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  1. Completely on-site use. Anything with "Rover" in it seems expensive. Any other makes? Toyota has a good reputation ( tool of choice for ISIS ) Jimny gets a mention on some of the farming Facebook groups? Even the Fiat Panda 4x4 gets a mention; might be a bit stumped by the hills though. What do you think about ATV/quad bikes? Can they tow small trailers? We just need to move a small amount of wood every now and then, tools, not much else. I'd prefer something with a roof/roll-bar but if they will do the job, maybe worth looking at?
  2. So it's nearly six months since I first asked the question and all the advice has been really useful, thanks. I tried the zipline thing. It sort of worked, but more hassle than it's worth. The best piece of kit for moving wood and brush has turned out to be a Docma VF105 Red Iron two stroke capstan winch. I have a couple of 8 ton snatch blocks so can pull large tree trunks. I've just moved a very large ash and some smaller oaks and birches. It's an amazing piece of kit and with 100m of low stretch rope I can pretty much move anything I need to. For domestic use, it's perfect. For anything that needs lifting, a neighbour has an 8 ton excavator with tree grab I haven't completely solved the problem of moving stuff around though. We have some gulleys used to pull trees down (by horse) in the olden days. I've cleared them out and these could be used as a 4x4 track to get up and around the hills. So the next question is...what 4x4 could I get for a few grand that I can use to shift me, equipment and maybe a few logs around? Anyone do any green lane-ing?!
  3. As a PS: I'm getting a climbing helmet so didn't mind stripping the stinking Oregon helmet down. Using a knife, you can prise out the straps by lifting the inserts over the retaining bumps. Then you can hand wash them in hot water with the bicarb, washing powder, bleach, agent orange etc. I don't think you can do this too many times or the plastic will wear and the helmet will be less good if something hits you and the straps pop out too easy. But you can do it without having to wash the whole thing and get the ear defenders wet etc.
  4. I get to use my helmet without gagging. (I could probably have phrased that better 😁)
  5. And we have a winner! 👍 And keeping the old one indoors somewhere warm too. Thanks all.
  6. Ok, I'm probably not going to get many sensible replies, but I thought I'd ask anyway. My helmet stinks. The black webbing inside the helmet (not a climbing one) sort of smells of mildew from all the sweat. I wash everything but no joy. I'm guessing it's because it stays in an unheated garage and festers. No mushrooms yet, but give it time.. What do you lot do, or do you all smell of roses?
  7. So, I did some extra work over a weekend and put it towards the 12" Husqvarna T540iXP. Couldn't get a Bli200X for love nor money, so went with the bigger Bli300 (9Ah) battery. (And the Q330 charger) Thanks very much for all your suggestions. I came very close to the Stihl 161 + charger + 2 x batteries which would have probably been cheaper but wouldn't have made me as happy. And I'm glad I bought the 300 battery. With the wind the other night, we've has some trees down. The saw got a good workout (so did I) and I flattened the battery by the afternoon. 200X battery might give it short term extra grunt but being able to cut for longer is more important to me as it turns out. Lovely saw, it rips through wood super quick. Definitely something to use with caution - it feels like a toy compared with my 20" cheapo POS but cuts as fast/faster. Nice and "quiet" too.
  8. Thanks for all the comments. Are the warranties on the Stihl any good? Will they cover repairs to the oil pump? @gand - Do all the new ones have the Upgrade kit as standard? The T540iXP looks really good but it's got two problems; it's out of stock everywhere (which says something) and really expensive for me. The T540iXP is about £770, the Stihl about £500 - £270 difference. (That's another battery, a few beers and a bunch of flowers for the Mrs...) Scratching my head now. Sell a kidney and wait until next year, look at the Makita 36v or something else. Is there anything else? Something that will cut as fast as the Stihl
  9. A mate has a 10 year old Husqvarna on its first battery and it's still really good so I'm thinking of getting a one (for tree work and for quick jobs where I don't want to fire up my petrol saw). The makita seems popular here but looks a bit slow compared with the Stihl 161 T and the Husqvarna T535. The Stihl 161 T + battery + charger seems to be about £500. The Husqvarna T535 + battery + charger seems to be about £600. I'm leaning towards the Stihl but haven't used one. Has anyone used one and is it any good? Is the other one worth £100 more? That's only a tenner a year over a decade but still... (Stihl? 😁) What do you thinnk?
  10. 1% marketing? Thanks for the pic - "rubber/vegetable oil preparation" anyone? Google is showing me pastry recipes...
  11. Sorry if this is a numptie question, but what's in biodegradable chainsaw oil please? I'm sure I'm not the first, and won't be the last, to wonder whether cooking oil would do. I ran out of "proper" oil and because I was using a cheapo DIY chainsaw I used rapeseed oil. There was still oil left when the fuel was gone (so it wasn't too thin) and the fling was no worse than than the Rotatech biodegradable I had run out of. It's much cheaper too (and I don't have expensive chainsaws yet so probably won't make a big difference to me if it doesn't work). So I'm wondering now if they add something extra I don't know about which is important. Anyone know?
  12. Yes, we got an email with an apology in it a few days ago, which looked like a grown-up had drafted it for them. The excuse was basically "we phoned the previous owner who didn't tell us they'd moved but they still gave us permission". Which I think is complete nonsense. Then they tried to say that they hadn't climbed the trees, which is a bit odd, given the photo of them carrying climbing kit and the gaff holes which appeared in the trees at the same time. Basically they are still not telling the truth when all they needed to do was be honest and say they'd made a mistake and we could all move on. So they've been banned from our place for the foreseeable and there is a complaint going through BTO. Interesting to see if they close ranks or handle it properly.
  13. No. I'd sent the photos and a list of what they did. I guess they sent their excuses. 🙄
  14. Just heard from the Police guy dealing with it that they don't give crime numbers because offences under the Wildlife and Countryside Act are not recordable, but that they are looking into it. They've contacted the other lot.
  15. It's gone a bit quiet. The thing most people would do would be to come round and apologise. They have our contact details so I'm not sure if they are too ignorant to apologise, or have been told to keep quiet while they are investigated by the BTO (the people who license them). The thing is, before we knew they were with the GRMG, we reported them to the police. So now the Rural Crime Team are involved too. And now they are in trouble twice, all because they were too lazy to do the right thing. Sometimes "sorry" is enough, but right now I hope they find another hobby.


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