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  1. PeteB

    The Wee Chipper Club

    In theory, using or supplying a non compliant machine could lead to prosecution or an insurance claim. Providing a non compliant machine for someone to use is something that we, as a manufacturer is a hot topic and the hoops we have to jump through is a constant worry!
  2. PeteB

    led trailer lights?

    I got a 67 plate Ranger, GreenMech use led lights and the factory fitted trailer socket gets a double beep in cab but they work at usual speed! 13 pin socket is better and reversing lamps on trailer is a useful bonus too!
  3. PeteB

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Not sure that the 360 degree is CE compliant to be honest! Does look very good, a tad like the GreenMech but is it only one cylinder? Is it a genuine engine or maybe a Chinese copy? I seem to remember that infeed chute needs to be longer to comply too....
  4. PeteB

    What Tracked Chipper???

    Alan Oldfield at Beaver has a few bargain units going. Both ex-hire fleet Jensen and GreenMech STC1928
  5. PeteB

    United Colours of GreenMech!

    Something else going through production. The little orange tractor mount is an export job and they want to tow a small trailer bending it to blow into!
  6. PeteB

    New branch logger in action

    We really rate those branch loggers, they have to have a really strong gearbox and rollers though for the size of timber they process. Shame that they produce a short log too. Pretty dangerous with no reverse or simple way of stopping the infeed. I do quite like the rotary guillotine loggers, M Large do one which you just load a magazine with billets or log lengths and it works well. They are for bigger diameter stuff rather than brash, but still, quite inventive and simple!
  7. PeteB

    New branch logger in action

    I'd check the rating of the shear bolt rather than have a plate. Those clutches need a set torque setting and working that out would be a task! Yet a shear bolt could be down in size or material. Start with M8 at 8.8 and see how it fairs. As you say, it is a cheap weak link!
  8. PeteB

    Anybody seen these in action?

    Very similar to the Multicar that was around in the 80's and 90's and again more recently. Brought into the country by Brian Croll who had an office in Dunstable.
  9. PeteB

    Farm wood chipper

    List price for a 6” tractor mounted unit is some way under £8g plus vat! Sorry, wine has befuddled my mind tonight, exact list will be put up some time later. Okay?
  10. PeteB

    Hydraulic ram help

    That is a solenoid valve! An electric tap.....it could be a switch over valve to go from electronic pump to manual pump! Try following the cable to find a switch. 12volts are passed through a coil and that produces a magnetic field. The brass bit is the solenoid, once that is excited by the magnetic field and internal rod is pulled back which allows oil to flow. Do not overtighten the fixing that holds the coil onto the solenoid as it can crush the coils and cause it to fail.
  11. PeteB

    Farm wood chipper

    Personally, I'm agin our dealership folks putting anything other than list price on webpages. The whole idea of having dealerships is so that people have the comfort of buying locally, starting a relationship with the supplier that can have other benefits going forward. The list price can be discounted by an amount by the chap who may have to look after it (and you) and a deal done. If a webpage just says £X then there is little left to talk about! If you care to pm me, with your location, I'll have a local sales chap give you a valid quote and talk to you about your needs rather than a "buy it now"
  12. PeteB

    Farm wood chipper

    I would recommend that if you buy a used machine that you take someone with you who knows what to look for, check the history with the importer/supplier, consider who is going to sell spares for it, service it and buy something that does represent good value to you. Ideally, buy something that may have a future value should you change your mind and need to sell it. Buy something that suits your tractor and complies with current regulations and hopefully, buy British. With your budget, the search might take time, but something will come along eventually. Yes, I would prefer you to buy a GreenMech, that is because I work for them. But, please, please, please, think on some old adages like buy cheap, buy twice. You cannot polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter. Quality costs! And to those who peddle sub standard equipment, I would say "shame on you for taking advantage of the unknowing!"
  13. PeteB

    Farm wood chipper

    Sorry, just reread this and my personal opinion is that you should not be supplying dangerous equipment if that is your general attitude.
  14. PeteB

    Farm wood chipper

    I love your last statement/sticker. I have come across one on a GreenMech that said "Not to be operated by +*&%wits!". I would agree with you - heads in oven, fingers from spinning things etc. But, I'm sure that the current CE regs say something on the line of having a flat infeed chute (or sloping up) if there is powered infeed. The length of the infeed also counts, as does the height and operation of the control bar and function of the controls. One point (whether you care or not, see the relevance or not) is that the discharge chute should only rotated by more than something like 270 degrees and not be able to be turned and pointed towards those feeding the infeed chute - irrespective of whether it bangs into the tractor! I'm not knocking or mocking you or your product as there is a place for everything and not everyone can afford or need a quality, British built, fully compliant 'chipper. Personally, I would not give it yardspace anymore than I would promote a big chainsaw with a chainbrake and AV cage...just saying...


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