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  1. We’ve had brand new Rotatec bars and chains twisting so much that they won’t cut (15’’ stuff, nothing special). Others have been fine. Quality control is terrible, and Saturn Machine Knives (Northern Arb Supplies/Rotatec/call them what you like as they are all the same outfit) aftersales is definitely not something you could reliably fall back on!).
  2. This was on another site a couple of weeks ago - the tractor was a loaner and apparently underpowered for this chipper but it was still doing a decent job. The walking floor self-loading is quite an unusual sight!
  3. This cracking setup is on site turning larch into biomass this week - lovely bit of kit (we are making it work hard though!). It was filling these walking floors in less than an hour (which is very good IME - an Albach will do the same in 20 mins but is 3 times more powerful and probably 4 times the price). The chip quality is very good too.
  4. Ultimate brash cart today - the Rototilt making the little Bobcat punch well above its weight loading this thing!
  5. I saw this at a dealers the other day and was really impressed tbh - looked a very smart, well screwed together tool.
  6. It’s a real long shot but if anyone is available to work in Atherstone tomorrow and/or Friday please give me a call on 07970188050. We’ve just had a client increase the scope of some works and could do with a couple of extra bods to help clear small trees and scrub from a site. No real experience necessary, just a decent work ethic and relevant PPE please! Cheers, Dan
  7. What age machine and which control box is fitted? Does it turn over with the key or do nothing at all? Check your fuses (not just blown but corroded blades/carriers). Check the connections on the back of the ignition switch. You might have to take the face panel off the control box to do this. Check your battery terminals and chassis earth.
  8. I think it’s UFKES - we had one on a job recently and I was really impressed! They were running this on a loaned tractor whilst there new one was being prep’d (swapping controllers over from the trade-in) and it was apparently massively underpowered - it still did a great job as far as I was concerned! I think they’ll build you pretty much what you want - mounted on tracks/with a bunker/self powered etc. Good bits of kit. IMG_5370.MOV
  9. You’d quickly plough a lawn with haybob tines if you were rough/me!…
  10. If you are working full time for one company then you should almost definitely be employed ‘on the books’ - Google IR35. ‘Grenade…..’
  11. AJ will knock him out in the first 6 rounds.


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