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  1. Brilliant everyone and cheers for all the replies ... always appreciated!!!! I was asking as I have a one off opportunity to grab a huge amount of wood that could last me for a long, long time but it'd be too much to store in my covered seasoning area and also will take ages to cut / split but could store it elsewhere uncut and do it bit by bit .... but if it was going to rot there's no pnt in picking it up as I'd then have dispose of it at a later stage. Cheers to all again πŸ˜ƒ
  2. I've read that fallen trees that lie on the ground start to rot and then aren't great for burning probably deteriorating more the longer they're left like that. I'm trying to find if A/. If it's cut into 6' Long sections, kept off the ground and piled in stacks (and if should it be covered or not) and B/. If it's cut, split and stacked in a covered well ventilated log store If they're both good kept like that will it last indefinitely?? Also interested if it's kept as per A .... Does it start to season albeit slower than if it's cut and split.
  3. Do agree with the comments ... he's a good lad and could have just taken my money but instead gave me professional advice ... very definitely one on the keep / recommendation list!!! Saw the comment about it getting brittle .... If it does get diseased, does it affect it's burn ability??
  4. He was saying it was 2 fold ..... reducing the tree now would firstly increase the chances it gets it but also he was saying there's an incredibly high chance it will get it anyway (reduced or not) and in which case I'd be paying to have it reduced now and potentially paying to have it cut down a year later because it's diseased .... in other words leave it and see if it gets it or not before deciding what to do. I was just surprised and hadn't realised how prolific it is and thought that without any other Ash trees in the immediate proximity it'd possibly give it a buffer but he doesn't seem to think so which is kind of what my query was about??
  5. What a complete twat I am .... no idea why I typed Deadline but cheers for pointing it out πŸ˜„
  6. I've just had someone round to get a quote to have some conifers and an Ash tree cut back and whilst we're fairly secluded where we are he said he wouldn't have any work done on the Ash as there's a very high chance it'd get Deadline .... especially as one of the Estate's about 10/12 miles away has quite a lot it and it seems to be spreading in this direction. I just wanted to ask if it really is that virulent or not and generally the chances of it getting it and percentage of trees affected and if some escape it?? EDIT: Meant Die back as Stubby pointed out 😡
  7. ^^^^^^^ Funny you should say that ... the thread and my post made me ring the guy to find out how much it was and it was Eqv to approx 4 Covers bags so about 2.25 cu m I have a covered sideway that's used for BBQ / garden chairs etc and there's easily spare room to take his initial delivery pus quite a bit more in there and will keep the more seasoned / ready to use there but also want to build an outside store and initially looked up the cost of wood and you can't make one for as cheap as they sell them so have started looking for used pallets as well.
  8. We've only just had a stove installed so needed some seasoned wood and paid Β£185 for what I think (but not sure) was 4 cu m (is that about what a truck full would be????). I'd love to find somewhere I could get some for free (or a bottle of wine / few packs of beer), would happily pick it up and cut / split it myself and leave it to season for next year. It'd be the whole difference between using the burner at weekends only because it's nice or using it to substitute gas central heating and using it everyday of the week when it's cold.
  9. Funny I should read this as I picked up some freebie willow and whilst it's not been seasoned I thought I'd try a bit to see if it burns as there's a load more I can go and get ..... It's on the burner as I read / am typing this and everyhing else in there's burning nicely and the willow's just sitting there taking up space .... don't think I'll bother picking up the rest.
  10. As gorgeous as they are they're powerful beasts .... years ago I was getting towards being in need of a hip replacement and our old lab (unfortunately not with us anymore) was playing and ran into me full tilt at the of a walk ... the pain was unbelievable, .... absolutely excruciating and my head started spinning badly and my vision going .... I know for sure if I hadn't of been standing next to a gate which I collapsed over to support myself I would have hit the deck. We've also looked after Canine Partners dogs at the weekends for 3 years and a couple of months ago The Mrs was playing with one in the garden that got excited and literally took her feet out from underneath her tossing her up in the air like a rag doll ... always seems funny to witness when you're not on the receiving end of it πŸ˜„ They're beautiful animals but strong and powerful for sure ... good luck with the recovery and sure you can find the appropriate medicine to aid your recovery and is best taken whilst sitting in front of a log burner on these cold evenings πŸ˜‰
  11. Cheers for everyone's input ... seems like there's no definate answer so guess I'll probbly keep doing what I have which is putting on 2 smaller one's with one bigger .... the smaller produce more flame and possibly help the bigger burn as well and seems to be a happy medium.
  12. In the end I bought a Makita Smart Log Sawhorse which arrived yesterday and I tried out today and I have to say what a brilliant piece of kit. I rang a seller as I'd seen such mixed reviews on the Draper ones and he instantly said they're made to "a budget" ... get the Makita as it's much better / stronger build quality and whislt I've not seen the Drapers I'm really pleased with what I've got, how easy it makes it and I think is much safer than having to try and cut them on the ground which ws my biggest priority!
  13. It's gas central heating although we're a bungalow and whilst we haven't had any really cold weather since having it installed a few weeks ago, when we light the stove I switch the heating off and it provides enough heat throughout the property. Can certainly get 3 logs in at a time if they're not all bigger ones.


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