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  1. Would you like me to dispose of the 390 for you? Sounds like it's cramping your new-found style.
  2. Now with 50% more Land Rover to go wrong.
  3. That is the long and short of it. I've worked for both AA and RAC. Staffing is an issue for both. Personally, i'd say get cover with your bank, car insurance, whatever. Just make sure you get good cover, home, roadside and recovery. You don't want to pay the extra charge for that upgrade right when you need it most.
  4. EGR valves are always a fun job on them. I quite like working on them actually. Would like a D4 3.0 SDV6 to tow with. Never towed with one yet. Got a D2 TD5 that needs some love first though.
  5. Made me choke on my drink reading this. Have you tried Barlow Trailers? Ifor Williams Trailer Dealers | Barlow Trailers WWW.BARLOWTRAILERS.CO.UK We are Ifor Williams Trailers main dealer and offer a wide range of... Guy i bought my van from recommended them, they're supposed to be a good bunch with large stock.
  6. And maybe a camera crew. It sounds like a clip from. You've Been F̶r̶a̶m̶e̶d̶ Maimed.
  7. It's probably not a wind up, and don't call me Shirley.
  8. Remember, to be a professional you don't have to be good at it, you just have to be paid for it.
  9. I bet you look like a Power Ranger that's fallen on hard times. 😂
  10. Charge him to fell it, let him keep the whole lot. He'll quickly learn the hard way. Everyone thinks they're sitting on a fortune whether it be a tree in the garden or an old wreck in the garage. They're usually wrong.
  11. You'll empty 50L in a few seconds, although slower than air tools as the plasma's intake pressure is regulated down. I have to 50A R-Tech and it empties my 200L compressor fairly quick. For painted/rusty stuff you'll need one with a pilot arc, which burns the crap off the surface just before you start cutting. The 50A R-Tech has this, but the 30A doesn't.
  12. The hell are you storing in all of them?
  13. Where are you moving from? FYI it's shit here, i can't wait to leave.
  14. Mine, with a fixed dropside body is about 2,200kg empty. (Had it on a weighbridge twice.) I've put boards up and filled it, way overloaded, but on twin springs and 65psi it looked ok. They do bend behind the cab, but that's only if they're horrendously overloaded. And it's not exclusive to Sprinters. We used to repair lots of Transits too with bent chassis from overloading. The waste clearance lot are the worst.
  15. Gonna have boots full of dust and chip too!
  16. I checked the half shafts and they looked fine, unfortunately Merc only sell them with the wheel bearings, for crazy money. The van doesn't get a lot of use and isn't earning any money so i'm trying not to spend too much on it. (Just had a £220 alternator too.) The pinion bearings showed very little wear/damage, but the diff side bearings were the trashed ones. They've been worn for a while (diff knock on gear changes) but only whined last time i used the van. The synchros aren't great so i need to learn gearbox rebuilding sometime.. I have that grease, from Febi. About 15 quid a pot but well worth it. I use it for both injectors and glowplugs. Good eye knowing what diff it was! Is it Daf you work for?
  17. Yeah i only noticed it last time i used the van.. on a 400-mile round trip with a trailer to pick up a Land Rover. No other damage, all the gears are fine and unmarked, half shafts are fine. Very lucky. I had to make a spreader tool for the diff housing: Also had injector blow by, 3 came out fine, cylinder 1 was stuck and was slide hammered out, which killed the injector. (Same happened to my mate's Sprinter.) Chucked in a used one, i've spent enough on this van lately.
  18. Guess that's why my diff was whining..
  19. Because he don't know what he's doing. Even the way he released the brake was awkward and unnatural. They had the dealer fit the bar and chain, looks like the got mugged off with the chain on backwards by them. Why would you pick it up pre-assembled with that size bar? It's enormous. Just another ego wank.
  20. Cringey attention whoring. The intro was bad enough, but then they had the chain on backwards and they kept calling it a "blade". I've seen the videos of the girls milling. Meh.
  21. I bought them to take to France, part of the new life/new career thing.


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