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  1. defo ranger if you want a proper truck. i have a 2018 wildtrak auto. remapped to 235bhp tows vvv well, got a mate who sells trailers, they've all run rangers as say they are the best for towing. so much better value than the amarok as well, also, amarok doesn't have a low ranger box if that's something you'd need
  2. 3.5 needs to include the trailer!!
  3. i'm selling my Portek Quiksplit 7 ton splitter if of interest being kinetic it's rapid message me if of interest cheers
  4. just wondering as mine has been bad for about 2 weeks, since the weather has been up and down hasn't bothered me for years and suddenly hit again!! anyone else??
  5. why don't u just move to suffolk, sod changing vehicles!
  6. ifor tipper, in the middle, 2 bits of unistrut with a board that lodges in between them making 2 sections so can tip one load out somewhere, go to next customer, pull board out and tip second load if that makes sense!!
  7. ok lovely job thanks alot also, as for table i need these as flat as possible, how's best, i have started to do unistrut top and bottom, bit of bar and nuts to clamp together thanks
  8. got a question pls, i have 2 lumps of spalted beech and 1 lump of cherry i want to make a table out of them but i won't be able to make the table until a good 18 months i want to get them kiln dried nearer the time when i'm ready. so is it best just to leave them like this lifted off the ground until i'm ready to mill, kiln dry and make the table??? thanks
  9. also depends where u r from, round here, i wouldn't be seen dead in a new holland they r just hated alot round here!!!
  10. Stihl123

    Stihl 661 C-M


    • FOR SALE
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    2014 661 C-M mint condition, only been through 1 20" chain in it's life and a few cuts on the 36" comes with brand new 20" chain, saw comes with both 20" and 36" bars will happily post at cost only selling as i have a 660 and 880 and just never ever use this


    , Suffolk

  11. Stihl123


    ok thanks @Khriss
  12. Stihl123


    wondering if anyone could please share any advice of best way to totally kill of brambles. i've dug as many out as i can but there is a load i can't reach and want to spray them with something that'll sort them out for good (hopefully) thanks
  13. sorry, seen he has gone now 😂😂
  14. Vesp has done about 3,419 posts of total shit say each post takes him 30 seconds, a while cos he has to think of what bull shit he can make up next that's 102,570 seconds he has spent typing worthless crap that's works out to be about 28.5 hours worth what i'm saying is, before you waste another day of your life, leave arbtalk to the decent bunch of guys that are on here and carry on cutting your dandelions as far away as you possibly can i'm happy to pay for a one way ticket for you, and i guess the rest would be willing to pay for the refreshments for the journey 🤸‍♂️


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