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  1. monkeybusiness

    Timber Trailer and Crane Required

    You can have whatever you want if you don’t have to justify it commercially, that’s why!
  2. monkeybusiness


    Ah, bugger. I’m there Friday mate, would love to have caught up with you and Mac. Send him my regards!
  3. monkeybusiness


    Are you going Jase?
  4. monkeybusiness

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    A mate had one on demo and unfortunately dismissed it for being underpowered and having a really noisy slew ring (which is obviously not right in a new machine). He is a ‘Buy British’ stalwart but ended up keeping an old (but owned from new) New Holland (actually Kobelco I think) 13 tonne zero as he reckons it still digs better than the 131 he demo’d. He put a muck pit in with the demonstrator so gave it a decent workout, and was all set for having it before he drove it. On paper it looks great though, and hopefully he drove a duff machine.
  5. monkeybusiness


    Yes, but be warned, it could get very expensive very quickly!!! Great day out even if you don’t do any shopping though, it’s a fantastic show.
  6. monkeybusiness


    I’ll be there on Friday - a mate has organised a bus so it may be a good excuse for a couple of cheeky pints....
  7. monkeybusiness

    Blowing hydraulic hose solution

    I bought an ex military Rotzler hydraulic winch to run off my tractor’s hydraulics (180 bar). It wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding - when I finally got the specs from Rotzler it needed 300 bar (excavator pressure). New pump and it runs great - I wouldn’t be surprised if your military DAF pump is delivering too much pressure for the MEWP though.
  8. monkeybusiness

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Doesn’t look as heavy as a TMK either, but obviously that might not be the case! Do the blades ever bend on this style of shear in your experience?
  9. monkeybusiness

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    How does that T-Cut 25 compare to the TMK Eddie? For both cutting and holding onto what it’s cut?
  10. Lol - not quite the same but I do get where you are coming from!
  11. I’d love to see it work as a concept, but personally think it’s a bit too compromised in terms of capacity to be worth building. Chasing twigs around with a forestry crane would soon get tiresome. There is a reason you don’t often see this sized chipper fitted with a crane! If Big J has an old suitable chipper kicking about in the nettles then yes, it would make sense to do a bit of fabrication and give it a try. To go out and buy a suitable machine to test the concept wouldn’t be how I’d personally spend my own money though - I reckon you could soon end up with a load of money tied up in a niche machine with limited/no market.
  12. Feeding a chipper with an excavator is a different proposal to feeding a small mounted chipper with a small mounted crane. And this isn’t a site clearance job - the main role is harvesting any timber of value. All that will be left is small brash, not hulking great lengths of heavy timber. I stand by my thoughts that it would be quicker fed by hand on this scale. There would be a lot of repositioning with that sized crane just to reach the brash for a start - I can’t see it being viable unfortunately.
  13. monkeybusiness

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Exac-1 had one at Hillhead that looked decent and didn’t require crazy flow.
  14. And don’t forget that feeding a chipper (by hand or mechanically) is much much harder if you can’t see the feed rollers clearly - guessing what’s going on down there is a real pain, more so on smaller machines. Mounting any sort of chipping or branch logging machine on your unit for crane feeding needs careful consideration in terms of how/where you position the indeed so the operator can monitor it.
  15. You’d feed that Jensen faster by hand than with a crane - this is only going to be brash and that chipper won’t take massive gob-fulls. I love the general idea and there may well be a nice little gold mine niche out there but you could very quickly have a good chunk of money in a machine that isn’t really any better at doing what off the shelf chippers are already doing IMO.


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