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  1. Gimme? Not bad. I paid £670 for my 572, 2 weeks old.
  2. My pair of 'em: I love these saws. If i could afford a third i'd have yours too!
  3. Yeah, fair enough. I have one to use and one to look at! (At the moment both only get looked at.)
  4. I'd love to buy it too but i've ready got 2 brand new ones. Can never have too many 395s.
  5. It's for the full wrap handle to attach into.
  6. Y'know, it's really your broad skillset, unrivalled knowledge, modesty and humble nature that sets you apart from the rest. No, wait, it's not that. It's your insufferable incessant shithousery. 😂
  7. As a mechanic of 14 years, i have to say that everything you just said is nonsense. Re-read the last sentence of my last post. Until it goes in. Plastic intake manifolds are nothing new, unusual or inadequate. Economical mind.. i'll have to remember that next time i need to sugar coat the term "tight-fisted know-it-all" 😂 Honestly, i'm getting really tired of my saws spontaneously combusting and melting during normal use. It's just plain inconvenient.
  8. If it melted during normal combustion they wouldn't use it, would they? (You do realise that these products undergo vigorous testing prior to production, right?) The fact that the magnesium piston works is proof that... it works. Pure magnesium melts at around 650°, average petrol engine piston temperature is around 300°. That's quite a safe margin. Magnesium pistons aren't new or exclusive to this saw. It's used because it's roughly 30% lighter than aluminium, which means less reciprocating mass, lower vibration, faster pick-up, etc. It's another case of Stihl driving technological progress forward. VW didn't make a mistake by using magnesium engine components, a car catching fire is not normal for its day-to-day operation. No car is fireproof. You might as well say that they shouldn't use rubber, plastic, fabric, in their cars as they won't withstand fire either. Even steel is severely damaged in car fires. I was in a car accident where it caught fire, even my windscreen melted. (And my magnesium intake manifold burned.. what a surprise.) The Germans have used magnesium extensively for 90+ years, they pioneered the process of forging it in multi-thousand-tonne hydraulic presses for high quality aircraft airframe components. 1950s Beetles had engines and gearboxes made of it. It has been used for wheels since the 60s. The list goes on. Humans do make mistakes, like how you frequently lecture other people on things you know nothing about or pose as an expert on a forum where 90%+ of the members are seasoned highly-experienced professionals. (Not me, i'm a newbie.) Stick to washing windows, leave the piston design to Ze Germans.
  9. Well since you're the expert (on everything, apparently) maybe you should call up Stihl's technical development dept and correct them on the error of their ways. I mean, they've only been building chainsaws for 90 years, i'm sure they'll want the input of a Scottish window cleaner on the metallurgical properties of magnesium pistons. Maybe the new model will be the MS400C-M-SCS. 🙄
  10. + import tax. I've looked at a few places to import from. Will bear that in mind. You got 3120s as well?
  11. Do us a favour, pick me up a couple of those 395s on your diving trip then. Cheers me old mucker. 😘


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