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  1. Weald Woodfair

    Anyone been or going today? I know that GreenMech and Burden Bros are there but what else is?
  2. Tigers did for Gloucester again!

    Good Lord!!!! We'll spotted! It doesn't look right to me either now you say it. It certainly wouldn't help cooling issues on a achiness designed for a pull fan and I don't ever recall using a pusher fan for anything other test purposes. We'll done Jase, I take back every insult!!!
  4. Pete, have a look at the "overheating" post and see what you think ...?

  5. Gravity feed chipper H&S regulations?

    The spec is listed on the web site of the Safety Police! Length and height of the chute and a way of disengaging the drive I would think. Good luck with your project and post up some pictures!
  6. Ring Global tomorrow or take out the spare and motor on down to your fixing supplier. It is likely to be an odd yank thread!
  7. Derbyshire woodlands show Elvaston Castle

    Anyone got the official link to this or indeed, other such events nationally?
  8. Confor?

    Anyone been to the Confor show? Any pictures? What was your opinion? Where did you see it advertised?
  9. Derbyshire woodlands show Elvaston Castle

    I'll try and get to view, I'll look in my diary and see if I can even get a stand!
  10. Jensen dealer backup

    Alan Oldfield at Beaver Plant in Stamford Bridge is the 'go-to' chap for Jensen I would think. He is having an open day tomorrow to show what he has for sale - he is even got the GreenMech chap to come up and support his fleet of GreenMech SafeTracs too.
  11. Any classic car owners out there...

    That was an Escort! Maybe.....
  12. Spot on reply! The current importer is PSD aka GGM at Colbert in Lancaster.

    Sorry, been without WiFi for a bit and busy during the day. The 202 with the Isuzu engine did have a "cold compartment' fitted so check that the front of the radiator is encouraged to only pull in cold air. As said, the radiator can silt up which can affect its ability to efficiently cool water. I have also heard of water pumps failing internally but not leaking which again can hurt things. Is the engine otherwise healthy? Friction from broken rings or bad oil is heat inducing too. I believe that all of these had extra cooling vents fired to the cover to allow the hot air to escape rather than waffle about before getting sucked through the chipper.
  14. Camon C250

    Couldn't Trakmaster help, they were the original importer or dealer for MN the Canon? Not too sure if they even come in anymore so you may be struggling here.
  15. Jensen A528 main bearings

    Quite often, GreenMech do ours to a loose 2mm blade/anvil gap. How much difference have you got? If it isn't a great deal, split the difference! Is the rotor running true or is it warped or badly machined originally?


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