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  1. A spammer/bot i suspect. Only seems to endorse Stihl too, so more likely a spammer.
  2. Why do you keep bringing back old dead threads? Are you searching for old stuff to revive?
  3. Bear in mind too that insurance companies will usually class a van or pickup as a "commercial vehicle" which won't allow you to use existing no claims on it. Is it going to also be your primary vehicle outside of work? I'd be looking at something like a Disco 2. Good offroad and good workhorse, still a decent comfy car and can be had quite cheap.
  4. What about IBC cages? Seen them used for logs before. Cheap and easily available. https://hambleys.co.uk/product/1000-ltr-ibc-cage-steel-frame-and-steel-or-plastic-pallet-base/
  5. That's like Pad Thai, isn't it? Didn't know he was a cook..
  6. Yep. Your mate with the spliff. 'Ave a word.
  7. Wonder how loud it is compared to a 572. I do like my 572 but damn is it noisy. Significantly louder than my other saws.
  8. But there's a difference between traces in your system and being intoxicated. As you said, 10 days later, but you failed the test. No way you were still under the influence at that point.
  9. I always wondered how they get away with drug testing like that. You could go to the Netherlands or Spain, where it's perfectly legal, but fail a drug test here after, yet you've done nothing wrong.
  10. Would you like me to dispose of the 390 for you? Sounds like it's cramping your new-found style.
  11. Now with 50% more Land Rover to go wrong.
  12. That is the long and short of it. I've worked for both AA and RAC. Staffing is an issue for both. Personally, i'd say get cover with your bank, car insurance, whatever. Just make sure you get good cover, home, roadside and recovery. You don't want to pay the extra charge for that upgrade right when you need it most.


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