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  1. I put a modified T540 auto-return switch on my 390/395/3120. Works fine for me. I have bigger Husqvarna dawgs on my 572. I think they're the same as the 390, and wider clutch cover too.
  2. Didn't know that. I've only run Sprinters, all 3.5t.
  3. Horrendous hateful things. Don't buy one, they're truly awful.
  4. Van Monster are part of Northgate and sell all their ex-fleet. If your NCB was built up with cars, your insurance may not transfer it to a van as they class it a commercial vehicle. Some insurers will allow a switch one way, but not the other. I forget which way it is. I have seperate NCB for my car and van because of this.
  5. Joined 35 minutes ago, post count: 1. 😂
  6. All these contracts go to the lowest bidder. If that's the starting point, the rest follows. Never going to be producing the best work while charging the lowest price.
  7. "Salary range £22,500 – £45,000 OTE" Why is there a £22,500 range in the earnings??? That basically says you'll make 22k, but you'll never get 45k. You need to offer a realistic basic. It's a skilled trade, you need to offer proper money. You can't do anything in North London on 22k. Also, no-one cares about gym membership or cycle to work schemes.
  8. Let's start with basic info. What pay are you offering? Most companies offer shit pay and can't understand why they're not attracting candidates, but it's glaringly obvious to everyone else.
  9. Get a proper remap instead of a tuning box. They're pretty rubbish in how they work and the damage they can cause.
  10. https://www.toolstation.com/magnum-broadside-waterproof-safety-boots/p85618 I wear these at work. Lightweight, composite toe cap, very comfy and very waterproof. Worn them for a few years and no complaints.
  11. I'll get you some pics of it. I don't use any of my saws now so it can go and the funds can go into the mrs' new car fund.


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