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  1. what did you use for the roof, another panel on the top and then some sheets onto that? i did a couple of these a while back and need to stick a roof over them
  2. posting a pic of anything with that dreadful 2.7 is a serious sin Edd. i'd be careful
  3. 300tdi disco 1 with a manual. rip out the rear seats and deck out and put heavy duty springs on the back if you need to carry that much weight got yourself a pretty capable 'workshop' that can get most places and cost you a fraction of what a pickup would by the time you've done all that work
  4. i'd defo wait till you can get hold of something that can lift more my avant is plated to lift 350kg, but by the time you've got tines on, there is 300ish left the ibc here has had the top layer cut off and filled with seasoned oak, and that's at it's absolute limit but that bags it'll handle absolutely fine, about .7 cube in the bags. i'd like to be able to do everything in ibc's but i have to use bags so yeh, wait till you can get some bigger i'd say
  5. its brilliant stuff 👍
  6. Beech can be real good... Especially spalted
  7. Picture? loctite 55 string would be better than ptfe
  8. Timber crayons they r called
  9. if you have a saw that'll run a mill, then buy a cheap mill and a lowpro bar i save what i can from the firewood pile only way to make it worthwhile saving bits from the firewood pile is by milling them yourself as you won't get much selling the odd bit here and there you save, unfortunately
  10. i do it with saws, kombi kits and mowers etc when i can flipped 4x 880's and made more than enough to pay for an 881 mowers are good, buy at the end of the season, clean them right up and sell in spring
  11. meanwhile, back to my chopping board project
  12. out of interest, what will you be replacing it with?
  13. those ToughBuilt sawhorses are flipping brilliant anyone who hasn't got a set, i highly recommend them 👍
  14. @Lowestoft Firewood He has one, tt85 so a tipper he is selling
  15. cos he has posted before, Cheshire area wish you'd stop being such a twat to everyone!


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