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  1. If it's a fairly smallish area you might want to look at Yurt or Tent Stoves Tent Stoves – Original Outbacker Stoves OUTBACKERSTOVES.CO.UK Outbacker® Hygge Oval Stove | Full Package OUTBACKERSTOVES.CO.UK Oval bell tent wood burning stove. Full kit, ready to be installed 3 x 100mm (4") wide flue pipes included. Includes spark...
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    That's funny 😅
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    It's been good althought it was quite a few years ago I had it done, a couple of years ago though I started cyclying much longer distances like 50 miles and that can aggravate one of them, the other (had both done) is like there was never anything wrong with it.
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    B**&^s to that .... youch ...... I had a hip replacement and they gave me a spinal and whilst not a general anaesthetic I was very heavily sedated, I came round to feel a tugging on my leg and heard a banging and the room smelt acrid of burning flesh as they were hammering the new hip into the leg of the bone, I was so spaced out I didn't give a monkey's and remember saying something. The anaesthetist must have realised I was coming round and given me a dosage as I was straight back out again. I don't think that's always the case, the 1st surgeon I saw was hoping to do me via keyhole, the 2nd surgeon I saw said it just wouldn't work as it was too big a repair (it may have got worse with the delays in surgery from being cancelled once before covid and a 2nd time because of covid) and there was absolutely no point as I'd be back in having it done again so I think they probably have to take into account what's best for the situation.
  5. Witterings


    1st one to the side of my groin was fine in normal day to day standing and walking around but got discomfort when coughing or sometimes sittng say when driving ... it could be "annoying" for 3/4 days and then not have a repeat for weeks. Lived with that for ages thinking I must get it checked at some stage and never got round to it, it was when I had other problems and the consultant was examining me he instantly said you've got a hernia there. The others, whilst no pain initially the main issue was a bulge at the top of my stomach .... a friend commented why do your shirts look like they've been ironed over a Wok and that was what made me finally get them checked out having noticed the lump myself. With cancelled operations it was a couple of years before surgery, they got slowly worse but in the end the pain became intense for a few days after I'd done any excercise like a 45 mile cycle. It felt like the worst indigestion / heartburn possible ... however much you tried to belch or take indigestion tablets nothing would relieve it and at times it was excructaiting lasting 2/3 days. I haven't had these systems once since the day of the operation. Think my advice would be if you think you may, get it checked out. They'll only get worse and the soonder you have them repaired the lesser damage to repair and the greater the chance of it being a success.
  6. Witterings


    Had 4 hernia's manly caused by some other surgery I'd had, was due to have them seen to in Oct 2019 and was cancelled a couple of days before I went in due to cancer patients. It was re-booked and due to happen before the 1st lockdown and that got canned as well. They came back in October last year and it all happened incredibly quickly and was having it done 2 weeks later in November. Had open surgery and a complete stomach wall reconstruction going right down to one in the groin, the recovery was fine although I was told not to lift a 1/2 full kettle for the 1st few weeks and had to wear a support ..... 3 months and I was back to normal.
  7. Ironic part of my light hearted humour ... I do quite a bit of cycling and there have been various studies about what colour clothing stands out the best ...... green can fade into a field's background etc.etc. .... pink is probably the best all round colour to be seen!!
  8. As long as the person that gave him with the wood can't be prosecuted for suppling it with a high moisture content then that's fine 🤣 😂
  9. Thinking this through further .... my dad's 89 (mum 88) and I've only ever known them have a gas boiler, I don't think they'd know which end of a log to put on a fire and he certainly wouldn't have a clue about which woods are good to burn let alone how dry they should be but I do reckon he'd be scammed a lot more easily than I would and that's only due to age as he's smarter than me. Maybe they had open fires when they were kids (rings a bell my mum being asked to fill the coal bucket) but it's been that long anything they may have learnt then would probably be long since forgotten and they probably wouldn't have had anything to do with ordering in fuel for the fire ... I'll ask them next time I speak with them, be interesting to see what they say.
  10. A good point I hadn't thought about that, was just thinking that the older are more susceptible to being scammed.
  11. I'm really not trying to create an argument but if you can't season it properly maybe you shouldn't be in the business of selling it and if your client base includes pensioners they're not quite so clued in as to what seasoned wood actually is and are much more likely to unknowingly burn unseasoned wood (or pay a premium for wood they believe has been seasoned but hasn't) than someone younger who hasn't started loosing their faculties? This if anything is potentially one positive argument in favour of the legislation?
  12. I'm sure in due course you'll have to sign up and then pay an annual fee .... it's otherwise known as stealth tax.
  13. ^^^ That I didn't know ... won't part of those readings depend on what stove you're using as well, are people with older stoves obliged to update to newer cleaner stoves?
  14. Who's going to get fined or visited, it seems the legislation is aimed at sellers as opposed to end users which may not be a bad thing as it'll help stop people selling wet wood as "seasoned". Even if the user was liable I don't really see what the legislation's going to achieve and how they'll prove it. Plod turns up at 9.00pm suspecting someone of burning unseasoned wood, they have no right to search the property without a warrant and by the time they come back with a warrant the next day (which I think is highly unlikely) the evidence has been burnt 🤣. If we have a storm and I as an end user get some branches blown off a tree in my garden and to "tidy up" decide to put them on the log burner that night am I liable to prosecution and anything else that's still "wet" is being seasoned? Whole thing seems like a bit of farcicle posturing that's cost the tax payer a shed load of money just to get discussed and even more money to create a pretty unenforceable law.


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