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  1. Seen the prices today - good value for Boss machine!
  2. Strong promise Ash, hope you can live up to it!
  3. Waiting for the official nod to say......suffice to say, it does do well!
  4. We had a play with some others in the yard.
  5. Send me some big boxes of Muscadet sil vous plait while you in entrepreneurship mode! There is some good cheap kit in France!
  6. Got some sold and the final version ain't been sorted yet, graphics to be sorted and dealer bulletin to be written! Sat in me bean bag now with box of wine, I'll try to load pictures later! More Wolf in Sheep's clothing than sheep in Wolf's matted bedraggled fur!
  7. Don't matter what you fit now, regs change in the summer!
  8. I'll be there for all three days!
  9. I noticed at LAMMA that Ryetec had the Peruzzo. I wonder what the chap is doing now and good luck to him too! I understand the hurt and pain you went through Stuart, when Barrowcliff's had cash flow issues and my now ex-wife stopped me from buying it, I could have committed a serious crime! When Barrowcliff's lost their main contracts to the Blue Machine, some more crimes were in order too! However, eventually I got through it, and they have had bother! Karma is a bitch.....after Barrowcliff's, I got told that my crystal ball proved right and the E.M.E.B or W.P.D got robbed, work was crap, relationships with landowners suffered etc! Ex? got what she deserved too! (Although, my kids suffer too) But I felt filthy sorting it out!
  10. It got its name or model designation today, a step closer to the release. Doing spec sheets, prices and dealer bulletin. Buy one or at least order one before the summer for a place in the queue. Never to be repeated again!
  11. Hmmm. A mate has had his 10 month old American chipper returned to the seller as the chassis was cracked. He got told that all of that model were being done as they were all cracking. 'Merican muscle!!!
  12. Do you think an American trailer fitted with Euro axles/lights etc will have to be sva'd or no? It will still have to be fully compliant in feed height, controls, reach distances and decals though.
  13. I have heard of one supplier (not chippers though), that just wouldn't help anyone looking for spare parts for any imported machines. I would think that you would have to ensure that it complies with all EU directives, possibly CE plate it and I'd also check spare parts supply as well as checking that your insurance people are happy with it too. I got the impression that when Orange brought in an American chipper, John Mason had a full time job getting it through CE compliance! Remember, until it is CE compliant and registered, it isn't allowed on the road, even on the way to the test centre for the SVA!


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