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  1. Must admit I'd thought about taking Asprin for a week or so after having it, I also have some of the injections they give you to stop clots after an opeartion left over and thought about possibly using them.
  2. That's heart wretching .. really is!
  3. Apologies my bad ... I wasn't very clear with that response ... the answer would have been to spike up it before the 1st cut and take the top down to a level where it was below the branch of the other tree that was going to cause it to get hung ... if that'd been done it would have been a really simple fell.
  4. Love this bit the most 😄 I've also been watching the Dutchman / Swinnging Dutchman and Soft / Ultra Soft Dutchman vids I just fimd the whole thing fascinating for ome reason The point you make about "they don't always work" ... the guy who took the tree down said there was a twist in the trunk before he started and also the heavier side of canopy was towards the neighbours property. Afetr he'd done it I said would I have been mad to of done it myself and he said you may have got lucky.
  5. Apologies and have corrected the typo
  6. Gosh ... people in glass houses ..... ill is when someone's not well ... like someone that has covid because they didn't want the vaccination .... what I believe you meant is I'll it has a capital I and an apostrophe so you're criticising other people's grammar when you're fairly illiterate yourself. Pot calling and all that 😂
  7. Can you include me in that list please ... I'd consider it a badge of honour 🤣
  8. OK ... so please explain how it's in the government's interest to impose this on us and how they're going to benefit from it at the next election?
  9. Sounds like you want to go off one one so you press on with that ... my comment was just being subjective but it seems like you just want to create an argument in an empty room and believe it's all a conspiracy so I'll leave you to it.
  10. As you say it is expensive hence why I didn't go with it ... overall in the summer we tend to be if it's nice and sunny sit in the garden, if it's that bit chillier sit inside with the doors open ... my motivation to get something was I think we'll be socialising outside for a while yet and didn't want to be cold / evenings cut short with friends. If I felt it actually transformed what we did with the extra heat may look at one in the future although I think what we have will probably do for the foreseable. EDIT: Meant to say your idea of adapting one yourself to suit without too much expense kind of hits the nail on the head??
  11. You're dead right this is actually the answer .... the more I learn about felling the more you realise how litte you actually know and in reality this is probably the only really safe way it should be done and not by a home owner like myself but a pro instead. Think I got lucky on it although I do think caution helped that and it wasn't a big tree or I never would have tried it.
  12. Rushing through vaccines will always carry a risk and this unprecidented pandemic kind of forced their hand on it, hopefully much as they'll be able to "tweak" it for mutations in the future they can find out what causes the clots and tweak that as well. Funny though it seems to affect the young more, they're the age group most likely to have had Covid and not realised / been a symptomatic so wouldn't surprise me if it was something to do with that and they either have it at the time of the jab or have had it and not known as Covid itself is heavily associated with clots.


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