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  1. And some more please if people don't mind, the 1st 5 are from 2 different piles at the same location and the last 2 are logs I've already chopped up.
  2. OK ... dryness makes sense as one side near it's base is concrete and the other is hardcore / shingle, the neighbour often uses a sprinkler on his grass under his so gets watered regulary. Cheers for the help!!!
  3. Thank you for that .... it's not causing a problem at the moment, it was just a fried said the other day is it good to be that close to the house / foundations. We do though have to cut right through it's root very close to the trunk as there's no alternative path for an outlet pipe for a sewerage treatment plant and am concerened it may harm the tree but have no choice.
  4. Anyone know what this might be as well and also it's awful close to the house, are it's roots likely to cause damage although it's been there a long time and doesn't seem to have done so far.
  5. I suddenly noticed our Silver Birch's leaves were turning brown about 10 days ago and our neighbours isn't and wondered if it's not well. I've attached a few pics of ours and also the neighbour's which are called neighbour 1 & 2 if anyone could comment would be appreciated!
  6. And a few more please ... I've included a few pics of what I believe are the stumps as well in case it helps.
  7. Cheers fro all the comments ....if it's Lime it's not a great burner and in terms of identifying trees it's mainly so I can pick out a few of the decent burning ones like Ask, oak, Elm etc and the just avoid the rest but totally get it probably is something learnt over time.
  8. Anyone have any ideas what the main bigger ones in the pics are??? Also does anybody know of any decent websites that help you learn to identify them myself??
  9. Decided to build my own over the weekend so herewith a couple of pics of the finished job.
  10. Just in case anybody happens to be searching and stumbles across this thread I bought the pferd and also got hold of some spare standard files in both 4mm which is the same as the pferd I ordered but also in 4.5mm to see if they fit. The 4mm were absolutely fine but the 4.5mm wouldn't fit as too wide so they obviously make the hole size different for each size they sell as opposed to having one main body and just putting different size files in them. Again thanks for everyone's help!!
  11. Think I'm probably going to go for either the Pferd or maybe an original Stihl one ... does anybody know if they're exactly the same and take the exact same same size / fit replacement files etc. Also can you use generic chainsaw files or are they made specifically for them like say these ones Chainsaw Chain Sharpening File 5/32"/ 4.0mm / 3/8" Picco or 1/4" Pitch Each - Genuine Stihl - OEM No. 56057724006 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Chainsaw File 5/32 and if you buy the 4mm body can you just swap out the files and drop a 4.8mm one in or would you need a 2nd body that'd have holes a specific size??? Finding it interesting .... there's an awful lot to learn and take on board when you 1st start looking into it 😰 😄
  12. Most saws of the above size seem to use a Oregon 91PX chain which is 4mm file size and compatible with the Stihl 2 in 1 easy file but this uses a 90PX which use a 4.5mm file ... but the easyfile only comes in 4.8mm as teh next smallest size but I'm guessing that's too big??? Ideally I'd like to just use 1 file for all the saws I have and it'd be cheaper to buy a new chain than a 2nd easy file as I'm guessing the generic 4.5mm files won't fit in an easy file either?? Someone suggested that the Stihl Pico Micro Mini has the narrower gauge and could be an alternative ... is there any risk that could do any damage to the saw as they may chosen the specific chain to lessen any strain on an electric as opposed to petrol powered motor ???? Stihl Picco Micro Mini 3 3/8" x .043" (1.1mm) WWW.CHAINSDIRECT.CO.UK <p><span style="font-size: 14pt;">STIHL Picco Micro Mini Chainsaw Chain - 3/8" x .043" (1.1mm)</span></p> <p> </p> <p><span style="font-size: medium;"><span style="font-size:... If anybody can help with any of the above it'd be much appreciated!
  13. I've got a bit of a covered side way which is just that cheap corrugated plastic roof and keep a lot of my logs under there but am about to get a bigger supply of unseasoned wood and am looking for a storage solution and there's not enough space for both under there. If it's chopped and stacked in the open air, in the summer it'll get direct sunlight but if it rains it'll also get wet ... will it still "season" and if I move it to under cover 4 weeks before it's used .... although probably in the winter at that stage or does it need to be kept dry from start to finish. I guess what I'm asking is does the seasoning dry out the center of the wood and is rainwater just on the surface??? Reason I ask I think these designs are absolutely brilliant and cheap as chips but they don't have a roof https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/AUnfe_W7b7dSA5tAhVhQO8N_P2h7ayCABt5Y0RG0Bunx7EaejZK8ux8/ An unbiased review of Ted’s Woodworking. The truth may shock you (With images) | Outdoor firewood rack, Firewood storage, Firewood shed WWW.PINTEREST.CO.UK Jun 9, 2019 - Much has been said about Ted's woodworking. Some good and some bad but in my opinion I can't really find fault with Ted's Woodworking.
  14. Cheers for that much appreciated and for everyone else's input as well 😄


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