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  1. I think kids bring out the best in all of us Les. Our Beth is a twin as well!
  2. That’s a brilliant achievement Les. Very well done to her. I’ll tell my Beth to pull her socks up. She’s only 6, mind.
  3. It is a tonne though, right?
  4. Surely the plural of cock up is ‘total f*** up’? I shudder to think what your thoughts are on how to describe the plural of ‘balls up’ Peds!
  5. I wouldn’t worry about it. IMO they create complacency among hobby users and provide unrivalled shite grip on the saw. Avoid them.
  6. Cutter goatskin gloves are meant to be good. Skyland Equipment sell them.
  7. I get you. Loads of choice then, don’t waste money on chainsaw gloves! Engelbert Strauss do a great range of leather work gloves at good prices. My go-to’s for rough work were Dickies goatskin gloves. Not sure if you can still get them.
  8. None. You don’t need them. Possibly the most bullshit thing ever invented.
  9. Looking good Doug, well done. 👍
  10. Racquet handle tape looks like.
  11. Some great comments. My mate bought a house down the road from me with a big TPO’d oak which dominates his garden. He knew it, and happily lives with it. The tree is 200+ years old. His neighbours whinge like buggery about it, in their 10 year old houses. The TO is pretty much ‘if you don’t like it, move’. He won’t allow any work, it doesn’t need any. I kind of agree with him.
  12. They won’t play on a Nokia 3210 mate.
  13. IMG_5138.MOV IMG_5141.MOV


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