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  1. when are you going to port 500i's Steve!? mine will be cleaned before you get it too, as before! 🤣
  2. sorry if someone has already asked, but anyone have these issues with running lopro on a 661 or not? as am looking into replacing my 36 with a lopro for occasional use only!!
  3. Got this bit of yew, 700 butt end, 600 other 2.8 long What's best thickness to mill at 40mm or something?? Will sell green Cheers
  4. @Forest2Furniture How's the new mill going Patrick? Haven't heard from you on here for some time, hope all is well
  5. don't get a Westwood! defo a diesel Kubota 👍
  6. a good garage should be able to help you out mate they can look at what you have and tell you what will fit and go from there i have a 2018 ranger and put 20" wheels on with 32" K02's stock suspension, no rubs no nothing
  7. i get so many more cuts a tank with my 661 than i did with my ported 660 i used to get about 6 or 7 36" cuts with the 660!!
  8. yes, it will, just imagine a group of 6 grown bearded men sobbing in the van refusing to load the chipper you only really hear the negatives and the issues people have with them on here tbh and not the thousands of lovers of Forst's
  9. didn't personally find it like that, but was only conifer we were putting through it put loads of beech through one too and was ok but can't remember on the anti stress as was milling all day!
  10. ST6D or ST6P the st6p outperforms the st6d! was seriously impressed with the st6p
  11. hi, as above, needing a spare one that i can use on the Logosol will have to cut the captive nuts off, not bothered on condition PM if you have one with a price 👍 can be a 660 one, providing they fit a 661 too! many thanks
  12. i've just sold mine! they are like gold dust to try and get hold of sold mine for 5k, including 1/2 cube bucket, small mud bucket, forks, rear weights, auger attachment with 3 augers, tow ball plate impressive little machines
  13. ignore that got part numbers crossed!!!


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