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  1. Stihl123

    Carving at the APF

    seeing those in person is incredible, some serious skill in those carvings
  2. Stihl123

    Ripped off by tree surgeons

    i've just joined a couple of others forums for sparks and plumbers etc in the hopes i'll find out what rates farmers pay. it could even be worth becoming a farmer, just imagine living your life 50% cheaper than everyone else.... i'll be selling my gear soon.... watch this space!!!
  3. Stihl123

    Are People Stupid or Something???

    at least you knew you were dealing with a certified idiot that doesn't have the best people skills or service
  4. Stihl123

    Ripped off by tree surgeons

    is it just me or is this starting to sound like no one wants this job?
  5. Stihl123

    Ripped off by tree surgeons

    the £150 guy also forgot to mention that the 150 is part payment. he'll take the rest of the payment when he returns to your farm to collect some machinery. they like to do this out of daylight hours for some reason.
  6. Stihl123

    In Desperate times...My Silky saves the day!

    love the saw paul
  7. Stihl123

    Anyone deliver to Wroxham , Norwich?

    there is a few on gumtree based in norwich. not sure what they are like though i'm afraid
  8. Stihl123

    Hit and run uninsured driver.

    saw a good one the other day, some car flying round the corner, disco 1 coming the other way stopped, had a massive winch bumper on it, car couldn't stop so hit it, disco just pushed the car backwards into the hedge and drove off, the damage to the lads ford KA was major, wasn't a mark on the disco!!!
  9. Stihl123

    Stihl v Husqvarna resale price

    alright i get the hint spud..... last time your touching my saws!!! u have to stir the 'which saw is better' thread whenever it comes up!!!
  10. Stihl123

    Stihl v Husqvarna resale price

    put it this way, i said i'd never buy a husky, i tried to the 560 and now i have 1 and another husky saw... don't buy second hand though. get a 560 and put a decent 15" bar on it and you'll never look back!!
  11. Stihl123

    Stihl v Husqvarna resale price

    2 these days!!! if only stihl made something the same as a 560
  12. Stihl123

    Stihl v Husqvarna resale price

    stihl don't do anything to compare with the 560.... 261 362 would be the nearest but they still aren't a 560
  13. Stihl123

    Stihl v Husqvarna resale price

    stihl are better quality... end of!! but husky make some good saws that stihl don't.....
  14. Stihl123

    Whats your multione loader doing today ?

    should that have been posted in the overloaded thread!?
  15. Stihl123

    show us your Log Store

    neither can i!!!!!! it's reinforced with string stuff though it, seriously hard to rip to be honest.... but we'll see what it's like!!! but anyone that lives in suffolk knows that we don't have snow anymore!!


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