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  1. Exactly that Dan, it’s not my original idea, saw it in Noosa in Queensland years ago. That one said ‘THESE TREES WERE POISONED TO GET A SEA VIEW. IT DIDN’T WORK’.
  2. For what it’s worth Nell, I totally sympathise with your situation, especially so with the age of the trees. Poisoning them was a bastards trick of the highest order.
  3. I agree with that to some extent RC, but there’s still no proof. Heavy circumstantial evidence, yes.
  4. Just spend the money on a huge banner spanning the full height and width of the trees saying ‘THESE TREES WERE POISONED’ and string it up between the dead stems.
  5. Mark Bolam

    Operated mini loader

    Worky Quad SSQ11+ with Klou grab including bollard and tow ball.
  6. We were good to him Dan. I bust the 3t stem into 5 bits before we left.
  7. Taking out some pops yesterday with a crane. I was slinging some chains for Danny Mac and nearly got a dunking trying to recover his ear defender when it pinged off after he had reached his anchor point. 2 1/2 loads of chip, all timber ‘stacked’ on site. Last pick was just over 3t. IMG_6866.MOV
  8. Vehicle insurance is pretty predictable. You get a year or two of a decent quote, then it goes up (with more years no claims and the vehicle worth less) so you go elsewhere and get exactly the same cover for less. You are rewarded for loyalty by being shafted.
  9. I doubt much of it is due to accidents at all. Probably due more to machinery and tool theft.
  10. My simple fix was that it liked starting with the chain brake off, but not when it was engaged. Not very HSE friendly, but it worked. I have no idea why, clutch springs were fine. It became untunable in the end, although as Steve pointed out I’m not an expert carbist! Mark Skyland swapped the carb out for the second generation one (the saws have a red X on the recoil cover) and it’s been fine ever since. The air filters get shitty really quickly, they get a lot of compressor time. One thing we all noticed was that they don’t like E10 fuel.
  11. Oh we noticed, but when I saw the extent of the diagonal we decided to let you off with a caution!
  12. That’s brilliant mate, all makes sense now. 👍
  13. Well I’m glad this thread has turned positive for Skyland then. They’ve helped me out unbelievably over the last few years with saws and kit. It’s refreshing to deal with pros who have done the job themselves.
  14. Apology accepted John. I’ll pass it on to Skyland next time I deal with them.
  15. For anyone who has had the patience to read this sad diatribe and is wondering what the craic is, here’s how it really is. Skyland are the best arb company I have ever dealt with. I go back to to the days of catalogues, dealing with the lovely Penny at A&F, Charterhouse Richmond etc. Jonesies are great, Honeys are great, and Gustharts are fantastic, but Skyland’s are my go-to now simply because of their customer service. I am in no way connected to the company, but I won’t stand back and hear them trashed like this. Problems happen Jonn, you always come across as quite a reasonable guy, there are always solutions. Mark, Barry and Chris are pretty approachable guys, they’re just not salesmen. Mark and Barry worked at the hard end of arb climbing for years, they aren’t some ponces who set up a successful arb shop with Daddy’s money. Just be careful who you have a pop at on a public forum John.
  16. Why do you say that Neil? You are normally a sensible person on here. My initial response would be to tell the insurance company to provide evidence of damage, just as RC has said above. I will bare my arse in Burtons if they come up with any. They won’t. It’s a real shame you have already pollarded a tree like like this, but possibly a realistic outcome in an urban environment. 150 yr old oak v piss poor constructed garage? They will never be good neighbours.
  17. That could just muddy the waters Dan. Retired Climber covered the whole thread in his first post.
  18. That’s my plan mate! Seriously, if anyone in Tom’s area has a decent sized takedown coming up these machines can make a huge difference. Not just loading, the amount of time saved on dragging brush is golden. Access and terrain permitting, obviously. Good luck with it mate.
  19. Smart looking machine Tom. I like the chequer plate front guard, that’s a good shout. I’ve come close to dinging mine a few times!
  20. It’s a doddle with the Stihl 2 in 1 sharpener mate. The best combo we have found is the 2511 with the Stihl 150 bar and chain, 1/4” pitch.
  21. Realistically you’re going to have to pay someone to fell it.
  22. I’ll take it for what it is, victory.


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