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  1. You're welcome to come and take some pictures of one of my sites Kev.
  2. Total prick, never been a fan even before this. He gets worse and worse.
  3. This stuff makes me sick. Utter, utter bastards, there's just no need for it.
  4. £300k fine was built into the plan, so was paying the £120k for his fat fucker mate. No wonder he didn’t show remorse. What happened to the proceeds of crime order?
  5. Fake news! He thought that was the snooker player Dennis Taylor.
  6. They are both fine for Ddrt and SRT.
  7. Nice vid mate, really enjoyed it. You were unlucky with that gob smacking the roof at 3.40!
  8. That’s what I’m hoping. In my upstairs built in wardrobe, behind my dirty pants basket and hanging gimp suits will surely help.
  9. Shotgun mate. I spoke to the firearms officer about the shite quality of modern houses last time I fitted a cabinet. Concealment also helps, as does siting it so you can’t lever it easily. Ratman, the floor isn’t worth fixing to, it’s going upstairs. I’m cutting it fine for renewal anyway, and now I can’t find the bloody passport photos I had done this morning. In which I look like an unshaven criminal psychopath.
  10. They aren’t allowed to stipulate that. Anyway, I’m not moving again!
  11. Cheers lads, 14mm it is. Dumper it’s to fix a gun cabinet in a typical crappy papier-mâché new build. I’d rather not go into external brickwork.
  12. I need to fix 4 10mm bolts (threaded bar actually) into a thermalite block wall. I was going to drill 12mm holes but my mate said to go bigger as the holes won’t hold enough resin. How big should I go? Thanks.


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