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  1. You didn’t chicken out mate, you used your brain.
  2. Danny Mac was in on the fell and he has climbed some really hairy stuff. He was amazed that Von had climbed that high, and nailed half the tree from that anchor (pics don’t show the lower stuff). Ash is a bastard of a tree when it’s compromised, and I predict a lot of climbers will die when chalara takes hold. (This tree didn’t have chalara). I wish more bosses had your attitude Ian.
  3. He didn’t have mate. It was a scary tree. We are talking just cambium holding some big heads. Obviously I would have just grown a set and cut and chucked it blah blah blah.
  4. My dumb mate put a new £35k tennis court surface under this FUBAR’d ash. Von climbed it a couple of weeks ago but we decided it was too dodgy to rig. Every major limb had huge cavities. You can just about see the handle of a Zubat protruding out of one in one of the pics. Called in a mate with a tracked MEWP to slim it down for a fell between the court and a grain store.
  5. Correct. Or in customer-speak it's 'a pine tree, bigger than the house'.
  6. That sound just then was Stevie jizzing in his pants.
  7. I find myself agreeing with Mick more and more these days. I may need to take a break from Arbtalk for a while.
  8. Because they are bankers who don't understand our industry. I have been very impressed with the service from JCB Finance recently, they are happy to do chippers.
  9. Mark Bolam


    Sorry, meant it IS a good move, just picked up on this!
  10. Offer the side cover up to the chain brake loose but canted slightly to the top so it engages, and pull back on the chain brake handle. Hold the side cover firmly. Bingo!
  11. I have formed a new International company with @Mike Hill. We have called it ‘Harold Shipman Tree Care’.
  12. They only get away with 90 days because people let them.
  13. Mark Bolam


    I think ‘uniform’ is a bit strong, as we all have different tastes in trousers and boots. All wearing the same tops does portray a professional image though, and I’m all for it. Good tops, not crappy cheap polos and sweats. Doesn’t even have to be logo’d. We often turn up in the same Rab gear, or similar. Avoiding looking like tramps is not a good move when you like charging pro prices.


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