it was an option. Is that instead/as well as a case-drain line on yours?
  2. This is what happens if the case drain is blocked (ie not freely open to tank at all times)...
  3. That must have been bloody scary! Buying it back off the insurers would definitely be worth exploring IMO.
  4. Supposed to be good diggers, I didn’t know they were offering 0% (a mate is looking at machines at the moment). What sort of lead time for delivery?
  5. You keep harping on about the caravan solution being yours - I think if you look closely at that thread you will find that I suggested it first...
  6. Definitely looks the simplest method to me but wanted to check. That machine has a big valve near the tank that you physically turn (with a spanner) to change between single way with open return (ie hammer) and dual-acting hydraulics. My little Bobcat has a separate case-drain as it was available from new as an option, and I’m not aware that there is the option of an open return-to-tank on the hi-flow circuit on my Bobcat.
  7. Hoses have been tidied but this is the plumbing. Make sure you open to tank though!!!!
  8. My Takeuchi is set up exactly as you describe (tee’d in to the open return to tank line) and has never been an issue, but make sure you have it open to tank as it will blow the motor if you cut the feed in a 2-way line... Approved Hydraulics said it was fine/normal/what they would recommend when I bought the flail from them.
  9. Where the green arrow is pointing and the green marker all looks like a dog’s dinner - I think that flywheel needs to go to someone who knows how to build them up and balance them personally.
  10. I’d personally get a 3pl adapter and then you can pick up and operate any tractor mounted hydraulic splitter you choose with your Avant.
  11. The new ones with the more aggressive sidewall seem better (KO2 I think) - they must have changed the compound. The earlier ones were rock hard but lethal on wet roads!


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