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  1. Mark Bolam


    I tried to argue that we should be exempt because we don’t build anything. I believe pure arb work, and surveys etc. like Gary mentioned are indeed exempt. The thing is though, you won’t be on site doing tippy clippy reductions. You will generally be killing trees to allow access or building work, and you can’t really argue that this isn’t part of the construction process.
  2. Mark Bolam


    Are you saying my service is unprofessional? Step outside and say that!
  3. Mark Bolam


    I argued the toss but it didn’t fly.
  4. Mark Bolam

    how much do tree surgeons earn

    Reducing a tree is potentially deadly as well. Usually for the tree if I’m involved.
  5. Mark Bolam

    New replacement 4x4 pickup

    My wife has no complaints about her battery products.
  6. Mark Bolam


    Standard these days mate, CIS. They’ll nab 20% of what you invoice, which you then offset against your tax return. Registration is pretty straightforward, but you need the right one. There’s a thread on here somewhere which someone more intelligent than me will be able to link.
  7. I got a belting pair of Barbour sheepskin ones from Mam!
  8. Unfortunately not mate. The Happy 60th from @Rich Rule was, like.
  9. Mark Bolam

    Northern Arb ...... Please wake up .

    Everyone knows sweeties are bad for your teeth!
  10. Mark Bolam

    Your skills

    Same Mick, but I wasn’t much of a centre forward.
  11. Also that most of us seem to have muddled in to it somehow. Not many career arbs on here!
  12. Mark Bolam

    Vid's & Pic's from the Redwoods

    Good stuff Erik. 👍
  13. Mark Bolam

    New harness time

    No self adjusting buckles? Zero!


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