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  1. We have a fleet policy with the AA. From breakdown to getting home will be in excess of 12 hours. I’ve broken down three time’s and on each occasion, they add insult to injury with the time it takes to get things done! I understand that they have to prioritise the jobs but why carry it three miles and dump it there for another five hours? Surely they are more capable than that!?! Fords? To be honest, it can happen to any vehicle, and I’ll campaign for another make next time but can guess that to will cause me grief at some point! Such is life!
  2. Update! I had been using the wrong grade of Adblue! Bless me for buying the stuff off forecourts! The tank won't seal now they had it out and Ford warranty doesn't cover this so we are having a row with the Ford Relationship people. In addition to this, I got use our old 63 plate with 115k on the clock. That ate the turbo on the way to a demo at lunchtime today. I'm still sat in Knutsford Services while the sort a truck to take me to the factory to drop it off and get to go home in a van! They did move me some three miles so I got coffee and toilet mind........
  3. They have had a good run of things I'll admit and that that is better for the consumer as it makes all of the competitors up their game! However, the OP asked the question, and I don't think that they should be compared as easily as that. Both chip well and are reasonably priced. Me? If I was still running Barrowcliffs which ended some 20+ years ago, I'd buy what my local dealer sold and could support. Back then, chipper dealers where in short supply, but Mitchell's (Outdoor Power Tools, Platts Harris) and Eddy George, my local Ag Engineer/Wizard did stuff for me and would have supported TW, Vermeer or GreenMech. I never mentioned the GM130/150/165 in my post earlier either out if respect to the OP....
  4. Okay, not a brand comparison, but really a model comparison either? Which model TW agin the Forst? A comparison should be like for like, one is supported through a network of dealers while the other isn't. One (TW160), is designed to be under 750kg while the other isn't. One is British developed from a company with manufacturing pedigree while the other is a spin off of a foreign made machine which its core design features from derived from. Okay, that last is a tad cheeky as plagiarism is the best form of flattery!
  5. I'm told that the measurements are based on the three levels, 33%, 66% and 99%. The computer basis usage on driving style and prophesies when you need to fill up. The first trigger might read 1500 mile and count down depending on style etc. When you refill it, it will recalibrate itself. Ford say it is an 18ltr device but regularly put 20 LTRs in! My driving style is usually long trips on the cruise control and towing so classed as heavy. Several people have told me that "the wrong arbour" is bullshine!
  6. Was with a SafeTrac today, recently had some running issues which seemed to clear once new filters had been fitted. I looked at the inline and it had black sludge in it! Advised the users to keep the tank full and keep filters in the van and at next service, pull and clean the tank! Wonder if I get this in my Ranger next when they finished sorting the Adblue issues!
  7. That ad on evilbay states 'for off road use only'. My local MOT chap told me a few years ago that is an Inspector, he has been told to fail anything that looks like it has been altered/modified or doesn't look standard. The owner has to prove that he hasn't chopped it or refit the original system! Plus, at £850 for something, it may not suit every budget!
  8. I went the other year, on a cold a grey day. Horrifying to think that there are people who deny the Holocaust happened! Just seeing where the end game happened was numbing. Krakow was good, stayed in the old square, spent a while just drinking and taking it all in.
  9. Just what I've been told, not seen it nor understand it!
  10. Im told that because it is so caustic, there is no 'float' but a set of three sensors which are double probed and a current passes between the probes. These measure at 33%, 66% and 99% and work with the computer and other sensors! Why on earth they mix Urea with purified water in Holland and ship it in "use once" sturdy plastic drums and then think it is a good idea to squirt it into a hot exhaust is beyond me! Why not make a cleaner engine! I rang Ford relationship and they confirm that warranty is a 3 years or 60,000 miles on a commercial vehicle but they may have a goodwill fund available for up to 5 years or 100k miles.......
  11. My GreenMech towtug is a 3.2 Auto Ranger. In use for close on 18 months and done 82k. Okay, I tow a lot, often big loads and long trips - mainly on the cruise control. Upto recent history, I was fairly anal about using Shell V Power etc, serviced by a Ford spot when needed and Adblue was either of the forecourt or from a GreenMech dealer. As a measure - Motorway services charge more for a ten litre than an AG dealer does for 20! No one could tell me what average Adblue usage is so I have no comparison - but, with a long trip towing 3 tonne to Scotland and back, it would really use the stuff and I would seem to get through 20 litres in a few thousand miles. Other times, it may be a couple of months before any more was needed. Recently, I ran the clock down to less than 200 miles to go before 'no restart', filled it with 20 litres and away again. Ran the clock down to 140miles then another 20 litres (the gap was about 2500 miles mixed driving). The system should reset but this time, on restart, it said 605 before no restart. This went down to 142 between Glasgow and Carlisle. I tried to get more in but it would only take about 4 litres. I got it into my garage some 800 miles late with it still reading 142 - it actually rose to 160 on the day I took it in. After much head scratching, testing and emails to and fro, Ford say that the tank internals may have been damaged by me from using the wrong grade of Adblue. More so, no warranty is available as it is older than one year and more than 60k! You may remember the last Ranger I had was a friday nighter too! Anyone heard of Adblue issues in Rangers or the wrong grade of Adblue? Ford relationship centre and going to get a request for clarification....
  12. Give Beaver Plant a ring, they have a variety of sizes to go!
  13. I'll have to check but I'm pretty sure that a GreenMech ArbTrak200 in Poland did 3000 hours in a year!
  14. I got an 090 in an AV cage, 20+ year old 088 and 039 Farm Boss in a bucket!
  15. There is a stairway at Gristwood and Tom's place in Shenley full of old keltor, try them? Take a stand at a show?


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