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  1. I think 2 grand a piece. He reckons they just need a battery/jump start but i've yet to see that. I'll find out for sure as i'm working my way through the equipment. He has 3 Timberwolf 230s and a huge Bandit 12XP, so these are all surplus to requirements.
  2. I think he said 2 grand for the 220MXs each and 3 grand for the BC150. I might be wrong (too high) on those figures and i'm sure i can knock him down a bit. Hard to find accurate used prices, found 220s going for 10-14k, but obviously in much better condition. That said, i'd be "restoring" them prior to sale and anything that needed doing would be done. I fancy the project aspect, but obviously with profit in mind.
  3. Hi all, I'm currently working at a tree surgery firm doing machine maintenance and repair, while i do tree work on weekends with a friend. The boss has a unit full of old machinery in various states of disrepair, including 3 chippers which i'm told work, or at least will work with minimal repair. Now, i've been a mechanic for a number of years and chippers are pretty simple machines compared to some stuff i've worked on. But my question is this, are these machines worth buying? They're all "project" territory needing a fair bit of strip-down and repainting at the least. There's a Vermeer BC-150 and two Schliesing 220MXs. Apparently the Vermeer overheats but that shouldn't be a problem to sort, 220MXs i'm told just need new batteries. I'd be looking to keep 1 machine (Vermeer?) and sell the other two once repaired. We run a 2002 TW150 and it's getting a bit old and needs a good once-over, it's also a little small and not great with breaking forks. Any idea on their value in good running condition? I found a chassis tag for one of the 220MXs, not on the machine and it says it's 2003. Don't know about the Vermeer. Thank you, all input appreciated! -Moose.
  4. Never had an issue personally. Filled many different cans of fuel all over place. When i did European freight i had a 20L jerry can in my van and never had an issue. It's bright yellow so hardly inconspicuous. Last 3 years, i was at the AA and filling cans frequently. Nearest petrol station to me is Tesco. Use pay at pump and no-one will even need to look at what you're filling. Pretty much. The other day i filled my van, chipper, 20L jerry can and combi can at the same pump without issue. 2 transactions, no problem. Had a look at my spare oil nozzle yesterday. Bought the can in Feb, never even used this nozzle and the o-ring is cracked already. ☹
  5. Why? I've never had issues filling anything from normal fuel cans, 20L jerry cans or combi cans.
  6. Interesting, i'll have a look. That's a lot of litres! Bet you have to do a lot of work to burn through all that! I haven't run enough alkylate to notice a difference in fumes, but the stuff that comes out my 572 is nasty! I'll run the rest of my mixed Aspen through it as see how it goes. Is it really that noticeable?
  7. How many litres do you get in a pallet? If i were using enough i'd buy in bulk but that's quite a significant outlay and a fair bit of floor space to buy a whole pallet! What oil grade do you reckon they use? I run Stihl HP Ultra in my saws as to use the best grade available (is there a better oil available?) but i do recall reading that Aspen or Husky pre-mixed uses a synthetic oil.
  8. I think they saw me coming a mile off! 😂
  9. I bought one of these 15L husky cans in France. Apparently for mowers. Not sure why, but they don't sell them over here. Still not used it yet.
  10. What is needed to grease them, some kind of special grease gun? I've been looking at an HT133 recently.
  11. 32 quid i think? I've only bought 2 cans of it and the first was in France, no idea what that one cost.
  12. I have used alkylate fuel, but not having an easy nearby supplier and the cost means i've used pump fuel mostly. I know it's not as good and i'd rather run my saws on Aspen. Got 5L of it in the garage, but it's 5 times the cost of pump fuel!
  13. I have the Husqvarna combi can and really like it. Storage bit is useful, holds some screnches, stump vice and files. I really like the auto-stop spouts but my fuel one has started sticking already. I only bought the can in Feb and i reckon its had no more than 30 litres through it. Shame really as it's such a good can. I'll have to get a new spout and see if i can put proper viton seals in it. I'd like to recommend it, but having the spout stick and shower me in fuel today wasn't really ideal. Interesting its been mentioned that it won't happen if you use alkylate fuel.
  14. Yep, just up the road from there. My old place was Watford near junction 19. Back here for now while i try to recoup money and move abroad. Shame i don't have all my stuff here though.
  15. It's basically a depth stop. That's a firefighter's rescuse saw, for cutting through roofs and such for access and smoke ventilation. The depth stop is adjustable so they don't put any more of the bar through than is needed.


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