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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    iforwilliams TT85 - think it's a 2006 8x5 tipper caged remote kit fitted, see picture of remote. have a really small keyring one for it too big 85AH battery!! 1 LED fitted to the back, just need to put the other one on 18mm ply base, has also been strengthened in the middle put a plate over the pump etc to keep the water and shit off it only reason for sale is because i don't use either that much so selling both to get a bigger tipper that will do the job of both when i do need a trailer! location Woodbridge, Suffolk price £2,300+VAT


  2. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

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    iforwilliams LM125GHD - 2007 12x 5 foot including steel ramps have fitted LED lights to the rear bed is sound and solid has rear prop stands new brake-away cable recent new lock only reason for sale is because i don't use either that much so selling both to get a bigger tipper that will do the job of both when i do need a trailer! any questions, just ask located in Woodbridge, Suffolk price is £1600+VAT


  3. JTM have good prices but if it's copper you are after, you really want to get Yorkshire stuff it's not cheap but it's the best grade of copper so won't go green as quick
  4. thanks for the replies, i guess it'll be coming down shortly then
  5. Basically the garden is being redone, level it all and then grass And don't really wants roots in it!! But it might be a case of just having to take it out but don't really want to Thanks
  6. got a question pls, got this eucalyptus that a few of the roots are at the surface and wondering what's best, can you dig around where they've come up and then pin them back into the ground a few inches!? i thought maybe some threaded bar either side down into the ground and then pull them back down, will protect them so it can't rub and cut through. where the roots are is the highest part of the garden so can't just build the ground level up really, oh and i don't want to cut it down really! no idea what i'm talking about so any help would be appreciated please!!!
  7. very bad vehicle fine when they work but when they don't, they are massive money, no repair on them is cheap! a mate brought one having been told not to and he sunk a few k into it within the short time he had it, he now has a 18 plate ranger! either save up and get a disco 4 or a really well looked after disco 2 with a manual the disco 3 and 4 start having turbo issues normally at around 110k
  8. yeh, that's what the sticker told me all confidence i had in the splitter has now been destroyed
  9. yeh when it needs refilling it'll ping up when you start up. it comes on from around 1400 or 1500 till you need to refill they take about 20 litres
  10. well, if u get a relationship with a good garage, they'll put it through!
  11. Ford Ranger 3.2 dpf delete exhaust system,de cat pipe, dpf bypass,adblue delete WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Ford Ranger dpf delete exhaust system 3.2 200bhp 5 cylinder, <br> <br>Turbo back straight through system <br> <br>For off road use only <br> <br>3inch system <br> <br>Please note... if warranty is out anyway, get one of these fitted
  12. yeh i wasn't sure of them as had heard a few things. but having used a mates i brought one. they are German made so can't be too crap!! i got my from a company within the UK so at least i have a contact over here. if you do have an issue, you just video it and say the parts and send it to them, then they send you the parts. but had no issues as yet so time will tell
  13. it works opposite to mpg as well. so on motorways you'll use more piss and around town you'll use less piss i want to know the twat that thought the idea up. oh let me go and get my pig from the farm and get it piss down my exhaust on my van and see what happens to the environment now. maybe next time he'll get it to shit in his fuel tank and see what happens it was probably Greta Thunberg's dad
  14. no mate, off road towable only, i just stick it on a trailer with a little lawn tractor to pull it around with as it's about a 3rd of a ton what's you number and i'll whatsapp you a video
  15. seem to be pretty strong, i haven't had any issues as yet, but i don't do firewood for work so wouldn't get as much use as some twisty stuff does sometimes take a couple of so goes but haven't had anything it hasn't been able to do


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