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  1. How should I treat these yew slices?

    You spend too much time on Arbtalk.
  2. Little helpers

    That second shot's a belter Bill.
  3. Which pole pruner set to go for?

    I've not used the Aus ones James, but I'm well happy with the Jameson's I've got. I went for 4 foots for easier storage (and as a set up for the big shot). I doubt you'll be disappointed with either. I think the Wolf stuff is ok generally, but I don't think the build quality of the lopping head matches the Jameson and Fred Marvin, and for pretty much the same money.
  4. Where am I ?

    Lovely spot that Robbie. I haven't been there since I was a boy and I'm looking forward to taking my kids down there.
  5. New Zealand job opps

    Deafening silence! I'll do some digging with lads I know out there and get back to you mate. Where are you thinking of heading?
  6. Where does your domestic work come from?

    Nice pro touch there Eggs.
  7. Ballsy stunt fells

    I remember that one Benny Boy!
  8. Little helpers

  9. Where does your domestic work come from?

    I'm quite surprised at that Tom.
  10. Just seen this mate. Probably not ideal, but thought I'd put it up for you.
  11. Lame Facebook positivity memes.

    I don't know any Americans Mick.
  12. Little helpers

  13. Whats the weather like near you?

    Aye. Winter is coming.
  14. Site feedback

    I think the new site should automatically put up a [emoji481]emoji when it's obvious someone has had a few when they post.
  15. Lame Facebook positivity memes.

    Indeed. I'm ordering one for Newton.


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