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  1. It could be a filter problem, but returns every time at normal speed, just in 10 stages instead of one. There is a local hydraulic place, I’ll check what wiring I can then use them if I have to. The problem is if it’s an electrical problem with the electronic unit in the dash they might be as clueless as me.
  2. How???!!!! I’ve got jump leads.
  3. Yes mate, electronic pad on dash.
  4. The thing is, if it was something physical like a blocked filter it wouldn’t return at all, would it? Each down ‘cycle’ is at normal speed. Like Dan says, maybe a poor connection somewhere, hence the on/off business? A new solenoid loom assembley is about a tenner. Next stop?
  5. Haven’t tried it mate. I had it full of logs yesterday, I should have tried it when I tipped off.
  6. Update on this. VFS were very efficient and after a call yesterday morning a new lowering solenoid arrived today. Fitted straight after work and the problem is exactly the same. Tips strongly, only lowers in on/off bursts. Also have to press OFF on the electronic control on the dash between raising and lowering, which I didn’t have to before. Now also weeping hydraulic oil (slowly) out of the top of the valve. What’s next? Before I take it to someone who knows what they’re doing!
  7. OK, maybe I’m a weirdo! PM me a link to your book can you mate, I am keen to read it.
  8. You must know some weird dog owners. There’s only one thing worse than picking up dog shit, and that’s not picking up dog shit. If you’re not prepared to pick up dog shit every day then don’t get a dog.
  9. I’ve got two labs and just let them shit in the house now, it bothers me so little.
  10. I shouldn’t take the piss, but I had a business meeting with @Retired Climber and @kevinjohnsonmbe earlier tonight. These are genuine pics from Kev leaving.
  11. I know mate. Good to have you back on. There’s not really much genuine malice on here, usually just crossed wires and different points of view. Quite often on Friday and Saturday nights…. 🍻🍷
  12. For sure. I always use the prop, and for anything major usually chuck a big round of timber or something under as well.
  13. Cheers Conor. You can only access the valve with the body raised. I’ll call VFS on Monday, see what they say. I’m happy to buy the loom, solenoid and spare valve if required (if they sell them).


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