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  1. Why did you want a pink one anyway ... to match your handbag ?? ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Trust the dog to get the best spot ... gosh we're mugs ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. Just so you know where I got the idea from I just googled indoor log store and hit images as per link below and scrolled through them all indoor+log+store+ideas - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM This was the one I did it closest to Image: wood under TV | Wood store, Log store indoor, Firewood storage WWW.GOOGLE.COM Found on Google from pinterest.com Just for info, it does keep the loose debris in as well, you can see I put a "border" on the bottom / to the side and generally push the logs back so they're just behind the border which I'm sure helps retain most of the bits. I've subsequently put a divider down the middle behind the main strut just for better "rotation" of what's driest and when one sides empty just stick the pointy bit of the hoover in to suck up anything from the floor. The other thing I love about it, the wires that came out of the stereo that was previously standing on a unit were everywhere and a complete freaking mess. The shelf is 2 boards deep and then a 60mm strip at the rear which is enough to get a UK plug down through. I decided where I wanted the stereo etc. placed and pulled all the wires together with a big re-usable zip tie and then cut the strip to the correct size either side of the wires and put it back on with some supports coming from underneath with "retainers" to stop them moving. Lastly I got some hardboard and placed it as a false back painted in the same wood dye, made a cut in the middle and secured both pieces held in place with a couple of kitchen door magnets, drilled 2 holes and put a quality bit of 3/4mm rope from a chandlers through them to create a loop ... something to get hold of so I can pull it off the magnets and slide one of the pieces to the side to easily access the wall plugs / wiring behind. It's transformed an area that looked like a bombsite to being a feature instead whilst serving 2 useful purposes for very little money .... in relative terms. Anyway hope either that or some of the links I provided are of help.
  4. Built myself a log store which also couples as shelving, it's made out of cheap scaffolding type board and then just some wood dye and have a small basket on the shelf with firelighters / kindling.
  5. Mark Hi, Cheers for that but if they're these and you say the waist is 36" (guessing that means the 34-38") it shows the inside leg as 32.5" which is way too big. If you were down the road I'd say maybe they were worth at least trying but unfortunately you're not but thanks anyway. STIHL DYNAMIC Trousers | Design A WWW.SAM-TURNER.CO.UK Certified cut resistance. Re-inforced knees. Tough trouser fronts. Breathable, waterproof, thorn resistant material. Elasticated back with ventilation zips. Large thigh & mobile...
  6. Interesting to see the more recent comments combined with ....... whilst my logs were delivered seasoned they've been getting dryer and dryer which also seems to have helped but a couple of other things I've noticed which goes in line with what others have said ... "You'll learn what your fire's like over time". I watched one manufacturers video that suggested all the logs should be placed parrallel from front to back in a row so did this for quite a few evenigs .... I find this leaves all of the logs lying on a bed of embers with no air able to get underneath then which kills half the flame ... get a poker move them around and they come to life so personally I'd call BS on that. The other is how much the wind affects it / the draw on the flue, lots of wind just seems to want to burn like crazy so you seem to need to choke it more .... last couple of evenings virtually no wind and it just ticks away beautifully with the vent half open. Almost to the extent you wonder if the top of the flue could do with something to shield it from high winds. Whatever it is though I much prefer it to the central heating ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. Think I fall into the same category so they may br my best bet. Happy New Year to you as well and everyone else on here. I looked up what info I could on them and think the leg would be way too long but thank you for the offer.
  8. Let me know what size they are and I may be interested ... the below will tell you if they may fit or not. OK ... so as I type this I'm wearing a 34" waist pair of M&S jeans that I think are on the genorous side as if I don't keep the belt cranked right in I'll look like a student with them hanging on my ankles which would't be a pretty site and most of my trousers as a 36" waist so put these on my Xmas list .... 35/37" Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Trousers Black / Orange 35-37" (88-93cm) Waist 30" (76cm) Leg | Chainsaw Trousers | Screwfix.com WWW.SCREWFIX.COM Order online at Screwfix.com. Abrasion-resistant, 2-way stretch polyester fabric. Buttons on front and back to attach braces. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes. As there was no way the 2 halves were ever going to meet without a vheese cutter being onvolved took them back and changed them for the 38/39" waist and whilst I can get them on .... feels like they are the cheese cuter to do so and qiuite a few of the reviews say they come up small so they're going back as well especially as I've 2"'s of unwanted material waiting to trip me up on the leg, Does anyone happen to know if the Husky ones come up "truer" to size ... I've tried googling leg length and you can't find it anywhere Husqvarna Classic Protective Trousers - World of Power WWW.WORLDOFPOWER.CO.UK Husqvarna occasional use chainsaw trousers with class 1 type A protection. Zipped pockets. Reliable and fast delivery from World of Power. If these don't work it'll be back to the Oregon chaps on the basis of something is better than nothing.
  9. Bit of an afterthought but why don't people like chaps as opposed to trousers??
  10. These are the ones I was given so just need to change the size, seems pretty unanimous in favour of trousers over chaps so will exchange for the next sie up and a big thank you to all for their input!!!
  11. Not sure whether to go for chaps or trousers and hear plus's an minus's for both, I was given a pair of Oregon trousers for Xmas but the waist sizing is ridiculously out which means I'll have to change them and will need to go up a size in waist so the leg will then be 2"'s longer than my normal trouser leg which may possiby mean the risk of having something to trip you up .... the last thing you'd ever want with a chainsaw in your hand .... the chaps have a much shorter leg. I've read that chaps get caught in bush sometimes but are better to wear in the summer as trousers can be too hot, I've also heard trousers can be cold on the back of thw legs in winter so people end up having to wear long john's under them. Interested to hear which people prefer and also why, mine will just be for occasional use probably 1/2 doz to a dozen times a year just for cutting up logs for a wood burner so won't be doing much climbing through undergrowth if any.
  12. This is me being totally anal but having recently had a wood burner installed (should have done it years ago .... had an open fire 18 years ago) I love everything about it and want to do the most I can to enjoy it both from a functional / economical prespective as well as an esthetic and man instinct point of view ... who does't love a fire. I'm sure they're probably pretty much the same that for at least the 1st half hour or so quite a lot of wood and a decent flame provides a decent bed of embers for whatever you do after that. My cycle once it was going well and had the vents closed down a bit was wait until it dies down a lot (but still decent embers) and then putting another 2 / 3 logs on ... it'd do nothing for a while and then go crazy as all 3 went up together and repeating this cycle which also made the room unbearably hot when it's not that cold. As it was going more than I needed I'd then try and close the vent down more so it's almost "chokes it" and it seems to get lots of soot on the glass and the flame is pretty naff. Last couple of times ... fire it up well and instead of all or nothing, wait until the logs are 1/2 to 3/4 burnt but still have a decent flame and then add one more (instead of 2/3), you get a generally more consisent flame which is lovely to look at (and seems to keep the glass clearer) and repeat ... it seems to keep the heat more consitent along with the flame and I would have thought possibly more efficient all round. As I said ... this is me being totally anal about something I throughly enjoy and interested to hear what works best for others in case I'm missing a trick.
  13. Very hit or miss ... seems like it's missing as you try to rev it up to cut and then catches up but seems "under pressure" with a load .... I took it into D & M today and they've tweaked it so will give it a proper try as soon as it's not tipping it down and hopefully it's resolved. They did comment the exhausts on these do sound a bit different to some of the other makes.
  14. Yes only had it 5 weeks and not used that much yet ... it seems to have got worse since I've had it
  15. Certainly scrounging it is the way to go and something I will try to do ... have been out today and picked up a load of pallets to build a log store for if I do manage to so I have more storage for seasoning. Certainly our lounge is a lot warmer with the burner going than the CH and I sit by a draughty window in a not well insulated outside wall and there's an old flat roof so the burner makes it a lot nicer and warmer to sit in for sure!!!


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