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  1. Moose McAlpine


    Eww, as if. I'm not fond of Stihls. I considered a 241but the 550 beats it in all ways so there aren't really any Stihls i'd buy.
  2. Moose McAlpine


    All drained down and sat on a shelf waiting.
  3. Moose McAlpine


    Yeah if you want. She's sat on a shelf doing nothing.
  4. Moose McAlpine


    Just buy a 572XP. You know you want to.
  5. I don't know to be honest, i've hardly used it. It's so bulky and heavy that it's actually no fun to use at all. Only thing i know with the hard nose is that it needs less chain tension or you can overheat and wear the bar quickly. I wouldn't choose to buy a hard nose personally. Maybe good for plunge cutting or dirty wood though?
  6. I think i paid about 650 for mine*, used once, with 36" hard-nose bar and 2 chains. *(I don't remember the exact figure, it was around that.)
  7. Beauty. Love the design of the 395s.
  8. I do, but i think my full wrap was about 50 quid delivered, with the big dogs and little front protection plate. Not worth it to custom make full wraps, except i'd like to make one for my 550. I have a spare 572 full wrap that will probably be the donor for it.
  9. Mine are too but they seep chain oil. With things lately it may be some time before they're used again so i might drain them all down, and remove the bars and chains to store them all.
  10. None of mine have been used for a few months. Need to drain them all down for storage. ☹
  11. Heard you don't need it any more. Send it to me so it can join my other ones. 😘
  12. I bought mine from America via eBay. Fraction of the cost of buying it here, arrived in a week. I need to buy another for my second 395 and it'll come from the same seller.
  13. DVLA/DVSA said a while ago that we'll pretty much copy EU road rules.


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