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  1. Just use the English word with an ‘o’ or ‘a’ at the end accompanied by lots of wild hand gestures.
  2. I can speak English and Scottish. I can generally ask for what I want in pigeon French but usually struggle when they fire back at me a bit too quickly.
  3. Speedline pines. Nice day to be a groundie. 5F4712E5-BFD1-45F4-983B-9FF7A6BF5BA9.MP4 5F4712E5-BFD1-45F4-983B-9FF7A6BF5BA9.MP4 0617C1D1-CD04-4B95-A043-2EDE7F15F736.MOV
  4. It is true to say that I’ve never seen a bloke who is such an obvious grafter get a quick taste of what a climber does, and appreciate it.
  5. 🍺🍺🍺🍺 I’ve seen you climb.
  6. Nearly, but not quite describing the freelance climbers I use (including Rich Rule before he headed to Norway). Anyone who says they don’t take cash is a liar. I do, but unfortunately have to bank it now, which the bastards charge me for! I need the money going through to grow as a company. Good freelancers like Rich saw the job as a whole and were shit hot dragging and raking as well. The temptation of hiring someone just to climb then leave encourages a big mess on the deck and more time overall on the job. Trust me, I’ve done it.
  7. Cracking shots Joe. John, what happens to the timber from the Montys?
  8. I wouldn’t have a problem using you as a self-employed freelancer. My mate used to ground for me a lot when I was starting out. It can be a problem depending how your sets fall. When he started a set on Monday it screwed the week up quite badly.
  9. Leyland Cypress. Got to help the next generation!
  10. All about the big muscles mate. Notch jet step on for every ascent over about 6’ now. You of all people should have sussed smarter not harder by now.
  11. I accept the fact that some members own older saws that have more specific requirements. BUT Generally, modern machines run at 50:1. This ratio has been arrived at by German and Swedish technical experts with brains bigger than your house. There still seem to be loads of people out there banging on about 33:1 or 25:1 because that’s what Grandad used to use, and he knew best. Nothing will destroy a good saw quicker than putting the wrong mix in. You should be totally anal about getting your mix spot on, every time. The biggest whingers and slaggers off of certain models of saw on here should look at their mix first.
  12. Fair point, if you were mainly domestic It wouldn’t be too clever.
  13. Not necessarily. Say if a domestic job is £500. You can still quote £500 including VAT, so the domestic customer pays the same. Yes, you lose out to a degree, but then you’re winning in other ways.
  14. Needs must when the devil drives Mick!
  15. Another thing in your favour John is that serious contenders will see your kit and realise that their career will be enhanced by the fact that they won’t be spending too much time busting their arse handballing rings into the back of a Transit or similar tasks.


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