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    Hamstreet, Kent
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    Shooting, snowboarding, boozing
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    Tree surgeon
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  1. Mark Bolam

    Quick Favourite Meals

    That sounds good, I'll be giving it a go.
  2. Mark Bolam

    Quick Favourite Meals

    Grilled chicken, cut up, mixed with pesto and pasta. Toms, cucumber and lettuce on the side. Bosh.
  3. Mark Bolam

    Whats your exit strategy?

    Food for thought VI. Problem is that age isn’t equal. Some will hit say 65, hitch their Daily Express grey elasticated ‘comfort trousers’ up to their armpits, snooze all day and stink of piss. Others will still be climbing commercially and drinking 10 pints a night then taking the barmaid home. I’m going out in a blaze of drugs and whores at 51.
  4. Mark Bolam

    Whats your exit strategy?

    That’s a tough read Lee, but there’s a lot of truth in it.
  5. Mark Bolam

    Making the news today....

    ....and now we are going backwards.
  6. Mark Bolam

    Big Cedar Bench

    Once a matelot....
  7. Mark Bolam

    where to advertise?

    Most of the 'tree work' advertisers I see on Facebook are usually kids/race to the bottom/desperate types.
  8. Mark Bolam

    where to advertise?

    Decent website, by a mile. A bloke I know does them....
  9. Mark Bolam

    Contract Rates

  10. Mark Bolam

    advancing a rope wrench

    Standard here, didn’t know there were different sizes.
  11. Mark Bolam

    Any one using a hushpower shotgun

    General licence issues sorted!
  12. Mark Bolam

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    I too was discombobulated and thought it was a real 500i! That would be poetic justice indeed then Dan!
  13. Mark Bolam

    Stihl Photo Competition - Win a Model Stihl MS500i

    Epic. Did that plate lie back down?


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