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  1. Morning Team! Wettest I've seen it roundabouts in 30 years! Did the doctors flood Jase? Carp, Win, Beta. Only did that much, up and away to Ludlow, then factory and down to Chard to see the old folk - watching the rugby at the weekend! Mate has ticket to Murray field and neither of us sure of the outcome!
  2. Morning Team! Was a wicked red sky yesterday evening so maybe good here today! Bust, Irk, Eton.
  3. Over the years, I've seen a handful come up on ebay, even the early units made in the GreenMech factory by Nigel Davis who is part of the production management team here now!
  4. Good morning all. Romford and back to collect a demo unit, must remember to pay Kahn's taxes too. Jog, Rough, Fee.
  5. Take the belts off and try your local supplier, they should be able to match them up.
  6. PeteB

    Resting Cat!

    And all of a sudden, he prefers the bean bag! Sat on Tom's lap but wouldn't sit with me and went to the bean bag for the 4th night in a row! Just love the independence and DILLIGAF attitude..
  7. I'm in! Although, I'd rather have another hour... Fin, Gun, Hails.
  8. Sorry to report the passing of George Rattray at the weekend. George was an ex employee at GreenMech and the "Go to" engineer who quietly oversaw Assembly before stepping aside to make way for the younger generation. Always available for help and advice and always first in and last out - invariably clocking out an hour before he left the building. From Aberdeenshire farming stock, he was a shining example from the early days at GreenMech and previously at Duncan Cabs, the tractor cab manufacturer. He and I once stayed until 02:00 to finish a machine for a customer and he was back in at 07:00 without complaint! Cheers George, you done your shift.
  9. What a palaver! A DCPU is a vital tool for some but I do agree that the element that use it as a tax dodge should be penalised!
  10. I'm doing the navel gazing at trucks ATM as I'm due a new GreenMech towtug - we will fall in to the category of P11D survivors until 2028 then we will have to reassess. As an option on my wishlist, I suggested the two seat Commercial Ineos Grenadier, expensive but it has a 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty. Just been informed that it isn't Taco ready and Ineos say that if we find a workaround, it will void the warranty! So that is straight off the list!
  11. I recall from years back, a supplier/manufacturer needed strong towtugs so gave the reps a load of Discovery type cars but charged them the BIK on a standard diesel hatchback. Still a chunk of money compared to van tax and think that HMRC was agin that too!
  12. Up but a crap nights sleep. Out for a family dinner, Caz's mother's 81st - so seeing how long I can keep smiling before I want to come home. Tor, Neigh, Doh.
  13. I get the impression that if you use it for private mileage, you are humped. Don't forget that they use list price to determine the benefit in kind (BIK), not the screen price. It doesn't matter what you paid or how old, their calculations are on the manufacturers list price..... The ruling used to be, two seats with one 'occasional' seat.....
  14. Spoke to someone who has picked the brains at Isuzu, even if you have a taco fitted and it is a towtug, you are still going to get humped! Not taking private mileage or going 2/3 seater 'van' or possibly 'pool car' are the options at the moment!


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