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  1. Got to admit, back in the day of my treework, I had got to the point of never considering a 3500 truck! Cannot carry enough legally and it was a worry as the employer! Transits etc can carry bugger all!
  2. Hmm. I seen a several over the years. Cost/benefits ratio will tell you that expectations and reality are vastly different. 'Yard' machines mean that trucks are bringing rubbish to the yard to be processed which costs.....bums on seats, fuel, small loads etc.....then there is disposal costs, are you filling skips that cannot go to burn or are they going to costly landfill? That kind of disposal is a cost per tonne equation before an ethical cost, so landfill costs are met instead....
  3. You could probably knock it out with a set of live line rods to be fair!
  4. I was against getting our GSD done, and felt that it was an unnecessary expense as well as harm. But, on reflection, I don't have to walk him, chase him down when he has escaped or worry about him turning into a leg humper! We were never going to breed with him and he has a gentle streak in him so they went. I'm sorry, but, I know feel that she is right and that unless these pets are to be bred, get them neutered or spade as soon as possible....
  5. Measure the depth of both pulleys and take the old belts to a belt supplier, they should be able to use their experience to gauge the belts and supply a matched pair.
  6. Last time I went to the chemist for 'a big pot of vaseline ', I felt she gave me a filthy look, so I had to explain that it was it fill a pump to get it to suck better, I was digging a whole new hole and left with my purchase and reddened cheeks.....
  7. Try the TW tech spot on this forum?
  8. If it is mainly woody waste from hedges etc, try GreenMech Combi 200, petrolatum but diesel Tier5 once the program is sorted...
  9. The Returnees have appeared in North Nottinghamshire at my partners spot! They were first seem last week! Skylarks in the fields too...
  10. 1st pic is grey fergie tractor!
  11. And you turn down the vaccine? "Don't put yourself at risk"...... personally, I would HAVING the vaccine as common sense?
  12. Bigger diesels with DPF etc require good quality fuel, quality service items and intervals by the book. Which some people struggle with. I get what you are saying Mick, and do agree. But we can only fit what is available and suits the package.
  13. Unfortunately, if you want to buy a Tier 5 diesel, in a sub 750kg unit, it will not be quite as good as its predecessor. Close, but not quite...... Accept that they are here to stay and designed to be better for the environment. Adjust you prices slightly to accommodate a slightly slower process and get on with your life. It will take time to adjust, but, you will, as will everyone else in time who has a similar unit!
  14. The Tier 5 thing and engine hp has been covered ad nauseum in other threads. Unfortunately, the 25hp diesel is not as good as the 35hp version. But that is what we have to play with going forwards....
  15. You only crowing over a switcheroo! Stop hijacking a decent thread....


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