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  1. In my early days in this industry I started working for a well-off elderly couple who had (amongst many other trees in a large well-stocked mature garden) an absolutely knackered weeping willow leaning precariously over their pond. It was infested with numerous fungi and was ready to fail imminently. When I pointed this out and suggested removal they told me that they had been paying a well known (inter)national Arb Association Approved Contractor to ‘treat’ the tree for several years! They wanted to leave the tree in place as were convinced it would get better... As far as I’m concerned whoever sold them this course of treatment and subsequently kept billing them to administer the snake-oil was no better than the door-knocking tarmac layers we always hear about marching old ladies to the cash machine. (Within 12 months the willow failed spectacularly into the pond and was a right ball-ache to remove!).
  2. A new rat-dog has entered the fold... Meet Bandit, my late Jack Russell’s grandson! I wouldn’t have rushed to have two puppies so close in age but couldn’t say no when we heard about this litter! Saying that, the other puppy (Mando, the Rhodesian Ridgeback) doesn’t look quite so puppy-esque any more. He’s done some growing in 7 months (for scale our lab isn’t small)!
  3. Looks a nicely thought out and fabricated bit of kit! What are the bolt-on eyes on the top plate for?
  4. Was the Dartline boatyard at Bunbury locks? That’s my neck of the woods if so - one of the Johns lives at Church Minshull now.
  5. Yeah, Tebay is the other one. I was in there yesterday coincidentally!
  6. Good luck J (and more importantly, Katie). I was half way up a hill in a digger supposed to be feeding a chipper in floods of tears in December under very similar circumstances.
  7. If you are still looking at these next week I’d give you £300 for them. I’m sure you will have sold them by then though!
  8. My Merlo hitch (which looks pretty much identical to yours) has a check valve built in, and never moves. Not sure if it’s relevant, especially if yours didn’t always drop.
  9. Are you having to load on that sort of angle? Does the crane ever struggle for slewing power to bring the logs into the bunk?
  10. I used to run a 30 inch bar on a 7900 and it pulled it/oiled it fine.
  11. This thread all of a sudden has a really seedy grooming feel about it... (Like any thread that Samantha posts in, but now with a fella as the target/victim!)
  12. How should I store the milled green timber cladding? It would be a lot to sticker - would that be necessary? Should it be kept indoors once cut?
  13. I’m not keen on bringing anything potentially infected home tbh.
  14. We are going to extend our house and (subject to planning) are hoping to clad the outside with larch. I am currently felling a load of larch and am thinking of buying some from the landowner for this purpose. However, it’s unlikely that I’ll need the cladding until next year in reality. The larch is being felled because it is infected with phytopthera - it can only be taken off site once de-barked so I’ll mill what I need on site (I can’t remove whole logs for storage). What would be the best way of milling/storing the cladding? Is it best to mill/plane it just before use, and store it as full ‘squared logs’/dimensional timber until then? How should this timber be stacked as it will obviously be green? It’s all being used as external cladding so I have no intention of kiln drying it, but I do have plenty of dry internal storage space if necessary. Many thanks for any input!
  15. What sort of MEWP was it? A genie-lift type machine?
  16. I’d try a different petrol station - that sediment has come from somewhere (and more than likely passes through a carb no probs). Can you get a 10-micron pre-filter (even if you have to plumb a couple in parallel to allow enough flow)? Fuel injection systems are more susceptible to bad fuel than old-fashioned carburettors sadly.
  17. We’ve had that issue with a Cabstar - the intercooler is pretty exposed down low.
  18. Fence it off/prevent people from walking under it with informative signage explaining the management decisions and leave to nature would be my thoughts.
  19. I’d prepare yourself for living in the house with the trees exactly as they are to be honest - if you don’t like them now then there is a good chance that you will grow to dislike them further as time goes by. Assuming they are healthy you are unlikely to get very far attempting to prune them significantly enough to alter your overall perception of them - they will always be large trees shading the front of that property. Drain issues are unlikely to be a reason for their removal either - more than likely any problems with the drains will be a result of badly installed drainage and can be rectified in such a way that in future the issues won’t reoccur (but putting it right can be expensive, and has to be done in such a way so as to cause the trees no harm). I’d only buy that property if you are happy to keep it as-is - you are taking a real gamble buying it with a tpo in place and expecting to change the frontage more to your liking.
  20. Class 2 doesn’t let you tow, which is what most arb firms want/need. You’d also need class 1. If you have this in mind in the future anyway then go for it as opposed to just doing your trailer licence, as that won’t get you any closer to truck driving. However, if you don’t envisage becoming a Yorkie eating, gayby dwelling, prostitute murdering trucker in the future then just do your towing test!
  21. I wouldn’t put more than 10 sheep on 4 acres and expect not to input additional feed in winter tbh - even that could be too many.
  22. Read this as ‘Me and Mark take it in turns being daddy. We both enjoy being mummy a bit too much and try to pretend this isn’t the case by being incessant internet bellends. Most evenings you will find us arguing over who is going to be little spoon’.
  23. How big is the container? My telehandler will happily pick and carry an empty 20 footer.
  24. I love the Navaras, have had 4 from new and would have had a 5th if the dealers weren’t so flaky. I prefer them to the Hilux I’ve ordered tbh!
  25. I’ll confirm ASAP if the first pass can be done with a flail. The final pass will be no problem I’m sure.


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