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  1. Would be a handy piece of kit! Big crane, 55t at one meter, advertise yourself to Western Power for pole and transformer work. Farmers mate for steel shed erecting. Bit of machine moving etc....good find Ben.
  2. Try talking to Nick at Joe Turner Equipment, he should know what goes off!
  3. Agree with the above, I but more observations or info needed. Smoke from the exhaust? Smoke from wiring? Smoke when hot?
  4. I just meant to tow the ordinary tow behind flail while standing on the platform!
  5. Got any pictures of yours on site work? Interesting alternative use for kit!
  6. 9kay to tow the flail though?
  7. Would an Iron Horse tractive unit do?
  8. Nothing was done when the new battery was fitted, how would you reset the battery management system anyhow?
  9. My Discovery 4 started to misbehave the other day, restricted performance and when I plugged in the OBD2 device, it came up with a fault code for charging issues and it was only reading 12.9v at 2000rpm. After a right battle, I fitted a new alternator. The battery was new about 8 months ago and the indicator is green. Took it up the road and the dash lit up with every fault going! HDC,EBD, Gearbox, ABS blah blah blah.....I tried the trick of disconnecting the battery for 20mins then keeping the car pos and neg together to reset the ECU, but it still says "charging fault". OBD says we are getting 13.9v at 2000 rpm. Anyone got a clue?
  10. Back in the day, (maybe 30 years ago) I had a couple of twin cylinder Echo saws. They were good! Thirsty but by god, they cut cut!
  11. Thinking of the original post, I did say to my son that I'm glad that he and his sister are done with formal learning and don't live with me. Partially because I'm not sure that it would go well, I'd struggle with it and partially that I'm "old school", and my education wouldn't suit the modern temperament! Proper maths, trig tables, equations etc, no calculator etc. Hand writing rather than electronic typewriters and keyboards. Books rather than screens etc, and the biggy - discipline! Very best wishes to those who are having this task and to teachers in ordinary times!
  12. Blocked fuel line or filter or could be lazy pump that starts to get better with work or heat?
  13. Forst will have a record of who they sold it too.
  14. One of the caveats with getting a grey import or importing yourself is checking whether parts and service are available in the UK. Some importers or suppliers don't handle grey import machines and you end up in bother! Better now with the internet etc to get stuff and parts from abroad but still a ball ache! A well known brand of tractor/mower/digger/engines with a sizeable position in the UK will put the phone down on a parts call if they didn't import it!


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