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  1. PeteB

    Making the news today....

    Josh Coles, a tree surgeon from Tiverton, was fined in court after his girlfriend filmed and then posted a video of him swallowing a live goldfish at Bridgewater Fair. Apparently, suffering from ADHD, depression and anxiety caused him to do it. He was "amused and bemused" about the case, saying "it was only a goldfish".
  2. PeteB

    TP chipper: anyone got any experience?

    How did you demo go? TP had a following many years ago with the Osbourne's as dealers but lost the way in the face of more popular brands like TW, GreenMech and so on. Nothing wrong with them intrinsically but not seen too many about to give a valued opinion. The list of people who looked at this thread and didn't reply would say the same too. I'm told that Wilson's have a good reputation amongst some of the forestry people, but again, I've no personal buying experience. What made you book the demo? What ticked your boxes?
  3. PeteB

    AUS insulated rods

    Happens at our age!
  4. PeteB

    AUS insulated rods

    I used to think that the flexibility was a bonus at times! We used to regularly work with a dozen up! Each bag that we had used to have 24+ in each. I think we could field five bags a day at our best! If slightly more rigid, I'm not sure that the weight would help!
  5. PeteB

    Tw230 cutting out

    I'd start with the cheap things, maybe fuel but, if it switches off cleanly then I doubt it is that. Could be an oil pressure sensor going faulty, could be a water temperature sensor going faulty, if the battery or alternater is not good, then maybe the engine is being switched off to poor voltage not keeping the solenoid open? Ask your supplier to have a look.
  6. PeteB

    GM arbtrac 200

    Good to see praise these days. Thanks for posting, I'll see that a copy of your post gets to them.
  7. PeteB

    what's up with swearing?

    As an example, I once let my 7yo son look at a car forum, just looking for pictures of cars. Two pages further on was some porn. Not what I would want my children to see! His mother's boyfriend 'effs and blinds' about the house freely. I feel that while we all know the words, it shows a lack of respect to those around you using such language. And poor intelligence in not finding an alternative! The mods have a on awful lot to do to maintain this as a worthy forum and sometimes, posts get modded while others get through. I think that self policing on a minor, avoidable point is best. While we may use crude vernacular daily, committing it to print is another!
  8. I think he solved it back in 2016!?!
  9. PeteB

    Which small chipper to buy...

    In all honesty, save up some money or get a good one on finance. All these cheap Chinese things are cheap for reasons, and one of those is that there is no back up or support from the seller. Buy a reputable make that came (or comes) from a reputable supplier and has value going forward.
  10. PeteB

    wanted AEC matador

    Good luck with your search! Cracking tools, certainly enjoyed using mine and helping Richard Barber from Windley Hill Sawmills in Turnditch with his on a couple of jobs in the 80's and early 90's!
  11. They do comply if the bottom of the infeed is above 600mm off the floor. The spec is/has changed so that the bottom bar and below 600mm is the way forward. I reckon that we have sold our last top bar machine and everything is now bottom bar or twin bar. As long as the controls function as per the original spec, nothing needs to be changed.
  12. PeteB


    Hard to steer unit and hold it in the back wheels and use hand winch at the same time usually. Any small electric winch would do the job. Seen it done with our CS100!
  13. PeteB


    Get a small electric winch and ramps!
  14. PeteB

    PTO chipper recommendations

    Hendersons in Selkirk have a couple of big Farmi units for sale.
  15. PeteB

    Dynamic mfg chippers

    Who brings them into the UK? Are they fully compliant with UK regs? I cannot find a webpage for them, gave you a link?


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