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  1. Not sure about the blades and the angles tbh. A decent engineering outfit or groundcare machinery supplier should be able to do them.
  2. Ha! I wrongly assumed that you had CS100 units and not the copy!
  3. You've got 3 x CS100 units? Who do you work for?
  4. PeteB

    Mot testing

    Cable broke!?! Must have been right bad as never seen that on any of mine! I had several while on the tools!
  5. Not big kit I know, but associated! Who makes/supply's those high density foam mats that the rail guys can put in the 4 foot and as a ramp up from the cess? I have been told but I cannot remember! There are steel and wire versions too....
  6. I thought you had spoken to Balmers at Wakefield Wayne?
  7. When it works, it is comfortably and goes well. When they go wrong, it is infuriating!
  8. Circumstances being what they are, I doubt that I did 10K since March when previously doing 5k per month and a lot of that being heavy towing! I have had to put Ad blue in it since and it seems t owork as it should though. However, it transpires that Rangers do suffer from issues with the power lead into the fuse box under the bonnet. These can get an intermittency, or even start to burn the box itself! The AA had to come to mine twice and the second time he found it, the garage fitted a new one. I was recently contacted by someone else who was experiencing the similar AdBlue issues and they too spoke to Shepshed Ford who declined to take the job on! I'm not surprised as they lost money thanks to Ford not supporting them during the process. The menu said 4 hours and it took days.......Shepshed felt that it should have been covered by Ford as their fix didn't work - they felt that after some £800, we had paid enough....
  9. PeteB

    TR8 woes.

    After my dealings with a 56 plate Audi Q7, trading standards told me that if my consumer rights had been breached and the supplier was acting in a disrespectful manner or making demands that I felt were not fair or right then the I had the right to request a refund if I did not want to accept a replacement. In my case, finding that spec/colour/mileage Q7 was unlikely, they made no attempt to offer to fix the car in a satisfactory manner so they had to refund the money. They ignored the letters so I spoke to the bank. If the car was financed, or brought with a card then the bank would repay me the money and I had to get the goods back to them. It too some time and I did loose some money but I did get the purchase price back after some 9 months. They helped me write letters and talked me through the process from end to end. When I thanked them for their help, they said that a file was already open on that supplier due to previous complaints and that the file will always be there. A comment from the Solicitor at the CAB was - 'Your rights as the consumer overcome their rights as the seller, they cannot stop you from talking about the deal, asking advice, or requesting your money back, if your rights have been breached then they then have to satisfy those rights in a fit and proper manner. You are not due any recompense for consequential losses or out of pocket expenses except through a civil procedure, the balance of which is different and with greater risk".
  10. Jody, send me your details and I'll ask on your behalf if you like? [email protected]
  11. I doubt that anyone but GreenMech will have one on the shelf! Send the serial number and pictures to Jase at GreenMech, [email protected] Balmers at Wakefield should be able to do the fix as quick and easy as anyone. Ring them on 01924 679400, John Hobbs is the Service Manager.
  12. There was one on fleabay the other day and I know of two that were pinched in Birmingham over Christmas - if you are not at all sure about a deal, ring me and I'll check the original build notes. Have a look at the GreenMech Owners facebook page and ask the question there too.
  13. Not looked at the web page but is the Rock machinery made?
  14. Second that! I got one from the missus for fancying about in locking gates, unloading trailers etc!
  15. CNN now, pro Trump protesters storm the Capital building!


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