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  1. There is a place in Aldeburgh Suffolk that you can get damaged ones for £5 each 😁😁 Sometimes come with a wooden pallet on the bottom
  2. what i've done before is give them your bank details, get them to put £1 in a day or so before collection, so u can confirm to them it's come in, then do rest of payment on collection also, if they've paid you before, the payment on collection should pretty much go straight into your account within not many minutes (sunday's can take longer)
  3. it's capped at £250 so max it'll cost you is that
  4. they are never gonna be like a small saw to start, they are a bitch! and they don't sing as such either, they just sorta plod through whatever u wanna cut however, they do make u feel rather manly
  5. No idea mate but u r gonna struggle to get one from a dealer now I should imagine I've asked Reply was 'gold dust' Not gonna be cheap realistically
  6. Quick, someone is selling another 4 new ones on ebay They won't be on there long at all
  7. surprised u aren't too tight to even buy tyres u northern git
  8. go for BFG AT K02 i had grabbers before and defo rate BFG better, they cost more but last many more k's BFG have insane wet grip for an AT tyre that's all my own option so pretty much all bollocks
  9. My mate has a very tidy 880 for sale Want his number, DM me
  10. strictly speaking i don't think they are but pretty sure it's more to cover themselves, but everyone tows them on the road with no issues at all! if they sell them with: LED light kit (stop, turn, tail, side markers and licence plate light) never heard of anyone having any issues whatsoever
  11. is it an orbital or belt sander you want? i've just upgraded belt sander, spoke to a chippy mate and he said get a Makita 9403 which i did i've been really impressed with it, 1200w have to hold on to it! the pickup into the bag is seriously good as well, didn't know it was possible for a bag to pickup so much without a hoover to be honest got a really clean second hand one, £140 plus bag and drive belt so total about £155 get Mirka belts, not the cheapest but last loads longer
  12. if u look at the first reviews, someone got given one and run it every day for a while, didn't touch or clean the air filter once, even tho it was totally blocked and yet it still started, ran and cut the same they are an awesome saw imo
  13. Stihl123


    Guys, watch out for his dummy coming back out of orbit 👀
  14. Typical!! Might be worth checking https://www.digbits.co.uk/


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