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  1. Mark Bolam

    Squirrel Control

    I was always a .22 man myself, diddy little .177 pellets just didn’t suit my fat fingers in Northumbrian winters! Loved a good calibre debate back in the day. .177 undoubtedly has a flatter trajectory and better penetration. All about range for me, you need to be close enough for one-shot kills every time, whatever you’re using.
  2. Mark Bolam

    Squirrel Control

    What about setting up a sound system playing Kanye West on a loop?
  3. Mark Bolam

    Insurance woes

    If you can't afford an extra £350/year to pay for EL because the amount of tree work you do doesn't justify it I would think you have answered your own question. You're better off palling up with a local tree surgeon and punting the work his way, possibly helping out on the job etc. in exchange for a decent cut.
  4. Mark Bolam

    Wage! How much should the going rate be?

    Good post. I would have shortened it to More cutters = less money.
  5. Mark Bolam

    Vat business split

    Technically, yes. There is no crossover allowed though, not just of kit, but of business premises, admin facilities etc. The VAT man has been all over this one for years. I think if you went grinding in the morning and did some fencing in the afternoon even wearing the same pants they would have you.
  6. Mark Bolam

    the 'todays job' thread

    Boom boom! 😁
  7. Mark Bolam

    the 'todays job' thread

    Are you sure it’s dead Don?
  8. We do cut throat, V’s, T, and universal beer drink hand waggle. On a more complex rigging job we might break out up, down and number of wraps. It’s taken years of training.
  9. Mark Bolam

    thorn resistant gloves

    To be fair Spandit those Tegeras are bloody good gloves, and I prefer them for lighter stuff like bramble.
  10. Mark Bolam

    the 'todays job' thread

    When did he leave ZZ Top?
  11. Mark Bolam

    thorn resistant gloves

    That will make your feel happier when you're pulling blackthorns out of your hands at night then. 'Get in! I may be in intense pain, but I saved £15!'
  12. Mark Bolam

    thorn resistant gloves

    Another vote for the Ripeur 2's. Had the same pair for a few years now. We call them the 'bastard gloves'. They are a bit clumpy but you can still use a saw with them.
  13. Mark Bolam

    Whats this wood?

    I’m going with moplar.
  14. Mark Bolam

    Getting commercial contracts.

    That’s how I’ve got mine Toxteth. It does help that I’ll drink with pretty much anyone....
  15. Mark Bolam

    SRT Qualified?

    I have the SRT Level 6 qualification.


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