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    I did take a look abd they're not lsiting a lot at the moment .... not sure if that's because of Covid or whether they've stopped doing them. Excel are the other company who seem to do it in the same area.
  2. People's thoughts on Class 1 vs Class 3 ??? I've also just found a similar thread going back to October .... Anyone tried the Lavoro Sherwoods or the Tree Hog Extreme's ??? EDIT: ^^^^^^^ I was typing as you posted 😊.... how did they come up size wise did you need bigger / smaller than the quoted ???
  3. A good call ... I'll give them a shout on Monday and see what they've got in stock in my size @Paddy1000111 I may also try the screwfix option ... even if I order in a couple of pairs and my feet are quite broad.
  4. Very recently bought a saw from them .... great guys .. their service is all pick up at the counter in the doorway at the moment not sure how they'd deal with trying on a few pairs ... I'll give them a shout Monday although theoreticlly shouldn't be driving there at the moment as it's probably not classed as "essential" travel.
  5. Seen a few posts saying teh same on teh sizing ... was going to get a 1/2 size under but sounds liek I should be looking for a size under .... this is where lockdown's such a pain otherwise I'd just find a stockist and try a few on.
  6. 😅 🤣 ... Literally just after I posted I started googling and within seconds discovered exactly that ... might be good in the bedroom for masochists with a rubber fetish though 🤣
  7. Looking at getting some boots but don't want to spend a fortune so really looking for budget ... at this stage anyway. Mainly for home use / crosscutting firewood but may try getting some part time work as a groundsman as well. I prefer the more conventional looking boots rather than bright orange and would use them for other things than just whilst sawing, I was looking at the Oregon Yukon Class 1 aand whilst overall the reviews seem quite reasonable there are a few saying they don't last long and the sole comes away. Oregon Yukon Leather Chainsaw Boots Class 1 WWW.RADMORETUCKER.CO.UK My saw is also about 26/27 m/s so theoretically should wear class 3 boots but saw some comments in a forum saying if you were to catch your boot with a saw it's highly unlikely it'd be when you're running it flat out so chances are it'll be less then 20 m/s which these are rated to. Flip side I'm not looking to enter a fashion parade so maybe I should just get something like the Stihl Class 3 Rubber boots Stihl Special Rubber Chainsaw Boots Class 3 WWW.RADMORETUCKER.CO.UK Any has experience with Oregon's and any other advice or suggestions for alternatives would be much appreciated!
  8. That is an incredibly generous offer and thank you .... not this Xmas but the one before I put leggings and helmet on my Xmas list so have both of those, this year I put money for boots on my list so have some burning a hole in my pocket but am waiting for the shops to be open so I can go and properly try some on but the offer was VERY much appreciated!
  9. Witterings


    Just realised I hadn't replied to this but based in The Witterings just south of Chichester I just had a look at the Roland Hemings which people hae suggested and certainly their cost of courses is quite competative ... I'll see if I can find out what their accomodation cost is.
  10. I did start doing research on this because if you're not allowed to work without it surely it should be tax deductable and then my day job got in the way so didn't get too far / time to post back in here and also what I found was inconclusive with limited time. What I found tended to say that if a Certification was mandatory it was tax deductable so would apply for a chainsaw .... so therefore ... surely the same would apply for a doctorwho's paid out for a degree. Personally I think it's all goverment grab as much money as they can .... it wasn't that many years ago University was paid for ..... now not only do you have to pay for it yourself (something I'm not actually against in a lot of ways) but if you take out a goverment loan / grant to pay fot it 5% f****g interest rates ... are u being f**ing serious with interest rates verging on negative ... what a complete f****g scam.
  11. Witterings


    I don't think they had an option for accomodation but the company I was looking at was Kingswood traing and the lady that took my call was incredibly helpfull but they're quite a way from where I am Home - Kingswood Training WWW.KINGSWOODTRAINING.COM
  12. Witterings


    For me looking at them as well ... location will unfortunately probably be my deciding factor. Some of the courses are 5 days so unless you can commute on a daily basis the cost's going to go through the roof if you have to pay for a room as well and would probably end up eating out / getting takeaways the whole time.
  13. Wonder if you'd get away with doing the chipper 1st as it's the cheapest, a few days work as a groundsman and then the chainsaw course ... if it not might be worth comparing doing the chainsaw course in 2 parts and then the chipper. What if you've worked as a gardener / landscaper, a chainsaw qualification could probably be justifiable ... I used to prune trees / cut branches with a handsaw .... "I just wanted to do it with a powered tool" and cutting branches isn't a new skill could be the arguement. Good old HMRC .... you've gotta love em 🤑
  14. Gosh .... I'm really shocked at that so googled it and you're right. I'm seriously surprised, so someone out of work can't go and get training and put it against tax to help them get a job and get off of benefits ... madness. I guess it's largely as they'd have a massive offset from anybody that had done a degree ... imagine all that tax they'd miss 🙄


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