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  1. Mark Bolam

    Marathon in full PPE

    Forecast is cloudy and 14 deg at the minute, which should help. I don’t really do charity, but I’ll give you a fiver if you go sub 4. Fair play to you mate, it’s a hell of an effort. I did a mile once at an athletics track in the same + harness and wanted to die.
  2. Mark Bolam

    Why Did I bother!!!

    I can’t believe you didn’t pay them for the chip. No wonder they left in a huff you tight bastard.
  3. Mark Bolam

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Reported to Admin for cyber bulling. Enjoy your ban.
  4. Mark Bolam

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    I think Dan summed it up best earlier. If the winch is pulling 3t at the point where the rope is in contact with the tree, it’s pulling 3t, however the forces spread out in the tree.
  5. Mark Bolam

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    Spoken like a true non-arb person Marcus!
  6. Mark Bolam

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    See Tim, we were both right! I must admit when we were pulling some big leaning pops over beside a caravan park each tree was climbed and the wire chokers placed round the stem at exactly the point directed by the bloke with the 35 tonne winch. No margin for error or snap outs.
  7. Mark Bolam

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    That’s true, but the forces aren’t straight up and down here. Another advantage of a base anchor is that if a fork does tear out there are usually lower limbs or crotches backing you up, which isn’t true with an isolated top tie.
  8. Mark Bolam

    Base anchor pulling capability’s vs isolated fork

    No difference UNLESS you weren't through a decent fork and it tore out at a crucial moment, dropping the rope lower and temporarily putting slack in the system, which would be bad. I've bagged in really high before, set up a base anchor and just cranked the winch until the rope has bust it's way into a decent fork before starting cutting. You don't get greater pull by isolating the fork like your boss says, though.
  9. Mark Bolam

    Zigzag SRT tether setup

  10. Mark Bolam

    Zigzag SRT tether setup

    M8’s mate. Tight fit.
  11. Mark Bolam

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    Sounds well worth doing mate.
  12. Mark Bolam

    Notre Dame cathedral...

    Fucking Brexit.
  13. Mark Bolam

    Leylandii topping around sub-station

    Badly Khriss. I think my risk assessment of ‘very risky’ didn’t impress them much.
  14. Mark Bolam

    Zigzag SRT tether setup

    This was my set up mate. I don’t know how the pizza got in there, mind. The system works ok without it.


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