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  1. Tbh, I am not sure that we have enough Mills or skill set anymore! The whole process from growing to harvest, transport to the mill, conversion and transport to market costs too much in the UK for the mass market. Another time and another place - my family had a great deal of experience in milling but stopped converting timber to pit props in the mid 70's, but asked to supply more in the early 80's for the same terms. 87 caused a blip in supply otherwise, the timber just wasn't available in the same quantity to make it viable. There were plenty of Mills locally but all gone now. I did think of investing into it in the 90's but the returns didn't meet the investment requirements!
  2. Not work trucks but is an indication of market forces/needs/component supply, JLR are apparently switching production to the new defender as that sells better than some of their other models.
  3. Programme on radio 4 today about car prices, on some premium models like Audi, a used unit can be more than a new one due to people's impatience on a waiting list. Vans are at a premium too, as previously said, "last mile subbies" soaking them up!
  4. I saw some fair piles from Inverness down to Dunoon and Lochgilphead and wondered how much was for the sawmill and how much to biomass? The story got told originated from a UK importer who stated that the yanks had outbid many importers to get it sent away as their usual sources were not producing..... During the trip, hotels and restaurant staff were in short supply, as was farm labour/pickers and I did get told that even offering good money wasn't turning up many applicants.
  5. Someone told me that most Scandinavian sawn timber is going stateside at huge cost compared to what Brit importers were paying. HS2 is paying huge money which is attracting folk who weren't getting that level of pay elsewhere which is screwing up "local" employment.... There have been huge rises in the cistof imported materials and some stuff is in short supply and alternatives are having to be sourced from a wider, European market too.
  6. Remember that but forgot it! Thanks for the memory!
  7. "They don't put bay windows on shithouses" when someone called my Uncle Dave podgy!
  8. I still use that in wonderment on viewing someone with an odd look, clothes or particular mannerism!
  9. A saying from my Uncle that I now use, in mock surprise to something, "Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs!" Said in a northern accent....
  10. Yaxley-Lennon got stiffed in court, hopefully, this financial decision will reveal how much he has made from his law breaking activities and where the money has come from! Maybe some further pond life and scum will be named and shall be shamed!
  11. I would still think the worst of Cummings if he was behind Corbyn and Starmer! I do think that the toady Alistair and President Blair are another shameful pair with dubious ethics, morals and scruples who lied to the voters to get their way.....
  12. Cummings tried to oust his PM after the election!?! What a vile little turd, whilst I could be a traditional tory voter, they will never have my vote if he is involved I any way and that goes with any political party either!
  13. What is this thing you speak off, "legal capacity"? I thought the mantra of "if it is on, it is gone!" was an industry standard!
  14. PeteB

    Fuel Stabiliser

    I do wonder how engines will cope with EN10, and what additives will be needed for old engines which already need a lead replacement additive as they do not run well on unleaded?


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