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  1. PeteB

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    I just looked at the Bugenot video, how would you get that upstairs!?! Plus, I'm not overly sure that that thing complys with the regs for power fed chippers. I'm sure that the distance from the pinch point of the rollers to the end of the indeed is longer than that and I'm pretty sure that power fed units are not allowed to slope down. Check out the regs at the H+SE webpage!
  2. PeteB

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    Please feel free to do that any time.
  3. PeteB

    United Colours of GreenMech!

    An all red one and the finished purple unit!
  4. PeteB

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    At under 200kg, stripped down to Vee Twin engine and two chutes, plus cassette and a guard there is nowt to it! Rob Rainford ain't no power lifter either!!!
  5. PeteB

    Tiny chipper for zero access garden

    I seem to remember that Rob Rainford dismantled his CS100 and carried that through a house and up some stairs to a roof top garden some years ago.
  6. PeteB

    Greenmech 16-28 to hire

    I cannot think of one on a hire fleet to be honest. Neil Holding in Cornwall has one and he could chip for you? I'll see if I can find a number for him later and pm you.
  7. PeteB

    GreenMech at the AA

  8. PeteB

    United Colours of GreenMech!

    Hell of a lot darker than my karsi! Your bathroom suite must absolutely gopping if that is the colour of yours!
  9. PeteB

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Can it "low tip" too?
  10. PeteB

    United Colours of GreenMech!

    This one has been called "Cadbury".
  11. PeteB

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Sorry. It is a tad more than machinery though at times....but you are right in a way, Stevie Blair brought a CS100 and Andy brought a Jesus Beau and the rest joined in!
  12. PeteB

    GreenMech at the AA

  13. PeteB

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Would the Italians stand behind you if their spec wasn't correct? Would they assist if you had supplied a couple of dozen duff units unwittingly?
  14. PeteB

    The Wee Chipper Club

    Tbh, apart from a couple of things, the performance is the same, it should be, it is a copy! However, we read that the indeed chute should be longer and therefore safer. What would you do if the Peruzzo was found wanting?


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