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  1. I had half a dozen strings in one hole in the sidewall of a tractor tyre for a few weeks - they are brilliant things.
  2. I’d change the track rod ends at the same time (if you haven’t already) to make sure the threads are as good as they possibly can be.
  3. I love the ‘You can adjust these’ selling point!!!
  4. Approx 200 bar - that’s plenty. Tractors tend to be 180(ish), excavators upto 250ish (but many run lower). 200bar should be fine for a log splitter.
  5. Easylife Garden Machinery near Kelsall could repair that - ask for Glyn.
  6. Looks like a massive mouldy dog shit
  7. Is it just a case of running it flat out when lit, or can it tick over? Any control system at all?
  8. What’s involved in a daily burn? Light it and come back to it a couple of times adding more logs, or get it going and forget about it? Can it be kept in from one day to the next? How many days a year do you estimate you run it off 18 ibcs? What size logs does it need? Sorry for all the questions, I’m actually genuinely interested as we are about to knock our house to bits and I’m working out heating arrangements right now!
  9. I was blown away that it was there - hats off to the organisers. There are only 350 people who live in the village!
  10. The Vulcan flew near to here on its farewell tour and I managed to find a spot in a lay-by right underneath - I was amazed how relatively quiet it was. Another mega plane, very impressive seeing it flying.
  11. What sort of ballpark figure are you looking for? How often do you have to put logs in it? How big a house did it heat? Does it use much electricity? Does it work if timber isn’t bone dry?
  12. Yeah, it was supposed to be back over here again today, but I’ve been tied up elsewhere sadly.
  13. Our local village fete somehow managed to arrange a Lancaster Bomber fly-past today. We arrived (unknowingly) about 5 mins before and wondered why there were loads of photographers with massive lenses - turns out we were close enough for my old iPhone to get a pretty good view!
  14. I’ll have a similar trailer for sale soon Mark - single axle, full width ramp etc. It’s wider than a GH64 though so might not suit your job. I’ll get some pics/measurements next week.
  15. The world wouldn’t mourn any of the perpetrators’ loss, they should all simply be executed IMO.


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