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  1. This is going on ebay soon enough. I got a slight repair to do and a good clean and sharpen and she will get listed! New in 1997 from Charles Hill's and used on several jobs before I started working for GreenMech in 1999. Apart from a couple of jobs for mates, she has been sat in the shed! Works as she should and comes with another chain which is new but a different length.
  2. I didn't realise for many years that the 'H' symbol is actually modelled on the fore site of a rifle on a barrel! Links back to the armaments division.
  3. Just to quash a rumour given out in Scandinavia, the GreenMech Evo 165/45LE is available in all of the region! We have never switched off from supplying anywhere but the rumours that have been banded about by some irresponsible twerp in the Scandinavian trade are false. While we have engines and while we are allowed to supply, we will do. Please feel free to pass this message onward via your own channels. Anyone who says differently is being dishonest, and personally, I would walk away from anyone with that kind of sales technique!
  4. PeteB

    Jcb 3cx

    A 1999 project? A few other people will have had the steel out of her! She should run a cement mixer okay but why? I wouldn't bother with a flail, I doubt she will have the power or flow for that. Stick to what they were designed for imo.
  5. If you got spare and the deadline approaches, you an build the chassis, register the serial number, and carry on to fulfil the build. To have that level of stock will need decent cash reserves and space to store the part completed units. I think that we are in that position.
  6. exothermic reaction? Seen bales or straw and hay go up before now. Back in the day, my woodchip pile caught fire on a hot summer day, possibly caused by a fag end or spark from the fire. We let it smoulder for quite a bit before the tractor scooped that section out and tossed it on the fire heap.
  7. That's a good Landrover! Years back, an Uncle had the first LandRover delivered to Hereford and Worcester. I used to drive it about his farm as a young teenager, it taught me how to double declutch and gave me my love of the brand! I have had seven different models, inc the current weekend dogbus, a D4. The others were a Series 2A LWB, 110 V8, 127 Crewcab, 130 Crewcab, 130 Single Cab and an LSE RR. GreenMech got me a FreeLander van as a tow tug which did well too.
  8. That dont look good or cheap! Best wishes going forwards!
  9. On a trip to Sicily a couple of years ago, we had a walk around the World Heritage Site, Akragas near Agrigento. Pretty awesome place and deserving of it's status. As we walked back up the main avenue linking the two structures, I picked up a couple of cones from one of the pretty huge Cupressus trees. Back home, I let these dry out and shed the seeds. I gave my mother half and i had mine in and out the fridge for stratification. She bobbed hers in a pot and one took. None of mine did! This it now.
  10. PeteB

    Stihl 090AV

  11. Ha, just to blow the old oil and dust off! Son brought the washer yesterday to replace his two year old one that died. He got the washer to clean my drive of old oil splats from his bloody car!
  12. PeteB

    Stihl 090AV

    Just putting on ebay!
  13. I put it on ebay this morning!
  14. Apparantly, if you have an older unit that blows up, and they are still available, then a new one can be fitted or the old one can be rebuilt if the parts are available. It applies to new chassis numbers going forwards.


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