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  1. Stubborn clutch removal...

    Just hit it really really hard with a punch/chisel - don’t be shy, commit to it!!!
  2. Arb Trolley / Brash Cart

    My Stein arb trolley is one of the most home-made looking badly finished products I’ve ever bought tbh. I think that galvanised jobby looks a lot better (even if it is a blatant copy!).
  3. Forst ST6 Feed Roller Problem

    If you’ve got hydraulics working in one direction it is definitely electrical I’m afraid (unless it is linkage controlled spook block, which I’m sure it probably isn’t although I’m not personally familiar with the Forsts).
  4. Forst ST6 Feed Roller Problem

    I’d say electrics too - is there any chance something got fried when the welder was out? Did you disconnect the battery before welding? Hydraulic systems run at huge pressure and air locks don’t tend to be an issue (providing the pump gets oil). Check all the wiring would be my first port of call.
  5. Free Labour and Chipper for a day

    Karl - we are near Burnley wc 19th Feb doing some roadside works if you fancy joining the party. Nobody works for me for free though - pm me your availability and the back story as this sounds a bit odd/like a potential sales pitch TBH!
  6. Recovery winch for tree work.

    I’d agree - Winchmax are excellent. Very powerful, very reliable and amazing value for money. Any electric winch working hard and for long periods of time will soon show you any issues you have with your battery though.
  7. 2015 Greenmech Quadchip 160


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2015 Greenmech Quadchip 160. 6 inch chipper on turntable with 34hp Kubota turbo diesel engine. Excellent condition, only done 527 hours. White with chapter 8 livery - ready to go straight to work on a highways contract if so required. Sold fully serviced with brand new blades fitted. £9500 plus vat. Call Dan on 07970188050 for more information.


  8. Chipper help

    As you pull the cord out does it feel like it’s turning the engine over or is it just taking the slack out of the pull-cord mechanism (ie the engine is completely seized). I’ve managed to free of a seized (water in the cylinder and left to rust) Honda GX engine before now by pouring a load of wd40 down the plug hole and leaving for a couple of days then cracking it over with a bar on the end of the crank - it still runs perfectly on our jetwash 5 years later but it was a lucky save (and I only attempted it as a last resort before binning the engine).
  9. Eco plugs and neighboring trees

    We’ve had issues with glyphosate translocating through grafted roots of poplar and beech before, with other nearby trees dieing off. I wouldn’t personally ecoplug if you have same species being retained within the same potential rooting area.
  10. Any bargains out there . . .

    They manufacture Hardlife equipment so those shears are what you’d pay a fair whack more for if bought through the Bucket Warehouse. I’ve yet to hear from anyone who’s actually used one or seen one in operation though!
  11. Oil syphoning pump to drain hydraulic oil...

    Why don’t you crack a hose off the machine and let the digger pump it’s own oil out into empty drums? If it holds 75 litres pump out 65 and then faff about getting the rest out however you see fit. You can’t spill as much then.
  12. Oil syphoning pump to drain hydraulic oil...

    Get a cheap sacrificial paddling pool to park the digger on before you start - burn the evidence once done...
  13. £7.50 an hour?

    CS38 is aerial rescue - they are advertising for a groundsman then.
  14. Arborisk Renewal

    Try Lycetts too - they are a decent outfit.
  15. Arborisk Renewal

    I’d use them again - I believe their level of cover is very good. Just watch that you don’t give them any wiggle room!


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