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  1. Slow cooked chicken casserole here. Onions, garlic, broccoli, carrots, leeks, stock, herbs and spices and 1/3 bottle of cheapo chardonnay. To be served up with roasties after dog walk.
  2. I would leave it there. It might help a bit in the coming drought.
  3. Let’s hope it’s not a virus....
  4. Just got this from a mate in Oz. Probably a bit late if this weekends fucking jolly boys outing is anything to go by.
  5. I’m teaching the kids today. I think by this afternoon I’ll wish I was 100’ up a dead lombardy in high winds. We are still planning on doing work, all rural, with zero customer contact. Stay safe fellas.
  6. I have used hoes in the past, but fail to see how that will deal with my leatherjacket problem?
  7. 2nd cut today, a week since the last. Certainly makes you feel better about life. I have a leatherjacket problem though. Tips welcome!
  8. That’s bloody cheating John!
  9. Wow! Someone really didn’t anything getting through there once upon a time!
  10. Good positive thread J. I’m looking forward to spending some quality dog training time, I haven’t been able to put the effort in recently. The kids (8, 5 & 5) will be home schooled by us via email packs from the school. We will have some kind of routine for that. I’m looking forward to interspersing this with plenty of time in the woods doing useful stuff like jumping over streams and arguing about sticks. Tree work will continue of course, but I’m aware that my mainly domestic work will slow down a lot. I’ll be able to help the farmer who does so much for me with storage etc. with the lambing as well as other stuff down the line. I hope it’s sorted by corn-carting, but realistically it probably won’t be! Keeping fit is an obvious one, I’m pretty religious with my home gym stuff, but looking forward to dusting the mountain bike off. Thank God the weather is picking up! Sex. I’m going to have loads of sex. I haven’t told Ruth yet, like. J have you tried yoga for your back? Sorted my sciatica out a treat with a foam roller as an addition.
  11. Incredibly harsh Edward. I agree wholeheartedly!
  12. Little Brucey bonus for today’s domestic customer.
  13. '.....Remember the Alamo!' And threw the Mexican out!
  14. Agreed mate, although it's probably the 'to be agreed by parliament' bit that put them off. They learnt that from the fuckonery around Brexit.
  15. Seems to be some positive news on fast-tracking possible vaccination, and also on tests to show up if you've already had it. Moving into summer will help as well. Negatives are the amount of cretins simply not listening about social distancing and panic buying. Also some utter leftie wanker going on this week about emergency measures such as compulsory testing for COVID-19 and enforced lockdowns being an infringement of civil liberties.


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