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  1. when r u going to start charging for your knowledge mate
  2. i used a ST6P on Friday, couldn't believe how it performed, the amount of power it has was unreal considering it was petrol. got a mate who works at Forst and spoke to him about it and he said it out performers the new diesel in it's size, petrol is 37HP and the diesel is 35HP
  3. is there anything big enough to mill mate? i'm based woodbridge area, where are you in suffolk please?
  4. only go and pick it up in person, i've been done over by a cheap 201 before don't risk it
  5. i can confirm their kit is all mint. they are just down the road from me and i use them quite a bit he buys loads at once at really high spec, has them for a year and sells them on, so basically sells them on for what he paid for them. they do that with all their gear from tippers to diggers
  6. i do have a table top in mind but that's not coming just yet.... i have 2 lumps of spalted beech upto 800mm wide that needs to be milled so that'll be interesting
  7. yeh i'll put some pictures up once there done mate. don't want to rush them as want them to be done right!
  8. i was rather pleased with it!! serving/ chopping boards is my aim
  9. finally just had my thumb done, and a little plate welded on to strengthen it up as well
  10. just had a couple of bits put through the thicknesser that was milled last December 👍👍
  11. thanks everyone, appreciate the feed back i'll look into the wayleave, i'll measure it because i very much doubt it's 3 meters high i wouldn't even be able to get a skip lorry in the drive so it really does interfere with my normal business i won't be parking plant there, just i'll be doing a load of work to the house mate we don’t need to enter the property to do it the wires are 3 metres or more they don’t interfere with normal business at the property.
  12. i'm about to buy a house and the neighbours telephone cable comes over my property and fixers at gutter height, it's a bungalow so mega low i won't even be able to get a skip lorry in yet alone a grabber lorry or similar i've been trying to find out where i stand with this, seen somewhere that they can do it but has to be at least 3 meters high can't see how it should be my responsibility as it's not my line and it's way too low but over my property anyone point me in the right direction or anything that could help me please? thanks alot
  13. Stihl123

    New Defender

    yes Big J but will that fit round the roads you lot have? yet alone a medium artic sized trailer as well
  14. Stihl123

    New Defender

    yeh, also, the 200 and 300 come with the ability to tune using a adjustable, bit of black smoke later and you have a load more horses but the td5, great engine - when they work, when i had mine, i felt more like an electrician keeping it on the road than a diy mechanic


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