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  1. Started off the day doing boring council pollarding, then got sent on a call out job; windblown tree had come down and blocked a footpath. Made for an interesting job, got absolutely soaked though. (We only had to clear the pathway, not remove the whole tree, minimal clear up.)
  2. Yeah i bet you can plow that into anything and it wouldn't even notice. Did MMWS do the carb conversion to adjust the H side? Love the full wrap on it. Like rocking horse shit to get hold of.
  3. Oh so it's not that much of a difference then. And i would imagine with the larger teeth you get more life out of a .404 chain too. I ran that 3120 with a ⅜ 28" bar on it. When back barring i had the back handle against my thigh because the saw pushed back so hard. It wouldn't even bog down pushing it hard. Was watching some Aussies the other day, up a tree with an 880 running a 25" bar. What in the hell happened to that saw? Literally patched up. ?
  4. Remember, to be a professional you don't have to be good at it, you just have to be paid for it. ? You're right though, and it's the same for many trades. I dealt with it a lot as a mechanic.
  5. Did you think the chain would run backwards too? ?
  6. I'm wondering what the difference in pull/load is between running a 36" in ⅜ or .404. Since .404 is bigger teeth, but less of them. Maybe it works out the same. ? I put this together but never tried it like this. Did run it with a 28" and it was bloody fierce though! ?
  7. Well my beloved 395 ain't gonna port itself! ? (Or my 525, 540, 550, 572, 3120...) I still need to bring you my T525 to look at/retune.
  8. Maybe something to do with kickback or plunge cutting? Remember reading a post from a guy who did a lot of plunge cutting and only used hard-nosed bars because it kills roller noses or something along those lines.
  9. There's a guy on Youtube (Treeson) who runs a 42" on his 395. Not sure if it's ported. Husky rate them for 36" standard so ported should pull a 42" fine. Might even get round to using mine one day. Has a .404 36" on it. Might bring it to you first, while it's still clean. ?
  10. The image is mirrored. Look at the writing on the starter cover - it's backwards.
  11. Ah, the good ol' left handed chainsaw!
  12. Bloody hell, don't say that. I'll probably get locked up now knowing my luck!
  13. He'd clearly be grateful for all the firewood and chip for his flowerbeds. ? Might even ask them to come back with more!
  14. Well.. got nothing to do now, i'll have to go to bed.. ☹
  15. I think that's the bit he doesn't like?


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