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  1. Short but chunky Corsican today. Absolutely everything rigged due to minuscule garden. 10m3 of chip away so far, heavy tomorrow. I started then Danny Mac finished up top. This was in the village, so distracted at the end with mates and cold ones during half-hearted clear up. Dan’s 14 week old cocker ‘Hooper’ apparently died during the clear up. Or did he? Episode 2 tomorrow tree fans!
  2. Very well deserved title, pandemic should never detract from that. Great team, fantastic football, and a manager who seems openly decent and honest. Well done LFC.
  3. With the recent hot weather we’ve been having I’m thinking of converting my double cab Transit to a cabriolet. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  4. New nickname for David Luiz is ‘The Lumberjack’.
  5. Mine are the Pfanny ones with the big vent at the front. Not cheap, but you can’t put a price on good airflow.
  6. Ass luck would have it I was wearing them today.
  7. I can feel the vibes from here....
  8. I would avoid the electric ones, the cable is a nightmare. I’d go for a battery one instead. 😎
  9. Mick’s spot on. It’s turned an initially decent sentiment into something that actually sickens me. In fact, it’s in danger of turning me into a racist.
  10. Re. the thread title, it can’t have totally failed, can it? Everyone posting here is still alive.
  11. They are, but all the powerhead does is rotate a shaft?
  12. Now that would be a dream! Does anyone know if the attachments are compatible with both? @gustharts @Honey Bros ?
  13. Have you looked at the Stihl Kombi battery unit? Polesaw or hedgecutter, and you can add 1m carbon fibre extension shafts for both. Don’t know how costs would stack up.
  14. 0796B3DF-4280-4BEF-BD98-E3A52149E30E.MOV


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