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  1. What a totally crass thing to say! An absolutely idiotic observation! Had you considered that he feels the need for more staff rather than a need to commit anything in writing to the forum? Hang your head in shame and apologize for your mumblings - if you haven't anything worthwhile to say, please don't! Treewise86? I hope that your search for staff turns up trumps! Good luck to you Sir!
  2. I'd buy a GreenMech! Five or six models to choose from!😎
  3. Weigh up leaving the LA land and going into the private sector/IRATA, and chargehand starts to look attractive, at least you can go up from there! I too would give litter job a wide berth too! Any driving jobs going? Would they pay for retraining?
  4. I'd take the ARB/GM Management role with your current employer. You'll know the tricks you and the mower teams pull on the manager yet have proper knowledge on current rules and regs, and best practice as well as having years of practical experience.
  5. Ash, the 150 takes hydraulic power from the tractor but the 220 has a pump and tank. Good for tractor power from around 60 upto 100 hp at 540 but if you got more power and 1000 speed, bung it in that, ignore the dashboard, just rev it until the indicator goes green! I ran one at Barrow cliff's on the back of a Mog1250 - brilliant set up! Balmers GM have an ex EA unit that I mentioned in a pm awhile back.
  6. As the title says, WH Bond are disposing of their Hire Fleet of Ag and Construction Machinery - the first listing in the catalogue is 'The Kitchen Sink'. WH Bond retires from plant hire and agricultural machinery sales | WH Bond Machine Sales WWW.WHBONDMACHINESALES.CO.UK WH Bond retires from plant hire and agricultural machinery sales culminating in a sale of over 1,200 pieces of...
  7. As said Stuart, we fit parts into a machine that are subject to someone else's warranty procedure's. To gain "engineering acceptance", to get their consent to fit their engines, we have to jump through a number of hoops and agree to certain procedures. This means that we can use the engines and offer a warranty. Without this, we would even get their engines! If the agreement is that, in the event of a warranty failure, they stipulate we have to behave in a certain way, then that is what we do. I'm aghast at what you report about the Briggs approved people but if you want to get warranty, you have to take it to an approved and capable company. I cannot and will not comment on previous occurrences as I am not aware of the chronology or circumstances and this isn't the right place to do so. While we would never ask for or stipulate an NDA, I am uncomfortable 'going public' as this will cannot change something that we have little control over. I did get told that your first contact over this was August 13th, I apologise if this was incorrect. It was about two weeks ago that I advised you to contact Briggs and do what they want.
  8. Come on Stu! You notified us in mid August that an issue was apparent and we told you what to do and your options then and several times since. While I agree that it is disappointing that the engine dealers appear to be behind the curve and that would affect all Briggs engined machines, we gave you the best alternative advice to buy another pump and fit it. I believe you even had advice on how to self diagnose and overcome the engine people's short comings. I sense and feel compassion for you but this could have been resolved a month ago!
  9. Just to confirm a few things....and these are common to manufacturers and suppliers of many different bits of kit in industry. This is not aimed at Stuart and his fuel pump but as a general comment to remind people of the actualities of life. A warranty is put in place as a safety net - there are procedures in place that help trace problems and rectify them going forwards. Sometimes, these procedures are seen as a hindrance and sometimes, things don't get done as fast as we (or you, the buyer/owner) would like but quite often, there is a good reason for the delay but it doesn't stop our (or your) impatience from surfacing. No dealer or supplier makes money from warranty and quite often, they loose money as they get a labour rate far lower than their workshop rate. They are usually asked to react to a warranty job quicker than a paying service from a good customer! But they tend to do stuff like warranty because of the good relationship they have with their supplier and also with their customer. This is why I have a history of banging on about buying stuff from your local supplier. Buy local, generate a good relationship with your supplier and he will want to look after you if things go awry. GreenMech have put in place a 3 year 'No quibble' warranty and we still have internal arguments about it as it isn't always backed up by our supply chain and we or our dealer ends up with the grief. Additionally, some components in a machine (no matter what make) are subject to the component manufacturer's warranty procedure too. Engines, for example, are covered by the engine makers warranty and subject to their warranty practises and these can seem bizarre and peculiar at times too! GreenMech are not allowed to interfere with engines - indeed, we get no special favours from engine suppliers, only a list of their approved agents. Other components are subject to a "retrospective warranty claim". This means that a replacement part is paid for in full and the broken part is subject to their inspection. If they believe that their bit has been subject to misuse, inadequate or improper service regime, then they can reject the claim - leaving someone else to pick up the tab. Lastly, I do not know of a supplier of anything that pays 'consequential losses', due to a breakdown of machinery. This includes the damage to third party property, loss of earnings, refunding hire fees or the cost of getting the site finished by another company etc. We strive to help things along with as much haste as we can and if possible, we might lend a machine if we have one available - but nothing is guaranteed....
  10. Looks like there is a detent mechanism in the rod to the red bar too. Strip that and look for wear as the detent springs/balls may be rusty/worn too. They should be pence from your local Timberwolf dealer too.
  11. I got the Ranger as a GreenMech tow tug. Something in the order of 60k in the first year. No problems to report. Between 17 and 30 mpg, quite a lot of Adblue, especially after hard runs from the Midlands to the Highlands with close on max towing capacity! First set of treads lasted 40 and fitted BFG now, so that will more than double! Comfortable, well equipped and does what we want. Local Ford dealer is good but have had some truly bizarre episodes in other spots with previous 2.2 lemon.
  12. PeteB


    Fair play for them to consider the engineering involved but it is a tad fussy trying to convert a road tow to off road. Everything has a place in the market and good look to these entrepreneurial engineers!
  13. PeteB


    Got to ask, why would you go to the expense of this on most chippers when there are enough used ones available and every supplier/manufacturer would supply a new one?
  14. There are a couple of very informative threads on this already, try Search for "Gloria, the Wee Chipper", and the "Wee Chipper Club". These such devices have added a whole new level of work and capability to many firms. Indeed, some people have become specialist people in tree work having started with a GreenMech or JeauBeau.
  15. Two knowledgeable people on the case!


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