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  1. It wasn't that bad. I was out in my wet weather gear and my orange van. 😛 Maybe they just said it was off because they thought you had cooties? (The real reason there are few girls in arb.)
  2. Right, thread closed then. What's next on the agenda, ArbTalkers? 😂
  3. Ok, silly question. Can they not help you get into it? Any contacts within the industry or even where they work?
  4. Not really good enough. You're in London, give her a job. 😛
  5. My 550 with a 15" has about 14½" of useable cutting length. My 395 with its bigger dawgs loses 2" of cutting length, so estimate to lose 1-2" generally depending on size of saw. Get a 550.
  6. Looks awful. I'd rather have a Unimog.
  7. E100 is common in Brazil. Pure ethanol.
  8. Yeah it's really nice. Starts quicker than any of my others and with a 28" doesn't even slow down. I love 395s but i've got 2 already.
  9. Very nice. I bought a used 390 for doing stumps and stuff, but once i used it i really like it. Much more than i thought i would.
  10. Spotted this clown today.
  11. Hack them yourself. Teach the ****er a lesson.
  12. Agreed. It's mostly down to pay and working conditions.
  13. No, they're looking at giving you B+E by just applying. You won't get anything else, no C1, D1, etc.
  14. I wouldn't bother doing C1+E (7.5t + trailer) personally mate. It's much the same as C+E in that it'll be 2 tests in a pretty similar vehicle but you'll be limited after. I've paid £2,500 all in for my C+E, which includes the medical, theory, hazard perception, 2 practical tests and the training for both C and C+E. This is in NW London so may be cheaper out your way.


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