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  1. Are they allowed to keep it though? For a small consideration and royalty from the film rights! Plus full name in credits!
  2. I have heard of Forst ignition barrel myther in the past. Don't know what type of barrel it is. Can you turn the rotor by hand?
  3. In the early days of me meeting the current missus, I told her that I suffered with priapism, she went and asked her Mum what this condition was! How I laughed when I first met her mum and Dad and understood the quizzical look from her mum and smirk from her Dad!
  4. Twenty years ago, I left a Bedford MK 4X4 with a mate for a load of work. I went off to work at GreenMech and it is still there. It did start and drive some fifteen years back when they parked it out of the way across the yard. That is still there according to Google earth! Anyone fancy trying to start it is welcome to make a film while they do!
  5. List price of the 18hp is £4,730 plus vat.
  6. Well done Ash, was just setting about putting a post up about the new CS80!
  7. Many wished life was as easy and simple as that. I get where you are coming from but.....you don't grow back from an injury with this kit!
  8. Always surprised that on these types/uses of shaft, that there isn't a couple of grease nipples to be able to lather them up along shaft length!?! There is a hell of a lot of torsional drag when raising or lowering the tool with power on, that 'twist' really does put pressure of the tubes as well as the spiders but it ain't easy to lubricate the inner and outer surfaces.
  9. Oh Blimey! I would check that the controls satisfy the H and S E regs before you spend any more on it. I'm not sure it does! Kilworth machinery are the current importers and may be able to help.
  10. Up here for a few days with the Black Isle Show and amazed and saddened to see the change over the last few years with the march of DED. I got used to seeing small patches of sapling type trees with DED in The Midlands and North England, but up here, there are some tidy sticks that have it. I had the pleasure some 30 years ago of telling the last big tree in the Parish of Sutton Bonington, the last of 97 huge trees, that my family had out. So seeing some big sticks is sort of reminiscent of the 60's, 70's and early 80's in other parts and will not have been experienced by many tree people today, certainly, many mills will not have had round timber like it! In fact, the number of mills has declined as round timber is not as available any more in the same quantity or cost.
  11. I know the Etesia rep, Ian Collington, he told me that if you can push it over and climb it, it will destroy it!
  12. Underneath your truck is very clean! Credit it to you Bob!
  13. He has been given the poisoned chalice, for sure! If it goes for a GE, can you imagine Corbyn and the rest in? Doomed for sure!
  14. PeteB

    Skid Steers

    Yonks ago, Lewis Equipment built the SteerKid, a small wheeled stand on, but with four wheel steering etc, anyone ever come across them?
  15. I would like to say, why do we give him mileage with his pseudonym? He should be referred to by his name and treated fairly for his crimes and so should go to jail in an anonymous fashion for a lot longer than the law allows!


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