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  1. I got one that was doing sterling work but the forward/reverse control died. It has been sat for four years or more now. Just gauging interest.... Anyone?
  2. Sold my MK1 RS2000 for £800 with a dented wing back in 1984. It had been a rally car before I had it!
  3. PeteB

    D4 - House Car!

    When my GreenMech Ranger was stuck in a garage, I had a D4 to use for the period. Got to say that the D4 had more 'presence', towed better and returned better mpg too. But if they go wrong, the cost plenty!
  4. PeteB

    D4 - House Car!

    Take the oily timing belt cover off and it is wet behind too, it appears that there is a lot of oil around the throttle body and the filter! Get underneath and remove covers and the oil is really everywhere! Both sides of the block, the gearbox, the whole underneath will not rust! So, new timing belt, new throttle body sensors and maybe more once I really start to look. Right game.....
  5. PeteB

    D4 - House Car!

    Saw a couple of the original stackable units in a yard in Hinstock, Shropshire! Very rare, but even a decent ordinary Lightweight is a rare site now too! Was in Rimmer Bros last week and they a D2, LSE and an early Freelander that were factory cutaway units....
  6. PeteB

    D4 - House Car!

    Not an Arb truck but many use them..... Got to do timing belt and crank seal on mine tomorrow along with trying to correct a suspension fault and fixing parking aid. Even with a nanocam to plug into the OBD socket, things can be a struggle. Bloody thing! I love it and loath it....it is the 8th Landrover I've had over the years and you thing I'd learn my lesson....
  7. A customer mine was telling me that the unit he uses cost something like a fiver per month and are right tiny. He hides a few on each machine so that if the buggers find one, something else is still transmitting!
  8. I think we used some 50B sheet there, supposed to be thinner and stronger than other grades and the battle to keep below 750kg was real.
  9. Welcome to the forum Treechick81, as Mick says, call the folks who took your dollars for the tune up. Some gas engines do take some time to get to good operation temp, but 5 mins does sound big! What engine is it running?
  10. I would think a bigger Honda would fit if you want some extra hp!
  11. PeteB


    As bad as Bear Scotland strimming the verge in the snow!
  12. QTS report the theft of a SafeTrac from site in the Melton Mowbray area on Wednesday evening. Serial Number 150214 was fitted with winch, light tower and tool boxes. Please keep your eyes open site as well as a watching brief on sales portals!
  13. 78,000 Non Doms......I wonder how many are supporters/sponsors of other parties, but then again, that isn't newsworthy as knocking someone who, in their mind, is trying hard in their job to do well for the country.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-61016565 Sam was may sons best mate at primary school and they remained friends even when different classes, colleges and jobs came along. Sam had took the wrong path in life and was mixing with scum like these and seemingly, had cross a line with them. Image the fear, the dread being set upon 4 main attackers with several others in the background, and being stabbed several times with a Rambo knife....left in a bloody heap in a public space. RIP Sam. I hope these pond life have a tough life in jail and I wouldn't enjoy the fact that my taxes will go to their cost for the rest of their worthless, miserable lives!
  15. I doubt that the 50 is likely to dip tanks etc on private property with no road usage etc......


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