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  1. Stihl123

    Rope Saw

    please don't they are likely to all tear when you cut the branch!!! would some extra extension poles on a kombi kit work
  2. its not nice to do and goes against everything you think but you have to look at the bigger picture everyone has the odd shit customers, they exist, its life buy a new one she is happy for £20. then it's done and move on just don't stress yourself right out and the potential reputation damage for the sake of £20
  3. just checked out of interest, 180 bar or 2600 psi thats what mine is anyhow
  4. I've got a Skidster M10X which came with an auger including an 18" one If it can power that into the ground I'm sure a cone would be a walk in the park Mine has aux rate of 25/min Im sure I've seen someone with one on here
  5. I cut mine in half Then use the bottoms half to soak parts or chains in Or, cut one of the sides out, and lay the down and use as storage containers for stuff
  6. will the lo pro bar and chain kits be going up as i need to get some please!
  7. it also gets through the filter and onto the baffle i've found bloody sawdust!!
  8. Yup I do, in a spray bottle Goes a surprisingly long way
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372304839917 I find that stuff absolutely awesome Spray on Leave for a minute Then blast it off with air line
  10. my bad, forget what i said! i'm only a suffolk tractor boy so how would i know anything
  11. well, the 880 logosol used to be owned by stihl, and they recommended the 660/ 661 i believe main man @Rough Hewn will confirm but think thats correct
  12. it was a guy from Greece that does loads of testing on all sorts of stuff, was on a lowpro set up
  13. i've seen a 500i being used but it's not been designed as a milling saw. it's pretty tough going on it again, i'd recommend 660 or 661
  14. anyone have a 661 in stock, POWER HEAD ONLY i need one!! price i've had - £767+VAT DM me please
  15. does anyone actually tie onto the chassis rails!? i've never seen anyone do it, ever!! 🤷‍♂️


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